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Thread: David and Lisa

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    David and Lisa

    Part 1

    David Warner drove his vehicle along the dark highway, heading for the spot. He thought about what a lucky guy he was, being 17 years old, and having his smoking hot 15 year old girlfriend, sitting next to him. He'd really hit the jackpot with Lisa Talbot.

    Next to him, Lisa Talbot was feeling the tingles of lust zipping deep inside her pink tunnel. She loved going out with a senior, being two years older, David was a nice guy, not like all the 15 year old boys who were immature little bitches, and she didn't even give those horny little fuckers the time of day. Ever since she given her first blowjob, at the age of 14, to her 17 year old cousin, she'd never given it up to anyone who wasn't older than her.

    The car slowed, and David carefully parked the car off the highway, in a roadside turnout. The highway was a secondary road, that had been bypassed by the interstate that had been built several years ago. The only cars that drove along this highway during the day were few and far between, at night, it was pretty well completely deserted.

    The full moon was up, illuminating the scene. Lisa had stripped down to her tight lacy pink panties even before the car had rolled to a stop. They were parked out in the boonies, David had a 1962 Chrysler, with a big front bench seat, and David thought it would be fun to do it in a car. Before he could ask her whether she wanted to do it in the front or back seat, Lisa grinned at him

    "Sweetheart, let's do it outside. You still have that blanket from the beach weekend, don't you?"

    David did indeed, he was at the trunk, and he pulled it out. Lisa led the way, he was mesmirized by the sight of her, naked save for the thin strip of her thong wedged between the cheeks of her ass, as he followed her through the trees. They entered a clearing, where the trees formed a large circle, and he laid out the blanket.

    Lisa was fired by lust, she was now on the Pill, and this was going to be their first bareback fuck. She'd been eager for it, to get the hot rush of his sperm splashing all over cervix, instead of having to be shot into a condom. She wiggled her hips sexily at him as she shimmied out of her thong, twirled it around a finger, and tossed it into the grass. She was so hot, she could smell herself, her pussy a gushing, swirling vortex of lust fired juices.

    David quickly stripped, his 8 inches rock hard and ready. This was going to be fucking fantastic, they'd finally be able to do it bareback, now that she was on the pill.

    Lisa took to her hands and knees, and purred, "Oh yeah baby, I'm so hot, ride me doggy style, and fill my hungry pussy with a hot, steamy load of cum."

    Taking position behind her, David lined up his prick. Going to fuck her cunt, no condom in the way, played through his mind, and he nudged against her.

    Lisa growled with pleasure as she felt her tight pussy lips being parted, and her tight walls being split open, as David's hard driving 8 inches of fucking pleasure was slammed to the balls in her hungry, horny cunt. Her tight pussy walls eagerly massaged it and her girl juices bathed the entire shaft with hot liquid juices. Umm, god that felt good, he pulled back and slammed it in again.

    "Fuck, fuck, it feels so good, keep fucking me baby, make me cum!"

    David was happy to do so, reaming his girlfriend, he gripped her hips, and really laid his wood into her eagerly accepting pussy. This was David's favorite position, taking her from behind, Lisa's tight, snug cunt gave him maximum stroking this way, and with his cock no longer wrapped in latex, holy fuck it felt fantastic, and he felt the head of his cock hitting deep, her tight musles gripping at him, as he drove in and out of her rhythmically stroking pussy.

    Lisa was pumping back, wantonly rotating her hips as she drove back against the plunges of his cock. This was the first time they had done it bareback, now that she was on the Pill, no more condoms, he could flood her womb, and she eagerly wanted to feel the hot rush of thick sperm. She tossed her head back, cooing and purring with pleasure, the feel of David's 8 inches of eager rock hard cock plunging wetly up between her open thighs was nothing short of spectacular. Lisa kept eagerly driving her hips backward to meet the hot rushes of David's cock taking her. She rotated her buttocks around and around in sexual need, grinding her greedily clinging fuck-hole back over David's surging cock plunging into her.

    At the edge of the clearing, a figure was watching. Mark Watson, David's roommate, was watching the proceedings. When David started going with Lisa, Mark was hoping that he might get to share her charms. David was a great pal, and Mark had asked him to see if Lisa might be up for a three way. When Mark was out at work, David casually mentioned the idea to Lisa, she had thrown a flood of cold water on that idea.

    Mark was disappointed, to say the least, Lisa was like a wet dream come true. Every time he saw her, he had to conceal the hard, horny bulge of his cock. Lisa was five foot seven, about 130 pounds, shoulder length golden honey color hair, jade green eyes, nice smooth complexion. Firm, upright breasts, such nice grapefruit sized mounds, her nipples always seemed to be erect, and he'd seen her pokies more than a few times. Her tummy was flat, hips with a sexy curve, sleek, full legs, and he had seen, many times, how her rump had a graceful curve, perky and smooth. When they'd been at the beach, and he'd seen how blazingly hot she'd been in that polka dot bikini, he'd had that great vision front and center as his stroke off fantasy.

    David was disappointed too, the idea of Lisa taking on him and Mark at the same time, a dual penetration, had been a major fantasy of his. His pal Mark had saved his life during a fight where they'd been jumped after coming out of a bar. Mark knew self defense, and just before some thug was going to shove a knife into David's guts, Mark had grabbed the bastard's arm, bent it back until they heard a snap of breaking bone, and the attacker's scream of pain. Mark had smashed his fist into the bastard's face, and he went down like a sack of wet leather, and they'd gotten the fuck out of there.

    David came up with the idea of Mark watching them going at it. It had been easy to set up, David had told Mark beforehand about where they were going to be parked, and Mark had the idea of riding his bicycle up there, hiding it in the trees that lined the road sides, and waiting in the shadows. It was going to be a full moon, and the light from the full moon should light up the scene. When he had seen that 62 Chrysler pull up, and park, before he could scurry over, he'd seen Lisa, almost totally naked, get out of the car. The full moon lit up her body, holy fuck, she was out of this world gorgeous. He'd watched, as David took out the blanket, and he'd followed at a distance. The clearing was perfect, the full moon lit it up perfectly. Jeez, Lisa was so fucking hot, his cock had surged up. Seeing her thong just a few steps away, he crept closer, picking it up, and hurried back to the treeline. He saw the juices of her lust pattterning the crotch, he held them to his nose, and took a deep breath. The scent of Lisa's aroused pussy, a hot, peppery, musky smell permeated the crotch, and he dropped his pants, letting his swollen 8 inches out for air.

    Lisa was panting with pleasure, as David's cock was pounding her pussy, long, deep and hard. Ummm, fuck it felt good, David's cock always filled her up, made her pussy feel so stuffed, she adored the feeling of getting her hungry hole stufed full on each plunge. She felt the surges prickling deep inside, oh yeah, she could feel the building pressure. The grunts and growls from her boyfriend, she knew those sounds so well, his cock was getting ready to explode.

    Over by the treeline, Mark was stroking his 8 inch meat, god, this was a hundred times hotter than any porno video. Live fucking, by his buddy's super hot girlfriend, what a sight. All the hot sounds, the wet slap of their sweating bodies smacking together, the wet juicy squelch of Lisa's juicy pussy being pounded by David's cock, his friend's grunts, and Lisa's grunts, growls and squeals of pleasure as David plowed that hot furrow, oh fuck, he was ready to explode.

    Lisa felt the surges of lust spiraling up from her womb, and her pussy tightened down, and began a series of rippling contractions up and down David's cock shaft.

    "Oh yes baby, ram my cunt, I'm cumming, oh fuck, cream me, cream my fucking cunt, fuck MEEEEEEE!"

    Lisa shrieked with pleasure as she felt her pussy explode, pulsing over and over around David's cock, he grunted, let out a roar, and his cock erupted. He felt his cock spurting crazily, god, rope after rope was fired into the gripping heat, he felt like his head was going to fly off, he was almost dizzy from the sensation of his first bareback fuck.

    Lisa felt a rush of wetness being pumped all over her sugar walls, David's cock was pumping a flood, he buried himself, and Lisa felt him pierce her cervix, and she felt more blooming heat, deep in her womb, as his cock painted the walls of her pill protected baby chamber. The flood of hot spunk made her orgasm again, her pussy rippling up and down his shaft, milking his prick as he sprayed her cunt with his hot sperm, hungry for every drop.

    Mark had held on until Lisa's body began to buck, her shrieks of orgasm had taken him over. His cock started to pulse, a geyser of hot, white cum shot out of his cock, he was imagining himself fucking Lisa, his cock being the one to flood that sizzling snatch. Her shrieks and cries of orgasm helped along his fantasy, and he came like never before, his cock pulsed over and over with thick, hot rushes of cum, making a sizable puddle on the ground in front of him.

    As all three started to slide down from their orgasmic high, Mark tossed Lisa's panties back to where they had been laying. He was all ready to clear out when he saw Lisa turn her body around, as David stood up. Lisa was on her knees, her eyes fixed on David's still hard cock. David's cock was soaked with her juices, and she wanted to suck that hard stalk.

    "Oh yeah, bring that nice hard prick over here, let me suck it baby."

    David obliged, and grunted as her felt her lips around his cock head, her tongue caressing, then he let out a louder grunt as she swallowed him down in one gulp. Lisa looked into David's face as she took his prick balls deep into her mouth and sucked him. Lisa loved the sensation of soft silky skin over a hard prick going in and out of her mouth. Lisa felt her mouth moisten up with a rush of saliva, and she eagerly applied her cock sucking ability to David's cock. Lisa knew what she was doing, her lips were full and lush, true cocksucker lips, and David let her take his cock at her own pace, watching her head bobbing back and forth, as she got into the rhythm. She grasped his balls, gently tugging and toying with them, eager to work his nuts up to another gush of hot, tasty whitewash, making him moan as he rode wetly in and out of her wet, sucking lips.

    Watching Lisa give hot head to David got Mark's cock back up, and he grasped his shaft and started to stroke again, what a gold mine. He could hear Lisa sucking and slurping all over David's cock, he imagined that it was his cock that Lisa was sucking on. He hoped that David would continue his relationship with Lisa, she was a great fantasy to stroke off to. When they'd been at the beach, and he'd seen how blazingly hot she'd been in that polka dot bikini, holy fuck, the way her bikini bottoms were tightly wrapped around her buttocks, outlining every smooth, soft curve. Mark could see the crack of her ass clearly defined by the tight hug of the fabric, and the press of her bottoms against the soft smooth plane of her pussy region had given him a raging hard-on. He'd done his best to hide his throbbing boner, that night, he'd given free rein to the vision, front and center as his stroke off fantasy. And now, the remembered visions of Lisa and David fucking like lust driven animals, her growling at David to cream her fucking cunt, and now seeing what an expert cocj-sucker she was, ummm, he had a brain full of sexy sights to use as stroke off visions. God, what a wet dream personified. He felt his cock starting the tingles already, oh yeah, fuck, this was great.

    Lisa was in the classic subservient cock sucker position, it made her feel wanton and wicked, like she was being forced to service a hard, arrogant cock. She felt huge globs of cum start to slide out of he pussy, running down the insides of her thighs in wet, sticky streams. She reached down, cupped her pussy and started masturbating, furiously frigging herself, as David's cock pistoned back and forth, her mouth a wet grip, her tongue painting swirls all over his shaft.

    Lisa could feel her pussy throbiing with lust, and she started to polish her straining clit, and that was all it took. Grunting and growling around his cock, she felt her pussy filled with a huge rushing wave of orgasm, and her mouth tightened down, giving David the tightest, hottest blowjob he'd ever gotten.

    "Fuck, oh yeah, gonna cum, goona fill your mouth baby, yeah, fuck YEEAAAHH!!!"

    With one more thrust, his cock started exploding between the tight grip of her crimson lips, and Lisa eagerly savored his cum, her body shivering in erotic fullfillment as his cock fired out 4 thick ropes, filling her mouth, before she let the rich cream pour down her throat.

    Watching them go over took Mark with them as he imagined Lisa's mouth around his prick, eagerly sucking his balls dry. His cock shot of three streams of cum, joining the sizeable puddle he had alredy dumped out, as he dreamed about painting the insides of Lisa's hot sucking mouth with streams of hot jism.

    As the rush of orgasmic feeling started to clear, Mark backed away slowly, melting back deeper into the trees. He straightened up, let out a long, deep breath of relief, and tucked his package back into his trousers, zipping up and leaning against the trees, letting out a long sigh of satisfaction. He went deeper into the trees, retrieved his bicycle, and set out for their apartment.

    Back in the clearing Lisa retrieved her panties, and pulled them on, wiggling her hips, her perfect tush pointed at David, so he could watch that lucky thong strap get wedged between the perfect cheeks. David enjoyed the sight of an almost fully naked Lisa, leading the way back to the car, walking with a shimmy that she knew turned him on. It would be easy to get him all nice and hard again, so he could fuck her one more time tonight, she wanted her still twitching pussy to get a refill.

    Back in the car, Lisa purred, "Take me home baby, then park around the back, so you can fuck me again, my tight little pussy wants to get another filling of your hot cream!"

    With that kind of incentive, they soon rolled up behind the house that Lisa lived in with her Aunt and Uncle. Behind the garage, deep in the shadows, David guided the car to a stop, Lisa pulled off her top, slipped out of her panties, leaving just her short red skirt on. She quickly unzipped David's trousers, shoved them down with his shorts, his cock was growing back quickly. A little hot mouth, and swirling tongue action brought him back up to full glory, and squatting over his lap, Lisa eagerly mounted up.

    As Lisa slid down, David could feel his cock penetrate her, sliding into a slick tunnel of tight, squeezing heat. He groaned as she took him in, pumping her hips down to take him in balls deep. Lisa grunted, she loved getting stuffed full on the first thrust, she stuck her tits in his face, grunting and purring as David went wild on his tits, sucking, licking and gently nipping, making her nipples swollen, reddened, rock hard bumps of pleasure. Oh yeah, that made her pussy creamy slick and wet, surrounding his cock with a rush of hot juices. She tossed her head back, her movements picking up speed. Ummmm, it felt so good, he could get hard so quickly, and last a good long time, she smiled, eager to take advantage of his stamina, and she settled in for a ride.

    Her pussy wrenched wildly, spasms racing up and down, she howled, "Yes, oh fuck I'm cumming, fuck me, fuck me, yes, yes, yes, YES!!"

    She let the blissful rush of orgasm sweep through her, David was still hammering deep inside her, she felt another orgasm rise up quickly, and she was into a multi-orgasm spiral. Lisa rode that wonderful cock to orgasm after orgasm, cumming over and over again until she was almost dizzy. Fuck, it felt like she was about to shake apart, as she sailed from one orgasm to another.

    David had never felt such exquisite tightness, her pussy was the ultimate gripping receptacle, cumming over and over, fiery hot, moist and oh so tight, it sucked and milked non-stop at his throbbing shaft, making the hot spunk churn in his balls. The sucking, milking action finally brought David over.

    As Lisa pushed down hard, shuddering in another climax, David grunted, growled out "Fuck YEEAAAHHH!" as he reached his peak. Lisa's pussy was clamped tightly around his aching prick, spasming wildly, he grabbed her hips, pulling her down tight against his groin, his body bucking upwards as he felt the rush. His cock let loose, jetting a fresh load of thick cream, bathing her cervix with a fresh coating of hot cream deep inside her. Lisa's spasming tightness milked his throbbing cock greedily, draining his balls deep into her inner depths, sucking every last drop out of his cock.

    After they parted, Lisa went to bed, still feeling his cum deep inside her, ummm, that felt so nice. Bareback fucking was awesome, getting marked by his cum, deep inside, made her feel so damn sexy. God, it was like her lust wouldn't stop, she stripped off her panties and T shirt, lay back naked, and started to masturbate, ummm, it felt so good, having his cream inside while she stroked her eager, horny pink folds. She could smell her lust, her fingers starting to make wet squishes as her juices bubbled forth. She rode that, feeling the wave building, ummmm, so nice.

    Just outside her door, her Uncle Bill was watching, eyes wide and cock rock hard. He'd heard her come in, and had just intended to tap on her door and welcome her back home after her date. The door had been slightly ajar, when he saw his 15 year old niece, stretched out, naked and horny, masturbating wildly. A few steps away from her nakedly bald pussy, he watched as her fingers were pumping in and out furiously, fingers of the other hand polishing over her stiff, dark pink clit. The wet squish of her finger fucking combined with her soft grunts and cries of pleasure, holy fuck, it was one of the most erotic things he'd ever seen in his life, his cock felt as hard as tempered steel.

    Lisa felt the rush, oh yeah, her body was trembling wildly, she hissed out, "Yessss, oh yesss!" as she felt the glorious wave consume her, so fucking good, her body shaking, soft cries of pleasure sounding, as her Uncle drank his fill, watching until her body gave one last shudder, and she relaxed back down, letting out soft sighs of contentment.

    Bill quickly withdrew, and hurried back to the bedroom, his wife Janey was going to get a hard boning, he really needed to burn off what he had just seen by pumping his built up lust into the pink hole of his sexy wife. His wife was still hot and sexy at the age of 38, they had an active sex life, and he knew that once he caressed her body into a heated state, she'd be eager for it.

    In bed, Janey's movements in her sleep had caused her short, baby-doll nightgown to bunch up, to just below her breasts. Oh yeah, Bill slid in, his hand slid down her belly, cupping her breasts, softly tweaking her nipples. He felt them stiffen up under his fingers, and soft moans as he slid his hand down her belly, and started to stroke gently at her tight pussy lips. He heard another soft moan, then a trickle of juices slicked her up. Bill grinned, he knew what that meant, and he kept up the stroking.

    Janet felt herself rising up from sleep, her annoyance at being awakened quickly turned to lust, as Bill's fingers stroked her up to a creamy eagerness. She felt his cock pressed against her hip, before he climbed aboard, he felt harder and bigger than ever.

    "Ooh sweetheart, so big and so hard, just the way I like it! Fuck me Billy baby, fuck me hard, give your Janey a good, hard fuck!

    Bill was happy to do so, between her thighs, he nudged against her lips and pushed in, Janey grunted as his cock was stuffed in, balls deep, fuck that felt good.

    Lisa was drifting, pleasantly zoned out on the huge rush of orgasms she had enjoyed, what a night. She heard grunts, growls, the squeaking of a bed, and grinned. She giggled, Ummm, sounds like Auntie and Uncle woke up and are getting frisky. The sounds increased, building to a peak, until she heard the blended cries of orgasm as Auntie and Uncle enjoyed what sounded like very good orgasms. It was just after 2 AM, she vaguely wondered what had gotten them in the mood.

    Her mind switched gears, she thought about David's roommate. Mark was a good looking guy, she wasn't interested in a three way, but a romp with Mark separately, in a little one on one, she could go for that. She didn't like the idea of fucking him behind David's back, it felt too much like cheating on David. Of course, they weren't married, or even engaged, but still, her mind refused to let it go. It was something to take a closer look at in the light of day, as her body felt the tide of sleep wanting to claim her. She turned to her left side, buried her head into her pillows, and let sleep take her.
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    Another hot start to a story! Thanks for what looks like is going to be another great one, Groom.

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    Part 2

    Over the next few days, Lisa's mind toyed with the idea of having Mark fuck her, without letting her boyfriend know about it. What could she do, to get Mark to do her, and yet, not have it feel like she was cheating on David? She knew that Mark would be all over her, the "casual" mention of a three-way by David had not gone by unnoticed, she knew who had originally brought up that question. After a couple of days of running it over in her mind, she had it. She thought carefully about it, yes, that would satisfy both her lustful desire, and yet, in her mind, make it less like cheating. David had to go out of town for the weekend. Her Aunt and Uncle, although they liked David, would not allow a 15 year old girl to go out of town with her 17 year old boyfriend. Lisa set Friday night at the time, she could make the move on Mark then.

    Her body was feeling the surge, her 11th grade classes on Friday just seemed to drag on.

    Mark was horny as hell that Friday morning. He'd awakened late, and hadn't been able to enjoy his morning stroke session. He could feel the cum filled balls, his cock aching for the usual morning "happy ending." His second morning period was a spare, thank god, he'd duck into the rest room, and stroke it out there.

    Heading down the back stairwell to his locker, he bumped into one of the school's bookworms, Sarah Masterson. He'd noticed her in just a passing manner, straight hair parted in the middle, big glasses, a plain face that you wouldn't remember, a real school nerd look. He stepped back a pace, was getting set to mumble a quick pardon me, then he felt her hand reach down, and caress the bulge of his cock through his jeans. He was momentarily struck dumb, but his cock did all the talking, iron hard, his balls full, needing release.

    "I may be a nerd, but I know how to fuck. Wanna find out right now, big boy? I'll give you the best fuck you ever had, if you can keep your mouth shut about it."

    He'd looked into her face, the big glasses were gone, replaced with contact lenses. Her hair had been styled into a bob, instead of just straight and long, it really suited her face. Seeing the changes, and the hungry lust in her eyes, the face fired up with a glow of passion, all of a sudden, she didn't look so unremarkable. He'd nodded, and she led him into the school auditorium, up on the stage, and behind the curtains. There was a pile of gym mats against the back wall, she led him over and stripped naked while he watched. Mark noticed how nice she was put together. Orange sized boobs, a nice curvy waist, a sparse, wispy bush of pubic hair the same chestnut color as her head, and long, shapely legs. She quickly stripped Mark, and pushed him gently back on to the mats.

    "I love riding, just like a cowgirl, let me mount up, and ride your nice, big cock!"

    Mark stretched out, and enjoyed the view of her swinging into position, ready to mount him. She squatted over him, her hands around his cock, sliding her lips slowly up and down his length, his cock felt like an iron bar. She moved up a little further, and Mark felt her lining up the head of his prick with the soft, buttery folds of her pussy.

    "Oh, yeah, let me have it, I'm going to fuck you good, I want you to fill my burning cunt, I want to feel your prick exploding and squirting wildly inside me, filling my horny cunt with a huge load of hot spunk! Fuck me NOW!"

    Mark was amazed, the buttoned down high school nerd was actually a horny high school slut in heat, he grunted with pleasure, as Sarah, with a smile of desire, then mounted him, sliding her tight pussy down the length of his cock. She groaned with pleasure as she impaled herself, taking him in balls deep. Mark groaned with pleasure also, from the snug feel, god, she was so wet, furnace hot with a grip that was out of the world. Her walls wrapped around his cock like a tight velvet lined glove. Fired up, she rode him hard, Mark did his best to make it last, but he couldn't hold out against that throbbing, milking pull. The tight grip of her inner sheath sucked at him, urging him to shoot deep into her. Mark gamely held out for 2 minutes, than he couldn't hold back any longer.

    Mark grunted, "Oh fuck yeah, I'm cumming!" and he bucked up hard into her, his cock squirting inside her fiery hot tunnel, pumping a fountain of thick, hot spunk upwards into her eager teen cunt, the milking action sucking up every drop his cock could pump into her. Exhausted for the moment, she lay forward onto him.

    Mark had been hoping he would have been able to last, make it as good for her as it was for him, so she would be able to cum too, he didn't want to leave her unsatisfied. Fortunately Sarah was ready, she lifted herself up back up, still squatting over him, and smiled down at him.

    "Umm, that was a nice warm up, but I'm not done with you yet, Mark Whitcomb!"

    She lifted her pelvis up, until just his head was in, then she turned around, and slid back down. Now with Sarah in a reverse cowgirl position, Mark felt the pronounced ridges of her pussy and suddenly they started to ripple, as she began a rhythmic squeezing action in her cunt, stroking his cock. His erection, which had just started to abate, quickly took notice, and surged back. Mark was amazed, he'd had sex with 6 girls, and none of them had showed this kind of hot, pussy stroking action. He wondered if all women could do it, or was it just certain girls.

    Sarah smiled, she'd learned this from her Mom. Her Mom's sex talk was very informative, no holds barred. Knowing that her daughter would sooner or late be having sex, her Mom explained how to make sex hot, lusty and orgasmic, how she could make her pussy ripple and stroke, and she'd never be left with a limp cock, leaving her unsatisfied. Sarah had learned well, so far, 4 guys had enjoyed the stroking grip, her hungry pussy had gotten the hot orgasms she needed, it certainly worked well on horny teenage boys. She loved the fact that she could bring a cock back up without even having him pull out, and she could get her satisfaction. She began to undulate, her body swaying back and forth, then forward and backwards, side to side, then circling her hips.

    Mmmm, oh yes, she could feel the renewed hardness lodge against her cervix, ready for a second go round. She began to raise her hips up and down, slowly fucking his cock, ohhh, that felt so good.

    Mark looked at her naked back, riding him in a reverse cowgirl. He could see the sexy moons of that ass, going up and down, ummm, her school clothes had kept it hidden, but damn, now he could see what a hot shapely ass she had. He looked closer, she had a tattoo on her left ass cheek, damn. It was Tinkerbell, but not Disney's style of Tinkerbell. This was one hot version, the tattoo was squatting, her ass to his view clad in a tight green thong. Above the waist, the tattoo turned towards him, her naked breasts bare and perky, and the classic Tinkerbell head. The expression of lust that the tattoo artist had inked his creation with was amazing, it looked like Tinkerbell as an overheated slut. Damn, the 11th grade nerd was full of hot, horny surprises.

    The hot, juicy tightness of Sarah's pussy swallowed his cock over and over, and he felt his cum pouring out between thrusts, holy fuck, he'd really filled her up, as he felt the mingled juices soaking his prick, his balls were coated with a thick wet blanket of cum, her moans and cries of pleasure reaching his ears.

    "Fuck me, oh yes fuck me, damn it feels so good, fuck, fuck, fuck!", she gasped. "Yes, oh fuck yes, I'm gonna cum, fuck, I'm cumming, fuck, oh yes, YES!"

    Mark felt the ridges stroking at him, again with those rippling milking waves. He was building up a load, and Sarah was glad to take advantage of it. She quickly crested to a second orgasm, the backstage was filled with her crying out that she was cumming, and for Mark to keep fucking her.

    Mark felt his cum rise up, as Sarah crested to a fourth orgasm, she reached down, grabbed his cum coated nuts and grunted, "Oh yeah, cum with me baby, cum inside me, cream my horny cunt!"

    The feel of her hands on his balls took him over, he growled "Oh fuck, I'm gonna blow, FUCK!"

    His prick exploded, and as Sarah's cries and howls of orgasm surrounded them, he bucked up hard, burying his prick, squirting a fresh load of hot, thick cream upwards, the hungry milking again sucking every drop out of him.

    She turned around, keeping his cock inside her, then dropped forwards onto him, her pussy still pulsing, and they lay quietly together for a few minutes. His fresh load drained out of her, and added to the huge load all over his cock and balls. When they uncoupled, Mark used his undershirt to mop away all the cum, god, what an embarrassment that would be if it showed through his jeans, wet and sticky as hell. He rolled it up and stashed it in an empty pocket of his backpack. He watched as Sarah took a towel from her backpack, and mopped away all the mess between her thighs.

    Sarah saw him watching, gave him a horny grin, and wiggled her hips as she pulled up her panties. His eyes took it in, she purred as she felt the thong nestle tight against the tight rim of her ass hole. Having the thin strip of her thong between her cheeks made her ass hole all tight and twitchy, and it made her hot as hell.

    "Isn't is nice, that we both have second period as a spare? Umm, you are a great fuck Mark, would you like to do this on a regular basis? Like every school day?" she finished with a giggle.

    Mark replied, "Oh yeah Sarah, god, you certainly did give me the best fuck of my life!''

    They left the backstage, and Sarah cooed, "Same time Monday, stud!"

    Mark watched the awesome ass cheeks wiggling as she walked away. Back at his locker, he plucked out the T shirt, and hung it up between the hooks, so it could air dry. He made a mental note to bring a towel in his back pack every day, and to not stoke off the meat on a school day morning. Having a hot, horny 16 year old who knows how to throw a fine fuck like that sure topped the ''right handed mistress." He had a huge smile on his face, all of a sudden, there was an excellent reason to look forward to a school day. Just remembering the hot way his cock had been ridden, was going to be awesome masturbatory fodder for the non-school days,

    He got his stuff ready for the next class, not knowing that his day of hot fucking was not done yet.
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    Good story Groomleader. I always look forward to your stories.

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    Another Great Story "groom"...
    Thanks for Share...
    Looking forward to who's Cuming Next...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    cant wait too see what cums next

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    Part 3

    Lisa got home on that Friday, and she waited until she got the call that David had arrived safely at his destination, 250 miles away. Now that David was out of town, it was time. She got herself dressed for action, her black thong panties, her very short, red skirt, and a white tube top, her breasts jutted forward, pushing out the material. She didn't believe in playing games, she wanted to get Mark going, without any kind of coy bullshit. She left the house, her body feeling the building lust, got behind the wheel of her Ford Focus, and was on her way.

    Fifteen minutes later, she was knocking on his door. Mark opened the door, and stared, what a sight. David's smoking hot girlfriend, with a hell of a lot of skin showing, greeted his vision. He was dumbfounded.

    Lisa grinned, and cooed, "Well, aren't you going to invite me in?"

    Mark quickly ushered her inside, wondering why she was here.

    "David isn't here, Lisa, he's already left."

    Her eyes seemed to shine, he saw her direct gaze, and couldn't look away. She stepped right up to him, reached down, stroking his surging cock through his jeans, letting out a low coo of pleasure as she felt the prominent bulge forming.

    "I know David's gone, but my tight little pussy is so horny, and I need a big, hard cock. Oh yeah, such a nice big cock. You want to get your nice big cock in my hot little pink hole, don't you? Want to feel my tight pussy muscles rippling up and down, making your cock ache, until your balls explode?"

    "Oh fuck, yes, anything, I'll do anything!" Mark grunted.

    "Okay Mark, I have 2 very important conditions. Number one, no one, and I mean no one ever finds out about this. I am really sweet on David, and I don't want to hurt him, but I am so fucking horny, and I want to feel what it's like with your stiff, hard cock stuffing my tight pussy."

    At Mark's eager nod, she went on, "And the fact that I am really together with David, leads to condition number 2. You do NOT blow your load in my pussy. That is for David's hot sperm only. Can you promise me that you'll pull out, and blow you cum all over my body?"

    Mark was amazed, jeez, shooting his load all over her body, being able to mark her awesome form with his load, yeah, he could handle that.

    "Yeah, I can do that, I promise never to tell anyone, and I promise to pull out and shoot my load all over your body."

    Lisa smiled, she stepped back a bit, then she reached behind, unhooked her tube top, and let it tumble away from her body. She grinned as Mark's eyes grew wide, as he took in the sight of her grapefruit sized breasts, exposed for his eyes, the nipples puckered up, stiff and perky with excitement. She reached down, and shimmied her hips, letting her skirt slide to the floor. She turned slowly, letting Mark get a good view.

    Mark felt like he'd won a lottery, holy fuck, her ass was nothing short of a masterpiece, seeing the thin strip of her panties disappear between her cheeks was incredible. She turned a full circle, and he was mesmerized by the small panel of black nylon that formed a small triangle over her pubic region.

    "Now, come over here Mark, pull down my panties and lick my pussy, taste my juices.''

    Lisa adored getting her tight pussy licked, and pussy licking was on her "it isn't cheating" list. Since she was 14, she had several men dine between her thighs. Her two older cousins, she'd got them to lick her, and they were very good. Both were married, and she envied their wives, having such skilled husbands to lick them. She even had a fantasy of her Uncle Bill going down on her. Maybe she could make that a reality. At 15, she knew what she liked, and having her tight little cunt licked and sucked was right up there with fucking.

    Mark was on a knee, and peeled her panties down. He saw the bare opening, smooth and bald, and his cock was rock hard. Holy fuck, everything about Lisa was wet dream material. He watched as she spread her legs a bit wider, and purred, "Ummm, lick me Mark, my pussy is all hot and juicy, just for you."

    Mark brought his mouth to Lisa and gently pulled apart her tight inner lips. He could see all the hot juices bubbling up, waiting for his tongue, and running his mouth along the rim of her tight lips, he tasted her. The taste was amazing, it made his cock throb, he could feel all the excitement of her juices, as he speared his tongue in, eager to lick them all up.

    Lisa moaned, getting her tight pussy licked just made her so fucking horny. She felt Mark's tongue burying deep inside her, licking every bit of her sizzling crevice, sucking out all the juices, ummm, she adored a guy who knew how to lick pussy. After several minutes of licking her sizzling core, his mouth moved up to reposition itself directly over Lisa's hard, pink, throbbing clit, as his hands grabbed her ass cheeks, caressing them, cupping the fullness of those glorious globes. Lisa was moaning and grunting, oh yeah, she could feel the burning tide of orgasm getting set to explode.

    Lisa grunted, "Oh yeah baby, don't stop, so close, make me cum!"

    Mark was eager to bring her off, and his finger ventured between the cheeks, and started to rub and stroke at her tight, twitchy ass hole. Lisa felt the orgasm race at her, and she pulled his face tight against her pussy, with squeals and cries of pleasure, he felt a hot rush of juices pour out, mopping his face, as she lit up with orgasm.

    Lisa took to her hands and knees, those spectacular globes of her ass up-thrust to his eyes, and growled, "Now, give me that big cock, fuck my tight little pussy, then cream my body with your load!"

    Mark quickly scrambled into position, his cock surging, eager to be buried. He nudged against her, grabbed her hips and leaned in, eager to bury it in one smooth thrust. He felt the grip of her as he pushed in, oh yeah, her tight walls grabbed at his cock, eager to milk him. With Lisa's cry of pleasure, he buried it to the balls, god that felt good. Just like David, Mark was enjoying the tight snugness of Lisa's fuck-hole.

    Lisa felt the spreading of her lips, and she grunted as his cock drove in, oh fuck yeah, she pushed her hips back to meet his stroke, eager to get filled completely. She let out a loud moan of pleasure as she felt his cock stuffing her to the hilt, his balls swinging down, and smacking against her pussy, she reached back, cupping them, feeling the fullness, oh yeah, she wanted his sperm bloated balls to cream her body.

    "Yes, yes, now fuck me, make me cum, than splatter me!"

    Lisa felt his cock pull back, then drive in again, the steel hardness keeping her tight walls spread. He set into a rhythm, and she was surprised, instead of a one or two minute ride, she was getting a better, longer ride than she expected. Yes, perfect, she wanted a long, hard fuck before she came, and her pussy worked on him, massaging his cock so he could explode a juicy load all over her back and her ass. She started to move in rhythm, rotating her ass, pushing back to take all his cock, corkscrewing back on his prick, eager to build up a big load.

    Mark grinned, the unexpected but most welcome hot fuck session that he'd had with Sarah Masterson in school was just what he needed. Who knew that a buttoned down high school nerd on the outside, could be such a horny, eager fuck doll on the inside? He'd gotten out his pent up loads, and now he could ride Lisa's incredible body, and savor every plunge. He grabbed Lisa's hips, and rammed it in, over and over like a trip hammer, her cries of pleasure urging him on.

    Once her first orgasm was done, Lisa could feel the next one quickly swelling up like a wave, and with more cries and grunts, her pussy filled with another orgasm, pulses of pleasure racing up and down Mark's cock. He grunted, and started to fuck her faster, oh yeah, having still more staying power was great, and he really laid his pipe into her, testing the liquid depths of her soaking pink fuck-hole.

    Lisa felt another rush, and she went into multi-orgasms, one right after the other, she was almost dizzy as she felt Mark quickly yank his prick out, just before she was ready to explode again. Eager for that orgasm to not be denied, she reached down and started masturbating furiously, eager for his creamy load to splatter her body.

    "Cum for me Mark, cum all over my ass, cream me!"

    Mark grabbed his cock, one pump with his hand and he exploded, shooting thick, hot streams, two flew up, splattering long lines up her naked back, two more painted her ass cheeks, then he aimed, right at the tight rose shaped pink pucker of her asshole, firing a huge glut all over the crack of her ass.

    Lisa was masturbating wildly as she felt his hot cum creaming her, hot wet steams making her body tremble. The wet rush of cum against her asshole made her tremble, fuck it felt so good. She felt his cum start making a fast track down between her thighs, it was set to slide all over her lips.

    Mark decided what the heck, she seemed to like it, and he slipped a finger into the hot wet cum covering her ass, then slid that finger against her tight ass hole, and pushed. He felt the tight ring of her sphincter suddenly give way, and a loud moan as he slid his finger in, burying it to the third knuckle. Getting no "stop that" from Lisa, Mark continued to finger bang her ass hole.

    Lisa was surprised, she'd never had any boy penetrate her there, but it felt great. Part of her morning shower routine was masturbating, and while one hand was busy with her pussy, she'd use her other hand to finger fuck her ass. God, the feeling of cumming while her ass hole was being fucked made her orgasms explode.

    She could feel his cum slipping all over her pussy lips, then a hot, thick gushing stream inundated the hard pinkness of her throbbing clit. That gave her the last push, and she flew over, her whole body shaking and shuddering, she let out a shriek of sheer pleasure as her orgasm burst forth, rubbing the thick rush of Mark's cum all over her pussy.

    Lisa looked back at him, and purred, "Same deal Mark, this time, I'm going to suck your cock, but pull out, and blow your load all over my face. I only swallow David's cum. Agreed?"

    He was happy to agree, and as he stood up, she was on her knees quickly, she loved to kneel and suck cock in the subservient position. Mark watched as Lisa's pouty, rosebud lips closed over his cock head, her tongue busy licking off the drops of cum that remained. She felt that little bit of cum would be allowed, it was his full bore orgasm that would not be allowed to fill her mouth. With a groan from Mark, she then swallowed him down. She took him in until she felt his balls against her chin, lust quickly refilling as she felt his cock stiffening up quickly.

    Lisa knew how to suck cock very well, and she brought her oral talents to bear. Lisa looked up to Mark's face as she took his prick balls deep into her mouth and sucked him. Her mouth was getting wetter and hotter, Lisa loved the sensation of a rock hard prick going in and out of her mouth. Lisa knew what she was doing, her lips were full and lush, true cocksucker lips, and Mark let her take his cock at her own pace, watching her head bobbing back and forth, as she got into the rhythm. He could see his shaft, shiny wet with her spit, appear then disappear as Lisa's hot mouth rode up and down his pole. She grasped his balls, gently tugging and toying with them, eager to work his nuts up to a gush of hot, tasty whitewash, making Mark moan as he rode wetly in and out of Lisa's wet, sucking lips.

    Just a few days ago, Mark had imagined Lisa's hot mouth around his cock, eagerly sucking his balls dry. Although he would not be able to paint the insides of her hot sucking mouth with his jism, the idea that he was going to cum all over her face, what a rush that would be.

    Lisa was in the classic subservient cock sucker position, it made her feel wanton and wicked, like she was being forced to service a hard, arrogant cock. She felt her pussy overflow, the juices of her lust were running down the insides of her thighs in wet streams. She reached down, cupped her pussy and started masturbating, leisurely frigging herself, not wanting to cum too fast, as she pistoned her mouth back and forth, her mouth a wet grip around Mark's cock, her tongue painting swirls all over his shaft.

    He felt his cock starting the tingles oh yeah, fuck, this was great. He was getting the hottest, wettest blowjob ever, and he savored every plunge, every sucking pull of her lips up his shaft, quickly followed by every plunge of her hot wet mouth back down. He wound his fingers through her hair, and let her work on his pole. He looked down, watching the hot scene of his cock riding in and out, those full crimson lips keeping a tight grip on his shaft, as she sucked him towards the wet creamy blast.

    Lisa could feel her pussy throbbing with lust, and judging by the throbs of Mark's cock, he must have been ready to blow. She was proven right when Mark quickly whipped his cock out, two strokes with his fist and she felt a wet splatter of cum paint her face, from left cheek to right cheek. A deft flicking of her fingertips across her twitching clit, and she was tumbling, letting out a loud cry of pleasure as another stream painted her from forehead to chin, and one more squirted across her nose, riding the wave of orgasm as Mark creamed her face. She shivered in bliss, god that had felt so good.

    Lisa had got what she needed, so, she decided she'd better get out now. She was still trying to stay true to David, in her own style, and hanging around might make her forget her limits. It wasn't long before she was dressed, and heading back home.

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    Part 04

    Lisa was in bed, naked, her thighs spread wide, running her hands all over her body, caressing, stroking, making her skin tingle with little zings of lust. As she stroked her body to a sexual frenzy, she was rerunning the day in her mind. It had felt so good, Mark's eager cock ramming her pussy, the hot wet blast of his load splattering all over her naked backside. Ummm, she kept that remembrance going, oh yeah, dragging it out as long as she could.

    Just outside the door, her Uncle Bill was watching, his cock rock hard, aching to sink it into her hot, wet hole. He didn't want to run in there and jump her, having incestuous sex could lead to a whole pack of troubles. He worked on storing up the scenes, then creeping back to bed, waking up his wife Janey, and fucking her ass off. He kept his impulses in check, and just drank in the vision.

    Lisa had a feeling her uncle was watching, she wanted him to watch. It turned her on to think that her favorite Uncle was watching as she wantonly pleasured her body. Accordingly, she wanted to give him the best cock hardening display she could. She let her fingertips graze over her belly, sensuously caressing. Her nipples were pointing straight up, stiff and hard, fiery red and aching. She reached up with both hands, letting out a long Ahhhhhh as she cupped the fullness, fingers stroking and tweaking the hard, achy stiffness, sending zings of pleasure right at her pussy.

    Uncle Bill couldn't have looked away even if a bomb was ticking behind him. Glued to the image of Lisa's amazingly hot, teen body, hands stroking and fondling her tits, the sounds of pleasure she was making, made his cock ache, and his balls fill up with cum. Her hands started to roam downwards, over her hips, thighs, and belly.

    Lisa's sex was aching for release, soaking wet, she could smell her own lust scent. Oh god, she gasped and writhed on her bed, hands roaming urgently over her body. She rolled onto her belly, facing away from the door, as she caressed her hips and buttocks. Her right hand slid between her thighs, cupping her sex, as her left hand reached around to slide between her legs from the rear. She slipped the middle finger of her left hand into her creamy pussy for a moment, driving it in deep, staying just long enough to coat her finger with her juices. Perfect, she removed the finger and guided it into the tight, puckered hole just above her pussy. She felt thrills of lust race through her as she penetrated her extra tight hole, driving it in as deep as she could. At the same time Lisa worked three fingers of her right hand into her creamy center, stuffing them in as far as she could reach, bending her hand at the wrist, ohhh yeah, her palm was making close contact with her rock hard clit. With her hands in place, she brought her thighs together, making her fingers drive harder into her asshole and her fuck-hole.

    "Ummm, ummmm, ummmmm, oh yes, fuck me baby, fuck me," she moaned.

    Lisa began flexing her hips in a slow rhythm, groaning with pleasure, burying her face in her quilt and shuddering as her fingers worked powerfully inside her excited flesh. The addition of a finger in her asshole, she had discovered when she was 14, really ramped up the lusty violence of her orgasms. She had been with her girlfriend Dianne on a sleepover. Dianne had talked her into getting naked, and playing with each other. When she was on her tummy, with Dianne behind her, she had felt her cheeks being parted, and a slippery finger pressing into her, then penetrating her asshole. She had jumped, but Dianne had made her finger all slippery, and after the first few moments, an incredible rush of lust had come over her. She had masturbated wantonly, sighing, moaning and growling with pleasure while Dianne reamed out her asshole, and when she came, it felt like her head was going to fly off.

    She smiled at that hot remembrance, how much stronger her climax was, and how Dianne had responded with a equally violent orgasm when Lisa had pumped her finger in and out of Dianne's tight little pucker hole, as her friend wantonly masturbated, just like Lisa had done.

    Lisa's fingers were grinding deep inside her, she could feel the gathering storm of climax. She grinned as she heard a stifled gasp from behind her partly open door, keep watching me Uncle, she thought. Her hips began thrusting up and down. She heard a muffled grunt from behind her door, and she let out wordless cries of pleasure as pulses of sizzling pleasure racing between her asshole and her pussy took her over, shaking her body in that extra hot rush of orgasm, and she shivered in blissful fulfillment as the pulses of climax shook through her body. She let her hips drop down to the mattress, and let her body sail though the afterglow.

    Her uncle Bill was harder than he'd ever been, god, it was like nothing he'd ever seen before. The view of his 15 year old niece pleasuring herself so wantonly had made his cock ache, his balls were bloated, filled up with cum that needed to be relieved, or he'd have the worst case of blue balls ever. He padded away from her door, and slipped into the master bedroom. His wife Janey was dozing, she'd gone to bed naked, and the blanket was pushed down, revealing her body in the dim light from the outside streetlights. At 38, his wife still had one hell of a hot body. Her thighs curve up nicely to form her tight, heart shaped ass, her stomach flat, rising up in graceful curves to form the 36 C breasts. Her nipples were nice and perky, and he wanted to make her tits stand up hard and eager.

    Bill quickly stripped naked, hovering over her body as he gently slid between her slightly open thighs. He reached down, placing a hand on her left breast. He closed his fingers on her nipple, tugging and gently tweaking at it, feeling the rise of her tit as her body felt the stimulation, she let out a low moan in her sleep, and his hand reached over, repeating his actions with her right breast. He could feel her legs part, even in her sleep, responding automatically to what was happening.

    Bill couldn't wait any longer, he'd put it to Janey a few times when she was still asleep, and she always wakened up, enjoying the fact that he had started to fuck her while she was still asleep. He grasped her behind her knees, pulling them up, tilting her pussy up to just the right level. He nudged against her and slowly slid in, feeling his cock part her inner flesh, ummm, god the friction was so fucking hot, as he finally had his cock buried deep inside Janey's fuck-hole.

    Janey felt herself rising up from sleep, and just as he gave the last push, she came fully awake, and cooed softly as she felt his cock stuffed completely up her pussy. Her husband had become a late night stallion, they'd had an active sex life, at least 2, 3 times a week, but now, he was rock hard every night, and they were doing it at least once a day. Not that she minded, many of her friends, who were frustrated over their lack of a sex life, would be green with envy if they knew how sexually satisfied she herself was.

    It made her hot, when he would just climb aboard, and stuff his cock to her, waking her up. Too hot and bothered, just climb aboard and fuck the sleepiness out of her. His hunger for her body made her feel, wanted, needed, desired, and never failed to make her as equally hot and bothered for his cock to fuck her. Her pussy responded, a rush of juices surrounded his buried cock, and she hooked her legs over his waist, eager for more.

    "Oh yeah baby, you're so hot, so hard, fuck me baby, make me cum all over your sexy, hard prick."

    Her throaty demand started the action going, he pulled back and slid in slowly, he wanted to start with a slow and gentle fucking, so he could last long enough to make Janey cum. He loved to make her cum, before exploding his load deep inside her hot pink pocket, quivering wildly with her orgasm.

    Janey liked to fantasize, and this time was no exception. While her husband was fucking her, she imagined that night with her daddy, when he had taken her cherry when she was 17 and he was 39, and it was one of the highlights of her sex life. Her daddy was so skilled, so talented at bringing her up, until she was a panting, shaking mass of teen lust, then he'd driven his cock into her.

    Janey's loud cry of pleasure when her cherry surrounded, bursting apart as her daddy's cock then rushed into plunder her untouched depths, had felt out of this world good. There had been a minor twinge of pain, no worse than a mosquito bite, then the rush of pleasure as her daddy had buried his hard, throbbing cock into her virgin grip. She locked it into her mind, the moment of her deflowering, and her body responded. She was deep in her fantasy now, feeling Bill's cock plunging, sinking deep, remembering the way her daddy's cock had tested the liquid depths of her teen fuck hole, 21 years ago.

    Janey moaned, "Fuck me, oh yes, fuck me, made me cum all over your big cock."

    Bill's cock was throbbing, as Janey levered her pussy up to meet every thrust, she was grunting, sighing, and in her remembrance, she knew that daddy's cock was getting set to explode, just like her throbbing fuck-hole was on the verge.

    Completely lost in the fantasy, she growled out, "Oh yes daddy, cum, cream your daughter's tight little fuck hole, christen my pussy with my first load of cum, yes Daddy, do it, do it, cream MEEEEEE!"

    Janey's voice rose up to a loud howl of pleasure. Bill was startled, but the idea that she was fantasizing her daddy fucking her made his cock jerk up, swollen, a fantasy vision of himself fucking his niece's tight teen cunt filled his mind, and with his own growl, he erupted, his prick spurting crazily, flooding his wife with a massive glut of hot cum, god, watching his niece going at it had made his balls go into overdrive, and he shot, over and over, until his balls were drained.

    Janey felt the tremors of excitement through his cock, the passionate eruption, flooding her quivering pink hole with that wet spray of sperm, that wonderful rich, liquid warmth jetting into her, filling her up with such wonderful sensations, ummm, her daddy really filled her tight hole, sighing with pleasure as Bill's load painted her cervix.

    She was unaware that she had said daddy while her husband was fucking her, and Bill was in no mood to tell her. The way his cock had responded, when she called him daddy, really made his cock go off. He wondered if it was just a fantasy, or had her daddy really fucked her, maybe even given her virgin pussy its first fuck.

    It hadn't taken long before Lisa heard the squeaking of bed springs, sounds of hot fucking coming from the master bedroom. She heard her Aunt Janey's loud cries of pleasure, Uncle Bill growled like a tiger, and she imagined the hot rush of cum that was being deposited in her Aunt's creamy pussy, right at that moment.

    Lisa smiled, she wanted her Uncle Bill, she wanted to fuck him, and have his load sprayed all over. Now that she had broken the barrier of "no fucking anybody else" by her "no cum in me" rule, she could feel her lust rising up, and her Uncle was a good looking man, 38 years old, he kept himself in good shape, and she had heard her Aunt and Uncle fucking up a storm, many times. Ummmm, she imagined his cock filling her tight little pussy.

    I want to ride him like a cowgirl, ran through her mind, when he's ready to explode, lift off, let my pussy hover over the head of his cock, grab his prick and jerk him off, so he can shoot his load upwards, all over my hungry pussy. I wonder if I can get him this weekend.

    Early Saturday evening, she had her chance. Her Aunt Janey had been feeling tired, and she went to bed earlier than usual, at 9 PM. Lisa knew that her Aunty slept deep, almost nothing would awaken her, and she felt tingles of lust. She had been wearing a pair of tight shorts, and a tight T shirt that outlined her nice grapefruit sized mounds, her nipples were stiff with excitement, her pokies visible. She grinned as she'd seen her Uncle Bill drinking in the vision of his niece flaunting her body. She could see the hard bulge of his cock, it made her pussy squirm with lust, wanting that hot stalk of cock deep inside her.

    He was getting set to go to bed, he almost always went up at 11 PM, and she made it a point to say goodnight, and dash up to her bedroom at 10 minutes to 11. She stripped naked, her body trembling with lust. At 11PM, she heard him downstairs, going though her pre-bed ritual of making sure all the doors were locked, and she placed herself by the door. She lit a candle, enjoying the golden glow that it leant to her room. She heard his tread coming up the stairs, and she "accidentally" walked out of her bedroom totally and gloriously naked, just as her Uncle Bill reached to top of the stairs.

    Bill stopped and stared, holy fuck, his niece was a real teen temptress. He had stopped and was just staring, unable to look away. She felt her pussy squirm with lust, smiling at him, cocking her hips sexily, hoping that he'd reach out and touch her.

    To give him the go ahead, Lisa purred, "Hi Uncle Bill, I know you've been watching me play with myself. Do you like what you see, when my hands play with my body? It feels so good when I play with my tight little pussy."

    She walked up to him, their bodies almost touching, she reached into his pajama bottoms, and wrapped her hand around the hard, bulging stiffness, Ummm, she moaned softly, ready to feel that hard cock gloriously deep inside her.

    She cooed, "I bet it would feel even better on my tight little pussy, when my sexy Uncle Bill feels it for me. Feel my pussy Uncle Bill."

    Bill felt his resistance melting away, thoughts of incest, she's my niece, were swept away in the rising tide of lust, as she caressed the eager length of his cock surging in her hand. He reached out, softly stoking at the naked, smooth plane of her pussy, then letting his fingers slide gently down the rim of her tight lips. She moaned deep in her throat, as he parted her pussy lips and let two fingers slide in, gently swirling through a rush of hot juices.

    Lisa was sizzling, oh god, she wanted his cock, and wanted it NOW.

    "Come to my bed, Uncle Bill, let my tight little pussy ride you stiff cock, I want you to fuck me."

    Bill was stunned, holy shit, fucking his niece, that was so depraved...so taboo....so fucking hot, as his cock was harder and longer than it ever had been. Lisa smiled at him, she knew that he was ready, and she led him into her bedroom.

    "Lay back Uncle, and watch me ride your cock. When you're ready to explode, I'm going to pull off, grab your cock and bring you off. I only let my boyfriend go off deep inside me."

    Bill yanked off his pajamas, enjoying the way Lisa's eyes fastened on his cock, he saw the gleam in her eyes. He lay down, and drank in the vision of his niece, squatting over his aching hard cock, ready to take him in.

    Lisa was on fire with need, oh fuck, incest with my Uncle, just made her a seething mass of wanton lust. She positioned his cock, running her syrupy wet open along his cock head, making his cock all slippery, oh yeah, she was going o enjoy this. She rolled her hips back, and felt the head of his cock pressing against her opening. She moaned, deep in her throat, as she thrust her fuck-hole back and down, and without stopping, buried her Uncle rampant prick, taking him balls deep. Her loud gasp of pleasure mixed with his grunt as his length is completely wrapped in the tight, wet clutching heat. Ummm, oh yeah, her Uncle has a nice big cock, and she let her warm inner muscles milk his cock as she lifted up halfway, then drove her pussy back down the hard, throbbing stiffness.

    "Oh yes Uncle, such a nice, hard cock, ummm, work up a big juicy load for me Uncle!"

    "Oh yeah baby, fuck, your hot cunt is so wet and so tight, you're gonna suck every drop out of my hard prick!"

    Hearing her Uncle call her pussy a hot cunt, really made her blaze with need. She reached down, and started to play with her tingling clit, wanting her Uncle to feel the ripping spasms of her orgasm milk extra hard at his cock.

    Her Uncle watched the spectacle, spellbound at what is happening. His 15 year old niece, naked and very horny, riding his pole, both of them committing hot, incestuous fucking, what a rush. Her gasps urged him on as she rode him like a cowgirl, starting to ride him a bit faster. The sound of hot liquid squelches, as Lisa powered her soaking heat up and down his aching prick filled the bedroom. Bill felt the muscles of her cunt gripping his shaft as she plunged up and down, his cock being swallowed to the balls between the tight, bare pussy lips, again and again.

    She felt his cock nudging against her cervix, oh so deep, and she felt the rush, grunting, "Oh fuck, yeah, fuck, gonna cum, oh fuck yeah, I'm cumming, oh my god!"

    Lisa let out a howl of pleasure as she tensed up suddenly, letting out gasps and grunts of pleasure, then the release, her body shaking and shuddering, as her orgasm grabbed her body. She felt her pussy grab even tighter at Uncle Bill's cock, bathed in a wet ruch of juices, her inner walls the ultimate gripping fuck-hole, scrubbing at his cock, and he felt the rise.

    Bill grunts, "Oh fuck yeah, gonna cum baby, NOW!"

    Lisa lifted herself clear, and keeping her pussy pressed very gently against the head of his cock, she reached down, grabbed his slick rod, and with two pumps, her Uncle growled, grunted, and she felt the hot spray of cum splattering all over her pussy. Another spurt splattered against her throbbing clit, propelled her into a second orgasm, her body shaking, crying out in pleasure as she felt four more thick spurts splattering against her bare pussy lips, holding on to his pulsing cock, keeping him lightly pressed against her pussy, wanting to milk all his cum on to her body, marking the outside of her pussy.

    When she had milked him for every drop, she reached down with both hands, scooped up the rich cream, brought it to her mouth and licked her fingers clean, reaching down again, until she scooped up as much of his tasty cream as she could get, shivering in blissful fulfillment as felt it slide down her throat. She knew she was bending one of her rules, not to let any other cock cum in her mouth, but she gave herself the rationale that the cock had not been in her mouth when it went off, she had transferred his cum to her mouth, and that was enough leeway for her.

    Bill had been transfixed by the hot view of Lisa stroking his cock. What a sight, his load spurting out, splattering right against her tight cunt lips, holding on to him and stroking his shaft, eager for every drop to cover her bare, smooth pussy, was crazy hot. Then he watched her scooping up his fresh cum, and bringing her hands to her mouth, she fed herself his load, licking her fingers clean after each palmful, hungry for every drop, until she smiled down at him, and lay down upon him, enjoying the drift of post orgasm.

    Bill lay quietly, enjoying the feel of Lisa's naked teen body against his, the solid push of her succulent tits against his chest, her bare smooth skin against his.

    Lisa stood up, smiled, and motioned her Uncle to join her. She stepped out into the hallway, he followed, wondering what this was all about. Just before his bedroom door, she stopped, turned to him and smiled.

    "Now that I've gotten what I need, I don't want my Auntie to go without. I'm going to suck you up, nice and hard, then you go to bed, and give my beautiful Auntie Janey, your sexy wife, a long, hard ride. I'll be stroking my tight little pussy to the sounds of hot fucking, and remembering how good it felt to have you fuck me. And, next month, when I turn 16, I want you to fuck me again, but this time, I want your hot cream deep inside me."

    She felt her barrier bend a bit more, it had felt too good, and she needed the creamy rush of cum filling her pussy. The rationale was that it was for her birthday, and on her birthday, she should have a present. She wasn't tossing David aside, he would still be enjoying her charms and assets, there were just too many hard, sexy cocks that were eager for her, not to give herself room to enjoy.

    Dropping to her knees, she surrounded his half hard prick, swallowing him right to the balls. She could taste the mixture of her own juices, and Uncle Bill's cum, smeared up and down the length, she tightened her lips, and started to bob her head back and forth, letting the grip of her crimson lips, and the hot swirling tongue action, clean his cock. She felt his cock starting to take notice, and she kept it up until he was back at full glory.

    "Now, you are all ready to give your sexy wife a long hard ride."

    Lisa lay in her bed, it didn't take long to hear the sounds of hot fucking. Janey's cries of orgasm sounded several times, Lisa had milked Uncle Bill good, and the time he needed to recharge were put to good use. Lisa was masturbating wildly, fingers probing both holes, thinking of her Uncle ramming her pussy when she turned 16, then the rush of hot incestuous sperm spilling into her, and she came in a rush of pleasure, riding a long wave of orgasm, until she flopped down, sated, just as her Uncle roared, and pumped his load into his sexy wife's pussy.

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    Holy fuck! Hot story! Loved it. This Lisa is quite the girl!

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    i'm playing Catch Up...
    Thanks for the Updates and for the Hot stories... another great piece ... Thanks Groom...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!



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