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Thread: Gemina 08

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    Gemina 08

    Part 01

    Jonathan Milford drove into town, he loved to drive the Ford. Such new inventions, with it being 1915, it looked like the world was on the verge of new and great changes. There was reports of some regional war going on over in Europe, but that was so far away, there was no way the USA would be pulled into that conflict. As he drove along, he felt the pressing need of an erection rising up, he couldn't stop it, his mind swirling with remembered images.

    At the barn dance last night, he had been eyeing up the ladies, trying to work up the courage to ask them to dance. His eyes lit on a girl, and he almost couldn't breathe. She was everything he wanted, her breasts a most bosomy, pleasing fullness. From what he could see, it looked like she had one of those sexy narrow waists, and her hips were wide and full. Pulling his gaze back up to her face, she looked like he thought an angel might look, golden blonde hair, and her eyes which were a deep blue color, locked gazes with him. He couldn't look away, he saw her smile, and she approached him.

    She stopped a pace away from him, gave him another warm, inviting smile, and softly said, "Hello, I'm Evelyn Wellsten, what's your name?"

    Jonathan was tongue tied, but he finally managed, "I'm Jonathon Milford, it's a pleasure to meet you."

    She gazed at him for several seconds, she smiled and cooed, "Aren't you going to ask me to dance?"

    They very quickly joined the people on the dance floor, and Evelyn felt like heaven in his arms, she moved with him, never a misstep, all the while keeping her body pressed tightly against his during the slow dances. Jonathon did his best, he was a very good dancer, and to have such an overwhelming beauty who stayed with him for every dance was the best time he'd had in all his 17 years.

    As the dance ended, Evelyn cooed to him, "Jonathon, why don't we go on a picnic, just the two of us, do you know a picnic spot where we could be alone?"

    Jonathan Milford almost couldn't believe his luck. He was being asked to take Evelyn Wellsten for a picnic, and it was a picnic for just the two of them. Seeing her full, deep pink lips, he hoped that he could engage in some passionate necking with this beautiful 17 year old girl. Her beauty was overwhelming, deep blue eyes, golden blonde hair, the face of an angel, a swelling bosom, her waist nipping in, and the swell of her hips, really made his 17 year old body tremble. He felt the urges, but with it being 1915, he tried to fight the urges. Proper young men and women did not engage in necking, or sparking as he had heard it referred to. It was drummed into him that to take such liberties with a girl could lead to far more serious things, that were never explicitly stated, but couched in such terms as de-spoiled, an evil sin, the devil's path of loose virtue, corruption and scandal. But with Evelyn right in front of him, inviting him to be alone with her, he stopped trying to fight those urges. He no longer gave any credence to the warnings of his elders, they were old fuddy duddys, what did they know about a young man's needs? Sparking with a gorgeous girl like Evelyn Wellsten looked like a real possibility.

    He eagerly agreed, and Evelyn asked him to meet her here, at the barn, and go on that picnic. Jonathon thought it curious that he did ask him to come to call at her house, and meet her parents, but the vision of her quickly quashed that line of thought.

    She watched Jonathon depart, the she walked into the shadows. Looking around to make sure she was not observed, she brought the quantum generator out of the secret compartment hidden in her skirt. She held it, and pressed the RETURN button. She closed her eyes as she felt the field build around her, and a minute later when she reopened her eyes, she saw the familiar space of the arrivals bay.


    Evelyn Wellsten, or as she was really named, Gemina 08, was a traveler from the future, 300 years to be exact. She had been prepped for this mission. Just before the mission, Evelyn had gone back to 1915, and had located a girl who was 17. She had slipped into her bedroom after midnight and had applied the stun inducer to her neck. The girl had not even time to be roused from sleep before she was completely unconscious. Evelyn had activated the quantum field, and back at the arrivals bay, the unconscious girl was quickly transferred to the recording and processing center. She was placed under a medical scanner, and as her body shape and dimensions were recorded, a close fitting helmet was placed over her head, and it quickly started to scan her brain. Every scrap of knowledge, every bit of information about the era was recoded, they needed to know the societal preferences of the era, and this young lady's brain was a gold mine. It also provided an interesting fact.

    Despite society's strong disapproval, this girl had engaged in premarital sexual intercourse. Not just once, but several times. The memories of her first time, the tearing, searing pain as her virgin vagina was impaled, the discomfort she felt as her male partner quickly reached his release point, and flooded her with his sperm. Despite that, she wanted to try it again, and each time, it got better as pleasure replaced the pain. It became so pleasurable that she actually reached her release point after 6 sessions. The explosion of pleasure, her body shaking and jerking, all the muscles in her body seeming to clench up, and her loud cry of pleasure brought on her partner's explosion, another rush of sperm filled wetness being deposited.

    The medical scanner revealed that her intercourse had brought on the usual result, she was 6 weeks pregnant. She knew she would have to break the news to her boyfriend, and hope that he did the honorable thing, and marry her quickly.

    When the scans was complete, Evelyn returned the girl, unharmed, to her bedroom. She knew the unconsciousness would fade and the young lady would wake up just fine in the morning, with no idea of what had occurred to her.

    Now that they had the information that Gemina would be able to call upon, she reported to the medical center, and was soon secured on the genomic molding table. A map of her entire genomic structure had been stored in the computer, and it overlaid societal preferences for female body shape of that era with her body. The body measurements they had recorded from the young lady of that era helped the process along. Accordingly, the system started the process, their subject's dimensions being used to guide the molding.

    With the emphasis on child bearing and rearing, her breasts had been swelled up to that bosomy, pleasing fullness, while her hips and pelvis had been molded to a sturdy, wider stance, the sign of a good child bearer. Her waist was narrowed without one of those horrible corsets binding her. Her face had been tweaked to give her the angelic face that had so captured Jonathan's fancy, her hair color had changed from a light brown to the golden blonde color that young men of that era found so enticing. Her legs were spread, and her tidy bush of pubic hair was changed to match her hair color. Her eyes which were a pale blue, had been tweaked to give them that deep blue color.

    "Transformation complete."

    Gemina had stood up and inspected her body in the full length mirror that was wheeled in by an android servant. When she was satisfied that nothing had been overlooked, she went over the mission details.

    The Earth of 2215 was far different, cloning had taken over, and sexuality was suppressed from birth. It was a well established routine, once a month, at the genomic labs, the population would receive the treatment that would suppress sexual desires. Since the natural drives were suppressed from birth, sexual feelings were never missed, and life was far more orderly and efficient, without such ancient drives in the way.

    Her mission was to study the people of so long ago, and report on sexual reproduction, up to and including copulation. She was also to bring back a sample of DNA, to refresh the cloning labs. Replicative fading was starting to creep in, and they needed new cells to clone, and produce the healthy, vibrant clones that the Earth of 2215 depended on. Gemina 08 was the last of the Gemina line, before genetic errors would start to creep in.

    Dressing for the date, she had donned one of the long dresses of that era, it was like she was almost wrapped in a voluminous mass of heavy, uncomfortable fabric, only her hands and her head were visible. She much preferred her era, nudity was the normal, accepted style. With climate controlled cities, one never needed to have to worry about, as they called it long ago, dressing for the weather. With her waist narrowed and her breasts genomically enhanced, she would not have to be tortured into the shape of those horrible corsets. The memories of their subject, the things were like a torture device, laced in, and when the laces were pulled tight, to squeeze her waist into the narrow shape, and pushing her breasts up, was unbelievable. Gemina was amazed, women of that era actually got strapped into it, and went about the whole day like that? Ancient society was so full of ridiculous rules, which was what studying it made it so interesting. She went without any kind of underwear, they were called bloomers and petticoats, she had studied the dressing habits, geez, how could they stand wearing so much clothing? The summer heat must have made it unbearably hot and uncomfortable.

    One more thing was required, just before she returned to 1915, and her date, she felt the transformation as she was given the antidote to the sexual suppression treatments. Unfamiliar feelings of lust and sexual desire started to course through her body, since she was in actual age, 20, the rush of hormone driven desires were almost overwhelming.

    She was ready for Jonathon, this date of a picnic was going to be a lot more that just dining in the open. Her hormone fueled body was sending unfamiliar twangs of lust through her, she was feeling first hand, how overwhelming the sexual drive could be. This mission was going to be most interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by breastgirl34c View Post
    Liked the intro, is there more?
    Oh yes, there will be more!

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    Part 2

    In the departure bay, Gemina tucked her personal quantum generator into the hidden compartment of her dress, and stood under the bay's quantum scanner. She closed her eyes, felt the fast building quantum singularity field, the bay generators were faster than a personal generator, and 30 seconds later, she opened her eyes to see the field right next to the barn.

    The weather of this August day of 1915 was perfect, sunny but not too warm, so she would not be sweating like crazy. She intended to get naked very quickly, then working up a more enjoyable sweat. Those surges of lust coursing through her body was like a fire. The mental recordings of their female subject had been implanted in her mind, and she knew what she needed to quell the blaze, and she intended to get Jonathon to take care of that, in very short order.

    Jonathon was motoring along, he had polished up his Ford Model T laudaulet, intent on making the very best impression he could. A picnic basket was in the back seat, along with a blanket, and he was on his way to his date with the gorgeous Evelyn. His parents had asked him about her, he lied, told them that Evelyn was a girl he knew in school, and that he would be meeting her at the family home in town. That satisfied his parents, and his Mom had packed along some fried chicken, homemade bread and sugar cookies, and a couple of bottles of Coca-Cola. He brought the Ford around to the side of the barn, and there she was. Oh god, she looked more beautiful than ever, and he brought the Ford to a stop, and hopped out.

    Her smile was radiant, she cooed, "Ready for a nice picnic Jonathon?''

    He was tongue tied, but he finally managed, "Yes, yes, I am, I have a nice spot all picked out for our picnic."

    He helped her up into the passenger seat, and quickly ran around to the driver's side. He jumped in, and they were off, the car chugging along as Jonathon did his best to concentrate on the road. His concentration was broken when he felt her hand take his, and slipping it between the folds of her dress, he was startled to feel his hand against her thigh. Holy Jesus, she had his hand against her naked thigh, she was not wearing any kind of underwear! He screeched to a stop, and stared over at her.

    Her voice was soft as she said, "Jonathon, what's the matter?"

    His brain was fuzzy, he was hoping to do some passionate spooning with her, and she had placed his hand on her thigh. What was the matter with him? His brain was trying to process all the feelings, it was like a gold mine was spread before him. He was on the verge of getting everything he hoped for, maybe more, but society's dictates, the rigid conditioning of proper young ladies of 1915 never did anything so bold, and proper young gentlemen would never take such liberties with a young lady, was still trying to hold him back.

    As if sensing what he was thinking, she said softly, "Perhaps I'm not a lady that adheres to the rigid social values of this day and age. Maybe I'm more advanced, and don't believe in clinging to rigid ideas of what men and women should be allowed to do. Now tell me, wouldn't you like to place your hand back where I put it?"

    He was gazing into her eyes, they were like deep blue pools that he wanted to dive into. He couldn't speak, so he nodded his head. She smiled, and took his hand, and led his fingers in. He felt the warmth, and she pulled his fingers around to the inside of her thigh. He was halfway up her thigh to the promised land, and his body was trembling.

    "There you are, feels so nice to have your hand there, now, let's go to that nice private picnic spot you mentioned."

    The Ford started to chug along, and he looked for the dirt track turnoff. There it was, and he swung the car around, and headed up the road. At the top of a hill, the land smoothed out into a meadow next to a lake, and he brought the car to a stop.

    Jumping down, he hurried around to help Evelyn down. She climbed down and looked around, perfect, no one else was in sight.

    Giving him another of her bewitching gazes, she purred, "Oh my, it feels so warm."

    Jonathon was rooted to the spot, as Gemina pulled her dress off, and stood before him totally, gloriously naked. He could feel the blood rushing through his body, it was like looking at a work of art come to glorious life. He saw her positioning her body, making sure he had the best view possible. He breasts were so big and full, like fruit ripe for the tasting. Her waist narrowed in, then the flare of her hips swelled out, and between her legs, that holy spot that no one had even dared mention, he saw a light tuft of hair as blonde as the hair on her head, covering a crimson like furrow between her thighs.

    She smiled at him, and cooed, "It feels so nice to be naked and free."

    She stepped towards him, and cooed, "Would you like to kiss me? Kiss me Jonathon."

    Gemina pulled his lips to hers, parted them slightly, and pressed his lips against hers. Jonathon could feel the soft wet warmth, then her tongue rose up to play, and pressed insistently against his lips. That broke the spell, and as he opened his mouth to hers, his tongue rose up, and he was kissing her wildly, their tongues swirling and playing with each other.

    She pulled back, and cooed, "Get naked Jonathon, it feels so good.''

    He was quickly nude, and she saw his penis, 7 inches of rock hard male flesh, and she recalled their subject's memories.

    She purred, "Kiss my breasts, lick my nipples you sweet fellow."

    Gemina pulled his head against her breasts, and Jonathon's mouth went to work, kissing the pillowy softness, then his tongue was lapping at her nipples. Gemina felt the ramping up of her lust, feeling it first hand, she never knew that the mating dive would be so strong, oh that felt so wonderful. Her vaginal region was bubbly with the unfamiliar juices of sexual desire, and she needed it, NOW.

    She pulled back, gave him another smoldering gaze, and walked over to the car. She pulled the blanket out, and cooed, ''Follow me." She lead him down the path to the lake, and placed the blanket on the shore.

    Gemina turned to him, and purred, "Jonathon, come and make love to me, we are old enough, and I really want my first time to be with you, you are a very special fellow."

    She lay back, parting her thighs and presenting her naked pubic region for him. Jonathon scrambled into position, he felt her hand wrap around his penis, leading him up to where he wanted to go. He felt the head of his penis pressing against a warm, wet seam, waiting for him to fill it.

    With that, the last tether of society's dictates blew apart. With a growl of lust, he humped forward hard. Feeling the obstruction, he pulled back and lunged forward once again, and the last barrier to his penis gave way.

    Gemina felt a searing, stinging pain, she cried out as her virgin membrane gave way, and she was filled with a stunning thrust, a crazy mix of pain and pleasure as her virgin vagina was filled up with a very aroused 7 inches of hard penis. She grunted as he drove in to the hilt, he quickly pulled back and drove it in again. The feel of a hard male penis performing coitus on her was new and wonderfully strange, and the pain started to recede as her natural lubrication flowed forth.

    Jonathon was soaring through a level of pleasure he'd never felt, it was fantastic. The feel of her soft pink center so tight around him was beyond compare. His sexual intercourse style was of course inexperienced, he was gripped with the overriding need to explode. He humped at her eagerly, he could feel the rushing of orgasm, and in a minute, he arced into her, let out a growl and his penis was pumping his sperm into her, Gemina could feel a warm rush of male sexual fluid being delivered deep inside her.

    Gemina was still eager, she had not yet reached sexual climax, and she locked in on the memories from their subject. How to get satisfaction, ah, there it was.

    She cooed "Jonathon, let's do it again, and let me help you."

    She started to squirm underneath him, undulating her hips from side to side, and his shrinking penis quickly took notice. Jonathon felt the surging return of his penis, growing back quickly, he groaned as he felt himself reach full extension.

    Gemina felt a warm glow, it felt good to feel him back up, there was something very pleasant about being filled up with his hard male organ.

    "Now, make love to me Jonathon, not so fast, don't just hump at me, give me a long, loving time."

    The sound of that voice, and the bewitching look in those deep blue eyes made his heart thump, for her, he would do anything. He started to ride her, this time at a far less frantic pace, sliding in and out, taking his time, making both of them moan with pleasure.

    Gemina was enjoying this second time, the feel of his penis sliding into her well lubricated vagina was much better, she could feel a growing force deep inside her, and she wrapped her legs around his waist, wanting him as deep as possible. The second time was better, he could ride her as long as she needed to achieve a sexual climax. The force started to expand, she realized that she was about to experience orgasm for the very first time. She could feel burning tingles spreading through her vagina, then rippling spasms started to sweep through, she felt like she was tumbling, and she let out a scream of passion as she felt the glorious release, her whole body shaking, on fire with her orgasm. Dimly she heard Jonathon let out a loud growl, as she was inundated with another rush of his sperm laden fluids, depositing it deep inside her as her vagina milked hard at him.

    When his penis dribbled out the last of his load, he lay upon her, his body pressed tight against hers, both of them gasping from the rush of sensation.

    Gemina liked it, liked it very much, feeling a warm body so tight against hers. The ancient drives may have been messy, but she realized as she lay beneath the well spent body of her lover, it certainly did have its upside.

    When Jonathon lifted up, he suggested that they go for a swim, and he was able to enjoy the sight of his gorgeous Evelyn, swimming with him, then rising and walking out of the lake with the lake water sliding off her body.

    On the blanket, Jonathon brought over the picnic basket, and they dug in. Gemina was amazed at the taste of fried chicken, all chicken on her Earth of 2215 had been extinct since the year 2150, when a deadly avian bacterial plague had decimated the avian population of the planet. The only birds that had survived were some wild species on remote islands. The poultry industry was wiped out completely.

    The taste of homemade bread and sugar cookies, combined with the fizzing liquid that was called Coca Cola, was also new and exciting. Gemina was becoming more intrigued, this era had many interesting things and experiences that the year 2215 did not have.

    In the light of the late afternoon sun, they once again came together, and when Jonathon's rampant penis drove into her, it felt even better. Now that Jonathon knew how to make his lover reach a sexual release, he kept it slow and gentle, riding Evelyn's incredible body with great relish, the feel of her tightness gripping at his penis was superb.

    Gemina purred with pleasure, every time just felt better, so much better in fact, that she was quickly crying out, another orgasm swirling through her body. Jonathon was still going, and she felt another climax chasing the one she had just had, and she tumbled again, her orgasms started to follow one right after the other, she was breathless, almost fainting from the rush as Jonathon growled, "Yeah, oh YEAH!", and she felt his hard flesh jetting another passionate rush of sperm deep inside her.

    Stretched out on the blanket in the glow of spent passion, Jonathon felt deliciously drained, and it didn't take long before he was dozing. Gemina smiled, this was another thing their subject's memories had yielded, that many males like to doze off after sexual intercourse. She rose silently and went over to her dress. Extracting the quantum generator, she pressed the RETURN button, and the world of 1915 swirled away in a gray haze, a minute later, she was back in the arrivals bay of 2215. She smiled, she could see a few inquiring glances, returning totally nude, when she had left with that voluminous dress she had been clad in. But, they were all professionals, and they quickly gave her the container she had prepared. She used the departure bay generator to go back, and 30 seconds later, she was back in 1915, standing by the Ford automobile. She could see Jonathon still dozing peacefully, she brought over the container, and took out the stun inducer. Pressing it lightly against his neck, he was stunned into full unconsciousness.

    Now for the extraction. She had been instructed to extract epithelial cells from the inside of the intestine, they grew quickly, and were most malleable to the processes that would create a clone. She picked up the extraction probe, a long, needle shaped instrument, and placed it against the skin just above the intestines. It pierced the skin with no more damage than a hypodermic syringe would do, it was self guided, penetrating to the exact mark, and gently suctioning off a layer of cells. When it retracted, Gemina took an alcohol wipe, and gently swabbed at the needle mark. It was no more than a small red bump, it looked exactly like the bite of those ancient insects that were called mosquitos.

    Picking up her container, she returned to 2215, and handed off the cells to the bio-engineers, eagerly awaiting the precious cells. She went back to the departure bay, and was quickly back in 1915. The mission had called for her to get the sample, copulate with the chosen male, and to return when it was safe to do so. Gemina was feeling very unfamiliar feelings, emotions that were suppressed along with the sexual drive had risen to the surface. She went over to the blanket, and hesitated. All the fascinating tastes of food and drink that was unknown to her, the feelings of affection, strange but creating a warm glow, and the stunning feelings of sexual intercourse, the completion producing a euphoria that was like nothing she'd felt before. What should she do?
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    Part 03

    An idea formed in her mind, and she started to mull it over. It might just work, and she quickly returned to 2215. Stepping down from the transport pad, she summoned the mission commander, Doctor Mullen 09, and she gave him the details on what she wanted to do.

    "Doctor, I think it might be better if we make this a long term, multi-year mission, I can record all the details of courtship, mating, and what was called marriage. I can return at regular intervals with all the details sharp in my mind, you know that I was bred with an eidetic memory, so the historians will get a firsthand look at life as it was, 300 years ago."

    Doctor Mullen 09 liked that idea, and he said, "Splendid idea Gemina 08, I am glad to see that you are up for the full mission. I was going to suggest extending the mission when you summoned me, and I am pleased to see that you are ready for the task. We will manufacture a selection of clothing, shoes and other items that a young lady would be expected to have in 1915. We will also manufacture their monetary system, what they called dollar bills are ridiculously easy to manufacture, they will be identical to what their system made. We will send Gemina 07 back to the coordinates of where the town is, what's it called, Silver Springs? She will secure lodgings for you, I believe they called it a boarding house."

    Doctor Mullen lifted a small item from his pocket, and handed it to Gemina.

    "This is a neural transceiver, we will implant it just under the skin at the back of the neck. It will be in contact with Gemina 07, and she will be able to transmit the location of your lodgings to you, by the transceiver. We will also be able to monitor your mental patterns, with this being an extended mission, we will be just a thought away. When you get settled, just think of where you are, we will lock in the coordinates, and your items will be with you very quickly. Gemina 08, I am sure the ruling council thanks you personally for such duty, volunteering of your own volition."

    Gemina felt a wild excitement, but she did her best to put forward a calm, unruffled appearance. The transceiver was implanted, and she went to the departure bay, and was quickly returned to 1915. She hurried over to Jonathon's body, reversed the charge on her stun inducer and pressed it gently against his neck. It took just a few seconds before his eyelids fluttered, he felt a moment of panic, he had been asleep, was it all a dream, was Evelyn just a wonderful dream? He opened his eyes fully, and his eyes focused on that angelic face, the deep blue pools of her eyes, and his heart swelled with joy. She was not a dream, she was real, and she was right here with him.

    Gemina cooed, "You fell asleep Jonathon, I thought it would be nice to let you rest, after making such sweet love to me."

    He reached up to her, and pulled her face down gently to his. The melding of their lips brought forth that unfamiliar rush of emotion, joy, tenderness, and a deep feeling of something she'd wondered about, could it be love?

    Being nude, it didn't take too long before Jonathon was ready for more, and staring at his hard eager penis, Gemina felt the fluttering of needy desire. Gemina wanted to try a different position. She had read old Earth textbooks about different mating positions that people enjoyed, and she wanted to see what it was like. Jonathon watched with wide eyes as she mounted up, the sun was setting behind them, and her body was painted in the red ruddy glow of the late day sun as she drove her hips down. Oh god that felt so good, he heard Evelyn's loud cry of pleasure, as she eagerly took in all he had.

    Gemina was fired up and she started to eagerly lift herself up and down, ummm, as his penis was driven into the hilt, she got a first hand experience of why sexual intercourse had been such an overriding drive. She felt her vagina gush a pouring of juices, the feel of being filled was nothing short of the most pleasure she had ever had.

    The light of day was fading, she was aware that twilight had passed from what was called Civil twilight, and was now in the second stage, what was referred to as Nautical twilight.

    She felt the oncoming release, her buttocks tightened up involuntarily, and she felt the swelling of sexual climax rushing in quickly. Her loud cry of fulfillment in the darkening landscape made her vaginal muscles start to ripple in a milking motion, she felt the swelling of a second orgasm, her shriek was of mixed astonishment and pleasure as she crested to a second climax, she could feel the rise of yet a third wave, and she heard Jonathan grunt, let out a loud growl and she rammed her hips down, her third climax washed over her and she felt his penis pulsing hard, a warm rush of his sperm bloomed deep inside her, oh it was so good, she was stunned by the crazy rush of sensations and emotions.

    As they slowed their frenzied movements, she lay forward on his chest, she felt the rise of that deep feeling, she realized that she was probably falling in love. Crazy, maybe not too wise, but she couldn't deny the sharpness of her feelings. She realized that she'd better not say it to him, at least not yet.

    Jonathon was looking at the sky, seeing stars beginning to twinkle, getting brighter as twilight entered Astronomical twilight, its third stage. He felt that if there was a heaven, he hoped it would be like this. His beloved Evelyn in his arms, her nude body sprawled atop his in the glorious feeling after making love, the stars starting to glitter brightly.

    When she did speak, she softly whispered, "Ummm that was so beautiful, you are a wonderful man Jonathon."

    The sun passed below 18 degrees below the horizon, and the sky was now completely dark, night had officially settled across the land. Gemina 08 got the neural transmission from her Gemina 07 clone, and she knew where she was going to be staying, and what room she would be in.

    Jonathon said, "Evelyn my dear, may I take you home?"

    Gemina said softly, "Oh yes my wonderful Jonathon, I am staying at Ma Becker's boarding house."

    Jonathon said, "Ah, such a nice boarding house. Ma Becker is such a kind lady, and the best cook in the whole state. Are you staying long?"

    Gemina said, "Yes, oh yes Jonathon, I will be staying as long as possible. I want to get to know you more and more."

    Behind the wheel, Jonathon switched on the headlamps, as he carefully guided the Ford down the path to the main road. As they motored back to town in the Model T, Jonathon felt his hand again taken, and placed against the warmth of her inner thigh. Jonathon felt a wild excitement, this was the best day of his life, and his sweet Evelyn made it sound like she wanted to stay and be with him for a long time. He was half in love with her already, oh god, could she be feeling the same way? He fervently hoped so.

    They pulled up to the front of the boarding house, Gemina 07 had already paid the first week's rent, so Gemina 08 was able to walk right in and be greeted by Ma Becker, who of course had no idea she was talking to a duplicate of the woman she had met just recently.

    Jonathon knew that no young men would be allowed to fraternize inside the boarding house, but he didn't want to leave just yet. He had noticed a porch swing, just enough room for the two of them, and with the permission of Ma Becker, he led his wonderful Evelyn outside, and they sat together in the growing night, swinging gently back and forth. Jonathon had his arm around her shoulders, and Gemina cuddled up close to him, relaxing. She felt so secure, with his arm holding her close, it was a wonderful feeling.

    He reluctantly got up, and said softly, "Evelyn, I guess I'd better go now. Would you like to meet my family for Sunday dinner?"

    Gemina gave him that look that made his body tremble, as she cooed, "Jonathon, I'd like that very much. On Saturday, would you take me on another of your special picnics? I'd love that so much.''

    Oh god, yes, he thought as he replied, "Evelyn, I would love to."

    "Until then, kiss me Jonathon, kiss me as passionately as you can."

    Stepping into the shadows, and making sure that Ma Becker was not peeking out at them, they came together, in a hot clinch, mouths hot and wet, tongues coming out to play, the tongue filled swirls of passion made both of their bodies hot with desire. Gemina felt Jonathon's penis, as hard as an iron rod, pressing against her. She wanted to perform oral sex on him, another interesting tidbit from old Earth textbooks. But where?

    When they broke the kiss, Gemina looked around. The porch went all the way around the house, and she motioned for Jonathon to follow her. The west side of the porch was perfect, no windows, a large screen of hedges hid the view from the street, and the shadows were the deepest.

    She tuned to face him, her deep blue eyes were glowing with heat, and she cooed, "Jonathon, let me give you a special goodnight treat."

    Jonathon watched, open mouthed, as she took to her knees, his pants and underwear were quickly lowered, and Gemina saw his penis back up to a full erection. Though he was startled, and worried about someone seeing them, his manhood suffered no such hesitation.

    Gemina looked up to his face, and cooed, "Enjoy this my sweet man."

    She wrapped her hand around his cock, and thrilled to the feel of his penis eager for her. Though she knew the mechanics of the act she was about to perform, she realized that this was going to be the first time she had ever done oral sex. No doubt it would be a first for Jonathon to receive, and she let her eidetic memory recall what she had read.

    Jonathon watched with wide eyed wonder, Evelyn's mouth was inches from his penis, and she parted her lips, and slipped them over the head of his penis. He let out a loud gasp, partly surprise, partly pleasure as he felt a warm wet mouth wrap around him, and slowly travel down the length.

    Gemina managed to take in 5 inches before she pulled her head back, and remembering what she had read, started to slowly bob her head back and forth, Jonathon's moans of pleasure urging her on. She felt her vagina becoming hot, wet and needy. Almost as if by instinct, she slipped a hand between her dress, seeking out the wet heat. She moaned around his penis as she found herself, the pulsing of her hungry need driving her on, and she started to wantonly masturbate, the awakening of her sexual drives awakened all the knowledge she had read about sexual reproduction, and sexual positions. It had been impersonal, dry and somewhat disgusting when she had read it, being without her drives, but now with her drives at full force, they were wildly exciting, making her body tingle, ummm, the feel of her fingers playing with her clitoris was really making her hot, and she was wildly sucking on his penis, when it all came together.

    She felt herself cresting, she was moaning around his penis, her mouth tightened down on him in orgasm, and Jonathon felt the increased grip, and his penis responded, Gemina felt his penis start to buck and pulse, and a warm gush of his semen was fired against the roof of her mouth. She let her tongue swipe at his penis, and more spurts gushed out, coating her tongue and filling her mouth. She swallowed, the taste was another wonderful new sensation, slightly bitter, but creamy thick and very exciting.

    Jonathon's penis had sensations shooting up and down the shaft, he could feel his penis pouring out his sperm in thick gushes, Evelyn's mouth was still wrapped around him, she was swallowing his sperm! He heard tales from his best friend's granddad, a former ship's captain, about such wonderful practices that were available in far away ports of call. He had his doubts about the truth of these tales, until now. His hand was caressing Evelyn's blonde tresses, as she kept him in until she had sucked out every drop.

    When she released him, that deep blueness of her eyes was again gazing into his, and he was in awe. He quickly pulled up his pants and underwear, quickly readjusting himself. They returned to the rocker, so they could drift in that hazy, wonderful peace that occurred just after sex. Evelyn had told him that maybe she was more advanced from the values of today's world of 1915, and he was totally smitten with her.
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    Despite having a story in this category, fantasy/etc isn't my normal cup of tea - however I've been greatly enjoying these installments! Harks back to Quantum Leap... but sexy. :)

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    Part 04

    Before Jonathon left, they again shared a tongue twirling kiss that made both bodies surge with heat. Jonathon was amazed, he had enjoyed pleasures he'd never even dreamed of, and his penis was still responding, stiffening up from the stimulation. He was in a daze, totally smitten with the vision of Evelyn's beauty.

    Gemina felt his penis becoming hard and stiff again, pressing against her dress, ummm, how she would have adored throwing him down and mounting him again. Reining in the urge, she slid her hand over his trousers, grasping the outline of his surging penis and whispered in his ear, "Until Saturday, Jonathon."

    When Jonathon's car went chugging down the street, Gemina went up to her room. She established contact with the departure section via the transceiver, mentally sending out her request, and 2 minutes later, 2 large wooden chests appeared. She opened them up, and saw a vast array of clothes, shoes, hats, stockings, and tucked inside one of the chests, a large stack of US paper currency. She picked it up and riffled through it, amazed at what humans of 1915 found so valuable about little scraps of green paper. A sealed package that she had packed personally was also in one of the chests. It would open only when she pressed a finger against the optical scanner, and her fingerprint was verified. She did so, and when the package opened, she took out the contents. She had packed a selection of sex manuals, the books that had seemed so dry, boring and somewhat disgusting not so long ago, held a variety of sexual techniques, positions with illustrations, and many other fascinating facts and figures. Now that her sexual drive was functioning, she was more that just titillated, she was downright randy, hot and bothered, and she couldn't wait for Saturday. Jonathon would be trying out a slew of sexual positions with her that he'd never even dreamed of.

    She opened the first book, entitled "Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sexual Positions." She turned the pages slowly, it was indeed illustrated, full page sized pictures of actual couples engaged in sexual intercourse. She saw a myriad of positions. Rear Entry, or as it was nicknamed in the notes, Doggy Style. The Riding Cowgirl, Gemina felt her vagina pulse as she saw the exact position she had been in, riding Jonathon's penis. The she saw the next set, Reverse Cowgirl, oh that looked enjoyable, we must try that one. There were many more, she was amazed at some of the positions that were displayed, with names like Brute, Spider, Tamer, Aries, and dozens of others and she wondered about the contortions they had to go through for the more adventurous and agile bodies to get into those positions. Nevertheless, judging by the looks of joy and bliss on their faces, it looked very hot and enjoyable.

    When she went to bed, her vagina refused to calm down. Looking at the positions had really driven her lust back up. She reached down, and as if she'd been doing it all her life, let her fingers take over, masturbating herself with a joyful rush. Thinking about what her and Jonathon had done, ohhh that was taking her up. She slid two fingers deep into the creamy heat, and finger fucked herself with a joyful rush, Saturday was 2 days away, and she was thinking about what they'd do on that day. Her fingers found her clit, eager for attention, and she started to polish that straining nub, feeling it getting even harder. Ummm, oh yes, she imagined Jonathon's penis deep inside her, his penis letting loose with a rush of sperm filled semen. The rush of orgasm overtook her, she could feel the wave, stifling the shriek of joy she wanted to make, her body in the shaking grip of pleasure as she tumbled into sexual completion, ohhh so good, she let the spasms shake her until she was wrung out, limp and giddy with the afterglow of pleasure. It was a wonderful sleep aid, and she drifted off quickly.

    In his bed, Jonathon's penis refused to calm down, and as he'd done on so many nights, he curled his hand around it, and slid up and down, feeling the spreading tingles. He's been warned about the "hell of self abuse", but the first time he dared to play with his manhood, the feelings of completion as his penis fired off his built up sperm, quickly wrestled away the silly warnings. It would make hair grow on your palms? Make you lose your vision? Make you insane? He could vouch that after several months of stroking his rod, he suffered no such horrors. He pictured Evelyn, her naked body revealed to his eyes, her nudity spread out before him, her womanhood ready to take him in, the feeling of entering her soft, wet womanly folds. She'd been so hot, so wet, she was a vision of almost unbelievable beauty as her body writhed beneath his, her sweet recesses bringing pleasure like he'd never felt, and the feelings shooting through his throbbing penis as she reached her sexual completion, her womanhood gripping even tighter at him, the vision of her body in the throes of sexual bliss brought on the explosion, and he grunted as his penis spurted, his hand pumping up and down, milking a flow of his juices as he shuddered, moaning softly as the glorious feeling of sexual release filled him up.

    He lay back, pleasantly relieved, and marveled at what had happened. Evelyn's beauty, the almost hypnotic gaze of those deep blue eyes, had brought back his sexual excitement again and again, and she had taken him into her mouth, and sucked at him until he released his seed into her warm, wet mouth, oh god, that was incredible. It was just like she had hinted at, she was more advanced, well beyond the conservative, church going conformity of 1915. He wondered how such a lady had advanced, and broken free of the rigid societal dictates. She was no prostitute, that was for sure, prostitutes were NOT virgins. And her beauty was not painted up like a doll, as so many of the prostitutes had to do, her beauty was innate, a natural part of her, he had seen no trace of make up on her face, no marks or scars on her incredible body. Perhaps he would find out what she was deep down. If not, it was a mystery he could live with.

    On Saturday they were going back to that secret picnic spot, and on Sunday, she would meet his family for Sunday dinner. Having fallen under her spell, he hoped his family would approve. If they did, he realized he would be proposing to her very soon after. He was deeply in love with this enchanting lady, and he hoped she was feeling the same. He drifted off with the vision of his Evelyn lying atop him in their marriage bed, their nude bodies drifting on that soft dreamy feeling right after sexual completion.

    Friday morning, and Gemina was up, stretching in front of the mirror, reveling in her nudity. Mindful of what era it was, she dressed herself accordingly, feeling stifled by the way her body was covered from the top of her neck to her toes. More silliness, nudity was supposed to be scandalous and sinful, what nonsense. She went downstairs to the breakfast table, and was soon enjoying the tastes of a hot breakfast as it had been made back in 1915. The flat wheat cakes that were cooked by what was called a frying pan, called pancakes, along with real butter, and syrup from the tree that was called a maple tree, so sweet, so delicious, and real chicken eggs, along with chopped potatoes that they called hash browns, and slices of meat from hogs, had her taste buds rolling with the unfamiliar, but thoroughly enjoyable tastes.

    She was offered coffee, this was another drink she had never tried. She observed the other boarders pouring some milk and adding sugar to their coffee, so she followed suit, and with milk and a teaspoon of sugar, she felt the energy boost after downing two cups of coffee. After breakfast she walked around the town, she wanted to get herself noticed, and become part of the people that you saw on the street on a regular basis. She knew that her clone, Gemina 7, had give Ma Becker a cover story, she had lost both her parents in a fire, and she had been orphaned, having no brothers or sisters. Her parents had made financial arrangements for her, so she would not be wanting of money, before they died. At the breakfast table, it seemed natural for people to be curious, and want to know more about her. She related the story that her Gemina 07 clone had related to Ma Becker the night before. With that cover story of being a young lady of means, she felt secure that she would not be noticed as a stranger, but as one of the regular population that had moved here, and decided to settle.

    She knew that her clone had requested what was called a half-board, along with her room, she would receive the breakfast and dinner meals. That would suit her perfectly, she saw so many interesting foods in the past world, she wanted to have the mid-day meal something she could just buy, and eat on the spot.

    In the evening, Gemina was reading the Kama Sutra, she was feeling her need start to climb. As luck would have it, she received just what she needed. Jonathon came by, his Model T chugging to a stop by the boarding house. He was unwilling to miss even a single day without gazing upon Evelyn, and hoping that she was feeling the same need.

    Gemina was indeed feeling the same need, the rising of her lust made her eager to satisfy herself every time the opportunity arose. Having heard his car, and seeing him chugging to a stop, she happily met him at the front door. With Ma Becker's permission, they sat close together on the porch swing, watching the gathering dusk. When they were unobserved, they shared long, lingering tongue filled swirls of passion, both of them feeling the rising tide of desire. Gemina wanted what was called a quickie, her brain had a timing sense that was as precise as an atomic clock. Ma Becker looked out on them every 20 minutes exactly, and they'd have enough time.

    When Ma Becker last looked out on them, then withdrew, her mental clock was ticking. Gemina beckoned to Jonathon, and he eagerly followed her around to the dark side of the porch. Gemina turned to him with a smile, and she pulled her dress open to him, her treasure was hidden by the shadows, and she urged him on.

    "Jonathon, come to me lover, and quench your desire, make love to me, be quick, lest Ma Becker catches us at it."

    Gemina sat on the porch railing, and spread her thighs wide for him. Jonathon, almost in a daze, quickly dropped his trousers and underwear as he stepped between the spread V of her thighs. He felt her take hold of his manhood, and guide it to her warm, wet entrance, nudging the tip against her.

    "Now Jonathon, drive it in, give it to me."

    He did exactly as directed, and Gemina purred with pleasure as his penis surged in, his gasp sounded as he felt her tight womanhood wrapping around him, taking him in until he was buried to the hilt.

    "Mmmmm, feels so good, love me Jonathon, make me warm. Kiss me lover."

    Jonathon was in a wonderland, Evelyn was so warm, so wet and willing, and he saw her blue eyes blazing with sexual heat, their mouths quickly locked together, open mouth swirls of passion. Jonathon took her slowly at first, eager to draw out the mind bending pleasure.

    Gemina was whispering endearments to him that he had only ever dreamed about, "Faster Jonathon, faster, love me."

    Their matching purrs and soft moans of pleasure were blending as Jonathon was happy to do so, god, Evelyn was the kind of woman he had only imagined in his most sexually driven dreams. He increased the pace, his manhood was starting to take notice, he felt the build up, needing to be relieved.

    Gemina felt her breasts tighten up, the rubbing of her thick dress fabric against her swelling nipples made tingles shoot through them, oh yes, the signal of her approaching orgasm, it built quickly, and she felt the warmth as the blood rushed to her pelvic region, she felt the contractions of her anal muscles, then the spreading waves through her womb, her inner muscles starting to spasm, and she moaned, "Oh yes, oh my god, cum in me Jonathon, shoot your warm seed all over my tight womanhood, OH YES!"

    His mind locked on his impending explosion, he fleetingly thought that the word come was an odd word to use at that time, but his brain quickly shoved that thought out of the way. Evelyn's soft, womanly folds were eagerly milking at him, he felt the hot rise, and as her womanhood eagerly massaged him, his manhood let loose, and they did their best to stifle their cries of passion as he erupted, burning tingles of pleasure spreading though both their bodies, locked in the hot collusion of orgasm, their bodies shaking together in the mutual release of sexual completion.

    Mindful of the time, they quickly rearranged their clothing, and when Ma Becker looked out 5 minutes later, she saw them together on the porch swing. Ma Becker smiled, it didn't look like young Jonathon was getting too fresh with Evelyn. She had noticed Evelyn's almost other worldly beauty, and she knew how it could affect a teen boy, but she had known Jonathon's family since before he was born, and it looked like they had raised a fine young man.

    On the swing, Jonathon and Gemina were cuddled together, still drifting through the glorious afterglow of sexual passion. Gemina adored that floating feeling, it was amazing, how sexual pressure built up, and engaging in coitus brought it up to the boiling point. Reaching a height were she feared she might go insane, then the rush of hot blood straight at her groin, the spreading tingles through her sexual organs, and the mad rush of orgasm, the feel of Jonathon's sperm spilling into her, it was like a bomb going off, exploding the built up tensions, and the glorious floating feeling after.

    "Jonathon, that felt so good, I adore you."

    Jonathon felt his heart skip a beat, the phrase ''I adore you" oh god, that sounded so close to "I love you" that he was filled with the hope that she was in love with him.

    Gemina continued, "Tomorrow, call for me around 10 AM, I want to spend the day at our picnic spot, I have so many things I want to do with you.''

    The way her deep blue eyes seemed to glow at him, he knew exactly what kind of things she wanted to do, and he couldn't wait to discover more of Evelyn's passion.
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    Incredible story. Quite well-done.

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    This is the best sci-fi erotic story I've ever read. Groomleader, you are an incredible writer. The description of the characters and place and time is simply first-rate. You bring the characters to life; your dialogue and description is so realistic, and the pace of the story is just right. A very enjoyable story. I give it five stars.
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    Part 05

    Before she went to bed, Gemina went through the Sex positions book, and the Kama Sutra, her eidetic memory recording every position. She wanted to try everything she saw, with her sex drive awake and in full force, she realized what she'd been missing. As she had last night, her hands ran urgently, caressingly over her body, the feel of her hard, erect nipples, sending hot sizzles right at her vaginal region as she pulled and tugged gently on them, such pleasure. She slid her hands down slowly, teasing herself, her fingers making her skin tingle with each caress. She let out a moan of pleasure as her fingers found her wet heat.

    She remembered what they had done on the porch, Jonathon had taken her with a hard, driving force, making her body light up as her drove his rampant penis in and out. With that playing in her mind, she drew it out, moaning with impatient need as she caressed herself, her mind playing it back just like a high definition recording. Stroking her fingers through her neat muff, she was panting with need. She knew she was ready to explode, and she quickly rammed two fingers in, squelching loudly in the wet, seething heat, and her other fingers were swirling around her stiff clitoris. Oh damn, damn, she was going to explode, her mind locked in on Jonathon's explosion, the hot bloom of his passion, and she turned her face into the pillow, shrieking with the explosion, her vagina squeezing and releasing rapidly as bolts of sizzling pleasure surged through her, being pounded with long hard spasms of climax, until she finally felt the grip of orgasm release her.

    She turned on her side, feeling deliciously drained, dreamy with the afterglow. She was eager to introduce Jonathon to the delights of a galaxy of sexual positions, he was going to get an introduction to positions like no one else in the world of 1915 would be enjoying.


    A few miles away, with his mind running back their hot sexual union on the porch, Jonathon stiffened up, his hand flying up and down his rigid manhood, and he felt the delicious rush as he exploded, letting out grunts of pleasure as his penis eagerly unloaded, pumping thick hot spurts, until he sagged down, drained and relaxed. Evelyn Wellsten was amazing, she took him to heights he'd never dreamed of, the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen, and he was eager to pop the question, hoping with all his might that she would say Yes.

    In the morning, his mother packed another picnic lunch for him, she sensed that he was serious about this Evelyn, and she was eager to meet her in person at Sunday dinner. She sensed that her son might be waiting for her and his Dad to approve, so he could ask for her hand in marriage.

    Jonathon loaded up the Ford, and with a few turns of the crank, the engine fired up. He was on his way, eager to revisit the secret picnic spot with his beloved.


    At the breakfast table, Evelyn related how she was going to a picnic with Jonathon. She did not specify the location or the fact that they would be alone. The boarders smiled and nodded, they assumed that Evelyn and Jonathon would be picnicking on the town common, a popular spot for weekend picnics, and she was happy to let them think that.

    Right on the button at 10 AM, the Model T chugged to a stop in front of the boarding house. Jonathon jumped down, and quickly made his way to the front door. Evelyn was waiting for him, and she stepped out, giving him that radiant smile that made his heart race. He wanted to take her, pull her clothes off and take her right there on the front porch. He wisely fought down that impulse.

    "Good morning Jonathon, such a beautiful day for our picnic on the town common."

    Jonathon could see Ma Becker checking things out, and he wisely followed along, "Yes, indeed, the common is all lush and green. There will probably be quite a few people, but we will find a nice spot."

    He escorted her to his car, and helped her up. He went around, climbed in and started it in motion, the engine chugging along.

    They quickly left the town behind, and as before, Evelyn took his hand, slipping it between the folds of her dress, and he felt his lust climb, knowing that she was just as naked as before under her dress, as she placed it on the inside of her upper thigh.

    "Just the right place for your hand, lover."

    He stroked at her inner thigh, enjoying the soft sounds that Evelyn made as he stimulated her. Her sensuous coos made his cock grow fast, everything about Evelyn was like sex and lust personified.

    When they pulled up to their secret place, Jonathon was relieved to see that it was all theirs, if anyone had been there, he would have been crazy with need, and getting that terrible congestion around his manhood when he became obsessed with the need. It had been a terrible burden to bear, until he discovered the relief that his hand could provide. With Evelyn's soft, womanly folds so ready and willing though, his hand was definately taking second place.

    Jonathon helped Evelyn down, and she smiled at him, and purred, "Let's not waste time, shall we?"

    In just a few moments, Evelyn's nudity was laid bare to his eyes, he stared, so entranced that he didn't snap out of it until Evelyn's fingers had him half naked. He hastily pulled off the rest of his clothing, and picking up the blanket, he followed Evelyn, the smooth, sexy globes of her rump kept his interest piqued. There was a strand of trees just a short distance along the lakeshore, and she led him in, finding a spot on a lush meadow of grass, they were surrounded by wildflowers, and butterflies flitted from blossom to blossom. Evelyn turned to Jonathon with a smile, it was time to teach him a lot of new things, beginning with oral sex.

    "Jonathon, I want you to kneel for me."

    As he quickly complied, Evelyn cooed, ''Good, very good, I want to teach you the art of oral loving."

    Jonathon's heart was thumping as Evelyn stepped closer to him, then spreading her legs, she maneuvered herself over his upturned face.

    Jonathon was transfixed, her womanhood was mere inches from his face. He saw the fine down of blonde pubic hair, her crimson entrance so close, the scent of her womanhood was intoxicating, her lips were dewy wet.

    "First slide a finger up inside me, feel how wet I am for you."

    Jonathon quickly did so, the feel of the tight walls of her womanhood gripping at his finger. Umm, it felt like silky velvet, so hot, so juicy as his finger was surrounded by a hot rush.

    "Now, take out that finger, and lick it, taste my juices."

    Without hesitation, he did so, one lick and he sucked in the entire finger. His taste buds lie up, the spicy, slightly musky essence was like nothing he'd ever tasted before, he knew that he wanted more.

    "Now my sweet man, kiss me right there, lick me, lick my tight lips."

    Gemina felt a rush of pleasure as he kissed all over her crimson seam, then his tongue was tickling at her lips, bringing a new rush of juices. Ummm, it felt so good, ohhh yes, and she let out a pleasure filled moan as he drove his tongue in, eager to dive into the center of her sexual need.

    Jonathon was hooked, the taste of his beloved Evelyn was amazing. He had not needed to be told what to do next, he had driven his tongue in, eager to taste the inner heat of her wet velvety folds. His tongue wriggled around inside her, hungry for everything she had. His cock was granite hard, licking this beautiful creature had driven him up to maximum erection.

    Gemina ran it back from her eidetic memory, the mechanics of it, it felt so good right now, she was eager to feel the force full on, how it felt when the exact position was licked.

    She gently took his head, moving it to the spot, closer, better, OH DAMN, she growled with pleasure as she felt his tongue sweep over her clitoris, and she purred, "Yes, oh yes, right there lover, keep licking me, make me cum!"

    Jonathon heard her, and he obeyed as if it were a command, he loved this woman beyond measure, and he would do anything for her. His long, broad tongue swept again and again, he felt the prominent bump under his tongue, his beloved was letting out cries and moans of pleasure, then he felt her hands grabbing his head, holding him right there.

    "Fuck, fuck, oh fuck, make me cum lover, oh yes, yes, lick MEEEEEE!"

    With a shriek, Gemina went over, and Jonathon's face got a rush of Gemina's cum pouring out, it was making his cock ache. He'd never felt anything as sexually exciting as Evelyn's womanhood, throbbing and pulsing against his mouth, squirting all over his face.

    Gemina felt that glorious release, she let it take her, and she was just getting started. The need for another sexual climax propelled her onwards, and she knew that Jonathon's sexual need for her was a burning lust that she needed to take care of right now.

    "Jonathan, lie down lover."

    As he did so, he saw the exciting sight of Evelyn climbing atop her, facing away from his head. The symmetry of her naked back, sloping down to her beautiful rear was a wonderful sight indeed, such full, round, beautiful cheeks, her full, sexy hips spread apart as she prepared to mount him. He felt her hand holding his penis steady, a nudge, and oh god, she sank down, taking his rigid manhood deep between her womanly folds.

    Fully embedded, he let out a loud gasp as Evelyn purred, "Ummm, feels so good."

    Gemina started to ride him, ummm, that felt so good, doing the reverse cowgirl style had a twist, it was making his penis stroke against her in a different position, she felt his penis stroking over the pronounced ridges in the upper wall of her vagina again and again as she rode him. Her breasts were tingling, nipples stiffly erect and throbbing, cupping her breasts, she took her achy nipples, stroking them and tweaking gently, sending pulses shooting right at her pubic region. She let out a loud moan, her body was building back up, the rational part of her brain was amazed at how fast she could climb back up to completion. She tossed her head back, eyes closed, mouth open in bliss, she could feel her body reaching for another orgasm.

    "Ummm, so good, give me what you have Jonathon, I want you to cum with me."

    Jonathon heard the word come again, and he grunted as he felt Evelyn's hand come down, cupping his balls and giving gentle squeezes. He was on the brink, ready to explode.

    Gemina felt her breasts, achy and swollen, nipples stiffly erect, the rush of blood to her pelvis, the burning tingles deep down, spreading upwards, and the rippling spasms, oh fuck, she was climaxing again, and she howled out, "Yes lover, fill me, give me your love, now, fill MEEEE!"

    The tight grip around his manhood started to eagerly ripple and milk at his shaft, and with a wild groan of pure pleasure, Jonathon arced up to her as she drove herself down, his manhood erupting, pumping and squirting as he lost his load to his beloved's womanhood, their shared cries of pleasure blending in the late morning.

    Gemina smiled as she felt her orgasm start to ebb, knowing how fast she would feel the need growing back, her lover was going to get quite the workout today.
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    Great story Groom… keep it Up and Keep 'em cuming… Thanks for the
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    A five-star story.
    Imagination is the most powerful force in the universe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bridgit Astar View Post
    This is the best sci-fi erotic story I've ever read. Groomleader, you are an incredible writer. The description of the characters and place and time is simply first-rate. You bring the characters to life; your dialogue and description is so realistic, and the pace of the story is just right. A very enjoyable story. I give it five stars.
    A plus
    Imagination is the most powerful force in the universe.

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    Part 06

    Gemina squealed as she felt the nip of the cool water on her legs. She waded gingerly in, following her lover. Jonathon had been enthusiastic about taking a swim after their first sex session of the day. She hadn't realized how cool lake water could be, when the sun had not been able to warm it up. When the water was just below her pubic region, she had copied Jonathon's idea of getting used to it in one big rush, and as they dove forward, plunging fully into the water, the cooler water surrounded her. It was a shocking feeling, but it was also invigorating. The cooler water stroked at her body, it was becoming decidedly stimulating.

    Gemina had never been in cold water before, in the climate controlled cities of her time, all water temperatures were regulated. Bath and shower water always in the optimum range for cleaning, swimming pool water, chlorinated and at the right temperature for comfort, drinking water always chilled to just a few degrees above freezing. The lake water the other day had been well warmed by the solar radiation that had been on it, but it was not warm this early, the sun had just started to touch the lakeshore. In her era, outside the cities, for the few that were brave enough to venture out into the wilds, they'd come back with stories of big lakes and rivers that had no temperature controls of any kind. Some even boasted of having gone swimming in such wild water, and how it felt. Gemina had been in no mood to try such foolishness as venturing outside the cities.

    As she swam around, getting used to the brisk feeling, Gemina was finding more and more things to reassess her ideas about. This era had so many surprises.

    Jonathon watched his beloved Evelyn swimming around, god, the sight of her nudity gliding just below the surface, then rising up to the top, she broke the surface with a yell of pure joy and excitement. His heart was so full of love for her.

    Gemina swam over to him, and her face was just inches from his, she gently took his head, bringing his lips to hers, and they were kissing passionately, wildly, Jonathon could not get enough of her. On the flip side, with her natural lusts and sexual drives restored, Gemina was feeling the exact same thing.

    Breaking the kiss, Gemina purred, "Let's go and lay in the sun, feel it all over us, than I have more I want to share with you."

    He happily followed her, the sight of Evelyn's naked backside, lake water sliding down over her curves, was a wondrous sight indeed.

    With the sun starting to beam down on them, Gemina felt Jonathon take her hand as they lay side by side. When Gemina felt his fingers slip between hers and curl around her hand in the customary holding hands gesture, it seemed natural for her to do the same, liking this new form of physical contact. Another thing that was new to her, 300 years in the future, there was no such thing as dating, holding hands, kissing, sexual relations, everything was regulated, and any kind of intimate physical contact was forbidden. The drug induced suppression of sexual desires that they were administered took care of such messy emotions and desires.

    Gemina opened her eyes a bit, and saw her lover's penis, rising back up. The sight of him so ready, so quickly, got her all revved up, it was time for another new position.

    She cooed, "Jonathon, I want you again lover." She took to her hands and knees, and urged him on, "Kneel behind me lover, let my hand guide you in, then take your pleasure."

    Jonathon quickly scrambled into position, and she felt her soft hand taking his manhood, and guiding him towards her waiting womanhood. When he felt his manhood nudge against her warm, wet silken pouch, he drove forward, letting out a loud growl of pleasure. He heard his lover's answering sound of pleasure, as he drove into her, not stopping until he was buried to the hilt.

    Gemina cooed, "Oh yes, lover man, give me your love, let me have it!"

    Jonathon was happy to do so, he gently grasped her hips and he entered into the rhythm, starting out slowly. He had learned that his beloved Evelyn liked to start out slowly, so she could get warmed up, and more than anything, he wanted her pleasure to be at least, if not greater than his own.

    Gemina was fully immersed in her sexual needs, the penetration at such a different angle was amazing, and having him holding her hips as he buried himself, added an extra spice to it. It was like he was holding her in position so she would have to submit so he could take his pleasure, as if she would have denied him. Her lust was roaring like a crazed beast.

    Her voice was a shriek, as she cried out "FUCK ME, OH FUCK ME JONNTHON, MAKE ME CUM!"

    Jonathon heard her, the word that he'd never heard before, fuck, sounding extra hot, and the urging to make her come. She was bucking back against his thrusts, the length of her womanhood eagerly stroking at his manhood, he could feel his need to crest building, and he felt Evelyn's hand reach back and start stroking at him as he drove in and out.

    Gemina felt her orgasm racing at her, and she screamed out wordlessly as she came in a mad rush, her body shaking crazily, dimly she heard Jonathon grunting and growling, then the hot, wet rush as he exploded, his load being eagerly sucked out by her wildly quivering vagina, not stopping until she had milked him fully.

    Jonathon felt the glorious feeling as he released, flooding Evelyn's soft inner recesses with his sperm, her scream of pleasure made him feel amazing, he had again brought her to completion. His desires has shifted away from needing to get himself to release, to bringing her to the glorious heights. That had become his most important need, to bring her to completion before he would allow himself release.

    As the last spasm shook her body, Gemina lowered herself down and onto her side, feeling Jonathon's body sliding in behind her in a spooning position. She liked that feeling, her lover's body touching hers all over, even when they were not engaged in coitus. They lay together in silence for several minutes, eager to not break the contact, or disturb their peace and quiet with unnecessary talking.

    As the afternoon wore on, Gemina did a lot more than talking, as shrieks, grunts, growls and cries of orgasm filled the air. With her natural sexual drives restored, she was insatiable. The afternoon was a sexual smorgasbord, fuck, swim, eat their picnic, a short nap, then they ate each other, Gemina standing over Jonathon while he licked her to a noisy, squirting orgasm, then Gemina took to her knees to suck on the hard cock she had created, swallowing his load with great relish, then another swim, another hot fuck, it was like a non stop orgy for two. With each hot fuck, he was learning positions that Gemina eidetic memory had recorded, they had interesting names like Tamer, Ice Cream, Reflection, Harp.

    Jonathon was amazed, and very horny, being a young, strong, healthy male, he had a cock that did not require too much rest between rounds, and he learned positions that he'd never dreamed off. His beloved Evelyn was as insatiable as he was, and the names of the positions, and the way their bodies made it work was like nothing he'd ever imagined. Again he wondered how she knew such positions, but he did not dwell on it too long. His manhood, mouth and fingers were a lot more focused on giving his beloved Evelyn as much pleasure as he could, and judging by the way the afternoon went, he felt with each orgasmic cry from Evelyn, he was pleasuring his beloved every time they came together, and that had become his most cherished goal.

    Finally, they had brought themselves to exhaustion, what Gemina had read was referred to as being "fucked out." Jonathon's manhood totally limp, at rest after being drained so fully, he'd never been so thoroughly sexually satisfied. Looking at the nude form of his beloved Evelyn, he knew that even though he was totally wrung out, her lovely charms and beautiful body would bring him back the next time they got together.

    The got dressed, fired up the Ford, and motored back into town. Back at the boardinghouse, they made pleasant conversation with Ma Becker, remarking on how nice the town common was, and how much they had enjoyed the day. Jonathon reluctantly took his leave as Ma Becker served up the evening meal, a hearty beef stew with fresh green beans and buttermilk biscuits. Gemina was famished, all the hot sex with Jonathon had really ramped up her appetite, and she dug into her meal with gusto, with Ma Becker urging her on, she took two helpings of the stew. The taste of beef stew, fresh vegetables, and buttermilk biscuits was amazing.

    Ma Becker smiled, and remarked, "It's so nice to see such a lovely young lady enjoying her food."

    After dinner, she sat in the parlor with some of the other boarders for a while, talking about the day. When she made her way to her room, she decided it was time to travel back to 2215, file her latest report, and pick up a book she was sure that would come in handy. Making sure that her door was secured, she activated her portable quantum generator. She stepped into the field, felt the swirling, and opened her eyes to see the departure bay. She was wearing exactly what she had on that fit the 1915 era, she smiled inwardly as she saw the interested looks from the technicians, as they had never seen clothes like that. She took her personal generator and connected it to the charging sockets. She made her way to her quarters, and dictated her report to her android servant. Her eidetic memory easily recited every detail, society's values, the amazing taste of foods and beverages that had long since vanished from the world of 2215, the religious and sexual mores of the era. She decided that she'd better tell it all, since they would want to know. She told exactly how sexually driven she'd become, how she was engaging in frequent and very physical coitus with a 17 year old young man. She kept it dry and impersonal, since the ones who would read it would be repelled if she went into too much detail. Her android servant linked into the computer network, and her report was in the data banks in very short order.

    With that task done, she went into her personal library. The space was huge, filled with the old fashioned books, each book had been dipped in a preservative, to keep them impregnable from the effects of aging. She found the book she was looking for, and tucked it under her arm. Returning to the departure bay, she unplugged her generator, checking the power levels, satisfied that it was carrying a full charge. She gave the techs the exact spatial coordinates, so she could use the faster departure bay generator to go back.

    Once back in her room, she opened the book and began reading. It was a book on social customs in the era from 1900 to 1920, and she scanned the index. Ahh, there it was, social customs for dinner parties, and she scanned and committed to her mind everything about what was expected at the dinner table. Being invited to partake of the Sunday meal was a very high compliment, and she wanted to make a good impression on Jonathon's parents. She did not want to commit any kind of etiquette error that would be considered improper, the societal norms of this era were quite rigid. She had the feeling that Jonathon was waiting to get an okay from his parents, and then he would propose. If he did, Gemina had decided that she would say yes. She felt the thrill of pleasure as she visualized their wedding night, Jonathon plunging into her over and over, driving them both to the glorious explosion of pleasure. Making hot love all night, until they were wrung out, her nude body lying atop her husband in their marriage bed, drifting on that soft peaceful feeling right after sexual completion.

    She lay back, spreading her thighs, even though Jonathon had ravaged her all afternoon, she still felt the need of her sexual drives as she slipped her hands down. She let her fingers stroke and probe, she imagined Jonathon standing between the spread, his cock swollen, the pleasant jarring thrust as he buried his penis, and the wonderful rhythm of intercourse, imagining the hot, wet gushing of his penis filling her at completion, and her body was shaking, writhing on the bed as she stifled the cries she would normally make, her body consumed by orgasm.

    She turned onto her side, feeling deliciously drained, reveling in the afterglow. She looked forward to tomorrow, eager to make a good impression.
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    Great story! The writing and details are exquisite. It's a great read. Nice job, can't wait for more!

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    Part 07

    Drifting in the afterglow after her fingers had brought forth the amazing rush of sexual orgasm, Gemina smiled. She let her mind drift, wondering about the family dinner she was soon to partake of. The rules of etiquette had easily been committed to her eidetic memory, she would have no trouble remembering all these rules, however stuffy and formal they were to her 23rd century upbringing.

    Where food is served at the table, the dishes should be passed in a counter-clockwise flow.
    Never reach across the table for anything.
    Ask that condiments be passed from the person closest to the item.
    Salt and pepper should be passed together.
    Always use serving utensils and not your own to lift food from the serving dish.
    Never talk when you have food in your mouth.
    Taste your food before you add salt, pepper, or other seasoning. Doing otherwise may be insulting to the host or hostess.
    Don’t cut all your food before you begin eating. Cut one or two bites at a time.
    Never blow on your food. If it is hot, wait a few minutes for it to cool off. Scoop your soup away from you.
    Some foods are meant to be eaten with your fingers. Follow the lead of the host or hostess.
    If you are drinking from a stemmed glass, hold it by the stem.
    Break your bread into bite-sized pieces and butter only one bite at a time.
    Try at least one or two bites of everything on your plate, unless you are allergic to it.
    Compliment the hostess if you like the food, but don’t voice your opinion if you don’t.
    Use your utensils for eating, not gesturing.
    Keep your elbows off the table. Rest the hand you are not using in your lap.
    Eat slowly and pace yourself to finish at the same approximate time as the host or hostess.
    Avoid burping or making other rude sounds at the table.
    When you finish eating, leave your utensils on your plate or in your bowl, fold your napkin and place it to the left of your plate.

    So long as she did as she had just learned, she had a feeling she'd sail by the dinner inspection. She knew she was going to be under the microscope, so to speak. Jonathon had said he would be by in the early afternoon to pick her up and take her to the family home.

    She pulled the covers back up, she could feel her sexual desires ramping up again. Having had her natural sexual drives restored, it was like they were making up for all the time they had been suppressed. As if she had been doing it all her life, her fingers again stroked and caressed her nudity, making her skin tingle wherever they touched. Her hands slid downwards until she found her opening, still creamy wet and hot from her last orgasm. She went to it, pumping two fingers in and out of her creamy wet vagina, and using two fingers of her other hand to gently polish her straining clitoris. She imagined Jonathon was in her bed, straddling her, his hand pumping up and down his throbbing penis as he watched her self pleasuring. The idea of him watching her as she masturbated so wantonly, ummm, orgasm was so close, then moving his hands away so she could stroke him to completion. The idea of his penis surging in her hands, twitching and pulsing, seeing her semen spurt out of his penis in long thick ropes, ohhhh yes, the imagined feel of his semen splattering her body, Gemina felt the rush of blood flooding her genital region, her buttocks tightening up involuntarily, her body started to shake and shudder, and she fought the urge to scream in pleasure as her body exploded in climax. Drifting so pleasantly in the afterglow, she felt sleep coming up quickly. The best sleep aid ever invented was her last thought before sleep took her.

    Jonathon came by at 1 PM, and she was dressed in her most formal, 1915 fashion. Thanks to her body shaping via genomic molding, she was able to avoid the hideous torture of a corset. The long floor length dress covered her like a blanket, right up to the middle of her neck. She was wearing a grand hat with an ostrich feather, when she looked in the mirror, she was taken aback by how showy and ostentatious it was, even though it was considered the height of fashion.

    When she met Jonathon in the boarding house foyer, Gemina saw his eyes moving all over her, she could see his eyes approved. Jonathon was also looking grand, dressed in his most formal suit, he was very handsome.

    She was determined to make a good impression on his family, however much she had to step outside her 2215 norms. After all, they were going to be her in-laws.

    On the way to the house, Gemina leaned in and cooed, "Jonathon, can we find a private spot to park for a little while?"

    She took his hand and slid it between the buttons of her long skirt, so he could feel her bare thigh. Jonathon trembled, he had come to think of it as her "make love to me" symbol, and the lust on her face left no room for doubt. He found a rough track that led up into thick forest, and he took it. The forest surrounded them, and looking back, Jonathon could tell that anyone passing by would not see them. He stopped the car, and helped his Evelyn dismount.

    Gemina was once again randy as all hell. Having no patience to have to strip down, just to have to get all dressed up again, she merely hiked up the back of her skirt. Bending forward at a 90 degree angle, she splayed her legs apart as she grasped the Ford's door and rested the back of her skirt in the small of her back.

    "I'm so eager for you lover, take me like this!"

    Jonathon was more than ready, seeing his Evelyn in the grip of passion, just moving enough clothes aside to give him access was wildly exciting. He stepped up behind her, his trousers dropped, and he felt her hand come around, guiding his rigid manhood. When he felt the warmth of her womanhood against him, he drove forward, both of them letting out purrs and grunts of pleasure as Jonathon was quickly buried as deep as he could go.

    Gemina cooed, "Ummm, where you should always be, give it to me lover, give me your warm love."

    Jonathon pulled back a bit, and entered into the slower rhythm that he had adopted. Always eager to give his beloved Evelyn the glorious rush of sexual completion, he held tight to his late teen urges to sexually ravish her, instead giving her a loving, fulfilling experience. Ummm, it felt just as good to him, he could last longer and savor the feeling of his manhood deep with Evelyn's womanly folds, the loving grip of her womanhood around him, eager for his seed.

    Gemina was getting just what she needed, Jonathon had become such a gentleman, taking her and holding his orgasm back until she had climaxed before he spilled his sperm into her. She had her hand down, ticking at her stiff clit, ummm, oh that felt so great, she knew orgasm was coming up fast. She felt the blood rush, she was seconds away. Her hand moved down, caressing Jonathon's balls.

    "Fuck, oh fuck, so good, cum lover, cum deep inside me, yes, fuck, FUCK!"

    Gemina screamed as she felt the rush of orgasm, and Jonathon was seconds behind her, she heard his loud grunts, then the feel of his hot rush of semen spraying all over her vaginal walls, quivering and pulsing, milking at him.

    He stayed inside her until his penis finally lost the erection, then they set about to "repairing the damage" as it were. Gemina knew that since she was not wearing any kind of underwear, the dripping of his semen would be most unwelcome. Imagine his sperm dripping down her thighs as she was introduced to his family, even though they wouldn't see it, she'd feel it. She had devised a plan for that, and she slipped an absorbent plug into her. It was very much like the old time tampons that women had needed before cloning, and it would ensure that their would be no semen sliding down her legs while being introduced to his family. She had instructed her android servant what she wanted, supplying all the desired measurements and what she wanted it constructed of. Her servant had quickly made a dozen of them, and she had picked up the supply on her last trip back to 2215. Once it was inserted, she could feel it starting to swell already, Jonathon had really unloaded a large rush of sperm into her. She moved around a bit and felt it molding to the contours of her vagina, moving with her, perfect. Her android servant had really produced the best appliance for her quickly growing lust driven desires.

    Gemina leaned against Jonathon, and purred, "Such a nice place, we must come back here again, very soon."

    Jonathon helped her back up into the Ford, and he knew that he'd be wanting her again very soon. He planned to take this same detour again when he took her home, he knew his beloved Evelyn would welcome another hot joining of sexual completion.

    They carefully made their way down the rough track, turning on to the main road and chugging along. It took only a few more minutes before he pulled up in front of a large house. He jumped out and helped his beloved Evelyn down.

    He smiled at her and said, "Come and meet my family."

    Entering the foyer, she saw them all gathered to welcome her. She was introduced to his Father, Mother, and his Sister. They all had varied reactions.

    His Father was amazed, Evelyn was such a beauty, and he felt a sinful twitch, the imagined delight of bedding such a young, beautiful lady. He'd have something to pray to God for forgiveness about tonight.

    Jonathon's Mother was looking at her appraisingly, sizing up her suitability as a potential daughter in law. She noted the full bosom, her lower body was sturdy, hips were wide and full. She had all the traits of a good child bearer. His Mother also saw something deeper in her, something that she'd never seen before. She couldn't put her finger on it, but there was something that was different, something that seemed to come from another place.

    His 19 year old sister Emily, was very taken with Evelyn. She liked the way she looked, the way she seemed to be so wise but not jaded, and she hoped that Jonathon would propose, she had a feeling that she would have a very good friend as her sister in law.

    The went to the living room, and settling herself on the sofa with Jonathon, Gemina answered the various questions that came her way. She saw his parents digesting the answers, assessing her, as they went along. When their maid announced that Dinner was ready, Jonathon led her to the table, and quickly held her seat out for her. With the meal about to commence, Gemina brought the etiquette rules to the front of her thoughts.

    First course was a split pea soup, and Gemina locked in on the rules. Wine was poured, and when Gemina took a sip, she realized that it was a fermented beverage, and she made a note to sip it slowly.

    Following that was a traditional Sunday roast beef, with spring potatoes and green beans, a home made hot bread like bun was served alongside, they were called Parker House rolls, they were quite buttery, soft, and slightly sweet with a crispy shell, and they were delicious.

    Evelyn was immersed in a world of sensuous delights, the tastes of foods that she'd never had was amazing, and she ate with a hearty zeal, doing her best to not bolt her food.

    As the meal progressed, his Mother was getting a good feeling about Evelyn. She ate with a hearty appetite, another sign of a mother to be that would keep herself well fed and strong for the babies she would bear. She was obviously well bred, she had not made even one minor breach of etiquette. She was not some silly, flighty girl, she had that quality that she couldn't quite put her finger on, being somehow above and beyond the majority of young women.

    His Father was also impressed, so many young people could be ill mannered, it was like modern society had lost its bearings. So many young whippersnappers around these days, he'd just about lost hope for the younger generation, and along comes Evelyn, so gracious, so polite, so well informed and full of the manners of polite society.

    After dinner, they spent some time in the living room, Emily was an accomplished pianist, she was very good, and Gemina could see the looks passing between his parents.

    Just before 8 o'clock, Jonathon thought he should take her back to the boarding house, and when the family gathered at the front door to see her off, she could see warm, welcoming smiles, and she could tell that Jonathon would get the okay to propose to her.

    Winding down the road in the gathering dusk, Evelyn discreetly removed her tampon, and she was ready for him again. A part of her mind recalled reading about mating rituals of the 1950's. Mating couples would drive to an outdoor area called a Drive In, where a large video screen had been erected. A crude method called projection would beam a motion picture onto the screen, and mating couples would engage in as much sexual fun as was allowed, until the female would tell the male they had gone far enough. She imagined the sexual mating that had gone on in the back seat. Especially for the ones who had thrown caution to the wind, and had lost their virginity in the back seat at what was called a weekend triple feature. The Ford automobile she was in had what looked like a comfortable back seat, she smiled, time to put that to use.

    Jonathon heard clothing rustling beside him, turning his head, he was amazed to see his beloved Evelyn, naked to the world, letting out a sigh of relief. Taking his hand and placing it against her sex, she purred, "You know where to stop lover."

    His cock surged up, and he was quickly rock hard and full of lust driven need. Jonathon again took the rough track back into the woods. The were quickly in the back seat, Jonathon struggled out of his suit, and he saw his beloved Evelyn in the moonlight, welcoming him with her dazzling smile, open arms and thighs.

    Gemina squealed with pleasure as Jonathon quickly found her mark, driving in with a strong push until he was deep inside her.

    "Ohhhh yes, lover, where you belong, love me Jonathon.''

    He eagerly did so, his manhood being caressed all over by Evelyn's silky womanhood. Ummm, he never grew tired of being deep inside the one he loved, her womanly folds were an amazing experience, so eager for him. They could move and squirm against him, making his manhood harder than ever, and this was no exception. He set the slower pace, mindful of his wanting to make her reach sexual completion first.

    Gemina was in that wonderful rush of sensations, Jonathon was so thoughtful, making sensuous love to her instead of frantic animal humping. She felt her body respond quickly, her breasts were full, nipples hard as rock, the rush of blood to the groin, her buttocks tightening up, her orgasm's hallmark filling her, oh yes, so good, so good.

    "Oh yes lover, make me warm lover, give me your love, yes, yes, YESSS!"

    Gemina let out a loud cry as she tumbled into orgasm, the rush as she reached the heights then the virtual explosion of sensations as she reached sexual climax, she felt her vaginal walls grip and pulse around Jonathon's penis, eager for his completion.

    Jonathon heard her cry of completion, the tightening up as her womanly folds milked at his manhood, and he let go, letting out loud grunts as she once again took him with her, exploding and squirting wildly inside her warm, welcoming womanhood.
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    Thanks For The Great Updates "Groom"... I'm Looking Forward To Seeing This thru, And How The Mating of 2 time periods and different worlds Work out...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Part 08

    When Jonathon took her back to the boardinghouse, he was allowed to walk her to the door of her room, so long as he didn't try anything fresh. Aware that Ma Becker would be timing how quick he was to get back downstairs, he gave his Evelyn a hurried peck on the lips.

    Just that hurried pack made Gemina's lips tingle, and as Jonathon hurried away, she slipped inside her room. She stripped naked, and waited until the boardinghouse grew silent with everyone in bed, asleep. Taking a small case, she activated her personal quantum generator, and was quickly back in 2215.

    Back in her personal quarters, she activated her computer, and went online, needing to do research. She had no doubt that Jonathon would propose to her, and she needed to know some things.

    It took a while before she found what she was looking for. It was probably nothing that had really needed to be discussed, in more than a theoretical sense. Under the heading of Sexual Suppression, it was theorized that someone who was restored to sexually active could possibly be able to produce offspring. As it had never been tried, it was all theoretical. Gemina would be the one to find out how theoretical it was.

    She went through historical records about pregnancy, seeing what she could expect to endure. Morning sickness, wild mood swings, cravings for wild combinations of foods, increased sexual drives and desires. Gemina smiled, as if she wasn't lust driven enough.

    If theoretical turned into actual, she realized she could be pregnant right now. She knew in that era, a pregnancy before wedlock would be scandalous.

    Wanting to keep her research secure, she said, "Place all files in voice activated only, this is Gemina 08, copy and save voice pattern. Standby for secondary vocal code."

    The computer voice answered back, "Voice pattern saved, proceed with vocal code."

    "Vocal code is Alpha 275 Foxtrot."

    "Voice pattern and vocal code saved."

    Gemina thought, well there's an easy way to fix what would be a problem if she was already pregnant. She instructed her computer to create what had been called the 'morning after' pill. The chemical formula was almost childishly simple to combine, and her android servant was sent off to the laboratory, to take control of the creation and delivery, so that no one would see it.

    It took less that 30 minutes, and her servant was back with the pill, it was a stronger recreation of the RU 486 pill for emergency contraception. Unlike the first generation of emergency contraception, it world create a spontaneous abortion up to one month after conception, and prevent pregnancy for another month afterwards. Back in the olden days, after the agro-bacterial war of 2130 had reduced Earth's population to 2 billion, and had created the mutant variety that would destroy the avian population in 2150, the warring parties finally agreed to end the hostilities, and come together to save what was left of the planet. The countries that were formally enemies were able to form a new world government, and had started to share technologies that had been closely guarded secrets in well hidden research facilities. In the last quarter of the 22nd century, when cloning was perfected, the new world government decreed that reproduction by sexual contact was no longer allowed. The world population was stable at 2 billion people, and the government was just starting out to administer the newly developed formula for sexual suppression. All sexually active couples in that era had been issued the updated version of the RU 486 formula, and females were instructed to take it once every month, until they could report to the genomic labs, and have their sexual drives suppressed. She quickly swallowed it down, and felt a wave of relief wash over her. If she needed it again in a month, she would have it ready. She had a feeling that she might not, once Jonathon proposed to her, she had a feeling that it would be a very short engagement. That was fine with her, she had an image in her mind of them on their wedding night after making love, her nude body sprawled over his in the post orgasm glow of pleasure.

    After verifying that all records of her computer usage were locked up behind her passwords, Gemina signed off. Her personal quantum generator she carried with her in her case. Returning to the departure bay, she had the quantum generators of the bay return her.

    Opening her eyes after transport, she looked around, surprised. She was not in her room, the bay generators must have had a slight malfunction, probably a misalignment of the dimensional focusing matrix. She was actually in a bed, where was she? An oil lamp in the room was on a dim glow, she felt a body next to her, heard a sound of someone awakening, and turned her head, looking into the eyes of Professor William Nickerson, one of the residents of the boarding house. His eyes widened in surprise, but his cock quickly rose up, seeing the gorgeous Evelyn totally naked, in his bed.

    Startled as she was by being misplaced, Gemina still felt the rush of her lust, he was naked, and she felt his cock press against her belly as he turned towards her, making her amped up sexual drives purr. She heard him gasp as he saw all her nudity layed out for him.

    Taking control of the situation, she turned her hypnotic gaze on him purring, "Lay back Professor, and enjoy this dream."

    Looking into her eyes, he felt the grip of her eyes, for her, he would do anything. He lay back, his manhood pointing up, and Gemina wiggled above him, grasping his penis and rubbing it against her, she felt her juices rimming her lips, and she let them coat his cock head. This was interesting, he would be only the second man to enjoy her sexual charms.

    Gemina pumped her hips down, and impaling herself, she drove down in one single thrust, swallowing his penis in one hard downward motion. The Professor could feel throbs of heat, Evelyn's womanhood hot, wet and eager as she took him in, Gemina heard his loud grunt as she took him in, matching her loud moan of pleasure as she was once again filled. The professor had been pent up, in less than two minutes, he grunted and growled as he exploded, Gemina could feel his penis pumping rapidly, the hot bloom of his cum filling her. Gemina was not going to end it like that, she was here, she was still perched on his cock, naked and very randy, her orgasm, impatient to be brought to fruition, and she started to squirm above him, undulating her hips from side to side, she started to squeeze and relax on his penis, eager to revive his cock, so she could ride him to reach her sexual completion.

    The professor was amazed, he felt the surging return of his manhood, Evelyn's womanhood was massaging his manhood, bringing him back up to a hard, ready need.

    She felt him fully extended, oh yes, and she started to ride his revived erection. Ummm, much better, she wanted the professor to get a long, enjoyable ride, she felt her vagina getting wetter, hotter, then the tingles as the blood rushed to her groin, the tightening up of her buttocks, and she want over, doing her best to stifle the loud cries she wanted to make, as she tumbled into her orgasm. Oh yes, it just made her hotter, the professor was still building up. She could feel the first load pouring out as she rode him and she took advantage, riding his 7 inches to orgasm after orgasm, until the professor grunted and growled, and thrust up hard, squirting another volley of his sperm deep inside her.

    She draped herself over his body, and looked around. Her case was just down at the side of the bed. She took his head in her hands, and again gave her hypnotic gaze full force, locking his eyes on his. She had learned how to manipulate the minds of earlier humans, it was actually quite easy. It was called hypnosis back in those days.

    In a low, steady voice, she droned, "Professor, you will listen to me, and hear what I am saying. You will absorb what I say, and take it into your mind as absolute truth."

    Professor Nickerson, totally caught up in that bewitching gaze, nodded, and she continued, "You have just had a most wonderful dream, about making sweet love with Evelyn Wellsten. It was just a dream, a wonderful dream. When you awaken, it will know it did not happen in real life. Do you understand?"

    At his nod, she purred, "Now, go to sleep Professor, and have a long, restful good night's slumber."

    He was out in 10 seconds, and Gemina grabbed a towel, and mopped up the wet spot that they had created. She needed to return to 2215, and inform them out the misalignment of the quantum generators. She took her case, activated her personal quantum field, and was quickly back in 2215. She found out that her initial assessment of what was wrong was indeed correct, the mirrors of the focusing matrix was carefully realigned, and she decided that she'd better test it.

    When she opened her eyes after transport, she was relieved to see the familiar view of her room. She went to bed, and again, she had to engage in late night self loving, her sexual drives were like a blazing fire, and she joyfully masturbated, bringing herself to 3 blissful completions, before she finally felt the fires of her lust damp down.

    As she snuggled down, she thought about her lover, probably soon to be husband. Jonathon would never had to worry about her hunger for sex lacking. What they used to call frigid, that would never be her.
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