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    Heart's Desire CH2

    Kelly came around the couch as my robe dropped. Her first reaction was to stand in front of me for a solid minute with her mouth hanging open just staring.

    Kelly cleared her throat then spoke.

    "Ok Kev, really good joke, I mean she's gorgeous, and wow she even kinda looks like you.

    Is she a cousin or something? You can come out now and we can all laugh about it together"

    "No joke, really it's me. Something happened, I went to sleep me and I woke up still me, except now well, now I have um breasts and no cock. It's me really, I'd never tell the things we just talked about to anyone else, especially not just to pull off a joke...really"

    "Ok, so how did this happen then...Magic I suppose? Seriously no such thing"

    "Well there must be, cause here I am, I think it's got something to do with this ring I bought. I put it on last night after I bought it and now I can't get it off." I said and pulled on the ring showing how it wouldn't budge off my finger.

    "Let me see" said Kelly grabbing my finger and pulling. It still wouldn't budge.

    "Ok fine then...maybe this is true, but I want more proof"

    "Like what? I figured the deep dark secrets stuff would be enough"

    "No...there is one more thing that for sure will tell me, if it's really you...Kiss me"

    I stepped forward and kissed Kelly. We had kissed before from time to time when my emotions that I felt for her overwhelmed me. She has always understood and accepted my deeper feelings for her. She also actually enjoyed the kissing as well "I might not want to screw you, but the making out is fun" she had said in the past.

    I poured all of my feelings and emotions into the kiss. To my surprise she was kissing back and rather passionately. This lasted several minutes and when Kelly finally broke the kiss left us both rather breathless. It also left me rather turned on as well, hard nipples and aching inside.

    “ah..wow..Kev..yeah that’s really gotta be you, your kiss is unmistakable, but wow, with you like this.wow!”

    Kelly sat down on the couch, I pulled on my robe, I was feeling a bit exposed now after the passion of the moment. Kelly and I had kissed before, but in the past it had been for fun, a friendly sort of thing. This time when she was kissing back there was passion and heat. Kelly’s hands had wandered during the event. I was conflicted, for a long time had had desired that kind of passion with Kelly. Now I had it? I sat down on the other end of the couch to think.

    “Ok, so we should eat that Pizza, I’m starved, then we can talk about...your ah situation” said Kelly after a few minutes.

    “Yeah, let’s eat I’m crazy hungry too!” I said

    We both dug into the pizza not talking again for a few minutes. After we had each had a slice Kelly spoke up again.

    “So now what exactly is it that happened?” she asked

    I related to her the story of the previous night, my waking up, my morning of self-discovery, and then finding I had nothing that I could wear.

    “Thus the call out to me, for fashion advice” Kelly said

    “Yeah, exactly, I woke up as a girl and had nothing to wear.” I said with a little laugh, trying to get back to a friendly state between us. “And I’m in some serious need of advice.”

    “Well to start I guess we need to get you dressed, then I think we need to find that old woman, you must have gotten hit with a gypsy curse or something when you bought that ring. I didn’t believe in magic until now, but there’s no denying it must be real.”


    “I guess that’s why you suggested I bring extra clothes?”

    “Yeah...nothing I have will really stay on me.”

    “Well I’m not sure if what I packed will fit, but maybe we can make something work. Ok off with the robe again, let’s have a look.” Kelly said, grabbing her bag and unzipping it. I tied the robe and let it fall to the floor again, feeling less exposed now that passions had cooled. Kelly looked at me a moment, then pulled somethings out of her bag held a few of them up tossed them aside, pulled other things out, tossed them aside as well.

    “Well, Kev, if your were gonna turn into a woman, at least you had the good sense to turn into a sexy one” Kelly said. I started to feel a bit self conscious with her looking me over and commenting on my sexiness. “problem is you’re, ah...well to put it mildly a bit more curvy than me. I’m pretty sure none of my pants or shorts are gonna fit. and my bras definitely a no that.”

    “OK, so, then?” I prompted as I was definitely feeling self conscious under her gaze now.

    “Well, try these on for a start” said Kelly pulling a pair of blue satin and lace panties out of her bag. “They should be close enough for the moment, and believe me you’re not gonna be wanting to fly commando on day one.”

    I stepped into the panties and pulled them up. They were a little snug, but fit well enough.

    “Ok, so now” I prompted again

    Kelly started working the button on the side of her skirt waist, getting it unfastened she stepped out of it and handed it to me. This left her standing in her green bikini panties, which was doubly good for me. What remained of my male brain appreciated the sight of a woman in her underwear, and her being less dressed made me less self-conscious. “Now you put this on, it’s loose enough and the waist is elastic so it should work on you.” I stepped into the skirt pulled it up and buttoned. It was loose and flowy I liked the way it felt against my legs. Meanwhile Kelly had pulled a pair of shorts from her bag and was now wearing them.

    “Ok now, we are going to have to do something about your top half. “ Kelly riffled through her bag again, this time pulling out a string bikini top. She slipped the top of it around my head and neck and then tied the strings in the back. “not a perfect fit, but it’ll make you more comfortable until we can find something proper. Now go grab a T-Shirt and we can move on with the day.”

    I went into the bedroom grabbed the first shirt I saw, Rush my favorite band pulled it on and went back out in the living room.

    “Now what?” I asked yet again

    “We sit down, finish this pizza, then we go shopping, I don’t know how long your gonna be this way Kev, but you’re gonna need some clothes ones that fit right. Humm and another thing, we are gonna need to call you something else, how about Amy?”

    “uh, sure that works” I said

    We sat down polished off a couple more pieces of pizza, tossed the rest in the fridge and then set off on a shopping adventure. Over the next few hours I learned more about women’s lingerie, shoes, dresses and skirts, pants, and numerous other things than I could have ever imagined. Kelly came into the dressing rooms with me, checking fits and sizes and generally giving advice. I felt rather like a dress up doll, and Kelly was making me over in her image of sexy. After the first store, Kelly had me stop in a mall bathroom and do a quick change into some of the new clothes. I had learned in that first store, I much preferred hipster panties, I loved skirts, a real bra was way more comfortable than the string bikini top, I needed the support. I came out of the bathroom feeling much better in new clothes!

    Kelly and I hit a few more stores, got a quick dinner, and then ran back to my place to drop off the purchases.

    “Ok, Amy, now that you have some clothes for your situation, we should see if we can find that old woman and see that the deal is with your situation.” said Kelly.

    “OK, let’s go back to the park and see if she is there” I said and we headed off to the park

    When we arrived at the park we found that the same fair was still set up there, however we couldn’t find the old lady that had sold me the ring. We were about to give up and go home when i caught sight of her. She wasn’t selling anything, she was just sitting on a bench.

    “I know you” she said as we approached.

    “how could you?” I said

    “I see your soul young one, not your shell, and I see the ring, you put it on too soon I think, too early yet, it knows your heart’s desire, but it wasn’t quite the right time and place for it to be revealed”

    “What do you mean? Well my desire certainly wasn’t to become a woman.”

    “Perhaps, Perhaps not, but it certainly has something to do with it”

    “Well, how can I get the ring off now, go back to being myself?”

    “You are always yourself, the ring has only done what it sees as required to achieve your desire. It will only come off now when you have achieved your desire. Had you waited until the right moment, when it’s magic could act at the right moment to achieve our desire, it would have come off right away. Now it will remain on with its magic in place until your desire is achieved”

    “So..how, do I make that happen.”

    “Be honest with yourself and the world. It maybe that first your desire must find you, and realize its own desires. I can tell you no more because this is all that I know” with that final statement the old lady stood up and walked away, passing behind the statue next to the bench. When Kelly looked behind the statue she reported the old lady was nowhere to be seen.

    “Ok, well I guess that’s that...long weird day I think I need to go to bed now.” I said to Kelly

    “Ok, let’s go back to your place”

    “You saying over.”

    “Oh yes, for sure...I have to see this to the end now. I’m insanely curious to find out what your heart’s desire is now.”

    “Me too.” I said

    “Have you, you know ever secretly wanted to be with a guy? Maybe your heart’s desire is to make that easier to happen” Kelly said with a laugh. Then she stopped got a funny look on her face, then started laughing again.

    “What’s so funny?” I asked

    “Well I realized that you’re well...well you’re technically a virgin again.” Kelly kept laughing at this and I couldn’t help but laugh too.

    This led to numerous jokes about getting my cherry popped the rest of the way home.

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    interesting Update... looking forward to seeing where this is going and what cums Next...
    thank for the share
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!



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