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    The Fishing Cabin

    The Fishing Cabin: Part I

    The year my son was 16 my wife and I invested in a small fishing cabin along Lake Palmer. It had been a dream of mine since I was a kid to have a fishing cabin that was all mine and this one fully fulfilled that dream, complete with a boat dock and a great view of the setting sun every evening.

    The cabin itself was rather Spartan. It was just one big room, approximately 25x40 in size with a small bathroom that was packed so tight with a toilet, sink and stand-up shower that you could barely get the door closed while you were inside of it. You literally had to stand between the toilet and wall just to give yourself room to push the door shut. The sleeping quarters were two full size beds side-by-side along one wall, with a couch and recliner serving as the living room and dividing the sleeping quarters from the kitchen/dining area.

    Our first visit to stay the night in the cabin was a dream for me and a nightmare for my city-dwelling wife. It didn’t take long for her to declare that the cabin was officially the father and son getaway because she had no desire to stay the night there again. I was fine with that and my son seemed equally content with it.

    A few weeks later my son and I returned to the cabin for a weekend fishing trip while my wife stayed home to have some alone time with a book and a pitcher of iced tea. Once at the cabin my son and I quickly settled in to our temporary housing. He chose to reclaim the bed he had slept in the last time, so I took the other one. We stowed our clothes away in our bags under the beds and headed down to the dock for a quick fishing attempt before it got dark. Soon we were reeling in small mouth bass like crazy and in no time it was dark and we decided to forego the attacking mosquitos and head back to the cabin.

    After a light dinner we took turns squeezing into the bathroom for a quick shower and not long after that we turned in for the night with plans on a daylight boat ride across the lake to test the fishing in other areas. As we lay there dozing off I found myself dreaming of world record bass and enjoying a day on the lake and not long after that I slipped into a sound sleep.

    Sometime in the middle of the night I was pulled from my sleep by the sound of an animal making noises. As I came out of my slumber I listened intently trying to figure out if the animal had gotten into the cabin or was outside, but I wasn’t hearing the noise anymore, so I just laid there and listened. Then I heard a swishing noise. As I tried to discern what I was hearing I saw movement and realized that the swishing noise I was hearing was not an animal, it was my son stroking his cock in the bed beside me. He had the sheet down over his crotch so that with every stroke his hand made a swishing noise against the sheet fabric. Then I heard the animal noise and I realized it wasn’t an animal, it was him letting our soft moans of pleasure. I could hardly believe that he was jerking off right there beside of me!

    As I laid there watching the sheet rise and fall with every stroke I found myself getting aroused. I sincerely felt the urge to join him. My own cock was as hard as a rock as I laid there watching him pleasure himself. I began to wonder if he was going to cum under the sheet and make a mess of everything or if he would get up and go to the bathroom to finish. As if he read my mind, a moment later he flipped the sheet back. I expected him to get up and slip into the bathroom, but instead he laid there stroking.

    As I laid there watching and listened I began to wish that I could see better. The noise was much quieter without the sheet, but the rubbing/swishing noise of palm on cock was arousing. I was genuinely craving a good look at what I was barely able to see and hear. As if I had some magical power a cloud slid out from in front of the moon and the room lit up considerably with lunar glow. In an instant I could see his cock with great detail. I was shocked. It was gorgeous! He was longer than me and a bit thicker and had a prominent, well-shaped head that would make anyone’s mouth water.

    As he lay there stroking away the urge to join him grew stronger and stronger. Twice I opened my mouth to say something, then realized I didn’t know what to say. How do you say “Hey son, can I jack off with you?”?

    A few minutes later my hesitation resulted in a lost chance as he arched his back slightly, let out a groan that was probably louder than he meant for it to be, and shot 7 or 8 thick streams of cum two feet in the air. I was impressed. I used to cum like that when I was his age, but my power to ejaculate had diminished with age and now I was lucky to get two spurts that went a foot before the rest just dribbled out.

    After his orgasm subsided he glanced over at me, I assume for fear that he had woke me up. I had half expected this and had my eyes nearly shut before he even turned towards me. From his angle I was sound asleep. He then slid out of bed and made his way to the bathroom, I assume to clean up, before returning to bed and sliding back under the sheets.

    As I laid there horny as hell from what I had just witnessed I heard him begin to lightly snore. I slid my hand inside of my underwear and fondled my dick for a few minutes, rubbing the precum that had been flowing out of it all over my shaft, then decided to leave myself unsatisfied rather than risk him waking up to my show. Instead I rolled over and dozed off, but this time instead of fish I dreamed of my son jerking his throbbing cock and shooting cum everywhere. I dreamed of touching it, stroking it, sucking it and licking his cum off of his shaft as it slowly slid towards his balls.

    When I woke up the next morning I felt guilty for the perverted dreams I had dreamed the night before, but my guilt didn’t stop me from fantasizing about the same things all morning. When he got up out of bed I noticed the half-morning wood tenting his underwear and couldn't help but get a little chub myself at the sight. I had experienced some bisexual things as a teenager, but this was the first time in 20 years that I found myself seriously thinking about cock and I was ashamed that it was my son’s cock that had re-ignited those thoughts.

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    Mmmm more please! I love father son stories. There aren't enough on SSP. They get me so wet!

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    Awesome story

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    Part II

    As Trent made his way to the bathroom I fixed us a solid outdoorsman’s breakfast complete with bacon, scrambled eggs, and pan-friend biscuits. I called for him to come to breakfast and couldn’t help but notice as he approached the table that his half-erection was still there.

    During breakfast my mind wandered. What I had witnessed last night was overwhelming my thoughts. Even Trent noticed I was distracted and asked me what was up. I shrugged, told him I was just daydreaming and went back to eating. I only wished that at that moment I could tell him what I was daydreaming about.

    The morning went perfectly. We hit the lake just as the sun was cresting over the ridgeline and the fish were hungry and biting. My dirty thoughts gradually faded from my mind, but not fully. I only truly was able to focus on something else by resolving myself to make sure that I didn’t let this fantasy go without at least trying to make something happen.
    By 11 A.M. we had reeled in two dozen fish, throwing back the small ones and keeping a few bigger ones for dinner that night. I suggested to Trent that it was getting to hot to be on the lake and we had plenty of fish anyway. He agreed and back to shore we went.

    A half an hour later we had the fish cleaned and chilling in the cooler and it was just past noon. I stepped into the cabin to grab a cold drink and make us sandwiches and got an idea. I quickly dug into my bag of clothes, found my swim shorts and stuffed them in a coffee can that was under the cabinet. Then I called for Trent and suggested we jump in the lake to cool off after our sandwiches. He loved the idea. He quickly grabbed his swim shorts from his bag and began stripping down to put them on. I enjoyed the show out of the corner of my eye.

    While keeping one eye on his cock and balls I dug around in my bag for my swim shorts. I made a real show of not finding them. He eventually asked what was wrong and I explained that I must have forgotten to pack my swim shorts. He quickly suggested that I just wear my underwear, which I shot down saying I had only brought enough for the trip and didn’t want to soak them in lake water.

    Then he said it. “Just go skinny dipping. It’s not like anyone but us is here.” That had been my plan all along, but I was surprised that he suggested it.

    I feigned shyness “Yeah, I don’t envision me doing that.” I said, “Besides, it would feel weird being the only one swimming naked, ya know?”

    My heart skipped a beat when he said “I am cool with skinny dipping. Besides, I always thought it would be cool to be naked outside.” he continued, “I am game if you are.”

    My head was swimming. My heart was racing. Could he see how exciting I was to do this? I tried to play it cool and just said “OK, if you are OK with it so am I.”

    I began undressing while he simultaneously slid his swim shorts down and stepped out of them. I could feel my cock getting hard and tried to will it not to happen. No use. By the time I was fully undressed I was throbbing hard. I glanced over at Trent and was pleasantly surprised to see he was fully erect as well and like me, was worried about it. I was only catching glimpses of it as he tried to hold his towel in front of it, but I could see enough to know it was beautiful and I was pretty sure he was bigger than me.

    I decided to let him off the hook and save myself some stress as well. I turned to face him, erection on full display and said “I am glad to see I am not the only one with this problem.”

    He looked at my hard dick, grinned and looked away. I said “Trent, we are going to see each other’s junk, we might as well be comfortable with it rather than play the “I swear I didn’t see your dick” game.” He laughed out loud at that and so did I. He looked at my cock, this time longer, then tossed his towel around his neck revealing his to me. “Well at least mine is bigger!” he said. He noticed! I argued that I was thicker, but agreed that he was longer. We laughed again. We were getting comfortable with each other being naked. This was a good thing.

    We walked down to the dock, dicks flopping, but no discomfort at all. We dove in together and swam around for a while. Eventually he pulled himself up onto the dock and laid out in the sun, his cock still half erect and laying along his stomach. I swam up to the dock, but stayed in the water, resting my arms on the dock and positioning myself perfectly to see his cock as he lay there.

    After a few minutes I heard his breathing turn shallow. He was tired from the early morning and the warm sun was like a sleeping pill. He was falling asleep. I waited. Moments later I heard a soft snore come from him. I waited, nervous. I touched my face to make sure my fingers were warm. They were. I then risked a quick, gentle touching of the underside of his cock. The flesh was amazingly soft. He didn’t move. Another soft snore. He was still asleep. I risked it further and gently touched his balls. Another snore. I lifted his cock into my hand and held it. Another snore, but louder. He was going into a deep sleep. I still held his half hard cock. He snored loudly again. I began to gently stroke it and it immediately responded growing rock hard in my hand. I was dying to do more, but feared he would awake. I released my grip and watched as it throbbed in the sun. He snored again.

    I gently swam a few feet away and then spoke to him. He groggily raised up and looked at me. I asked again, “Are you going to sleep the day away?” He smiled and said no, then noticed his erection. “Oh wow.” he said.

    I chuckled and said “Yeah that came to life while you were snoring.” He apologized. I seized the moment and said “Don’t apologize. I don’t mind.” He looked at me unsure of what I was saying. I just smiled and said “I mean, it is bigger than mine and all.” We laughed.

    When we got back to the cabin I decided to stay naked and see if he would follow suit. After drying off I tossed my towel on the bed and proceeded to lay back on the bed naked. I was happy to see that he followed my lead. Eventually we both drifted into a sleep. I dreamed of his cock, hard and throbbing in my hand. I dreamed of it shooting those jets of semen in the air. I dreamed of licking his balls while his seed ran down my face.

    I awoke to find my cock sticking straight up and throbbing. I glanced to my right to see Trent looking at it and smiling. He joked “That came to life while you were snoring.” We laughed hard at that. He had me.

    I got up and started making us dinner. I remained naked. Trent surprised me by asking “So, are we just going to stay naked for the rest of the trip?” I looked over my shoulder at him, made sure he saw me look down at his cock, and said “I like it if you do, but I don’t want you to feel like you have to.”

    He smiled and said “No, I like it. I was hoping we would.”

    Inside I was jumping for joy. Some part of me hoped things would progress while another part of me suspected that he might be wanting the same or similar things.
    At dinner we talked casually. At one point I joked that he needed to be careful not to drop hot food on his big dick. His eyes grew big and he said “Oh yeah, that would not be cool at all!” We laughed again. The comfort level between us was solid.

    Then Trent caught me off guard and asked “So…” he paused.

    “What is up?” I asked.

    “Um…” I could tell he was nervous. I waited.

    He continued “Like…when you feel…you know, like an urge. Do you take care of it or wait for mom to do it?”

    I was stunned. He was asking me if I jacked off. It had taken him a lot to ask that. I was even more surprised that he included his mom in it like that. Perhaps Trent had a much dirtier mind than I realized.

    I smiled and said “You mean to I jack off?”

    He grinned “Yeah.”

    “Hell yes I jack off!” I said and smiled. I could see him visibly relax. "Don't get me wrong" I added, "Your mom is a great piece of ass. Big tits, nice shaved pussy with big, pouty pussy lips that is always ready if I want to fuck, but sometimes a guy haas got to take care of things for himself just because it feels good."

    I continued “You know Trent, I am cool with talking about anything you want.” I added, “Don’t hesitate to ask me anything or talk about anything ever.”

    He looked at me. I could see he wanted to ask something else.

    “So…you would be cool with knowing I do it?”

    I laughed. He looked confused. I said “I kind of already knew you did.”, “I mean, I figure all guys do and you are a guy…so.”

    He smiled “Yeah, I do a lot.”

    I was hard as a rock. This conversation appeared to be leading exactly where I had hoped we would go. We both just sat there, partially unsure of what else to say and partially afraid to ruin the moment. I knew what I wanted and I hoped he wanted it too.

    I broke the silence. “That bathroom is way too small to get a good stroke in.”

    He chuckled “Yeah. I have not tried yet, but it doesn’t seem like a good spot.”

    He continued “Have you tried in there?”

    I said “No, unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to jerk off since we got here. I could use it.”

    Then I did it. I revealed my secret. “I saw you doing it last night.” His head snapped up. He was speechless. Then I added “I wanted to join you but was too nervous.”

    “Seriously?” he asked. “You saw?”

    “Yeah” I responded. “I got turned on watching you and wanted to jack off with you, but thought you might think I was weird or something.”

    There. It was out there. Either he would freak out on me and our father/son relationship would be dead, or he would love the idea and things would be great.

    He smiled. My heart raced. “That would have been hot!” he said.

    “Seriously?” I asked.

    “Absolutely!” he responded. “I have thought about jacking of with some of my friends, but was too scared to ask. It would be super-hot to do it with you.”

    Without another word we both got up, both of our cocks throbbing hard, and made our way over to the beds. I climbed on to mine. I saw him hesitate, unsure if he should go to his bed or mine.

    “There is plenty of room here. We should sit closer together so we can see better.”

    He climbed beside of me. Our shoulders touched as we began to fondle our cocks. He made no effort to avoid the contact, which I took as a good sign. We both took our time, gently stroking our cocks and occasionally letting go to stretch it out.

    At one point I just stopped rubbing mine and watched him gently stroking his. I made no effort to hide that I was watching. I wanted him to know.

    He let go of it…left it throbbing and pulsing. I looked up at him, our eyes met. The moment was right.

    “You want me to help?” I asked.

    He slid down on the bed until he was laying down, spread his legs a bit and said “I was hoping you would.”
    I didn’t need any more than that. I leaned over him, putting one arm across him and bracing myself on the bed on the other side of him and reached out with my other hand and took ahold of his cock. I was shaking inside from nerves and anticipation. His thighs quivered with pleasure. I realized he might cum quickly and I wanted to prolong it, so I took my time. I gently stroked his cock. The precum flowed like water. I kept scooping it up with my finger and quickly licking it up. I was pretty sure my body was blocking his view of me doing that, but I was so horny I didn’t care if he knew or not. It was delicious. I was so turned on from eating his precum that I was shaking even more.

    His breathing was shallow. I knew he was close. My heart was about to hammer out of my chest. Did I dare go further?

    I said something about my elbow being about to go out on me and lowered myself down across his body, placing my face just inches from his cock.

    He spoke, issuing a warning. “Dad, I shoot a lot and I shoot really far. If you stay there you will get covered.”

    I responded “I don’t mind if you don’t.”

    Then he said it. “I don’t mind anything as long as you want to do it.” I knew he was giving me permission.

    I held his cock at the base, looked at it, then swirled my tongue around his head. His thighs quivered. “Oh shit yes!” he said.

    I parted my lips and gently sucked his cock into my mouth. He sighed heavily, the way that only being deep into pleasure can cause you to sigh. He wanted it too.
    I sucked gently at first, then with more tongue and suction. That was all he could take. His thighs quivered like jelly, I felt his stomach tighten under my ribs. He was going to cum.

    He warned me “Dad I am going to cum hard.” he said.

    I kept sucking.

    Seconds later another warning “I can’t hold back any longer. You better stop now or I am going to shoot in your mouth.” then quietly added “Unless that is what you want.”

    I kept sucking.

    His cock grew even harder between my lips, I tasted his precum gushing into my mouth. There was no way I was stopping. I wanted this.

    The first spurt of cum hit the back of my throat with power. He let out an orgasmic moan that vibrated the entire room. Then his cock cut loose, shooting blast after blast of semen into my hungry mouth. I sucked enthusiastically. It was exactly what I had wanted! His cock throbbing and pulsing with every shot into my mouth was intoxicating. His cum was delicious! I was swallowing as fast as he shot it. He was not wrong, he shot a huge load into my mouth, much bigger than I had watched him shoot the night before. I counted 13 spurts in all. Wow!

    Without touching my own cock I orgasmed with him, my seed running down my thigh as his slid down my throat. My own orgasm did nothing to satiate my hunger for his cock and cum. I wanted to keep sucking. I did.

    He put his hand on the back of my head and began guiding me deeper on his still hard cock. Soon I was deepthroating him with his balls pressed against my nose. I was in heaven. Clearly so was he.

    I continued to slowly deepthroat him, mindful of how sensitive his head probably was after cumming.

    He quietly said “Don’t stop. You are going to make me shoot again.”

    I had no intentions of stopping.

    He kept his hand on the back of my head, controlling my speed and rhythm. I was lost in paradise. I never dreamed he would want this as much as I did, but he clearly was just as into it as I was.

    Eventually he was thrusting his cock into my mouth, pushing his hips up as he pushed my head down. It was so erotic. I was lost in being facefucked by my son. I moaned in pleasure. I was lost deeper in pleasure as he said “That’s it. Moan on it. I know you like it.” Holy hell he was turning me on!

    Without warning his cock erupted in my mouth. No spurts this time, just a gushing flow of thick, creamy cum. He moaned gently. His thighs quivered again. I found that so sexy!

    As his orgasm subsided he lifted me off of his cock. His way of telling me he was satisfied.

    I laid back beside him. I feared an uncomfortable end to it. He dissolved my fear by quietly saying “That was amazing.”

    I responded “I agree. I was wanting that so bad.”

    “You swallowed it all?” he asked.

    “Absolutely!” I responded.

    “I was surprised. Most girls complain about there being so much and move away before I shoot.” he continued “It made me shoot even harder knowing you wanted it.”

    “No complaints from me” I said, “It was delicious.”

    He said “Now I wish you would have let me know you were watching last night. You could have done it then too.”

    I chuckled and said “Well, at least now know we both know what the other one wants, right?”

    “Oh yeah, we both know now.” and chuckled, then added “I should have let you do it on the dock. That would have been hot out there in the open like that.”

    Now it was my turn to be surprised.

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    Loved it. That was so hot..



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