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Thread: A good deed

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    A good deed

    Roy Robertson, a forty-two year old man, was sitting on the couch and reading a book. His wife Erika and his daughter Ella, who recently turned sixteen, went out shopping together. The doorbell rang. As Roy opened the door, he immediately recognised the pleasant appearance of his daughter's best friend Anneke, who came from a Dutch family. She stood there, staring at him with her big, brown eyes, the most friendly and innocent eyes Roy had ever seen. She had a round shaped face with charming cheeks. The girl was about to be turning sixteen soon as well, and had a fully developed body. She was wearing a tight red dress that complemented her waist: she had just that tiny little bit of chubbiness that accentuated her beautiful curves elegantly. Her black hair was in a twin tail with red ribbons.

    - Ella isn't home, she went shopping with her mum, said Roy.
    - Oh, okay.
    - But why don't you come in, they might not be long any more.
    - Sure.

    It happened to be that the day before, Roy read a chat conversation between her and his daughter that Ella left open on the family computer. He knew he shouldn't have read it, but curiosity had always been one of his biggest weaknesses. And this happened to be a very unusual conversation. He found out that Anneke recently had gotten a boyfriend who wanted to have sex with her. She did want it too, but she was scared that she wouldn't know what she was doing and would make a fool of herself. So she had been putting it off.

    - Would you like to drink something, asked Roy.
    - Sounds lovely.
    - A glass of white wine? I don't know if you drink that yet.
    - Not really... but I'll try some.

    Roy poured down two glasses of white whine, and sat down on the couch. They quietly had a few sips. While sitting down, Roy found it really hard not to stare at her perky tits. He looked at his watch.

    - You know, I think they could actually still be a while.
    - Oh, I don't want to bother you!
    - You're not. In fact, I have to confess something to you.
    - Oh? …
    - I have read your chat conversation.
    - What conversation?
    - Yesterday.

    Anneke couldn't believe what she heard. She turned completely red. How dare he do that and then admit it to her? She almost started crying. She did not know how to respond.

    - I am so embarrassed. How could you?
    - Look, I truly feel awful, it was really wrong of me. However, I am telling you because I believe I can help you.
    - But how?
    - I could teach you how to please your boyfriend.

    Anneke could not believe her own ears. Was Ella's dad seriously just proposing to do...sex things with her? She had been warned about the dangers of men, and she had heard that many older men had lust for young girls. Nonetheless, she never expected that she would receive such an indecent proposal from anyone, let alone her best friend's dad! He had only just shocked her by violating her privacy and now he wanted to violate her body too? He could get in serious trouble for this. It was disgusting.
    But something seemed very odd to Anneke: she didn't actually ran away screaming as she would have expected herself to do in this situation. Something kept her sitting there and remain calm. In fact, much to her own surprise, Anneke felt a little tingle in her pussy and her nipples were stiff. What did this mean? Okay, I guess Roy wasn't too bad looking, for an old man. But it was not something she had ever dreamed about. Then why did she find it so hard to refuse or leave?

    -I... I d-d-don't know.
    -Look, I know it might sound strange, but it would really be a win-win deal. I give you an extremely educational lesson in sucking and fucking that will turn you both confident and irresistible to your boyfriend or anyone else in no time. Furthermore, I absolutely promise you that you will have a lot of fun and pleasure doing it. And for me, well, you are really, really, beautiful, Anneke, you'd drive any man mad, and you've been driving me mad for a while. So why not?

    Anneke felt like she was nailed to the floor. On one hand she felt really scared, as if something really bad was happening. But at the same time she felt a very strange compulsion to stay exactly where she was, and in fact, even to do exactly what that man told her to do. She was so confused.

    - But Mister Robertson, I am only sixteen in a few weeks! And you're so much older!
    - Yes, and to fuck a young beautiful virgin like you is an enjoyment for a man beyond your comprehension. Don't worry, it will be fun, I promise you. And that is all that matters. Look, I'll show it to you.

    Roy stood up and stood right in front of where she was sitting on the couch. He opened the button of his jeans, unzipped it and pulled it down below his knees. Then he pulled down his boxer shorts as well. He exposed his cock right in front of Anneke's face. It was uncircumcised and only partly erect. Anneke had barely seen a real live fully grown penis in her life, and definitely never from so close. Of course she had seen pictures, but it still puzzled her what an alien body part it was to her. She felt intimidated. But at the same time, her pussy was tingling even stronger, maybe she was even getting a little bit wet. Roy looked at her cheekily.

    - Why don't you touch it?
    - Oh, I am really not sure.
    - Don't be shy. It'll be fun, you'll see.

    Roy gently took her hand and moved it towards his dick. As her hand touched it, a wave of shock went through Anneke's body. Then she felt it swelling very rapidly. It came to stand completely upwards, and Roy showed her to wrap her hand around it. It felt so strange! It was pumping and pumping, like it had a life of its own. Roy moved her hand, letting it move his foreskin up and down, then let her continue by herself as soon she knew what to do now. Anneke noticed that Roy started to breath louder.

    - That's my girl! You're such a quick learner. I'd like you to lick it as well.

    Again, Anneke got really scared. It felt so strange and wrong to lick somebody's body, in particular this body part that was so unfamiliar to her. Again, she felt like she could neither refuse nor bring herself to actually do it.

    - C'mon, said Roy. Be a good girl!

    He put his hand on her head and ever so gently, with hardly any force, pushed it closer to his dick.

    - Stick out your tongue now.

    Anneke stuck out her tongue and with closed eyes moved it slightly forward to touch the tip of his cock. But once she had passed that threshold, she felt relieved, opened her eyes and started slowly licking it. Roy encouraged her.

    - Lick my balls too, little cutie. All then all from the balls to the tip and a circle around it.

    Anneke now felt like she just wanted to obey, be a good girl and learn. Roy was overwhelmed with pleasure.

    - It's time to open your mouth now, Anneke. You better get on your knees.

    Roy took a step backwards. Anneke followed Roy's instructions, got on her knees and opened her mouth wide. Roy, while supporting the back of her head with his hand, gently pushed his big, fat, cock down in her little mouth. Anneke felt that his dick was swelling even more, and her mouth was completely being pushed open by the rock hard pole with its big head, as far as it could possibly open. Roy put Anneke's hands on his butt cheeks. This time, he gently moved her head up and down until she got the rhythm and could continue by herself. Then he just gently rested his hand on her head. Anneke felt his hard, pumping cock slide between her lips, against the sides of her mouth and tongue, repeatedly backwards and forward. It actually had quite a pleasant taste. She caught herself moaning, which seemed to please Roy. He then held her chin with thumb and finger.

    - Now I have to teach you an important lesson. You must keep eye contact with me. I want to look right into those pretty eyes while your little mouth is sucking my cock and I want you to see my facial expressions of enjoyment.

    As she looked at his pleasured face, she realised again what was happening. A man was taking advantage of her. But again to her surprise, that thought just only turned her on more. That is not what they had ever taught her. She felt a stream run down her panties.

    Roy looked down at the sight of this extremely cute, virgin teenage girl taking his big fat cock in her little mouth. He looked at her big, childish eyes and her black twin tails with the red ribbons. He enjoyed every detail of the act: the touch of her hands on his buttocks, the softness of her lips around his cock, the wetness of her mouth and her slippery little tongue. And he thoroughly enjoyed the thought that she had never done such a thing before and he was the one to take away that innocence, forever. This was bliss. There was only one more thing missing.

    - I would like you to touch my butt hole as well, sweetheart.

    Anneke had not expected that request. As if Roy never failed to come up with more filthy things for her to do. She did not even know men liked that. Roy took her right hand and directed it between his legs towards his asshole. He grabbed her finger and pushed it slightly in his hole.

    - Just move your finger around a bit, like there. And feel up my gooch, from my ass towards balls, as well. Yeah, that is very nice.

    Roy now had the added enjoyment of feeling that little finger stimulating his prostate area. His sighs and moans were driving Anneke crazy. Although she initially felt Roy was just having her way with her and she had no control, she suddenly felt really powerful. If pleasing a man to this extent was so easy, if this was all that it took, she could a get a man to do anything she wanted. She could get her boyfriend to agree with what she wanted to do him to agree with, she could get him to apologise to her after every argument, she could get him to buy her anything she wanted. She could basically get any man to give her what she wanted, in exchange for doing this. She stopped for a second.

    - I am sorry, Mister Robertson. I am really enjoying this, but my cunt is just going crazy!
    - Of course, Anneke! That is very normal. Why don't you turn around. Put your knees on the couch and bend over.

    Anneke followed his instructions. Roy pulled her red dress up above her waist. He pulled her soaking panties down and lifted her feet to take them off.

    - Your butt can go a bit higher. As high as you can, Anneke. And spread your legs wide. Yes, a bit more, as high and as open as you can! Beautiful.

    Roy looked at her teenage pussy and ass that were fully exposed to him, with the strongest lust he had ever felt. No words could express the beauty revealed to him, this was just beyond delicious. Although her hips were rather wide in proportion to her body, her ass was still kind of small for him to grab. It felt so soft and elastic. Her pussy was rather hairy, which turned Roy on. He took a deep breath in with his nose to enjoy the smell of her wetness. It smelt so fresh and young.

    - Ahhh, you smell so good.

    For minutes he kissed her butt cheeks passionately, as well as her inner thighs, repeatedly teasing her by moving closer to her pussy. Finally, he pulled it open and exposed her entrance and clit. While firmly grabbing her butt cheeks, he started licking, varying between slow and gentle and fast and firm. Anneke had never felt such a level of physical enjoyment in her entire life. Sure, she had touched herself but never had it felt as good as when a proper man was licking that clit. She had never even been this extremely horny before either. She felt like an primitive urge deeply hidden within her had finally to the surface: the urge to be taken. She wanted Roy, the dad of her best friend, to enter her body for the first time, her innocence and ignorance forever to be erased by it.

    - Put it inside me, Mister Robertson. Fuck my cunt now before it explodes!

    Roy stood up and grabbed her ass even tighter. He gave it a good spank. Anneke felt the tip of his cock push against her opening.
    At that moment she suddenly got scared again. She experienced a feeling that she sometimes gets at an amusement park after she has been queuing up for very long time full of excitement. When it is finally her turn to get into the ride, she then gets suddenly very scared, almost regretting her decision for a few seconds. But that is only to be followed by more excitement, relief and satisfaction.
    She felt Roy's bone hard dick pushing its way through inside her. She was so wet and open that it went very smoothly and painlessly, although it was very tight. She felt immediately relieved. Roy started thrusting. She felt it pushing its way through over and over and over again, which was so nice. His penis and balls were moving against her clit and butt as well. He spanked her ass repeatedly, which also felt really pleasant to her.

    - Do you like fucking my pussy, Mister Robertson?
    - Anneke, you have no idea. It's so tight and you're sooo beautiful.
    - Do you like it that I am only fucking fifteen, Mister Robertson?
    - It is like a dream come true! I love to be the one to take your virginity. And you, Anneke, are you enjoying being my little slut?
    - Oh, I definitely am, Mister Robertson. I didn't realise it before, but I have always wanted to be a dirty little slut. I always wanted a perverted old man like you to use me, stick his cock in to my mouth and cunt, and teach me a good lesson. Go faster now! Go harder and deeper!

    Roy banged the girl like a wild beast. Anneke's feeling of physical enjoyment was coming to such a high climax, she felt like her spirit was leaving her body and was flying in outer space. She started screaming. This was her first orgasm.
    It went on for minutes. As soon as she started to calm down, Roy slowed down as well.

    - You are amazing! There is one final lesson for you to learn though. You need to learn how to properly finish off a man.
    - Oh, what should I do?
    - Not much actually. You only need to receive. There are many options, but the absolutely most pleasing way for a man is if you take it in the mouth and swallow it all down. All you have to do is get back into position on your knees.

    When Anneke had first heard about men liking to do this a couple of years earlier, she had been appalled by the very idea. But she was so grateful for that orgasm, and hell, that cock tasted surprisingly good so perhaps this wasn't so bad after all either. Anneke obeyed willingly. Roy held her chin up to look at him again.

    - Open your mouth and stick out your tongue, downwards. As wide as you can. Like a real slut. That's perfect.
    He lay the tip of his dick on her tongue and started jerking off. Anneke spontaneously started to to feel up his balls, gooch and butt hole again.

    Less than an hour ago she was still a sweet girl, an innocent virgin who would absolutely be disgusted by the idea of doing any of these acts. But now little Anneke was sitting on her knees, looking up with her mouth wide open and her tongue sticking out, her finger up the butt of her best friend's father, ready to receive his load of cum.
    Roy took a really deep and high pitched breath in, and then started to breathing rapidly while a massive load of gooey, warm cum spurted out onto Anneke's tongue and against the back of her mouth, filling her whole mouth. As he came out he left some on her lips and chubby cheeks as well. Roy was breathing loudly. He just had the orgasm of his life.

    - Now be a good little slut, close your mouth and swallow it all down!

    Anneke swallowed it all down in one big gulp. Indeed, it wasn't so bad, but she was going to have to get used to it. It tasted like a mixture of sweet and salt.

    - That's my little girl, said Roy.

    At that very same moment they heard the car arrive in the driveway. Roy quickly put his pants back on, and handed her a tissue and her her glass of wine.

    - Quick, wipe my cum of your face and drink some wine to cover the smell!
    They sat back down on the couch and poured down the rest of the wine. Erika and Ella entered the house.
    - Oh, hello Anneke, said Ella. I didn't know you were coming. Hey, it smells kind of funny in here.
    Erika looked a little bit concerned. They both went upstairs to change clothes. Anneke whispered to Roy.
    - You know, you were right. That was both very enjoyable and educational for me. I do feel confident to do it with my boyfriend now. But can I ask you something, Mister Robertson?
    - Of course you can!
    - Do you think we can maybe do it again some day?
    - Oh God, most definitely! I'm very happy to hear you say that. You haven't even shown me your titties yet. And there is so much more to teach you. Oh, and I'd like to fuck you in that cute butt as well. But you better put this away though.

    Roy picked her wet panties from the floor and handed it to Anneke, who quickly hid it in her purse and nervously kept her legs close together as the others were walking down the stairs.

    Roy smiled. He couldn't wait to tell his wife tonight.
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    thanks for the new addition
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    great start cant waiit too see what and who cumms next

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    Really great start to the story. Looking forward to further encounters.

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    Blog Entries
    Great little story ...
    Interesting start... Looking forward to see who is going to cum Next...
    Thanks for the share...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Part II: A little bit jealous

    Erika and Roy had always had a very good understanding with each other. Both fucked other people whenever they got the chance. They always honestly told each other, even teased each other about it. It had become a sort of playful competition, all in good humour. They didn't go to sex clubs, but they had enjoyed the occasional threesome or foursome as well. But this was something new. A couple of times in the past few years Roy had managed to seduce women in their early twenties, which he would brag about for weeks. But he had never done it with a teenager before, let alone one this young, let alone a virgin. And Erika found herself to be a little bit jealous for the first time.

    It wasn't that she was worried about Anneke's youthful body compared to hers. Erika was a beautiful, thirty eight year old woman who was very proud of her own body. She was tall, long legs, voluptuous hips and breasts. This combined with a sharp face, dark blonde curly hair to her shoulders and sexy blue eyes was just to die for. Oh, Roy would definitely have gotten a serious kick out of that super-tight, untouched little girl's body, she knew that had always been a big fantasy of his. But she understood and didn't feel competitive about that.

    In fact, the real reason she was a little bit jealous was that fucking a teen boy or girl had always been one of her major fantasies as well. Oh, she had fantasised about it. But she had just kind of assumed it was a line they would never cross. But now Roy had done it and, well, that changed everything. She wanted a piece of the pie too. She found herself masturbating in the bath, thinking about her husband grabbing that teenage ass, fucking her pussy and his cum filling that tiny girl's mouth.

    She went to her husband and told him very strongly:

    - Look, here is the deal. You're going to get that Dutch slut back here, and let ME take some care of her, and soon, BEFORE her sixteenth birth day, which is pretty soon. If you are doing a fifteen year old, then I am not going to be left behind, OK?
    - Oh, how exciting, darling! I can't wait.

    The next day, Anneke rang the door bell. As usual, she was wearing red with ribbons to complement her black twin tail, but this time she was wearing a short purple skirt and a white top. Roy had asked her to come over again while Ella had piano lessons, and she was very eager. Erika opened the door. That, she hadn't expected.

    - Oh, hello, Mrs Robertson. Eh, is Ella home?
    - You know damn well that she isn't. Don't you think I don't know why you her here? You're here to suck my husband's dick you little slut! Come inside, we have something to settle here.

    Anneke was perplexed. She thought she knew this time what she came for - more cock - but again she found herself in a situation that was extremely unusual and uncomfortable to her. Ella's mom knew! How mad must that woman be. She must be in so much trouble. She entered the house rather hesitatingly. To her big surprise Roy was sitting on the couch reading a book and not looking worried at all. What was going on? Was there something she didn't know about?

    - I don't know what to say, Mrs Robertson. I am sorry! But he...
    - I heard that my husband was teaching you some stuff. Well, I want to teach you a couple of things to. For starters, I want to teach you a lesson for being such a dirty girl!

    Anneke looked at Roy helplessly. He closed his book and looked at her:

    - You came here because you wanted to be my little whore again, didn't you, Anneke?
    - Oh yes, Mr. Robertson. I want it so badly! I tried doing it with my boyfriend but he just came after two seconds and fell asleep. He's boring to me now. I want more of YOUR cock!
    - Well, what I want you to do now is to do exactly as my wife tells you to, and let me just watch.
    - Oh... OK, then I will do it! I will do anything you ask, anything that pleases your cock!
    - Oh, you definitely will, my little sweetie.

    Erika grabbed the girl's neck, sat down on the other couch and pushed her down, over her knee. She let her hand slide over the Anneke's inner legs, moved it slowly underneath her skirt, and she felt up her sweet, round little ass and pussy. Anneke wasn't wearing any underwear. Erika had to admit that this girl was hot beyond belief: so very petite and curved at the same time, a rare but fine combination. It felt very tingly to Anneke to be touched like that.

    - Not wearing any underwear, oh you filthy little slut. Now you definitely deserve some punishment.

    Erika pulled up the girl's skirt firmly, and started spanking the girl's bare bottom, first very gently, but slightly harder each time. As the sensation on her butt cheeks became slightly stronger, Anneke felt a rush of heat filling her entire body. It was a kind of high, something very calming actually. Again, her surprise was great. She could never have guessed that some middle aged woman spanking her ass would be such a physical enjoyment to her. She looked across the room at Roy. He had pulled his pants down and was jerking himself off while watching right at her. Wow, that turned her on. Still, she felt compelled not to admit that. She felt it was appropriate to pretend she was upset.

    - Oh, please, stop, Mrs Robertson! I'll be good, I promise. Just tell me what to do.
    - Is that so? Well come sit down next to me, and take off that shirt and bra .

    The sweet schoolgirl did as ordered, and revealed her 100% perfectly round and perky pair of tits, just about the size to fill a large man's hand. Erika herself took off her dress and her underwear very quickly. Erika put her hand on the girl's neck, and started tongue kissing her. The two pairs of tits were pressed against each other. Funnily enough, they were kind of similar in size. Erika's were just ever so slightly more hanging, but they were still amazing for her age. Nothing that beats the perfection of a young teenager's tits of course!
    Erika went down with her mouth, kissing and licking the girl's neck, tits and nipples. Then she took the back of her head and made her do the same with her. This way they kept taking turns at licking each other's tits. Anneke's pussy was on fire. As it turns out that young pussy didn't only like cock, but tits too. So many new experiences, so many new things she was finding out about herself all of a sudden.

    Finally, Erika went to sit on her knees sideways on the edge of the couch, with Anneke behind her. She lifted her voluptuous butt very much upwards, and revealed her cunt. She had a small patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair. She ordered Anneke to lick her. This again was so very new to the poor, unexperienced girl - licking another woman's pussy and very much like the time Roy first pulled out his dick for the first time, she was full of shock, hesitation and shyness.

    - C'mon little whore. Lick that pussy for me. Stick that tongue out.

    Roy stood up to gently push Anneke's head onto his wife's cunt.

    - C'mon, stick your tongue out, sweetheart. Do it for me, do it for my cock.

    That convinced the little girl, who still desired Roy's cock. She stuck out her tongue and finally started licking Erika's clit. The taste and smell of Erika's cunt was very strong, and rather unusual at first, but very nice after a minute. Hmmm, she started licking with more enthusiasm.
    Roy had one hand on the back of head, while the other was underneath the skirt she was still wearing, fingering her little sweet pussy. Roy's finger soon got very wet from the juice that flowing generously out of that cunt. Roy took her legs, pulled them up to make her sit on her knees too, so her butt too would be up in the air. He then went to touch her cute teenage ass hole with his wet finger, and so very gently pushed it inwards. Anneke's eyes opened wide.

    - Oh, Mr Robertson! That feels strange but... rather nice, actually!

    Erika smiled:

    - Oh you have a sensitive butt hole, do you, little girl? Well you're not alone. I'd like to go up with that tongue now and please MY ass hole!

    Anneke could not believe her ears. These people never failed to challenge her over and over again! Now they wanted her to lick the woman's ass? She thought she came her to suck more cock, not to lick ass. Licking ass, she didn't even know that was something people did. In the meantime Roy, was stimulating her ass and pussy at the same time, which felt so good that his requests were rather compelling.

    - Now be a good little whore for me as you promised, and do exactly as my wife tells you to!

    Roy again gave her a gently push on the back of her head. Anneke knew she had to listen. She closed her eyes, tried to collect all of her courage, and moved her tongue onto the crack between the woman's firm butt cheeks and started licking it up and down.
    Roy was a serious butt lover, and was madly in love with the girl's ridiculously perfect teenage ass. Turned on by what he saw happening to his wife, he started to lick the little girl's crack and her hole. Oh, it felt sooooo good to that sweet girl. Never could she have imagined how amazing it could felt to get your ass licked. It really was a fantastic thing to receive. This thought made her more and more enthusiastic in licking Erika's ass. She started licking circles right onto Erika's little hole. Erika moaned.

    - Oh, a little bit deeper with that tongue of yours, little slut.
    - Yes cutie pie, added Roy, lick her hole real gooood. Then I will do the same for you.

    Anneke pushed her tongue as deep as she could inside Erika's hole, as Roy was doing the same to her. Both the woman and the girl were fingering themselves and kept moaning louder and louder. Yes, thought the little girl, my ass is as good to me as my pussy.
    Now that Anneke's butt was full of enjoyment, all relaxed and accepting, it was time for Roy to take his chance. He took as much of her pussy juice as he could with his hand, and spread it onto his hard cock, and then, very gently and slowly, pushed his cock inside the hole of the little, round perfect ass. Now the girl was so thrilled to finally rejoin with Roy's cock again, she really didn't mind the pain of loosing her anal virginity.

    - Oh, Mr. Robertson, finally your cock again! Fuck me in my ass now! Fuck me real good in my ass! Show my really what a whore I am. Oh, how I deserve it! How I deserve to be fucked real hard in my butt! I want you to really show it to me! I mean REALLY show it to me!

    Roy went gradually harder and faster, eventually pounding that little round butt with full force, and spanking it hard as well. God, it was so tight, even tightier than her pussy. He looked down upon what was happening and realised how amazing it was: his hard cock was inside a fifteen year old school girl's ass. He was fucking that ass hard, and she just loved it. There couldn't be many greater joys in life, and he was so lucky to experience it. In the meantime Erika was fingering herself, also thinking about how fantastic it was that this school girl had her tongue up her ass hole. No little girl was going to get her husband's cock without showing some serious respect to her. That thought turned her on so much.
    Anneke herself, couldn't really think anything. The feeling of being butt fucked was simply too intense and she had to focus all her remaining energy on licking Erika's ass. She felt as if all of her energy was being drained: as she being used from two sides at once. But strangely enough, that was an extremely liberating feeling. It was as if she was experiencing this intense desire to be a slave, a slut and whore to as many people as possible. She just wanted to do this for many more men and women. She wanted to be used so badly, on her knees, bent over, tied up, forced to lick genitals and asses, fucked in all her holes, gang banged. Every single day from now on. So much had awoken in her the past week. It was unbelievable that she was that same girl who was so shy about fucking her stupid teenage boyfriend last week.

    - Get her in position, said Erika suddenly to Roy.
    Roy grabbed both of Anneke's tails and gently pulled her head away from Erika's ass, slightly more down, with her forehead backwards.
    - You better close your eyes now, sweetheart.

    Anneke had no idea what was about to happen, but she did as she was told. It was kind of exciting.
    She heard Erika started screaming loudly. All of a sudden Anneke felt warm liquid being sprayed all over her face, like a shower. As Erika climaxed, she squirted. A massive load of juice had come out her cunt with full force, all over the little girl's face. The poor girl got quite a big shock of course, as she didn't even know women could do such a thing. She still had a lot to learn! Roy came out of her ass and moved his cock towards her wet face, jerking himself off so he could add his big warm gooey cum on top her already dripping face.

    - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, yes, you take it all nicely in the face, little girl. Just like any proper whore like you knows how to do. Mouth wide open, tongue sticking out, c'mon, be good now.

    His cum too came out with full force, directly pointed straight onto the girl's chubby little face and wide open mouth. Anneke forehead, eyelids, cheeks, lips, tongue, chin, were all dripping with a combination of Erika's juice and Roy's cum. And while she was fingering herself, she was now coming as well.

    - Oh God oh God oh God, that is exactly right. I want my face covered with cum! Sluts like me do need to be covered with cum! And I want to be the biggest slut that ever walked this planet. Ah! Ah! Ah! Aaaaaaaaaaah!

    So incredibly high pitched! Once finished, she opened her eyes again, and smiled. Roy, Erika looked at her and each other, each with a massive smile on their face. They so enjoyed the sight of Anneke's content and pleased, soaking wet dripping face. Erika grabbed her phone and took a picture of it.

    After all, it was a memory to cherish forever.

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    thanks for the positive comments on part I
    Let me know what you think of part II

    I am new at this
    I might have some weird fantasies

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    Part II was a nice build to the story. Enjoyed reading your story a lot. Hope to hear more from you.

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    Mmmmm, nice series. So many directions this could go. Can't wait for more!

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    great series... I'm looking forward ti the Next chapter... thanks for the update...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!



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