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    Internet Fuck Mate

    Internet Fuck Mate

    I was 19 at the time and Iw as still a virgin, and I wanted to lose my virginity for some time. I figure I would try one of those sex sites where you try and find a fuck buddy to fuck. I was on that site for four months before someone wrote me with the title. "Want to meet and fuck?" I figure I would open the message and read and went like this. "Wow, it finally good to find someone who is so close to me." "Want to meet and go out for a drink or something?" I replied sure we meet, but we need to make some arrangments. Well it took her 7 days to reply to message. "We can meet at Starbucks on the 25th." I couldn't wait until the 25th and luck have it the 25th was only 2 days away. The 25th of March had finally arrived and I went to Starbucks and she was there before I was. She greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Megan was 24, 5 ft 4 with nice long brunette that smooth and silky to the touch and nice long tan legs. I bought her andd myself a Caramel Frappucino and we sat at the table and had a nice long chat.

    After we were done chatting and what not I invited her to watch movies we watch some chick flick she had been wanting to see for some time. I almost feel asleep during the movie,but Megan kept poiking in my sides and whispering in my ear. "Stay awake during the move doll." I struggled to stay awake during that three hour chick flick that Megan was crying her eyes out watching. I couldn't wait until I got out of there. The movie was finally over and Megan asked me to take her to my house for fun becuase I to stay awake and watch the movie with her.

    She ran me to the door and opened the door and was already all over me kissing and reaching to unzip my pants already. I scooped her up in my arms and walked her to the couch and removed her skirt she wore to our date. Well, I be damned she wasn't wearing any panties which made it more easier for me to get to her wet pussy faster. I flicked the rip the tip of my tongue in her pussy licking up all her natural pussy juice that she was covered with. Megan positioned herself so where she was sucking my 7 inch cock while I was licking her delicious cunt.

    I sat down on the couch and she positioned herself and put her feet on my knees while she fucked me. Megan was pretty tight guess she ain't been fucked for quite some time. Well, I more than happy to fuck that pussy until she got a litte loose then what she was before. I've figured I try something totally different then what I was doing felt great but was getting boring. I thought I try something totally off the wall and mostly something you only see off a porno flick or something. I picked Megan up and placed her onto the coffee table and wrapped her legs around my neck and starting thrusting away.This position was a little akward for me, but it feltt good to be in charge of what I wanted. Megan looked at me with lust and said "Give me the rough stuff bitch." I grabbed her arms and crossed them behind her back and kinda lightly slammed her into the wall and started to fuck her moving faster and faster as I went. I can tell she was enjoying every mintue of it and so was I. I did not want this moment to every end, but as they say all good things must come to an end.

    "You think this is rough bitch? I'll fucking show you rough mother fucker wait until I get my turn. You better fucking surprise me with the next position I'm going to wear you out ranger boy." I was totally shocked because I thought that this was rough, but that was ok I had something in store for her. I got something for you don't even worry about it. "Do something that will give you a hard to fuck me. I want you to work for it mother fucker. I grabbed her by the ass cheeks and sat her into a wheely chair and went after her ass, but she was rolling all over the place. I was getting highly upset trying to catch her and put my cock deep inside of her. She was giggling like a little school girl the fucking bitch and I was struggling to her. I got real mad and grabbed the chair and ran it into the corner and she weren'tm moving anymore. I said outsmarted your ass didn't I you bitch. I finally got my cock deep within her in that fucking rolly chair. I was breath trying to fucking catch her. "You to tried to go on baby?" I scuffed at her and told it takes more then this to wear me out.

    Well she said there's a position I've always wanted to try how about you give it a shot. I replied sure do wahtecer position you want. She replied with a smile and laid on her back on the floor and raised upward until her leg were over her head. He head was stil flattened out straight on the floor. I was like whoa this chick is very flexible. I'm sure If I did that stretch I would be in a lot of pain right now. Well, I positioned myself over her making sure I did not step on her by accident. I positioned my cock and buried it deep in her love hole and I started fucking her with all I had to give her. I really liked this position it felt better than all the other positions had done at the time. I thought it felt so good I was only going to last for about five more minutes and what the fuck I was right. Her pussy was and wet and it felt so magnificent that I told her I was going to explode with pure ecstacy of satisfaction. "Cum all over my tits baby." I cam all over her tits and I told her I enjoyed myself very much and I hope we do it again"

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    Thanks for the addition
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    Thanks for giving us another juicy treat! :lips

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    tooo choppy but otherwise ok

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    pretty good story

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    Hot story

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    very nice,,,thanks



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