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    Great keep them cumming

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    Part 17

    The roomies were sprawled out with Ashley in a breathless heap, it had been so fucking hot, it was like the room was shimmering with sexual heat.

    With lights out coming up, Ashley got dressed and went back to her cabin with a big smile on her face. Ummm, Rose, Penny, Lynn and Melinda were just what her horny urges needed, so tasty, so eager to be pleased and to please her in turn. She has smilingly invited them to come and do it in her cabin tomorrow, and they had eagerly accepted. Amazing how things can turn around so quickly. She was going to sleep well tonight.

    Back in the roommates cabin, the 4 roomies had gotten dressed, just shorts and T shirts, knowing that they would be naked very soon. It was almost time for lights out, and Counselor Anne Bessie was going to get them. Fired up by Ashley's boundless desire for their pink holes, they were all ready to lick Anne to heaven and back.

    A few seconds after lights out, they slipped out the door. Keeping to the shadows they crept towards Counselor Bessie's cabin. They reached her door, rapped softly, and heard a throaty "Come in girls."

    Rose led they way, and they all stopped and took in the sight. Anne was almost naked, wearing just a fire engine red garter belt and red stockings. The lust on her face, she was more than ready for them, and they quickly stripped, enjoying the Counselor's look of lust.

    Anne was filling her eyes, ummm, just what she wanted, mid teens girls with high sex drives and very hot cunts, and she locked her eyes on Rose.

    "Come over here Rose, on your knees and lick my cunt!"

    Rose quickly did as ordered, with Counselor Bessie standing over her, legs spread and pussy simmering, Rose started to kiss all over Anne's neatly trimmed blonde bush, then parting her labial lips with her fingers, and driving her tongue into Anne's hot, wet heat. A loud moan of pleasure sounded as Rose started to eat out the Counselor.

    Rose was really enjoying being between Anne's thighs, licking out a woman older than her was a real turn on. She was going to lick that sweet cunt until her toes curled.

    Anne's head lolled back and her breathing deepened, god, Rose was another teen sexpot who really knew what she was doing. Anne felt a sensation, as Melinda and Penny got in on the act, each of them taking a nipple, beginning to suck and lick, while Lynn got her head in, and was kissing her belly, and swirling her tongue around her navel.

    "Umm, oh yes my little teen sexpots, fuck that feels so good, make me cum!"

    Rose really got into the rhythm, licking pussies was amazing, she knew she'd be an unwavering bi-sexual, it was way too much fun to confine herself to one gender. Being on her knees, licking Counselor Bessie's wet, juicy pussy as she had imagined, was more exciting than ever. She licked, sucked, slurped and probed, eager to make the counselor explode, she wanted the feel of her hot lady cum all over her face. Rose could feel the lust driven throb of her own pussy, she fought down the desire to stroke herself, she wanted to be sexually pent up, and have Counselor Bessie wring an explosive orgasm from her.

    Anne could feel it rising, oh fuck, being worked over by four hot teen sexpots was like a dream come true. She felt Rose's lips fasten around her throbbing clit, sucking hard.

    "Yes, oh yes you little teen slut, make me cum, gonna do it, gonna cum, yes, yes, fuck, oh FUUCCKKK!"

    Anne shrieked as she felt the explosion, her pussy let loose with a load of cum, and Rose eagerly accepted the rush of cum plastering her face. Having the counselor grunt, growl and cry out with orgasm as she dumped a load of girl cum all Rose's face was erotic as all hell.

    Soon, Melinda was on her knees, sucking and licking the counselor's hot, dripping pussy, while Rose was happy to take over the nipple that Melinda had been sucking on. Lynn had attached herself to the other nipple, while Penny went after Anne's belly.

    It didn't take long, once Anne had cum for the first time in a session, she was quick to build back, and her squeals of orgasm filled the cabin, as she squirted another rush of cum, bathing Melinda's face as she was expertly licked to orgasm.

    Once again the roomies switched, and Lynn got her mouth against Anne's dripping pussy, eagerly tasting her juices, then planting her mouth tight against the counselor wet, pink trail, eager to get as much as she could.

    Once again, Anne could feel the agile tongue sliding between her lips, wriggling around, while her tits and her belly were so delightfully stimulated, these 4 teen hotties really knew what they were doing, oh god, she quickly crested again, her howls of pleasure sounding as Lynn got her face creamed.

    When Anne had got her bearings back, she wanted to ride them, and make them cum so hard around her dildo. She lubed up her butt plug, enjoying the looks on the girl's faces as she slid it into her ass, feeling the flare stretch her out, then ahhh, the plug was all the way in, her tight asshole locking around the stem. The twitchy throbs between her ass walls was going to make her cum so hard. She quickly donned her harness, and saw the looks of expectation as the girls locked onto the 9 inch midnight blue dildo rising up, hard and ready.

    "Penny, Hands and knees, now!" Anne ordered. "and everyone else, line up, same position, so I can just go to you after I've brought the one before you off!"

    Anne saw the view, four sexy teen cunts, asses upthrust, legs spread, ready to be fucked. Damn, what a situation, and she got behind Penny, and nudged against her.

    "Get ready baby, I'm going to fuck you so good!"

    Penny felt her hips being grabbed, and with a strong, single thrust, Penny growled with pleasure as her eager teen cunt felt the stuffing of Anne's dildo driving into her. She felt it being buried, nudging hard against her cervix, oh yeah, so deep, she loved being filled to the brim.

    "Oh fuck, yeah, so deep, fuck me hard, make me cum!"

    Anne was happy to do so, she was more than ready. Her favorite butt plug stuffed up her ass, the harness was keeping it in position, and the bumps around the harness were nudging against her pubic region, it was hitting her just the right way, fuck it felt so good. It made her see through a red haze of lust as she really powered the dildo into Penny, the massive cock pleasuring both of them. She slid a finger into her mouth, slobbered all over it, and heard a cry of pleasure as Penny felt her ass being probed, then a louder cry of pleasure as a lubed up butt plug replaced her finger and was driven in, with one hard thrust.

    "Oh yeah, make me cum!"

    Anne grinned, she always brought a good supply of butt plugs with her to camp, to introduce eager teens to the joys of anal sex. She had more than enough, each one of the roomies was going to get their own personal plug.

    Penny could feel the tingles of her orgasm beginning to build, she'd never had both holes fucked before, it was wild. Holy fuck, she was going to explode with a hard dildo ramming her, and a butt plug stuffed up her back door. The feel of both holes filled, rubbing against each other was insanely hot. She felt her need to cum rise towards the boiling point.

    Anne felt her pussy give a lurch, and the rush of orgasm gripped her, she howled out, "Fuck, fuck, cumming, fuck FUCCKKK!"

    Penny went over with her, she felt her tight little pussy clamp down on the dildo and with her ass pulsing in time around the plug, she let out a shriek of pleasure as she orgasmed, god, it felt like she was gonna shake apart. She thought of the day her brother had taken her cherry, his sperm filled balls exploded, her tight little pussy milking hard at him, all that hot, incestuous cum bring sucked up into her pill protected womb. That remembrance just carried her on as the Counselor and Penny were shaking and shuddering in orgasmic completion.

    "Leave that plug right where it is Penny, feel how good the stretch is!"

    Rose, Lynn, and Melinda had been watching as Penny got reamed, and Rose tingled with delight, she was next. She saw the Counselor pull out her dildo, it was dripping with Penny's juices. Anne got behind her, nudged the dildo against her, and with a single thrust, her pussy was filled, ummm, the dildo was well lubed by Penny's juices, and the Counselor grabbed her hips, ready to ride her. As the Counselor pulled back and started to get into the rhythm of a hot fuck, Rose wondered what her sister was up to.


    At that moment, Natalie was pinned to the bed in the master bedroom of Mr. Fields' house, her knees over his shoulders, her pussy upthrust and spread wide for his big cock, her body writhing and humping up to meet his thrusts, as he drove his cock in and out, his sperm filled balls smacking against her ass on each plunge. It was the third time today, and his cock was just as hard, his eagerness just as piqued, as the first time.

    When she'd come home from her afternoon with Rose, Mr. Fields had been eager for her, and she was like a hungry, lust filled animal. Ummm, her romp with her sister, and the idea that they would become a team for Mr. Fields' cock, was erotic as hell. Natalie's heated up state was infectious, it drove Mr. Fields on, he was like a stallion, his cock was soaring up like a 17 year old, and Natalie took full advantage. She smiled, her tight little cunt had never been so well used. The feeling of his slick, swollen cock, spreading open her tight walls just drove her on, she was his own hot, horny live sex doll, and she reveled in what she was.

    The bodies smacked together, wet liquid squelches from her gushing pussy had overflowed, running down the natural channel between her cheeks. His grunts and growls of pleasure mingled with her cries and squeals, she could feel them climbing up to that plane.

    Natalie gasped, "Oh yeah, I want your balls to explode, cream my tight little cunt, make me cum!"

    Mr. Fields was fucking her furiously, his cock was moving into firing position, reaching the verge. He grabbed her ass cheeks, and pulled them apart.

    Natalie felt the swelling, his cock at full extension, and she felt his finger sliding over the tight rim of her asshole. It all came together as he drove his finger in, she went tumbling over, squeals of orgasm sounding, her holes tightening up around his finger and his cock. Her pussy wildly massaged him, her asshole tightened down on his plunging finger, her juices bathed his cock, and he grunted, and his cock let loose. Natalie felt a rush of sperm filled wetness being pumped all over her tight walls, the bloom of heat always felt so good, her pussy eagerly accepting his rich load.

    After she'd milked every drop out of him, he flopped down, and Natalie knew that he'd be raring to go in the morning. Her teen sexuality really kept his pump primed, as Rose had sampled his prowess, so was Natalie was enjoying his abilities. As she thought about her sister, she smiled, and wondered what Rose was up to at this moment.


    Rose was feeling incredible surges of pleasure. Her pussy was getting a serving of Penny's juices pumped up inside her, her juices were making a wet squelch as the Counselor power fucked her, reaming her out with deep plunging thrusts. She felt a wet finger against her, testing her tight ass, and the Counselor had another lubed plug at the ready. The plug was pushed in, her ass stretching around the flare, then clamping around the stem, keeping her ass stretched out, and she was in a vortex of lust.

    "Oh fuck, feels so good, fuck my ass, fuck my cunt, make me cum!"

    Anne smiled as she continued to pound and jackhammer Rose's cunt, she loved it when they pleaded, and she felt the building of her own orgasm.

    Rose was getting just what she needed, the hard dildo was a substitute for Mr. Fields' cock, she had sorely missed his cock to ram her every day, and she pumped her hips back at the plunging dildo, eager to get stuffed as deep as possible, the counselor was gripping her hips tightly, she was really laying the wood to her eager snatch. The feel of both holes being used, plug and dildo rubbing against each other was amazing. Ummm, her plug was going to get a lot more use, she could stuff her plug in during her morning shower, oh yeah, washing her body was going to take on a whole new level of eroticism. Buy one for Natalie, she was sure Natalie would adore it. They could be the butt plug sisters, get Mr. Fields even more excited as they would plug each other for his pleasure. Thinking of her sister, and the idea of sliding a plug into Natalie's pink puckered asshole made her lust soar, and her orgasm was getting set to hit.

    Rose grunted, "Oh fuck, gonna make me cum, fuck yes, yes, YES!!"

    The climax hit with a punishing force, her pussy was exploding with juices, scrubbing wildly at the plunging dildo, her ass pulsing with sweet throbs of sensation, as she screamed and howled, her body being shaken to the core. Dimly, she heard Counselor Bessie's shriek, as her counselor went over the top with her, both bodies shaking wildly in orgasmic fulfillment.

    Rose was also instructed to keep her butt plug snugged up between her cheeks, and Penny and her enjoyed the show as Lynn, then Melinda were mounted and fucked hard, butt plugged, and driven to climax, more howls and shrieks of pleasure filling the counselor's cabin.

    The roommates were then instructed to stand, legs apart. Rose discovered that the counselor sure knew her way between a girl's thighs as she squealed and cried out in orgasm as Anne took to her knees and delivered a hot lick job to each of them, one right after the other. It was fun to watch the expressions of climactic bliss on the faces of Penny, Lynn and Melinda as they were taken up to a noisy, squirting release, Anne liked to gently tug on the butt plugs, and the added stimulation made all 4 of them crest very quickly, Anne was in teen girl heaven as her face received four very juicy washings.

    The counselor stood up, and said, "Excellent, now girls, I want you to go back to your cabin, and you will walk back there with your butt plugs in place. Tomorrow, I want you all back here, same time, and you will present yourselves properly plugged, and ready for more hot sex."
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    Part 18

    Penny, Rose, Melinda and Lynn slipped out the door of Anne's cabin, and peered around. They were totally naked, carrying their clothes, and the butt plugs were stuffed up their tight back doors, as the Counselor had instructed. Seeing that the coast was clear they walked back towards their cabin, there were lots of shadows from overhanging trees if they needed to hide. With it being lights out, there was only a small chance of them being spotted.

    As they walked along, Rose felt sweet throbs from her asshole, the filling stuff of the butt plug felt even better while she was walking around. Damn, this felt so good. When she got back home, she was going to give get Natalie a butt plug, and they could be the butt plug sisters. Mr. Fields would love it, he can watch up plug each other, then get his cock into our pussies, and feel that butt plug rubbing against his rampant prick. She smiled at the thought, oh yes, it was making her hot. She'd enjoyed a night of pleasure, coming over and over, but her pussy was heating up fast, walking around naked and plugged, she could feel her pussy start to drip. She felt so wanton, so sexually driven, ummm she needed another hard cumming.

    She saw Penny, lust all over her face, and she was hungry to lick Penny's sweet snatch. Penny had done such an awesome lick job on her, she wanted to return the favor.

    They were no sooner in their cabin, when Rose dumped her clothes, and knelt before Penny.

    "Your turn baby, you licked my cunt so well, I want to show you how good I was licking out my sister's sweet snatch."

    Penny eagerly splayed her legs apart, watching the exciting sight of Rose's head moving between her legs. Next to them Lynn and Melinda had taken to one of the beds, and were forming a hot 69. Penny liked the look of that, when Rose speared her tongue in, wriggling it around and sucking hungrily at her juices, Penny's power of speech deserted her, she could only moan loudly as Rose, fired up, went after her pussy, hungrily drinking from the overflowing rush of her juices. The butt plug was making Penny's asshole all tight and twitchy, fuck it felt awesome.

    "Oh yes, Rose baby, lick me baby!"

    Penny could hear muffled cries and grunts from the bed as Melinda and Lynn were licking wildly at each other, Penny reached down, caressing Rose's head, cooing with pleasure as Rose showed her skill at licking her pussy. Damn she really knew her way between her thighs, she felt two fingers stuffed up her creaming center, turning around and hitting that spot so deep inside that always felt so great. Oh so fucking good, she felt her orgasm getting set.

    "Yes, oh yes, keep licking me baby, make me cum!"

    Eager to bring her roomie off, Rose started to lick and suck at her clit, polishing her G spot. Penny felt the glorious climb, oh fuck, she was going to cum so fucking hard. Rose could feel the tremors of Penny's pussy walls gripping at her fingers. Penny's asshole clamped at the butt plug, Penny's scream of climax as she tumbled sounded. Rose's face was inundated with a flood of teen girl cum. Penny was crying out, squirting like a fountain as she dumped her juices all over Rose's face, answering howls and shrieks joining in as Melinda and Lynn crested, bodies writhing in orgasmic ecstasy.

    It took all of a minute, before another combination was formed, Rose found herself on the bed with Lynn. Lynn cooed in her ear, "My turn to make you cum baby!"

    Rose watched the exciting spectacle of Melinda standing over Penny, purring, "Oh yes Penny baby, lick my cunt, make me cum!" Lynn's tongue speared into Rose, and she let out a loud cry of pleasure, her pussy was so hot, it felt like a fireline, and she eagerly gave her pussy up to the maddening rush of pleasure. Lynn really knew her way between a girl's thighs also, and Rose felt the dizzying climb.

    Rose cried out, "Oh god, you're so good, keep licking me sweetheart, make me cum!"

    Lynn was happy to do so, she started to tug gently on Rose's butt plug, making her asshole pulse with the sweet sensations. That powered Rose along, she saw Melinda starting to grunt and gasp, pulling Penny's face tight against her, and a loud shriek as Melinda went over, dumping a rush of teen girl juice all over Penny's smiling face. That took Rose over immediately, she was squealing with pleasure as she crested, pouring out a rush of juices for Lynn to lap at.

    They debated whether or not to leave the butt plugs in while they slept, but decided it would be too exciting to get much sleep. Rose felt the plug being eased out of her, as her asshole puckered back up, she was already missing the fantastic sensation of being filled. They virtually collapsed into bed, exhausted by all the orgasms that had exploded inside of them.

    That was the start of the best part of the month. With Ashley so hot and horny, they'd get together with her in the afternoon or early evening, ummm, getting into a 5 girl daisy chain was so hot, it made Rose into a horny slut, and judging by the cries and grunts of pleasure from the 4 other girls, it got them just as wound up, cumming like crazy, then changing combinations two or three times, eager to get their mouths onto each others hot boxes.

    The late day sex fest with Ashley really got them primed up, they'd be as hot and hungry as counselor Anne, she was a hungry, insatiable woman, her appetite for teen girls was bottomless. When they arrived the next night, Anne was ready for them, she had her strap-on in place. She saw the hungry looks from the 4 sexy teens as they eyed that midnight blue 9 inches rising up, hard and ready. They presented themselves properly plugged up, and the Counselor was eager to take advantage. Anne was also of the mind that they would like something extra, paddling their naked asses would add the spicy rush to their enjoyment.

    Her assumption was proven correct, when she reached into her suitcase, and lifted out a professionally made spanking paddle. Anne was one who always wanted to be prepared for a lucky occurrence, and here it was. She saw the heated lust on their faces, and she took control.

    "Okay girls, in my professional opinion as counselor, I think you need a spanking!"

    She reached into her suitcase, and produced 4 pink ball gags, one for every one of the sexy mouths. She went around to each of them, popping the ball into each mouth, and bucking it shut behind their heads.

    "Perfect, all ready for what you need. Rose, present yourself, bend over and grab your ankles!"

    Rose felt sizzling prickles of lust, she was the first one up, as the Counselor stood behind her, ready to wield the paddle. Rose felt her hungry lust, her naked ass so cocked up, ready to be whacked. She saw her roommates watching, seeing the naked lust on their faces. When the paddle whacked against her ass, she shrieked into her gag, it hurt but at the same time started a fire of needy desire, she could see her roommates watching, the needy desire reflected back at her. She heard Anne voice announce, "One", then the paddle drew back, and another hard whack was delivered, "Two", with the third stroke, her pussy was soaked, the juices of her naked desire was dripping down her thighs. The fourth strike, and she was moaning into her gag, it was starting to feel better, and she wiggled her ass, inviting then next strike, and Anne delivered a fifth strike, smiling as she saw Rose's ass tanned to a red glow. She laid aside the paddle, and ordered Rose to stand bring her body up to a 45 degree angle.

    She felt Anne's fingers probing her pussy, and she purred, "Oh yeah, spanking got you so hot! You loved getting paddled, didn't you?"

    Rose nodded eagerly, wiggling her ass, the fire of her paddled cheeks was driving her wild with lust, and she felt Anne's body step between the straddle of her legs, a nudge, and she shrieked with pleasure into the gag as Anne drove her hips forward, burying her 9 inch midnight blue dildo to the hilt. She felt Anne's pelvis smack against her freshly tanned ass, umm that felt so damn good, and she felt Anne's hands come around her body, grasping her breasts and tweaking her nipples as she started to fuck her needy cunt. She was lifted up to a 45 degree angle, she was staring right at her roommates, she saw the wild lust on their faces as they were just a few feet away, watching the spectacle as Rose became a hungry, lust driven animal. Oh fuck, the strap on was rubbing against her butt plug with each thrust, it was making both holes throb with heat. Rose was in a sexual nirvana, and she let Anne have her way with her.

    Anne gave Rose a real shafting, it was wildly exciting to spank Rose's tight teen ass, and her pussy was a center of gushing heat. Anne's favorite butt plug was stuffed up her ass, the harness was keeping it in position, and the bumps around the harness were nudging against her pubic region, it was hitting her just the right way, fuck it felt so good. She was going to explode pretty damn soon, it made her see through a red haze of lust as she really powered the dildo into Rose, the massive cock pleasuring both of them. She saw Penny, Lynn and Melinda watching, the look of heat, she could see they were all eagerly awaiting their turn to get paddled, and that gave Anne the last push she needed, she could feel her pussy squirming wildly, her asshole stated to pulse around her butt plug.

    "Fuck, fuck, so good, FUCK!"

    Anne voice rose up to a shout of pleasure as her climax burst forth, she was humping Rose wildly, she grunted, "Cum you sexy teen slut, cum all over my cock, DO IT!"

    Rose heard the command, and she tumbled, shrieking into her ball gag as she exploded, holy fuck, it felt like she was going to shake apart as her orgasm lit up her body, her asshole clamping and unclamping around her butt plug, it fell like she was cumming in every cell, as her muffled howls sounded.

    When Anne pulled her dildo out, she told Rose, "Leave that gag in until I tell you otherwise. Penny, get your ass over here, it's your turn!"

    Rose watched as Penny's ass was paddled, her muffled shrieks of mixed pain and pleasure, she started to wiggle her ass for the last stroke, just like Rose had done. It was wildly exciting to see Penny getting shafted by that 9 inches of cunt splitting pleasure, Penny was masturbating wantonly as she was drilled, and Penny's muffled shrieks of pleasure were soon blending with Anne grunts as they tumbled into orgasm.

    When Penny was standing next to Rose, watching as Melinda took her place, both girls reached down and stroked gently at the well paddled heat of each others ass cheeks. Watching Melinda getting paddled then fucked hard, damn, it was almost as much fun as getting paddled themselves, and Penny and Rose fully enjoyed watching Melinda diddling herself in a lust driven frenzy, exploding in orgasm, god it was so fucking hot.

    Then it was Lynn's turn, she took position, and received 5 strokes, then she was drilled as hard as her other three roomies, her muffled cries and grunts of pleasure mixing with Counselor Anne's grunts and groans, as Lynn, like her roomies, was fingering herself wildly, her muffled shirk of completion as she tumbled into orgasm.

    Anne was in her element, paddling and fucking the teens had been wildly exciting, as she instructed the girls to take out their gags, kneel and get ready to lick her pussy.

    Standing over Rose, she told her, "Lick me you sexy little slut, make me cum all over your face!"

    Rose quickly did as ordered, she started to kiss all over Anne's neatly trimmed blonde bush, then parting her labial lips with her fingers, and driving her tongue into Anne's hot, wet heat, pushing her face tight against the hot, horny seam. Anne's loud moan of pleasure sounded as Rose started to eat out the Counselor, eager to display her skill at licking pussy.

    Rose was really enjoying what she was doing, being a horny bitch who was hungry for hot cunts was amazing. She could feel Anne's pussy starting to twitch already.

    Anne's head lolled back and her breathing deepened, god, Rose was another teen sexpot who really knew what she was doing. Rose was a hungry teen slut, her pussy licking skills were very fine, she looked down, saw Rose on her knees, her head of blonde hair bobbing between the spread of her thighs, treating her wet, juicy cunt to a super fine lick job. She could feel that hot, sexy mouth as she was licked, sucked, slurped and probed, eager to make her dump her cum all over her sexy teen face.

    Rose was sizzling, she had her hand down by her pussy, masturbating furiously as she worked over Counselor Anne's hot, dripping pussy, licking that sizzling snatch was amazing, she knew the Counselor was close, and she started to suck hard on her throbbing clit.

    Anne could feel it rising, oh fuck, when she felt Rose's lips fasten around her throbbing clit, sucking hard, she felt the glorious rise.

    "Yes, oh yes you little teen slut, make me cum, gonna do it, gonna cum, yes, yes, fuck, oh FUUCCKKK!"

    Anne shrieked as she felt the explosion, her pussy let loose with a load of cum, and Rose eagerly accepted the rush of cum plastering her face. That shoved Rose into her own climax, her fingers diddling herself crazily as she felt her own pussy let loose with a glorious rush of orgasm. Having Counselor Anne grunt, growl and cry out with orgasm as she dumped a load of girl cum all Rose's face was erotic as all hell.

    When Anne moved over, and let Penny work her over, it didn't take long, Penny had become an expert pussy licker, and she soon got a rush of Counselor Anne's juices over her face, as she crested again, Melinda and Lynn produced similar results, all 4 of the roommates had become very skilled, and Anne was in teen girl heaven.

    Before they went back to their cabin, Counselor Anne was hungry to lick their hot boxes, and her talented mouth brought all 4 roommates to a noisy, squirting release, cries of orgasm filling her cabin as she brought them off, one by one.

    As before, they were ordered to walk back to their cabin naked, and butt plugged, and it was a spicy thrill to risk them being spotted, although the chances were remote. They were to return the next night, and Anne said she had something a little different in mind.

    Before they removed their butt plugs, they formed a daisy chain, eager for one last cum, and one by one, they were soon exploding all over each others faces with a rush of teen girl cum.

    As Rose lay in her bed, she lay on her side, feeling the warmth of well paddled ass start to bank down to a dull ache. she wondered what Counselor Anne had in mind for tomorrow night, she was eager to find out.
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    Nice add, thanks!

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    Thanks for the new chapters! Hot as usual!

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    Part 19

    Rose, Lynn, Penny and Melinda paused just outside the Counselor Anne's cabin door. They had been instructed how to present themselves, and they had plugged each others tight assholes before walking over to Counselor Anne's cabin, now that they were about to step inside, one last thing to do. They took their pink ball gags, and secured them in place. Now they were ready, and they opened the door and stepped inside, lining up for Counselor Anne's inspection.

    Anne was well pleased, such malleable teens, hot, sexy, and very eager to please. She paused in front of each one, and stroked at their pubic region, enjoying the muffled purrs of pleasure. Anne was going to mix it up, she had an idea the roomies would like this twist.

    "Ok girls, let's change things up. Rose, you are going to get paddled, but I will not be the one wielding the paddle, Penny, you will spank Rose's ass, 10 good whaps. Penny, you will then use my strap-on dildo, and fuck Rose's sweet snatch, make her sizzling fuck hole cum all over the dildo. Then, Rose will paddle Penny's ass, then she will get to fuck Penny's tasty fuck-hole, while I watch, and Lynn and Melinda, I want you to lick my pussy while I watch, make me cum all over your faces. Then, it will be Lynn and Melinda's turn to spank and fuck each other, while Penny and Rose lick my hungry box."

    Rose felt a bolt of heat, being spanked was kinky and lustful, but having Penny wielding the paddle, and knowing she would be shafted by Penny just sent the heat factor through the roof. Counselor Anne came up to them, and she was holding the dildo and harness.

    "Let's get this cunt stretcher adjusted."

    Penny stepped into the harness and pulled it up, while the Counselor adjusted the straps to fit Penny's hips. Penny knew when it was right, she felt the protrusions on the front against her pubic region, and she let out a muffled moan through her gag.

    "Ok Penny, remove your gag, grab the paddle and have some fun with it."

    Counselor Anne returned to her bed, she was a few feet away and she lay back a bit, her head propped up, spreading her thighs. Her pussy was wet and juicy, and she was ready.

    "Melinda, over here, remove your gag, you will get first licks. After that, it will be Lynn's turn. Lynn, you will then remove your gag, and service my hot box just like Melinda."

    Rose saw Penny pick up the paddle, getting a grip and swinging it around a bit, getting a feel for it. Penny turned to face her, and the look on her face made Rose tremble with lust.

    Penny felt a charge, the idea of spanking Rose's sexy ass was really ramping her up. Accordingly, she took control.

    "Rose, bend over, grab your ankles, and present your ass for paddling."

    Rose quickly did so, grabbing her ankles and trembling with lust. She held her breath, and she felt the paddle whap her ass. Her shriek was gagged up, she she felt the whap of the paddle, and Penny counting out the strokes, WHACK... "One"...WHACK..."Two"...WHACK..."Three"...

    She heard Anne's voice grunt, "Oh yes, such an excellent cunt lapper! Keep licking me Melinda, make me cum!"

    Rose could feel her lust firing up, she turned her head to see Melinda going after Counselor Anne's steaming box, the fiery pain of her ass cheeks getting whacked was blending with the heat of her sizzing teen fuck-hole, she wiggled her ass, inviting the paddle, and Penny delivered.

    Rose slipped in to a fantasy, she was being paddled for setting her sister up for her virgin busting rape. She imagined Natalie was wielding the paddle, a savage grin on her face, as Natalie growled, "Set me up for a rape, take this you little slut!"


    As Rose's muffled cries of mixed pain and pleasure sounded, she wondered what her sister would think about getting her ass paddled.



    Natalie's body jumped, as she felt Mr. Fields' hand smack her ass, hard. He was fucking her doggy style, as he pulled back, his hand came down, SMACK! on her other cheek. As he rode her, he spanked her cheeks, leaving red handprints on her ass. It stung, but it made her lust climb, the perversity of it, added into a fantasy that took hold of her mind, getting her ass cheeks spanked as punishment for getting raped as her first time, made her body start to roar with lust.

    After 10 hard smacks to each cheek, he grabbed her hips and really shafted her, spanking her ass had given him a case of stoneware cock, and he really reamed out her fiery fuck hole.

    Natalie grunted with pleasure as she felt his pelvis smack hard against her well spanked cheeks, damn, it felt so hot, and she urged him on.

    "Yes, oh yes lover man, really fuck me hard, let me have it!"

    She felt him pull out, she almost cried out at the loss, the she felt her ass cheeks being pulled apart, and with one thrust, Mr. Fields had buried his cock up her ass. Natalie let out a loud howl as she felt his cock part her tightest hole, his cock going in until his balls bounced against her pussy. The smacking of his pelvis against her well spanked cheeks was beyond measure, Natalie shoved her hand down and was masturbating furiously, she wanted to cum just before he did, so he could get the tightest grip ever.

    Mr. Fields could feel his orgasm approaching, Natalie was hot, kinky and very fuckable. She'd teasingly brought up the idea of being spanked while he fucked her, and he was happy to do so. Smacking her cheeks had made his cock an aching, rock hard pole, her ass hole was a gripping cling, making every inch of his cock get the tightest grip ever, a tightness he'd rarely enjoyed, and he could hear her cries and moans, he knew she was masturbating, eager to give his cock a vice grip climax. God, she was amazing, eager to please in every way.

    Natalie was reaching her peak, just before she went over, she imagined her sister Rose, on the bed with her ass up, and Natalie was wielding a paddle, spanking her sister's cheeks while she howled and cried out for more, the idea of paddling Rose's bare ass, took her flying over.

    "Fuck, fuck, FUCK, CUM IN MEEEE!"

    Mr. Fields could feel the grip tighten up as Natalie roared into climax, her ass walls pulsing around his cock, and he growled as he erupted, his cock letting loose with a rush of hot spunk, painting her bowels as he emptied his balls into her milking, eager back door.

    When they flopped down, Natalie could feel the heat of her well spanked ass and the slight soreness of her well fucked asshole, ummm, she loved the marks of her well used body, it made her feel so sexy. As she drifted, she grinned, the idea of spanking Rose had made her cum like a train. When Rose came home, Natalie would be eager to see if her little sister was up for that.



    Rose's ass was crimson red, the pain of her well paddled ass was making her lust roar, and she let out muffled growls and cries of need, she needed to get fucked, and fucked hard.

    Penny's lust was also running wild, wielding the paddle, and spanking Rose's sexy ass was wildly erotic, and she nudged against her, then drove in the entire strap-on with one thrust, and she smacked against the heat of Rose's freshly spanked cheeks. Rose let out a gagged shriek of pleasure as her cunt was split open in one hard thrust, she felt the dildo head thump against the fluttering neck of her cervix, oh yeah, the sweet throbs of her freshly spanked cheeks getting another smack was like pouring gasoline on a fire.

    She was at a 45 degree angle, and she saw Melinda fingering herself wildly while Counselor Anne was cupping her breasts and tweaking her nipples, Lynn was stroking her pussy gently, eager for her turn at Counselor Anne, and Rose felt her hips grabbed, and Penny started to power fuck her, she urged her on with muffled sounds of pleasure.

    Penny was really ramped up, she shafted Rose with hard driving thrusts, thumping against the fluttering wall of her cervix on each in-thrust. Penny felt the hard knob like protrusion on the inside of the harness, just right, it was rubbing insistently against the top of her pussy entrance, she could feel her clit getting nudged, oh fuck, that felt so good. She wished for a fleeting thought that she could be a boy, feeling the tight grip of Rose's pussy milking at her cock, she wondered how it would feel to pump sperm swollen balls into that eager heat. She continued to drive hard and steady, eager to get taken over.

    Rose heard Melinda squealing and crying out into the soupy wetness of Counselor Anne's cunt as she crested, she heard Counselor Anne shriek, "Cumming, fuck oh FUCK!" It was like a chain reaction was set off, she felt Penny give a healthy smack to each of her ass cheeks, she heard Penny's growls as she tumbled, grunting "Cum baby, cum all over my cock, fuck, FUCK!" and as Penny shrieked out her pleasure, Rose's scream of pleasure was gagged, her cunt tightening down on the dildo, as she went over, feeling like she was gonna shake apart.

    "Lynn, get over there, when Penny pulls out, I want you to suck the dildo, give it a hot lick job, and lick it clean of every drop of Rose's juices."

    Lynn quickly did so, kneeling in front of Penny as she pulled out, and presenting the dildo. Lynn did not hesitate, she started to lick the dildo, her taste buds tingling at the mix of Rose's juices, then she started to slide her mouth up and down, giving it a hot blow job.

    Counselor Anne purred, "Oh yes baby, suck it, just like that."

    Rose heard Counselor Anne, as the sound of Lynn's mouth sucking and slurping at the dildo that had just fucked her, she felt her lust perking back up.

    After a minute, Counselor Anne ordered, "Ok, Penny, gag yourself, and present your ass for paddling. Rose, strap on the dildo, take out your gag, and give Penny the same as you got, 10 whacks with the paddle. Lynn, come here and get your mouth on my cunt, and lick me while I watch the fun!"

    Penny quickly did as she was told, grabbing her ankles, her tight, upraised cheeks at the ready. She trembled as she prepared herself for the whacking she was going to get.

    Rose strapped on the dildo, she looked down her body, saw the 9 inches of midnight blue dildo rising up, just like it was her very own cock. Rose took the paddle, and felt a charge of kinky heat as she took control. God, having a ''cock" that many guys would envy for its size, and ready to spank Penny's sexy ass. Rose was staring at those perfect moons, the tight white ass cheeks, ready to make them glow red. Rose took aim, and swung.


    She saw Penny's body jerk as the first strike hit, her shriek was gagged up. The tide of heat that overtook her was red hot, she was seeing through a red haze of lust as she swung again, WHACK..."Two"...WHACK..."Three", she heard Counselor Anne growl, "Oh yes, my little teen slut, lick my cunt, make me cum all over your face!" Rose imagined that she was spanking her sister Natalie, whacking her ass, making her howl as she got the paddling of her life. The imagined scenario, mixed in with the muffled shrieks as Penny was paddled, the grunts and growls of Counselor Anne, made Rose's body seethe with lust. She made sure that Penny got ten good whacks, she could see the bright red glow of her well paddled cheeks, and she lifted Penny up to a 45 degree angle, they could both see Lynn licking wildly, masturbating furiously as she serviced Counselor Anne's dripping fuck hole.

    Penny was eager for Rose to fuck her, the pain of her freshly spanked cheeks was mixing with the dripping lust of her pussy, and she wiggled her hips, eager for Rose to fill her waiting fuck-hole. Rose quickly did so, nudging against her then powering in with one thrust. Penny's muffled howl of pleasure sounded as she was filled with 9 inches of pussy stuffing pleasure, feeling Rose's body smack against her cheeks, making her lust burn hotter.

    Rose was on fire with lust, she rammed Penny with deep, to the hilt thrusts. Rose felt that hard knob like protrusion on the inside of the harness, it was nudging against the top of her pussy every time she buried the dildo, her clit getting nudged every time. Holy fuck that felt so awesome, Rose's lust was at a fever pitch, turning her into a fucking machine. Rose's fingers gripped Penny's hips tightly, pulling her hips back against her with each thrust, to accentuate the driving force of the fucking, as she continued to pound and jackhammer Penny's cunt hard and fast.

    Rose felt her pussy starting to tingle, damn, that knob stimulator hit the right spot om every thrust, and she could feel the fluttering quickly building up, she raced to the verge.

    "Fuck, fuck, gonna cum, FUUUUCCCKKK!"

    She drilled Penny's fuck hole wildly, felt the spasms grab her cunt, and she started shaking and shuddering, her scream of pleasure setting off Counselor Anne.

    "Oh yeah, so hot, fuck, yes, lick me right over the edge, yes, YEEESSSS!"

    She could see Counselor Anne's body shaking and writing, and she heard Lynn's muffled grunts and growls, crying out into the soupy wetness as her body started to shake, and Penny's muffled shrieks told her that all of them had climaxed, perfect.

    "Lynn, over there, on your knees, and suck Penny's juices off the dildo."

    Lynn quickly did as ordered, eager to taste the juices of Penny's fuck lust, and she savored every drop, licking the dildo all over then giving it a blow job to make sure she had every bit of that yummy essence.

    Then it was Lynn and Melinda's turn with the spankings, while Rose and Penny eagerly trotted over to the spread of Counselor Anne's thighs. Rose virtually dived in, eager to lick up all the heat filled juices. She heard the familiar WHACK sound, Lynn counting out "One", then another WHACK as Melinda got her ass paddled. Rose went wild on Counselor Anne's pussy, wriggling her tongue in, licking and sucking like she was possessed, one more WHACK, and "Ten". She heard the rising squelch of juices, Melinda's muffled grunts as Lynn was now shafting Melinda, and Rose attached her mouth to Counselor Anne's eager clit, sucking and nipping gently, shoving two fingers in to the wet heat, and finger fucking her wildly.

    "Fuck, umm, such a good little slut, yes, baby, gonna cum, gonna cum, fuck, LICK MEEEE!"

    Rose closed her eyes, and felt a rush of juices splattered across her face, another shriek and another rush of cum, as Counselor Anne mopped her down with five rushes of cum, giving Rose the wettest, juciest facial she'd ever gotten.

    She heard a howl from Lynn as the strap on knob took her over, and Melinda's muffled shrieks of pleasure as she crested, and she knew what was next. She hurried over, enjoying the sight of Melinda's pussy split open, then the dildo withdrew, and she saw Melinda's juices coating that shaft, and she eagerly went after it, licking it all up, then running her mouth up and down in a blow job, cleaning it of every bit of Melinda's essence.

    The scene was set up again, and Lynn was paddled and reamed out, Melinda giving her a hard shafting, as Penny plunged into Counselor Anne's overheated triangle, and the cabin was again filled with the sounds and smells of hot lust, and the rising chorus of orgasmic cries.

    As they left the cabin, all of them naked, plugged and gagged, they cautiously made their way back to their cabin, and quickly dashed inside, they had a gold mine of sexual pleasure going, and they didn't want to spoil it by having someone see them, naked, gagged and butt plugged outside of their cabin.

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    This story is EPIC!

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    Part 20

    "Been quite the summer hasn't it?"

    Penny's comment made her roommates smile. Ashley was also with them, she was smiling too. They were sitting in the big auditorium just off the main hall. It was departure day, and they were waiting for their parents to come and get them.

    Rose reflected, yes, it had been an incredible summer. Ashley was servicing Counselor Anne in the afternoon, it just fired her up even more. Having Ashley's hot and horny needs, she had come over every night after dinner to the roomies, and they had an all out orgy. When Ashley had gone back to her cabin just before lights out, the teens were hungry for Counselor Anne. Their sexual romps with Ashley just got them primed up for more, and Counselor Anne would take care of them after lights out. She had mixed it up, so every roommate got her ass whacked by every one of the others. Lynn had a great skill, paddling her ass perfectly, not too hard, and not too soft. Her fucking style with the strap on had been hard and fast, Rose loved getting power fucked like a slut in heat, and she had cum like crazy. Melinda had a stronger stroke, it made her ass hot globes of well paddled red. Her strap on fucking style had been gentle and loving, when she took Rose's pussy, and slid in, she kept it slow and gentle, whispering endearments to her, until Rose's cunt had gripped tight, cumming all over the plunging 9 inches of pleasing dildo.

    Last night, their last night in camp, Counselor Anne had spanked all of them with 5 healthy whacks to each cheek, then eaten them out one by one, and had then fucked them one right after the other. The feel of Counselor Anne's dildo, ramming their sopping pussies, rubbing against their butt plugs had made the horny roomies explode like crazy. She smiled, her butt plug was stashed in her luggage, hidden away in one of the side pockets.

    Ashley had slept over in their cabin the last night, cuddled against Rose's nude body. They had awakened early and had quickly formed a 5 girl daisy chain, recreating the loving licks and plunging fingers that had dominated their time at camp, driving each other to climax one last time, to remember summer camp by.

    Melinda replied, "I never knew summer camp could be so much fun."

    Rose joined in, "Now that I know how much fun it is to go both ways, my sister is going to have a horny little sister, I'm gonna be a sex hungry slut, eager for both her and Mr. Fields. I can't wait to go down on my sister, and lick her sweet cunt until she cums all over my face. We're going to display our sisterly love for each other to Mr. Fields, start off with that, or maybe a 69, in front of Mr. Fields, that will really get his cock up! And Mr. Fields, I can't wait until he rams me like a slut, stiffens up, lets out those noises I know so well, and explodes, the feel of his hot spunk jetting into me so deep, I have missed that so much."

    Penny replied, "So, do we all have each others addresses, cellphone numbers?" At the nods from everyone, Penny smiled and said, "Excellent, I want us to get together on a regular basis, you are all too hot and sexy for me to just say goodbye to."

    Lynn said, "Since we all live in the same city, it will be easy to get together, after school, weekends, and arrange weekend sleepovers, and Rose, you mentioned that your older sister would probably be up for getting in our all girl gang bangs."

    Rose smiled and said, "Oh yes, my sister has become a sex hungry slut, just like me! The best thing I ever did for her was to get the lifeguard at our local pool to rape away her tight little cherry. She's just as much a horny live sex doll for Mr. Fields, as I am."

    Penny smiled, and said, "I've been thinking about the great times we can have, 5 girl gang bangs can become a regular thing, I love it! Six, if was can get Rose's sister Natalie to join the fun.''

    Ashley grinned, and replied, "Sounds perfect. I'm looking forward to getting home, I have 6 very horny Moms who are eager for me to give them what they need. When I was packing, and they gave us our phones back, I got a text from Vivian Tyson, one of the hot moms that I service. She's really hot, 40, big tits, nicely curved waist, red hair and green eyes, with an ass that could stop a train. That red hair matches her sex drive, she's pretty well insatiable. She says her loutish husband, who hasn't touched her in a month, is going to a 3 day sales convention in Chicago the day after tomorrow, and she wants me to come and stay with her while he's away. She said, and this is a quote, 'I've just about worn out my vibrator trying to get some relief. Once I get my hot little hands back on your sweet body, you are going to eat my horny fuck hole, and strap on my dildo and ram me until I scream. Then it'll be my turn, I will do the same to you, eat your pussy and fuck your sweet teen cunt to as to as many orgasms as I see fit. By the time he returns, I want us both to be walking bowlegged.' "

    She looked up at us with a big grin, and said, "Could I use you as my cover for where I'll be sleeping during that time?"

    Lynn smiled and said, "Of course, we'll be happy to help. How about if you use my number?"

    Ashley said, "Thank you, it's great to have gotten to know you. My parents were hoping I'd make more friends, it's great the kinds of friends I've made."

    Rose said, "It's great to have gotten to know you too, you've inspired us in another way also. Seeing that very sexy tattoo of the Little Mermaid on your left ass cheek, made us want to place a tattoo on our cheeks. We will all be 16 soon, and we can get tattooed without our parents say-so. We are all going to get inked on our birthdays, and we've decided to do a sort of tattoo that binds us together. All four of us will get a Queen card tattooed on our right ass cheek."

    Ashley enthused, "Oh that sounds really hot. Have you decided who gets what Queen?"

    Rose smiled and said "Yes we have. We took the Queens and dealt them out. I will have the Queen of Hearts, Penny will have the Queen of Clubs, Melinda will have the Queen of Diamonds, and Lynn will have the Queen of Spades. We will all be at each other's inking, would you like you to come and watch with us?"

    Ashley exclaimed, "Oh yes, it's gonna be great to see your hot sexy asses getting inked! I might just go in for another tattoo myself. The Moms go wild when they see my ass tattoo, the two that use a dildo on me always want to fuck me doggy style, so they can see that sex hungry inking of the Little Mermaid in motion while they ram my horny fuck hole! I think they might be working up the courage to get some ink of their own, they have asked me a lot of questions about how it feels, does it hurt too much, what tattoo artists did I use. Have to think up another Disney character that I can sex up for my right ass cheek!"

    When they were picked up, they all smiled a goodbye, knowing that they would be seeing each other quite regularly.

    On the way home, Rose's Mom and Dad asked her questions about summer camp.

    "So did you enjoy camp?"

    "Yes, I sure did."

    "Did they have lots of activities that caught your interests?"

    Rose almost giggled, before she caught herself and said, "Yes, they had lots of things and activities for us to enjoy."

    "Did you meet some nice girls, make some new friends?"

    "Yes, in fact, I have become very good friends with my 3 roommates, Penny Fischer, Lynn Robinson and Melinda Walters, and one of the other girls, Ashley Markelson. We talked about getting together, and having sleepovers."

    Her Mom beamed, "Yes indeed, I would love to meet your new friends, have them come over for a weekend sleepover "

    Rose suppressed a grin as she replied, "Oh I will indeed."

    When she got home, Natalie was waiting for her, and they passed a knowing look, eager to get together in more than a sisterly way. When Rose went upstairs to her room to unpack, Natalie followed, and in Rose's room, Rose felt Natalie's body come up behind her, spooning her, her big tits pressed against her back, and she sighed with pleasure as Natalie's hands came around, unbuttoned her blouse. With no bra in the way, Natalie was happy to take advantage, cupping her breasts and tweaking her nipples, bringing soft growls of pleasure from Rose.

    "If Mom and Dad weren't home, I'd have you down on the bed, stark naked, and I'd pin you to the bed with my tongue until you came like a horny slut, than ram you with my dildo, making you cum like crazy again! Mr. Fields is away on a business trip, but I have the key to his house, so, after dinner, let's go over there, and do exactly what I said!"

    Rose turned herself, and she cooed, "Yes, oh yes," she opened Natalie's blouse, slipped it off her shoulders. The feel of their naked breasts against each other, stiff nipples brushing aginst the other's sisters equally excited tits, their room filled with soft moans, then their mouths came together in tongue filled swirls of passion, making the sisters hot and eager. When they finally parted, both faces were flushed, eyes wide, hearts beating faster.

    "Until tonight, my sweet sister."

    With that Natalie left her room. Rose smiled as she unpacked her butt plug. Tonight, Natalie was going to get her tight little ass plugged and spanked.

    Natalie was ready, her double delight dildo, an 18 inch double dildo, a jeweled butt plug and a spanking paddle were stashed over at Mr. Fields' house, they were going to get good use tonight. Natalie trembled as she imagined her sister bent over, having the plug stuffed up her tight little ass hole, Natalie wielding the spanking paddle that she had bought a couple of days ago, paddling Rose's bare cheeks, tanning them to a red and throbbing color.

    When they got to his house, Natalie wasted no time. In the bedroom, clothes flew off, both sisters stared at each other's nudity, both of them feeling the ramping up of sexual lust.

    "Rose, I have some fun toys just for you."

    Rose felt the rush of heat, as Natalie took out her instruments of pleasure. Knowing what she was in for made her lust roar.

    "On the bed, hands and knees!" Natalie commanded in her older sister in control voice.

    Rose was quickly in position, and Natalie said in a mock serious tone, "Rose you were a bad girl, setting me up for a rape. That cannot go unpunished!"

    Rose felt her sister's mouth against her ass, OH GOD YES, and she moaned with absolute pleasure as her sister was now licking eagerly at the tight rose shaped pucker of her ass hole, her tongue probing at the tight clench, then she let out a louder moan as her sister slipped two well lubed fingers in, spreading KY up her back door, getting her ready. She felt the press of the butt plug, then it slid in, oh yes, the big flare was spreading her open so nicely, then with one last push, her asshole pukered up around the stem, keep her ass hole stuffed.

    Natalie stood up, and took the paddle, the sight of Rose in the perfect position, her tight asshole plugged, her ass raised up for the paddle's not so tender ministrations was making her own pussy seethe with heat.

    "Now, you bad girl who sets her sister up for rape, count out each stroke!"


    WHACK.. "Two, ummm"

    Natalie saw Rose wiggle her ass, and heard the unmistakable mmm, she grinned, her horny little sister likes it, and she swung again.

    WHACK.. "Three, oh yes"

    WHACK.. "Four, I love it, spank me more!"

    Natalie was happy to oblige, and the whacks filled the bedroom. Accompanied by Rose's grunts and pleadings for more, Natalie paddled Rose 10 times.

    When Rose raised herself up, she felt the well spanked glow of her ass cheeks, and she took over.

    "Natalie, assume the position, you are going to get as good as you gave out!"

    In very short order, Natalie felt Rose's butt plug breeching her, and she let out a squeal as her back door was stuffed.

    Rose said, "At summer camp, we had a cougar who was on the prowl for teen girls, and we serviced her at lot. She taught us how to spank each other, and getting whacked felt so damn good! Just like me my sweet sister, count the strokes!"

    Natalie felt the tremors of excitement, Mr. Fields spanked her with his hand, and not too hard, she was trembling at the idea that she was going to get a full on paddling.


    Natalie squealed as she took the first stroke, she managed a shaky "One" as Rose drew the paddle back.


    That drew a grunt from Natalie, and her voice was bit steadier as she counted out "Two".

    Rose could feel the heat of her well paddled cheeks merging with the burning lust that was building up in her pussy. Whacking her sister's ass was such a turn on, and she drew back for the next stroke.


    Natalie could feel a building lust, as she counted out "Three", she was getting a good, solid spanking, and it was making her lust stoke up.


    "Four, ummm, it's starting to feel real good, spank me again!"

    Rose was happy to do so, and she gave her sister's ass 6 more hard whacks, Natalie counting out the strokes and begging for more after each spank.

    Rose was seeing through a haze of lust, both sisters had matching well paddled red cheeks, and Rose grabbed up the double dildo, and Natalie growled with pleasure as she was quickly impaled. Rose took to her hands and knees, turned her ass to her sister's, and nudging the dildo against her, she pushed her hips back, letting out purrs of pleasure as she skewered her burning pussy.

    Natalie grunted, "Oh fuck, I'm so stuffed, let's ride this big fucker!"

    Ass to ass, the stiff dildo bonding their cunts together, Rose and Natalie rode that pleasure stick. Rose felt Natalie's hands reaching for her, and they gripped hands as they bucked back and forth. Rose grunted, she could feel their asses smack together as they bucked back and forth, the dildo and the butt plug rubbing against each other, making her body into one giant writhing mass of lust.

    Natalie was seeing stars, having both her lower holes filled was the ultimate in eroticism, her body was virtually vibrating with pleasure. Being paddled had made her lust rocket, feeling her ass smacking against her sister, oh god, it was making her see through a red haze of lust.

    The room was filled with the wet, juicy squelches as they fucked themselves furiously, squeals, cries and groans of pleasure as both sisters chased the beckoning orgasm. Rose could feel it reach a crazy crescendo, then the tightening up, and she screamed aloud as her pussy exploded in a huge gush of juices, dimly, she heard Natalie screaming "FUCK, FUCK!" as her sister went over with her.

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    Hot hot stuff! Thanks Groom!

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    Love the story. Keep it coming!



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