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    Lifestyle Education

    A college that teaches only sex for the students to take it up as a career - high end escorts, porn, interrogation through bdsm, relationship coaches and so on.

    Part I

    The institution deceptively named "School of Life Education" (SLE) functions in a huge mansion set in the middle of a vast wooded estate in a remote mountainous area. The mansion is completely hidden from the view of passersby - they wouldn't want a curious cat to spoil their existence.

    Various aspects of sex are taught there and students trained job ready for the career of their choice (in sex, of course). The course duration is 2 years and only 20 students are admitted in a year. The career options are lucrative in terms of money and job satisfaction but the course is ridiculously expensive. There is fierce competition every year to get a seat in SLE even among the deserving. The alumni are the shakers and movers of the related industries – porn, escort services, etc. They would deny the existence of such an institution, of course.

    It was the first day of college for Jenn. She was very nervous to the point of being feverish. She was 20, blonde with a slim figure but with firm 34C breasts. Her dad is a big name in porn and owns one of the top 3 porn production houses by revenue. Her mom is an interrogation specialist and is consulting for an authoritarian regime in Africa. She is getting handsomely paid by the dictator as her bdsm techniques are very effective in extracting information from the imprisoned rebels. She is the only daughter and with both the parents busy in their line of business Jenn had more than her share of sexual fun for her age – both within and outside the family. Both her parents are alumnus of SLE. They wanted her to learn the tricks of the trade for her to managing her dad’s business - a few years down the line.

    Jenn slowly walked to the front office and gave her name, identification papers and secret code – the institution takes secrecy very seriously. The woman at the front office, after verifying the documents, asked her to wait in the adjacent hall for further instructions. Jenn walked in to the hall slowly filling up with new entrants and took up a seat at the last row. She got a good look around the faces – a mixture of nervousness, expectation and excitement. The girl sitting next to her smiled at Jenn and introduced herself as Emily. Jenn observed that Emily was strikingly beautiful with dark hair and eyes. The nervous chatter of students suddenly stopped and the hall was pin drop silent as a man and woman walked to the front. They must be in their late thirties, quite attractive and confident looking. The man and woman introduced themselves as their class in-charge and said they will be teaching two subjects this year. There are other teachers for different subjects but they will be the top authority for the first year students assembled here – just a step below the Head of Institution.

    The in-charge then went on to explain the rules and procedures of studying in the institution. No leniency in obeying the rules by students failing which they will be expelled:
    There are 10 boys and equal number of girls in the class. Each student will be assigned a partner of opposite sex and the pair-up will change every month. Equal importance is given for theory and practical sessions as well. Dresses are not allowed for the first year students. They are expected to be completely naked. Clothing will become optional only in the second year of their studies. The stay is in a dormitory with bunker beds where there is zero privacy. Assigned pairs for the month have to sleep together and are expected to practice the lessons taught for the day, at night. Girls should take their pills everyday without fail – no condoms allowed. In short, the students don’t just learn the lessons but live through them.

    With these instructions delivered, Jenn could see the reddened faces of the students around her and her own body heat could be felt a foot away. She felt the wetness in between her thighs. Emily turned her way and gave a nervous smile with a squeeze on Jenn’s hand. The male teacher’s voice boomed to resume the instructions. His female colleague was talking all along. He continued that the 1st week of their college being initiation week, their seniors will have full permission to use them according to their wish as that would make them get used to the system fast which otherwise may take months. They wrapped up the welcoming session with a last instruction that further instructions will be given as and when and handed them over to a senior guy who was waiting to take them to their dorm.

    The senior guy welcomed the juniors and asked them to follow him. The new students just walked behind him with a soft murmur of talking among them. They were ushered into a huge luxurious hall with 5 spacious bunker beds placed 2 and 3 in a row on either sides of the hall. The next room was a locker room for their luggage and then everyone let out an audible gasp when they were shown the washrooms. Toilets were arranged 10 in a row – 2 rows facing each other. On the other side of the washroom, there were 5 shower stall on each side – again 2 rows facing each other. To top it all, there was no door to the washroom. Jenn remembered the teacher’s words – “no privacy”.

    After the tour of their dorm, senior guy asked them to assemble in the hall next to their bunker beds and instructed them to remove their clothes. There was silence among the new students and no one was willing to make the first move. Senior guy spoke again “this is the last warning and if there is no obedience, there will be punishment”. With that prodding, students slowly started undressing and under a minute everyone was as naked as the day they were born, with their dresses piled near their feet. Senior guy asked them to take their dresses and put it in their luggage in the adjacent room. Students did as commanded. Senior guy locked and locker room which had all their luggage and pocketed the key and said “to ensure no cheating” and grinned from ear to ear.

    Senior guy then read out the pair names for the first month. Jenn was paired up with Nick, a tall, handsome guy with dark hair. Emily was paired up with John, a blonde guy with an athletic body. Jenn stole a glance at Nick’s cock and was satisfied that he was well hung. Senior guy then asked them to retire to their beds as the next day would be a long day for them. He said bye and went out of the hall pinching a girl’s nipples on the way. She yelped on that unexpected invasion. Jenn and Nick slowly went and got on their bed and they started talking about each other – their background, why they chose SLE and so on. As both of them felt tired, they lied down on the bed and with their naked bodies touching, they couldn’t hold it any longer. Nick started kissing Jenn passionately with her tongue responding in kind. Jenn started stroking his cock which was rock hard already. Nick kissed her throughout her body and then slowly moved on to her thighs and finally to her pleasure spot. He started licking slowly at first and then increased the pace. His tongue went in and out of her pussy and she started moaning in pleasure. They started hearing the moaning and groaning of the other couples too and realized that everyone got into the flow of things as they did and smiled at each other. Nick and Jenn soon went to 69 position and continued giving mutual pleasure. At full erection, Nick’s cock was a full 8 inches and Jenn was taking all she could in her mouth. She was then on all fours and Nick took her from behind in doggy style. With all that foreplay, they soon climaxed with Nick pumping his hot load deep into her pussy. Exhausted, they crashed, holding each other.

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    Great Start! Can't wait for more :-)

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    Thanks for sharing the start of your take with us gaugeguy, its off to a great start and I look forward to seeing where you take it.

    Welcome to SSP :)

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    Great story with a factual base, If were talking about the same institution you should include the surgical enhancments

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    great start cant wait to see whats cumming next



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