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Thread: My Daughter Amy

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    My Daughter Amy

    This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

    Story Code: M/f, Incest

    My Daughter Amy
    By Muhabba

    I guess I should start by introducing myself. My name’s Jake and I’m 35. I’m in reasonably good shape even ‘tho my doctor says I could lose about 10 lbs. I’m just under six feet tall with some gray hairs starting to show and I’m married to a wonderful woman named Beth. Beth is 32 with long legs and a swimmer’s build, she has small but still firm tits and a tight, pert butt. Together we have a daughter named Amy.

    Amy is just a young teenage girl now and was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. She has long, dark, red hair and the deepest green eyes. Beth and I fell in love with her the first moment we saw her.

    Amy was very much a tomboy growing up and the most curious little girl I had ever met. She showed no fear, ever. I can’t tell you how many times Beth and I have scowered the neighborhood looking for her in some new hiding spot she’d found or how many times I’d have to grab the ladder to drag her off the roof or out of a tree in our backyard. She was worse than a damn cat.

    Right around the time Amy turned 11 puberty hit her like a Mack truck. She shot up 5 inches and her body started to develop almost overnight. Before she was even twelve her mother had noticed her developing breasts. All I noticed was a soft warmth pressed against my arm or chest whenever she and I would snuggle. And the boys. All of a sudden every boy from 12 and up were at my house every day after school. So off my wife and daughter went to buy Amy her first training bra and on occasion I noticed the absence of that soft warmth pressed against my body.

    Amy’s training days didn’t last long. It seemed like the very next day they were buying Amy her first real bra. First A-cups, then B-cups and now just a few short years later my little daughter was wearing a full C-cup. Beth and I were shocked. Beth even took her for a check-up, scared of some kind of hormone imbalance. Luckily no hormone imbalance, just a full, rounded, young girl. She stood at about 5 feet 5 inches tall and her small size just exaggerated her large creamy breasts and because of all her running and playing outdoors she had a tight, rounded butt. One of my co-workers made a joke that I should watch out for strange men coming around the house due to her bubble butt. I laughed it off and told him he better keep his eyes off my daughter and then jabbed him in the shoulder a bit too hard. Just a friendly, little reminder between guys.

    So here I was with a teenage girl with large breasts, small waist, round butt, slim legs, long red hair and deep green eyes. Sexually naive, curious with no fear and so exuberant and outgoing with a crooked smile that could light up a room.

    Beth and I both had full time jobs. Beth worked later than me so she was the one to usually fix breakfast and see Amy off to school while I left for work. In the evenings Amy would get home from school at 3:30 and I would get home by 5:00. Amy and I usually cooked supper together and we’d usually start eating before Beth got home due to her longer commute.

    Amy and I enjoyed our alone time in the afternoons. Every time I’d come home she’d be switched out of her school clothes into a more comfortable set, usually just a tee-shirt and shorts. I’d noticed how tight her shorts were becoming and how they were beginning to sit lower and lower on her as her hips widened and her tight butt-cheeks filled out and I’d also noticed how she’d started to go braless around the house. She complained that her bras were getting too tight and Beth hadn’t found the time to get her some new ones. My little girl was slowly inching towards a D-cup.

    During the evenings, after she’d finished her homework and before I’d start dinner, we always made time to talk and play. Luckily she was still too much of a tomboy to be interested in boys but her friends had started to be. Usually our conversations about her friends ended with her in a fit of giggles and I’d chase her around the house to tickle her and one day when I’d caught up with her we ended up on the floor with me on top. She’d been wearing tight, red runner shorts that were almost a size too small with slits up the sides of the legs almost to the elastic band barely holding them up. Her lean legs were almost fully exposed from her bare feet to her hips. She was also wearing one of my white “muscle” shirts for when I actually made it to the gym. The shirt was very loose around her shoulders and stomach but stretched tight across her chest and showcased her puffy nipples.

    As Amy and I wiggled around on the floor together I trapped her hips with my legs, stopping her from moving forward. Her high-pitched laughter echoed through the house as I tickled her armpits and at her ribs below her sloshing breasts. I didn’t realize it a first but the shirt had worked its way off one of her shoulders and down towards her chest as the bottom was working its way up. As she gave a lurch underneath me the shirt worked its way from the shoulder to halfway down her chest and her left tit exploded free from over the collar. As she gave another lurch the bottom of the shirt worked its way up her right tit and completely exposed it. I was suddenly no longer aware of what my hands were doing as I looked at the greatest pair of tits I had ever seen in my life.

    Amy’s tits were perfect. No distortion due to their large size, no sag, and no stretching. They just lay on her chest pointing straight up in a perfect tear drop shape. Her tits were a pale, creamy color shot through with a hint of the blue veins under the skin, tipped with puffy, pink nipples. Her tits sloshed around her chest as she laughed and struggled underneath me and she hadn’t even noticed.

    My hands continued tickling Amy but now they made their way up from the sides of her firm, young body to the sides of her large, jiggling tits. Her giggling became more intense as I tickled along the sides of her over-developed mounds to just underneath them. Her laughter continued but her breathing became more erratic and she began thrusting her chest up towards me. I made my way back from the bottoms of her sloshing tits to the sides and began making my way up toward her puffy, pink nipples. Her nipples hardened as I inched closer to them and she began panting erotically as my fingers grew closer and closer.

    My cock was rock hard in my pants and I started to lightly rub it across her groin. Amy was still smiling up at me as she began thrusting her hips up to meet my crotch. Her giggles had turned into light moans as my fingertips danced across the flesh of her enormous tits and we began all out dry humping each other.

    Suddenly there was a knock at the door and our little spell was broken. We both stared at each other in astonishment before grinning stupidly to each other and chuckling. I got off my daughter and helped her to stand, her giant tits swaying around fully exposed. I turned and went for the door hoping I was blocking the glass to keep whoever it was from getting a eyeful of teenage tit.

    Amy got her swinging jugs tucked back into her shirt and I opened the door to see our mailman. “Had he seen anything?” I wondered to myself. I don’t know if he had or not but I could have gladly shot him for interrupting us.

    I signed for a package he had brought and hadn’t the good sense to just leave on the porch and closed the door.

    “Honey, I’m going to get supper started,” I yelled to my daughter.

    “O.k. Daddy," She breathlessly responded and my dick lurched when I saw her.

    Amy was laying down on her stomach in the living room. Her shorts had pulled up tight against her butt, the crack of her ass plainly visible and the seam of her shorts had disappeared into the valley of her lushes, teenage cheeks. Her chest was squashed against the floor and the sides of her mammoth tits were spilling out of the sides of the shirt. Her body was nothing short of amazing. So amazing I had completely forgotten she was my naive daughter and had nearly fucked her on the living room carpet.

    I went into the downstairs bathroom to quickly jack-off and before I had tugged more than twice I came. I hadn’t cum that quick since I was a boy. I felt like I drained a gallon of cum from my balls and I fantasized about my own, young daughter the whole time.

    That night after tucking Amy into her bed, Beth and I went to our bedroom and I fucked her raw. I fucked her mouth, her cunt and even drilled her ass. She normally only let me fuck her ass on my birthdays or when she was drunk, but that night I had gotten her so worked up she was begging me for it. She normally thought it was too dirty and even though I took great pains to make sure she enjoyed our little anal adventures they were few and far between. But that night she begged me on her knees and as I plunged into her every hole and then covered her face, tits and ass with my cum while I fantasized about our daughter.

    The next morning I drew Amy aside, outside of earshot of Beth, so I could talk to her before I left for work. I knelt down in front of her and gently held her wrists. “Amy, sweetie. I wanted to talk to you about yesterday afternoon.”

    Amy was wearing one of my old T-shirts. The material was stretched tight across her tits, outlining her puffy nipples. So much material was drawn up by her tender tits that, although her ass was completely covered, the front was pulled up barely a inch below her virgin pussy. Before yesterday I had never noticed these things about my lovely daughter.

    “What about yesterday, Daddy?” She asked bleary eyed. She was a vision standing there in my thread bare T-shirt with her heavy lidded eyes and sleep tousled hair.

    “Well, yesterday, when I was tickling you and… and your breasts became… exposed.”

    “Oh, that. I’m sorry Daddy. They’re always just popping out. Mommy says I need a sports bra at home but we haven’t had time to buy any yet. Please don’t make me wear my scratchy ol’ bras in the house Daddy.”

    Amy started pouting at me with her eyes wide and her little bottom lip sticking out. “So I’m safe,” I thought to myself. I was afraid she was going to think I had molested her. It was techniqualy true but it had been a honest accident.

    “Please don’t tell Mommy, Daddy. She’ll make me start wearing bras all the time.” Her precious little lip started to tremble with anxiety.

    “Don’t worry honey. I was just going to apologize for not stopping when it happened.” So she thought it was all her fault. “I think we can keep it to ourselves.”

    Amy beamed at me. “Oh thank you, Daddy. We still get to have tickle fights tho’, right?”

    “Any time, sweetie.”

    Amy clapped her hands and jumped up and down in place, causing her massive tits to slosh up and down like a tidal wave. “Oh Goodie! Are you going to work now Daddy?”

    “Leaving now sweetheart.”

    Amy wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me full on the lips. No tongue but a bit longer than a peck.

    Pulling back from me with her arms still locked around my neck, Amy stared me straight in the eyes and smiled. “O.k. Daddy. Love you. Bye.”

    Amy quickly turned around and skipped into the kitchen and I watched her ass move the entire way. “What was that kiss about?” I asked myself. I was stunned. Shaking my head I stood up, adjusted my hard-on and made my way to work.

    A week went by and I tried to forget the incident, but I couldn’t get the vision of Amy's swaying tits out of my mind.

    One day the next week, miracle of miracles, I got off work early. A client I was supposed to meet cancelled at the last minute so I had the whole afternoon to myself. First I went to my favorite bar and had a couple of beers, I usually only stopped in on Fridays on my way home but today was a treat. Unfortunately, being a weekday afternoon, it was pretty dead and I left for home.

    I pulled into the driveway of my house, looking forward to spending a nice, quiet afternoon at home. I parked my car in the garage and closed the garage door as I headed inside. After fixing a nice, big sandwich and washing it down with another beer I went upstairs to lay down and relax. With us both working full time jobs and with a kid in the house, mine and Beth’s sex life was extremely erratic. To help us out we’d acquired quite a little collection of adult paraphernalia. Switching into a old T-shirt and a pair of shorts I popped in a porno featuring young girls with bit tits and laid out on my bed. I started out stroking my cock and imagining it was my daughter’s amazing, young body on the screen and fell asleep with my hard-on in my hand.

    I woke up maybe a hour later with my cock still hard in my hand and looked around. Something had woke me up. Some strange noise. I tucked my now soft dick back into my shorts and went to investigate. The noises were coming from Amy’s room, she was home from school. “Shit! Had she seen me with my cock out?” I thought in panic.

    Amy’s door was open halfway and I peeked in. She was sitting on her bed with a magazine in her lap, and holy shit she was completely topless! She was softly massaging her amazing tits and muttering to herself. I was thunderstruck. My little daughter was reading one of mine and Beth’s porno mags and fondling her giant tits. Her cheeks were flush and her puffy, pink nipples were hard with excitement.

    My cock had sprung back to life so hard it was actually pointing straight out and was pulling the elastic away from my waist. I had never been this hard or this turned on in my entire life. The greatest pair of tits I had ever seen were seven feet in front of me and sitting on my teenaged daughter’s chest. My knees weakened and I must have stumbled because my daughter suddenly looked up with a wide-eyed expression on her face.

    “D… Daddy! I didn’t… I mean…” Her face blushed more and she gripped both of her tits in her hands, trying to hide them from my eyes. It was useless. They were just far too big to fit in her hands and the firm, pale flesh oozed out from between her tiny fingers. “I’m sorry,” She squeaked as tears started to fall from her face.

    My paternal instincts kicked in and my dick softened. “It’s o.k. sweetie, there’s nothing to be worried about.” I shuffled into the room and sat down next to my weeping angel. Amy released her swaying jugs and wrapped her arms around me, the feel of her soft tits pressed up against my chest made my dick start to harden again. I put one arm around her naked waist and the other across her chest to rest on her arm as I sat down and now I could feel her naked tits pressed against my arm. She sobbed and caused her massive tits to rub up and down against me with each breath.

    “It’s o.k. sweetie. It’s alright princess,” I whispered as I patted her shoulder. Amy stopped sobbing and looked up at me with wide, frightened eyes and my dick gave a lurch. “You wanna tell me what you were doing with mine and your mother’s magazine?”

    Amy stammered, “I… I… I was…” and began sobbing again as her tits rubbed against me.

    “You were looking at pictures of people having sex?” I began stroking her waist and arm. I could feel how hard her pink, puffy nipples were.

    “Y… ye… yes,” She stopped crying and gave little hiccups.

    “Because you like looking at naked people? And it makes you feel funny?”

    “Yes daddy.”

    “And when you feel funny your tummy flutters and your nipples get hard and you little pussy gets wet.” If I was ever going to have a shot, today was that day. I took my hand from her arm and placed it on her tummy and began making slow circles.

    “Yes, Daddy. What’s wrong with me?” Amy’s voice was breathless and husky.

    “Nothing honey. You were trying to masturbate. There’s nothing wrong with a girl your age exploring her naked, soft, delicate, supple body. It’s perfectly normal.”

    Amy pulled away from me a little to look me in my face, exposing her lush tits. “It’s normal Daddy? There’s nothing wrong with me?”

    I continued rubbing Amy’s stomach and started making wider circles down to her waist. “No baby. There’s nothing wrong at all. If you like, I may even be able to… y’know… help.”

    “Help me, Daddy?”

    “Well sure. Answer any questions you may have.”

    “Really, Daddy?”

    My fingers were slowly dipping under the waistband of Amy’s dress. “Well sure sweetie. That’s what a daddy is for. Do you have any questions?”

    “Oh gosh yes Daddy.” Amy started bouncing on her butt with excitement. The sight of her naked, massive tits jumping up and down on her chest was too much for me and I actually came in my pants. “I’ve been trying so hard to masturbate and I don’t think I’ve been doing it right.”

    My dick began to soften after I made a sticky mess in my shorts. “Well baby. Why don’t you show Daddy what you’ve been doing and I’ll see what you’ve been doing wrong.”

    “O.k. Daddy!” Amy jumped off the bed, facing away from me and shoved her skirt and underwear down her legs. Her giant tits were defiantly her best feature but her ass was her second best. So pale, so creamy, and so round and plump. Jennifer Lopez would have been impressed. I just wanted to plant my face between her cheeks and shove my tongue up her asshole.

    My hard-on roared back to life as my teenage daughter bent over at the waist to remove her pink underwear from around her ankles. As Amy stood back up and turned around to face me my heart stopped. Her red hair and green eyes, her massive tits jiggling around, her tiny waist and lean legs. And nestled between her thighs was her hairless, little cunt. She hadn’t yet grown hair and her labia were slightly swollen and glistened with her juices.

    I had to swallow a couple of times before my voice could work. “Jesus baby. You’re so fucking beautiful.”

    “Dadddyyyyyy,” Amy blushed and struck a embarrassed pose with her hands clasp behind her back which thrust out her dreamy tits even farther and with her head bowed so I couldn’t see her blush.

    “I’m… I’m sorry baby. I just… just hadn’t realized how beautiful you’d become.” It took all my will power not to just throw her to the ground and rape her. I’d never even thought about raping anyone until I saw my own daughter naked. My cock was so hard now it was actually physically painful. One way or another I was going to get my cock inside my daughter.

    “Thank you Daddy. Am I really that pretty?” Amy stared straight at me with such a expectant look. She so badly wanted me to think she was beautiful.

    I scooted to the foot of the bed and gestured to the head. “Yes sweetie. Now get up her and show me how you like to masturbate.”

    Amy bounced up and down with pride and excitement and her tits leapt up and down, up and down. My mouth was watering.

    Amy jumped up on the bed and all I saw were her giant, swaying tits. “O.k. Daddy.” She sat with her back to the headboard and her knees drawn up and spread, showcasing her bald, glistening little cunt.

    “O… o.k. baby. Show me…” I was sweating and panting. “Show me how you masturbate.”

    “O.k. Daddy," Amy giggled before closing her eyes in concentration and taking a deep breath, pushing her large tits out, and slowly exhaling.

    Amy placed one of her tiny hands on the inside of her spread thighs and began sliding it up and down. She reached her other hand up and slowly caressed one of her massive tits. She just used her fingertips and ran them lightly over her flesh, barely making contact. Her breath became shallow and she started panting and whimpering. Her fingertips brushed against her hard nipple and she let out a startled squeak, almost like she had received a electric shock. Her fingertips continued tracing around her puffy nipple and she began moaning out loud with lust. My horny young daughter began rolling her nipple between her first finger and thumb and moaning out, “Yesss. Oh yes.” The hand rubbing the inside of her pale thigh had reached her now drooling pussy.

    Amy lightly pinched her puffy nipple as she palmed her pussy and squeezed slightly. Her pussy was so wet I could hear the squelching noises as she slowly began humping her hand. I pulled my sticky cock out of my pants and slowly started to stroke it as I watched my daughter fuck herself. She was still only using her fingertips to stroke and caress her giant tit as she continued to hump her hand. Her panting turned to full throated moans as her eyes remained tightly closed. I had to get in there.

    I grabbed one of Amy’s teddy bears and used it to clean up the sticky mess from earlier and tucked my dick back in before talking to Amy. “And this is how you masturbate sweetie?”

    From where I sat Amy’s face was framed by her wide spread thighs. She slowly opened her green eyes with a wide, dreamy smile spreading across her face. “Yes Daddy.”

    “And how often do you do this?”

    “Ummm… you know. Every once in a while.” Amy blushed and turned her head in embarrassment.

    “It’s o.k. sweetie. You can tell me.” I really wanted to know this. As far as I was concerned this was the most important piece of information I would ever hear.

    “A… a few times.” Now she was blushing even more and trying not to smile.

    “A few times, what? A few times a month?”


    “Then what, sweetie? A few times a week?”

    Amy started to giggle uncontrollably. “No. A few times a day, Daddy.”

    “And how many is a 'few'?” I asked with a sly grin on my face.

    Amy sat up quickly with her legs crossed and her tiny slit glistening and her enormous tits swaying back and forth. “Six!” she shouted out and started laughing wildly.

    “Six?” I was shocked. She showed the same exuberance in masturbating as she did with everything else.

    “Yep. At least six. Once after Mommy wakes me up in the morning. Then after I get to school. Then after lunch, then after recess, then after school until you get home and then after you and Mommy tuck me into bed.”

    “Don’t rape your daughter. Don’t rape your daughter. Don’t rape your daughter," I began chanting inside my head. “That’s quite a lot Amy.”

    “But I really, really like it Daddy.”

    I could tell by the look in her face she was starting to worry about my reaction.

    I smiled warmly at her to ease her fears and began stroking one of her tender thighs. “And do you cum when you masturbate?”

    Amy got a serious look on her face as she thought about her answer. “I don’t know, Daddy. I think so. My… you know… my special place gets wet when I’m touching it. Is that cumming?”

    I found my chance. “No baby. That’s not cumming. I know it feels nice when you masturbate but you can’t really cum until you have sex first.”

    “Really?” She looked shocked.

    “I’m afraid so sweetie. And it feels so much better to cum during sex than to just masturbate.”

    “Oh my God! Really Daddy?”

    “Oh yes princess. If you think if feels got to masturbate, it feels about a hundred times better to have sex.” I made sure I kept rubbing up and down her sticky thighs.

    “Really? Wow.”

    “Yep. It feels way better. Better than birthday cake and ice cream. Better than puppies. Better even than Christmas,” As I spoke Amy leaned closer and closer with her mouth open in surprise.

    “Cumming feels that good, Daddy? Really?” Amy’s giant tits were pressed against the top of my hand, trapping it against the upper part of her thigh. I could feel her hard nipple rubbing against my knuckles. “And when can I have sex, Daddy?”

    “You know your Mother and I discussed this with you. You can start dating when you’re sixteen and have sex when you’re eighteen. You agreed to it. No boys for a few more years and no sex until you’re and adult. You promised.” I made sure to keep a concerned, fatherly tone in my voice.

    “Well, what about girls, Daddy?”

    I nearly came in my pants again. She had such a quizzical look on her face. “Well… ah… the same would go for dating girls too, princess.”

    Amy threw herself back, exasperated. She flung her arms wide and caused her sloshing breasts to stretch up as she dramatically sighed. Her legs were still spread wide open and her little cunt was still glistening. “That’s not fair Daddy. I want to cum!”

    I licked my lips. My eyes were torn between her tits and wet, little pussy. “I’m sorry honey. But you promised and you don’t want to be a fibber, do you?”

    “No Daddy. Fibbers are liars and lying is bad.” She wouldn’t even look at me.

    “That’s right baby. No other boys besides me in your life for quite a few years yet.” I started slowly stroking Amy’s inner thigh, hoping she’d put 2 and 2 together.

    Amy lay pouting in all her nude and teenage glory. After a few minutes she raised her head up to stare at me. “Wait a minute, Daddy.”

    “What is it princess?” I slid my hand softly up her thigh to barely a inch from her virgin pussy.

    “You’re not a boy.” Amy leaned up some more, bracing herself on her elbows and causing her large tits to stick straight up and out.

    “Well, I’m a male. Just not a ‘boy’. I’m your Daddy.” I was so hoping this was going in the direction I had steered for.

    “Well, yeah Daddy. But you’re not ‘just’ a ‘boy’. So you don’t count. Right?” A crooked smirk began spreading across Amy’s face.

    “No. I’m not 'just' a boy. That’s right.” I tried to keep a questioning look on my face, like I wasn’t sure what she was trying to say.

    “So can you make me cum, Daddy? Since you’re not ‘just’ a boy, we can have sex and you can make me cum, right?” Amy sat straight up and stared expectantly at me.

    “Well princess. Daddy’s and daughters aren’t supposed to have sex. You know that.”

    Amy slapped her hands on her knees and caused her massive chest to sway back and forth. “Please Daddy. Please make me cum. Have sex with me and make me cum. Please Daddy, I want to cum.”

    I pretended to think it over for a minute before I answered. “O.k. honey. But you can’t tell anyone or you’ll get in trouble, O.k.? Not one, single person. Ever.”

    Amy shot up onto her knees and hugged me, her giant breasts squashed against my chest. “Oh thank you thank you thank you Daddy! I won’t tell anyone! I promise!”

    I rubbed the top of Amy’s head and pushed her back a little so I could stare at her body. “Now what do you know about sex, honey?”

    Amy straightened up and was kneeling beside me. “Nothing Daddy. Only what I’ve seen in yours and Mommy’s magazines.”

    “O.k. First is kissing. I’m going to kiss you now and then we’ll move on from there.”

    “I know about kissing, Daddy. I kiss you and Mommy all the time.” Amy was smiling sweetly up at me. Like a little angel.

    “Sex kissing is differently from regular kissing.” I gripped Amy’s arm and leaned forward.

    “Different how, Daddy?” A quizzical look crossed Amy’s face.

    “Well, for one. I’m going to use my tongue. Just relax and let it happen. It’s going to feel really good.” I leaned forward and gave a chaste kiss on Amy’s puckered lips. She tasted like wild berries. I followed the little peck with a longer kiss and added more pressure. I kept my lips pressed against her mouth and ran my tongue across her lips. “Open your mouth and let me in sweetie.”

    “Yes Daddy.” Amy breathlessly answered.

    I leaned back in and pressed my mouth against Amy’s and slid my tongue inside of her. I caressed and massaged her warm tongue and every part of her moist mouth. It wasn’t long before she began kissing me back, her tongue moving back and forth and darting in and out my mouth.

    I pulled back from the kiss. “Wow honey. You’re a natural.”

    Amy beamed up at me with pride. “Thanks, Daddy. That was amazing.” My little angel was panting. “Can we do it some more?”

    “Of course sweetie.” Amy and I spent the next few minutes kissing passionately, our lips and tongues caressing each other back and forth.

    Once again we broke off from the kiss. Amy was panting and moaning with desire. “Now honey. It’s very important that when you’re kissing you let the other person touch and play with your breasts. That way the other person will like you more. You understand honey?”

    “Does that mean you’ll like me more too if you play with my breasts, Daddy?” A worried look crossed Amy’s face.

    “Well honey. I already more that ‘like’ you. I love you no matter what. Do you understand? You will always be my special princess.” I gave Amy a very serious look to let her know I meant every word.

    Amy visibly relaxed. “That’s good, Daddy.”

    “So since I already love you instead of just ‘like’ you, that means the more you let me kiss you and touch your breasts, the more I’ll love you.” I stared deep into Amy’s eyes, waiting for her to respond.

    Amy chewed at her bottom lip as she took a moment to think it over. Then she stood up straighter on her knees and thrust her massive tits out and smiled up at me. “O.k. Daddy. Do you want to play with my breasts now?”

    I swear to God I started drooling. “Yes baby. I’m going to touch your breasts now. And from now on, whenever we’re doing this, we’ll call them ‘tits’. O.k.?”

    Amy giggled, “O.k. Daddy.” She then grabbed my wrists and brought them up to her creamy tits. “Touch my tits now, Daddy.”

    Amy released my wrists and struck her large tits out further. I reached forward and began to slowly and softly caress my darling daughter’s dreamy tits. They were the firmest yet most supple tits I had ever felt, they were so warm, so silky. She began moaning softly as I stroked and caressed her giant, wonderful orbs and I was mesmerized. Completely lost in the feel of my greedy hands covering and rubbing my young daughter's naked tit flesh. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her heaving chest.

    Slowly I began squeezing and rubbing more firmly and Amy began moaning more and more. “Oh Daddy. Oh yes, Daddy. That feels so good. It feels so good when you touch my tits, Daddy. Soooo gooood.”

    Amy’s puffy nipples were rock hard and I began rolling them between my fingers as she began to pant like a little puppy.

    “Amy, I’m going to do something new now. O.k.?” I continued to rub Amy’s tits with my hands and dragged my palms over her sensitive tips.

    I used one of my hands and gripped one of Amy’s massive tits, lifting it up, and bent down and licked her nipple.

    “OHGODDADDY! YES!” Amy yelled as she wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me to her chest.

    I lost myself in the feeling of having my face squashed against the warm, silky flesh of my daughter’s giant tits. I began licking and sucking in earnest, my tongue savored the taste of her salty nipple. I lashed it back and forth and sucked hard, drawing it into my mouth. I was in absolute heaven. My daughter’s overly endowed chest was better that I had dreamed it would be.

    I lost track of time, my head enveloped in my daughter’s plentiful tits. All I knew when I pulled my head back was that both her tits were covered in her sweat and my saliva.

    Amy looked up at in disappointment and pouted. “No Daddy. Don’t stop. I want you to keep sucking on my tits.”

    I smiled at her as I answered, “Now honey. That’s kind of selfish, isn’t it? Here I am, doing things for you and not getting anything in return. Sex means doing things to your partner so that they will do more for you. The more you do for me means I’ll love you more and more. Right?”

    Amy thought it over for a moment. “You’re right Daddy. I’m sorry for being selfish. I’ll do anything you want, O.k.”

    I playfully pinched Amy’s nipples and caused her to squeak out in surprise and giggle. “O.k. sweetie. You did a very good job of letting me play with your titties. I’m wanting to have sex with you more and more.”

    Amy clapped her hands in glee. “Oh yea, Daddy! I’m so glad you’re wanting to have sex with me more and more.”

    “And the more I want to have sex with you the more I love you, right?” I chuckled in the back of my throat.

    “That’s right Daddy. And I’m gonna make sure you love me lots and lots.” Amy had a stern, serious look set on her face. She meant every word. “What’s next? Do I lick your nipples?”

    I chuckled again. “No, honey. When a man wants to have sex a different part of his body gets hard. Just like your nipples ‘tho, but different. It’s called a penis but when it’s time for sex we call it a dick or a cock. Understand?”

    “Dick or cock. And it gets hard like my nipples. I understand, Daddy.” Her serious face was back. She wanted to make sure she got everything right. I was so proud of her.

    “Now normally Amy, when two people are going to have sex they take their clothes off together or help each other. But since you’re already naked I’m just going to get myself naked all at once.” I stood up and began pulling my shirt off.

    “O.k. Daddy.”

    My shirt was off and I quickly pulled off my socks. “Now you’re going to notice a big difference in boys and girls bodies.”

    “Am I going to see your cock, Daddy?” Amy was perched on all fours at the edge of her bed staring intently at the bulge in my shorts.

    “See it and so much more Amy," I said as I whipped my shorts down over my throbbing dick and stood back up. I placed my hands on my hips and presented my cock to my daughter.

    Her eyes got huge and her mouth hung open in astonishment. Amy stared in wide-eyed wonder at my hard prick for several moments before speaking. “Can I… can I touch it?”

    I chuckled to myself at the thought of everything she was going to do to my cock besides just “touch it”. I sat back down on the bed and Amy’s eyes never left my bobbing dick. “It’s a very good idea as a matter of fact. The more you do to my cock the more I’ll want to have sex with you and therefore the more I’ll love you.”

    “And I want you to love me lots and lots and want you to have sex with me lots and lots. Right?”

    I playfully rubbed her head as I leaned back. “That’s right sweetie. Now I’m going to take your hands and show you what I want you to do with my dick. O.k.?”

    Amy looked up at me in complete seriousness and gave a quick nod of her head.

    I placed one of Amy’s small hands on my balls and the other around my hard dick. “Now sweetie. You want to be firm but don’t squeeze to hard, o.k.?” Amy’s small hand couldn’t even reach all the way around my shaft.

    “O.k. Daddy.”

    Amy caught on quick and in no time I was enjoying an old-fashioned hand-job from my teenage daughter. I leaned back, resting my head against the wall and groped my daughter’s jiggling tits as she stroked my aching prick and massaged my cum filled balls. “Oh God baby. The is just the thing Daddy needed. It feels so good.”

    “So I’m doing good, Daddy?” Amy didn’t even look at me when she asked. All she cared about was jacking me off and making me want to have sex with her.

    “Yes sweetie. The is one of the best hand-jobs ever.” I gave Amy’s pendulous tit a firm squeezed and caused her to moan.

    “Thank you Daddy. Do you love me more now?”

    “Oh yes, sweetie. More and more.” I enjoyed the sensation of my teenage daughter jacking my cock for a few more minutes before stopping her. “O.k. sweetie. We’re going to try something else now.”

    Amy released my cock and balls and sat up straighter. I took a quick moment to squeeze her tits and suck on each nipple causing her to moan out, “Oh Daddy. So good.”

    I looked Amy in the eyes and grasped one of her wrists and brought her hand up closer to my face. “Now we’re going to see how you do with a blow-job.”

    “A blow-job, Daddy?” A quizzical look crossed her face.

    “Yes baby. That’s where you put my dick in your mouth and suck on it like a lollypop.”

    Amy cocked her eyebrow at me. “Really?”

    I smiled at my daughter. “Yes. Really. This feels really good for a man. You’re going to put my dick in your mouth and then suck on it while you use your lips and tongue. This is going to feel really good and the more you do it the more I love you.”

    Amy perked up, “Really?”

    “Oh yes baby. Men love getting blow-jobs.” I patted her head affectionately.

    “O.k. Daddy. I'm ready to learn blow-jobs.” Amy squealed with excitement as she tried to clap her hands.

    I grabbed one of Amy’s fingers. “Now I’m going to use your finger to show you what to do to a man’s dick.”

    I spent the next 10 minutes showing Amy every trick that had ever been used on me. “O.k. sweetie. Show me everything I just did. And remember what I told you about deep-throating.”

    Amy quickly got down on her knees on the floor. “I will Daddy. I promise.”

    Amy got down on the floor and I spread my legs wide to give her plenty of access to my aching cock and balls. She softly grasp the base of my cock and I moaned the second she made contact. She lifted my cock up slightly and placed a delicate kiss on the head. Her pink lips slid across my sensitive flesh and she broke contact as leaned down to my balls. She placed a similar but longer kiss on each of my cum filled orbs and began slowly but firmly jacking my shaft, her small hands unable to fit completely around me. Her pretty, pink tongue slid across my balls as she slowly bathed my ball sack in her warm saliva. She took one of my balls into her mouth and began softly sucking on the churning ball and massaging it with her tongue. She let my ball pop out of her mouth and repeated the suction on my other ball, covering my entire sack with her lovely, intent, wet kisses.

    Amy leaned back up and ran her warm tongue from the base of my cock along the big vein underneath to my throbbing head. She gave the velvet head of my prick another, longer, kiss before running her tongue around it.

    Amy looked up at me expectantly, “Am I doing good Daddy? Do you love me more now? I want you to love me more and more, Daddy. Does me sucking your cock make you want to love me and have sex with me?”

    I placed one of my hands on the top of Amy’s head, “Oh yes, baby. The more you suck my dick the more I love you. Suck my cock some more baby, show me how much you want me to have sex with you.”

    Amy smiled up at me in pride and went back to her work, once more caressing my cock-head with her tongue. Amy opened her tiny, pink mouth wide and swallowed my pulsing head.

    “Oh, fuck yes baby,” I moaned out and kept my hand on the back of Amy’s head to guide her as she began bobbing up and down slowly. She was far too small to fit my entire length into her mouth and throat but did manage to get the first few inches in. Her tongue caressed the underside of my straining prick and I lost myself to watching my teen daughter sucking my cock and the slurping sounds she was making. She remembered everything I had taught her and used one of her hands to massage my balls and her other hand to jack the base of my cock.

    Amy’s head began bobbing up and down faster and her tongue wiggled faster and faster along the bottom of my rod. She was sucking as hard as she could and her cheeks were hollowing out with every slurp. She squeezed my balls firmly and I nearly shot my load then and there so I gripped her hair and had to pull to get her to release my dick from her mouth with a popping sound. “O.k. baby. Hold on a second.”

    “What’s the matter Daddy? Wasn’t I sucking your cock good enough? I can do better Daddy. I’ll practice lots and lots and be the best cock sucker ever, Daddy. I promise.” Amy’s eyes were wide in fear and her lower lip stuck out and trembled. “Please Daddy. Let me try again. I’ll do better. I promise… I promise.”

    I smiled wide and lifted Amy up. I hugged her tightly to me and felt her mammoth tits squash against me. “Oh sweetie. You already are one of the best cock-suckers ever.”

    A tear ran down Amy’s cheek. “R… really Daddy?”

    “Yes sweetie. It was wonderful. And don’t worry. I’ll make sure you get lots and lots of practice.”

    “Really Daddy?” A uncertain smile crept along Amy’s lips, “You promise.”

    I kissed the tear from her cheek. “Yes sweetie. You’ll be the best little cock-sucker ever. And we’ll practice lots and lots to make sure of it.”

    Amy quickly bent forward, plunging her tongue into my mouth and kissing me before talking excitedly again, “Oh goody Daddy! I can’t wait. But why’d you make me stop? I was having fun cock-sucking you.”

    “Because I was about to cum and I’m not ready for that yet.” I ran my hands down and cupped Amy’s plump ass-cheeks, “There’s something I wanted to do first.” I bent my face forward to her chest and smothered my head between her warm, silky tits.

    Amy cooed above me and I could barely hear her through the mountain of tit flesh engulfing my head. “Oooohhhh. What’s that Daddy?”

    I gave each of Amy’s erect, puffy nipples a long suck each before answering, “Well sweetie. You’re a very lucky girl.”

    “Really Daddy? Why?”

    I stuck my head between Amy’s heavenly tits again and gently motor-boated her before smiling and answering, “Well honey, you are blessed with very large, lovely tits.”

    Amy shrieked and giggled and attempted to cross her arms over her massive chest. “Daddyyyyy… (giggle) All the girls say they’re too big.”

    “Oh baby no. Not at all.” I gripped Amy’s wrists and drew her arms away from her jiggling tits. “All those girls are just jealous. Women spend thousands of dollars for tits like yours. Your's are all natural and the best pair I’ve ever seen.”

    Amy turned her head in embarrassment and blushed deeply but was still smiling, “No Daddy. (giggle) They’re too big, and jiggly, and bouncy, and they’re always sloshing around…” Amy shook as she laughed out, causing her tits to sway back and forth, “… and popping out.”

    A nearly overwhelming urge to just bite and chew on my daughter’s tits washed over me. “That may be sweetie but nonetheless they are spectacular. In fact, now we’re going to do something none of those girls in your grade can do. Lay on your back honey.”

    Amy shot me a quizzical look before laying down flat on her back and spreading her thighs wide open. Her amazing tits stood high and proud on her chest with absolutely no sag.

    “Keep your legs closed sweetie.” Amy closed her legs and I climbed over her and straddled her chest. “What we’re going to do now is called a ‘titty ride’.” I placed my cock flat on her chest and grabbed both her tits.

    “Is this sex, Daddy?”

    “This is part of the sex baby. Like the kissing and the blow-job. Just relax honey.” I pulled Amy’s tits up and used them to surround my throbbing prick. The first instant of contact and I lurched and nearly came. I began to slowly pump back and forth between her wonderful tits and moaned out in complete lust. Riding my daughter’s chest was better than the best sex I’d ever had.

    As I slowly fucked my daughter’s tits I ran my thumbs over her erect nipples and Amy moaned out in pleasure. Her tit flesh was hot and sweat slicked wrapped around my cock, so firm, so silky and I had never felt anything this good before in my life. I only lasted a couple of heavenly minutes before I knew that I was about to cum and that there was no stopping it this time. Nothing on earth could stop me from cumming on my teenage daughter’s tits.

    “I’m… (jesus) I’m going to cum now baby. Close… close your eyes so you don’t get anything in them.” Amy squeezed her eyes shut just before I erupted. My first load exploded out of her pale cleavage and landed in her forehead and hair. I released her tits and jerked my cock quickly, covering her quivering orbz with shot after shot of my thick, hot cum.

    I took a moment to burn the image into my mind. My daughter naked, flat on her back, body gleaming with sweat and desire, mountainous tits standing firm and tall and covered in my cum. My cock softened and hung loose between my legs as I spoke, “O.k. Amy. You can open your eyes now.”

    Amy squinted up at me before opening her eyes all the way. “Wow, Daddy. That was great. I loved the way your cock felt between my… my…”

    “Tits, honey. You call them ‘tits’ when we’re doing the sex stuff like this.” I reached down and patter her head.

    “…tits. It was really nice. And I loved it when you used your thumbs on my nipples. Since you came, does that mean we had sex?”

    “Not yet honey. Almost ‘tho. Daddy needs to rest after cumming like that, baby.”

    “O.k. Daddy. What do we do with this… this stuff," Amy pointed at her heaving, cum covered chest.

    “You use your fingers to wipe it up and swallow it, baby.”

    Amy arched her eyebrow at me like I had just said the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard. “Are you serious Daddy?”

    I chuckled as I scooped up a bit of my cum and brought it up to Amy’s pink lips. “Yes baby. Don’t worry. It doesn’t taste like much at all, really. Just a little salty.”

    Amy continued to look at me like I was crazy. “Then you do it Daddy.”

    I smirked at Amy. “O.k. Amy, I will. Open your legs.”

    Amy slowly spread her thighs and I reached my other hand down between them. Using one finger I rubbed against her swollen, wet labia and drew up some of her juices and caused a shudder to run though her small, naked body.

    I placed the finger in my mouth and sucked off my daughter’s sweet juices. God she tasted so good. “See sweetie. Now it’s your turn.”

    Amy took my finger into her mouth and sucked off my sperm. She swished my load around in her mouth for a moment before swallowing. “Not bad Daddy. I liked it.”

    Amy began scraping up my cum with her finger and swallowing it all down in earnest. Just watching her eat my cum was turning me on and I began to slowly start to harden. My baby daughter loved the taste of her father’s cum.

    I watched as Amy cleaned up and ate my entire load of cum off her chest and face and then smiled at me. “Your cum is yummy Daddy. Can I have some more?”

    “Oh honey, trust me. From now on you’ll be swallowing a lot of my cum.”

    “Yea Daddy! Are we ready for sex no?"

    “Almost Amy. Daddy needs to rest first. But we’ll be learning one more thing while waiting.” I gripped Amy’s knees and spread her pale thighs wide open.

    “What’s that Daddy?” Amy propped herself up on her elbows and caused her creamy tits to thrust out and jiggle.

    “I’m going to eat your pussy, baby,” I said as I laid down between my young daughter’s coltish legs.

    “What’s that Daddy?” Amy looked at me with a confused expression.

    “Well, it’s what girls get instead of blow-jobs.” I laid flat on Amy’s bed and pressed my hands on the insides of her thighs. I ran my hands up and down her silky flesh before sliding them underneath her and cupping her plump ass-cheeks.

    Amy moaned in pleasure before speaking, “Boys get blow-jobs and girls get pussy-eaten. Got it.”

    “Close enough, sweetie.” I kissed the insides of Amy’s tender thighs and caused her to moan out. Her tiny hands gripped the top of my head and entangled in my hair. I stuck my tongue out and licked the sweat from the insides of her thighs to just short of her drooling, virgin pussy as she began panting faster and faster and I stared up at her heaving tits.

    Gripping my young, teen daughter’s plump ass-cheeks I gave a long, drawn out kiss on her wet, swollen pussy and caused her to shriek. “Oh God Daddy! Yes!”

    I continued to kiss Amy’s virgin pussy and began licking up her sweet juices as she began moaning and panting and humping up against my mouth. I released her ass-cheeks and placed one hand just above her hot cunt and used the fingers of my other hand to delicately spread apart her pretty, pink pussy lips. The inside of my daughter’s pussy was the pink of juicy bubble gum and her clit stood out hard and erect like a pearl. I licked and sucked every little bit of her pink pussy and she thrashed around the bed and even kicked out at the wall in her sexual excitement.

    I took my middle finger and slowly ran it over Amy’s drooling pussy before placing it at the entrance of her cunt. I used the fingers on my other hand to keep her hairless pussy spread apart and slid my finger into my daughter’s tight, hot pussy. As my finger reached her hymen she tensed and grabbed my hair, nearly shrieking in pleasure.

    I whispered up at Amy as she came down from her near orgasm, “One last thing to get out of the way baby.”

    “OhDaddyohdaddyohdaddyohdaddyesyesyesyes…” Amy began chanting louder and louder. I stretched my tongue out and licked her hard, little clit and caused her to cum for the first time in her young life. Her trembling thighs locked around my head and her fingers dug into my hair as she came and screamed in absolute sexual bliss. As her orgasm hit it's peak her juices flooded my mouth as I pressed my finger into her spasming pussy, breaking her hymen and burying my finger into her cunt up to my knuckle, triggering another orgasm.

    Amy continued shrieking and thrashing around the bed with her thighs locked around my head and her fingers digging into my scalp. As my darling, teenaged, sex-pot of a daughter came down from her first sexual high her grip on my head relaxed and I was able to look up and see her entire sweat soaked body. Her legs were spread wide and her juices had spilled out of her gushing pussy and soaked her bed underneath her compacted ass-cheeks. Her massive chest heaved as she caught her breath and her pretty, pink and puffy nipples were rock hard, her eyes were half open and glazed and her mouth hung open.

    In pride I asked my panting daughter, “So Amy, did you enjoy your first orgasm?”

    Amy continued panting and had difficulty answering me for a few minutes. “…yes …yes Daddy… so good… so, so good… thank… thank you Daddy. Thank you for having sex with me and making me cum. I love you so much Daddy. Thank you so much for having sex with me.”

    I leaned over Amy’s twitching body, taking the time to give a quick lick and suck to both her salty nipples and causing her to coo before kissing her full on the lips and exploring her mouth with my tongue. “You’re welcome for me making you cum sweetie. But we haven’t had sex yet.”

    Amy’s eyes opened in surprise. “Really Daddy? That wasn’t sex?”

    “No sweetie. Not yet. That’s next. But while you rest for a bit I’m going to ride your tits again.”

    “O.k. Daddy. You can titty ride me whenever you want. I like it. I just need a minute to rest.” Amy took a deep breath, pushing her gleaming tits up.

    “Thank you sweetie.” I straddled Amy’s chest, my cock half hard, and wrapped her massive tits around my dick.

    Amy’s magnificent mounds were better than Viagra. After only a few strokes between her wonderful, deep cleavage I was rock hard again. I ran my thumbs across her puffy nipples and elicited short, little gasps of pleasure more and more as I continued fucking her tits. For the next few minutes I simply enjoyed the feel of my daughter’s supple, tender flesh rubbing against my now throbbing cock as she moaned out in pleasure louder and louder.

    Soon enough Amy began muttering under her breath, “Yes Daddy, yes. Fuck my tittys Daddy, fuck my tittys. None of the other girls can give titty-job-rides. Just me cuz I got nice, big tittys. Don’t I Daddy? Please tell me I have the best tittys Daddy. Please tell me you love my tits.”

    I released Amy’s tits right before I could cum again, “Oh yes baby.” I laid farther down, pressing my body against her and kissed her forehead. “My baby girl has the best tits in the world.” I began sucking and licking her hard nipples, squeezing and massaging her firm tit flesh, “Daddy loves his little girl’s tits.”

    Amy began moaning out louder, “Oh yes Daddy. And you’re going to suck and lick and kiss and fuck them lots and lots. Aren’t you, Daddy?”

    I stopped my teenage tit feast and smile up at my daughter. “That’s right baby. Every chance we get.”

    I gave Amy’s amazing mams a firm, hard squeeze and caused her to yell out, “Oh God Daddy! I’m going to cum again!”

    I released my hold on Amy’s tits and watched them wiggle around before kissing her on the nose. “Not yet baby. We’re going to have sex now.”

    Amy’s dazzling green eyes shot wide open and she smile up at me. It was the kind of smile a girl would have if she woke up Christmas morning and found out Santa Clause had left her a pony. “For real Daddy? We’re going to have sex now?”

    I kissed Amy again before answering A long, deep, wet kiss. “Yes honey. Now you lay there and relax. I’m going to have to use my fingers to play with your pretty, pink, pussy first.”

    Amy gripped my arms and pleaded with me, “No Daddy. Nooo… I wanna have sex with you and cum some more.”

    I patted Amy on the head before trailing my hand down her hot, young body to the burning junction between her thighs. “We will sweetie. We will. But to have sex Daddy is going to have to put his big ‘ol cock inside your tight, little, pussy.”

    “Yes Daddy, yes. Please put your big ‘ol cock in my tight, little, pussy and have sex with me.” Amy had never pleaded for anything this badly in her life, and now she was begging for her Daddy to fuck her. Begging for my dick.

    I lifted my throbbing cock up so she could see it from between her legs. “Do you see how big Daddy’s dick is baby?”

    “Yes Daddy. You have the biggest and bestest dick ever and I want it to have sex with my pussy, Daddy.” There is nothing like the look of lust on a sweet, teenage girl’s face as she stares at your dick with wonder and intent.

    “And it will baby. But first Daddy is going to use his fingers to make sure it will fit in your pussy," I was explaining myself to her like how I explained why she needs to wash her dishes after eating.

    Amy’s eyes flickered up to me and she whispered to me with a hint of fear, “Will it hurt Daddy. Some of the girls at school says it hurts the first time.”

    “It hurts when your hymen is broken baby. I’ve already broken your hymen so it won’t hurt again.”

    Amy looked down between her legs. “Really Daddy? I didn’t feel anything hurting.”

    “That’s because your Daddy loves you and would never do anything to hurt you. But it will feel uncomfortable if I put my dick in you without using my fingers first.”

    Amy cocked her eyebrow as she thought it over. “O.k. Daddy. Let’s do it. I’m ready for sex now,” Amy’s voice held a note of determination as she laid her head back down and braced herself.

    I smiled at my angelic daughter. So determined and ready to have sex for the first time with her Daddy. I placed my index finger at the entrance to Amy’s wet pussy and slowly slid it up to the first knuckle.

    “OOoohhhh Daddy. YYYyyeeesssss. Fingers are good.”

    I smiled as I worked my finger in and out of my teen daughter’s hot pussy, slowly pushing it in farther and farther. As I pushed in far enough to reach my big knuckle Amy was moaning and panting, her lush body covered in a glistening sheen of sweat and her slick juices sliding out of her pussy and soaking her bed. I slowly began working my middle finger into her pussy as well and stretching her a little. Her burning cunt was so tight I could barely fit in my second finger but after 10 minutes I finally had both fingers buried deep inside of her.

    “Oh God, oh geez, oh yes Daddy. So, so very good Daddy. So very goooodd.” Any had her eyes closed and her hands were gripping the bed sheets and pulling them up.

    I could feel Amy’s orgasm approching and slowed down until it passed. It wasn’t quite time yet. As my darling daughter began to calm down I returned to slowly sawing my fingers in and out of her flush body and began trying to spread my fingers apart to stretch her tight cunt. Every time she began to approach her orgasm her body would start to tense and I would ease up long enough for her to cool down and then I would start again.

    Amy’s drooling pussy was nearly gushing and her sweet juices were soaking her blanket, sheets and mattress. I loved the squelching sound her pussy was making as I finger-banged her and I loved hearing her pant and moan, completely lost to pure lust. I continued spreading my fingers apart and after bringing my daughter to the brink of orgasm over and over again I added a third finger.

    I used the same long, slow strokes to fit in my third finger and finally worked it all the way in. Amy froze. I was afraid I’d made her cum too soon but she stared to relax and whisper to me, “Cum Daddy. I need to cum, Daddy. I’ll go crazy if I don’t cum now, Daddy. Fingers, mouth, tongue or your big, hard dick. Anything Daddy. Please, please, please, please let me cum, Daddy. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll suck your cock, do the dishes, titty ride you, jack you off, do my homework. Anything. But please, please make me cum. I love you so much, Daddy. You were right. This is better than birthdays or Christmas all rolled up together but please make me cum, Daddy.”

    I nearly came right then and there listening to my daughter beg and plead for me to fuck her. And with three of my fingers buried inside her it was finally time.

    I waited for Amy to calm down once more. I was watching her breathing and got distracted watching her large tits raise up and down until I heard her whimper. I made sure my fingers were resting on her g-spot and scooted my hips around until my cock was resting below my fingers at the entrance to her pussy. I slowly pushed my cock forward as I drew my fingers back, making sure to rub them against the rough patch of flesh of her g-spot.

    “Oh Geeze Daddyyyyy! I’m cumming!” Amy suddenly yelled out loud enough to shake the window panes.

    As Amy’s orgasm tore through I quickly removed my fingers and pushed forward with my cock at the same time. Plunging deep inside of her pussy and taking her virginity my baby girl shrieked again and another orgasm ripped through her. Her burning cunt gripped and squeezed my aching dick and I had to resist the urge to just plow into her as her pussy rippled around me.

    My cock bottomed out and I could feel my cock-head bumping against her cervix and my balls resting against her ass-cheeks. I slowly drew back an inch and pushed back in and caused Amy’s body to quake underneath me. She began wordlessly moaning underneath me as I started fucking her in earnest and every time I would draw my dick out a bit further than the last time she would moan louder and louder. As I slid back in she suddenly held her breath and jerked her hips up a little.

    As I drew my cock out leaving just my head in I slid in faster and rubbed my groin up and against her clit causing her to yell out as another orgasm tore through her, “Yes Daddy Yes! Cumming Daddy! You’re Making Me Cum Again!”

    I began fucking my teenage daughter fast and hard, making sure I caressed her g-spot and rubbed against her clit. Amy gripped my forearms and wrapped her legs around my ass and began thrusting her tight pussy up to meet every thrust of my cock.

    As Amy began fucking back at me in unison to my thrusts she began chanting, “Yes Daddy yes Daddy yes Daddy…” over and over again, louder and louder as she approached another orgasm.

    I gripped Amy’s thrusting hips and sat up straighter and brought her up with me. My back was straight up with my ass resting on my calves and the bottom of my daughter’s thighs resting on the top of mine. The change of position allowed me to watch my daughter’s creamy tits jiggle around on her chest with my every thrust. Releasing her hips my hands shot up to her tits and I began squeezing her large mounds, kneading them like bread dough.

    I began rubbing my thumbs across my daughter’s hard nipples and Amy began stuttering. I think she may have been trying to say my name but all I could understand was, “D… d… d… d…”

    I released my hold on Amy’s sloshing tits and reached one hand under the small of her back and the other underneath her shoulders. I buried my cock into my teen daughter’s hot cunt as far as it would go and lifted her up with my hips. She screamed in pleasure and I shifted my hips down and let her own weight slid her down my cock and fall into my lap as her tiny hands gripped my shoulders and she came again.

    Amy collapsed against my chest and a shudder ran through her entire body as I held her gently against me. She panted against my chest and I could feel the hard, little nubs of her nipples rubbing against me as her giant tits were squashed to me. I gently stroked my baby’s long, red hair with one hand and her plump, silky ass-cheek with the other as she recovered.

    “Oh God Daddy. Sex is sooo good. Thank you, Daddy. Thank you for making me cum again and again. You were so right. It’s so much better than Christmas. I wanna have sex again and again and again.” Amy sat up and stared me straight in the eyes with a worried look on her face. “We can do it again, can’t we? This won’t be the only time we have sex, right?”

    “No, no sweetie. Trust me. We’ll be having sex a lot from now on.” I lovingly placed a kiss on my daughter’s forehead as a look of relief washed over her face.

    “Oh goodie, Daddy!” Amy leaned forward and gave me a deep kiss, her wet, pink tongue probing into my mouth.

    I broke the kiss and gave her a bunch of smaller kisses down from her mouth, the her neck, to her shoulders and down to her glistening chest. My cock was aching inside her, I’d never needed to cum so badly in my entire life. “O.k. baby. We’re going to have more sex now so Daddy can cum, too.”

    Amy frowned at me. “I’m sorry Daddy. I’m being selfish again, ain’t I. You made me cum lots and lots and I’ve only made you cum once. I’m sorry, Daddy.” She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a great, big hug with her tits rubbing against my chest, “From now on I’ll make you cum lots and lots, o.k.?” She leaned back and thrust her amazing tits up towards me with a smile on her face, “Do you want to play with my tits some more until you cum?”

    I dipped my head foreword until it was engulfed in my daughter’s wide expanse of creamy cleavage and motorboated her, causing her to giggle out before I answered her, "Oh yes baby and you’re going to do something else, too.”

    Amy wrapped her arms around my head and pressed me harder to her chest. “What’s that, Daddy?”

    I licked the sweat off my daughter’s pale tits as I told her, “You’re going to ride Daddy’s cock. You’re going to raise your hips up and then lower them back down. This way Daddy’s cock can slide in and out of your pussy so I can concentrate on playing with your heavenly tits. Understand sweetie?”

    I looked into my daughter’s deep, green eyes as she answered, “I think so Daddy. Let’s try.” Amy raised up off my lap a little and squeaked out as my cock pulled out slightly. Then as she slid back down she moaned out in pleasure. Amy’s face lit up and she beamed at me, “Oh. That’s nice Daddy. I can totally do that. Now don’t you worry about anything. You just play with my tits and I’ll ride your cock. This way you don’t have to do anything and I can make you cum. O.k.?”

    “That’s a very good idea sweetie. You’re a very special girl worrying about making sure your Daddy cums.”

    “That’s cuz I love you Daddy. And you already made me cum lots and lots. Are you ready Daddy? Ready for me to ride your cock so you can play with my tits and cum?” Amy was so proud to be helping her Daddy.

    “Yes sweetie. Thank you very much.” I kissed each of Amy’s pink, puffy nipples and she giggled as she started to slowly ride my throbbing dick.

    I nestled my head into Amy’s jiggling cleavage and started sucking at her heavy tits as she slowly rode me. She only rose up and inch or so at first but as my daughter found her rhythm she would rise up more and more and faster and faster. She moaned out and began nearly jumping up off of my lap before slamming down and burying my cock deep inside of her. A professional porn star couldn’t have done better at riding my dick as I continued licking, sucking, nibbling and biting at her mammoth tits. My daughter was the most enthusiastic fuck I had ever had and was continuously shrieking out in pure lust as she fucked herself over and over again on her father’s dick.

    I gripped my daughter’s plump ass-cheeks to steady her and keep her from launching herself off my lap. She was a year or so away from being able to comfortably take my dick up her ass but it was never too early to get started teaching her. Her sweet pussy juices had covered my lap and balls and I began using my middle finger to gather some up and coat my finger. I used Amy’s juices to coat my finger and her asshole as I felt my balls tighten up, ready to cum.

    Amy began yelling out, “Oh Daddy! I think I’m going to cum again! It feels so good to ride your cock, Daddy! So, so good!” As Amy tensed up and was about to cum I placed my finger at the entrance to her puckered, little asshole. “Oh God Daddy! I’m going to cum again! Are you going to cum Daddy? Am I making you cum? Daddy…? What are you doing to my buttTTTT!”

    As Amy came down again I plunged my finger into her tight ass just as she started to cum again. After a quick thrust up, sending my cock as deep into my daughter as it would go, my cock exploded as I came with her. I shot load after load of my thick cum deep into my daughter’s spasming pussy as we both rode out our orgasms and I sucked one of her pink nipples as far into my mouth as I could. She continued shrieking out as her delicate body thrashed around on top of my lap and her clutching pussy continued to milk my cock dry.

    Suddenly Amy froze before collapsing against me. I took her a moment to start breathing again and I released her plump tit from my mouth and slid my finger out of her ass with a pop.

    As my daughter lay against me, her large tits squashed against my chest, I stroked her red hair and caressed her silky ass-cheeks. Several minutes went by and I was starting to worry about her because she wasn’t usually quiet for this long. And then I heard her start to snore. She had fucked herself out. I smiled and picked her up, cradling her in my arms like when she was a baby, and took her down to mine and Beth’s bed.

    I laid Amy down on my side and went back to her room to clean. I stripped her bed, cleaned the mattress as best I could and flipped it over and remade her bed. I soaked some wash clothes in warm water in the bathroom and went back to my dozing angel and cleaned her up. I carried her back to her room and laid her down and got her dressed in her pajamas. I decided to stay naked until I cleaned up and gathered up all our sex stained items.

    As I silently tried to leave I heard Amy’s groggy voice, “Daddy.”

    I smiled at my daughter. “Yes princess?”

    “Thank you for all the sex Daddy, and for making me cum lots. You’re the bestest Daddy in the world.”

    “You’re welcome honey.”

    “Are we going to have more sex from now on? You promised.” Amy was a bleary eyed vision of beauty.

    “Yes sweetie. Now get some rest. I have to make supper before Mommy gets home.”

    I turned to leave but Amy asked me something that made me freeze and my dick lurch. “Do you think Mommy can have sex with us too.”

    The End.

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    Really well written story. It had a nice build to it and was enjoyable to read. Hope to see more about Amy and her Dad.

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    I'm glad you like it but I'm afraid I don't have any plans for a sequel yet.

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    very nice

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    Thanks. I'm happy you enjoyed it.

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    cant wait too see what and who cumms next

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    'Fraid there's not any more chapters planned, sorry.

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    Hot story ... thanks for the share... Sorry there is no more to Cum...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    I'm glad you liked it.



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