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    Sexual Awakenings: Diary of a Teenager

    Alright, so thought I'd finally sum up the courage to post this story I'm working on. Posted a sample few days ago and seemed to go alright I believe. It's my first big story working still on, so feedback is appeciated.

    This is a fictional story, so is not true life experience. Just inpired a little to write this from reading other works around the internet which I enjoyed reading and thought give it a go of my own little story.

    It's a fourteen year old boys sexual awakening by a eighteen year old babysitter while his parents are out of town for a fortnight. She slowly teaches him everything he needs to learn about sex and girls.

    Warning: I'll say this now before you read. The sexual side of it for the first few chapters are more teasing as it slowly builds up over more chapters to the climax.

    Day One: Caught In The Act!

    I had only just turned fourteen a few weeks ago, but even that wasn’t enough to sound ‘grown up’ to my parents. They had planned a visit out of town for a few months now.

    I was so excited when I heard it, believing they would finally allow me to be an adult, but you know what they say “Parents don't trust their children”. In my case, looking back, I was grateful they did what they did, or else my life wouldn’t have changed so much....

    Let me start though by saying, I wasn’t your typical teenager like most. Some probably considered me a bit of a nerd, a geek I guess, but I wasn’t. I was just... shy in my own way.

    I wasn’t what you call a ‘good looking’ kid either, although I didn’t think I was that bad, but I definitely wasn’t a hit with any girls who looked down upon me mostly.

    It was the night before, and I was told by my parents they had got someone who lives in the same street to come and look after the house, as well as take care of me. It made me feel like a child, which I wasn’t anymore, but they wouldn’t hear of it.

    That last night I went to bed, having an awful nightmare of some weird old woman coming into our home, and taking over like she owned the place. Waking up the next morning, I rose and got dressed. Walking downstairs I heard voices coming from the living room. “Here we go!” I said to myself.

    I walked in to see my parents talking to someone. Turning, it was almost like an Angel had appeared before my eyes. Instead of this evil old woman I had imagined, there, stood this, beautiful eighteen year old young woman.

    She had curves in all the right places. Her breasts, although weren’t that small weren’t too big, and complimented her shapely figure. Wearing tight fitting jeans, and a slight open necked shirt, buttoned up front.

    “Oh, Steve. I’d like you to meet Julia. She’s going to be looking after the house for the next two weeks.” My mother stated. I stood, almost in shock still at seeing her. She smiled, which lit up the room. “Hi Steve!” She said. “Hi!” I replied.

    “Okay, you have my number if you need me in an emergency!” She told Julia. “Yes, got it in my pocket. Don’t worry though, I’m sure everything will be fine!” She smiled at my mother.

    My mother walked over to me. Give me a huge hug which made me feel a little uncomfortable in front of this new stranger in our home. “Okay, we have to get going. You be good now alright, listen to her and do whatever she says.”

    I nodded, with her little realizing that in truth, I would probably lick her boots if she asked me to from her stunning looks alone.

    She left finally, leaving me on the doorstep waving goodbye, giving another fortnight before they would be back. Julia stood behind, also giving a gentle wave as well. They drove off, and disappeared around the corner. Turning, we both went inside.

    “So, Steve, got any plans I should know about?” she asked me. I was a little confused. “Plans?” I replied. “Yeah, you know, friends got coming over, parties or anything, or maybe even a girlfriend your going to try and sneak in the back-door when my face is turned?” she enquired.

    “Hmm, no. No plans. Don’t have many friends, and haven’t got a girlfriend either.” I said. I don’t know why I said that, as it made me look really bad and pathetic, no friends, not even a girl at my age, wow she probably thought, what a loser he is.

    “Oh, sorry. Well, I’ll be around, so maybe we can find some stuff to do together?” She told me, with a soft smile on her face. Was she taking pity on me I thought? Or is she just a really nice girl.

    The day passed quickly that first night with Julia. We had our meals, watched some television and before we knew it, the time had reached almost eleven at night.

    I had never been in the same room for such a long time with a girl before... In fact, I don’t think I had ever been in a room with any girl for a length of time without others around.

    “So, what time do you usually go to bed then?” she asked, turning to face me as we sat, a small distance apart, on the sofa. I turned and looked at her.

    “Usually about ten or eleven maybe if not a school night!” I informed her. “Alright, well I’ll leave it up to you since your on a holiday kind of. As long as it’s not too late!” She turned and looked back at the television.

    I turned and watched a little more television for another ten minutes or more, then yawned a little. “I think I’m going to go to bed now.” I told her. “Alright, happy dreams!” She smiled as she told me. “Thanks!” I said, rising up off the sofa, turning and walking out of the living room.

    I made my way upstairs and into my bedroom, pushing the door behind me, but not realizing it hadn’t shut properly. I stripped down into a pair of boxers I wore to bed and laid down on top of the bed. Almost naked, I just laid and thought about Julia, who’s image I couldn’t get out of my head.

    It wasn’t long before I began to feel a little horny, as my cock started to rise up in my boxers. My hand slowly made it’s way down as I reached under, and started to slowly jerk myself off. Closing my eyes, all I could see was Julia’s perfect figure and beautiful innocent face.

    I had been jerking off slowly for about five minutes, and didn’t know that Julia had switched the television off, and slowly crept upstairs softly, in case she woke me up.

    By now, I was really in the swing of things, my boxers pulled down around my lower legs, my cock ramping away in my hand, hard and fast, as I softly rocked my hips trying to get in the rhythm. Soft moaning and deep breathing breaking from my lips.

    Julia softly walked along the corridor, and stopped. Hearing the small noise coming from my bedroom, she turned to look down the hall. Making her way down, she reached my open bedroom door.

    Peering in, she saw me really going at it. I was groaning and moaning that little louder, not realizing myself how much as I concentrated on my actions. My cock was rock hard, with my fingers wrapped around it, jerking it fast as my hips rocked up off the bed several inches in rhythm.

    Julia stood there for a few moments, watching me. I was extremely close to finishing, due to my heavy breathing and louder groans, when she opened the door fully and stepped inside.

    “Steve, I heard a noise and wanted to make sure you were alright and .... Oh...!” she said, before stopping in mid-sentence.

    My head turned, but it was too late for me to stop. I let out a loud groan as my cock pulsated and jerked. My white pearly cum splashed out of my cock, as it floated down along the top and down the sides, over my hand still gripping tightly. My hips giving several last rhythms of hard pushes off the bed.

    Unfortunately, I still hadn’t mastered the concept of shooting my cum in the air, and often it just splashed out and all down the sides, making a complete mess I had to clean up afterwards.

    Julia stood there, for several moments, watching me hold my cock, as the cock splashed down to my balls and hair around my cock. “Shit!” I said, the first word that came into my head, as I began to slowly come down from my orgasmic state, with my cum still slowly dripped the last few drops out.

    I reached over and grabbed some of my bed sheets and dragged them up, trying my best to cover my cock, even though she had seen it all by now.

    Julia glanced over at my face, which by now was turning a bright red. “I’m sorry Steve, I didn’t know you were... Sorry!” she said as she stepped back and shut the door behind her, going out to the corridor once again.

    My free hand raised up to my face, clasping the fingers over it as I whispered to myself over and over, “shit, shit, shit, shit!”. I kicked in serious panic mode as I watched the door, making sure she wasn’t coming back in again so soon.

    ‘What must she think of me now’ I thought to myself. I’m a loser, a big fat loser. Seriously, how could my life get any worse.

    I began to try and relax, my breathing returning back to normal. Pulling the covers back, my cum was everywhere. Although I never shot a huge load out, it was all sticky and wet on the sheets, and my body, my hand still holding my cock which was beginning to slowly become limp once more.

    I closed my eyes and grimaced my face. I wanted to cry but didn’t. A soft knock appeared at the door. Julia had returned, as she softly spoke through it. “Steve, I’m coming in for a moment?”

    I grabbed the sheets and once again covered my lower body. I tried my best to wipe my cum stained hand over the bed sheets underneath, lifting it up. Their was still slight visible signs of wetness on my hand, and it smelt of my cum also, as I tried to hide it out of sight.

    The door opened, and Julia entered. She didn’t look angry or upset. I looked over at her. Nervous as hell, I didn’t know what to say so stayed quiet. She stepped across, and handed me a small towel. “I thought you might like this!” As she let off a slight glint of a smile.

    I reached up and took it from her hand. She turned and walked out, closing the door once more behind her. My head crashed into the pillow, looking up as I stared out. My body almost shaking inside at what had just happened.

    All that night, I struggled to sleep. Although she had brought me a towel to dry off what had happened to me, I still felt really bad about her catching me jerking off. Especially since this was only the first night we were going to be together, and another 13 days left for her to make fun of me.

    Lots of thoughts ran through my head. What if she tells my parents - “I caught your son masturbating in his room, it was disgusting” I could hear her tell them in my mind. The only slight saviour of any kind I had, was that she didn’t know I had closed my eyes and thought of her as I jacked off.

    Day Two: It’s Good To Watch!

    I woke up the next morning after finally getting some sleep. Looking over it was gone nine am. I laid there, too frightened to even get up and go down and look at her. Time flowed by, as I kept checking the clock. 9.15... 9.30... 9.45 am.

    I heard movement outside, and downstairs. I knew she was up, and she probably had a faint idea I was awake. It was just gone ten am when a slight knock came at my bedroom door. My head snapped around.

    I looked as she spoke through the door. “Steve, I’m coming in alright, I hope your awake!” The door softly opened, and she peered around the corner. “Hi” she said looking across at me, smiling.

    “Listen, I just want to say, I’m sorry about walking in on you last night, I should have knocked first, but being an only child I don’t think sometimes about others privacy. Anyway, just want to say I’m making some breakfast if you wish to come down and eat. Don’t worry about it all, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, we all do it, and occasionally we all sometimes get caught by someone. So when your ready just come downstairs and get some food in you!” she spoke. She smiled as she closed the door and I heard her leave.

    Her words made me a little feel at ease. She seemed, nice about what had happened, unlike some others I guess, although I had never been caught before, once or twice was close by my mother but never in full swing like I was. I decided I had to get up and face the music, as I climbed out of bed and got dressed.

    I walked downstairs, and entered the living room. Julia was sat on the sofa. She turned and looked at me. “Hi!” She said.

    “Hi!” I softly spoke back, before turning my head away from looking at her. A slight blush breaking over my face again, as my heart beat a little faster.

    “Their’s some cereal ready in the kitchen if you would like any, and the kettle has boiled if you would like a cuppa!” She said as she stared at me.

    I could feel her watching me, as I turned and walked into the kitchen. “Thanks!” I said as I left. She turned back and watched the television.

    Eating my cereal in the kitchen was a little lonely, but I still felt uncomfortable being near her, or seeing her. She walked in after a little while, as I finished up my breakfast. “Listen!” She started to speak as I stopped trying to rush to leave the room.

    “I know your probably feeling really embarrassed still, and you don’t like being in the same room as me now, but I just want to let you know that I won’t be saying anything to anyone, not even your parents.” she said. Did she read my mind, I thought to myself?

    “I hope you can forgive me for walking in on you like that, as I’d like us to be friends at least and be able to sit down together in the same room.” She asked. I turned and looked at her. A face of almost innocence and apology shadowed across her face.

    “It’s me who should be apologizing. I’m sorry I was... you know. Doing that when you walked in. I just....!” I tried to find the words to say, but everything kept getting jumbled in my head and I couldn’t find the right ones to speak.

    “I tell you what, let me tell you a secret, hopefully it will make you feel better. I masturbate a lot too. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, girls get horny also, especially me. I sometimes go at it like a jackrabbit. It’s fun and helps me relax sometimes and makes me sleepy a little when I don’t feel tired.” She told me.

    I stood there, my eyes opening wide at her statement. I didn’t know if it was true or not, but in some way it made me feel a little more at ease being in the room with her. She was... kind and considerate.

    “Thanks Julia!” I said. She smiled, stepped across and softly hugged me, wrapping her arms around me. “See, I’m not a bad person. I’m kind of nice some may say!” as she pulled back and let out a soft laugh.

    “Yes you are!” I smiled. “Hey, I’m heading into town for a few hours, do you want to join me?” She asked.

    I thought, me and a girl shopping, do I really want to put myself through it, but then again, it would maybe make me feel a bit more at ease and she would feel I’m more comfortable around her now.

    “Okay!” I said. “Great, I’ll just grab a few things and we can go, we’ll grab a bite to eat in town.!” She walked off. I turned and watched her leave, a smile on my face.

    We were gone for hours, before we returned. Bags full of food and other items bought at the shops. We put everything away and sat down on the sofa, exhausted.

    “So, what do you want to do tonight? How about a night in with a movie and some drinks and food?” she asked. “Sure!” I said.

    We got ourselves organized, food on the table, a film in the DVD player ready, and a can for her, and soft drink for me. We finally sat down on the sofa and settled in for the night.

    The DVD played, something she had let me pick, which turned out to be Mean Girls starring the sexy Lindsay Lohan, someone I had always had a bit of a crush on.

    Julia even commented, asking if I liked her to which I had to say I did, which she smiled at and said she thought she was cute herself.

    As it played along, Julia had allowed me a little of her alcohol, pouring it into my glass of cola. The taste certainly made me feel a little more at ease, and relaxing.

    The scene came up, of Lindsay and the others performing their little number on stage dressed as Santa’s. Something I occasionally jerked off to when I could.

    With me more at ease and relaxed, watching the film, I hadn’t really taken much notice that my cock had started to grow hard.

    As I sat there, my bulge was becoming more evident as I stared at the television and Lindsay performing really sexy in her outfit. Julia glanced across at me, and down at my hard cock trying it’s best to break free now. A soft smile on her face.

    She watched the screen, as I glanced over at her, and then back. It was then I looked down with a little terror that the bulge was quite large by now. I carefully slid my hands up, and over my legs, trying my best to cover my crotch area from view.

    Her eyes glanced over as she kept her head looking at the screen, watching me getting embarrassed about it. She turned and looked at me, speaking softly “Don’t be embarrassed about it Steve. It’s normal to get a hard on when watching someone your attracted to. You don’t have to cover it up, it’s kind of cute!” She smiled.

    I turned my head and looked at her. Gulped a little. Slowly, but surely I removed my hands. My bulge was still quite large. It certainly didn’t want to go down anytime soon. I turned back to the screen. Softly I whispered to Julia “Thanks!”

    “It’s okay!” She said. “You know, if you want.... You could always take it out and start jerking yourself off while watching the film.” she spoke. I froze. Did I just hear right? I was speechless. She told me I could jerk off in front of her?

    “I mean, you don’t have to, but if your feeling horny and want to jerk yourself off, you can. I don’t mind really. And it’s not like I haven’t already seen you doing it is it. It’s up to you!” She had an angelic smile on her face as she looked at me.

    I looked at her. A very soft smile on my face before I turned back. “I feel a little .. Weird. I don’t know if I can sitting here. You know.. Next to a girl.” I said, very nervously.

    “It’s okay. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I know you probably feel a little bad jerking off with me close by, but I’m just saying I won’t feel embarrassed if you would like to do that. I can see it wants you to play with it.” She told me with a slight giggle in her voice.

    I couldn’t believe how at ease she made me feel. I did feel extremely nervous and weird, but also, she really made me feel that I could in front of her and not feel bad about it.

    I looked down. My cock was twitching under my soft trousers. I took a soft but deep breathe and raised my hands. I gently unbuttoned the trousers and unzipped.

    My light blue boxers were visible underneath. As I took a hold of both layers of clothing, and slowly slid them down my body, until they reached my knees, releasing the hold.

    My cock was hard alright, and twitching everywhere on it’s own, moving around like someone playing tennis with it. I sat there, with my cock out next to a really hot young woman. The movie was still playing away on screen.

    I reached in and grasped my fingers around my hard cock. I started to slowly pump it up and down. I still felt nervous as Julia sat close by, and every few moments I could see her glancing over and watching me.

    I stroked my cock, slowly before picking up a little pace. My breathing started to get a little heavier as I picked up pace, more and more. My face watching the screen, with the odd occasion of glancing across at Julia’s beauty close by.

    I started to moan a little, growing louder. Julia looked over, wetting her lips with her tongues. She watched as I began to lose control of my whole body. I groaned out loudly, as I jerked off fast and furious with my cock in my hand.

    It was only seconds before it reached a climax. My cock splattered out a lot of cum as it flowed out of the tip and slid down the sides, over my hand and to my body. My hips jerking forward, several more times as I tried to claim out every last drop I could.

    My breathing started to shallow again, my hand soaked full of cum, as well as my balls and body. My cock started to become limp slowly as I sat there. Julia still watching me as I had finished helping out every drop I could.

    “Hold on a minute!” She told me, rising up from the sofa. She walked off and disappeared. I sat there, unable to move for the next few moments still coming down from my ecstasy.

    I couldn’t believe myself that I had just jerked off in front of a girl, and that she allowed me to and even encouraged me a little to do it.

    She returned after a few moments as she walked around and sat back down. She had a small towel in her hand. “Here you go!” as she passed it across to me.

    I took it. “Thank you!” I said. I started to mop up all the cum from my hand, body and cock which by now had gone soft. Julia watched me clean it up, licking her lips again softly.

    As I finished, I placed the towel to my side, and lifted up my clothing, over my body and zipped up once more. I turned to Julia who was watching it all, and me with a red flushed face.

    “Thanks for letting me... you know!” I said. She smiled. “It’s alright. If you ever need to do that, don’t be afraid to just go right ahead. I don’t mind at all.” She told me.

    We both turned back and watched the end of the film. Getting late, I headed off to bed, and just turned before I went, again looking at her.

    “Thanks for being all.. Understanding and that!” I told her. “It’s fine. You have some happy dreaming!” as I walked off and upstairs to my room.

    More Chapters to come.... Soon

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    loved the story really turned me on took me back to when i was caught when i was being sat at 14 by a girl who let me play with her

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    Personally I love the slow tease while you build a story, you’re off to a fantastic start John...

    Looking forward to reading your future chapters.

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    Good stuff, can't wait for the next part.

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    Thanks for nice comments. So here we go with a the next chapter, more slow teasing.

    Day Three: Need A Hand With That!

    Two days and nights had passed. And twice now I had jerked off in front of her, although the first by accident. The third night of her staying over, she informed me she had got me a movie to watch again tonight.

    I was a little excited inside, but also due to what I thought was a slight twinkle in her eyes as she told me, along with her soft smile. It felt like she was telling me, ‘I got a movie so I can watch you jerk off again tonight’, but being coy about it all.

    That night, we sat down in front of the television on the sofa. Drinks in hand, and again she let me have a little of her alcohol in my own to make me feel more at ease once more.

    She had picked a little known film I had heard of but never seen. Starring Lindsay Lohan, which she now knew I had a crush on a little, and was called ‘I Know Who Killed Me’. A small cult type movie in which Lindsay played two roles of twins, with one being a stripper.

    We sat and watched the film together. Once more, with the film having a slight erotic feel in areas to it, I began to get hard. At first, I was a bit unsure and nervous. It was obvious I was bulging inside and needed to jerk off though.

    I turned my head to Julia, who I was sure had noticed it also. “Do you mind if I... you know?” I asked, trying to be polite and not shock her. She turned her head, smiling. “Sure, go for it.”

    She turned her head back and watched more of the film. I undid my trousers, unzipped and slid them down to my knees once more.

    My cock plopped out as it bounced around, standing to attention. Hard and waiting to be jerked off. I raised my hand, grasped it, as I began to softly and slowly start jerking off.

    Julia turned her head and watched me. I could swear I saw a slight glimmer of smile at one corner as if she had this all planned out especially. She looked at my face and softly spoke “Do you like the movie?” I turned to look at her, “Yes, it’s great. Thank you for choosing it!” I told her.

    “Good, I’m glad you like it.” as she glanced down at me continuingly stroking myself off. “Listen, I hope I don’t seem out of place here, but....” I was nervous as hell. What was she going to say? Put it away it’s disgusting, or even I don’t like you doing this anymore crossed my mind.

    I turned to look at her, still jerking off slowly. She spoke “Would you like me to help you?”. I was a little taken back, as my eyes lit up. “Hmm, I don’t know. I’ve never had anyone.. Like.. You know. Help me before.” I said, nervously.

    She smiles, trying to put me at ease. “Well maybe I can be the first to help you. If you would like me to?” She teased. “Yes please.” I said, almost gulping my words out.

    Her hand reached across. I unclasped my fingers around my cock. It was still fully erect and hard, flopping around on it’s own for a moment.

    She softly wrapped her fingers of her hand around my cock. They were soft and it felt so different to my own hand jerking me off. “I’ll start off slow for you. You just keep enjoying the film!” She told me. I gently nodded.

    Her hand softly raised and lowered holding my cock in her hand. It was such a new sensation I had never felt before, it felt.. Amazing. She continued to jerk me off, slowly before gently picking up a little pace.

    My eyes watched the screen, as my breathing got a little heavier. She watched me, glancing up at my face and seeing me enjoying her jerking me off, and at my cock, so big and hard in her hand.

    I breathed heavy, as she picked up quicker pace. Watching me last night, and caught the night before, she had obviously seen how I masturbated myself and tried to copy it knowing I liked it that way.

    I started to softly moan through my lips. My head snapping back occasionally, as she watched. “Am I doing it alright for you, I’m not going too fast am I?” She considerably asked me.

    “No. Oh God. Please don’t stop” I said. “I won’t!” She told me as she continued stroking me off.

    I started pulling slight faces, scrunching it up as the feeling was rising inside my body. My moaning grew louder, as my hips started to jerk upwards, trying to help the rhythm of her hand stroking me, pushing my cock more within her grasps.

    “Oh God. I’m gonna cum!” I spoke out, a little loudly. “Cum for me, let it all splash out.” She whispered. Her soft voice was ecstasy in itself as she spoke.

    I let out one long huge moan and groan mixed together. My body shook in ecstacy of response to her jerking me off. My cum splattered up and out.

    For the first time in my life, it shot up in the air, although only an inch or more as it come splashing down over my cock as it continued to splutter out of the tip.

    It gushed out, more than I had even felt myself cum before, as it flowed down the sides, and all over Julia’s hand who still stroked it, but now just ever so gently at a slower pace, trying her best to help me get every drop out of my cock.

    I give several final few hard and quick jerks up off the sofa, as my hips rose and my cock spurted the last few drops out. I softly lowered my body back down onto the sofa again.

    My breathing softened, as she just ever so softly stroked a few more times. My head fell back, as I breathed in and out.

    I lowered my head after a few moments, and looked down. She softly released a hold of my cock as it started to go soft. I stared at the cum everywhere, and on her hand.

    I turned and looked at her. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get it over your hand.” I said, trying to apologize for getting her messy like that. She just smiled at me and replied, “It’s okay. I knew it was going to happen.”

    She reached to her side, at the side of the sofa. Pulling up a small towel she had placed there. Again, making me think she had this planned. She wiped the pearly cum from her hand.

    She then reached over with the towel. She started to clean up the cum mess I had made on my cock, body and around me. “Here, let me clean that up for you!” As she dabbed away wiping it all clear.

    “There you go, all like new!” She said, pulling her arm back with towel in hand. I carefully grabbed my clothing and pulled it up, covering myself again and fastening the clothes.

    My face was flushed still, as she placed the towel at her side. She turned and looked at me. “So, did I do alright? Did you like it?” She asked. I turned to face her.

    “Yes. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” I claimed. She smiled. “Good, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Do you want to know a little secret?” She asked. “Yeah, alright” I wondered.

    “Well, I’ve never actually jerked a guy off before. That was my first time, so I’m happy you enjoyed it!” She told me. I was a little in shock. She claimed that was her first time, yet she did it so well like she knew exactly what she was doing.

    “It was my first time to.” I quickly shot out, before finishing off saying what I meant to say. “I mean, the first time anyone has jerked me off. It’s usually my own hand that I have to use. I’ve never had or know anyone who would jerk me off before.” I told her.

    “You were really good though at it. Definitely much better than myself!” I said, without thinking.

    She let out a smile, and seemed to softly blush a little. “Aww, thank you. That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me!” She told me.

    She leaned across and give me a peck on the cheek. I blushed even more now as she turned back and we watched the end of the movie.

    Another night slowly passed by. I must have woke up a few times during it, each with a hard on, and each time I found myself jerking myself off while thinking of what had happened with Julia that day.

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    Another excellent chapter. Keep up the good work!

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    Wow! I can't wait for more!

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    Thanks everyone for nice comments. Glad your ejoying the story. Still much more to come. This is only Day 4 of 14

    Day Four: I Love My Boobs!

    That next day, we stayed in once more, almost becoming a habit. Although I wasn’t complaining as by now I enjoyed being around Julia.

    We had talked for hours about other things, and wondered what we would do that night. Julia saying she didn’t want to watch a movie again, and we should do something else.

    She brought up maybe playing some games, and then suggested cards which she used to love playing. I agreed, and that night we sat on the living room floor with a deck of cards.

    Sat there, we wondered what to play. At first we started with normal Poker, using matchsticks as a form of money. We played for an hour or more enjoying ourselves in our own company.

    “How about we change this game a little?” She asked. A little confused, I wondered what she meant “How you mean?”. “Well how about.... !” she pondered for a moment before finishing her sentence.

    “Ever played Strip Poker?” She asked. “Hmm, No.” I told her. “Wanna play that?” “Alright!” I agreed to it, I don’t know why because I was never that good at cards anyway.

    We had played for a good length of time, and sadly for me I was right, I sucked at cards. I was stripped right down to my boxer shorts and nothing else. Julia on the other hand, was still pretty much fully clothed, just losing her shoes and socks in the process.

    “If you haven’t noticed. I’m not that good at cards am I?” I said, with a soft laugh. She looked up at me, smiling. “I’m sorry. I tell you what, one more round. If I win, you remove your last piece of clothing. If you win.. Then I will....”

    She thought as she looked around and turned her head back after a few moments. “If you win, I will show you my boobs? How’s that!” I gulped. I hadn’t seen her naked, or any really stage of her undressing since she had been here, yet she had seen me several times now jerking off naked.

    “Alright!” I said. “Your on!”, maybe with a bit too much enthusiasm in my voice. “I thought you might like that!” She said.

    We played one more round, and it looked like I was going to lose, just a pair of threes I had going for me. Several high cards on the floor, and I knew she must have one to match.

    I showed my cards and lowered my face. “Damn it!” she said. She threw down her cards to reveal a pair of two’s only. I looked up shocked. “I’ve won!” I said in astonishment. She looked at me “I bet your really smiling now aren’t you!” She laughed.

    “I’m sorry.” I apologized looking sympathetic towards her. She smiled at me. “No need to. You won fair and square. And a deal is a deal I guess.”

    Before she could do anything I spoke up, starting to feel kind of guilty now. “Look, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. It’s alright, I’m not going to make you do it!” She looked at me, with a small look of astonishment on her face I had said that.

    “Wow, you would really let me get out of our deal?” She asked, sweetly. “Yes. After everything you have done for me, I think it’s only fair.” I told her.

    “That is so sweet of you. Thank you. But, a deal’s a deal. And I honor my deals when I make them. So I’m going to show you my boobs as agreed.” she said.

    She lifted up and over her head a sweater. A tight hugging T-shirt was underneath, carefully showing the luscious curves of her boobs.

    “Have you ever seen a pair of boobs?” She asked. “Hmm. Not really. I mean I’ve seen them on television and on the internet, but not like.. Real life in front of me.” I said, feeling embarrassed.

    She lifted up her T-shirt, and pulled it off, throwing it to the side, revealing a sexy black lace bra over her boobs. I softly gulped. She reached around her back and undid the bra. “You ready then...?” She asked me.

    “Yes!” I said. She pulled her bra around and it slipped off revealing her two, beautiful soft mounds of flesh to me. “Ta Da!” She shouted to me with a giggle and smile. “Wow. Just... Wow.” Is all I could say.

    Her boobs looked delicious, two beautiful size C cups, and later discovered she was a 32C size. Two perfectly sized boobs, soft and yet a little slight firmness stretching outwards.

    Upon each, two good sized areolas, slightly darker in tone, within each a hard firm nipple standing to attention. It wasn’t huge and pointy, but certainly big enough you could probably just hang something on.

    I just sat there, staring at them. My first real sight of boobs in my life. “Watch this!” She said. She wiggled her body slightly, as her boobs wobbled around back and forth. My eyes widened, my mouth dropped open. “Ha ha. I thought you might like that!” She said.

    “So, what do you really think of my boobies?” she asked. I gulped. “They’re.. Well.. They’re just... wow.” Even still I struggled for words. “I’ll take that as a compliment!” She laughed. “Sorry, I just. Wow. They look amazing on you.!” I told her.

    She raised her hands up, and cupped each one in her hand. Shaking them gently, and raising them up and down. Her hands then began to caress them softly, all around and over.

    “I like my boobs. They aren’t too big, or too small. Just the right size to have them played with and sucked on I think.” She teased.

    By now, my cock was rock hard. The tip was just trying it’s best to break free through the flap in my boxers. Julia looked down at it.

    “I see he wants to come out and play again!” She told me. I looked down and saw my cock. “Sorry, it’s just your so pretty!” I told her. “It’s alright.” she informed me back.

    “Since you let me play with your cock last night, would you like to touch my boobs?” she asked me. My first thought was, I’d love to do so much more, but I nodded quickly. She could see I wanted it badly.

    I leaned forward. She took hold of my hand and lifted it up, as she helped me softly start to caress her boobs. She let out a soft moan through her lips. “That feels nice!” She added.

    Her skin was so smooth. Her boobs slightly soft to the touch, with slight firmness beneath. She flattened my hand out as I covered her boob, and she rolled my hand around it.

    She then took my other hand, raised it and did the same. Allowing me to feel both of her boobs at the same time. I felt like I was in heaven.

    After a few moments, she pulled her hands away and left mine there, as I continued rubbing around. Softly caressing, and gently now and again squeezing just a little.

    I continued on for a while, as she just leaned back and allowed me to feel her boobs in my hands. My cock by now was starting to break free, as it pulled out of the flap. Bouncing around on it’s own.

    “Why don’t you stand up!” She told me. I didn’t really want to let go of her boobs, but I had to as I followed her command. After all, my mother told me to do anything she said.

    I rose up, releasing my grasp on her. Standing in front of her, with my cock half hanging out of my boxers just a foot in front of her. Unsure of what she was going to do next.

    She lifted her arms up first, took hold of my boxers and slid them down my legs as my cock plopped back in and then out full, finally free at last. I stepped out as she moved them to the side and placed them on the floor.

    She looked up at me, several feet higher now with me looking down. She moved her hand and softly wrapped her fingers around my hard cock. I closed my eyes and let out a soft moan of pleasure at her touch.

    Gently she started to stroke my cock, slowly. My eyes closed, occasionally pushing my head back at the instant pleasure I was feeling of her jerking me off.

    I opened my eyes and looked down. She was on her knees now, stretching higher up a little more. Her hand still grasping my cock and gently stroking it. She leaned in a little more, as I wondered what she was going to do next.

    She stopped stroking my cock, and pulled her body in more. Softly, she started to tap the tip of my cock against her boobs. It was a strange, and unusual yet amazing new sensation I started to feel. My cock slapping her boobs a little.

    “Do you like that!” She asked. I nodded down to her. She moved along slightly, and started to slap my cock against her other boob. Tap, tap, tap, tap. Just softly, before she gently rubbed the tip of my cock over her nipple.

    I shuddered slightly at the touch, my legs softly shaking and she could see it was making an impact on me. I let out several groans of pleasure as she continued for a few more moments.

    She then pulled her body away slightly and started to stroke me off again. Softly working her way up with pace over time. Because I was already incredibly horny by everything that had happened, it didn’t take me long this time to cum for her.

    She picked up speed, really giving my cock a good jerking, gripping it tighter with her hand. “I’m gonna cum!” I called out. She didn’t give up, continuing her great technique of jerking non-stop.

    I let out a loud groan as my legs shook from under me, and I almost collapsed. My cock erupted as my cum splashed out of the tip. My breathing was loud and heavy.

    The first load as she jerked me, flew several inches through the air, as it landed on her body, which I didn’t know at first, with my eyes closed, grimacing at this ecstacy I was feeling.

    The rest of my cum splashed out softly, as it dripped down upon the carpet below. She kept jerking, but now beginning to slow down her pace a little as the cum flowed out, drip, after drip into small pools at the start on the floor.

    I jerked my hips, best I could with my weakened state, several more times, as she jerked a little more, trying to get every last drop out of me.

    I give one final large jerk as she pulled at the same time. The last few drops splashing down into the small pool on the floor.

    I opened my eyes, my breathing slowing down a little. I looked down at her, as she released her grip of my cock, softly lowering down back to normal.

    I stared at her, when I saw a splodge of cum had landed just above her boobs. “Oh shit. I’m sorry!” I said. She looked down at it. “Ha ha, its okay. Don’t worry about it.!” She claimed.

    Her hand rising up, and her fingers touched the cum on her chest as she gently rubbed it into her skin, and down over her boobs, giving a soft glistening to their appearance.

    “There see. All gone. Cum is good for you, makes your skin nice and moisturized!” She said as she looked up at me. “So, did you enjoy that?” She asked, although I think she knew my answer. This time it was even better than the last night, and night before.

    “Yeah. It was wonderful. I keep thinking I’m going to wake up from a dream though!” I claimed. “It’s no dream. I’m happy to help you out!” She said.

    She looked down at the small pool of cum on the floor. “Now then, I’ll have to clean this little mess up.” As she lifted her head to look at me again. “Why don’t you go upstairs and have a shower, if you can still stand that is. He he.”

    “I think I can, barely. Thank you again!” I said. “You don’t have to keep thanking me you know. I’m happy to do it for you!” She told me.

    I reached down and picked up all my clothes on the floor. Turning I was beginning to walk off. Her hand rose up a little, and she slapped my bare ass. I turned back as I went off and smiled as she laughed a little.

    I took a shower and got changed, as I returned back downstairs. Julia had cleaned up the mess, although their was still a very slight stain in the carpet from my cum I had made.

    She shouted from the kitchen. “I’m just making something to eat. I’ll be right there.” “Okay thanks.” I called back. I walked over and sat on the sofa and tried to relax after another exhausting evening between us.

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    Again, great!

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    anotehr great chapter please keep them coming

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    this is one hell of a story keep it cumming,,,,,,thanks

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    Thanks all for nice replies. Happy everyone seems to be enjoying it, so much more to come.

    Well here goes with next Chapter, well 2 really. The first Chapter don't think is my best work and little slow, so added the 2nd part of it as a little bonus to carry it on a little.

    Day Five: Dick of Cards! (Part 1)

    Four days of magnificent pleasure I had so far discovered at home with this beautiful young woman called Julia. Little did I realize that their was still so much more to come.

    I woke up just after nine am. Getting up, I went to the shower and started the water up, as it gently got warm. Taking off my boxers, I stepped inside and started to get a wash.

    Julia walked upstairs, and checked my room, realizing I was up. She heard the shower running in the bathroom and walked to the door.

    She tried speaking through it. “Steve, do you want any breakfast?” But I didn’t reply, due to the sound of the water splashing down on my face and body.

    She opened the door, as I stood behind the clear glass, facing away from her. The water splashing around from above. She stood and watched as I ran my hands over my body, rinsing soapy water into it everywhere I could.

    She tried calling again. “Steve, you want any breakfast?” As I heard her voice. I turned around and looked as she caught me naked once more, only this time it didn’t feel as bad.

    I opened the glass door and looked out, to see Julia watching. “Sorry, I didn’t hear?” I said. “Breakfast?” She asked once more. “Yes please. I’ll be down in a minute!” I claimed.

    She looked down at my lower body. My cock was already getting hard from the water and looking at Julia’s body, even if she was clothed.

    She pointed to it and spoke. “Don’t forget to wash there also. You missed a spot!” She jokingly laughed at. I looked down to see my erection once more.

    Lifting my head, I looked at Julia, and tried to crack a small joke. “Alright, might be a few more minutes than I expected!” As she softly laughed. She left the room closing the door behind. I turned back in and continued washing.

    I finally finished cleaning, and having a jerk off in the shower while I was at it, while I got dressed, and I went downstairs. I found Julia sat on the sofa.

    I got some toast that had been made, a drink and went and sat down next to her on the sofa, a seat apart. I began to eat when she turned her body a little, and looked over at me.

    “So, what do you want to do today then? You know, except the obvious of course.” She asked. I turned and looked at her, thinking. “I don’t know." I told her. “We could play another game if you wanted?” she said.

    “As long as not cards, I’m not that good at that!” I claimed. “You were pretty good with that last hand though, you got me to get my boobs out for you!” She joked.

    “I know a little game. It involves cards but its simple to play. Hold on.” As she rose up, walked over and got a pack of cards out and came back to sit on the sofa. Opening the deck, she shuffled them.

    “Alright, the rules are simple. We both pick a card. Whoever gets the highest gets to ask the other a question. Anything they want, no subject off the records? And you can’t lie and you can’t not answer? Alright?” She said. I nodded. “Okay!” as I turned around to face her.

    She placed them on the middle seat between us all in a small pile. She picked a pile up, and I followed after. We revealed them to each other turning upside down.

    I had got a five, while she had got a Jack, making her the winner. “Damn!” I called. “I said I’m not good at cards!” And softly laughed. “Alright I guess. What’s the question?”

    She pondered for a moment. “Okay I have one. When was the first time you jerked off in your life and how did you do it?” She asked, with a soft giggle of laughter looking at me.

    I opened my mouth and gasped. “Oh, that’s not fair.” I called. “Remember, you accepted the rules, you have to answer truthfully and you can’t not answer the question.”

    I thought for a moment. “Alright. I don’t know the exact date and that, but I think I was about ten maybe or that age. I kind of, was in bed one morning and woke up with an erection. Of course that age I was still a little unsure about it all, and all I realized was that, when I rubbed it against something it felt really good.”

    Julia responded “So you used to use a pillow or something like that?” I responded, without thinking at that moment. “Yes, or the covers, I used to squash together and get on top and rub my cock up and down it. It just felt really nice.”

    Then I realized. “Hey, that’s kind of three questions in one there?! I gasped. She laughed. “Ha ha, your right. Well your loss because you answered now.” She told me. “Okay, next turn!” As we put our cards back.

    The next turn, she won again, picking a eight over my two, as I shook my head. “Whoooo. My go again. Alright, just one this time. How many times do you jerk off in a day?” She smiled.

    “Oh, this is war.” I said as she laughed again. “You have to answer truthfully remember!” She told me. I thought.....

    “Well, it depends I think on how I feel that day. Probably most of the time I jerk off about three or four times, morning, night and possibly a couple of times during the day if I’m feeling horny. Has been the odd occasion when I’ve jerked off much more. I don’t know if I should say...!”

    She looked at me, curiously “Oh go on. Tell me?” She asked. “Alright... I think my record, if can call it that, I have jerked off about a dozen times in one day.” Her eyes lit up and mouth opened in shock. “A DOZEN!” She called out.

    “Well it was one of those really hot summer days, and it just kind of happened. I got horny a lot. I don’t know why exactly, but it just seemed like a very long day!” I said. She smiled.

    “You just wait till I win one!” I said. “I bet you can’t wait to ask me some questions!” She giggled out. As we played again. Finally I won my first game. Beating her with a King to her Nine. “Yes" I called out in jubilation! As she laughed.

    “Be gentle with me!” She cried, giving me the best puppy dog face I had ever seen by a girl. It totally blew me away. “Hmm, I don’t know if I can ask you stuff like that!” I said.

    “It’s okay. Ask me anything you want, I promise you I will answer it!” She told me with a nod. “Alright, seems you kind of got me, I’ll ask the same. When did you first discover masturbation and how did you do it?” I asked, unsure if she really would answer, but she did.

    “I was quite young I think, I mean, I think I discovered that rubbing my body against hard things give me this wonderful feeling when I was very young. But I think I was about eight or nine when I started to discover my body a little more.” she said.

    “I think I heard some girls talking at school and about how they played with themselves sometimes and it felt really nice. So when I got home one day I went into my bedroom, and started to masturbate properly for the first time.” she added.

    “Did you touch yourself or was it using something?” I dared to ask. She looked at me. “I think the early days, I was a little like you, I kind of rolled up my pillow, or used one of my soft toys I had, and rubbed myself against it through my panties. It felt really nice, but I didn’t orgasm or anything then as I was still young and learning.”

    “After that, a few years later I think I started to use my fingers and rub myself off. It wasn’t until much later, probably fourteen or fifteen before I eventually went into putting my fingers inside. That was great days when I finally discovered how nice it was to play with myself properly” she smiled.

    “Alright, next round!” She said. We played again. She beat me, a Five to my measly Three. “Okay, let me think. Have you ever caught anyone else having sex?” she asked. I could only think of once.

    “Once kind of. A couple of years back now. I woke up in the night and heard noises. I went and peeked inside, and saw my parents going at it.” Julia laughed. “No wonder your a very horny boy if you saw that!” She joked.

    “Well, it was strange, I mean it was weird seeing it happen. I didn’t watch for long, I was a little curious I guess, but I just saw a little, not like proper penetration and stuff, just my mother riding my dad and them moaning.” I added.

    We played again. I won once more, beating her Seven with a Queen. “I’ve got one for you. Have you ever given a blowjob?” I asked, closing one eye and flinching in case she hit me. She just looked at me with a funny face.

    “Well, kind of. I don’t know really if would say I have. I mean, their was this guy I was with for a time, and he wanted me to give him a blowjob. I tried to, but he was a little forceful and I wasn’t that good at it. I kept coughing and not doing it right, and in the end we broke up.” she told me.

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring it up.” I said, feeling really guilty now. “Its okay. If it’s the right guy I would give one to and take my time. Just my first attempt wasn’t that great. I have been learning though” as she winks at me.

    “Learning.. How?” I asked curiously. She replied, “Well I have a vibrator and dildo, so I use them sometimes and put in my mouth and suck on them, pretending it’s a guy’s cock in my mouth. It’s not the same, but I think I’m getting better at it.” She told me with a smile.

    Day Five: Blowjob Heaven (Part 2)

    Another round and she won, King to my Jack. “Alright, I think I already know the answer to this, but here goes. Have you ever had a blowjob given to you?” She asked. I gulped. “No I haven’t. But I think you knew that anyway.” I said, lowering my face down to look at the cards, a little ashamed.

    “I thought you hadn’t but I had to ask. Would you like one?” She asked back. I raised my head and looked at her. “Sorry... what?” I asked, thinking I had not heard right.

    “I asked if you would like a blowjob?” She smiled as she spoke. “You know, from me. I mean, I’ve never given a proper one before, so you would really be my first go, and seems neither of us have ever done that properly, then thought we could try? If you would like me to that is. I can’t say I’m great at it though!” She claimed.

    “Yes. I would love one. I mean, if your sure?” I made sure in asking again. “I’m sure. Alright, you turn around, take off your clothes and sit there.” she said as she got up and walked around to stand in front of me.

    I did what she asked, taking off my trousers and boxers, placing them to one side. I sat there, my cock was just starting to get a small erection in the cold air getting to it.

    She knelt down in front of me on the floor. I sat upright in the sofa. "First, let’s get you a little harder shall we.” She said.

    Her hand raised up and clasped around my cock. It gently began to jerk me off, rising up and down in rhythm. It didn’t take long before my cock began to rise to the occasion. It grew hard in her soft hands in no time.

    "Alright, there we go. Are you ready?” She asked me. I looked at her, smiling at me. “Yes, I think so.” I told her. “I’ll start off with just my tongue first!” She said. As I watched her prepare. She ran her tongue around her lips and softly moved in, my cock still grasped in her fingers.

    My cock was standing to attention, as her head moved forward. Releasing her fingers from wrapped around fully, to now just gently holding my cock between her finger and thumb.

    Her tongue stuck out, and she gently ran the wetness of the tip starting from my balls up to the tip of my cock. I let out a soft moan as she touched me with it, as she softly licked upwards.

    She started again, and continued for several more times, her tip of her tongue softly licking up the underside of my cock from balls to the tip. It was like.. Nothing I had ever felt before.

    She wet her tongue more each time she licked my cock, always starting from my balls up to the tip. Each lick accompanied by a deep heavy breathe breaking through my mouth.

    Her head peered up towards my face, with my eyes gently shut and breathing hard, my body softly shuddering at this wonderful feeling I was receiving from her.

    Her hands moved down from my cock, as they gently began to caress my legs, moving down and then up my inner thighs. It helped bring my arousal full force at this soft touch of her hands.

    She moved her tongue away for a moment, as she saw the way her licking my cock had affected me, gently speaking in her soft tone of a voice “Do you like me licking your cock?”.

    I looked down, “Oh God yes.” I replied to her smile. She spoke again “Good, I’m glad you like it, I’m going to try something else now!” She told me, leaving me wonder what she had planned next.

    Her head lowered, as her tongue protruded and with the tip of her tongue, it gently flicked the tip of my cock. I let out a large gasp of excitement at her touch, followed by quick deep breathes in a row. My head snapped back into the sofa I sat upon.

    Her tongue flicked over and over, my body shaking slightly, my legs quivering with her soft hands caressing my inner thighs. I let out a soft whisper “Oh God!”

    She flicked several more times, before it finally happened. It was a wonderful wet and soft feeling as she rose up slightly, as her head lowered a fraction. The tip of my cock softly slid up her tongue as she wrapped her soft warm lips around the ridge of my cock.

    I felt a soft wet sucking motion in her mouth, my cock felt so good inside of her mouth, as her tongue glanced around inside, flicking and touching all around the tip of my cock.

    I gently without thinking lifted my hips a fraction off the couch, as my cock slid backwards over her tongue into her mouth.

    It stroked through her mouth as the tip just caught the back of her throat, before she slowly pulled her head back upwards. I lowered my hips back onto the sofa, a little worried about maybe I had gone too far, but she kept my cock softly between her lips.

    Her tongue gently rolled around the tip of my cock. It felt so warm inside her mouth, as her tongue guided it’s way slipping around and around my cock. I let out a soft moan at the pleasure I was feeling.

    Without asking, she lowered her head on her own this time. Her lips were firmly gripped against my foreskin as I felt the wetness of her saliva inside her warm mouth flowing over the softness of my cock.

    I released several quick deep breathes at this amazing sensation I was feeling. She gently sucked inside her mouth as my cock seemed to pulsate inside of her at the soft flowing sucking motion she was making, as the inside of her mouth caressed around my cock, giving an almost tight, yet softly skinned grip over it.

    She raised her head once more, as my cock popped out from between her wet lips. Staring up at my face, which was at first buried deep into the sofa I sat upon behind me, before lowering my head and looking down at her through deep breathing.

    My cock pulsated on it’s own out of her mouth, just an inch away from entering once more. She curled her lips together, and softly began to blow upon the tip of my cock. My mouth widened ajar at this wonderful feeling, even just her hot breathe upon my cock was some of the best things I had felt in my life.

    Sliding her head gently sideways to my cock, she leaned in, as her tips of her lips just gently caressed around the side, top and underside of my cock as she began at the lower end and slowly slid her lips upwards in a soft caressing motion.

    She followed this quickly by gliding it back down, and repeated it several times. Up and down, just gently caressing my cock in her lips only. Her soft wet lips hitting the underside of the tip of my cock, with each time me letting out a large gasp of moaning.

    Her hands gently rose up my inner thighs, caressing each leg softly over my skin. One hand rose further as the other stopped, as it pulled inwards. Her fingers, gently started to glide over my hairy balls. Gently caressing them in her fingers, as every so often she just gave my balls a gently squeeze, not too tight to hurt me, but enough for me to feel them being held in her soft hands.

    She looked up at me, her face slightly blushing a little of soft red upon her cheeks, almost a glimmer of a smile across her lips. She spoke, softly in a deep female erotic voice “Do you like me sucking your cock!” as I stared at her, and replied. “Yes, it’s amazing. I feel....!” But before I could finish, or think of what to end it with, she continued.

    Her mouth turned back, as once again she turned her head back straight and lowered down upon my cock. Her lips this time were keeping relatively sealed, as she almost forced my erect cock to force it’s way through her tight lips

    “Oh Fuck!” I called softly out as my cock slipped through her tight lips back into her wet mouth once more. ‘This must be what fucking a tight pussy feels like’ I thought to myself.

    Her head lowered down and raised, as she gently set a soft rhythm to her motion of sucking my cock. Her one hand gently caressing my balls still as she teased them, pulling her sharp nails just slightly across them, before holding them and caressing them more.

    My head crashed back again, against the back of the sofa as I breathed heavily at my cock being sucked. She claimed this was her first ‘real time’ at sucking a guys cock, but the way she was playing, teasing and pleasuring me, it felt like she had a lot of practise with her sex toys, or watched a lot of videos.

    I closed my eyes, in total ecstasy at this wonderful sexual experience I was having, her head softly bobbing up and down, as my cock slid deeper into her mouth, occasionally touching the back of her throat.

    She started to pick up pace a little, as I let out groans and moans to her beginning to take effect on my cock pulsating more. She caressed my balls more, and could feel from them tightening I was so close to cumming for her.

    At first, I felt unsure if I should say anything, but I was so much in the feeling that I almost lost myself in my own sexual desires. I called out quickly, almost at the last moment. “I’m gonna cum!”

    She gave several more quick sucks over my cock before she pulled her head up as it plopped out. Her free hand rose up as she took a good grip of my now, extremely hardened erect cock and began jerking me off.

    I let out a loud groan as she jerked me, and my cum splashed out of the tip of my cock as it flew softly into the air a little and came spluttering back down.

    Her hand continued jerking me over and over, as more cum splashed out. I moaned over and over as my legs gave way, although I was sitting down they gently shook at her side.

    I raised my hips off the sofa several quick times as my cock pulsated up through her soft hand, jerking my cock with several thrusts of my body to get every drop I could out.

    I gently fell back down to the sofa, breathing deeply and totally out of breathe. She looked up at me, smiling as she began to remove her hand from my cock as the cum was splashed around, even on her own hand she used to finish me off with.

    I raised my own hand to the side of my head, breathing heavy as I just softly spoke “Wow!”. “Did you like it?” She asked. How could I not, for my first time ever having my cock sucked it was amazing. I couldn’t have imagined it being more perfect.

    “Your like... amazing. You certainly learnt some things!” I spoke. “Ha ha, thank you. As long as you enjoyed it.” She told me. I smiled down at her, beginning to come down from my breathing to normal.

    Reaching across, she took hold of a towel and began to clean her hand of my cum. I didn’t want to say anything at this time, I mean I would have loved to have cum in her mouth like I heard men can, but I felt uncomfortable and wasn’t sure if even if she liked that and didn’t want to force her and ruin it all.

    She then began to clean me up, wiping the cum from my now soft erection as it gently settled down, and from my body, as well as the bits that had landed on the carpet below.

    “You know, it’s almost time for something to eat!” She said to me as I looked up to see it getting time for dinner as she stood up with the towel and walked into the kitchen. I sat there, still exposed and finding it a little difficult to even move after that experience.

    Eventually I began to move, sitting up and starting to get dressed again. It was only just gone midday, and the day wasn’t over yet. Their was still lots of time for more action to be had.

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    Brilliant - it wont end here I am sure - there is a lot more cum to be spilt and I am sure she is going to taste and it sooner than later and then get better still.

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    Can't wait to see where it goes next. I really enjoyed the first part as much as the 2nd. No doubt there.

    Bring on the next chapters

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    Amazing like always! I can't wait for the next part!

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    Once again thank you all. Nice to get replies of those who enjoy the story.

    Well, wrote up a few more chapters late last night, so here we go with the next chapters in the story. Enjoy, I know I did writing it :icon094:

    Day Five: I Spy..... (Part 3)

    Several hours had passed since I had received my first ever blowjob. Although it may sound strange, my cock still had a slight tingling sensation to it I couldn’t shake off, and believe me, I shook it a few times.

    Myself and Julia went out to town for a few hours, picking up a few shopping groceries before we returned. We started putting the food away when Julia got a phone call as she took it in the other room.

    She returned as I finished and sounded a little upset. She told me her friend had just called, and she’s in a bit of a state as she just broke up with her boyfriend and wants to talk to her, so she has invited her around.

    I knew straight off this would put a dampener on our fun we had been having, but I knew I had to let it happen. It was an hour or more before her friend arrived. I didn’t get a chance to see her at start, as Julia had asked me to be nice and go upstairs and wait in my bedroom so she could talk to her friend alone.

    I agreed of course, after all, with everything she had done for me I couldn’t say no to her, and she had promised me something special for being such a nice guy.

    I heard the doorbell go, the door opening and voices downstairs. I waited, and waited for over an hour or more. I heard crying, talking, and silence after a while. Then a voice. “Steve, could you come down please.” Julia had called up to me. I went down, to see what she wanted.

    I stepped into the living room. Julia was sat on the sofa, next to her friend, Amanda. A rather attractive dark haired young woman, about the same age as Julia. Amanda though, looked a little taller, definitely had a slightly large boob size than Julia, and luscious curvy lips.

    “Hi” I said as I entered. Amanda turned to look at me, I could see tear marks down her cheeks where she had been crying for a while but now stopped. She gave a soft smile to me. “Hey Steve. Listen, I know it’s last minute and everything. But Amanda is wondering if you’d mind if she stayed here tonight? She just doesn’t want to be alone!” Julia asked me.

    “Hmm, yeah I guess so. I mean. Should be alright!” I told her. My heart dropped a little at saying it. I knew what it meant, it meant that our time together might have come to an end. I think Julia could sense I felt a little down about it, but she also couldn’t let a friend down and she believed deep down I knew she couldn’t do that to someone she cared about.

    “She can sleep in the same bed as me in your parents room. Thank’s so much Steve for doing this. It means a lot!” Julia told me with a deep smile. “Thanks!” Amanda spoke as I glanced over at her.

    I nodded slightly. “Why don’t I start on something to eat for tonight. You can help me if you want Steve.” Julia added as she walked over and into the kitchen. I walked behind and went in with her.

    Just after we entered, Julia turned and looked back in the living room where Amanda had turned back and curled up a little on the sofa. Julia checked on her before turning back to me as we stepped a little closer in and out of sight.

    She softly whispered to me so her friend couldn’t hear. “Thanks for doing this, it really means a lot that your letting her stay here tonight. I know your probably a little down as it means we can’t have more fun, but I will make it up to you, I promise.” She told me.

    She leaned in, and softly planted a kiss on my lips. The first time she had kissed me. Her lips were soft, and wet and I licked my lips afterwards to taste her. She tastes so sweet. I wanted more, but I knew I would have to wait.

    We carried on making some food, and sat down to eat. The time seemed to fly by, and before we knew it, it had got to gone eleven o’clock at night. I gave off a slight yawn. “I think it’s time I went to bed” I said to them both.

    I wasn’t expecting it, but Amanda gave a joke of a reply “Want some company!” As she smiled at me. Julia’s jaw dropped. “Hey, I can’t believe you just said that!” As she softly punched her friend in the arm. They both giggled a little. I was close to replying with a ‘yes please’ but I held it in.

    I headed off to bed. While I laid there, after a little while I thought about the two girls joining me in my bed. With it, my cock began to get so hard. I Reached down and lowered my boxers from over my body, as they rested around my ankles.

    My fingers wrapped around my cock and I began to softly stroke it. Gently at first, just how I liked it, as I closed my eyes and moaned softly through deep breathing. I imagined the two hot girls downstairs playing with me, of one sucking my cock while the other let me suck on her boobs.

    I wet my lips as I dreamed a wonderful sexual lust of a threesome playing out in my own mind. My hand by now was speeding up a little. My cock was pulsating as I jerked away at my cock. I groaned, moaned louder and breathed heavy as I was building up my rhythm.

    As I opened my eyes, I caught a glimpse of what I thought was someone stood at the crack of the doorway looking in. I couldn’t make out who, and I was so much into jerking myself off that at that time I didn’t really care. I just wanted to cum.

    My hips began to thrust a little off the bed, into the air. My cock bulging through the tight grip of my hand. “Oh God!” I softly spoke out, knowing I was going to climax any moment. I sped up much faster. I glanced across at the door, seeing just a slight touch of what I thought was dark hair.

    I then exploded. Letting out a long huge groan as I thrust my hips up in several extended forceful jerks. My cock erupted as a stream of cum splashed out of the tip. It flew a few inches into the air as it came splashing back down.

    I gave another thrust, as more cum spilled out of the tip of my cock, as it poured over the side and flowed down the sides, across my fingers and hand, down to my hairy balls.

    I gave one final thrust, as the last small drops of cum filtered out. My body settling back down upon the bed as I laid there, all spent and exhausted. I took hold of my bed sheets and wiped the cum onto them, as I didn’t have a towel or anything else at hand. I cleaned myself up the best I could.

    I turned my head a fraction as I looked to the side. I couldn’t see anyone stood there anymore, but I had the feeling that someone was watching, as I heard soft footsteps walking away and downstairs.

    Turning back, I laid there, my breathe becoming normal again, as I closed my eyes. I began to fall asleep, so tired from a wonderful orgasm of cum I had just given myself since I couldn’t have Julia help me this time.

    I had been asleep for hours, as I softly opened my eyes to a whisper of a voice. My eyes were still sleepy a little, as I tried to look through them to the side.

    Standing at the side of my bed, Julia stood. A nightdress over her body, stretching down to just over her knees. She was smiling at me as she spoke, just barely more than a whisper. “Hi, I’m sorry I woke you. It looks like you have been busy last night before you went to sleep.” She said, pointing down to my body.

    I turned my head and saw that I hadn’t covered myself up since I jerked myself off hours before, and fell asleep. Thankfully, it was only Julia who caught me naked and not my parents.

    “I know I’m a bit of a pain, but would you mind if I slept in here with you tonight? It’s just Amanda is asleep and she’s hogging all the covers, and she snores a little. I can’t sleep.” She asked me. I nodded my head. In truth, I was still not fully awake to take it all in. “Thanks!” She said.

    She climbed over my naked body, and slid her own body deep under the covers. She then took hold of them and pulled them back up, over my own naked body as I laid there. “You go back to sleep hun. I’m sorry I woke you!”

    I closed my eyes. Turned over slightly to face the door in the distance and seemed to start to almost drift off again. Julia moved closer to me, closer to my body. “Oh, your body is so warm, you must have really been going at it last night” she added. By now though, I was almost asleep. But I did feel what was her arm as it stretched over my naked chest, as her own body moved closer to behind mine and she cuddled up snuggly to the warmth of my body.

    She closed her eyes as we both drifted off asleep after a little while, with me little realizing for the first time I had a girl sleeping in my bed, albeit we weren’t doing anything sexual at this time.

    Day Six: Morning Glory (Part 1)

    I opened my eyes a little as I laid in my bed. I could feel Julia’s arms stretched over my bare skin. Her softness to her own skin was a beautiful sensation upon mine. Like almost every day, I had awoke with a full on erection.

    Julia’s body softly moved. She moved in a little more to the warmth of my own. Cuddling up tightly. Her hand softly caressing my chest. A soft moan coming from behind me, through her lips. I turned my head a little to look behind. Julia’s eyes were open as she looked at me.

    “Hey. I thought you might be awake. I’m gonna have to go soon, or else Amanda might wonder what I’m doing.” She told me. Smiling as she gave a soft smile back. Just having her close to me for this long I enjoyed. The feel of her breasts pushing upon my back. Her long and soft legs, gently rubbed against my own under the covers further down.

    Her hand still caressed across my chest. I turned my head back to look at the door, which was shut. I let out a soft moan, mostly to let Julia know that I enjoyed her touching me like she was.

    Her hand began to go south, as she moved it down across my chest, my stomach and then to my cock which by now was extremely hard. “You must have had a nice dream last night!” She teased me as her fingers just softly brushed against my hard cock, and past over my legs, pulling back up, across my balls and cock once more.

    I groaned a little, as I felt her hot breathe upon the back of my neck. Her hand was just gently brushing my cock. Down to my legs, and back. Occasionally her fingers brushed outwards, towards the tip of my cock and back to my body once more.

    Then, her hand moved down. Her fingers extended and without saying a word. Her fingers gently wrapped around my cock. It gripped, not too tightly, but with slight firmness behind it. She started to gently roll my foreskin back and forth, up and down.

    I moaned a little louder. “Shhh hun. You might wake our guest!” Julia whispered into my ear. The sound of her voice was sex in itself to my mind. I tried my best to relax and keep as quiet as I could, almost biting my lip to keep my sexual sounds at bay.

    She stroked my cock a little faster. I deeply breathed out with each thrust of her hand. Her other hand moved up as she pulled the covers back from over my naked body. I still hadn’t pulled my boxers up and slept naked all night, not realizing it still till now.

    My cock was bring stroked a little faster. The tip of it was stretched out over the end of the bed. Her hand sliding up and down, as I began to get with the rhythm. I thrust my hips a little, across the bed, as my cock jerked more in her hand.

    Julia moaned a little, and it seemed she was enjoying doing this for me as much as I was having it given to me. “That’s it hun. Jerk that hard cock of yours for me. I want you to splash all your cum out of that big hard thick cock. I love stroking it for you. You have such a nice cock.” She whispered through her soft tone of a voice into my ear. Dirty words softly spoken, turning me on even more.

    Her hand had picked up more speed, as I thrust my hips a little more. My breathing becoming deeper, as my moans still breaking out, I tried to hold back from calling out too loudly.

    “Oh fuck. I’m gonna cum Julia!” I called out softly. She knew I was close anyway, as my balls began to tighten and my cock was pulsating in her hand. “Cum for me hun. Splash your cum out everywhere!” She whispered to me. I didn’t really need any more encouragement.

    I exploded once more. Her hand jerked my cock hard and fast. I thrust my hips with one big jerk forward as my cum flew out of the tip and across the room slightly several feet away. It left a stream of a thin strip of white pearly cum stretching from where it landed, leading back to my bed in a wavering line. She stopped jerking me.

    I pulled my hip back, and with one more thrust pushed forward hard. My cock forced it’s way through her grip of a hand. More cum, not as much this time splashed out, as it landed just near the bed. It splashed down creating a very small puddle on my carpet.

    I pulled back, and with one final demanding push. I thrust my body forward. With this I gave a slightly louder groan. The last remaining drops dripped from my cock. Julia’s hand still gripped a hold of my cock, which was still hard at this time.

    I pulled my body back a little. My breathing slowing down. My cock was just starting to become soft once more. She loosened her grip and released her hold on me. Pulling her hand back, she wiped it a little on the bed sheets.

    “That should keep you satisfied for a little while hun. I’m sorry I couldn’t do much more, but I hope we can later” she told me. She leaned over as I turned my head to look at her. She kissed me. Not long, not hard, but soft lips upon my own for several seconds. I tasted her lips on my own once more. It tasted so nice.

    She pulled away after a moment and looked at me. “I’m sorry hun. I had better get up and go before Amanda wakes up.” With that, she climbed over me, almost rolling her soft body across my chest, her boobs squashing over me as I felt them. So nice, tender and soft. She climbed up to her feet as she looked down at the mess on the floor I had made.

    “I’ll be back shortly to clean that up for you” she spoke. She walked away and opened the door, as she peeked outside and stepped outside, shutting the door behind her.

    I closed my eyes and laid there. Although the day had just started, I didn’t know that my day at this time was about to get better and better, with more than one girl in my home.
    “A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities.” - William Arthur Ward

    "Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all - the apathy of human beings." - Helen Keller

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    Again great post. 1 problem. Post more than 2 chapters. The wait is killing me! ;)

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    Haha its obvious you like to tease the characters in your story and your readers by only posting a little at a time!

    Keep up the great work.

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    Such an amazing story please keep going.

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    Thanks :) Alright, I'm sorry chapters are a little slow. I started as I had the first five chapters wrote, so they got posted up quickly. I'm now writing and posting as I go along. I could write a few, over a couple of days and post up what had done to that time, or keep posting as I write it, sometimes 1 or 2 chapters done before posted again. Just think most would like to read as they are wrote and ready to read.

    Also difficult to write when your, you know, in the mood and even get aroused too much by your own story lol and have to finish that before you finish writing a story. is that weird or just me. Just me then :icon100:

    I only planned this on one chapter per day he was experiencing, but as I've written more and enjoyed writing it, the story is building into a longer story.

    Anyway, heres another chapter finished today. Sorry only 1, and maybe not the best, but hopefully keeps everyone smiling and enjoying the ride.

    Day Six: Girly Talk...? (Part 2)

    I opened my eyes and looked at the time. It was almost ten am in the morning. I laid there, still naked under my bed sheets. Glancing down I saw that my stream of cum had been wiped clean off the carpet. Julia must have come in while I nodded off again and wiped it away.

    I heard footsteps rising from the stairs, someone walking up and heading down the hallway to my room. I made sure I was covered up, just in case. My door opened and I saw Amanda’s face peering around the corner looking in on me.

    “Are you awake?” She called out. “Yes, what’s wrong?” I asked in reply. She entered into my room, closing the door a little behind her and stepped across. She sat down on the edge of my bed. Looking down at my face, and a little of my upper naked chest with the covers just below.

    “I’m sorry to bother you. It’s just. I need a guy’s perspective on something. I hope that’s okay?” She asked me. “Sure, if you think I can help?” I told her, unsure of what she wanted to ask.

    “First thanks for letting me stay last night, I appreciate it. Julia told me you were a really nice guy, I thought they’d all be dead or something though, you know what I mean?” She smiled as she told me. I knew what she meant, with her breakup she was going through, she found it hard trusting a guy at the moment, and probably thought all guys were just dicks and no brains.

    “Yeah. I know. Not all guys are though.” I told her, smiling. “Alright!” She said, “I don’t know if you’ve ever, well, it’s kind of personal so I hope don’t mind me asking. But, do guys really only look at girls and see pussy and that’s it? I mean, the guy I was seeing, he seemed nice, but all he wanted to do was fuck me all the time. Sometimes a girl just likes to be wooed a little, you know? Like, romance is dead with him.” She told me.

    I was a little taken back. I had another, if I could say it, rather beautiful young woman in my room talking about being fucked. I thought a little about how I would answer. I didn’t want to come off as a jerk, and I didn’t want to come off as a sex maniac who’d reply with ‘most guys do just wanna fuck every girl he meets, that’s some guys for you’.

    “I don’t know about some!” I started to reply with. “But, when I see a girl I find attractive, I don’t just look at her and think, wonder what she looks like naked, I look at her and see how pretty she looks, her feelings and want to get to know her for who she is, not just how beautiful she looks.” I added.

    At first, I thought I came across as a bit weird. But what had happened between me and Julia lately, it had opened up my eyes a little, my inhibitions had widened and I saw things through a new look on life. I didn’t seem afraid anymore to say some things, talk about sex a little, and especially, say them in front of or even to a girl. I always kept to myself in the past, now everything had changed.

    “A girl isn’t just a sex toy for a guy, she’s someone who can be hurt by doing stupid things. I’m sorry he hurt you, but he sounds like a real jerk if you don’t mind me saying. I’m sure you’ll find someone better out there. I mean, your very pretty if you don’t mind me saying.” I spoke. What was I saying, was I really starting to come on to her?

    I softly gulped, I mean she wasn’t looking for someone else, and I was still wanting to be with Julia a lot. She smiled, her cheeks gave a soft red blush to them with my comment towards her.

    “Wow, Julia said your sweet for such a young man. She wasn’t wrong. Thank you. Do you really think I’m that pretty?” She asked me. I couldn’t lie, and I didn’t want to. “Yes, you are. I know I may be out of line a little, but you have a beautiful face, and your body is a turn on for a guy. I think you’d have every boy turning to stare at you when you walk down the street” I said.

    “Aww, I think I’m gonna cry.” She told me. A soft teardrop just began to swill from the lower part of her eye. She raised a hand and softly wiped it away. With that, she leaned down and softly planted a kiss on my lips. It wasn’t a long one, only a quick second of a peck, but her lips tasted of, strawberry is all I could think. Her lipstick I believe it came from.

    Her hand rolled over my chest, caressing me for a moment. “Some girl is going to be very lucky when you find the right one.” She complimented me with. “Thanks.” Is all I could reply with.

    The touch of her hand on my chest began to awaken my cock once more. It began to rise, under the sheets. Almost a soft tent pitch at first as I glanced down knowing what was happening, but a little helpless at it.

    Amanda saw me looking down, and turned her head and glanced down the bed sheets. She saw me pitching my tent underneath, and turned back giving a soft smile to me. Her hand still touching my chest. “I’m sorry. Did I do that to you?” She kindly asked. I nodded in agreement.

    “Oh. I’ve never, like, turned a guy on just by sitting close to them before. Without you know, playing with him.” She told me. “I’ll go for now, and leave you alone to enjoy yourself. I wanna say thanks though for what you said. It did mean a lot to me.” She said as she pulled her hand away and rose to her feet. I wanted to say ‘No, don’t go. Please stay and watch or help me’. But, I couldn’t find the courage to say that to her. I just smiled.

    As she looked down at me, and by now my cock which was fully erect and hard under the sheets pointing upwards. She gave me one more slight indication that maybe it wasn’t over between us, and maybe something was there, a spark of something.

    “Before I go, would you mind if I. No, I can’t ask...” she said. I furrowed my eyes, and stared at her. “No, it’s okay. Go on?” I told her.

    “Well, I am going to go and leave you alone, but is it alright if I have a little look first? It’s just, I haven’t seen a cock for a few days now. My exes was quite small, only about four inches when he could get it hard. Would you mind if I had a quick look at your cock, it looks much bigger.” She told me.

    “Yes, if you want. I’m not the biggest though, sorry.” I told her. I reached down and slid the bed sheet away. My cock unleashed it’s spring of a step as it bounced around on it’s own. Almost a reaction to seeing another beautiful girl so close to it.

    “Wow. You are bigger than he was. It looks really nice. I think some girl is going to be very happy when she has your big cock sliding in her tight pussy.” Amanda said softly, almost a slight giggle afterwards.

    “Alright, I had better get going. I don’t want Julia to know about this, so it will be our little secret alright?” She asked of me. I was already keeping one secret, of my sexual awakenings by Julia who was teaching me everything it seemed. “Yes, I won’t say a word.” I told her. “Thanks hun. Now, you go to town and have fun with your cock for a while. I’ll tell Julia you’ll be coming down shortly.” She said.

    She turned and walked to the door. I watched her. The beautiful shape of her ass, as it gave off a slight shake as she took each step, in her tight hugging jeans. She opened the door, and with one last glance behind to look at me, naked in bed, she left and closed the door behind.

    I laid there alone. My cock itching for another round of being taken care of. I knew, this time I had to do it on my own. So I finished what was already started, as I gripped my cock and went to town as Amanda called it for me.

    It wasn’t long before I climaxed again, splashing more cum around inside my room and over my bed. My head felt heavy, and my eyes weary once more. I fell asleep, my cock still gripping to my cock as I closed my eyes once more.


    Okay, not the best probably, but hope like still :) The next chapter will be better, all I'll say is...

    Girl + Girl = :iconsex-cunnilingus
    and one :iconsex-poundit: with a sense of voyeurism

    ;) Ain't I a tease?
    “A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities.” - William Arthur Ward

    "Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all - the apathy of human beings." - Helen Keller

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    another great addition

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    Great story!

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    II love it thank you sooooo much

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    one hot story so far i love the tease of you posting a little at a time
    i give you 4 stars

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    Good story but could use some editing. You make the biggest grammatical error that everyone else makes: the contraction for ''you are'' is ''you're'', not ''your''. ''Your'' is a possessive pronoun. Sorry to sound like an English teacher, but that drives me nuts! It's the same with "they're, there, and their''.

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    Here's another chapter, not as long I'm afraid and not much in it but I'm sure next one will have a lot in it. ;)

    Day Six: Sisters Do It For Themselves ...? (Part 2)

    I opened my eyes, an hour had passed, and it was almost lunchtime. I climbed out of bed, as I pulled on some fresh boxer shorts, clean and not stained, yet. I walked out of my room and headed downstairs.

    On my way down, I heard noises. It sounded like soft moaning of some kind. I stopped and looked at the living room, it was coming from inside there. I softly tip-toed my way down the last few steps and crept my way to the door.

    I peered around the corner and stepped inside just a little, trying to see what was happening before announcing myself. As I looked around, I saw Amanda sat upon the sofa. Her head resting on the back, her legs a little open as she sat there. A soft moaning seemed to be coming from her lips, heavy breathing following.

    Her long, and loose skirt was lifted up to her knees. It was pulled apart leaving a gap in the front. I wondered what was happening before it came to me. Amanda lowered one of her legs down to the side a little more, revealing Julia kneeling upon the floor, sat between her legs.

    Her head was buried underneath her skirt. Amanda’s hand flowed down over her upper body, as it rested upon Julia’s head under her skirt, caressing the top of her head with the fabric over her.

    My cock was beginning to become aroused. Although I was stood in boxer shorts only, it began to rise up. It wasn’t long before it started to bulge at my underwear. The tip of my cock almost peeking out through the buttoned gap at the front.

    My hand lowered down, as I unbuttoned one, and slid my hand inside, taking hold of my cock as I pulled it out. It was hard, and firm as I wrapped my fingers around it. I began to stroke it as I watched. Although I couldn’t really see a lot, the sound of moaning and watching what I imagined was taking place was enough for me to get sexually aroused.

    I heard what sounded like slurping. Sounds of something wet being licked or touched. Amanda drew her head back with a slightly louder groan. Her eyes tight shut as she grimaced in pure pleasure.

    I continued stroking my cock, as I watched, hidden away at the corner of the entrance, making sure I couldn’t be seen. Amanda groaned more, with each moan and groan she breathed heavily, her body growing sexual lust at what was being done to her.

    Her legs were shaking slightly, as I saw what I presumed was Julia’s head bobbing up and down a little. In my own imagination I could only think she was licking Amanda’s pussy out. I had no idea that these two girls were so close, that either of them would have ever done this for each other.

    A part of me wanted to walk over, and join in, to get my cock sucked by Amanda as Julia licked her pussy out, or to join in and lick Amanda’s pussy. I was too scared though still, my heart beat a little faster as I watched, almost a thrill of being caught as my body tensed a little at this voyeurism.

    Amanda’s breathing grew heavier, her moaning stronger, short quick breathing patterns overtook her body. Her legs quivering slightly, her hips rocking softly up towards Julia’s head. Her hand pulled to the side. She gripped the cushion on the sofa, almost a fist like clench as she gripped hard.

    She let out a groan that went on for several seconds. Very hard deep grunts as her body shuddered as it rose up slightly from the sofa. It lasted for several moments, before her body lowered back down, her breathing still a little heavy. Sweat glistening off her head and arms. She rested one of her arms across her stomach.

    Her skirt moved as Julia’s head rose from underneath. She knelt there and looked up at Amanda. Julia’s mouth was glistening, Amanda’s pussy juice was all over the softness of her lips and chin. She slid out her tongue and licked her lips, tasting every drop of her juice she had on her. She lifted her arm, and slid her hand across her chin and then placed it in front as she licked the taste of juice from her palm.

    By now, I was almost ready to explode. I looked over, as Julia turned her head. She saw me watching them, at first I was a little worried, but she smiled at me. She opened her lips and seemed to whisper something, although no words came out, it seemed she said “Cum for me baby!” Towards me.

    I closed my eyes, my hand gripped tightly around my hard cock as I stroked hard and fast by now. I softly moaned out, my legs began to shudder, weakening a little at the knees as I bent down a little. My cock pulsated as my balls tightened.

    I exploded, as my cum shot out from the tip. It flew through the air and splashed down upon the carpet below as I jerked my cock forward through my hand. I pulled back and jerked it once more. More cum splashed out, joining the small stream of thin white pearly cum stretching along the carpet as I moaned again. I breathed a little heavy.

    I opened my eyes softly and looked out. My heart beat fast and hard. I gulped. I saw not only Julia, but now Amanda was watching me jerk off and cum everywhere. My eyes widened, as I froze still. My cock still hard in my hand. Cum dripped off the end of the tip, hanging down below.

    “Did you enjoy watching us Steve?” Amanda asked. I didn’t know what to say, had the two of them done this for me, did they know I was there jerking off over them. “Yes!” I mustered up the courage to say. My cock was limp a little in my hand.

    Julia smiled, as Amanda giggled a little. “Well good. I’m glad you liked it. And it looked like you really enjoyed it from the stain you have left on the carpet.” She giggled out.

    I looked down at the cum splashed across the carpet. “Its okay Steve. Julia is a great lover you know. Me and her have been doing this for a few years now. When we are alone or lonely, we like to go down and lick each other’s pussy’s.” Amanda told me. My cock pricked up a little, as it rose again at the sound of hearing this.

    The two looked at my cock again as it began to grow. “I think he’s getting hard again. Wow, you are a very horny young boy aren’t you Steve.” Amanda said. “Yes he is, maybe we should help him learn some things Amanda? What ya think?” She said to her best friend.

    Amanda smiled and nodded. “Yes. I think he’s ready to learn about girls a lot more. Come and sit down next to me Steve!” Amanda said. I walked around. My cock was still in my hand and I didn’t release it. I walked over and sat down, next to Amanda.

    Amanda’s face was flushed with beautiful red cheeks. Julia sat on the floor still as they both looked at me. I was unsure what was going to come next, but I knew it had to be good, maybe even better than everything that had happened to me so far.....
    “A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities.” - William Arthur Ward

    "Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all - the apathy of human beings." - Helen Keller

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    Great stuff! Can't wait for the next part!

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    Still waiting for more thank you....

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    Here we go with another 2 Chapters. :) I'm not even half way through the 14 days planned yet LOL Only on day 6.

    The last one should have been part 3 (not 2), leaving this as part 4/5.

    Day Six: More Helping Hands (Part 4)

    I sat there, one hot girl at my side, the other sat still upon the floor in front. Me with my cock still hard and pointing up to the ceiling with my fingers wrapped around it.

    “So Steve!” Amanda started with. “Julia has told me about what has been happening with you these past few days.” My eyes widened, I thought it was a secret.

    “Don’t worry, I think it’s nice she’s been helping you. Me and Julia talk a lot about boys, we share everything and she’s told me you really like to jerk your cock in front of her, and sometimes let her do it for you!” Amanda said.

    I looked down at Julia, she smiled at me, a smile that told me it was alright, that I shouldn’t worry. I nodded a little. “Don’t be embarrassed about it. Lots of boys would love to have a beautiful young woman help him jerk off. Your very special though, your the first boy she’s ever jerked off and she said she liked it a lot.” Amanda continued.

    “And from looking at how nice your cock is, I’m not surprised she enjoys helping you. Your a growing young man, your cock is getting quite big for your age. Would you mind if I had a little touch of it?” She asked me.

    I removed my hand from around my cock, as it sat there, hard and erect, bobbing around a little on it’s own. Just listening to her talk was making me feel so sexually aroused.

    Her hand moved across. She gently wrapped her fingers around the thickness of my cock. I breathed heavy at her touch, closing my eyes for a moment. Her hands were soft, like Julia’s. She gripped but not too tightly at first. Her hand began to move up and down, beginning to stroke me off. Julia watched my face, licking her lips as she saw her best friend jerking me off. It seemed watching this was arousing for her as it was sexually satisfying for myself.

    I gave several deep breathes as it continued, my eyes closing as my head rested back against the sofa. My hands down at my side, I grimaced my face occasionally from the soft hand jerking my shaft up and down, slowly and picking up just a fraction of a pace.

    “Mmm, your cock is so nice and big in my hand Steve. I like how it feels. It’s the biggest I have ever seen and touched. Do you like it when I stroke your cock baby, do you like me jerking your big hard cock!” Amanda said to me. “Oh fuck yes. Don’t stop please” I called out.

    As Amanda continued jerking my cock in her hand, picking up a little more pace, Julia raised her hands. She softly began to caress her hands up my legs, as they stroked my inner thighs. The feeling of her touch upon me was helping to build my sexual lust for them both. They both knew what to do, and how to please a guy.

    Amanda picked up her pace, my cock stroked up and down a little faster. I breathed heavy, moaning slightly with each jerk she was giving to me. I began to thrust my hips a little, rising them off the sofa. Pushing my cock deeper up and through Amanda’s grip which tightened around my cock. I forced my cock through the whole she made with her fist. Thrusting my cock, up and out, up and out. Each thrust and jerk up as she continued stroking me off.

    “Oh fuck. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna explode!” I called out. The two girls watched me, my face revealing the total sexual desire and emotions I was mixed with, telling it’s own story of how close I was. My balls began to tighten. My cock began to pulsate in her hand.

    Julia continued caressing my inner thighs, from just above my knees working up to my balls and back again, moving up and down, a little faster with each caress of her soft hands.

    I pulled back, and with one huge thrust, I jerked my body up off the sofa. My cock jerked up through Amanda’s hand as my whole body shook with an amazing orgasm I was experiencing. I groaned and moaned loudly, grimacing my face as I peered through almost closed eyes at the two girls watching me, as they turned and looked down at my cock.

    My cock exploded. Cum flew out of the tip into the air, several inches high. The highest I had ever made if fly. It came splashing back down onto my cock, and over Amanda’s hand, but she didn’t flinch at all. I pulled back down and thrust again. Jerking my cock once more with one huge push as it forced it’s way through the top of Amanda’s fist wrapped around.

    More cum splashed out as it spurted around and this time some landed on Julia’s hands which were still touching me and close to my balls. “Oh wow, look at all this tasty cum!” Amanda called out as she watched it all flow out from the tip of my cock. It streamed out still a little more, flowing down the sides of my cock and over her hand to my balls below.

    My body collapsed back down as I breathed deep, sitting there, my cock seemed empty from all it’s cum that I had inside. Amanda removed her hand as my cock stayed a little hard for a while longer, covered in splashes of cum upon it.

    Cum was covering a bit of Amanda’s hand, and a little upon Julia as she pulled away. The two looked up at me. “Wow, you were right Julia. He really is a very horny young boy. Look at all this cum he had inside of him.” Amanda stated.

    Julia smiled. “I said he liked a girl helping him jerk his cock.” She said. I was just coming down from my ecstasy as I sat there, covered in cum and with two beautiful young women next to me.

    “So, I think it’s now about time he did for us, what we do for him, don’t you Julia?” Amanda informed her. Julia nodded. “Yes, it’s alright to receive, but you also have to learn to give back too!” Julia added.

    I sat there, wondering what was going to happen next..... as the two girls wiped my cum from their hands on a towel at the side.....

    Day Six: The Taste Test... (Part 5)

    I sat and looked at the two girls. They smiled at each other, and then back at me. “So Steve, have you ever touched a girl, you know like really touched her.” Amanda asked. I shook my head, then thought for a moment. “Well, Julia allowed me to touch her boobs, but that’s about it!” I told her. Julia give off a soft giggle. “I think he liked them too!” She said. “Who wouldn’t, your boobs are the best I’ve ever tasted and sucked on!” Amanda added in to my surprise.

    “So you haven’t ever seen a real girl’s pussy? Or tasted one before then?” Amanda asked me. I shook my head. “Only seen on the internet, not in real life.” I explained. “Awwww!” Amanda said giving a slight puppy dog eyes and face to me, as her hand caressed my thigh. “Well I think it’s time you learned that it’s not just about a girl helping you cum, you also need to learn how to please a girl also.!” Amanda said.

    Amanda stood up, as Julia rose also. Amanda walked behind Julia, who stood there in her tight hugging jeans and tank top revealing some sexy cleavage. She wrapped her arms around Julia, almost caressing her waist and stomach. Raising her hands, and cupping Julia’s boobs into her palms, as she squeezed them, rubbed and played with them a little.

    I watched, my cock growing stiff once more watching two incredibly sexy girls touching each other. Amanda lowered one of her hands. It stretched down as it delved deep under Julia’s jeans. I could see the outline of her hand as it went south, further down. Julia leaned her head back into Amanda’s body, closing her eyes and opened her mouth, giving several soft breathes out.

    I gulped, watching Amanda’s hand as it reached down between Julia’s legs. It began to rub where her pussy was situated beneath. Up and down, softly caressing her mound. Julia softly moaned out at this wonderful feeling of pleasure.

    “See Steve, girls like it when you softly play with them. You don’t rub a girl too hard unless she likes it, just use your hand and softly run it over her pussy. Caress her, touch her and feel her as she begins to get wet. You want to make her feel special, make her body all warm and tingly, you want that wetness of her pussy juices starting to flow from beneath.” Amanda told me, as I watched on with interest, taking in every word she said.

    “Hmm, she so enjoys having someone rub her pussy. She is already getting a little wet just from my touch.” Amanda said as she turned her head to the side of Julia who was softly moaning still at being touched up. Amanda softly kissed Julia’s neck, soft pecks as she made her way up her neck. Reaching her earlobe, she kissed it, and then licked it and sucked a little on the end as Julia moaned louder.

    “You take your time Steve with a girl, you don’t have to rush it, make her all nice and wet so when your ready you can pound your cock deep inside of her so she doesn’t hurt.” As her hand continued to softly flow over Julia’s pussy under her jeans, rubbing it slightly a little faster, as Julia moaned louder.

    Julia rocked her hips a little, her body slightly shaking from this orgasmic touch of her best friend’s fingers over her wet pussy. I watched them both, my cock pulsating and wanting to be stroked again. “Hmm Steve. She feels to nice and wet down below. I know you want to jerk yourself off, but right now I just want you to sit and watch us, hold back on playing with yourself, it will make it much more better when you do, believe me.” Amanda told me as she looked at me.

    Julia’s body was now pulsating itself, her breathing becoming heavier with each small thrust of her hips as Amanda rubbed her pussy a little faster and harder. The shape of her hand through Julia’s tight jeans as she slipped the hand up and down, under and back.

    “Oh God babe. I’m almost there.” Julia called out. This was the first time I had Julia say this, and the first time I had seen a girl reaching an orgasm in front of me before. It didn’t look like she was faking it, it looked real. “Mmm, her pussy is dripping Steve, she’s gonna explode just thinking of you and your big hard cock in her mouth. As you thrust your cock deep inside of her wet pussy and pound her tight wet hole with your thick cock.” Amanda whispered out.

    Not only was this making me become more and more desperate to want to jerk myself off just listening to her words, but Julia seemed to be loving hearing her best friend talk dirty also. “Oh fuck babe. I’m gonna cum for you!” Julia called out to Amanda.

    Her breathing was short and deep, her moaning was purring from her lips. Amanda’s hand and fingers were thrusting back and forth over Julia’s wet pussy lips. “OH GOD!” Julia screamed softly out. Her body shook heavily from being helped by her best friend as she continued rubbing her pussy.

    Julia’s body shuddered several times, with each a soft groan broke free as her eyes were deeply closed, and her mouth wide open, her face grimacing at the pure pleasure of an orgasm she was receiving.

    Julia’s hand moved down over her jeans, touching Amanda’s below the fabric as if to tell her to stop now. Amanda gently slowed down, as Julia’s body began to shake just a little more before stopping, her breathing becoming more normal as she opened her eyes.

    “Oh fuck, that felt so good babe!” She said as she turned her head to Amanda who looked back at her. The two leaned in, as their lips locked together in a passionate embrace of a kiss. The heads turned as the kiss was long and deep, and from where I sat it looked like tongues were used to taste each other also.

    The kiss lasted for a little while, before pulling apart and turning to look at me. Amanda’s hand rose up from under Julia’s jeans, as it pulled out to reveal a glistening wetness to her fingers. She raised it up, and slid her fingers in her mouth, tasting the wet juice that she had extracted from her best friend.

    “Mmm, she tastes so good Steve. Her pussy juice is all nice and wet, Julia has a very sweet taste to her pussy.” She teased as I sat there. My cock was harder than I could have imagined, it wanted to be touched so badly but I held off as she asked me to. It almost bounced around a little on it’s own.

    “Would you like a little taste Steve?” Amanda asked me. My eyes lit up, as I nodded. Julia smiled “Hmm, I’d like you to taste my juicy pussy Steve. The thought of you licking me down there is making me all wet once more!” Julia spoke to me. Amanda lowered her hand, still wet from a little of her pussy and from inside her own mouth and lips.

    It flowed back beneath Julia’s jeans and down below once more. I could swear I heard what sounded like a soft wet noise coming from inside, as Amanda rubbed around once more, wetting her fingers with the juice she could feel.

    She rose her hand up once more, as she lifted it out. I sat there, as she moved her hand out towards me, her fingers softly glistening with wetness over them. I leaned forward to the edge of the sofa, as I looked at them both. The two watched me.

    I leaned in and closed my eyes, opening my mouth in the process. Amanda slid her hands in my mouth as I closed my lips over her fingers. Her fingers wiggled a little inside me, over my tongue as I licked them the best I could. She pulled her fingers out a little, and then slid them back inside. I tasted my first ever taste of a girl’s pussy.

    Amanda was right, Julia’s pussy did have a very sweet taste to it. An enjoyable taste I could get used to in my mouth. I sucked on her fingers, licking them. “I think he likes your juicy pussy babe!” Amanda stated. I was too long gone in having this amazing new taste inside my mouth that I wasn’t taking much notice of what they said.

    “Maybe we should let him taste you?” Julia whispered out to Amanda. Amanda smiled at the thought, and looked at her friend, her hand still extended out, as I licked and sucked on her fingers. “Why not, it seems he likes the taste, he should taste a different pussy and see what it’s like” Amanda said.

    She pulled her hand back in towards her. Her fingers sliding out of my mouth as I tried to follow it, not wanting her to take it back but it slipped free and away. My eyes opened, the taste in my mouth was so sweet and nice that I definitely wanted much more.
    “A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities.” - William Arthur Ward

    "Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all - the apathy of human beings." - Helen Keller

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    Great story! I really love it :D It's nice to see its build op slowly!



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