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Thread: Todd's troubles

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    Chrissy felt her body between her two lovers, ummm, that felt so nice, the soft, loving press, now that she had tried it, she adored love making with ladies as well as her Daddy. Thinking of Daddy, she wondered if he had tried to call her, since she had been in no position to answer her cellphone. She'd have to check out if there were any messages, but not just now. Joanne and Renee were fondling her, stroking gently at her body, and it felt so good to be pampered like that.


    Many miles away, Todd and Brooke were getting dressed for dinner. Todd put on his Italian, tailored charcoal grey suit, Chrissy always thought he looked so dashing, and he wanted to look his best. When Brooke strode back into his room, Todd stared, she was breathtaking. She was wearing a full length lime green gown, it hugged her body around her hips and her waist, as the dress rose up, it split into a deep V that showed off her beautiful cleavage to full effect, the dress left her shoulders and her back, to the bottom of her shoulder blades, bare. As the material came around to the front, and Brooke's decision to go braless, it further accentuated Brooke's cleavage. Todd's eyes took in the magnificent sight, nestled in the teardrop cup shapes that the dress took on as it went over her breasts. The top of the dress came up to two straps that went around the neck, which then tied up in a ribbon behind her neck. She did a slow turn, letting Todd enjoy the full view, what a stunning sight. Her sexy rump looked magnificent, and he could see no outline of panties, the view made his cock throb at the sexy sight.

    Brooke cooed, "I was hoping we could go out to a nice restaurant, rather than just eat some boring hotel food. I wanted to look my best for you."

    She strolled over, and pressed her body gently against his.

    "I think you can see that underneath my gown, I have no bra, no panties. Something for you to feast your mind on, while we dine.''

    They left, and at the front door, the doorman hailed a taxi for them. In the back seat, they cuddled close together. Todd felt like he was on a date, not a business dinner, and the sexual glow that Brooke had, made it clear how the date would end. Their boss had made reservations at Eddie V's Prime Seafood, and Todd looked forward to dining, squiring around such a beautiful lady.


    Chrissy got up and headed for the bathroom, her bladder was making demands, and she gratefully voided herself. She picked up her cellphone, and saw that her daddy had tried to call her. She smiled as she noticed the time notation, she'd been sandwiched between her two lady lovers, and she had been getting gloriously double fucked as her cellphone had taken the call. She quickly dialed his number, lest he worry about what was happening.


    In the taxi, Todd could feel his phone start to vibrate in his pocket, he drew it out, seeing with relief it was from Chrissy's number.

    "Hello sweetheart, how's my girl?"

    Chrissy felt the glow, and she said, "I'm great daddy, sorry I couldn't pick up earlier, but I'm over at my friend's house, and I left my phone in my jacket pocket, so I couldn't feel it vibrate, since I was not wearing my jacket at the time."

    She smiled towards her two lovers, she had been not wearing anything at the time, she saw the answering grins from Joanne and Renee, still naked and curled up in bed.

    Todd replied, "Ok baby, have a good time, Ms. Henderson and I are just going out for dinner. Tomorrow, we have to deal with old man Abernathy, and try to convince him not to kill the deal. I think we can persuade him, but, we thought we had him on solid ground before this latest twist."

    "Ok daddy, enjoy your dinner. I'm going to have a sleepover with my friends Joanne and Renee, it should be fun. And best of luck with your business deal, I'm sure he'll see the light."

    She saw the smiles from her lovers, and the nodding heads, and she felt her pussy give her a squirmy pulse of lust. Yes, indeed, it was going to be fun.

    "Ok sweetheart, thank you sweetheart for the vote of confidence, have fun, and I will call you tomorrow, and let you know if we have to stay any longer than just tonight. I love you sweetheart."

    Chrissy felt that warm glow again, as she said softly, "I love you too daddy, goodnight."


    Todd tucked the phone back into his pocket, and he felt Brooke's hand gently touching his crotch.

    "Ms. Henderson, oh my so formal!" Brooke giggled, then said, "Feel better, knowing that your daughter is okay?"

    Todd replied, "Yes, much better, I must admit I was concerned when she didn't answer the phone, she always answers when she sees my number on the display."

    "Well, now that you know, let's make it a date, and really enjoy our date. Kiss me Todd, kiss me like a lover."

    Todd and Brooke's lips came together, and he felt her tongue come out to play, coaxing his tongue out, and they clung to each other. Todd's mind thought for a second about the driver, but, he'd probably seen enough whoopee in the back of his cab, and he reached a hand up, gently cupping a breast in his hand, caressing around the fullness through her gown.

    Brooke moaned into his mouth, and her hand grasped at his cock through his suit trousers, feeling the surging of his cock. Ummmm, such a virile man, Brooke was going to enjoy his sexual prowess, after dinner. She moaned again as he felt his hand slide over her other breast, caressing and stroking, feeling her nipple stiff and hard, poking up through her gown, eager to feel his fingers pulling and gently tweaking. Ummm, god, she was so wet. She'd gone commando, but she had slipped in a tampon before leaving, she wanted to be starkly naked under her gown, but her lust was running high, and she didn't want the juices of her desire to be dripping down her thighs, or staining her gown. Brooke wanted Todd to take her after dinner, but this time, not as a daddy daughter fantasy. This time, he wanted to take her as she was right now, take her like a lover.


    Renee and Joanne got up and came over to Chrissy.

    "Let's go out for dinner, there's a great sushi place just down the block. And, while we are there, we'll all have something on our minds!"

    Joanne grinned, and produced something that she had kept hidden behind her back. Chrissy recognized it immediately, it was a Red Devil butt plug, just like the one that been snugged up securely between the cheeks of Joanne's ass on that wonderful day they met. It was 5 inches long, 1.5 inches thick at the flare, then tapering down to a T base, that would keep it in place.

    "A new Red Devil, all ready for your tight, sexy asshole. We are gonna go out for dinner, with all of our tight assholes stuffed with our own personal plugs. You'll love it Chrissy, it feels so fucking hot! Bend over baby!"

    Chrissy quickly complied, she moaned as she felt Renee's hands cup her cheeks, pulling them apart, then the press of her face against the spread open globes of her ass cheeks. The feel of Renee's tongue, wriggling all over the tight twitchy rim, then the point of her tongue pressing tight, darting in and out of the tight entrance, god, what a sensation. Renee brought a finger into play, sliding it up the tight clamp, working and getting Chrissy to relax those muscles.

    Joanne purred, "Here you go baby, suck the plug, get it all nice and wet for your ass."

    She pursed her lips as her Red Devil plug was offered to her mouth, and she eagerly sucked it in. She easily took in all 5 inches, and she ran her tongue all over it, feeling thrills of pleasure race through her as her tongue traced the contours, and the shape of the flare that would spread her cheeks open. She slurped eagerly, whimpering with passion as her mouth slobbered all over her plug.

    Renee said, "All ready, let's plug you baby."

    Renee and Joanne shared a grin, they loved taking hot teen girls, and showing them what fun three horny women could share. Joanne pulled the plug from Chrissy's mouth. Nudging it against Chrissy's ass, she pushed, in one smooth continuous motion.

    Chrissy moaned, deep in her throat as felt her Red Devil breech her asshole, and start the slide. Oh god, it was a little bit of stretch, but a whole lot more pleasure, as she felt her asshole stretch out over the flare, then the last little bit rushed in, her ass clamping securely around the stem. The filling sensation of her ass hole stuffed with that 5 inches of butt plug satisfaction made her body tremble with pleasure. She ached a bit, but the pleasure of having her asshole kept open, stretched around her plug, was insanely hot.

    Chrissy straightened up, and walked around a bit, oh god, that felt even better. She could feel her lust perking up, the feeling of walking around while being plugged was incredible. Her Red Devil was going to be getting a lot more use, doing everyday things like shopping, paying a bill, while underneath her clothes, away from anyone seeing, her tight little asshole was getting stimulated by her trusty butt plug. She was going to have a whole lot more fun doing the mundane, everyday things.

    Her lovers recognized that look, and Joanne cooed, "How do you like it baby?"

    Chrissy purred, "Oh god, it, it's...wonderful, beautiful, fantastic, I love it!"

    Renee bent over, spread her cheeks apart, and cooed, "Lick my asshole Chrissy, get my ass all ready for my plug."

    Chrissy was entranced by the smooth pink pucker, and once she applied her wet lips to that tight rim, she gave Renee's ass a hot wet tonguing, god, it was so exciting to lick that tight sexy asshole, listening to Renee's coos and gentle moans of pleasure. She felt the butt plug placed in her hand by Joanne, and Renee's moans increased as Chrissy nudged it against her, then pushed it in, until it was buried to the stem.

    Right next to her, Joanne was bent over, pulling her cheeks apart, offering her tight asshole. Chrissy wasted no time, nuzzling her face between the half moons of her spread-open cheeks. She pressed her lips against the tight rose shaped pucker of Joanne's ass-hole, enjoying Joanne's moan of pleasure as she felt the thrilling sensation of Chrissy's lips kissing against the tight, twitchy rim. Chrissy's tongue quickly followed, eager to lick and probe, pressing slightly into the clenching orifice, Joanne gasping in pleasure beneath Chrissy's mouthing of the tight, ultra-sensitive opening of her puckered asshole.

    Joanne purred, "Now, plug my ass!"

    Chrissy pulled back, nudged the Red Devil against Joanne's ass hole, and pushed. She felt a heady feeling, as Joanne's purred and cooed as her hole spread open, the plug surging in, and with one last push, Joanne moaned as her hole puckered back up, clamping tightly at the stem.

    They looked at each other, Chrissy was feeling pulses of sheer lust. God, being asshole plugged was beyond anything she'd done, just having her ass spread apart was beyond good, how would it feel when they went out, walking around, sitting, and that plug was keeping her asshole spread apart, she could hardly wait.

    Renee purred, "Let's go and dine, then we'll come back, and have more hot fun."


    At Eddie V's Prime Seafood, Todd led Brooke in, she had a hand looped around the crook of his elbow, and Todd saw several males eyeing her up, envying his fortune at having such a hot date. Brooke noticed the looks, and she smiled inwardly. She thought of all the cocks, stiffening up, wishing they could empty their balls into her eager fuck-hole.

    They went for the menu with gusto, both Todd and Brooke were ravenous, and they started out with the Maine Lobster And Shrimp Bisque, fresh Maine lobster, cream and cognac, blended into a soup that tasted just this side of heaven. Todd liked the sound of Florida Grouper sautéed crisp with lemon, garlic and scallions as his main course, while Brooke went for the Georges Bank Scallops sautéed with citrus fruit, roasted almonds and brown butter. The dinners were extremely delicious, Todd would take peeks at Brooke's face, enjoying the looks of pleasure as she ate. He was looking forward to seeing those looks of pleasure. later.

    They shared a Hot Chocolate Godiva Cake, with vanilla bean ice cream for dessert, oh man, that had been one of the best dinners either of them had tasted.

    They relaxed for a bit, sipping coffee, letting their dinners digest, savoring the anticipation of what lay ahead.

    Brooke leaned over, and cooed, "Your room or mine, lover?"

    Todd could feel the heat rising, and he said softly, "Let's get back to our hotel, and use your bed baby."


    Many miles away, Joanne, Renee and Chrissy were sharing a table at the Mikado Sushi restaurant, and they had a wealth of sushi spread out before them. Flying fish roe, Sea Urchin, Shrimp, Tuna, Surf Clam, Mackerel, Red Snapper, and an order of the Crunch Roll, Spicy Tuna, Crispy Seaweed and tempura. Renee order a bottle of Sake, and Chrissy was amazed at how it was served warm. It spread a tingling warmth through her body. The feel of her butt plug snugged up between her ass cheeks just felt even better, she squirmed her ass against her chair, god, that felt so good.

    Renee and Joanne shared a grin. They could see Chrissy, so carefree, so eager, relaxing under the warm buzz of the Sake. She had shown what an eager bed partner she was, she could be an all nighter. Both Renee and Joanne could feel the building lust, they felt the swirl of anticipation, getting her back home, stripping down that hot teen body, the building up the fuck lust to glorious explosions.
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    Good to see this great series resume! Looking forward to more!



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