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    Taking Rita, Part 4

    It's been a while since I wrote a chapter. Read the first three parts and learn a little about Rita.

    This was my first attempt at writing a story from the male's point of view... What do people think? Usually I stick to the 3rd person...



    Taking Rita, Part 4

    I knocked on the door, excited to get to spend some time with my girlfriend this weekend. She had been in an interesting mood the last month or so, basically horney as hell, which meant we fucked a lot. The sex was hot, and so was she, so I wasn’t complaining.

    The door opened and I thought my jaw was going to hit the floor. Rita was wearing a Japanese style silk robe, very low cut in the middle and fit her like it was painted onto her body. It only came down to about mid-thigh, showing quite a bit of her long, sexy legs. My eyes must have given her an up-down because when I looked back up at her she was looking at me with a snarky look on her face, complimented with a big smile. She stood to the side and let me in.

    I walked in, giving her a quick kiss on the lips and she shut the door behind us. I put my bag down on the floor next to the couch and turned around. Rita was slowly undoing the belt on her robe and just let it all fall as it naturally wanted to. When my eyes met hers again she was giving me her seductive “Fuck Me” look.

    “Jumping right to the fun part I see” I said smiling.

    Rita smiled back and walked towards me. She put her hands on my hips and leaned in and whispered into my ear.

    “I want you to fuck me. I want your cock in me.” Then she leaned back out.

    I slipped my hands inside her robe and put them on her waist. I felt the smooth fabric of whatever she was wearing and her smooth and soft skin. Rita took a step back for a moment then reached up to her shoulders and slowly slid her robe off them and let it fall to the floor behind her. She stood there for me and let me admire her.

    Rita stood before me wearing a black skin-tight lingerie. The corset style piece had built in cups for her breasts and showed way more than an acceptable amount of skin as they put them on display. On the bottom she wore crotch less panties.

    My eyes did a slow up-down on her body, taking it in as slowly as I could. It had its intended effect on me and I felt my cock start to stir in my pants. “God, this girl turns me on.” I thought to myself.

    “Wow…” I said, stammering as I searched for the next words.

    Rita smiled. “That was exactly the effect I was hoping it would have.”

    “You’ve been waiting for me I see” I said, starting to play her game.

    Rita bit her bottom lip and she traced a finger down across her breast and down her stomach to her crotch then slipped a finger into the folds of her pussy. She took it out then brought it back up and seductively licked it. My cock grew a little bit more.

    “Maybe” she said.

    Rita walked towards me and we shared a very passionate tongue filled kiss. I could feel her big breasts pressed against me, which was always a turn on. Rita began to lower herself down to her knees, keeping eye contact with me the whole time and running her hands down my body as she went. I took a deep breath and sighed, knowing what was coming next.

    She got to her knees and her hands found their way to my belt buckle as she started to undo it. She undid the button and zipper and pulled my pants down to my knees. My hard dick was creating a very obvious bulge in my boxers and Rita got a big smile across her face when she saw it. She looked up at me, her hand grabbing the outline of my dick through my underwear as she slowly stroked it. She stroked it a few times, her eyes going back down to watch herself, then she hooked her hands on the waistband of my boxers and pulled them down.

    My hard dick sprang out, bouncing towards her, hard as a rock. Rita giggled a little as it came into view and her eyes got really wide. I knew she loved my cock and she always reacted like a little giddy school girl when it came into view. Her hands on my thighs, Rita opened her mouth and leaned forwards and took the head of my dick into her mouth. I sighed out as I felt her lips close around my shaft and the sensation of her warm mouth moved through me.

    Rita giggled a little bit at my reaction and looked up at me. I was looking down and watching her. I loved this view, looking down at her as she sucked me, her beautiful face and flawless complexion, her raven brown hair, the smooth inviting curves of her breasts in the background, I swear the view made me even harder. She looked up at me with her mouth stretched around my cock and the look of pleasure in her eyes. Rita held the look for a few moments then started to bob on my cock. I watched her for a little while before the pleasure started to overcome me and I looked away as she continued to enjoy my hard shaft.

    I could feel her tongue swirling around me and my shaft sliding in and out of her mouth. The occasional pop as it came out of her mouth and her soft hand as it wrapped around me and stroked me. Rita loved sucking my dick and I loved watching her. She held my dick up against my stomach and she looked at me as she stuck out her long tongue and licked it slowly from my balls all the way to the tip, then took it into her mouth once again. She started bobbing on me once again, taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth each time. My hand went to the back of her head to encourage her. I felt my cock slide down her throat as she fought her gag reflex.

    She pulled my cock out of her mouth, her spit forming a trail back to her lips. She grabbed it and stroked it a few times as she looked back up at me and smiled. I was looking down at her, her incredible cleavage very obvious in the background. She must have noticed me looking and looked down and saw her breasts there and smiled.

    Rita began to smack the exposed parts of her breast. My hard dick made a smacking sound as it hit her flesh and made Rita giggle a little. She let go of my dick and let it rest against her upper chest as she looked up at me and ran her fingers along her shoulder straps. Slowly, she slid them off her shoulders and pulled her arms out of them. Still looking at me, she slowly traced her fingers along the soft skin of her breasts and over their contours.

    My dick jumped slightly as I watched her. She broke out of her trance of staring at me and looked down at it on her chest and giggled a little.

    “Looks like someone likes this.” She said wrapping her warm hand around my shaft once more and stroking it slowly a few times before setting it back on her chest.

    She brought her hands to the sides of her lingerie and slipped them inside so she was cupping her breasts then slowly pulled it down exposing her incredible tits to the fresh air. She cupped them in her hands and caressed them a couple times, much to my enjoyment.

    As she was playing with herself she opened her mouth and leaned down taking the head of my cock into her mouth. This took me by surprise as I felt her warm mouth engulf me and I moaned out a little. With my dick still in her mouth, Rita looked up at me, her lips wrapped tight around me and her big eyes twinkling in lust. She bobbed on me a couple times as we stared at each other. Seeing my beautiful girlfriend play with her breasts as she sucked on my cock was one of the hottest things I think I've ever seen.

    Rita let my cock fall out of her mouth and it landed with a “thud” on her chest. She pulled her breasts apart and moved so it fell down between them. She pushed her breasts together so the soft flesh of her mounds was encircling it as she began to move up and down, tit fucking me.

    I must have let out a sigh as she smiled really big and said “You like this don’t you? Your hard cock between my big soft tits?” I smiled and nodded.

    We both watched as my hard dick played peek-a-boo between her tits. Rita had started off in control, sliding her tits up and down my shaft, her saliva providing the lubrication. I soon took over and began to thrust with my hips, slowly and softly at first. Rita figured out what was going on and looked up at me with a smile as she held her breasts still and pressed them hard together as I began to tit fuck her.

    "That's it, Fuck me, fuck my tits.” She said encouraging me, “fuck my big tits with your cock! God your dick feels so good between them!”

    I loved when Rita talked dirty to me. Her saliva had given me a little bit of lubricant as well as my dick slid through her soft flesh. Rita looked up at me for a while, then looked down and watched my dick sliding through her tits. She stuck tongue out and flicked my tip when it appeared. She was teasing me. It caught me by surprise and I'm pretty sure I made a sort of “oomph” sound the first time her tongue hit my tip. Rita giggled a little as she continue to lick me.

    Rita put her lips into an open “O” shape and lowered her head so at the top of my thrust it entered her mouth. For that split second that I held It there, she sucked, putting the head of my cock into a vacuum. The feeling was incredible.

    We continued that for a little bit until finally Rita decided she had enough of this foreplay. She let go of her breasts and sucked hard on my dick so it made a “POP” as it exited her mouth as she stood up. She put her arms around my neck and we shared a passionate kiss, our tongues swirling in each other's mouths.

    Rita pulled away, holding my hands and whispered to me in a soft sexy voice only she could manage. “I want you in me, I want you to fuck me, then I'm going to lay you down and ride you until you cum.”

    Rita pulled away, making hard eye contact with me as she backed up towards her couch and sat down. Without ever taking her eyes off me she opened her legs by tracing her finger tips up her thighs then pulling them open. I could see that she was ready for me. Her pussy glistened in the light of the room, her outer lips already open, waiting, begging for my cock. I watched as she ran a finger slowly through her pussy, shuttering a little at her own touch then watched that finger trace its way up her stomach and to her mouth where she stuck it in and licked it off.

    She smiled at me as I stared at her playing with herself and she decided to give me another pass. She traced her finger down her chest, her big tits laying there, bare and exposed. I swear, her breasts were perfect, perfect size, perfect shape, perfect firmness, everything. As her hand traced its way back down to her pussy, her second hand traced up and cupped her breast in her hand. She smiled her mischievous smile at me as she knew how much I loved watching her play with her tits.

    Her hand was back down in her crotch. I watched her rub her pussy through the intentional hole in her panties and watched as she slid a finger inside herself and listened as a soft moan escaped her lips. Rita laid there, slowly fingering herself as I watched.

    My cock sprang back to full hardness, standing out in front of me at full attention. I saw her gaze drop down a few times as she admired my manhood, hard and waiting to fuck her. I noticed her staring at it and licking her lips and I slowly wrapped my hand around it and stroked it a few times. This seemed to snap her back to reality.

    “It's so hot watching you stroke yourself.” She said, still fingering herself.

    I smiled and looked down at her hand in her crotch. “I don't know how I couldn’t, seeing you lay there like that. You know how much you turn me on.”

    Rita smiled. “I want to feel it.” she said, “Come here and Fuck me with that thing.” Rita pulled her fingers out of her pussy and licked them off.

    I didn't need any more encouragement. I let go of myself and stepped out of my pants and took off my shirt and threw it in the corner, then walked over to her. Her eyes were locked onto my hard cock as it bounced around as I approached her. I got over to her and paused, standing in front of her. Her eyes were still locked on my hard dick. She smiled and bringing her other hand up to cup her second breast, leaned forward quickly and took me into her open mouth. She sucked on me a couple times then laid back again on the couch.

    Rita giggled, “sorry, couldn't resist.”

    I smiled and taking my hard dick in my hand, lowered myself to my knees in between Rita's spread legs. I paused for a moment before placing my dick at the entrance to her pussy. Rita inhaled in anticipation of what was going to come. Instead of sticking it right in her, I decided to tease her. I ran my cock head through her wet slit a couple times, coating it with her juices and apparently driving her crazy.

    Rita moaned softly and her hips started bucking, trying desperately to get me inside her. I looked up at her and saw her biting her bottom lip, a severe look of desperation on her face.

    “You want this?” I asked in a teasing voice.

    She nodded.

    “You want my dick inside you?”

    She nodded again.

    “How bad do you want it?” I asked, still running my cock head through the increasingly wet folds of her pussy.

    “Fuck me.” She said softly.

    “What?” I asked, wanting her to repeat it.

    “Fuck me.” She said again a little louder. “Shove your cock in me. I want it deep inside me.”

    I smiled, finally hearing what I wanted to hear, and not wanting to delay any longer I positioned myself at the entrance to her hole and started to slowly push in.

    “Ohhhhh, yessssss…. “ Rita moaned out as she felt me slide into her. Her hands instinctively grabbing harder at her breasts as I felt her start to stretch out to accommodate me.

    I pushed myself all the way in right away. I knew she loved me deep and still being tight, it would really drive her wild. I pushed until my balls rested against her ass and I held it there as she got used to me inside her. As I felt her start to loosen up, I slowly pulled myself out so just the head of my dick was still in her. Her eyes were glued on my dick and watched as I slowly pushed back into her. She let out a very soft “oomph” as she watched me slide all the way back into her.

    “Oh my god, I've wanted this so bad…!” She said as I began to pick up the pace.

    Before long I had worked up to a nice pace and had her moaning in pleasure. She held her breasts firmly in her hands, but they still shook a little every time I bottomed out in her. I leaned down and we made out as I continued my pace. We broke the kiss and just stared at each other. I loved the look in her eyes when I fucked her. The lust and satisfaction let me know that she was all mine.

    “I want to suck on you again.” She said as she pushed me away.

    I took a step back, coming completely out of her. She quickly leaned up and forward, releasing her breasts and letting them bounce down to their natural resting position. She took my cock into her mouth almost immediately, sucking and licking all her juices off of it. She brought a hand up and played with my balls as she kept sucking on my hard shaft. She looked up at me, a mischievous look of pleasure on her face.

    After she cleaned me up she stood up.

    “Your turn to be on the couch, I want to ride you.” She said pushing me towards the couch.

    I sat down and watched as she immediately climbed on my lap. She hovered above me at first, coming in for a long kiss as she trapped my dick between our two bodies. She rocked her hips ever so slightly as we made out, caressing and teasing me with her still wet pussy.

    She broke the kiss and reached a hand down between our bodies and I felt it wrap around me as she moved me back to her entrance. We both felt it when it got to the right spot and she lowered herself down ever so slightly so I just penetrated her and would stay. She let go of me and held her position. She leaned in and kissed me again, sweetly this time.

    “I love this part.” She whispered in my ear.

    She leaned back a little and we locked eyes and stared at each other as she slowly took me. We felt as I entered her and as she slowly slid down the length of me, until she was sitting on my lap with my hard dick all the way inside her. She leaned in and we started to kiss again. This time passionately and seductively.

    She held still for a while, but soon I felt her hips start to grind on me. It was subtle and soft at first, but soon the pace picked up and she broke the kiss, panting as the pleasure built up inside her.

    She threw her head back and moaned. “Oh Fuck Yea” she moaned as she ground on me, “ I love your cock!”

    I loved the feeling of being buried deep in her, loved the feeling as she rocked her hips on me and loved watching her beautiful naked body as we fucked.

    I slid my hands under her ass and held her cheeks. She knew what I wanted next and looked at me and smiled. She stopped rocking her hips and shifted her legs slightly so she was in a better position to start to ride me. I helped her at first, lifting her ass up until I almost came out of her, then slowly lowered her back down. Rita bit her bottom lip as she felt my dick deep inside her. I lifted her up again and lowered her back down.

    Our pace soon picked up and before long she didn’t need my help and was riding me hard and fast. I let go of her ass and grabbed her breasts which were bouncing around wildly as she rode me. She leaned in and kissed me, never breaking her rhythm.

    I started to feel my orgasm build inside me. The stimulation she was giving me was starting to become too much.

    “Oh my god” I said softly between breaths. “You keep this up and I’m going to cum soon.”

    This seemed to energize Rita. “I want you to come in me.” Rita said, continuing her pace with a freshly renewed purpose.

    This caught me a little off guard. Rita never let me come in her. She usually climbed off me at the last second and got on her knees in front of me and held her breasts up for me to cum on. I enjoyed it. Seeing my cum cover her hot breasts and watching her as she rubbed it into herself had been known to get me hard a second time on more than one occasion. I had always dreamed what it would be like to come in her, feel my cock pulse as it shot my load into her and listen to her scream as she felt me fill her up with my cum.

    She must have seen me thinking about it so she reassured me.

    “I want to feel your cum in me. I want to feel you pump it into me. I want it. Cum in me.” She said.

    I smiled at her and our gazes stayed locked on each other until my orgasm hit. She slammed herself down hard on me and moaned out as she felt me deep inside. At that same moment I came, grunting as I felt my cum shoot through my shaft and into her. As I exploded into her, Rita moaned out.

    “Oh my god! I feel you cumming! I can feel you shooting in me! Cum in me!” she said urging me on.

    I shot several shots into her until my orgasm subsided. She had stopped riding me and was instead pushing down hard on me, taking me as deep into her as she could. She leaned forward and we immediately started making out.

    As our kiss stopped, I felt my cock start to deflate in her. She slowly started to climb off me and we felt as I slid out of her. My cock missed the warmth of her insides as it fell down limp between us. Rita sat back on my lap and kissed me again.

    “Wow, that was great.” She said smiling. “Having you cum in me was really hot.”

    “Yea, it was.” I said.

    Rita climbed off me and sat down on the couch next to me, her legs spread wide. She slid a hand down between them and started to play with herself as I intently watched. I watched as she slowly ran her finger through her pussy.

    “Mmmm, I’m still wet” she said with an evil smile. I smiled back and my eyes went back to watching her finger. I watched as she slid a finger inside her. First one, then a second and slowly started to finger fuck herself. Her finger was quickly covered in her juices and the light glistened off of it as she pulled it out.

    “Oooh , what's this?”she asked no one in particular, digging her fingers around inside of her. She pulled them out and we both looked at them and saw something covering her fingers. She looked at me with a mischievous smile.

    “I think this is your cum…” she said looking between it and me. Without breaking my gaze, she brought her fingers to her mouth and seductively licked them clean. I must have had a look of pure shock on my face, because she giggled and then reached inside herself to find more and do it again.

    “Mmmm” she said purring, “your cum mixed with mine doesn't taste too bad.”

    Watching Rita still so turned on was getting me back in the mood. My dick was semi hard. Rita looked down at it and looked up at me and smiled as if asking for permission. I didn't stop her so with her fingers still working on herself, she leaned down and took me back into her mouth and started to suck on me. Her fingers went from cum retrieval mode to fuck mode as she started pleasuring herself.

    She sucked me back to full hardness in no time. She took me out of her mouth and slowly started stroking it. “Mmmmm, that didn't take long at all.” She said as she slid her hand up and down the length of my shaft. Then in almost a whisper she continued, “I love the way your hard dick feels in my hand… feeling how long and hard it is… feeling the veins, the soft skin of the head…. Mmmm, makes me wet thinking about it, thinking about it sliding into me, thinking about what it looks like as my pussy spreads around it as you penetrate me.”

    Feeling my cock pulse in her hand, she continued, “you're lucky you know, getting to watch that, getting to see that, getting to watch your dick slide into me. Seeing that moment as your throbbing head opens me up and penetrates me….”

    At this point I was rock hard and felt like I was going to burst there was so much blood flowing into my member. Rita almost never talked like this and never so consistently through the night. I had never known her to have this much of a sex drive either, our sex life was healthy, but we were playing at a whole new level tonight.

    “You're soooo hard right now” Rita purred as she continued to stroke me. “I have to have this inside me, feel your big cock sliding in and out of my wet pussy. I want to feel you penetrate me…”

    She stroked me a couple more times then flipped herself over so she was on all fours on the couch. Her beautiful ass and wet pussy facing me. She reached a hand down through her legs and grabbed me and stroked me a few more times. I leaned back, admiring the view.

    “Give it to me” Rita said, trying to pull me closer to her. I let her tug a few times.

    “You come to me baby. Implant yourself on my cock.”

    “ita looked over her shoulder at me and gave me a stern look, but smiled. Still holding onto my dick she slowly scooted herself backwards on the couch until she was right up against me. With her hand wrapped tightly around my dick she teased herself, running my swollen head through the wet folds of her pussy. She moaned out in pleasure as she felt me start to penetrate her.

    Instead of taking me all the way at first. She continued playing with me and teasing herself. I watched from what was probably the best possible vantage point as the swollen head of my dick ran through her pussy.

    Rita sunk down a little bit more and took just the head of my dick inside, but only far enough that I wouldn't pop out. She held still for a moment then slowly released me from her grasp. I stayed inside her. She held that position, obviously savoring the feeling of me at her entrance. She began to slowly and lightly rock her hips. Slowly taking me a little more inside, then backing off until I just about popped out.

    She slowly lowered herself back down and once my head was inside her again, she started moving her hips around. I watched from behind as she brought one of her hands up and started to play with her tits and I listened as soft whimpers and moans started to escape her lips.

    She turned around and looked at me, that look of lust still in her eyes. Our eyes locked and I felt her start to rock backwards again as that familiar feeling of her wet pussy started to engulf my hard dick once more. As she felt my still rock hard dick slide into her, the pleasure proved to be too much for her to be able to hold my gaze. I watched as her eyes first fluttered, then watched as they rolled up into the top of her head and she moaned out loud as she turned back around to face forward.

    "Yeeeessss!" She moaned out loudly as she sank all the way down to my balls. She held herself there for a few seconds. "oh my god! You're huge!" She said sounding happy.

    She rocked herself forward, pulling me out almost completely out of her once more, then she paused and sank back down. Rita began to take control now as she started riding me.

    "How have we never fucked like this before?" She asked me as she started to pick up the pace and fuck me harder.

    I wasn't really in a state of mind to be able to answer her. My gaze was focused on watching her pussy slide on and off my dick. Watching her lips stretched wide as they accommodated me. I also didn't have an answer for her. I don't know why we never fucked like this before. It was a spur of the moment idea on my part, but holy cow, it was a good one.

    Rita was now riding me hard and fast and was moaning in pleasure like she didn't have a care in the world. Watching her from behind was hot. Her gorgeous body taking over. Her long raven brown hair thrashing about as her head spun every direction, and the occasional glance I got of her biting her lip as she enjoyed my hard dick.

    I decided to take some control of myself and as she sunk herself down on me, I met her with a thrust of my own, pushing my dick just a little farther into her. This caught her by surprise and she let out a yelp and moan at the same time. She looked back at me with a smile. She slowly pulled herself up and then sank down on me quickly again. I did the same thing and solicited the same response from her. She picked up the pace again and on each drop I pushed into her.

    I grabbed her hips and started to pull her down onto my cock. Rita at this point had solicited control back to me and I was now the one who was in charge of this fuck session. I lifted her up and dropped her down onto me for a little bit before I decided to take advantage of this new position and try something else new.

    I lifted her up and held her there, my dick barely still inside her. She started to lower herself down, but I stopped her and held her there. She looked back at me inquisitively, then I thrust myself up into her once more then slowly pulled myself back out. She stared at me for several thrusts, doing her best to keep my eye contact this time. Aside from a slight fluttering of the eyes each time I thrust into her, she kept my gaze.

    I felt her muscles holding her own body weight, hovering above me so I could fuck her, so I released my grasp on her and let my hands run their way up her sides. My hands worked their way up until I felt her soft firm tits fill my hands. My fingers ran across her nipples, which were hard and sticking out. She moaned as she felt me touch them and both her hands came up and grabbed mine and squeezed, telling me she wanted me to play with her tits.

    As she did this, Rita took control once more and I proceeded to massage her large breasts as she started riding me once more. I gave them the occasional squeeze, but mostly just held them in my hands and felt them shake and jiggle as she bounced on me.

    "Oh yea" Rita moaned, "Oh my god yea. I think I have a new favorite position." She giggling a little as she rode me.

    I started to feel my orgasm build in me again, too many sensations both physical and mental happening right now that it didn't take long at all.

    "I'm going to cum again" I told her.

    "Cum in me" she said "I want your cum in me again". With that Rita turned on her A-game and started fucking me with those instincts she has. She started bottoming out on me in long, hard strokes. As she bottomed out she rocked her hips a little, giving me a little bit of extra sensation.

    She only had to do this a couple times before I felt my cum start to rise up my shaft.

    "That's it... Yes" I was able to clammer out.

    Rita didn't rise off me again, instead she pushed herself as far down onto me as she could and I felt the muscles inside her pussy do something I had never felt before. Her pussy was essentially milking the cum right out of me and a second late I shot several pumps into her. She moaned out as she felt my first shot deep inside her womb.

    She stopped rocking her hips, but her pussy muscles didn't stop until every ounce of available cum was out of me and into her. We stayed in this position for the next several moments as we both recovered from what was probably the most intense and hot fuck session we had ever had.

    Eventually Rita lifted herself off of me and went and sat on the couch and looked at me with a very satisfied smile on her face.

    "Okay, this time I think I'm satisfied..."

    I smiled at her and leaned over and we shared a long and passionate kiss.

    Rita pulled a nearby blanket off the top of the couch and scooted over and laid down with her head on my chest. She opened the blanket and pulled it over us and snuggled into me. Reaching for the TV remote and turning it on she asked, "So, what do you want to watch?"

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    Good story and hot update.... Thanks ...
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    Just a little Bump to keep it in sequence... Its A Hot one "BG"
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