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    Molly gets her cherry plucked part 1

    Judi howled out, "Yes, fuck, fuck, cum in me, cum in me now, cumming, oh fuck, fuck, YES!"

    David grunted, he could feel the tight clamp around his cock, Judi's spasming pussy driving him over the edge. His cock jerked and swelled up tight, plunging in, his back arched, his eyes shut and his lips drawn back, his throbbing cock exploded. Judi's howls of pleasure filled the bedroom, as his cock squirted and pumped wildly, jetting his pent up load, his body jerking, the spasms greedily milked at his cock, making him gush wildly, spewing 8 thick ropes, filling up his horny girlfriend's teen cunt.

    Judi loved the feeling of his rock hard staff, buried deep inside her, the explosion, and the feel of his sizzling sperm splashing inside of her, bringing her to a roaring orgasmic wave. She rode the crest of that climactic wave, her body shaking, squirming wildly under her boyfriend's body, milking his cock for every drop.

    As they started to slide down from the orgasmic plane, David opened his eyes and looked down on her. Her long, black hair was spread out over the pillow like a raven's wing, her dark brown eyes glittered. Seeing her angelic face smiling up at him, he lowered himself down and kissed her, feeling his heart beat fast, fuck, he couldn't tell if he was in love or lust with her, but, for now, it was enough that they couldn't wait to virtually tear each others clothes off, and fuck like rabbits.

    David slumped down, his body pressing against Judi, feeling the press of her 36C boobs against his chest. Fuck, he loved her knockers, her tits were something he could suck on all night, and still come back for more.

    They heard the back door open, feet running up the stairs, then the door to Molly's room open and close. Molly, Judi's 14 year old sister, was becoming very precocious, and truth be told, a downright cock tease. She may have been 14, but her tits had grown fast, she was at least a 34C, and her hips had started to get that curvy flare of impending womanhood, she had hit puberty quickly. She had the same black hair as Judi, she liked to keep it cut in a short shag style, but she looked more like her Dad's side of the family, while Judi more resembled her Mom's side. And, her cock teasing of Judi's 17 year old boyfriend was getting on Judi's nerves, and sure as hell, she knocked on Judi's door, and without so much as a by your leave, she waltzed in. David had just slid off of Judi, even thought the bed quilt was over them they were both in naked, but Molly didn't care about that. In she came, wearing nothing but a tight, very small black panty, and her matching black bra. She always loved to flaunt herself in front of David, and David couldn't help but drink in the vision.

    "Hey, can't you knock, and wait until I say you can enter? "Judi snapped.

    "I'm sorry Judi," Molly whined, in what she thought was a sexy, little girl's voice, "can you undo my bra for me?"

    Figuring that was the best way to get her out of the room, Judi reached over as Molly approached the bed, and turned her back. As the bra parted, Molly was only too happy to pull it off, and casually saunter towards the bedroom door, turning, she let David get a long, clear look at her luscious melons, David's mouth watered at the sight of Molly's gorgeous set, she grinned, and giggled.

    "Thanks, sis!"

    Five minutes later, as David and Judi emerged from her bedroom, Molly was only too happy to flaunt herself in front of David again, "accidently" going from bathroom to bedroom, wearing a white, baby doll nightie that showed a lot more of her than it covered.

    Judi was steamed, she was really pissed off at her sister, and in David's car, she let it out.

    "That little bitch, she wasn't so bad when she was younger, when she was just a bratty kid sister, but now, with big sis having a boyfriend, she's become a grade A cock tease. Ever notice how she makes sure that she wears her tightest pair of shorts or pants around you, to make sure that you can see very clearly, the outline of her panties? Jeez, any more tighter, and we'd be able to see the exact design. Or, how she'll flaunt herself, just like a few minutes ago, by waltzing in wearing just her underwear, and then again in her baby doll nightie, I'm tired of her flaunting herself like that!"

    David, being the typical 17 year old teen, had indeed noticed it, and liked it, far from being annoyed, the sight of her 14 year old sister, flaunting her goodies like that, got his horniness going. Fuck, 14, and already a fucking hottie. He wisely held his tongue, letting Judi vent. Judi suddenly got a sly look, and then giggled.

    "So my little sister likes to tease, but not come across? I think I want to fix that, David, would you like to fuck my sister, and bust open that tight, unfucked pussy of hers?"

    David was startled, hoping this wasn't some crazy loyalty test, and said, "Hell, yes, she's a major league hottie!"

    "I know how to get her in the mood, my Mom has a Valium prescription, I can slip her one, without her even knowing about it, that'll loosen her up enough, I should think. My mom and dad are going away for the weekend in 3 days, and we'll have Molly all to ourselves!" she snickered.

    "Is that safe, giving her drugs like that?," David asked.

    "Yeah, I've borrowed a Valium or two from my Mom's supply, when I have a hard time turning off my mind, and going to sleep, and it works great. Very relaxing, as Molly will find out, she'll be able to handle one, it's well below the caution limit printed on the bottle."

    Back in her house, Judi quickly got a Valium tablet from her Mom's medicine bottle, and stashed it in her purse.

    "Ok, on Saturday, after dinner, I'm going to give Molly some ice cream, I'll hide the pill in there, and after she's taken it, I'll call you to come over. By that time, the Valium should be kicking in, and we'll get her stripped and ready for you easily."

    Saturday came around, and the plan worked fine. Judi gave Molly a dish of ice cream, with the Valium nestled right in the middle of two scoops, and Molly swallowed it down, without even a notice.

    David arrived, and Molly was trying to get all flirty and teasing, but she was starting to have a hard time. Her speech was a bit slurred, her coordination was off, and she offered no resistance when David and Judi carried her off to bed, and no resistance when David and Judi quickly stripped her, and lay her in the center of the bed. Molly, still fuzzed up from her Valium, unaware of what Judi and David had in store for her, again tried to act all teasing.

    Judi stopped her short, "Molly, I'm tired of your cock teasing antics, if you want to see what it's like to really get fucked, that's what you're going to get. David is going to bust open that virgin cherry of yours!"

    David was ready and eager to do it. Molly's 14 year old body was making his blood and cock surge, those luscious melons, her hips just starting that sexy curve, her pussy had a very sparse, wispy covering of dark hair, it was an interesting contrast, since her sister Judi liked to keep pussy shaved bare and smooth.

    Molly, her head full of soft fuzz from her Valium dose, was too relaxed to resist as Judi spread her legs for her, and David gazed down at her soft, pink hole, still virgin tight. His rock hard cock needed to be swallowed up by the fiery, wet heat and the soft, pink hole needed to be opened, to be filled, Molly's tight walls spread, her hymen broken apart by the forceful push of his throbbing, rock hard cock.

    Judi quickly stripped naked, and cooed, "First, we need to get your juices stirred up, it will be much easier to bust your cherry. David, give little sis her first pussy licking, that should get her juices up enough to deflower her tightness."

    David stripped down, his eager cock ready for action. Off to the side, David could see Judi sitting on a bedside chair, totally nude, a smile on her face, her legs spread and draped over the arms of the chair, her hand rubbing softly at her entrance. The sight fired him up, and placing himself between Molly's legs, he ran his tongue slowly, teasingly along her virgin trail. Molly let out a soft moan, as he slid up and down her tight rim, tasting the juices that started to flow.

    "Ooh yes, feels so good, lick me David" she cooed, feeling the stir rising up through the fuzziness of her Valium dose.

    Encouraged, David continued to lap at her juices, avoiding her clit. He wanted to bring her up, close to orgasm, then bring her right over the edge when he was inside of her. It made his cock rock hard and ready, Molly, his girlfriend's 14 year old sister, and he was going to get the honor of plucking her sweet cherry. He could feel her start to squirm, her breathing becoming gasps, and he could sense she was starting her climb to orgasm.

    David rose up, steely hard and ready, and Judi smiled even wider, watching it all. David was going to ride Molly bareback, Judi thought that her little tease of a sister should feel what it's like to get the wet spray of sperm without a rubber in the way, but, to make sure she didn't get knocked up, Judi had gotten a morning after pill, so David could unload his thick cum deep inside her. She had used a morning after pill when David had deflowered her, and Judi had gotten on the regular pill right after. She wanted Molly to feel the explosion, the hard jetting of his heated load pouring into her, but her 14 year old sister certainly was not going to be a teen Mom.

    Molly's face was a mixture of horniness, and confusion, the events seemed to have a hazy, dreamlike quality. It was like a dream, she was eager to feel her virginity busted open, but confused about how she was not resisting, and David was eager to claim her sweet teen cherry. He had taken Judi's cherry a year ago, when they were both 16, now, he was going to take Molly's sweet 14 year old virginity. The excitement at that made his cock throb, painfully erect, and he nudged it gently against the labial lips. David's cock was rubbing against her clit, Molly whimpered and closed her eyes in a moment of ecstasy. David groaned in reply, and slowly moved his hips up and down, rubbing his throbbing member against Molly's swollen lips. Through gritted teeth, he let out a growl. It took all his restraint to keep from ramming into her. He wanted to be gentle, to bring Molly to sexual joy, not to traumatize his girlfriend's sister. He could see Judi, again that smile, her legs spread, starting to finger and rub her pussy more vigorously.

    "Yeah, give it to her, David, bust open my sister, fuck away that cherry cunt of hers! She loved so much to let you see her goodies, teasing you again and again, now she's paying the price!" Judi growled.

    “Look at me, Molly,” David whispered to her.

    Molly opened her eyes, her lips quivered and her body shook with anticipation and apprehension. David pushed, slowly, slowly, his head was now inside of her pussy. Molly could feel herself already stretching beyond her comfort zone, pushing sharply though the fuzz of her Valium. She wanted to tell David to stop, it was going to be too painful, but again she felt that curious lack of resistance. Slowly, he pushed into her even further. Molly inhaled sharply, feeling his cock pressing against her maidenhead and shutting her eyes. David could feel the obstruction, and he pushed in hard, for a moment it held, then Molly's maidenhead ruptured, she let out a pained cry as she was deflowered.

    "It's ok Molly, just a bit of pain, then you're a woman," David grunted.

    As his cock broke through, he gave a hard thrust to complete Molly's deflowering, surging past her torn hymen, penetrating her completely, and Molly let out another pained cry as his cock sank in, stretching open her tight virgin walls deep, his rock hard seven inches buried in right to the balls.

    David growled with pleasure as his cock was engulfed, the heated teen cunt, the tight walls getting their first fuck, his cock being the one to open them, fuck, the tightness was superb.

    Judi was watching, masturbating furiously, fuck, it was exciting beyond anything to watch her little sister get deflowered by David's hard cock. She did her best to make it last, she wanted to enjoy the whole show before she let her orgasm blast her. Her little sister had been a grade A cock tease around her boyfriend, and Judi smiled with satisfaction as the little tease's virginity had been busted open.

    Molly's hands clawed madly across his back and she held onto him tightly, burying her face into David's neck. He pulled her face away from his neck, kissing her as he began to move slowly, pulling back, then burying it in again. The fuzz of her Valium had dulled down a little bit of the pain, but there had been enough, tears forming at the corners of her eyes, but David ignored them and continued focusing on her lips and the tightness of her pussy.

    Molly's clawing became less desperate and she simply hung onto his shoulders. After the first few abrasive thrusts, the fucking rhythm became easier, and the pain was changing into a mix of pain and pleasure, and then the pain almost completely subsided as he started to go faster, thrusting into her over and over again. The pleasure was quickly replacing the pain of her deflowering. Molly's tight heat was staring to juice wildly, she was so wet David grunted with pleasure as the juices flowed, surrounding his cock, sliding in and out of her easily. She began calling his name in between pants.

    “David... David… David… Oh, god.”

    David pumped his cock hungrily into her, quickening his pace when it was clear she had gotten over the pain. Molly definitely had the tightest pussy he had ever taken. Her juices flowed around his cock, making him thrust into her even harder. The tight walls of her virgin pussy clamped around his prick, tightly milking and sucking at his shaft, and her moans of pleasure only further egged him on to go harder into her until her tits were bouncing up and down furiously as he power-fucked her, making sure her first time was the best time, something she would remember all her life. Molly's cries of enjoyment filled the room and mingled with David's own lust grunts and moans of pleasure. He alternated between sucking her breasts, nipping at her stiff, swollen nipples and her neck and taking her mouth, pushing his tongue between her lips, as his cock got ready to shoot.

    "Yeah, give it to her David, shoot it, squirt every drop in, fuck, oh fuck, YEAH!"

    Judi's voice rose to a howl, followed by cries of orgasmic pleasure, he looked over to see Judi thrashing wildly, 2 fingers jammed up her creamy cunt, and two more fingers stroking at her hard, throbbing clit, cumming hard, and that gave him the final push, he felt his cock jerk, and swell up tight.

    “David, oh David, I’m- I’m- ” Molly gasped, “I’m cumming!”

    She nearly shouted her words as he felt himself on the verge of cumming. Molly's body spasmed against him and he could feel her pussy convulse and clench even tighter around his thick cock. Her pussy had become the ultimate gripping receptacle for his load, his cock was at full extension, wedging open her cervix, he couldn’t hold it any longer and his cock burst, squirting wildly deep inside her. David and Molly were surrounded by their own cries as his cock continued to pump his juices into her, filling up her womb, and her pussy spasmed against him, eager to milk his cock for every drop, as he filled her with his thick load of cum. He slowly, deeply thrust into her until he was finished, her superb tightness eagerly milking his cock, giving her every drop.

    Exhausted, David lay on top of Molly, keeping himself inside of her, his cock still hard, David was enjoying the feel of his stiff hardness still splitting her open, the heady feeling of plucking her tight teen cherry. Her short pants were in unison with his as she recovered from her virgin busting ride.

    Soon, David's deflating cock slid out of Molly, and he saw the blood of her torn hymen streaked up and down his cock. He quickly headed off to the bathroom, to wash it off. Judi sat Molly up, still a little woozy, presented the pill and a glass of water.

    "Take this Molly, David fired his thick sperm into you, and this will stop you from becoming pregnant."

    Her eyes widened at the realization, why did she feel so funny-headed? It was like the pain of her deflowering, and the pleasure of her orgasm, had a gauzy, dreamlike quality. She quickly popped the pill into her mouth, and chased it down with a swig of cold water.

    Judi got one of her Always Maxi pads, spread the wings around the crotch of her sister's panties to hold it in place, and slid the panties up her sister's legs. They didn't need a mess of blood and David's cum messing up her bed sheets. She pulled back the covers, slid Molly in, and tucked her sister into bed.

    As Molly rolled onto her side, her eyes closing, Judi leaned down, kissed her on the cheek, and whispered, "Sleep baby, I hope you enjoyed your deflowering, as much as I enjoyed watching you get deflowered."

    Judi smiled with satisfaction, Molly, that little tease, had learned not to tease, without being able to come across.

    She thought about her 12 year old sister Jenni, away at summer camp, and wondered if she was going to be a cock teaser. The idea of David being called upon to deflower her, the notion that her boyfriend would take the virginty of all three of them, really got her hormones surging. She felt the rush of excitement as David came back, his cock half hard, ready to surge again with the right help. She quickly pulled David off to her bedroom, pushed him down on the bed, sucked in his cock, feeling the surge of his prick in her mouth, then she quickly climbed aboard, grunting with pleasure as she felt the push, and the parting of her walls as she impaled herself. Fuck, that always fired her up, and she started to ride him, she saw it all again in her mind, David's entry as he plucked Molly's cherry, then the hard push to complete it, and Molly's pained cries as David deflowered her, the grunts and cries of pleasure, and the sight of them locked in orgasm.

    David was remembering the feel of Molly, the tight pleasure grip, the feel of his cock penetrating her, the hard thrust, Molly's pained cries as his cock was engulfed, fuck, the feel of her ultra tight walls clamped around his cock had been something else. As Judi rode him, her remembered the feel of Molly's smooth tight walls, how his cock had driven her on to orgasmic release, and he could feel his cock building back up, getting ready to flood Judi's tighness, the way he had filled Molly's tight, sweet cunt.

    Pumping her hips up and down, groaning with pleasure at the feel of David's cock pistoning in and out, Judi's mind dreamed up the sight of David pumping his hard cock into Jenni, Jenni's hymen tearing open, her cries of pain changing over to pleasure, deflowering her just like Molly, David driving his surging cock in, over and over until he bursts inside of her, and her orgasm rushed at her, and it exploded, she was breathless as she was slammed, and another came right at her, and still another, the orgasms were coming in waves as she went off, again and again, she felt almost faint as David pulled her body tightly against his, rolled her over, and thrust deep, he roared with pleasure, his cock going off, pumping a volley of thick cum into Judi's wildly spasming heat.

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    Amazing story. Thanks, you should continue this and write a part 2

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    Thanks for sharing your story with us but please remember that if there is a part 2 Jenni is to young to be included.

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    Actually, there are a few more parts, but Jenni is not in them, I am aware of the age limit, and not about to violate them.

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    Part 2

    Molly opened her eyes, saw morning sunlight against the door of her room. She thought about what a crazy dream she had, when she pulled back the covers, and glanced down at her body. Panties, she was wearing panties, that was crazy, Molly never wore panties to bed. She swung her body up, and felt the tenderness right between her legs, she felt stretched, there was a soreness deep inside her pussy, the skin right around her opening was very tender. Molly pulled off the panties, and there was a maxi pad, right along the crotch. She stared, saw the unmistakable glut of cum, streaked red with the blood of her torn hymen covering the pad. It started to come back to her, right after dinner, she started to feel funny, then David had come over, she remembered suddenly being on her bed, naked, her sister said something about teasing, and David had been making her feel so good...then....then...she remembered a tearing pain, David telling her it's ok, a little pain, and now you're a woman, then a jarring thrust, filling her up, the pain of her tight walls being split open, stretching, and, and...HE FUCKED ME! He fucked me, while Judi was right there, not only that, she recalled Judi encouraging David on, telling him to bust her open, fuck away Molly's cherry cunt. She remembered how the pain faded away after the first few thrusts, and how the pleasure settled upon her, as David fucked her. She remembered the burst of her orgasm, and the feel of his cock, swelling, steel hard, and the explosion of David inside her, feeling the heat of his sperm pouring into her. Sperm, she thought wildly, pregnancy, but then she remembered Judi giving her a pill, and saying take it to prevent pregnancy. Then, sleep had grabbed her like a dark tunnel, and here she was. Hmmm, a lot to think over.

    In the kitchen, Molly poured herself a bowl of corn flakes, toasted up some bread, and ate, thinking about what had happened. It wasn't like he raped her, Molly remembered that curious lack of resistance. And, truth be told, she had been quite a tease, it gave Molly an ego boost to see Judi's boyfriend get turned on by her body. Wasn't that what she wanted, deep down, to have Judi's boyfriend take her virginity? Molly's face flushed, the little secret buried deep down in her mind laid bare to her, yes, that was what she had wanted.

    Her friend Skye had been deflowered a few months ago, when she was 13, by Skye's cousin, who was 16. Skye had told her that it hurt at first, but it gets better, the more you do it. Ever since Molly had heard that, she'd been eager to find out what it was like. Her mind drifted back to a couple of months ago.

    Their parents were away for the weekend, and Judi had sneaked David in at 2:00 AM Saturday morning, when she thought Molly was asleep. She had been awakened by the tread of footsteps going toward Judi's room, and she was curious and horny. She could hear giggles, sighs and moans, and she crept down the hallway, hearing Judi and David going at it. The door was ajar, and she peeked in, seeing Judi riding David's cock, her naked back to the door, pumping her hips up and down, and Molly stared, feeling so turned on, then, they rolled over, and David was pounding his cock into Judi, she could see his naked ass bobbing up and down as he thrust into Judi, fucking her sister wildly, until the room was filled with shrieks and howls of climax. She sneaked back quietly to her room, masturbating furiously in her bed to the remembered sights and sounds, until her pussy had exploded, her body slammed by an orgasm that knocked the breath out of her. After seeing that, Molly wanted David to do the same thing to her.

    In Judi's bedroom, Judi woke up, David's naked body right next to hers, she smiled as she remembered. Jeez, David had been like a fucking tiger after opening Molly, he'd fucked her every which way but loose. Getting out of bed, stretching and inspecting her well fucked, nude body in the full length mirror, she saw little smudges where David's fingers had dug into her in the heat of passion. She could feel a soreness in her inner depths. Must be the feel of a well fucked pussy, she thought, and giggled, it felt like a red hot poker had been jammed up her, her walls still glowing with the heat of having been fucked over and over. Watching Molly get her teen tightness split open for the first time had just about driven her mad with lust, watching David thrusting and grunting inside of her, finally erupting, gushing his thick juices, had been the sexiest sight she'd ever seen, and her first orgasm, as she masturbated wildly to the sight, had hit her like a Mack truck. She'd like to see Molly sucking David's cock, although she'd have to be wide awake for that, and she wasn't sure how Molly was feeling right now.

    She heard Molly heading out the door, and she crept downstairs. Molly was indeed gone, but there was a note for her, it read:

    "Hey sis, I want to talk to you later about last night, OK?"

    Hmm, looked like Judi would know sooner or later. She went upstairs and woke up David.

    "Hey baby, how are you?" he said, sitting up and stretching, "And how's Molly feeling about last night?"

    "I'm fine sweetie, Molly went out, and she left a note for me, saying she wants to talk to me later about last night."

    "Let's go out for breakfast, and then you can come back and wait for her, I'll take off, so you and her can talk in private."

    "Thanks baby, I hope she might be up for more, I'd love to see her sucking your cock, and filling up her cute mouth!"

    Oh yeah, that sounded great. David had enjoyed one of the tightest, most enjoyable fucks he'd ever had, and he was eager for more, that Molly was one super fine piece of ass. Taking her pussy virginity had been so damn fine, and maybe the chance to take her cock sucking virginity? He wondered if she'd sucked off any of her schoolmates.

    After breakfast, David dropped Judi off at home, and Judi promised to let him know what happened. David hoped he was going to get a call back, asking him to come over for some more fun with her very hot sister.

    Around 2 PM, the front door opened, and Judi heard Molly call out, "Hey sis, you home?"

    Judi called down, "I'm in my room, Moll."

    Molly entered, and Judi tried to get a sense of how Molly was feeling, but she was not quite ready for Molly's first words.

    "Can I suck David's cock?"

    Judi was momentarily stunned, but she quickly recovered.

    "Yeah, sure, David would love to feel those cute, sexy lips of yours wrapped around his cock. Have you ever sucked a cock?"

    Actually, Molly was a cock sucking virgin, and she told Judi about how she had handled a cock, her male schoolmates couldn't help but notice her developing body, and she'd been in a spot.

    "That first time, I'd said to Mike, the guy I was sweet on, and who wanted to get with me, 'I'm still a virgin and I don't want to get pregnant, but I'll be glad to get naked, and let you see my body while I stroke your cock.' I was scared, what if we'd gone too far, so I offered that as an alternative, so we wouldn't go too far, and me ending up preggars and looking like a whale 9 months later. I stripped naked, and then while Mike watched me, I stroked his cock, it was so exciting to see Mike thrashing around at my hand, then the eruption, Mike cumming wildly, the first, pent up shots flying up in the air, then Mike's throbbing, pulsing prick, erupting the less powerful shots over my hand again and again, thick streams of hot, white cum spilling down across my fingers, Mike was thrusting and grunting and spilling every drop as it slid down the length of his hard shaft."

    A silence fell, and Judi looked at Molly appraisingly, and Molly blurted out, "And yes, I was teasing David because deep down inside, the truth is, I wanted David to fuck me! I wanted him to be so overcome with lust, that he'd come over and fuck away my virginity!"

    Judi replied, "Well, if the truth be told, I was wanting David to pluck your cherry. I was annoyed at the way you flaunted your body in front of him, and I thought, if you wanted to tease so shamelessly, you'd have to learn to come across, when the guy won't take teasing as enough. Did you enjoy it?" she finished, a teasing note in her voice.

    Molly said, "Well, when I got my cherry broken, it was somewhat painful, but it's like my friend Skye said about her first time, it's like ripping off a band aid, do it quick. After I got adjusted, it was so wonderful, I loved the feeling that I'd dreamed about, of some boy's cum shooting deep inside me!"

    Judi smiled, and replied, "And, you can rest assured, David enjoyed it as much, if not more!" Judi thought about it for a second, and said, "Would you like to have David come over tonight, and you can suck your first cock?"

    Molly, her eyes bright, answered her rhetorical question, and Judi called David, and told him to come over, Molly wanted her mouth virginity taken.

    Hot damn, David thought, another cherry hole to take, damn that Molly was so hot, he'd have to think a lot about baseball, while he was being sucked, to try and make it last!

    At 7 PM, David was at the door, ready and eager, his cock already thumping, and eager for Molly. Judi let him in, and gave him a very sexy smile.

    "Right this way, David."

    At the bottom of the stairs, she pointed upwards. David looked up, saw Molly at the top of the stairs, wearing nothing but that wildly sexy white baby doll nightie and a bright smile. David could see she was not wearing panties, and her teen pussy was on display for him, making his cock even harder.

    She beckoned to him, and he almost sprinted up the stairs, and she pulled him against her, kissing him, grinding her hips against the growing bulge. She grinned at the obvious rise, and pulled him toward her bedroom.

    "No more teasing, now, you get all the fun you've been dreaming about" Judi cooed, as she joined them in Molly's bedroom, stripping naked, and again taking a position on the chair, to watch the fun and games.

    "Do you want me naked, or do you like the sexiness of my body in my baby doll nightie?" Molly whispered.

    "Leave the nightie on, damn that looks so hot!" David grunted.

    Molly fumbled with his clothing, and stripped him naked. David stood, his cock jutting upward.

    "On your knees baby, suck my cock, and make me fill your sweet mouth" David growled.

    Molly quickly did so, feeling the lust bubbling up inside her. Being in such a classic, subservient position, on her knees, ready to service a hard, arrogant cock, just made her hotter. Molly hoped she wouldn't give David a bad blowjob, as it was going to be her first time. She just decided to go with her feelings, and her hand circled David's hard cock, and she squeezed it gently. Molly moved her hand slowly up and down, her eyes wide as she looked at David's cock, listening to his grunt of pleasure, and the way it throbbed with eagerness in Molly's hands. Molly brought her full lips to the head of David's cock, and began to kiss his cock lightly, her lips brushing the head. Molly's tongue snaked out, and she began to lick gently at the head of David's cock. His moan of pleasure encouraged her, and Molly let her tongue roam all over David's throbbing cock, over the shaft, up and down the length. Returning to the head of David's cock, Molly parted her lips, and her mouth slid down over his cock. David growled with pleasure from the feel of Molly's hot wet mouth engulfing his cock. She slid her mouth down, until his entire seven inches were in her mouth, she could feel his head touch the back of her throat, she slid her mouth up, until just the head was in her mouth, then down, taking in David's entire length again. She got into the rhythm, and there she was, giving her first blowjob, and judging from the grunts and moans of pleasure from David, Molly was doing very well.

    "Yeah, oh fuck yeah, suck my cock baby, umm, you're a natural born cock sucker, yeah, feels fuckin' great!" David grunted.

    Being called a cock sucker turned Molly on, she could feel her juices start to churn, encouraged, she clamped her lips tightly around David's cock, making her mouth a tight, sliding ring of pleasure, and gave him her best blowjob.

    Judi was watching, eyes glittering, she opened her purse, and pulled out her midnight black vibrator, 8 inches long, with an adjustable speed dial, and shaped just like a real cock. She turned it on to its lowest setting, a barely audible hum, and she felt the gentle vibrations as she slid it up and down her dewy pink opening, her juices starting to flow, using the tip of her vibrator to rim her labial lips. Her other hand was stroking at her throbbing nipples, feeling the zings of pleasure sizzling into her pussy, it was just as exciting to watch Molly sucking David's cock, as it had been to watch Molly get the virgin busting fuck from her boyfriend.

    Molly kept the rhythm going, sliding up and down David's throbbing length again and again, and the sensation was making his toes curl with pleasure. David could feel the spunk sizzling, and he knew he was almost there. David looked down, took Molly's head gently in his hands, and stroked at her short black hair, listening to Molly's muffled sounds of passion. Molly, Judi's 14 year old hot boxed little sister, was sucking his cock, her unfucked, virgin mouth eager for her first load, HIS load, and that thought took him flying over the edge. His balls tightened up, his prick jerked and swelled up tight.

    Molly was wondering, as she sucked him, what does she do when he cums? Does she swallow it, does she spit it out, does it taste horrible? Molly was eager for the wet spray of his sperm to fill her mouth, hoping that it didn't taste awful. She felt his cock lurch and swell, Molly was about to find out.

    David warned her that he was about to climax in her mouth, and Molly slid up, until just the head of his cock was in her mouth, she didn't want it hitting her throat, and making her gag. Her hand grasped his spit slick cock, she stroked up and down his throbbing shaft.

    Judi grasped her buzzing pleasure, turned it up to maximum, and rammed it into her burning heat. Fuck, it was fantastic, she was getting set to blow, Judi stared at the lewd spectacle while her vibrator continued to buzz her sopping vagina like a jackhammer.

    David felt it and so did Molly, as a large pulse, starting at the base of his cock and rising up, and the first blast jetted out, hitting the roof of Molly's mouth, David was grunting with pleasure, as his cock was now throbbing and pulsing wildly, Molly could feel his load, gushing hotly, thick wet streams of spunk spewing all over her tongue, and then the less powerful gushes pouring into her mouth, she kept him in, until his cock had shot out every bit. She clamped her lips tightly around his cock, swallowed him down once more, and slid her mouth up, releasing his cock. With her mouth filled with the thick gooey consistency, Molly decided that David's spunk tasted good, very good, and she looked up at him, smiled, and swallowed every delicious drop.

    To her right, Judi grunted, "Fuck, oh yes, fuck, so hot, fuck, cumming, cumming, YES!"

    Molly was suddenly aware of the buzzing, she looked, saw Judi's body shaking wildly, a big black vibrator shoved up her juicy pussy right to the hilt, fingers strumming at her throbbing clit, cumming hard. Judi had been able to hold onto it, until Molly sucked in every stream, and swallowed it all, and Judi's burning cunt had just exploded. Fuck, it was hot, and she fully enjoyed the feel of her tight cunt walls split open, clenching at that wildly buzzing 8 inches of pleasure shoved up her, a massive wave of her orgasm washing over her.

    As they were starting to come down to earth, Judi had an idea. She looked at Molly, realizing how turned on she must be, sucking David's cock always got Judi hornier than hell, and with David needing a little time to come back up, why not introduce Molly to her vibrator? The thought that her cream, smeared all along the hard shaft, would serve as a lubricant gave her heated center a pulse.

    Molly was suddenly aware of her being lifted up, and placed on the bed. Her legs were parted, and Judi, grinning, told her to enjoy what was coming next. She dialed down her vibrator to its lowest setting, and started to slide it up and down Molly's tight lips.

    Molly could hear the soft purr of the vibrator, and then the exciting tingles right between her thighs brought a gasp of surprised pleasure from her, as Judi slid the shaft of her toy up and down her slick lips.

    "Do you like that Moll?" Judi cooed, as she rimmed her sister's vaginal lips over and over.

    "Yes, oh yes Judi, feels so good!" Molly gasped.

    "Then how about this, baby?"

    Judi dialed her toy up to maximum, and pushed, sliding that vibrating pleasure in.
    Molly squealed as she felt her tight walls being stretched open, as she got her first dildo fuck. The vibrator was smeared with an erotic coating of big sister's cream, and since David had taken her virginity the other night, Judi was able to drive into her with jarring ease, and Molly squealed again as 8 inches of pussy pleasing fullness was buried in.

    "Oh fuck, I love it, feels so good, fuck me Judi, fuck me!"

    "Oh yes, very good baby, very good."

    Judi started to give Molly was she asked for, and Molly was growling and grunting, the powerful throbs of Judi's vibrator were ramming into her, driving her along, and that did it, Molly gave out a full throated shriek as her pussy exploded, her inner cunt walls spasming crazily, clenching tightly at that 8 inches buried up her. Judi dialed her vibrator down, as Molly's body shook, shudered and moaned from the absolute pleasure of her dildo ride.

    As the last spasm shook her body, Judi withdrew her toy from Molly's soaked pussy. She motioned to David, letting him see the soaking heat of lust her sister's pussy had become. David's cock was quickly reviving, and Judi told him what to do.

    "Look at that delicious heat, get down there, and lick Molly back up to the brink, then ram your stiff cock back in, and hump little sister's ass off!" Judi growled.

    "Yes, lick me David, and fuck me again, I'm gonna love it!" Molly gasped.

    I'm gonna love it too, David was thinking, as he positioned himself, and lapped at all the sweet juices that were bubbling up. He could taste the mingled cum that Judi had pumped into Molly with her juice smeared dildo, and his cock reached its full, hard 7 inch extension. He licked her right up, then as her body was virtually vibrating, he rose up, his cock iron hard.

    Judi was again masturbating, her vibrator shoved deep, riding that 8 inch pleasure wand, watching David about to fuck Molly again was driving her almost mad with desire.

    David nudged his cock against Molly's tight lips, sliding his cock up and down her pink trail, bumping against her clit, and Molly got impatient, she grabbed his cock, notched it securely against her entrance, grabbed his ass, pulling down hard as she thrust her hips up off the bed, driving his cock deep. Molly squealed as she felt the parting of her tight walls, and the enfolding of his cock as her tight passage eagerly wrapped around the welcome intruder, the nice, tight cling of her feverishly clasping vaginal walls gripping at his prick. Molly sighed, and wrapped her legs around his waist, giving herself up to David's feverish pumping.

    David thrust in and out, fucking the eager teen tightness, his cock was working back up quickly. Next to them, Judi was closing in on her orgasm, the buzz of her toy mixing with her grunts and squeals of pleasure.

    Molly could feel her abdomen start to spasm, the churning deep inside, and she howled, "Oh fuck, yes, yes, yes, cumming oh my god, FUCK!"

    Her voice rose to a shriek as her cunt let go, her walls clamped even tighter at David's prick, working in that rhythmic spasming action, her cunt like a separate living entity, eager to milk his cock of every drop.

    Judi's howl of pleasure joined, as she went over the edge, squealing and crying out as her pussy let go, a vat of hot juices gushing out of her, her body shaking wildly, fuck, another teeth rattling orgasm, she thought as her body shook wildly, riding that blissful wave.

    That did it for David, as he growled, "Yeah, oh fuck, yeah, love Molly's tight cunt, gonna fill that tight cunt again, yeah, yeah, fuck YEAH!"

    David's cock burst, gushing a torrent, the tight cling of the no longer virgin Molly, rippling with spasms, milked his throbbing cock for every drop, and he grunted as he shot his hot cum deep up her tight pussy.

    Judi wanted that cum, and she wanted to taste it mixed with her sister's juices. Her heart was hammering, as she prepared to take a swan dive, plunging deep into the incest pool, as David pulled out, and stared at the sweet cream filled treat that Molly's cum filled pussy presented. She quickly got into position, Judi peeled open Molly's tight lips, and felt a bolt of erotic pleasure as she saw David's thick glut of cum, all ready for a hungry, eager mouth to suck it all out. Molly's heart was hammering too, as she felt the loving licks of her sister's tongue start to slide over her cum slick labial lips. My sister is licking my pussy, my sister is licking my pussy, she thought, it didn't feel wrong, it felt so right, and she let out a low moan of pleasure.

    "You taste delicious" Judi whispered huskily, "I can't wait to taste your juices, all mixed up with David's thick spray."

    Molly was quickly getting an education, her sister was going to suck David's cum out of her pussy. Molly felt her sister's mouth taking the plunge, her tongue digging deep, scooping out the thick cum David had gushed into her, it felt so wonderful, as Judi eagerly licked, sucked, swallowed, over and over, eager to get as much cum as possible out of her sister's pink folds. The mingled taste of her sister's juices and David's cum was like nectar of the gods, and Judi licked out all that her probing tongue could reach, until she flopped back on the bed, breathing heavily, savoring the last taste of those mingled juices.

    Molly looked at her sister sprawled out, her legs apart, her bare, smooth pussy lips spread slightly, letting Molly see right into her sister's inner pinkness, and Molly felt her mouth go dry, her breathing speed up. My god, Judi looked so sexy, she wanted to do the same to Judi, and she quickly inserted herself in the spread of Judi's thighs, smelling the heady essence of her sister in heat. Judi opened her eyes, expecting to see David, and was pleasantly surprised to see Molly getting set to jump into the incest pool with her. She felt Molly's fingers spread her lips, and she started to lap at Judi's labial lips, tasting the juices of her sister, getting an erotic bolt of pleasure from the taste, so delicious, so tasty, and she was eager for more. Her tongue started to probe, deep, sweeping licks that made Judi's pussy quiver with excitement. Molly loved the taste of her sister's pink center, so delicious, so tasty, and she was eager for more. Judi reached down, wound her fingers into Molly's short shag cut, and caressing her head, whispered encouragement to Molly.

    "Oh yes Moll baby, lick me. Ummm, feels so good, lick me baby, slide a finger up me, and finger my pussy while you lick me, oh yes, just like that, ummmm."

    Molly slid one, then two fingers up Judi fiery, wet well, feeling the clamp of her sister's vagina gripping at her fingers. Judi's clit had risen out of its hooded canopy, standing up, rock hard, pink and erect, Judi's clit was more prominent that Molly's, and Molly was excited by the bigger clit that her sister had, she surrounded that hard pleasure bud, licking at it, sucking, running her tongue in circles around that straining joy button.

    "Yes, oh my god yes, there, right there, oh fuck, unnh, unnh, gonna, gonna, yes, yes, yes, cumming, cumming, FUCK!"

    Judi voice rose to a shriek, and her pussy let go, her clit throbbing wildly, her pussy spasming and clenching at Molly's fingers, her pussy juicing wildly, giving Molly a big mouthful of her girl juices, Molly decided she liked the taste of Judi's cum as much as David's cum, and she eagerly gulped down her sister's juices, keeping her mouth right there, eager to lick every drop out of Judi's pussy.

    David's cock had risen back up, and Judi noticed, grinned, and motioned him over. She put her head right next to Molly, and told David what she wanted.

    "Jerk that big beautiful cock, stroke it, think about how it felt to fuck Molly's virginity away, then blow your spunk all over us, we want a juicy, squirting facial!"

    David eagerly did so, grasping his cock with his fingertips, and stroking his cock, the head popped up from his foreskin, shiny and pink, and Molly and Judi grinned up at him, licking their lips, urging him on.

    "Yeah, look at Moll's face, she's gonna get her first facial, stroke that big beauty, and gush it all over us!" Judi growled, "Use our faces for cum shot target practice!"

    "Stoke that hard cock, spray your load all over Judi's sexy face, hose us down with that hard prick!" Molly cooed.

    He could feel his balls start to move, starting to pull up tight. The sight of his girlfriend and her sister, totally naked, faces turned up to his prick, eager for his spray, and encouraging him on, took him up, and up and up...until...he felt his cock start to sizzle, as his cum bolted up the inside of his shaft.

    "Fuck, oh fuck, cumming, fuck cumming, FUCK YEAH!"

    He growled with pleasure as he felt the burning tingles of orgasm shooting up and down his cock, and he aimed his cock. His first squirt arced out, splattering against Molly's cheek, crossing over her open mouth, and ending up on her other cheek, the next shot gushed all over Judi's lips, he fired another shot that splattered across both their faces, the visual turn on of seeing their faces taking his load drove him on.

    Molly felt the splash of his cum against her cheek, mouth and other cheek, David's cock was pumping and spurting, she felt more of his hot white cum hitting her face, she opened one eye, looked at her sister, and saw Judi getting a juicy facial. He blew a final squirt across their necks, he loved to give a pearl necklace, as he stroked out the last few drops.

    Molly and Judi turned their faces to each other, kissing wildly, licking up the sticky trails of cum, mashing their mouths together, their tongues slick with cum, sharing juicy, spunk filled kisses, as they shared the rich bounty of David's cock, until, exhausted, David joined them as they fell into a happy, satisfied heap.
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    great story, is there more?

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    Oh indeed there is, ask and you shall receive!

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    Part 3

    Judi was thinking about what else Molly had that was virgin, and it hit her. Molly's ass was still virgin, come to think of it, so was Judi's. Judi wanted to see David claim that last bit of her sister's virginity, but she felt that before she could get that to happen, she would have to lose her ass virginity also. After all, she'd have to have it done to her, fair is fair, and if she could take it, she was sure that Molly could too. Molly seemed determined to match Judi in the sexual skills area of pleasuring David, and Judi felt that she needed to have her ass virginity broken first, to make sure it wasn't too painful for Molly.

    Early in the afternoon, while her parents were at work, she swiped a Valium from her Mom's supply. She figured she might need the Valium fuzz, to mask some of the pain. Before David came to pick her up, she was in the shower, with all the steamy hot water and soap, she lathered up a washcloth, washing her asshole as clean as she could. She wanted David to lick and finger her asshole before he fucked it, and a not clean asshole would really kill that mood. Although she rarely wore one, tonight she wore a skirt, she felt extra sexy, extra girly, and she knew David would get an almost instant hard on from the view. David arrived, exchanged pleasantries with her parents, her Mom and Dad were home tonight. Judi walked downstairs, and she smiled as she saw David's eyes light up, the subtle shift in his body position, to cover the quickly growing bulge. Although they said they were going to the movies, that was a cover story, they were going to his parent's cabin out by Lake Chacasco, to hump each other like wild, and fuck like rabbits in heat. Which is exactly what they did, clothes flying off, their naked bodies thrashing wildly under the covers, grunts, growls and cries of passion filling the cabin as they fucked each other to orgasm, Judi crying out wildly as she felt the glorious burst of her orgasm, and the pulsing throb of David's cock, and his growl of pleasure as he pumped his juicy load deep inside Judi's horny cunt.

    Judi was determined to get her ass taken tonight, so, she took the Valium with a glass of water. Relaxing in the post orgasmic glow, she waited until the soft fuzz of her Valium dose started to fill her brain, then Judi decided to take the plunge.

    "David, I hope you don't think it's gross, but would you...like...to fuck my asshole?"

    Hearing that, his cock answered for him, throbbing back to majestic glory.

    "Ohh, you must really like the idea, have you ever fucked any other's girl's asses?" Judi asked, in a teasing voice.

    "Never had any other girl ask me, and you are my first", David replied, "And I can't just walk up to a girl and ask her if she'd like a no strings attached ass reaming!"

    Judi giggled, and said, "Well, Molly and I have that last vestige of virginity left, I want you to take my sister's asshole virginity, but I want you to bust my asshole cherry first. It seems only right that I do it, before I have you do my sister."

    Judi rolled over onto her tummy, lifting her hips and rump up. She reached back, grabbed her cheeks, pulling them open so David could see the tight pucker of her virgin hole.

    "Now, I want you to lick and finger my asshole, do it for as long as I want, then, I want lube, lots of lube, I have a tube of KY gel in my purse. And, when you start to fuck my ass, if I can't take it, and I say no, I mean NO! I don't want an asshole rape to be my lasting memory of losing my last vestige of virginity."

    David lowered his face, the tight twitchy pucker of Judi last virgin territory drawing his mouth. His tongue snaked out, and he licked at the tightly puckered rim, flicking the tip of his tongue back and forth. Judi's growl of pleasure told him he was doing it right.

    Judi was almost speechless, holy fuck, the touch of his tongue licking at her back door was like nothing she'd ever felt before. If she'd known it felt this good, she would have gotten him licking her asshole right away.

    Judi grunted, "Fuck, oh my god, fuck, feels so fucking good! Keep rimming me David, my god, I never knew it could feel so good!"

    Rimming her asshole made David's cock harder than ever, fuck, licking her ass was making him almost crazy horny. He slid her fingers into her soaking pussy, then slipped one finger up her tight asshole, Judi babbled incoherently from the wild burst of pleasure assaulting her body as David slipped another finger in, gently stretching out her virgin ass, getting it ready for his cock.

    Judi gasped, "Now, lube up my ass, then your cock, I want it now!"

    David squeezed a thick line of KY gel right along the tight rim, then his fingers worked it in, spreading the slippery gel around and around her tight walls, working to stretch her open, and get that tight hole to relax, it was going to be more than tight. He felt her muscles relax a little bit, and Judi reached back, pulling apart her ass cheeks as much as she could, wanting to spread that tight little hole as much as possible, so her asshole could be fucked.

    David's cock was almost painfully erect, the idea that he was going to fuck Judi's asshole made his cock a steel hard pole. With his cock glistening with a liberal coating of lube, he nudged it against her tight hole, and prepared to push.

    Judi moaned, she hoped it would feel as good as getting her other tight, eager hole deflowered, and she whispered, "Take it slow baby, slow, be gentle with me."

    David pushed, slowly, and the head of his cock popped inside. Judi hissed, she felt a stretch beyond her comfort zone, and a quick zing of pain pushing through the Valium fuzz, as her asshole let her know. David froze, not wanting to rape his lover, and held stock still while Judi worked hard on relaxing, relaxing that tight pucker.

    "OK Baby," Judi cooed, "keep going, I'll let you know if I can't take it."

    David started up again, inching his cock slowly, oh so slowly forward. Judi gritted her teeth and clutched tightly at the bed sheets as her tight ass walls, slowly, haltingly gave way. She could feel herself stretched well beyond her comfort zone. She wanted to tell him to stop, she wasn't sure if it was going to be too painful, but a part of her held back. She needed to have it done, if she wanted Molly to get her asshole deflowered. She felt her brain get fuzzier as the Valium kicked in fully, and she felt the worst of her pain melting away. The lingering pain was far more tolerable, and she let out a small moan of pleasure as David finally sank in, his balls gently smacking against her mound. Judi moaned again, David was in fully. She felt her tight ass stretched wide around his steely hard 7 inches. Judi felt a pulse of heat, her asshole was getting its first fuck, her last vestige of virginity was gone. With the pain starting to fade, she urged David on.

    "Ummm, feels good, if a little painful at first. Ride me David, give it to me slow and gentle for a while."

    David did so, feeling the super tight clutch at his cock as he slowly reamed out Judi's tightness, fuck, the tightness was beyond anything he had ever had. The phrase, fucking Judi's asshole, fucking her so tight ass keep repeating itself in his mind, keeping his cock steel hard, firing him up.

    Now that Judi's asshole had adjusted, his thrusts into her asshole were all pleasure. She urged him on to go faster, and soon, David was ramming into her ass, power fucking her tight back door, Judi bucking back against his thrusts, eager to get every last little bit of his cock up her ass. Judi was crying out with pleasure, her virgin busting fuck sending pleasure coursing through her body. She reached down, buried three fingers up her soaking cunt, and used her thumb to strum at her throbbing clit, masturbating furiously in time to David's plunges. She felt the spasming deep down in her abdomen, and she could feel that glorious rush aiming right at her pussy.

    "Yes, oh fuck yes, let me have it, I wanna feel you squirt, complete my virgin busting ride, cum in me, cum in me, ohh, ohhhh, fuck, fuck, FUUUCCCKKKK!!"

    Judi's voice rose to a scream, she felt her orgasm crash right into her, her pussy walls spasming crazily, her throbbing asshole clenching and unclenching wildly on David's cock, and David let out a full throated howl as his cock erupted. Judi's pussy was on fire with her climax as David's cock throbbed and pulsed, squirting his spunk deep into her tight, dark backdoor. Judi could feel his fiery load gushing hotly up her ass, driving her into another wrenching, glorious burst of orgasmic pleasure, she was positively giddy with pleasure as the gripping tight cling of her no longer virgin asshole milked David's throbbing cock for every drop. As they sprawled out in the afterglow, Judi was sure that Molly would love it as much as she did.

    Cuddling up to David, she cooed, "Oh baby that was wonderful, and if I can handle it, I'll bet Molly can too. I want you to take Molly's last virgin territory, give her tight asshole the virgin busting ride, and deflower that last virgin hole. Think you'd like that, baby?" she added, a teasing note in her voice.

    David grinned and replied, "Is the Pope Catholic?"

    Judi giggled, and said, "It'll work out great, my parents are going out for a date on Saturday, married 20 years, and they still like to have a date night. They'll be staying overnight in the swanky new Hyatt Regency hotel, so they can fuck their brains out, without having us hearing it!" At David's surprised look, she said, "It's true, they still fuck 3 or 4 times a week, and I've heard them going at it more than once. It's kind of a turn on, actually, when I'm awake, and I hear them going at it, I've found myself masturbating to the grunts, growls and moans of pleasure, timing my orgasm to when they let out those sounds I've come to know so well, and my Dad unleashes a torrent of his thick cream deep inside my Mom. Oh, does that make me cum hard! They're both 45, and still fucking like newlyweds."

    Judi smiled, she was keeping a little back. She didn't tell David one small detail. Judi had peeked in on her Mom and Dad more than once, she loved the tingling, burning itch that developed right between her tight lips of her labia, watching Dad thrusting his bone hard cock into Mom was beyond exciting. Seeing her Mom, crying out to fuck her hard, to squirt his load, and howling that she was cumming, and watching her Dad do exactly that, driving his cock in deep, then his growl of pleasure as he flooded her with his load, made her cunt burn with lust. As they collapsed into each other's arms, sated, she would slip away back to bed. The remembered scene of her parents fucking wildly always drove her to a furious masturbatory session. With three fingers furiously fucking her burning pussy, and her other hand juiced up and polishing her throbbing clit, Judi loved to imagine that her Dad's hard, throbbing cock was burried deep between the tight walls of her pussy, fucking her hard, feeling the burst of his cock exploding and squirting wildly, pumping his juicy load into her, filling up her eager pussy with a fiery load of her Dad's hot, incestuous spunk. That made her cum like a fucking train!

    When David took her home, her parents were over at the neighbor's, playing cards. That was good, they'd be gone a couple of hours, and Judi slipped into Molly's room, she looked up at her, smiling.

    "So how was the date, did David fuck you real good?" Molly asked, grinning.

    Judi giggled, and replied, "Yes, indeed he did. As a matter of fact, he took my last vestige of virginity."

    Molly looked confused, as she asked, "What would that be?"

    "My asshole" Judi replied, with a broad smile, "and while it felt a bit intense to start with, it felt so good to feel his cock pumping his load right up me like that!"

    Molly, looking startled, peppered Judi with questions, how it felt, how could his large cock fit into such a tight hole, how much it hurt. Judi decided to give her a preview.

    "Molly, strip naked, right now. Take a quick shower, wash that asshole real good, and I'll give you preview, I want David to come over here, and take your asshole cherry this weekend. You can have a look ahead at how good it feels. And, to dull down the pain, I'll lift a Valium from Mom's supply, I took one myself, to take the edge off the pain."

    Molly smiled as she quickly shed her clothes, and in the bathroom that her and Judi shared, she was quickly under the showerhead. Judi left her to it, telling her that she would be back after she heard the shower stop.

    As Molly worked up the lather, she remembered Judi mentioning about the Valium, and she put 2 and 2 together. My sister doped me up, so that David could have his way with me, that's why my head felt so fuzzed up. She remembered the ice cream, and how Judi seemed to be eyeing her closely, as she ate it. After having David pluck her cherry, and enjoying it immensely after her annoying hymen was out of the way, she felt eager to take David's cock, take it up the "Hershey Highway", as she'd heard some older kids joking about it. Her pussy and her mouth had been deflowered, let's go for all three.

    Molly quickly washed herself down, feeling a zing of pleasure as her soapy fingers slid over the tight rim of her asshole. She was done in 10 minutes, and as she was drying off, Judi peeked in. Molly saw Judi had stripped naked, and that gave her another pulse.

    Molly whispered, "I'm ready my sexy sister, so ready for my preview."

    Judi took her hand, and led her down the hallway, and into her room. There was a full length mirror on the door to her parent's room, and Molly saw her and Judi, totally nude, an arm around each other's waist, it felt incredibly erotic to see themselves walking together side by side, so naked, and so ready for pleasure. Judi locked the door behind them, and on Judi's bed, she again eagerly dived into the incest pool, giving her sister loving, lingering foreplay, she adored giving Molly deep, lingering kisses, tongue filled swirls of passion, her sister eagerly returning her ardor, making both their pulses thump with desire. In a tight embrace, Molly and Judi's breasts pressed together tightly, Molly breasts were beautiful, at a healthy 34C, a little smaller than Judi's 36C, and Judi eagerly descended on them, caressing, kissing, licking, Molly could feel her nipples harden up like bullets, and Judi devoted, long lingering licks, sucking and nipping very gently at her excited tits.

    Molly was in heaven, her sister was giving her the pleasure of a true lover, and Molly was eager for more. Judi gently turned her over, and pulled her hips up, Molly's sexy rump upthrust.

    Judi lovingly growled, "Reach back Moll baby, pull your cheeks apart, and get ready for a feeling like no other!"

    Molly eagerly did so, and Judi felt her passion jump up as she saw the so tight, so virgin asshole, that tight, twitchy hole, looking like a bulls-eye for her tongue, and for David cock, soon. Judi eagerly lowered her face, smelling the rich scent of Molly's soaking wet pussy.

    "Oh Moll, it's beautiful, you have the most beautiful asshole world, and I'm going to enjoy kissing and licking it so much!"

    A passionate shiver rippled thru Molly's body as she heard those words. Her sister was going to lick her asshole, the idea made her feel so nasty, and so hot. She felt Judi face nuzzling between her spread-open cheeks, then the delightful sensations as Judi's lips pressed against her tight hole. Judi's tongue slid out, and started to lick and probe, sending sizzling bolts of pleasure racing through her body. Molly was in absolute heaven, the feelings were nothing short of amazing, she gasped, grunted, and growled with pleasure beneath Judi's lascivious mouthing.

    Judi had discovered what David had discovered, that licking a tight asshole was a massive turn on. Her cunt was gushing, juices dripping from her cunt, fuck, it was crazy hot. She brought a finger into play, sliding it around and around the tight rim, and slid it in, just a little bit, sliding it around and around the tight tunnel, feeling the tight clamp around her finger. She smiled, yes, David was certainly going to have another very tight, virgin hole to pluck.

    Molly could feel her tight asshole, so tight, gripping at Judi's finger. She was excited, and a little scared, but Judi assured her that she had done it, so Molly was determined to get her tight asshole deflowered.

    After giving Molly that preview of what awaited her, they rearranged themselves into a 69, and it took very little time before they both howled and shrieked through thunderous orgasms, juices flowing like rivers, squirts of girl cum gushing, splattering over their faces, leaving them limp and giddy from the wild sensory rush. Yes indeed, Molly was ready, and the next time her parents were out for the night, Molly's last vestige of virginity was going to be taken.

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    hot new chapter! how long is this series going to continue?

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    2 more chapters, and here comes part 4.

    Part 4

    Saturday morning, and Judi was ready. She'd boosted a couple of Valiums from her Mom's supply, tonight was the night that Molly was gonna get her last vestige of virginity opened. Passing by her parents bedroom, she could see the small suitcase and the overnight travel case her Mom was going to take with her to their hotel room. Judi was an inveterate snooper, and with her parents not at home for the time being, she wanted to see what they were taking for their hot, sex filled night.

    She cautiously lifted the lid of the suitcase, and saw the hot new negligee her Mom was taking. She lifted it up, and on a wild impulse, stripped off her T shirt, jeans and panties, and tried it on. It was backless, very short, a glossy royal blue color. Two spaghetti straps tied up at the back of her neck, leaving her back, all the way down to just above the swell of her rump, bare. An open, plunging front, that ran right down to just above the top of her pussy, and cups that cradled her breasts, wisps of blue gauze that were more than a little see thru, and the bottom of the negligee ran around her hips, just barely covering the juncture of her thighs and the bottom of her ass cheeks.

    Mom won't even have to take it off, Dad can fuck her while she wearing this, she was thinking. Her mind started another track, having her standing in front of this mirror, her Dad's naked body pressing up behind her. She could imagine the feel of the thick length of her Dad's rock hard cock, pressing against her ass cheeks, his hands, reaching around the front, cupping her breasts, gently tugging and stroking at her hardening nipples. His hands wandered down, his fingers started to caress her sex, sliding over and over her tight, pussy lips, eager to get his daughter's juices on his fingers, to taste her naked incestuous arousal.

    She quickly stripped off the nightie, the imagining was getting to her, making her hot and very damp. It was almost the right size, since Judi and her Mom could almost be twins in the size department, although the cups were bigger, since her Mom had slightly bigger boobs than her, at a hefty 36D. Dad will have a great time tonight with Mom's "fun bags" she thought, giggling wildly.

    She carefully folded it, remembering exactly how it was done, and then peeked in the overnight case. Judi felt a huge hit of arousal, her pussy became soaked with her juices. She grabbed a towel from the laundry hamper, the juices were starting to run down her legs, and she clamped it between her legs to absorb the flow. Inside was a fascinating collection of hot, erotic toys. She picked up a small tube, called "Strawberry Fields", that had strawberry flavored, edible lube. Picking up a second tube, this one was called "So Tight!" The package said, "For that first time feeling, Vaginal shrink gel with libido enhancers." Oh fuck, Dad's gonna think his cock has died and gone to heaven, if this shrink gel works like it should. An 8 inch vibrator, and a 5 inch butt plug were in there also, and something that Judi didn't recognize at first. She lifted it out and inspected it. It was still in the package, looked like two rings joined together, and the package called it a "Dual Vibro". The package called it a "Super stretchy, high quality enhancer provides dual support for him, and a fluttering stimulator adds powerful sensations for her." Judi suddenly got it. One ring would be around Dad's cock, the second ring would be around his balls, and he would be driving into Mom while the vibrator was going, making Mom go crazy with the vibrations. If that "So Tight!" works like it promises, Mom's gonna think her pussy has died and gone to heaven also, with her pussy as tight as a virgin, having Dad ramming his vibrating cock into her, opening up her tightness like he did 26 years ago, when they started dating each other exclusively. Judi could feel her pussy squirm and gush, Oh fuck, she felt like she was gonna explode.

    She made sure everything was back in its place, her cunt was a gushing, sodden mess, she sprinted to her room, jumping on top of her bed, on her belly, she propped up her hips with two pillows, and her fingers were quickly buried in her sodden, fiery center. It ran through her mind like a film clip, her Mom turning Dad on with her racy new negligee, getting herself all nice and tight with the "So Tight!" gel, then having Dad thrust her throbbing, vibrating cock into her, the growls and cries of pleasure filling their hotel room.

    No one else was in the house, and Judi was grunting, moaning and squealing with pleasure, it was impossible to remain silent. Just before she started to stroke and tweak her clit, right on the edge, she put herself in that position, parading around Daddy in that hot negligee, making herself super tight with that gel, then the feeling of Daddy's, big, stiff cock plunging in, his cock vibrating wildly, having that throbbing, buzzing cock right between the extra tight cling of her super tight pussy, the buzzing pulses zeroing in on her clit. Her fingers stroked and tweaked at her throbbing clit, and the waves started building quickly.

    Her hips began thrusting up and down, Judi shrieked out," Yes, yes, fuck me Daddy, ram it in, give me every drop, fuck your daughter, fuck, fuck, yes, yes, YEESSSS!!"

    Her voice to a full throated scream of pleasure, and as she exploded, the waves of pleasure crashing into her, she imagined her Daddy burying his cock deep, and the explosion of his prick, jetting his hot, incestuous sperm, the same sperm that created her, deep into her more than receptive womb. That last imagining gave her orgasm an extra powerful boost, washing over Judi's body wonderfully and uncontrollably, her body shaking wildly, her orgasm racing through her, making her body light up with pleasure, grunting and gasping as she shook through the extra tight grip of her climax. As the last tremor of her climax raced through her, Judi reached down, cupping her mound with her hands, she loved the feeling of cupping her sex after masturbation. Closing her legs around her hands tightly and rolling over on her side, Judi shivered in blissful fulfillment as the ecstasy started to slowly ebb.

    Judi lay like that for several minutes, letting her breathing return to normal, as she floated back down to earth. When she had her bearings back, she got up and got dressed, before her parents got home.

    When Mom and Dad left for the hotel at mid afternoon, Judi suppressed the knowing smirk that wanted to rise up to her face, as she saw her Mom carrying her overnight case, she hoped they'd have a very hot time on their date, Judi was going to see to it that Molly had an equally hot time giving her asshole cherry to David.

    Molly was more than ready, and now that Mom and Dad were gone, why waste time? Judi gave Molly a Valium, and told her to hop in the shower, and make sure that she was extra clean. Judi called up David, and told him to come on over, Molly would be hot and ready for it.

    In the shower, Molly felt a tremor of heat pass through her, tonight she was going to be totally de-virginized, now her ass was going to get it. Soaping up, she felt pleasant sparks as she ran her fingers and the washcloth around the rose shaped pucker of her asshole, getting more turned on as she thought of that extra tight clamp being split open. As she washed herself, she could feel the soft fuzz of the Valium starting to fill her head.

    David was more than ready, he drove to their house with an erection that wouldn't quit. Knowing that he was going to open the tight, unfucked asshole of Judi's 14 year old sister just drove his cock up, and wouldn't let it relax. And, with Judi more than hinting about Jenni, who had just turned 13, away at summer camp, and having him take care of her youngest sister's virginity when the time was right, just added to the fire of lust engorging his prick.

    When Judi opened the door, she grinned at the obvious bulge filling out David's pants, and told him that Molly was just about ready. She dashed up the stairs, just as Molly came out of her room, freshly showered, dried, and wearing her raciest, shortest sheerest nightie, it ended just below her navel, leaving her pussy and ass free and ready for fun. The fabric was so sheer you could see her breasts, topped with stiff, turgid nipples, poking out the front of the fabric.

    "Oh yeah, perfect, David's gonna love it, let's go downstairs and get him."

    When David saw Molly, all ready like that, he came over, and with Judi urging him on, took Molly in his arms, pressing his lips against here, his tongue came out, and he felt Molly melt against him as she opened up, let his tongue in, and kissed him with a growing passion, their mouths clung to each other.

    Judi was watching with a fire of lust starting right between her tight walls, damn, it was so erotic. She remembered the tightness of her ass, wondered if one Valium would be enough. She wasn't sure about giving Molly a second Valium, but she could give her something else. While they were kissing, she went into the kitchen and made Molly a screwdriver, light on the vodka, heavy on the orange juice.

    When they came up for air, several minutes later, Judi smiled, and handed Molly the drink.

    "Drink this baby, it'll help to take the edge off some more."

    Molly sipped, made a grimace at the strong taste of the vodka, but continued to drink it until the glass was empty. Judi led the way to her room, and told David to work over her body, get her really stirred up. David was happy to do so, and Molly moaned and sighed with pleasure as she got a full dose of foreplay, David's hands, mouth and tongue stroking, licking and caressing all her steamy nooks and crannies, bringing Molly up to a ready state.

    As Molly felt the vodka kick in, she was woozy, she felt almost like she was in another world. David rolled her onto her belly, with her hips draped over two large pillows, her tight asshole was positioned perfectly. David's tongue went to work, licking, kissing that tight, so virgin hole, and Molly's brain was really fuzzed up, she felt almost out of it. She felt slippery lube being spread around, sliding up her tight asshole, and the press of David's cock against her. This was it, the moment of her last deflowering.

    Judi took a position right next to Molly, so she could monitor Molly, and make sure that she could handle the stretch.

    David pushed, and Molly let out a grunt as she felt the opening, it was very dulled down, thanks to being under the influence. David pushed, slow and steady, and Molly felt the stretch of her asshole being opened. The Valium and vodka had relaxed her to the point that she felt no real pain at all, just the pressure of David's engorged cock splitting her open. With an inch left to go, and a quick thrust, David completed the deflowering, burying every last bit in.

    Molly let out a grunt, she was facing Judi, her eyes closed, her face a study in concentration.

    Judi whispered, "Open you eyes baby."

    Molly opened her eyes, she was looking pretty looped, and Judi hoped that she'd be okay.

    "How does it feel baby?" Judi whispered.

    Molly, her voice slurred, murmured, "Feels pretty good, I am so out of it, tell David to give it to me, ride my ass, I want a big load squirted right up there, just like you got!"

    Judi, grinning, told David, "Ok sweetie, Molly's ready for it, give her a good ass reaming, she's gonna love it."

    David did so, pulling back, and slowly burying it in, over and over. Enough of the pleasurable sensations were fighting through the Valium and alcohol haze, and Molly started to grunt, it was starting to feel real good, and she urged him on.

    "Yes, oh yes, feels so good, I love getting my ass fucked" she cooed, her voice still shaky.

    "Oh yeah, baby, you're great, taking it up the tightest hole you have, just like I did. I love watching you get it, just like I did" Judi cooed, her voice thick with passion.

    Judi slid a hand down between the pillows and Molly's hips, eager to give her extra. Molly growled with pleasure as Judi's fingers found her clit, that pink, so hard eager bud, and she started to tweak and stroke at that pleasure center. Molly could feel the rush, and she tumbled down that pleasure slope.

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fill my ass, I want your cum, fill me, yes, yes, yes, I'm cumming, YESSSS!!"

    Molly howled out, her cunt spasming crazily, her asshole pulsing with a matching clench, David growled, one last thrust and his cock erupted, her could feel his load, squirting, squirting, jetting his thick spunk enema deep inside Molly's tightly clamped asshole. The tight clamp of asshole fucking sucked David's load out, demanding every drop.

    When David pulled out, he headed for the bathroom, and jumped into the shower for a quick washdown.

    Judi pulled back the covers, slid Molly's body in, and tucked her in. She gave her little sister a kiss, and Molly smiled, as she basically passed out. Judi thought it might be a good idea to stay with Molly for a while, make sure that she was okay while she slept. Her breathing was deep and regular, sounded like she was okay, but having maybe pushed it a little bit, she wasn't going to take any chances. Judi ran it back, just like a film clip, watching her sister getting it had fired her up, watching Molly take David's cock just drove her crazy with lust. Her cunt was hot and super slick with her juices, she needed David to get his cock back in here, and fuck her now. She wanted to get fucked right next to her little sister.

    David towelled off, her cock rising back up, half hard, shouldn't take long to get right back up he thought with a smile. Deflowering that super tight clamp of Molly's asshole had really milked his prick, damn she had been a tight one, all right. David opened the door and stepped out. The late afternoon sun slanted through the bedroom window, and the sight made David's cock jump back up to full erection. Judi was on her elbows and knees, in a doggy style, her pussy was aimed right in his direction. She slid her hand down, slid the fingers around her lips, and peeled her tightness apart. David got a direct beaver shot, the tight inner flesh, dark pink and gleaming with her juices, make his cock throb for more.

    Judi cooed, "Come and get me lover. Watching Molly get her ass cherry plucked was highly exciting, and I want my cunt licked and then fucked hard, get over here baby, lick my cunt, then ram me!"

    Judi grunted with pleasure as David plastered his face against her pussy from behind, his wonderful, agile tongue licking at all the sizzling folds and sweet spots of her churning cunt. Just before she was ready to explode, she urged David on to fuck her.

    "Fuck, oh fuck yeah, almost there baby, now, give me your cock, slam my cunt, and make me cum all over that stiff prick!"

    David quickly took position, and Judi growled as she felt the split, the hard, forceful pussy of David's cock driving in, and that was all it took.

    "Yes, yes, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUUUCKKKK!!"

    Her shriek filled the bedroom, Judi could feel her inner muscles clamping and clenching wildly as she tumbled into orgasm. David was still working up, and Judi took full advantage, the ramming hardness of his prick propelled her into a second climax, and she was on the merry go round, orgasms hitting her in domino, rapid fire succession, she was feeling faint when David growled, grunted, and fired his volley into her, her wildly quivering cunt milking and sucking every drop out of him.

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    are you going to write any more chapters after the next one? its really good so far.

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    Part 5

    Molly woke up, looked at her clock, and the lighted dial read 3 AM. She felt a bit fuzzy headed, then remembered, David had taken her last cherry. She remembered the feeling of her asshole getting stretched open, as David slid his cock in. The valium and vodka had really dulled down the initial penetration, but now she could feel the soreness of her asshole recovering from its opening. Molly hoped it wouldn't be the only time, she had a feeling that her asshole would adjust, if only she got enough use. She realized also, that she wanted David to do her again, she wanted David to do her a lot more than just once or twice more, she wanted to share him with her sister. Now, how well Judi would take to that, hmmm, of course, she had enough information to blackmail them, but she didn't want to force it like that. Molly burrowed back under the covers, and drifted off, a smile on her lips.

    In Judi's bedroom, Judi was awake, and thinking some thoughts along that line. She had discovered that she had a very strong voyeuristic streak, she couldn't get enough of watching David fuck Molly's sweet teen body. Judi was thinking about how she wished she could borrow David's cock, and get to ride her little sister, the sensations must be incredible. Hmmm...well, it might not be like having her very own cock, but a dildo? Yes, a dildo, a strap-on dildo, so David could have his wish come true. We could give Molly a dual penetration ride. David would love it, he'd been hinting to get one of his buddies to join him and give Judi a DP. Judi had refused, she had no interest in having one of his horny buddies get a piece of her. And, if one of his buddies was clumsy, or just too damn horny, and he was the one to take her up her back door, she could envision getting a virtual ass rape, and she'd kill both of them. David may be a horn dog, but he really cared about Judi, and had quickly stopped any hints once Judi had made it clear that his friends were not welcome in her bed, and especially, not in any of her holes. Oh yes, we'll give Molly her very first DP, then, Judi could get her first DP, also. She was sure that Molly would want to strap on the dildo, and ride her sister like she'd just been ridden. Judi pulled the bed covers back up, snuggled against David, and drifted off.

    The phone ringing at 10 AM awakened her, as she had a phone extension in her bedroom, she quickly scooped it up.

    "Hello Judi, how's my girl?" her Mom's voice said.

    "We're fine Mom, everything's okay here, how was your night?" Judi said, imagining the hot, wild hotel sex that had gone on in their room.

    "It was wonderful!" her Mom exclaimed, and Judi grinned, thinking, yeah, I'll bet it sure was!

    Her Mom continued, "That's why I'm calling you, if things are okay, your Dad and I would like to stay another night. The room's available for tonight, and we had such a good time, we'd like to stay over."

    Judi had a mental picture of her parents as Adam and Eve, totally nude, having nibbled at the forbidden fruit last night, were eager for another bite.

    Judi grinned at the image as she said, "Yeah, no problem Mom, we'll take care of everything, have a great time!"

    Her Mom gave a satisfied sigh as she said, "We will, I have to go now, I think your Dad wants something from me! Goodbye sweetheart."

    She heard her Mom giggle with pleasure, and she heard her Dad growl lustily, "Suck my cock, sweetheart" just before the phone hung up, and it gave Judi a warm feeling, to know that her parents were still so much in love, and still so eager for each other's bodies in the throes of sexual bliss. She thought about herself, about David still asleep next to her, could he be the one? Would she find someone to love her whole life with? Would they still be hot and doing it at the same age as her Mom and Dad?

    David opened his eyes, and Judi told him the good news, that her Mom and Dad were staying over, and they had Molly all to themselves for another day.

    David was fired up, another night with Molly, and Judi wanted him and her to double team her. Hot damn, David thought, what a setup. He knew he was one lucky guy, having Judi and Molly both hot and eager for him, and for having a girlfriend that allowed him such latitude. The fact that Judi couldn't stop looking at him when he and Molly were fucking was not lost on him. As long as Judi was so hooked on watching, he'd be more than happy to be the one she wanted to watch.

    Molly had been awakened by the phone, and was up with Judi and David. Downstairs, around the breakfast table, Judi told Molly that they were going to break another of Molly's virginities, now that Mom and Dad were away for another day. Molly looked puzzled.

    Judi giggled, "I bet you'll love it baby! I need to go out and buy something, I won't be too long. And then after that, you can break my virginity in that area, also!"

    Molly was starting to simmer, whatever it was, it sounded great. David and Judi hopped into his car, and at the local Adult Toy store, they perused the items.

    Judi quickly saw what looked exactly right. Fire engine red, 8 inches long, looking just like a real cock, and a matching red harness that looked like a bikini bottom, perfect, and she shivered at the idea that both Molly and her were going to experience that. She had another idea, and she bought a Joni's Butterfly, that wonderful vibrating toy that she had read about. It was a soft plastic blue cup slightly smaller than her palm, with a soft nub lined with shallow grooves on the concave side. A pair of elastic straps were attached to the edges, a detachable clip, and a wireless black plastic case, a little larger than a cigarette lighter, came with it. The box touted the benefits of a variable speed control, and pleasuring your eager pussy, with no wires in the way. Judi could feel the need rising, it looked like it would fit the contours of her hips very snugly, she had the idea that she could wear it, and vibrate herself to pleasure while she was plugging one of her sister's hot, horny holes.

    "Ah, Joni's Butterfly, an excellent choice," the saleslady said to her.

    She was happy to explain how the straps went around a woman's hips and would hold the vibrating nub snug against the outer folds of Judi's vagina. It didn't penetrate at all; it wasn't designed to.

    "That's why the woman who invented it called it a Butterfly. The sensation is like a butterfly lightly brushing its wings against you. The straps hold it in place, leaving your hands totally free. And, with a wireless remote control, you can dial up as much pleasure as you can stand, without having to hide a wire. And, with the detachable clip, you can clip it to the straps, and use your hands for better things than holding on to the control", she said, with a sexy smile.

    She went on to describe how the device could be worn undetected beneath ordinary clothing. Judi's mind was racing with the possibilities, a gentle, feminine vibrator that could continually arouse her even when she was fucking Molly's sweet entrance. Judi could feel the lust starting to build, she was happy to add that to her purchases.

    Back home again, and Molly, Judi and David jumped in the shower together, David got a double dose of pleasure as he got to soap down both sisters, his hands gliding, caressing, and stroking at the incredibly hot teen sisters.

    "Wash our pussies and assholes real good, David" Judi told him.

    Happy to do so, David's cock throbbed at the soft cries and gasps of pleasure as his fingers did exactly that.

    Molly could feel the rising surge of lust, as Judi and her turned their attentions to David, listening to his growls as his cock and asshole were soaped down and made squeaky clean.

    Toweled of, and in the bedroom, Judi grinned as she produced the strap on and the Butterfly with a flourish, and enjoying the look in Molly's eyes. She pulled on the butterfly, and after a few adjustments to tighten and position the harness, the grooved nub pressed delicately against the outer folds of Judi's labia. The dildo harness fit easily over the butterfly, and Molly's eyes widened even more as Judi fit the 8 inches into place. The dildo and harness pressed the butterfly tightly against her, now pressed snugly into the folds of her labial lips. Judi could feel her juices slick up, as she told her sister what was going to happen.

    "Okay sis, here's what you're going to enjoy now. David and I are going to give you a double penetration. We are going to fuck both your pussy and your asshole at the same time. If you can't handle it, tell us the word neon. That will be what is called a safe word, just say that, and it will stop. Sound okay baby?" Judi cooed.

    Molly was so hot and horny at this point, she was game for just about anything. She nodded eagerly, and Judi and David swarmed all over her body, giving her a double dose of foreplay. Molly was feeling exciting tremors spreading through her, moans and gasps escaping her lips as she was stimulated. She felt soft, wet tongues licking at her fiery well of pleasure and the rose shaped pucker of her tight asshole.

    "Ok David, lay back, let Molly mount you, then I'll plug Molly from behind" Judi directed.

    His cock pointing skyward, David watched the exciting sight of Molly's naked body, squatting over his prick, ready to slide down. Her pussy was totally bare, Molly had loved the look of her sister's bare pussy so much that she was now shaving her pussy, she loved the look and feel of her smooth, hairless mound. Molly notched her entrance against David's cock, and slid down, letting out a squeal of pleasure as she impaled herself, sinking down, loving the feel of her tight walls being spread open, taking him in right to the balls.

    David let out his own growl as he felt the tight clutch of Molly's pussy taking him in. Damn she was so tight, so gripping, it made his cock sizzle.

    "Ok Molly, lay forward upon me" David directed.

    As she did so, her reached down, clutched the globes of her ass, and pulled them apart. Judi felt a surge of heat, Molly's incredibly tight asshole, so twitchy, looking like a bulls-eye for her dildo. She lubed up her dildo, eager to mount her sister. Judi switched on her butterfly, starting at a low setting, and clipped it to her strap-on harness, eager to dive into the incest pool again. The hum was almost inaudible, and the sensation wickedly sensual. The soft, grooved nub warmed to Judi's body and began a delicate, feather-like caress of her sex, massaging, urging, playing with her slick, heated spot.

    Holding her breath and moaning slightly as the marvelous feeling drove against her, Judi nudged the dildo against Molly's tight hole, and started to push, very, very slowly.

    Molly felt the pressure, then the head of the dildo slipped in. She could feel the stretch, she was getting stretched to the max, it was past her comfort zone, but she wanted to take it, eager to get a double penetration. She didn't want to wimp out, and she keep her teeth gritted as Judi gave it to her with a thankfully slow reaming. She felt both her holes, one filled, the other getting filled, and she could feel the pressure of the cock and dildo against each other through the wall between them. It was an amazing feeling, and with a final push, Judi buried the last 2 inches in, bringing a loud grunt from Molly.

    "Oh my god, I've never been so filled, fuck, it's kinda painful, hold still for a bit Judi, let my ass loosen up a bit."

    Judi did as she was asked, holding rock solid still while Molly worked on relaxing, relaxing. Even though her sister could be a brat sometimes, Judi loved her very much, and would never maliciously cause her pain.

    While Molly worked on relaxing herself, Judi reveled in the feeling coursing through her. Contracting her inner muscles in response, she felt her juices start to churn, and she concentrated on contracting and relaxing the muscles of her fiery walls and felt the slickness of her juices really start to flow.

    Molly was thinking, Wow, what a feeling, having both holes filled was wild. Molly thought she'd really enjoy it, if her tight ass would just loosen up. She put all her concentration into it, and finally, she felt a bit of give, she pulled forward slightly, then pushed her hips back. It felt better, so she worked on that. She was starting to feel that warm glow of heat, way down deep, the pain was being crowded out by the warm wave of pleasure that was starting to lap at her.

    "Yeah, oh yeah, I think I can take it now" she grunted, "Judi, gave me some thrusts, slow and gentle please".

    Judi gripped Molly's hips, and started to pump slowly, slowly in and out of her sister's extra tight ass. Judi thrust her pelvis back and forth, grinding her hips in slow, deliberate circles. The little device nestled tight against Judi's sex all the way, staying with her, never skipping a pulse. Molly was letting out little gasps, of pleasure she hoped, still, she had not used the safe word.

    Molly could feel that warm pleasure building, she started to hump David's cock, pumping her hips up and down, sliding her pussy up and down David's cock. Judi adjusted to the rhythm, as Molly slid down David's cock, the pumping action of her hips also shoved the hard dildo up her tight asshole, Judi was only to happy to push the rest of it in. Molly was now getting both her tight holes fucked at the same time, and it was glorious. She could feel vibrations from Judi's dildo, as Judi dialed up her Butterfly to a higher setting. She felt wonderfully stuffed, the pleasure was almost beyond description, she could feel her entire body trembling as David and Judi gave it to Molly. Her pussy was starting that quivering deep down, her ass was throbbing from the reaming of Judi's dildo.

    "Yeah, oh fuck yeah, it's way beyond good, it feels GREAT!" Molly grunted.

    With the constant, light pulsations of the butterfly, Judi's breaths grew deeper. She could feel her nipples standing out hard and erect, the areolas reddened and needing attention.

    David could feel the tight clamp of Molly's pussy, and the rubbing of Judi's dildo sliding up and down, rubbing against his prick, and he could feel the need building, he knew he was ready to blow a gusher.

    Judi was now holding Molly's body tightly against her, giving her ass a doggy style reaming. The two sisters were moving in tandem, as Judi hands fondled Molly's breasts, stroking and tweaking her nipples into steel hard, excited nubs, Judi was rubbing her stiff, hardened nipples against Molly's back, and Judi's head was looking over Molly's left shoulder, watching the expressions of pleasure on David's face. David opened his eyes, saw Judi's face shining, her eyes glowing with lust, sweet bliss playing across her face, and he could feel the climax starting to build, it was almost upon him, fuck, his straining cock felt like a volcano, ready to explode.

    Judi growled with pleasure as she rubbed her stiff, achy nipples against Molly's back, sending pulses of pleasure to her steaming hot center. The Butterfly nudged Judi insistently toward erotic delight. Judi's sex was aching for release, soaked with the slickness of her juices, her scent reaching her nose and turning her on more. Judi could feel the pressure build, her body was virtually throbbing.

    Three passengers were on the orgasm express, and they raced towards their destination.

    Judi got there first, the vibrating nub grinding gently against her pushing her to climax. Her hips began thrusting faster, pressing tighter against her sister's back, rubbing her throbbing, reddened nipples, squirming her body along the length of Molly's back, and Judi let out a long howl of pleasure as she felt the waves of orgasm come quickly, wonderfully and uncontrollably, her body shaking in ecstasy.

    That set David off, and he grunted and growled as he felt his load race up the shaft, then David was cumming, too, his cock erupting deep inside Molly's velvet heat.

    The feel of David's load gushing hotly into her, the feel of Judi's bare breasts, her hard, stiff nipples rubbing against Molly's back, and the feel of her sister's naked body against her back, squirming and rubbing hotly against her, stroking her throbbing tits, set Molly off too, and she went racing into orgasm, panting like a race horse, she started squealing as she went over the edge. Her pussy and asshole were throbbing, contracting like crazy, eager to get every last bit of sensation out of it. She grunted, let out a loud shriek of pleasure, and her body started to shake and quiver as she rode it, feeling the pleasure go on and on.

    David's cock felt the milking grip, his cock gushing again and again, a geyser of hot, white cum jetting into Molly's sweet tight heat. His orgasm felt almost endless too, thrusting and grunting, his cock jerking and pulsing, tossing off wildly, gushing thick streams of spunk as he splattered Molly's insides, his cock pouring what felt like a fountain of cum into her very depths, spilling the biggest load of cum he had ever unloaded. His ears were ringing, fuck, the sensation was almost too much.

    Judi switched off her Butterfly, she had been on another plane of pleasure with that sensual delight purring away between her thighs. She lifted Molly up, and as her pussy came away from David's cock, she slid under, and she could see Molly's pussy lips, soaked with her juices and David's spunk. Judi reached up, parted her lips, and she could see her pussy full of David's cream, he had really filled up Molly's horny fuck-hole. Judi pulled her down on her mouth, and she could feel the huge gush of spunk slide right out of her, as David's load started to pour into Judi's eager mouth. Judi swallowed, swallowed, wanting to suck out every drop.

    Molly could feel the loving licks of her sister right at her most tender spot. She looked down, saw her sister giving her the loving licks, and felt a huge rush of love for Judi. Molly reached down, running her fingers gently through Judi's hair, she gently cradled Judi's head in her hands, and held her against her steamy opening. Molly could feel it racing back at her, and she felt the burst of orgasm, as she came again in a long, slow, blissful, wrenching wave of pleasure, letting out guttural howls of pleasure, her pussy contracting, over and over until she had to pull free of that hot, lapping tongue or go mad from the pounding sensory rush. They collapsed together in a heap of well spent bodies.

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    Great story, would love to see more

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    Wwo...thanks for a wonderful story

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    Wonderful series.Hope there is more to come.

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    Hot! Hopefully there will be more!

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    well that got me going...

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    More more



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