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    Great keep them cumming

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    Part 17

    The roomies were sprawled out with Ashley in a breathless heap, it had been so fucking hot, it was like the room was shimmering with sexual heat.

    With lights out coming up, Ashley got dressed and went back to her cabin with a big smile on her face. Ummm, Rose, Penny, Lynn and Melinda were just what her horny urges needed, so tasty, so eager to be pleased and to please her in turn. She has smilingly invited them to come and do it in her cabin tomorrow, and they had eagerly accepted. Amazing how things can turn around so quickly. She was going to sleep well tonight.

    Back in the roommates cabin, the 4 roomies had gotten dressed, just shorts and T shirts, knowing that they would be naked very soon. It was almost time for lights out, and Counselor Anne Bessie was going to get them. Fired up by Ashley's boundless desire for their pink holes, they were all ready to lick Anne to heaven and back.

    A few seconds after lights out, they slipped out the door. Keeping to the shadows they crept towards Counselor Bessie's cabin. They reached her door, rapped softly, and heard a throaty "Come in girls."

    Rose led they way, and they all stopped and took in the sight. Anne was almost naked, wearing just a fire engine red garter belt and red stockings. The lust on her face, she was more than ready for them, and they quickly stripped, enjoying the Counselor's look of lust.

    Anne was filling her eyes, ummm, just what she wanted, mid teens girls with high sex drives and very hot cunts, and she locked her eyes on Rose.

    "Come over here Rose, on your knees and lick my cunt!"

    Rose quickly did as ordered, with Counselor Bessie standing over her, legs spread and pussy simmering, Rose started to kiss all over Anne's neatly trimmed blonde bush, then parting her labial lips with her fingers, and driving her tongue into Anne's hot, wet heat. A loud moan of pleasure sounded as Rose started to eat out the Counselor.

    Rose was really enjoying being between Anne's thighs, licking out a woman older than her was a real turn on. She was going to lick that sweet cunt until her toes curled.

    Anne's head lolled back and her breathing deepened, god, Rose was another teen sexpot who really knew what she was doing. Anne felt a sensation, as Melinda and Penny got in on the act, each of them taking a nipple, beginning to suck and lick, while Lynn got her head in, and was kissing her belly, and swirling her tongue around her navel.

    "Umm, oh yes my little teen sexpots, fuck that feels so good, make me cum!"

    Rose really got into the rhythm, licking pussies was amazing, she knew she'd be an unwavering bi-sexual, it was way too much fun to confine herself to one gender. Being on her knees, licking Counselor Bessie's wet, juicy pussy as she had imagined, was more exciting than ever. She licked, sucked, slurped and probed, eager to make the counselor explode, she wanted the feel of her hot lady cum all over her face. Rose could feel the lust driven throb of her own pussy, she fought down the desire to stroke herself, she wanted to be sexually pent up, and have Counselor Bessie wring an explosive orgasm from her.

    Anne could feel it rising, oh fuck, being worked over by four hot teen sexpots was like a dream come true. She felt Rose's lips fasten around her throbbing clit, sucking hard.

    "Yes, oh yes you little teen slut, make me cum, gonna do it, gonna cum, yes, yes, fuck, oh FUUCCKKK!"

    Anne shrieked as she felt the explosion, her pussy let loose with a load of cum, and Rose eagerly accepted the rush of cum plastering her face. Having the counselor grunt, growl and cry out with orgasm as she dumped a load of girl cum all Rose's face was erotic as all hell.

    Soon, Melinda was on her knees, sucking and licking the counselor's hot, dripping pussy, while Rose was happy to take over the nipple that Melinda had been sucking on. Lynn had attached herself to the other nipple, while Penny went after Anne's belly.

    It didn't take long, once Anne had cum for the first time in a session, she was quick to build back, and her squeals of orgasm filled the cabin, as she squirted another rush of cum, bathing Melinda's face as she was expertly licked to orgasm.

    Once again the roomies switched, and Lynn got her mouth against Anne's dripping pussy, eagerly tasting her juices, then planting her mouth tight against the counselor wet, pink trail, eager to get as much as she could.

    Once again, Anne could feel the agile tongue sliding between her lips, wriggling around, while her tits and her belly were so delightfully stimulated, these 4 teen hotties really knew what they were doing, oh god, she quickly crested again, her howls of pleasure sounding as Lynn got her face creamed.

    When Anne had got her bearings back, she wanted to ride them, and make them cum so hard around her dildo. She lubed up her butt plug, enjoying the looks on the girl's faces as she slid it into her ass, feeling the flare stretch her out, then ahhh, the plug was all the way in, her tight asshole locking around the stem. The twitchy throbs between her ass walls was going to make her cum so hard. She quickly donned her harness, and saw the looks of expectation as the girls locked onto the 9 inch midnight blue dildo rising up, hard and ready.

    "Penny, Hands and knees, now!" Anne ordered. "and everyone else, line up, same position, so I can just go to you after I've brought the one before you off!"

    Anne saw the view, four sexy teen cunts, asses upthrust, legs spread, ready to be fucked. Damn, what a situation, and she got behind Penny, and nudged against her.

    "Get ready baby, I'm going to fuck you so good!"

    Penny felt her hips being grabbed, and with a strong, single thrust, Penny growled with pleasure as her eager teen cunt felt the stuffing of Anne's dildo driving into her. She felt it being buried, nudging hard against her cervix, oh yeah, so deep, she loved being filled to the brim.

    "Oh fuck, yeah, so deep, fuck me hard, make me cum!"

    Anne was happy to do so, she was more than ready. Her favorite butt plug stuffed up her ass, the harness was keeping it in position, and the bumps around the harness were nudging against her pubic region, it was hitting her just the right way, fuck it felt so good. It made her see through a red haze of lust as she really powered the dildo into Penny, the massive cock pleasuring both of them. She slid a finger into her mouth, slobbered all over it, and heard a cry of pleasure as Penny felt her ass being probed, then a louder cry of pleasure as a lubed up butt plug replaced her finger and was driven in, with one hard thrust.

    "Oh yeah, make me cum!"

    Anne grinned, she always brought a good supply of butt plugs with her to camp, to introduce eager teens to the joys of anal sex. She had more than enough, each one of the roomies was going to get their own personal plug.

    Penny could feel the tingles of her orgasm beginning to build, she'd never had both holes fucked before, it was wild. Holy fuck, she was going to explode with a hard dildo ramming her, and a butt plug stuffed up her back door. The feel of both holes filled, rubbing against each other was insanely hot. She felt her need to cum rise towards the boiling point.

    Anne felt her pussy give a lurch, and the rush of orgasm gripped her, she howled out, "Fuck, fuck, cumming, fuck FUCCKKK!"

    Penny went over with her, she felt her tight little pussy clamp down on the dildo and with her ass pulsing in time around the plug, she let out a shriek of pleasure as she orgasmed, god, it felt like she was gonna shake apart. She thought of the day her brother had taken her cherry, his sperm filled balls exploded, her tight little pussy milking hard at him, all that hot, incestuous cum bring sucked up into her pill protected womb. That remembrance just carried her on as the Counselor and Penny were shaking and shuddering in orgasmic completion.

    "Leave that plug right where it is Penny, feel how good the stretch is!"

    Rose, Lynn, and Melinda had been watching as Penny got reamed, and Rose tingled with delight, she was next. She saw the Counselor pull out her dildo, it was dripping with Penny's juices. Anne got behind her, nudged the dildo against her, and with a single thrust, her pussy was filled, ummm, the dildo was well lubed by Penny's juices, and the Counselor grabbed her hips, ready to ride her. As the Counselor pulled back and started to get into the rhythm of a hot fuck, Rose wondered what her sister was up to.


    At that moment, Natalie was pinned to the bed in the master bedroom of Mr. Fields' house, her knees over his shoulders, her pussy upthrust and spread wide for his big cock, her body writhing and humping up to meet his thrusts, as he drove his cock in and out, his sperm filled balls smacking against her ass on each plunge. It was the third time today, and his cock was just as hard, his eagerness just as piqued, as the first time.

    When she'd come home from her afternoon with Rose, Mr. Fields had been eager for her, and she was like a hungry, lust filled animal. Ummm, her romp with her sister, and the idea that they would become a team for Mr. Fields' cock, was erotic as hell. Natalie's heated up state was infectious, it drove Mr. Fields on, he was like a stallion, his cock was soaring up like a 17 year old, and Natalie took full advantage. She smiled, her tight little cunt had never been so well used. The feeling of his slick, swollen cock, spreading open her tight walls just drove her on, she was his own hot, horny live sex doll, and she reveled in what she was.

    The bodies smacked together, wet liquid squelches from her gushing pussy had overflowed, running down the natural channel between her cheeks. His grunts and growls of pleasure mingled with her cries and squeals, she could feel them climbing up to that plane.

    Natalie gasped, "Oh yeah, I want your balls to explode, cream my tight little cunt, make me cum!"

    Mr. Fields was fucking her furiously, his cock was moving into firing position, reaching the verge. He grabbed her ass cheeks, and pulled them apart.

    Natalie felt the swelling, his cock at full extension, and she felt his finger sliding over the tight rim of her asshole. It all came together as he drove his finger in, she went tumbling over, squeals of orgasm sounding, her holes tightening up around his finger and his cock. Her pussy wildly massaged him, her asshole tightened down on his plunging finger, her juices bathed his cock, and he grunted, and his cock let loose. Natalie felt a rush of sperm filled wetness being pumped all over her tight walls, the bloom of heat always felt so good, her pussy eagerly accepting his rich load.

    After she'd milked every drop out of him, he flopped down, and Natalie knew that he'd be raring to go in the morning. Her teen sexuality really kept his pump primed, as Rose had sampled his prowess, so was Natalie was enjoying his abilities. As she thought about her sister, she smiled, and wondered what Rose was up to at this moment.


    Rose was feeling incredible surges of pleasure. Her pussy was getting a serving of Penny's juices pumped up inside her, her juices were making a wet squelch as the Counselor power fucked her, reaming her out with deep plunging thrusts. She felt a wet finger against her, testing her tight ass, and the Counselor had another lubed plug at the ready. The plug was pushed in, her ass stretching around the flare, then clamping around the stem, keeping her ass stretched out, and she was in a vortex of lust.

    "Oh fuck, feels so good, fuck my ass, fuck my cunt, make me cum!"

    Anne smiled as she continued to pound and jackhammer Rose's cunt, she loved it when they pleaded, and she felt the building of her own orgasm.

    Rose was getting just what she needed, the hard dildo was a substitute for Mr. Fields' cock, she had sorely missed his cock to ram her every day, and she pumped her hips back at the plunging dildo, eager to get stuffed as deep as possible, the counselor was gripping her hips tightly, she was really laying the wood to her eager snatch. The feel of both holes being used, plug and dildo rubbing against each other was amazing. Ummm, her plug was going to get a lot more use, she could stuff her plug in during her morning shower, oh yeah, washing her body was going to take on a whole new level of eroticism. Buy one for Natalie, she was sure Natalie would adore it. They could be the butt plug sisters, get Mr. Fields even more excited as they would plug each other for his pleasure. Thinking of her sister, and the idea of sliding a plug into Natalie's pink puckered asshole made her lust soar, and her orgasm was getting set to hit.

    Rose grunted, "Oh fuck, gonna make me cum, fuck yes, yes, YES!!"

    The climax hit with a punishing force, her pussy was exploding with juices, scrubbing wildly at the plunging dildo, her ass pulsing with sweet throbs of sensation, as she screamed and howled, her body being shaken to the core. Dimly, she heard Counselor Bessie's shriek, as her counselor went over the top with her, both bodies shaking wildly in orgasmic fulfillment.

    Rose was also instructed to keep her butt plug snugged up between her cheeks, and Penny and her enjoyed the show as Lynn, then Melinda were mounted and fucked hard, butt plugged, and driven to climax, more howls and shrieks of pleasure filling the counselor's cabin.

    The roommates were then instructed to stand, legs apart. Rose discovered that the counselor sure knew her way between a girl's thighs as she squealed and cried out in orgasm as Anne took to her knees and delivered a hot lick job to each of them, one right after the other. It was fun to watch the expressions of climactic bliss on the faces of Penny, Lynn and Melinda as they were taken up to a noisy, squirting release, Anne liked to gently tug on the butt plugs, and the added stimulation made all 4 of them crest very quickly, Anne was in teen girl heaven as her face received four very juicy washings.

    The counselor stood up, and said, "Excellent, now girls, I want you to go back to your cabin, and you will walk back there with your butt plugs in place. Tomorrow, I want you all back here, same time, and you will present yourselves properly plugged, and ready for more hot sex."
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