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    Jamie Helps Sierra - Part 3

    Jamie helps Sierra – part 3

    As he watched, he could see Sierra getting more and more into Jamie. It was sexy as hell watching the dark haired 16-year-old lovingly touching Jamie, almost like she couldn’t believe how lucky she was, as her tongue slowly moved down Jamie’s blonde 14-year old body.

    Mitch knew that in just a few more minutes Sierra would be deeply tasting the little blonde. He could feel his re-charge happening. GOD these two girls were fucking sexy. YOUNG and sexy. Mitch’s favorite words to put together.

    When Sierra’s tongue slipped into Jamie, Jamie started moaning. She looked up at Mitch as if she was pleading for another orgasm.

    Mitch’s cock firmed up.

    Jamie began pushing her young little body up – forcing Sierra’s tongue deeper into her. Mitch watched her ass with each push. GOD it looked tiny. Smaller than Sierra’s.

    Mitch’s cock began to rise up.

    Sierra placed her hands under Jamie’s ass. Pulling it up as hard as she could she forced the young blond pussy into her face.

    Jamie started shaking. Sierra’s long dark hair slipped around her ass.

    Mitch ran his hand along the length of his cock. This was REALLY heating up now. He pulled himself off the couch and slipped two fingers into Sierra’s now wet pussy.

    Sierra gave a moan. Mitch placed his head next to Sierra’s. “LIKE it little bitch? LIKE that young little stuff?”

    Sierra gave another moan. This one on the frantic side.

    He let his fingers continue to move inside Sierra, then he moved his mouth next to Jamie’s ear.

    “You can cum you know. That’s what she really wants. “

    This was rewarded with Jamie looking at him with big, pleading eyes, her light blonde hair falling around it. What a perfect little bitch she was. He bit the bottom of her ear. “Do it little girl … cum again … this time just for her … just for your sexy, hot Sierra … you KNOW you want to cum for her … want to cum as her tongue slips into you …”

    Jamie felt herself give in – again. She gave a hard twitch, then she burst for the second time. “YES! YESYESYES! GODDDD YESSSSS!”

    Sierra kept her tongue lodged into Jamie, while pushing her pussy as hard as possible against Mitch’s fingers as Jamie released and released.

    Mitch watched Jamie’s orgasm closely, watched as the pure frantic movements shook her entire body … then as the little blonde slowly came down from her second high.

    Jamie’s hand moved across her own breast, ending that movement with a hard pinch on her nipple, then letting her hand move down until it softly slipped into the long dark hair of Sierra – not pushing Sierra, but almost petting her as it thanking her for the massive orgasm she had just had by letting her lick and clean her pussy out.

    Mitch could feel how close Sierra had gotten, and while Sierra’s desperate movements against his fingers had reduced, it was only by a little – so he knew that this need of hers was still open – still be fulfilled.

    Even as Jamie basked in her second big O, Mitch used the hand inside Sierra’s pussy to roll her over, pulling her from Jamie and placing her face up. Then he pulled his had away – but only to reach down and literally pick Jamie’s little body up … and place her face down – with her mouth directly over Sierra’s drenching wet goodness.

    Jamie was still a bit shocked at her second mind-numbing orgasm and then being just picked up and tossed about. So Mitch helped move things along by placing his face next to Jamie’s, and kissing her right over Sierra’s pussy, and placing his tongue deep into her mouth. She immediately responded.

    Once she was giving him deep kisses, he let her tongue take control, and then pulled his face away, and slipped her mouth right on Sierra’s pussy. As Jamie’s tongue slipped in, Sierra screamed. “FUCK yes Jamie! FUCK FUCK yes!”

    THIS was what Sierra wanted. She wanted this little blonde Jamie’s tongue inside her. FUCKING her. LOVING her! Her body tossed and turned with Jamie’s tongue in it, and Mitch was awestruck at the view.

    His Sierra was in pure ecstasy, her upper body wiggling, making that sexy dark hair of hers twist and move. Her eyes were rolled back - her nipples high and tight, elongated at the sexual feeling of Jamie’s tongue driving deep inside her. This is the moment she had been dreaming of, the moment of her current fantasy coming true.

    Jamie, having just orgasmed, was nowhere near as hot for this as Sierra was, but the pure excitement in Sierra’s body WAS having an effect on her. Mitch could see Jamie’s sweet, tiny little ass, totally enveloped by that long blonde hair, tighten and release in time with Sierra’s moans.

    He reached out and slipped one of his fingers between her ass cheeks, feeling the long blonde hair caress it as it was pushed aside. As his finger slipped along the crack, Jamie’s ass rose up to meet it.

    Oh yes … he wanted to fuck it. Fuck it right through both blonde, AND dark hair. GOD yes. Mitch realized he was back now and seemed fully charged again.

    He leaned down and kissed the back of Jamie’s neck. “God she so fucking wants to CUM for you … that sexy dark haired BITCH … CUM just for you …”

    It felt so good to Jamie … Mitch kissing on her … talking to her … the smell of sex all around her … she felt Mitch’s kisses on her neck … then move down … down her back …

    At that same moment Sierra happened to give out another moan of “OhgodJAMIE”, and it put Jamie back into her reality. She was fucking SIERRA. HOT, SEXY SIERRA. FUCKING her with her TONGUE. Fucking the hot body she had been watching that evening … dreaming about that evening … fucking the body that had just fucked her to orgasm only a few minutes ago. Then she felt Mitch’s tongue again. MAN-Mitch’s tongue. GOD! It had moved all the way down her and now was slipping between the cheeks of her ASS! A new shiver of sexual excitement slipped over her. She had seen some pictures before, pictures of a guy’s penis stuck up inside a girl’s butt. Oh yeah, she would try that in an instant if it felt ANYTHING like THIS did!

    Mitch couldn’t believe the smoothness of that ass. He had been fixated on Sierra’s for months – the way her long dark hair fell around it – and so young! FUCK. But now … now it was JAMIE’S ass he had targeted. BLONDE … and GOD yes … fucking YOUNGER!

    He licked across it – it TASTED younger to me. He reached his tongue out …

    Then Jamie felt it. Mitch’s tongue … licking extremely slowly … closer … closer … then YES! RIGHT ACROSS HER ASSHOLE!

    Jamie’s entire BUTT quivered at it. GOD HOW DELICIOUS she thought, and the sexual tension drove her own tongue down, down as deep as she could into Sierra.

    Sierra shook and moaned, then screamed out “JAMIE! GOD, GOD YES!”

    Jamie saw it again in her mind, but this time it was MITCH’S cock and HER ass. GOD this was getting NASTY, and GOD she was LOVING it. She took her hands, slipped then up and behind Sierra’s ass, and pulled Sierra’s pussy up and into her, pushing her entire face as deep as possible into that wet pussy, and at the same time she lifted her OWN ass up … letting Mitch’s tongue slip and slide as it wanted … and then, ohgodyes … it slipped right INTO her asshole for just a moment, and Jamie’s moan encompassed all three of them.

    Sierra’s body was on FIRE again, and Jamie’s moan was like a starting gun for Sierra’s own orgasm. The moment she heard it she echoed a responded moan, but hers was of “JAAAAAMEEEE” - and the orgasm began rolling over her. She found herself continually moaning Jamie’s name as her own 16-year-old body shook and shook and shook as she experienced a MASSIVE orgasm. She truly loved Mitch, but GOD this little blond bitch was fucking FANTASTIC.

    Jamie tried to keep herself pushed as tightly as possible against Sierra’s pussy the moment she could feel Sierra’s big ‘O’ starting, but as much as it excited the hell out of her, the feeling of MAN-MITCH’S tongue, now INSIDE her ass … FUCK. She would let these two do ANYTHING to her. Fucking ANYTHING.

    the moment Sierra’s orgasm started, Mitch felt the first spot of new cum forming at the tip of his cock, driven by the pure need of taking this tiny ass that he was now tasting. GOD it seemed un-fucking-believable. He felt a new desire for Sierra as she came and came and fucking CAME. A desire just as strong as the desire that he had been building for Jamie over the last few days. He and Sierra had had ALL kinds of sex. Sneaky sex. Outside sex. Anal sex. Sex with her tied up. Sex with him tied up. Rough sex. Hell, every type of sex they could THINK of over the last few months. But NEVER had he heard Sierra scream like this. Fucking NEVER. And the damn orgasm she was having seemed to go on forever!

    GOD he wanted to fuck them together. Side by side. Hell, merge them into one fucking body, or as close as he could get to it. He wanted to POUND into BOTH those hot little bodies. Drench their entire young BODIES in his cum. He wanted to fucking devote his LIFE to that task!

    It seemed to take MINUTES before Sierra started to come down. But Jamie, Jamie was FULLY back. While her tongue had been busy doing things to Sierra, it was Mitch’s tongue doing things to HER that was driving every fucking thing in the WORLD. NASTY things. DIRTY things. SEXY things. Things she LIKED. Things she wanted MORE of.

    Sierra started to pull out from under Jamie, to see what the hell was going on because while she was going wild, something was happening to Jamie at the same time. As soon as Jamie has the space, she took the opportunity to push her head deeper into the couch, enticing Mitch’s tongue go as deep as possible into her little body –right through that tiny asshole of hers.

    Sierra couldn’t believe it. It had taken a month of Mitch’s sweet talking before she would let his tongue into her ass. Mitch hadn’t even pushed his cock into Jamie’s little blond PUSSY yet! Hell, Jamie only had one cock dunked into that god-so-sweet pussy in her entire fucking LIFE – she was all of four-fucking-teen - and here she is pushing her ASS at Mitch? And a fresh, young, sexy, teeny ass? Of course Mitch was like, WAY into this.

    Sierra watched for a moment. She did have to agree that Jamie’s ass WAS pretty fucking awesome. In one way it kind of bugged her, feeling like this was perhaps something Jamie would get into as much as Mitch did – it had never been Sierra’s favorite thing. On the other hand … with Jamie moaning like that … damn. She could see herself, touching and kissing this hot little girl … as her ASS was being fucked by her Mitch. GOD!

    Sierra climbed up next to Mitch, and bit the bottom of his ear. “Mitch, I know you wanted her pussy before taking this ass of hers, but GOD Mitch. I mean GOD! She’s SO ready.”

    Jamie heard it and moaned, “Yesssss …. GOD yessss.”

    Mitch used his one free hand and pulled Sierra over to him. He wrapped his hand into her hair and pulled her lips to his. He felt his cock push up as his tongue slipped against Sierra’s.

    “Climb up … right under her …” he said, half out of breath.

    She did, slipping her upper body under Jamie’s at an angle, then scooting back under until she was directly under Jamie. Pussy to pussy, tit to tit, and her lips directly in front of those lovely ones of Jamie.

    Mitch didn’t have to ask them to kiss. That started as soon as they got close to each other. Like magnets.

    He laid his fully loaded cock right on Jamie’s ass. There was blond and dark hair, fucking EVERYWHERE. He pulled some of Jamie’s hair right down her back – right OVER that tight little hole. Sierra’s long dark locks were no problem to add, as her hair was plenty long to go past that point, even having to wrap around Jamie. He moved his cock on top of it.

    Oh yeah. BIG fantasy time. Both girls into DEEP into long kisses, at times their mouths almost merging with each other. Mitch pulled away Sierra’s hands from the mix, and placed one on each side of Jamie’s ass. She knew exactly what Mitch wanted, and he watched as Sierra slowly pulled Jamie’s ass cheeks apart.

    Jamie knew what was about to happen as well, and Mitch could see her ass starting to fucking quiver. There was enough hair from both of his girls that he couldn’t see exactly where the hole was, but then, he wasn’t too worried. He would find it easy enough.

    The first push, through the combined dark and blonde tresses, quickly found the entrance into Jamie’s tight little back channel. Jamie moaned. GOD she sounded SO fourteen.

    He pushed again, letting the bulb of his cock ‘pop’ into her. This resulted in a ‘FUCK’ moan from her – and a sexy, deep response from Sierra of ‘oh GOD’.

    Mitch followed that with an extended push. Jamie pushed her head up, partially because it was pulling her long blond hair, and partially so she should give a really loud moan – partially painful, partially sexual.

    Jamie moaned that way the entire time he was slipping into her. When Mitch hit rock bottom he paused, and she took long ragged breaths.

    Mitch leaned down over the girl’s heads. He kissed Sierra first. Long and deep. Then Jamie in the same way.

    “I have never been so sexually aroused in my entire life. I’m going to keep both you for a very, VERY long time,” he said. Followed by, “Now, my sweet sexy girls, let’s fuck”.

    Mitch pulled his cock out about half way, then pushed it back in. Jamie gave another fourteen year old scream. FUCK how it turned both Mitch AND Sierra on.

    For about 4 full pushes Mitch took it easy. As soon as Jamie was no longer screaming, with each push he began speeding up.

    GOD this was SO fantastic. The girls hair seemed to be fully mixed all together now, and they were back into deep kiss mode.

    Mitch began ass fucking her/them FASTER. Sierra dropped her hands, but Mitch had the feel for it now. Soon he was pulling his cock totally out, and them SLAMMING it back in.

    The benefit of this really hard fucking was also felt by Sierra. Jamie would almost PULL Sierra’s tongue into her mouth with every push Mitch made. Her little body was on fire, and at one point she screamed out “GOD I WANT YOU SIERRA!”

    The constant smashing of the two pussies began driving both girls – Sierra moaning with each push. Jamie couldn’t get enough of Sierra, kissing and licking as many different spots of skin she could reach.
    Soon all three of them were having orgasmic thoughts, but it was Jamie that moved first, slipping her face down to lick Sierra’s nipple, then sucking it in.

    “FUCK,” Sierra blurted out. “GOD I’ve SO fucking WANTED you, you fucking HOT little blonde BITCH!”, with which she followed with another scream as Mitch’s cock continued to POUND into Sierra’s ass, SMASHING the two pussies tightly together.

    Sierra came first … her body making nervous, jerky movements each time the pussies touched. Finally she reached out, wrapping her arms fully over both bodies, pulling Mitch down as hard as she could into Jamie.

    Mitch SLAMMED down, as it to push both of the girls through the entire couch and perhaps through the floor as well – and the he held it.

    Jamie’s body wiggled, but Sierra’s … Sierra’s slipped and moved and twisted and squirmed and felt like it exploded – and was accompanied with an ear piercing “FUUUCCCCKKKK”.

    Mitch attempted to keep them held them down as much as he could, while allowing Sierra’s orgasm run through her. When her arms dropped, he looked down at the girls faces. Sierra’s was totally blissful. Jamie’s had the look of ‘please, may I have more’ on it. Mitch felt his cock jiggle.

    He pulled Jamie up, and Sierra pulled out from under her, but as she did so she licked slowly across each of Jamie’s hard nipples, and Jamie gave a moan with each long, slow, lick.

    Mitch looked at Sierra and they smiled at each other. The he reached down and slipped his hands around Jamie’s tiny little titties – and pumped one time only, slowly out, then just as slowly in.

    Jamie moaned the entire time his cock was in motion.

    He rose up on his knees, leaving his cock in that tight, blonde ass of Jamie’s. He used one hand to pull her up – the other he let slip down and allowed one figure to slip into her pussy.

    Then – then he fucking RODE her. Cock STUFFED into her ass, adding a second finger into her pussy.

    Sierra watched as Jamie turned into a scorching inferno. Every inch of her was fucking hot as hell. Blonde hair tumbling around the slight little body. Mitch was now taking his hand on joyrides, pulling it from her pussy to let the finger roam up the flat stomach, then over a nipple, then back to her wetness.

    Jamie would shake and moan each time.

    God – Sierra knew she wanted, no NEEDED, to get involved with this. She leaned over, and suckled on of Jamie’s tits.

    Jamie almost exploded – the moaning and shaking intensified. Mitch moaned back in response, then wrapped his arm tightly around Jamie and pulled – forcing her head face the ceiling … and the tight, tiny blond body to arch back …

    Sierra moaned as the small tit she was suckling almost disappeared as Jamie’s body was stretched back. She slipped her hand up to join Mitch’s fingers … one, then two … then Mitch pulled his fingers back – allowing Sierra to push in the remaining three …

    Jamie’s body doubled its shaking – and Sierra knew Jamie was about to burst. Leaving her fingers inside the drenching wet pussy, she rose up and slipped her tongue into Jamie’s consistently moaning mouth.

    Jamie’s body froze – then trembled for the briefest of moments – and then Jamie EXPLODED. Mitch SLAMMED and SLAMED into her ass as her explosion overtook all three of them – never slowing, never pulling back. Just as Jamie’s body seemed to relax – Mitch let it go.

    This simple action of his joyous release pushed Jamie – it was as if her orgasm re-started. As his cock pulsed out gobs of cum into that hot little fourteen year old, each throb made Jamie moan and forced a quiver across that young little body.

    At one point both he and Sierra thought it was finished – and one more pulse came out of him – and Jamie moaned and pulled Sierra back into a lover’s kiss.

    It was hot as hell.

    They showered – together – with long embraces, soft caresses, and long, lingering kisses. Just before bed Sierra headed to the bathroom and Jamie took the opportunity to embrace Mitch. She kissed his neck and released a soft giggle into his ear, then whispered to him “you really rode me hard … so wake me first, ok?”

    Mitch looked at her. Damn she was fine. “Um, OK I suppose. But why?”

    “Silly Mitch-man … so I can get a chance to ride you just as hard …”

    Yeah. He would wake her first, no problem.

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    great little story...
    Thanks for the update... looking forward to who cums Next...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    looking forward to next part!



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