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Thread: The Catch

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    The Catch

    The Catch pt 1, Ca Dan ba ( vietnamese for fish woman)
    I was fishing on afternoon just before dark when I landed a bite, I faught and faught but finally I was successful . It had to be a large fish by the fight it put up as I reeled it in I could see it was as long as my arm and blue? When I pulled the fish from the water I couldn’t tell what kind it was nothing really gave it away it almost looked like a coy. I pulled up and out of the water and on shore put it in a cooler with water. I was going to take it in to fish and game tommorow and to see if they knew what it was or not. I continued fishing some more, when the cooler began to shack several times and then began cracking after all it was only one of those foam coolers. Then it broke open and I thought I could see the fish inside start to change, was I just dreaming and actually in bed sleeping. It was the fish was growing and changing before it looked as though it were turning into… into a woman. I couldn’t believe it and kept rubbing my eyes and looking sure enough the fish had turned into a woman. A very voluptuous woman with slightly tan skin, long dark hair with a streak of blue, and of all things Asian. I couldn’t believe it and kept looking around to see if I was being pranked, on punked, canded camera, or something like that. I also couldn’t believe laying before me was a thick Asian with T and A that seemed on its own a rarity along with just being a fish. When I came to my senses I ran over with a jacket I had and covered her up and helped her up. “ Are you ok? “ I asked her she looked up with dark eyes and just looked at me and placed her hand on my cheek “ my fisherman.” Is all she said to me.
    I quickly cleaned up my gear and toke her hand and walked to my vehicle opened the door for her and got her seated put her seat belt on for her. Which had me getting real close to her, I could smell the water on her, she reached out with her head and smelled me. As she did I heard a sigh and mmmmmm…come from her I quickly got to my side’s of the vehicle and started it up and sped off for home. Once in the door she shed the jacket and wandered around with curious eyes at anything and everything. Damn she was hot I couldn't help but look at every curve she had I could feel my temperature rise more ways than one. She strapped and sniffed the air around her and let her nose follow her she was coming closer her eyes closed as she looked almost like a fish swimming in a stream. She came r8ght to me so close her nose touched mine as she did she opened her eyes “ my fisherman..” she said again this time with bedroom eyes and a come here and fuck me look about her. She stood about 5'4” and standing on her tip toes we touched noses with each other , I wondered what she meant by saying my fisherman to me. I reached out wrapped my arms around her waist and locked lips with her as we did I walked her backwards and propped her up on the kitchen table spread her legs and went down on her. I began tonguing her bald pussy as I worked my way up to the tip of the clitoris she began bucking her hips and grabbed the back of my head with both hands keeping me there as I worked my tongue vigorously. I heard her moan after a few moments she bucked hard let loose a squeal and to my amazement she squirted. As I rose she was covered in sweat which made her lightly tanned skin glisten almost magical there was a strong smell of a lake. I began to hurriedly throw my cloths off my dick was rock hard now she grabbed me and pulled me in closer I lifted her legs and spread them apart with her knees almost touching her ears. I thrust forward my rigid member sinking into her deep I felt her do it wrap tight around my shaft. I moved my hands to the back of her thighs pushing her legs up and wide. I automatically began pounding her hard. I could hear her moan as she grabbed on to my arms holding me there. I kept fucking as hard as I could I pulled out and again she squirted all over the front of me I dove back in again and kept pumping My dick grew stiff I was gonna cum soon, I didn’t want to blow yet so I pulled out. She seemed to know I was going to cum and began to pout I went down on her again as she moaned in delight. I worked my tongue till she cam again squirting all over I rose and plunged my dick deep. As I kept pumping her for all I was worth she rolled her hips up so I was deep now, she knew I was going to cum soon She was moaning load now “ I’m gonna cum…” I tried pulling out but she locked her legs around me “ cum…cum…in me… “ she yelled out. I thrust as deep as I could I felt loads of cum shoot into her as she ground her hips as I came deep in her. “ Yes…yes…. Fertilize my eggs…” she whispered to me almost in inaudible. Once I cam to my senses I had to think what she whispered in my ear. Did she say…. Fertilize my eggs…??? I pulled out my dick still half hard. I asked her if she was hungry and she shook her head yes “ you not one for words are you?” I asked her but she tilted her head as 8f she didn’t understand. I got dressed tried looking for something she could wear but everything I had was to big. So I told her to stay here and went out for some food stuff, what to get… hmmm can’t go wrong with steaks, potatoes, and some salad.

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    Utilize commas, periods, indention, spacing, capital letters, quotation marks, etc.
    Imagination is the most powerful force in the universe.

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    For some reason when I pasted it from word it didn't do indentations...
    There are question marks in there to...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broudsidedick99 View Post
    For some reason when I pasted it from word it didn't do indentations...
    There are question marks in there to...
    Don't use Word, just enter it into a Documents file, copy and paste it in, and everything will have the punctuation is needs.

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    Right on, thank you.
    I do most of my stuff on my phone. I don't own a computer right now, so I'll have to look into a document app. That supports my work.
    Again thank you for taking the time to help.😊

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    Interesting story … Thanks for the share
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!



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