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    Perfection - Chapter 7

    Chapter 7

    We were only half-way through the week, so I was both surprised and annoyed when I heard a car horn beeping. We peeked out the window and saw a blanket of soft snow on the ground and someone’s car, running, with a person standing next to the open driver’s door, just beeping and beeping.

    I was about to ask Jamie who the jerk was when she kissed me on the cheek. “It’s for me Daddy!” and she bounded out the door.

    I figured I needed to join the little party so I put my boots on and headed out the door just as some man was on the way in.

    “Hi!” he stuck out his hand. “I’m Alisha’s Father, sure nice of you to let her stay a couple of days with you and Jamie …”

    I was thunderstruck.

    “Should I just leave her stuff here, or put it in the back room?”

    “Ummm” damn. I had to get a hold of myself. “Just … just right here will be fine …”

    “Oh sorry”, I said, putting my hand out and introducing myself.

    “Yep – sure nice of you. Nice place. Rental, right?”

    We made small talk for a few minutes and then the door opened and Jamie came in.

    With Alisha.

    Oh god - my cock was thumping. I knew her – I saw her all the time. I had dreamed of her and jacked off to thoughts of her. And now she was here. HERE. In my love nest. And I knew immediately what was up – what HAD to be up after our frank conversation about two girls at once – after the little kiss with the word ‘Alisha’ behind it. And while my mind was thinking of all the problems – all the issues – all of the ways I could get in major trouble - my cock was thinking only two words …

    “God” and “Yes”.

    We made arrangements to get Alisha home after the weekend and finally, FINALLY her Dad left. How stupid he was. I just stared at the two of them.

    And then I smiled.

    Both Jamie and Alisha giggled. “Daddy”, Jamie said, “will you trust me?”

    I shook my head yes.

    She walked over to me and then sat me down. She then went into Alisha’s bag and pulled out some panties and rubbed them over my face. There were two of them and both had the smell of sex on them. One was damp and Jamie whispered to me “Alisha had some fun earlier today”.

    I stared at Alisha’s young little body and felt Jamie using the panties to tie each one of my wrists to the chair.

    Then she reached under the couch and pulled out another pair, but this time she called Alisha over to her and had her sit over my legs, further pinning me. I didn’t mind, as it put Alisha’s sweet face right in front of me, her long dark hair falling freely down until it passed the chair’s seat.

    Jamie pushed the panties into Alisha’s face. “Can you smell it Alisha? Can you?”

    Alisha eyes closed. “oh yes …” she whispered.

    Jamie pushed it over in front of me. “Can you Daddy?”

    God … it was her smell … Jamie’s smell … the sweet smell of her pussy.

    “Yes … and it turns me on”. It was true, as I could feel the effect it had on me.

    She pushed it back to Alisha, this time putting her finger into it. “This is all me, Alisha … all Jamie …” and she began rubbing the covered finger over Alisha’s lips. Alisha’s reaction was immediate as her eyes closed again and she began moving her ass slowly back and forth over my lap.

    Jamie leaned down and looked at me, then licked her tongue over Alisha’s cheek. “You know my Daddy made slow, sweet love to me last night …”

    Alisha gave a soft ‘godyessss’ and Jamie pushed the pantie cover into Alisha’s mouth. Alisha began pushing harder and faster. I looked down to see Alisha’s tight little body as it moved back and forth across the now rock hard log in my pants. She was still fully dressed, and the look of those sweet, tight pants stretched out and moving over me was fucking hot as hell.

    Jamie was moving her finger all around in Alisha’s mouth. “I came for him … came for him with these same panties on … “

    Alisha moaned and sucked hard on the Jamie’s finger, never opening her eyes.

    “… I DRENCHED them in my cum …”

    Alisha’s little body was ROCKING over me now. Jamie pulled her finger away, leaving the midpoint of her panties still in Alisha’s mouth. She let her finger slip over the edge of Alisha’s face.

    “… and when I came … god Alisha … my cum gushed and gushed into these panties …”

    Alisha was absolutely frantic in her movements now, pushing down hard enough that I could feel small drops of pre-cum beginning to dribble from my cock.

    “… with daddy’s TONGUE pushing in deep on the other side …”

    Alisha moaned and fell to me, placing her lips on mine - her tongue, covered by Jamie’s cum soaked panties, slipped into my mouth. Her movements went beyond frantic, and I could feel her trying to FORCE my cock into her through both of our pants.

    “GOD JAMIE!” Alisha screamed, and the panties that had been locked between us fell, and I watched her arch forward and give a moan that turned into an oriental-like high pitched squeal. She was cumming … and she was cumming hard like Jamie did.

    Ohgod … the idea that she was 14 just two weeks ago jammed into my mind as Jamie leaned over her and slipped her tongue into Alisha’s mouth, soft long hair falling everywhere now … Alisha's wetness had moved through both layers of our clothing and I could feel it on my cock now. God …I couldn’t believe she had cum that hard during clothed sex.

    And while I was hot as hell, I was also a bit proud that my cum had stayed (mostly) in my pants.

    Then Jamie pulled her face to mine. “You CAME Alisha … my daddy made you cum SO HARD …”

    Alisha gave a soft moan, but was well on her way down from her orgasmic high.

    “… you need to thank daddy now, Alisha … keep that tight little ass of yours on the move …”

    Alisha was not moving as fast as before, but continued on, pushing her now wet pants back and forth on me.

    “It was so GOOD wasn’t it … feeling his hard cock push against you … feeling your sweet little fifteeny cum push out for him …”

    Those words made ME push against her … and she felt it, giving me a slight ‘ohhhhh’ and then pushing harder against me.

    “He is so hot for you … so hot for your sweet little body.

    Her movements began to get faster – each push into me was a bit harder than the one before.

    “Would you like him to squirt his MAN cum into you? Would you like to feel him push it SO DEEP into you?”

    “ohhhhh godddddd” she moaned, her movements now quickly returning to its former frantic level.

    “Oh Alisha! Do you want to cum AGAIN for him? Cum a SECOND TIME for my Daddy?”

    Alisha was now back in full heat, and this time, this time she was taking me along for the full ride as she started whipping her head around, letting her long hair fly over us.

    “Do you want to let him touch you? To FEEL your little body?”

    A long “ohhhhgodddd yesssss” came issuing from her.

    Jamie looked directly into my eyes and gave me a sly smile …

    … and released the ties from my hands.

    I felt a long, low growl issue from deep within me, as I grabbed Alisha’s long hair, pulling her lips to mine. I let my hands roam across her clothes, touching and caressing her as I wanted. She moaned loudly once, then again. I slipped my tongue across her face.

    “… mine …” I moaned.

    “OOHH GOD!” she responded in a loud, long moan, and I could feel it begin again, could feel her second orgasm firing up inside her.

    Jamie started screaming alongside her. “CUM FOR HIM … CUM FOR MY DADDY AGAIN … CUM FOR YOUR NEW LOVER!”

    Alisha’s body began quivering and shaking in its orgasmic pleasures.


    Oh fuck … the instant I heard the words ‘ninth grade’ my lust doubled and I began bucking against her … god I thought … bucking against her fucking ninth grade teenie body.


    That made Alisha push and push harder against me, and I could feel her cum drenched pants slip and slide over me.


    I screamed out ‘NINTH FUCKING GRADE!” as I let go, as my hot cum exploded out into my pants, sliding between my Levis and my body. God … as my newest ninth grade lover was rubbing my body and cumming.

    I was spent. Hell, I was beyond spent. My head was spinning - and I realized that both girls, as well as myself - were still totally dressed.

    Wow. I was never going to want to leave.

    -fini chapter 7-

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    Glad you introduced the 14 year old, although a 12 year old would have been great too. Lovely story had me creaming my jeans.

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    great keep them all cumming



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