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    A Blackmaled Cuckold 01-04

    A blackmaled cuckold.

    John was 22 years of age, average height and weight but unfortunately nature did not bless him very well in the manhood department for when he was fully erect he could only muster a measly four inches. His 21 year old girlfriend Melanie was five foot eight tall long blonde hair with a slim waist and 36D tits, from day one Melanie was a typical bitch; everything had to be her way or no way.

    On their first date, John suggested a movie and a meal but no Melanie wanted the full romantic restaurant and all the trimmings. As usual what Melanie wanted Melanie got or she would cause a bad atmosphere for anyone or anything. That night on their first date, they arrived back at Melanie’s mum’s house and half expecting an invite in, John stood waiting as they said their goodnights. Because John only drove a Ford and not an expensive car, he did not even get a peck on the cheek, but Melanie had gotten under his skin and he knew he would do what ever it took to please her. As he waited hoping for at least a kiss, her plump 48 year old mother, Jean, came out in her dressing gown and looked down her nose at John. John was taken aback by Jean’s massive 48GG tits barely confined inside the dressing gown. Instantly Melanie was inside the door shut and bolted without so much as a thank you.

    Thinking he had blown his chances with such a sexy looking woman, John was surprised when two days later he got a call from Melanie. She did not ask if he was doing anything that night but more matter of a fact when she told him he could take her out that night. They say love is blind so John overlooked her abruptness and instantly changed his plans to accommodate Melanie’s wishes.

    When he picked her up she told him to book them a room at the local hotel as they were going to get intimate that night. John could not believe his luck, this stunning woman was going to have sex with him, but not only that she had told him that very fact before they even tried out. John should have been on his metal really for Melanie had a reputation as being a heartbreaker, but he thought he could handle her and besides who would miss the chance of fucking this horny slut. They drove over to the local motel and booked a room, Melanie insisted on holding the key. Then once more she insisted on being wined and dined in style. Melanie excused herself for a visit to the ladies room and was gone for a good thirty minutes and like the good little obedient slave, John sat patiently.

    Eventually Melanie returned and slowly ate her way through the main course and desert before faking a yawn and suggesting they retire to their room, well not so much suggesting but more like demanding. Once inside the room, she ordered John to strip and burst out laughing at his poor equipment, but still suggested that maybe he knew how to use it to good effect as its size was never going to fill her needs. She then told him to put on the things she had laid out for him to wear. When John looked laid out on the bed was a black lacy Basque, two small grapefruits, suspender belt, bright red fish net stockings and bright red crotchless panties. John began to protest until Melanie simply said no dressing up then no sex, and no clothes to go home in either.

    When given the ultimatum of wearing some female clothes and fucking a red hot horny woman and not dressing up and walking home naked with his tiny prick rock hard, what man would not dress to please such a sexy looking woman. Reluctantly John put on the Basque and used the grapefruits to fill out the bra cups, next he put on the panties and his poor four inch rock hard cock poked through the crotch area, next he slipped on the suspender belt and final felt the strange but sexually stimulating of the fine nylon stockings sliding up his legs. When fully attired to Melanie’s satisfaction, he was paraded in front of the full length mirror on the outside of the built in wardrobe.

    Suddenly the door flew open and his eyes were blinded by a flash as someone took a picture of him dressed as a woman only with his tiny cock poking out. Out of the wardrobe stepped a brown haired plumpish woman he knew as Jean, She instantly laughed at his discomfort and quickly grabbed his four inch cock pulling it sharply as she swore, “This little thing would never do, look Melanie, I am holding it in four fingers pity three of them are gripping fresh air!”

    Then John was made to pose in various poses as the mother took loads of photos supposedly for Melanie’s wedding album. It never registered with john that she had mentioned wedding album. What he did notice was his own clothes were gone and he had two choices to grin and bear the situation and hope it would be over soon or undress and leave stark naked and try to get home the three miles to his house.

    He did not fancy risking being arrested as a streaker, so he decided to sit it out and see what happened; hopefully he would get at least a fuck for his troubles. He was made to stand at the foot of the bed and watch his blonde bombshell Melanie and her mother Jean have a sixty nine incestuous lesbian session. Then he was made to wank off his poor cock but the strange thing was that he was ordered to face the wardrobe when he did it.

    An hour after arriving at the hotel room, he was given his shirt and shoes and that was all the clothing he was allowed, although he was given his keys and told his trousers and other bits of clothing would be returned to him tomorrow. Then he was bustled out the door and into the motel car park. Quickly he scooted over to his car and drove home hoping not to get pulled by the police as he did so.

    Once safely at home he recalled his exploits of the night and suddenly realised that he still had not fucked Melanie despite him dressing as she had instructed him. However when he removed his shirt and looked at himself in the mirror, he no longer saw plain John looking back at him, no now he saw Joanie, a large breasted cross dresser with shapely legs encased in nylons, if he ignored the small cock which still poked through the crotch of the panties and imagined it was a clit he saw a sexy young female looking back at him.

    He could not resist going to bed dressed as he was and playing with his cock, only now it was just a clit to be stroked, rubbed and flicked. In minutes he was staining his sheets and laid in the wet patch thinking how his life had change in the last hour and a bit. Little did he know how much a change was still to come?

    Next morning being Saturday he had a lay in, still wearing his Basque and stockings, when he heard someone downstairs; he grabbed his dressing gown and had only got it half on when in burst a big black guy, quickly followed by Melanie and her mum. Melanie introduced the big black guy as Wayne and announced that he was her real boyfriend. Jean then spotted what John was wearing and said, “Look the little wimp has not changed out of his new wardrobe even!”

    Then Wayne thrust a packet in to John’s hand and said “Look at these and then we will talk properly!”

    John opened the packet and loads of photo’s dropped out on to the floor, of those which landed the right way up he could see himself wanking off dressed as this woman. He winced as he looked towards the three others in his bedroom. Melanie now spoke, “John I know you earn a fucking good living and I have decided that you will keep me in the manner I wish to become accustomed to, so here are the things you have to agree to or these photo’s will wind up on the internet and at your work place, real quick!” Melanie continued, “We will get married, so I can legally handle your finances, Mum and Wayne will move in with us and you will become my personal slave doing whatever I tell you to do and boy you had better do it quickly and well!”

    Jean then spoke up, “You will use your tongue to make all of us happy because your little fucking prick won’t do it! You will cater for all our needs, cooking cleaning and anything else we see fit to demand!”

    “Oh and yes John, Wayne will be sleeping in our marital bed, and you will sleep on a mattress on the floor! You will carry out Wayne’s wishes as if they were my own, or face the consequences of your work colleagues finding out about your fetish for dressing as a woman and your poor excuse for a cock!” Melanie pointed out.

    “Yes John, you will become the cuckold of the house and when I need my cock cleaned after it has been up Melanie’s arse or Jean’s arse you will happily do just that! Of course you will be required to lick clean their cunts after I have properly filled them of course!” Wayne added.

    John was crest fallen and knew he would never be able to put a stop to this for he had discovered he liked being dress as a woman and the only really stumbling block was he just would never bring himself to suck a cock let alone a black cock. Knowing he was beaten but hoping to find a solution to his problems he reluctantly agreed. Where he was told to dress but leave his women’s things on beneath his clothes for they needed to find a suitable house for them all to live in.

    Of course John knew this would be at his expense and he would not even be able to have a say in its size, cost or location.

    To be continued.

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    A Blackmaled Cuckold 02

    A blackmaled cuckold

    Part 2

    So it was that Melanie handed John a leaflet which showed a five bed roomed house, he was not asked his opinion of this house but simply told to buy it. John knew he had to stand up to them but the threat of exposure as a cross dressing small pricked wimp was too much, so he merely agreed and phoned his bank to arrange the purchase of the house.

    That night, Melanie and her Mum, Jean stayed over at John’s house. They enjoyed a three course meal prepared of course by John dressed in a French maid’s uniform. Beneath which he had to wear a bra padded out with the grapefruit, suspender set and black fish net stockings. As the two women ate, he had to stand in the corner facing them with his skirt held up and his poor little cock on display. Suddenly Jean produced from her handbag a small cocktail sausage and began simulating oral sex on it after declaring it to be larger than John’s. Melanie giggled as she took the cocktail sausage and pushed it up her cunt before ordering John to come over and suck her cock.

    This was a test for John only he was not yet aware of the implication of his next actions, for he dutifully knelt between Melanie’s legs and began to eat the sausage until he was reminded that he should be sucking it not eating it. Suddenly he felt a large stinging sensation on his arse as Jean spanked him at her daughter’s chastisement of his efforts.

    When the meal was over, John was sent to the kitchen to wash up and grab a sandwich for his tea. He was reminded sternly that he had better do as he was told or else. When he was finally summoned to the living room, he found both Melanie and Jean stark naked. Melanie’s 36D tits dwarfed by her mother’s 48GG, Secretly John noted that his future mother in law’s nipples stood proud and erect by almost three quarters of an inch, whilst Melanie’s nipples stood half inch proud of her tit flesh. Again John was ordered to display his poor excuse for a prick by removing his uniform.

    Just as Melanie and Jean caressed each other the doorbell rang and John was sent without hesitation to answer it. He half opened the door standing behind it to avoid the visitor seeing his state of undress; though he need not have worried for it was Wayne, who simply barged his way in knocking john flying. He never apologised but instead cursed John for being so stupid as to stand behind the door.

    A rather dazed John followed Wayne into the living room; Wayne was busy shedding his clothes. Melanie and Jean must have been expecting him for they never batted an eye, as they continued sucking each others impressive tits. When Wayne was naked, he really did put john to shame as his six inch cock dwarfed John’s stiff four inches and Wayne’s was not even semi hard yet. As it hardened it lengthened to ten and a half inches of rigid black steel. Both Jean and Melanie were soon drooling over its length and thickness, whilst pointing at John’s small equivalent cock. There was a fair amount of sniggering and whispering as they humiliated John to the point he almost left the room, but knew if he did he would be in serious trouble. Then Wayne pulled away and John was told to come closer to him; then he was ordered by Melanie to kneel and suck Wayne’s cock preparing it for her soaking cunt.

    Reluctantly John knelt and felt himself go bright red as he was now staring this monster cock straight in the eye. Wayne demanded that he open his mouth and accept a superior cock. As he did so he was unaware of the camera clicks as Jean and Melanie took pictures of his submission to black cock. Soon John had his first taste of another man’s cock, a black man’s cock at that; it was no way near as bad as he had supposed and he soon got into the swing of sucking it albeit to a chorus of what a cock sucking wimp! A faggot for black cocks!

    So Wayne began to control John’s mouth and thrusts his cock into John’s throat; then his big black hands gripped the back of John’s head and a quick combination of a powerful cock thrust and a yank of his hands forcing his monster cock into his throat and holding his head tight to his pubic bone. John began panicking as he fought for air until his natural reactions took over and he managed to gasp air through his nose. All this was to the amusement of Melanie and Jean. It still felt alarming to him to have his mouth and part of his throat stuffed full of baby making cock.

    For fifteen minutes John endured this thick black cock powerfully plunging into his throat, powerless to resist, scared to object to being used and abused. Melanie delighted in calling John a cock sucking slut, whilst Jean urged John to prepare the cock properly for their pleasures, making it plain to John, he was sucking it before it fucked both of these women and she even told John he would be sucking their cunts clean of Wayne’s spunk.

    John was then made to watch, as Wayne’s thick ebony cock parted Melanie’s cunt lips. With Jean’s vocal support Wayne fucked Melanie hard and fast; Wayne also told Jean she was next to be speared by his woman pleasing stick; then he turned and sneered at John, you white piece of shit, your going to be busy lapping my spunk out of their cunts.

    Then Jean leaned in to whisper to Wayne, who immediately laughed out loud and stared at John, before he told John to turn round and show him his boy pussy. As John nervously turned round and at Wayne’s snarled command he pulled his arse cheeks wide apart, displaying his anal ring. Melanie squealed a cackled laugh as she declared, “See he knows his place already, as a spare boy pussy to be fucked when we can’t satisfy Wayne!”

    This filled John with a sense of dread but blatant excitement at the same time, John now questioned his own masculinity as he wondered if deep down inside he was at least bi sexual. For him to long to feel that thick black baby making cock ravaging his virgin arse was new sensations he would never had believed he would want to try let alone contemplate it.

    Suddenly Melanie screamed out her orgasm as Wayne thrust and held his prick deep inside her cunt, its head pressing against her cervix. Wayne’s cock spurted forth its powerful seed deep inside Melanie who wailed her way through several orgasms. Jean furiously rubbed her thick hairy cunt lips as she anticipated her turn on this fuck machine of a cock. When Wayne pulled out of Melanie’s well stretched cunt, his white baby making seed began to dribble out. Wayne then made John suck his cock clean before he pushed John’s head down between Melanie’s legs. Soon John’s mouth was mashed against her cunt lips and his own lips were smeared with Wayne’s cum. hesitantly, he stuck his tongue into Melanie’s cunt; the bitter salty taste invaded his senses as he lapped madly at her cunt. Soon he was carried away licking clean his future wife’s cunt, clean of her lover’s cream.

    Out of the corner of his eye he saw Jean bouncing up and down on Wayne’s rock hard ten inches of pure lust making stick, how he wished he had even two thirds as much cock as Wayne. For not only was Wayne fucking john’s future wife, he was right now fucking John’s future mother in law in full view of John and to boot he was threatening that John’s arse was not exempt from feeling the power of Wayne’s prick.

    A silly thought ran through John’s mind right at that split second, was spunk fattening; mentally he laughed for he knew it was fattening in one way when it made a woman pregnant but what about when it was orally swallowed. How would he be able to calculate its calories…?

    Suddenly Melanie slapped his face hard, “Wake up, you cunt! Keep licking me out you worthless piece of shit!” she snapped. Instantly John redoubled his efforts in lapping at her cunt and swallowing the thick white cream that is Wayne’s spunk!

    Suddenly Jean began wailing for Wayne to use his thick black cock to fuck her soundly as she bounced faster and faster on the cock splitting her cunt in half. Wayne suddenly gasped he was cumming as he filled the second cunt of the night with his potent spunk. John was then dragged over and forced to suck his mother in law’s cunt clean as Wayne, without wiping his cock began to probe his anal ring. John thought his arse was being tore wide open as Wayne’s cock filled his shit chute. The pain was indescribable but soon it began to fade and was replaced with an untold feeling of complete satisfaction. John tried to concentrate on his sucking duties but was often jeered on by his mother in law.

    Melanie was soon floating round taking snaps of Wayne’s cock ravaging John’s arse. More blackmail evidence to control John with. Soon Wayne deposited his third load of the night up John’s arse, Wayne’s cock massaged John’s pituary gland and actually caused John to shoot his load without his cock being touched. Melanie went absolutely mad at John and made him lick his own spunk from the floor whilst his arse was still being ravaged by this thick black cock.

    When Wayne pulled out of John’s arse, Melanie delighted in making John lick Wayne’s shit covered cock clean, while she took even more photographs. Later they retired to bed, Wayne, Melanie and Jean in John’s master bed and poor John tied by his ankle to the bed head and his hands tied behind his back.

    John got very little sleep for it seemed no sooner had Melanie finished fucking Wayne’s cock then he was required to lick it out whilst jean tried all her skilful tricks to raise another erection from Wayne, so he could fuck her. In all John swallowed six loads of Wayne’s spunk since he arrived. John’s arse was so sore he dares not go to the toilet for anything other than a piss, not that he could as he was bound to the bed.

    Next morning around the kitchen table, the discussion was all about the wedding, whilst John was made to serve them all breakfast dressed in a little short skirt and low cut top. Wayne even suggested that John should buy an Auburn haired wig and learn to put on make up to become totally sissy in appearance.

    It was decided that the wedding be a fairly big affair as Wayne wanted to invite his ten black mates who would obviously want to fuck the bride and groom. Jean suddenly demanded to know if she would be included in all this fucking. Wayne laughed out loud as he said who could leave out the matron de honour.

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    A Blackmaled Cuckold 03

    A blackmaled cuckold

    Part 3.

    It was now six weeks to john’s enforced wedding and this week Melanie insisted that she was the first to be kitted out for her big day. She chose a £600 wedding dress in satin ivory with pearl beading. However she and Jean decided on matching underwear and wouldn’t you just know it, they decided to take John and Wayne along for the fitting.

    Outside the ladies department of a well known department store, they paused window shopping. Frequently they would embarrass John by asking his opinion on a particular Basque or sexy French knickers, but always ended their question with, “well would you like to wear those, Wimp?”

    Finally entering the store they chose a matronly sales woman and Wayne and Jean took her to one side and spoke to her. John knew that he was the subject of their discussion as the sales woman kept glancing in his direction. It was not this so much as her expressions that humiliated him so. Soon Jean returned and said, “Agatha, the saleswoman has agreed to sort us out and is just arranging a private fitting room for us to try the things out!” then looking straight through John she added, “she is curious to see if she has something special for one of our group!”

    Instantly John knew that the someone was going to be him. Agatha now approached and guided the four of them through to a large stock room come fitting lounge. No sooner had the door closed Wayne grabbed John by his coat collar and demanded he be a good little cuckold and do as he was told. John nodded. “Right then cuckold, strip! Right now!” demanded Wayne.

    So in full view of Agatha, Melanie, Jean and Wayne John began to remove his clothes; with Melanie telling which item to remove next. She started with his jacket, shoes and trousers. At this point she made him raise his shirt tails and give a twirl, showing his black lacy frilly panties and white sheer stockings and suspenders off to all present. Agatha giggled as she said, “Oh how very last year! We have much better almost sheer transparently black frilly ones now!”

    Next off came his shirt to reveal the red satin Basque with black bows around the bra cups and hems. Finally a totally humiliated John was told to explain why he was dressed as he was. “My mistress, Melanie and her boyfriend, Wayne as well as my prospective mother in law, Jean have agreed that as I am not very well endowed as a male should be I must be half female and therefore must dress as a half female, until at home when I must were my uniform!” John muttered,

    Agatha enquired as to what uniform that was and Wayne produced a picture from his inside pocket and shoved it into John’s hand telling to show it to Agatha. Reluctantly John stepped forward and passed the picture to Agatha, who looked at the picture of John dressed as the French maid. She commented, “that if it was up to her she would change that uniform for one of the new lines of Sheer gossamer negligee’s which would show off the under wear all the time!”
    Wayne smiled and added it’s certainly worth a thought or two. As John stepped back from Agatha, he suddenly bumped into Jean; instead of the expected torrent of abuse he expected instead he simply felt her hands slide around his waist and in a sudden movement his frilly panties were around his ankles and Agatha burst out laughing. “I see why you say he is not as a male should be!” she reached forward and cradled his tiny prick in her hand declaring, “why! I bet my clit is bigger than that cock!”

    Wayne challenged her to prove it. Taken some what aback, Agatha soon recovered and hoisted her skirt up round her waist and pulled her panties to one side using her other hand to spread her cunt lips and revealing her clit. It was not larger than John’s weedy cock but was close. Agatha then took details of the type of underwear they wished to look at and was intrigued when Wayne demanded three duplicate sets of white stockings, bright red suspender belts and black Basque with red hearts on them to finish off he wanted black lacy panties.

    Agatha thought it a picture perfect idea for the bride, her mother and the cuckold to be identically dressed, but suspected that the reason was because of the prenuptial plans Wayne obviously had. She disappeared and while she was gone Wayne told Melanie and Jean to undress. Both demanded that John, be blindfolded as to not to see what he was not man enough to sample. However Wayne refused, saying, “I want John to see what he is not man enough to get, further more I want him to realise that his bride is my slut and therefore mine to command.

    Slowly both Melanie and Jean undressed, Melanie’s 38D tits already sporting erect nipples and her shaved cunt lips were pouting open showing her excitement. Jean’s massive tits sagging slightly as something so large was apt to do, also with their erect nipples and her jet black hair covered cunt still glisten with her arousal. Wayne warned Jean that by the wedding day he wanted her cunt shaved to match her daughter’s. Jean meekly nodded and john winced when Wayne hinted that he too would have his genital area shaved but this time by a waxing process. John knew how painful that process would be.

    Just then Agatha re entered the room and was surprised to see the three naked bodies, although she feasted her eyes on the tits and cunts on display. Wayne then undid his trousers and dropped them and his pants to the floor. He glared at John, who had dared to look at his prize man hood, all ten and a half inches of it. Wayne snapped at john to get the fuck over here and on your knees. Instantly John obeyed and was face to face with Wayne’s black mamba of a cock. A single word had John opening his mouth and as Agatha stepped up real close, she watched John accept the thick black cock slide into John’s mouth. Meanwhile with a nod and a wink from Melanie and Jean, they moved along side Agatha, one each side and almost simultaneously grabbed her tits through her clothes. A short session of fumbling took place as both sought to expose Agatha’s 44DD tits.

    Then Melanie sank her lips around her right nipple, whilst Jean latched on to her left nipple. Then between them their hands disappeared up her skirt and from Agatha’s squeals of delight they were obviously playing with her cunt. By now Wayne’s cock was rock hard and as Melanie and Jean exposed Agatha’s cunt to Wayne, he slowly sank his cock into her tight soaking wet cunt. For fifteen minutes Wayne fucked her like an express train before spraying her cunt walls with his thick baby making seed. Then John was thrust to the forefront to lick her cunt clean and he had to show his white spunk coated tongue several times to prove he was doing a good job.

    Eventually they dressed, and John paid the underwear bill and as Agatha thanked Wayne, Melanie and Jean she snarled at John that his tongue had been no better than average. With John carrying all the bags they left the shop after Agatha invited them back at any time and they would always be assured of her personal service.

    All the way home, John was chided for not pleasing Agatha to the required standard and was warned that if his skills did not improve he would have his cock caged.

    The following week Wayne was unable to accompany the women as they went to purchase John’s wedding tuxedo. So they headed to a well known bespoke tailor and this time it was Melanie who spoke quietly to the gay looking blonde salesman. Again they were ushered into a fitting room; where Jean ordered John to undress and show Adrian, the salesman, what he had on beneath his clothing. Once more John was wearing his black Basque, stockings and suspender belt and once more Jean and Melanie embarrassed John, this time by making him slowly reveal his cock from the frilly panties. However Adrian manoeuvred himself to a position to see John’s arse as she slipped his panties off; then John was ordered to give a slow twirl and Adrian smiled as he saw John’s poor excuse for a cock. The sight before him must have appealed to Adrian though for Jean suddenly pushed out her hand and stroked the hardening shape in Adrian’s trousers.

    Adrian excused himself while he fetched the tape measure. Kneeling just inches from John’s weedy cock, he began taking the inside leg measurement, using any excuse to slide his hand over John’s cock. John was helpless to prevent his cock reacting and his four inch cock sprang to attention, which earned him a hard slap on his arse by Melanie, however the actual spank caused John to lurch his hips forward and at the exact moment Adrian had moved his face closer and opened his mouth and caught john’s cock in his mouth.

    John gasped as he shot instantly his load into the eager mouth of Adrian, the woman laughed out loud declaring his fuck session lasted less than thirty seconds. Melanie than came up with quit pro quo and ordered John to suck Adrian’s cock. John was once again on his knees taking a cock down his throat while his bride to be and mother in law to be mocked his skills as a cock sucker.

    Eventually having swallowed a load of spunk and been thoroughly humiliated by Melanie and Jean he was leaving the shop with his tuxedo. As punishment for his action of daring to shoot his worthless spunk from his pitiful cock, Jean announced that John would not be able to play with his cock anymore without their permission as she produced a rubber tube which had holes on the base and she slipped it over John’s weedy cock and tied shoe laces through the holes trapping John’s balls tight to the rubber tube. This prevented John being able to slide it off his cock and with it in place he could not even touch his cock let alone have the ability to play with it. More importantly though as Jean pointed out, just watch when John needed to go pee; for he would have to force his cock level thus restricting his pee flow and causing some deft pain in his balls.

    When Wayne finally arrived and viewed this contraption in place he laughed and then ordered Jean to fetch three litres of water and John was made to drink all this in one go. Then they all sat around until a hopping John asked for permission to go to the loo. Wayne instructed John he was allowed to go to the bathroom but he had to stand in the bath and wait without peeing. After what seemed like hours, Wayne, Melanie and Jean crowded in around the bath and John was told he could now pee. John’s first reaction was to try to point his cock down towards the plughole, but excruciating pain made him release his cock and as it spring upright, he suddenly sprayed his pee like a fountain, some hitting him in the face much to his audience’s amusement.

    He was eventually allowed to shower and re dress but still keeping his cock keeper in place.

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    A Blackmaled Cuckold 04

    A blackmaled cuckold

    Part 4.

    With only one more week to go to the wedding, it was almost time for John’s stag night and Melanie’s hen party. Of course Melanie had to have her party first and it had to be bigger and better than anything Wayne planned for my stag night.

    So on the Wednesday afternoon, Melanie, Jean and Wayne turned up at John’s house and he was told in no uncertain terms that this was to be the venue for Melanie’s hen party. He expected to be told that he had to vacate the house for the night but instead Wayne dragged him off to the bed room and laid out some clothes on the bed. There was his usual French maid’s uniform complete with white frilly panties, apron and cap, bright red suspenders and stockings, and last but not least there was a black Basque. Wayne even warned him to make sure he was shaved, staring down at John’s crutch as he spoke.

    Also a vanity case was placed on the bed and John was informed that at 6pm tonight he should come in to the bedroom put on the clothes then wait for Jean to come in and finish his appearance. Then Wayne placed a small suitcase on the floor beside the bed saying this was a change of clothing for later. Suddenly Wayne swore, “Fuck I forgot your false boobs, you little maggot of a man!” John was then sent off to the local supermarket to get two cantaloupe melons the right size to fit the 36D cup size of the Basque. Of course this was at John’s own expense.

    When John returned he was ordered to cook the buffet nibbles required for tonight and set out the drinks area. As he prepared the nibbles, Melanie came up to him and simply stuck her hand inside his back pocket, removed his wallet and removed the £250 that was there. She handed John his empty wallet and two receipts. John scanned the receipts and saw they were for the food and drinks for £75.00 and for the clothing which was for £100.00. He turned and said, “Melanie, these only add up to £175.00 not the £250.00 you have just taken!”

    Melanie turned in a rage and snapped at him, “So you would begrudge your fiancée a little extra cash for emergencies! You had better get used to the fact, you small pricked wimp, that what is yours is mine and what is mine is my own!” Her rage was such that she threatened to strip him naked and then tie him to the tree in his front garden which would have left him on display to all his neighbours.

    Humbly John regained his senses and apologise most profusely asking Melanie to forgive his indiscretion for he was just worried about having enough money for the honeymoon. Suddenly Melanie smiled, stepped up really close to John and said, “You need not worry, Darling, for you won’t need any money on your honeymoon, as Wayne and I will take care of all honeymoon duties!” The way she stressed the honeymoon duties, left John with no doubts that he was only going on the honeymoon as a servant and not as the groom.

    When everything was ready, John looked at his watch and realised he had ten minutes before he was supposed to be in the master bedroom and dressed as a maid. He hurried up and took a quick shower, shaved carefully around his cock and balls then slipped into the bedroom and began to slide the stocking up his legs, the feel of the silken stockings always caused his cock to twitch and harden. So by the time he was fastening the suspenders to his stockings, he had a raging hard on although in John’s case it looked more like a stiff chipolata.

    As he eased himself into the Basque the door sprung open and in walked his future mother in law, Jean. She instantly mocked his puny thing as trying its best to look like a cock and failing miserably. As John struggled to zip up the Basque behind his back, Jean called him fucking useless and stepped in to zip him in. She then told him she had a job for which he was suitably qualified to carry out. To John this almost sounded like a compliment until she raised her skirt and pulled her stained panties to one side and ordered him to lick out Wayne’s spunk from her juiced up cunt.

    John knew better than to object and immediately set about running his tongue through her cunt lips, sucking up the thick white fluid as his tongue passed. He swallowed between each run of licks until he was drawing only her clear cunt juices. Jean slipped of her panties and delighted in making John, suck the stained gusset until the stain changed from white to just a wet patch.

    Jean then made John, slip the cantaloupe melons into the Basques bra cups before having him pull on his white frilly panties, eventually he was allowed to put on the maid’s dress but not the apron nor the frilly cap. Jean opened the vanity case and pulled out a blonde shoulder length wig. She soon had this in place on John’s head and then she produced a beauty kit.

    Twenty minutes later John was transformed into a transvestite, complete with his now long blonde hair, bright crimson lipstick, emerald green eye shadow, the pink blusher and heavy mascara. Then Jean instructed John on his duties for the early part of the night. He was to talk as a woman when greeting those invited, with each guest’s arrival he was to offer them a drink and some of the canopies. If a guest went to feel his tits he was to allow it but politely refuse if they tried to put their hand up his skirt. With that she allowed him to return to the kitchen.

    At 7.30 pm the guest’s began arriving, there were in total three white women and surprisingly for John six black males all arrived. As he greeted them offering them drinks, he heard them calling him a queer. Wayne arrived almost as the last guest and felt up John’s tits, then he slipped his hand beneath John’s skirt and John instantly pulled away, saying, “I am sorry sir, but that area is off limits according to my mistresses.

    When everyone had arrived, Jean and Melanie made their entrance, Melanie was wearing a black PVC jump suit but with her tit area cunt out so her 36D tits were openly on view and John noticed her cunt area was also on display because the jumpsuit had been cut in such a way that anyone had easy access to her genital area. Jean was identically dressed only in a bright red PVC jumpsuit and her huge 48GG tits sagged as she stood straight up.
    Wayne stepped forward and demanded that the women present all expose their tits and cunts before we went any further and two of Melanie’s friends immediately stormed out of the house never to return. However the remaining Raven haired woman laughed as she cast off all her clothes. John estimated that she was about 21 years old around five six tall and her tiny breasts could not have been bigger than a 34A. Her raven hair colour continued over her cunt showing she was a true raven haired beauty.

    Then Wayne called John over and instructed him to remove his uniform. To cheers and cat calls for the black guys John slipped out of his maid’s dress. Wayne then made him tell everyone of his relationship to Melanie. John declared with a trembling voice that he was the guy who was going to be married to Melanie this coming Saturday. At Wayne’s prompting he also added that he was dressed like this because he was not fit to be looked upon as a man, as his only true skill was as a cock sucking whore he dressed accordingly.

    Next Wayne demanded John remove his panties, just as Jean produced a felt tip pen and invited everyone present to sign John’s exposed arse and genital area. Melinda, the only other woman present stepped forward first and wrote on his pubic mound, ‘My name should be Justin, for no matter what he would be just in!’ Then the black guys stepped up one at a time and added their own comments, mostly were along the lines of being a lover of black cock and spunk bag, Wayne added the final scrawling across John’s arse, declaring entry only to this boy pussy reserved for big black cocks.

    John just hoped this pen was not a permanent marker pen or he was going to be sore scrubbing it off. Just then Wayne dragged his monster 10 inch cock out of his trousers and made him kneel in front of him and with the audience standing closely around he probed John’s tonsils with his cock. Out of the corner of his eye John saw Melanie busy fishing out not one guy’s cock but two guys black cocks. She was stroking one in each hand. Wayne ordered John to suck each of these cocks while he fucked Melinda. John could hear Melinda squealing as Wayne forced his cock into her and He was instantly jealous, not that she was getting this great sized cock but the fact that his cock would not have even parted her cunt lips enough to be see as spilt.

    As the two cocks John alternately sucked, parted he saw his mother in law on her knees taking a large black cock in her mouth whilst and even bigger one now speared its way into her cunt. His future bride Melanie was draped over a large black cock fucking her cunt as a second was trying to enter her tight arse. Suddenly John felt the hot splashes of spunk hitting his face and cooling as he sucked a spurting cock. The other cock was now being stroked by its owner to add its load all over his face.

    Later John was extremely busy as he was made to lick all three women’s cunts extracting all the spunk he could get and then he was made to suck the spunk from Melanie’s gaping anal ring. Unfortunately for John as he cleaned up one cunt or arse the other two were being passed around and filled again by a seeming endless supply of black cock meat. By the time the party began to break up his jaw ached and he felt bloated on all the spunk he had swallowed since 7.30 pm.

    Tired and weary he climbed the stairs hoping to be able to simply slip into bed and sleep, but he was rudely awakened as he entered the bedroom for there was Melanie and Jean already unpacking the little suitcase he has seen placed beside the bed. Wayne made him strip before he was dressed in a bright red coloured bra and panties set and a sheer white negligee with black bows. Just before the panties were pulled up into place, Wayne produce a butt plug and insisted in inserting it up John’s anal ring. Jean then told John he was to sleep with this up him ready for Friday night’s stag do.

    An exhausted John then crawled over to the mattress on the floor in the corner. As he tried to sleep he heard his soon to be bride and her mother begging Wayne to fuck them all the more. John dreamed a strange dream that night, for he was suddenly a large cocked white male, yet it was not Jean or Melanie that he thrust his huge fifteen inch cock into but a heavily bound Wayne’s arse, although Melanie and Jean encouraged him to cuckold Wayne.

    On the Friday night it was John who was centre of attention as he was forced to accept Wayne’s cock up his arse and Wayne’s mate Leroy slid his large black cock into John’s gagging mouth. Both Jean and Melanie watched as Mel’s soon to be cuckold husband was spit roasted. Then John had to watch both these master cocks fuck his wife and mother in law before licking them clean. In fact Jean was taking Leroy’s cock up her arse whilst John was supposed to be licking her cunt; suddenly she lost control of her bladder muscle and splashed her urine all over john’s face, much to the amusement of everyone present.

    That night John drank six loads of black baby making seed and was not even allowed to wank himself off. Again his dreams were filled with large cock images in a reversed situation he was always the masterful male and Wayne his cuckold. These tormenting dream images only served to strengthen the cuckolding effect Wayne had over him.

    Finally Saturday arrived and whilst Melanie and Jean prepared themselves at Jean’s house, Wayne was waiting downstairs for them and Leroy was acting as John’s best man at John’s house and ensuring that he wore the special stockings suspenders and Basque. When Melanie was completely ready Wayne entered her bed room and whilst her mother watched on; he threw Melanie on to the bed and simply pulled her wedding dress up over her waist and her knickers to one side as he ravaged her cunt. When he spurted her cunt full of his spunk he exposed her right tit and gave her a large love bite just where the dress would fail to conceal it and he signed her tit just below her nipple with the words, ‘A Black man’s whore’

    Pulling her knickers back into place he stood her up and had her own mother kneel down between Melanie’s legs and rub her panties into the slimy mess which oozed from her cunt whilst taking Wayne’s cock up Jean’s arse. Another load of spunk held in place by the thin fabric of a woman’s panties was left for john to lick and suck clean later.

    Meanwhile as John was dressed in his stockings, Basque and just before he put his panties on Leroy received a text message from Wayne telling him to let John Know his whore of a bride had a special load waiting for him. Leroy informed John and then made John bend over while he fucked his arse and as soon as he came up him, Leroy plugged the leak with the butt plug.

    During the civil marriage ceremony, both the bride and Groom could feel the loads trying to run down the inside of their legs, whilst the matron of honour, Jean, had a bloated feeling in her arse.

    After a quiet reception, the five main characters from the wedding retired to John’s house where Melanie was once more double fucked by Wayne and Leroy while John had to lick clean Jean’s arse. Then Leroy made John remove his tux and make a big show of removing his butt plug. As soon as the butt plug fell to the floor a large thick shit streaked white cream plopped to the floor. John was instantly told to lick it up and warned not to miss a single strand of the mess.

    Melanie sucked off Wayne’s cock before kissing John and forcing the mouthful of spunk into his mouth and then welcomed him in to the first day of the rest of his life……



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