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    Rose and Natalie

    Part 1

    Ever since they were kids, Natalie was always bossing her little sister Rose around. Being the three and a half year age difference, Natalie acted like she was the chosen one, and Rose had to suffer the indignities of being the kid sister. Natalie was always telling her what to do, ordering Rose like she was a fucking servant for the chosen one. She was always flouncing around, nose in the air, bragging about her virginity, and proclaiming how no one except some Prince Charming would take it on some future wedding night. Rose was sick of her sister's attitude, Rose had given up her virginity just after her 15th birthday, and good riddance to it.

    Her daddy's business partner, Mr. Fields, had done the honors. Mr. Fields was married, him and his wife had enjoyed a healthy sex life until two years ago, when she had gone nutty religious, deemed sex sinful and immoral, and cut him off from any sexual activity. He got off the built up loads by masturbation, but there was nothing like good, solid fucking with a hot and willing partner. His frustration at being denied the pleasures that him and his wife used to enjoy so freely, it weighed heavily. He didn't want to start an affair, or use some hooker, he had to protect his reputation. He was also terrified of picking up some deadly sexually transmitted disease.

    When Rose turned 14, puberty kicked in, giving her a more nubile shape, filling out her body, plumping her boobs up from tiny little bumps to a healthy 34C. She noticed that whenever she was around Mr. Fields, he'd check out her developing body, and sometimes he had to disguise the fact that he had a hot, stiff erection. Knowing that she was making him hot made her hot, her nightly masturbation fantasies had him driving his hard cock deep inside, plucking her cherry, riding her until she climaxed to the imagined rush of his hot seed spraying deep inside her.

    When she turned 15, she took the bull by the horns. She got herself on the pill, when it was in effect, she sent Mr. Fields an e-mail, with very explicit pictures of her nude body. Her suggestion to come and see or better yet, touch her in person, she knew that she would be in the house alone Friday afternoon, and she said she hoped that he would take her invitation. He wasted no opportunity, and Rose knew that he was there to collect, and she intended to deliver. A suggestion that they go up to her bedroom, and get comfortable, and she enjoyed giving him a private strip show, watching his pants tenting way up as he fattened his eyes with the sight of a very horny, very eager 15 year old. His eyes were everywhere, from her 34C chest, her perky nipples, stiff, erect and achy with need, and his eyes were wide and staring as he drank in the sight of her bare, shaved mons, and he was quickly naked.

    Rose saw his cock, 8 inches of hard, horny male flesh, she savored the idea. Looking at the hard instrument of her deflowering had really ramped her up, her pussy wanted it, NOW.

    She had purred, "Come and fuck me Mr. Fields, I'm all tight and virgin for you, you'll be the first man to fill up my tight little pussy!"

    Her legs spread, she watched with wide eyes as Mr. Fields was quickly in position. He ran his cockhead up and down her lips, bringing the juices bubbling up, and he coated his cockhead in that hot lube. He wanted to be well lubed up, he wanted her first time to be something she could look back on with pleasure and fond remembrance. He nudged his cockhead against her, ready for the plunge.

    "Are you ready sweet Rose? This may hurt a bit."

    Rose had felt the wild excitement, she nodded, and she felt him press into her. She grunted as she felt him against her cherry, he pushed harder, she arced up to meet him, gritting her teeth, then she felt her cherry surrender and she gasped, flinched and made a pained cry as Mr. Fields' cock breeched her virginity. He paused, but Rose grabbed his ass, pulling hard against him, and growled, "Don't stop, keep going, all the way!" letting out another small cry as his cock surged past her torn hymen, and as Mr. Fields buried his cock, she gave out a choked cry of mixed pain and pleasure, one last hard thrust as he completed her deflowering, his balls smacking against her ass.

    At Rose's urging, he started to ride her, oh god that felt good. The first few thrusts were a bit abrasive, but after those first plunges, it got much better. Her pussy was getting stretched out, accommodating this most welcome intrusion, she felt the rush of her juices, bathing his cock, and he let out a loud grunt of pleasure as he felt the acceptance, and the hot juices surrounding his cock, as he savored the hot, liquid depths of her pussy.

    Rose cooed, "Yes, oh yes, feels so good. My first fuck, and it feels like heaven. Keep fucking me Mr. Fields, make me cum!"

    Mr. Fields felt the wild rush of lust, he was fucking a 15 year old, the daughter of his business partner no less. The virgin tight grip was a milking, sucking vortex, beyond anything he had enjoyed. She was a real little hot fuck, her body writhing beneath him, smacking her hips up against his, to get every last bit of his cock buried, urging him on. Holy shit, she was a virgin, he could knock her up.

    He stopped in mid stroke, Rose opened her eyes, and he said, "Rose, are you...are you protected?"

    She purred, "No worries lover, my baby chamber is pill protected, It's not gonna get knocked up until I want it to be. I want every drop of your hot sperm inside my protected womb!"

    Mr. Fields felt the rush of relief, and he growled back, "You are one hot piece of ass baby, I'm gonna blow a gusher into your tight virgin cunt!"

    Rose moaned, "Oh yeah... fuck me... fuck me hard and deep! Do it hard...harder...yes, yes, oh yes, ream out my tight little pussy, then cream my tight little hole with its first load of hot sperm!"

    Rose felt a rush of lust, hearing her pussy being called a cunt, god, that was so hot, umm, he sure knew how to fuck her. He was 40, and Rose had heard that older guys knew how to fuck better, they could last longer, and make sure that she exploded before he blew his load inside her. Mr. Fields was exactly what she imagined an older guy could do for her. She wrapped her legs around his waist, ummm, even better, she felt his cockhead deep inside, she imagined it ready to explode, his big balls swollen with a huge load of hot sperm to pour into her. That did it, and she felt the burning tingles down deep, ready to sweep up and grab her.

    "Oh yes, gonna cum, gonna cum so hard, so fucking hard, flood my pussy, yes, cream MEEEEEE!"

    As her voice rose up to a shriek of pleasure, she heard him growl, "Oh fuck yeah, cumming, fuck, FUCK!" Her orgasm surged into her, just as she felt his cock buried deep one last time, the pulsing of her walls milking at him, she felt the hot, wet rush of his creamy explosion. Oh god, that felt so good, his cum was splattering against her cervix, the hungry milking ripples pulling it deep into her womb, as he continued to pump long, thick spurts, until his big balls were finally drained. Ummm, that had been just the fuck she had been dreaming of.

    Rose was eager for more, and her suggestion that they do this regularly had been eagerly accepted. Mr. Fields was a strong and virile 40, and Rose was happy to offer her pussy, her mouth and her ass for his fucking pleasure. They were now seeing each other 3-4 times a week, and Mr. Fields was more than ready to make up for lost time. The first time they'd done anal, Rose felt like she'd been split open, but she was determined to stay with it. She wanted all three of her hot, horny holes for fun and games, they had used plenty of lube, and after a while, the pain faded, and the pleasure as she got her asshole virginity removed was crazy hot. She was masturbating furiously, eager to cum while she was being ass fucked, and the tightening down of her ass as she orgasmed took Mr. Fields over, he roared like a bull as his cock exploded, pumping thick hard spurts, saturating her bowels with a flood of hot cum.

    Sometimes they would be in his big Cadillac parked at the end of an abandoned county road. When they got to the road, they would fuck like teens in the back seat until both of them were writhing and shuddering in orgasmic ecstasy, Rose savoring the feeling of his iron hard cock pumping a rich flood of his cream deep inside her.

    Sometimes, she'd stop by the office, ostensibly to visit her daddy, then her and her lover would slip unnoticed into a small conference room. As Mr. Fields locked the door, Rose would smilingly strip naked so he enjoy the view of her 15 year old nudity while she serviced his cock. Rose loved being on her knees in the classic subservient cocksucker position, and she would take that big beauty into her mouth, and give Mr. Fields a hot, wet toe tingling blow job. She had taught herself how to be a first class cocksucker, and once she was into her blowjob rhythm, it didn't take long before Mr. Fields was caressing her blonde hair, and letting loose with an explosion of creamy goodness for her to swallow.

    A couple of weekends, she was able to get her girlfriend to cover for her, and Mr. Fields would take her out to the big beachside home that was his home away from home. It didn't take long before Rose was naked as the day she was born, playing happily in the surf, her body glistening with the ocean water dripping off her body. When she was back inside, Mr. Fields took her to bed, and she got the best. He lavished a long, lingering session of foreplay on her, she was panting and gasping as he skillfully worked his way down her body, and when he went after her soaking box, she came with a force, pushing her dripping snatch against his face and howling with pleasure as she crested. When he rose up, Rose could see the iron hardness ready to fill her.

    "Fuck me lover, fuck me, FUCK ME!" Rose cried out, desperate to have his hard cock plundering her.

    Rose guided the thick tip of his cock against her wet, hot lips, the feel of Rose's fiery cunt gripping at his cock applied the spurs, and the breath was smacked out of her body as Mr. Fields, driven by his lust, took her hard, his body coming down on top of hers, his cock driving deeper and deeper into the steaming heat, stretching her walls open as his cock nudged hard against her cervix, and Rose howled with pleasure as he went balls deep all within that first animalistic driven in stroke.

    "Ohhhhh......fuck, god, fuck me, fuck me, I love it, make me cum lover!" Rose cried out as she felt his cock stuffing her to the max.

    She looked down between their bodies, eager to watch the length of his cock pull back, wet and glistening with her juices, then the feel of her pussy being stuffed again as he drove back in with a fierce fucking rhythm. Her pussy was stretched wide around his cock, she felt her lover's heavy, sperm-bloated balls swing down, smacking flat against her bare pussy. She imagined all that hot, sizzling sperm that would soon be spewed deep inside her pussy, splattering her cervix, filling her womb, moans issuing from her lips as she was ridden.

    Mr. Fields drove into her with jackhammer regularity, fucking her rapidly. Rose was like a sexual godsend, he'd been scared that he might just lose his ability, since his bitch of a wife had cut him off. Rose's open eager desire, the hungry, sexual driven way she offered her body to him, wanting his cock as much for her fucking pleasure as his, had really boosted his vitality, and his sexual appetite was running hot and fast. The sight of the bliss playing across her face as he rammed into her, again and again, on each body shaking charge, really fired his lust up.

    Rose's brain was filled with the effect of sexual totality, her mind pictured her body, her nipples puckered up tight with sexual desire, Mr. Fields' body covering hers, his throbbing spear arrowing into her, her lover's swollen, sperm filled balls, smacking against her nakedly bald pussy, building up a huge load of sizzling sperm to flood her quivering pink hole. Her imaginings took her, and she felt the burning tingles, oh fuck, she was going to explode.

    "Oh fuck, yes, yes, CREAM MEEEEEE!"

    Her shriek rose up, and she was tumbling, howling with pleasure, oh fuck, it was too good, she flew into a second orgasm, just as Mr. Fields roared, she felt the bucking and pulsing of his rampant hardness, then the hot bloom splattering against her womb, another orgasm grabbed her, and she was sailing through a misty rush of pleasure as she felt Mr. Fields' cock deliver a full load, hosing her down deep inside.

    The weekends were the best, she'd get his hot lovemaking many times before the weekend was over, god, his wife must be a boneheaded cold fish to turn down his desires. Rose was happy to take over for her, and she was determined to satisfy her lover's needs as many times as she could.

    Rose started to think about her bitchy sister, and how she thought she was going to keep her saintly cunt unfucked. Rose had an idea about that, and she smiled as she thought about it
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    Part 02

    When they had been at the local swimming pool, Rose had noticed one of the lifeguards checking Natalie out carefully. Natalie was somewhat of an exhibitionist, and she loved to show off her body in a very skimpy bikini. The way her bikini bottoms molded tightly against her ass, wrapped around her buttocks, outlining every smooth, soft curve. The crack of her ass was clearly defined by the tight hug of the fabric, a definite camel toe around the front, and up top, Natalie's big 38D tits were held in check by a top that was very fully filled.

    Rose noticed that the lifeguard started checking her out also, she was wearing a more modest bikini, but he filled his eyes with the sight of her 34C sized breasts nestled in her bikini cups, the bikini bottoms pulled tight against her, covering her bare, well waxed pussy. She dived in at the deep end, and did several laps, then she hauled herself out of the pool. She noticed his eyes lock onto her again, and take in the sight of her sleek body, dripping wet, her nipples were puckered up tight, poking at the front of her bikini, and she stretched, pretending to stretch out her muscles. She saw him adjust his position, probably to hide a quickly growing hard-on. Oh yes, her idea started to take clearer form, and she decided to drop him a hint.

    She wandered over to him, and cooed, "I have a proposition for you, if you'd like to meet me after work, I'll outline the details for you, I think you're going to love it."

    He replied, "Hey baby, I'd love to hear what you got cooking. The pool closes in an hour, and I will be the only one here to close up. Just hang around in the locker room, and I'll see you there."

    An hour and fifteen minutes later, they were seated in the pool's office, and Rose told him what she wanted.

    "I want you to fuck my sister. She's a tight 18 year old virgin, she's a snobby little bitch, thinking she can save her saintly pussy for some husband worthy of her gold plated hole. I want you to bust her open, and fuck her hard until you blow a load of hot cum deep inside her hole."

    As Rose outlined who her sister was, Chad got the picture. Oh yeah, she was that hot number that liked to show off her body, he'd love to get a piece of her.

    Chad said, "Yeah sounds great, but this is rape we are talking about."

    Rose grinned, and replied, "That's exactly what I want for that bitch. Our parents are going out of town in a couple of weeks, they'll be gone for 2 nights, and then would be the right time. I'll let you in, point the way to her bedroom and then you can have some hot fuck fun."

    She could sense the hesitation, and went on, "Do you think she even has a clue as to who you are? Up on the lifeguard chair, wearing sunglasses, she won't know a damn thing about your identity."

    She stood up, stripped off her bikini, and let Chad's eyes crawl all over her. He took in the very green eyes, the same blonde hair as Natalie, a full lipped mouth, her 34C's now bare to his eyes, topped with stiff bubblegum pink nipples, and just as he had thought, a bare, well waxed hairless pussy, she knew that he was almost there. One more thing to get his full cooperation.

    She stood directly in front of him, and purred "Stand up."

    He did so, and his cock was bulging, she took to her knees and cooed, "This is your first incentive, a hot, wet blowjob."

    She freed his cock, holy fuck, his cock was a whopper. Mr. Fields had a big 8 inch cock, and this one was even bigger. Oh yeah, Natalie was going to get one hell of a reaming.

    Rose was almost drooling over that mouth filler, she pouted her lips and slid them just over the head of his cock. Using her tongue, she circled his cock, her mouth wet and hot, Chad's grunts of pleasure urged her on as she slowly slid down his cock. She swallowed him down to 8 inches before she pulled back up, and started to bob her head, eager to swallow him all the way. Her mouth was salivating like a spigot as she took him in, bit by bit, until, with a slight twist of her head, she drove down, and felt a rush of triumph as she felt his balls bump against her chin. His cock head was down her throat, she swallowed around it, let the constriction stroke at his cock head before she pulled back up and again swallowed him to the balls. She worked her mouth into the familiar and practiced rhythm. She loved blowing Mr. Fields' cock, and her talents had been sharpened to a keen edge by her many blowjobs she had given her lover.

    Chad looked down, the sight of his cock, shiny wet with her spit, appearing than disappearing between her tight crimson lips, was crazy hot. He wondered if she was born cocksucker, or if she had taught herself how to suck cock. God, her cock-sucking skill was in a class by herself, he'd never had as hot, practiced and enjoyable a cock sucking as this. She didn't even use what he called ''cheater's head" the ones who would stroke his cock as they blew him, letting their hand do most of the work. The way her mouth rode his pole, starting to bob faster and faster, the hot, wet swirl of her tongue around his cock, the tight clamp of her full cocksucker lips milking at him, fuck, that was fantastic. He could feel the churning in his balls, working up a gusher, he was eager to paint her tonsils.

    "Oh yeah baby, suck that cock, ride that pole, make me cum!"

    Rose's head was moving faster as she sucked wildly on his cock, eager to make him cum. He felt her hand gently grasp his ball sac, and start squeezing gently. He felt the cum streaking up his shaft as Rose swallowed him one last time, her throat muscles milking around his head, he growled, "Oh yeah, gonna cum, fuck, FUCK!"

    Rose felt a hot blast of cum fired straight down her throat, she quickly pulled back so the second and third gush splattered against the roof of her mouth. Chad's cock had a very full load, she had to quickly swallow the first mouth filling rush, and let his cock continue to pulse and throb, spewing thick ropes of cum all over her tongue, she swallowed again as Chad's cock squirted out the last few dribbles of cum, Rose sucking eagerly, not quite ready to release him. She slid down one last time, then tightened her lips down as she pulled slowly back up, sucking every drop from his cock.

    She lifted her head clear, looked up at him and cooed, "Your second incentive is this, after you fuck my sister, I want you to come to my bedroom, I'll suck you back up, then I want your big cock to split me open."

    She stood up, grinned and said, "By the way, what's your name?"


    Rose and Natalie were now alone, it was the first night after their parents had left for the weekend, and Rose was trembling with excitement. She had talked with Chad, and when Natalie went to bed, Rose peeked in several times, it didn't take longer before Natalie was deep asleep. She grinned, called Chad, and 10 minutes later, she quietly opened the front door, and let him in.

    Chad grinned as he took in Rose's body, naked save for a set of tight, jet black thong panties. She smiled back and cooed, "Follow me", and as she led the way down the hall, he drank in the sight of her naked cheeks, the thong strap securely wedged between those glorious moons. She sashayed her hips, knowing that his eyes were locked on her ass.

    At the door to Natalie's room, she told him to strip, and as soon as he was naked, she grinned and said, "Let me get you ready."

    On her knees, she again applied her cock sucking talents, her lips riding wetly up and down that big pole, her mouth sucking and slobbering all over his prodigious prick. She felt the hard, mouth filling eagerness, although she would have loved to swallow him down until her blew his balls down her throat, the load building in his balls was destined to splatter Natalie's virgin pink hole. It was Natalie's time to get well fucked. She wanted her sister to feel the throbbing and pulsing of his big, rock hard prick exploding and squirting wildly inside her, filling Natalie with a pussy christening rush of hot, sperm filled spunk for her first time.

    She lifted her mouth away, and said, "Now, go get her, fuck her good, I'm gonna watch, I can't wait to watch that snobby bitch get it!"

    Chad cautiously opened the bedroom door, Natalie's breathing in a slow, regular cadence of sleep, perfect. He crept over to the side of the bed, and turned on a small bedroom table lamp. He could see Rose's face, peering in, eager for the show. He grabbed the blanket, and whipped it off. Damn, what a sight. In the few seconds before she came fully awake, he gaped at her. He looked her over, 18, real big tits, a wispy bush of pubic hair as blonde as the hair on her head, yeah, she was going to be a sweet piece. He'd seen enough of her body at the pool, and seeing the whole package was more fuel for the fire.

    Natalie opened her eyes, and stared up at the man standing over her.

    He grinned and said "Hello Natalie, I'm here to take your virginity."
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    Part 03

    Natalie stared, shocked, at the naked man who had just told her what he was going to do. How he had gotten in, she had no idea, when he had whipped the sheet off her, she thought she was having a bad dream, until she was fully awake, and saw him clearly. She gasped at the size of his cock, it was huge, and rock hard. She realized she was staring at the instrument of her deflowering, which was going to happen very soon.

    Chad saw her looking, and grinned, as he said, "Like my 10 inches baby? You'll love it when I stuff your 18 year old fuck hole with it."

    Finally finding the power of speech, she said, "No, no please, leave me alone, I'm saving myself for a worthy husband!"

    Chad smiled, and said, "OK baby, I can do that. When I came in, I noticed your sister sleeping just down the hallway, how old is she, 14, 15? I'm not leaving here with a bad case of blue balls. You can give me your cunt to fuck, or I'll take you down the hallway, tie you to a chair, and you can watch me fuck your sister."

    At her shocked expression, he continued, "Yeah, I'll bet she's a tight little teen virgin. You'll get a ringside seat as your sister gets her first fuck, her cunt stretched open and fucked hard. You'll get to hear every shriek and howl she'll make as I rip open her virginity, and stuff her like a Christmas turkey, until I christen her tight little fuck hole with lots of hot spunk. So Natalie, what's it gonna be? Gonna give it up, and take one for your sister, or does your little sister get the first fuck of her life?"

    Natalie knew there was no way out of this one. Her Mom and Dad were gone for the weekend, and she had no doubt that this man would do as he said. Chad smiled as he saw her surrender to his demand, he knew he had her right where he wanted her. He came over to the bed, and produced a large handkerchief, folded over, with a large knot in the middle. He stuffed it into her mouth and tied it up behind her head. He lifted her arms up, and handcuffed her to the top of the bed.

    "There we go, now you can holler as much as you like, we don't want to disturb your sweet little sister, do we?"

    He looked her over, oh yeah, 18, nice big tits, a wispy bush of pubic hair as blonde as the hair on her head, yeah, she was going to be a sweet piece. Ever since he'd seen her at the pool, he knew he wanted her. Being a lifeguard, he'd seen every bit of her body, the way her bikini bottoms had molded tightly against her ass, wrapped around her buttocks, outlining every smooth, soft curve. The well remembered view of the crack of her ass clearly defined by the tight hug of the fabric. Up top, her big tits had held back by a top that was straining to keep them in check. She'd always had a definite every time she was at the pool, the sight of her smoking hot teen body had made his cock rock hard, he'd had to adjust his shorts to hide the bulge. This was perfect, nobody every remembered the lifeguards, faces hidden by sunglasses, he could see she had no idea who he was.

    He pulled her legs apart, and slotted himself in, nudging just against her pussy. He lifted her legs over his shoulders, tilting her cunt up to the perfect position.

    Just outside the bedroom door, Rose peered in at the sight. Still naked save for the set of short, jet black panties, she wanted to see her big sister get dicked for the first time, the little bitch was going to get it good.

    Chad pushed just inside, now that he was aimed, he drove in, hard. Her cherry held for just a second, then her muffled shriek sounded as it was ripped open, and his 10 inches rammed in, violating her virginity, thumping hard against the fluttering wall of her cervix, she again shrieked into her gag as his cock forced her apart, his cock head now poised inside her womb, completing her deflowering.

    "Oh yeah, tight little 18 year old virgin cunt, thanks for saving your precious virginity for me baby. You'll never forget your first time."

    Natalie turned her head away, saw her clock, it was just after Midnight when she lost her virginity, yeah, she'd never forget her first time alright. She felt him pull back and again ram forward, pulling another gagged shriek from her as his cock forced its way as deep as possible, totally shredding the remnants of her ripped apart cherry, as he stuffed her with every inch. The position of her tilted up pussy allowed for maximum penetration and he took advantage of it, his cock piercing her cervix, his balls smacking against her ass on every deep plunge. Her cries and grunts were well gagged as Chad rode her.

    Rose was watching, she felt her pussy juicing up quickly. God, the sight of her big sister getting fucked hard was crazy hot. Her panties hit the floor, she shoved her hand between her thighs, masturbating in time to the cunt filling thrusts of Chad's cock violating her sister.

    Chad reveled in the tight grip, fuck, so tight, so hot, her cries and sounds of displeasure just urged him on. Natalie was going to a get a long, hard fuck, a real virgin busting ride, he had learned how to delay his orgasm, and she was going to get fuck of her life. No two minute rabbit fuck, she was going to get a long, hard boning.

    "Nice, very nice, you'll get what you need baby. I'm no teen boy with a two minute rabbit fuck, I know how to fuck, and you're pussy is going to get a long, hard ride."

    He pushed her legs down, and told her to wrap them around his waist. Oh yeah, perfect angle, his 10 inches was going to the hilt every time, he savored the grip of her virgin tightness as he gave her a power fucking. He continued to drive in with jackhammer regularity, yeah, she was a sweet piece. Stuffing this sweet teen cunt was an experience like no other, fuck, it felt superb.

    Natalie was in another world, as he rammed her over and over, she lost track of everything except the deep, cunt stuffing plunge of his cock. He brought a long finger up, stuck it into his mouth and slobbered all over it. His cock was ready to explode, and he had one more thing to do before he flooded her tight snatch. Natalie had been starting to feel faint, she dimly felt his hands grab her ass cheeks, they were pulled apart, and a long finger sliding up and down the crack, that brought her mind back into focus as the finger poised against the rim of her asshole. He pushed, hard, and Natalie let out another gagged shriek, as his finger forced it way in, and drove as deep as possible. Chad smiled at the tightness of her ass hole, she must be an anal virgin, and he started to pump his finger in and out, fucking both of her virgin holes as his cock started to throb.

    Oh yeah, he was going to explode, as he finally grunted out, "Oh yeah, gonna cum, gonna flood your womb baby, YEAAHHH!"

    He buried it one last time, burning tingles shot through his cock as he exploded, Natalie felt the rush of sperm filled spunk being pumped all over walls of her womb, as her rapist's cock pulsed over and over, delivering a filling flood of hot cum to hose down her womb. He kept it in her, letting the tight grip around his shaft milk him as he went to shorter pumping thrusts, he wanted this hot little number to get every drop of his load.

    With two fingers furiously fucking her creamy pussy, while her other fingers strummed her clit, the sight of Chad pouring his load into her sister took her over, Rose fought back the howl of pleasure as she felt her pussy pulsing hard with the ripples of her orgasm. She watched Chad's body writhing on top of Natalie, imagining the rush of Chad's hot, sperm filled cum, flooding her sister's no long virgin pussy.

    He pulled his cock out, Natalie stared at it, streaked with the blood of her blasted hymen, oh yeah, he had claimed her virginity, no doubt about it.

    "Thanks baby, thanks for saving your virginity for me, you were such a hot fuck, I may just want to pay you another visit, soon. That tight virgin asshole, you thought a finger was something, just wait until I bone your asshole with my cock. Your teen ass won't be so tight once I'm done with you."

    Natalie lay there, too stunned to do much more than watch. He slipped out of the bedroom, grabbed his T shirt to wipe down his cock as he picked up his clothes, and headed down the hallway. He peeked in on her sister, she was wide awake and looking right at him as he opened the door wider, and stepped in. He took in the scene, the bedside lamp cast a dim glow, her panties were on the floor, legs spread towards the door, man, she was a hot little 15 year old, about 6 inches shorter than her sister, very green eyes, the same blonde hair as her sister, a full lipped mouth, that perky 34C set, topped with very stiff bubblegum pink nipples, and a bare, well waxed hairless pussy that was spread open, glistening with the juices of her lust. She slid her fingers along her pink trail, letting out a soft moan as she spread her juices up and down her pink seam. Her body looked like she was going to be as sweet a ride as her no longer virgin big sister.

    Chad grinned, and said, "Did you enjoy the show?"

    Rose purred, "Oh yeah, the sight of her getting her precious virginity opened, and her ass hole getting finger banged, that was hot. I had to stroke my horny little cunt, I came just as you hosed down her precious pussy. I'll bet that 10 inches loosened her up good. And now, your reward is waiting, bring that cock over here, I want to suck up the cock that just fucked my sister, then I want that 10 inches to fuck me, unlike big sis, I'm a horny live fuck doll, I love getting stuffed!"

    Rose smiled, she had given her sister what she deserved and now, Chad was going to get what he deserved. She watched as he came over to the side of the bed. His cock was half hard, and she was more than eager to suck him back up. She opened her mouth, and nursed on his cock head, then slid her mouth down. She felt the lust perking as she sucked on the cock that had just fucked away her sister's tight little cherry. His cock was starting to grow back up, she was able to deep throat him from the first plunge, her lips riding wetly up and down his reviving hard on. She felt the glow of lust as he grew back until he was topped out at a full ten inches, and she took him deep into her throat, letting the throat muscles massage his head several times. Oh yeah, rock hard, and she was ready to take it.

    She pulled back, took to her hands and knees, her naked ass-cheeks raised high, her thighs trembling with need, spread wide. She wiggled her asscheeks in wanton and inviting little circles toward Chad, eager to feel that huge cock parting her.

    "Now, fuck me doggy style, I love it. I'm gonna be loud, gag me with the same gag that shut Natalie up!"

    She bit down on the large knot as she was cleave gagged, then she reached up and grabbed the railings of her headboard. She felt Chad taking position, his swollen cock head nudged against her, and her muffled grunts of pleasure sounded as he pushed in, oh fuck, so good. He surged past the point where Mr. Fields had gone, he grabbed her hips and with a hard thrust, he split her open deep, pressed hard against her cervix, then wedging in, her muffled howls were part pain and part pleasure as he was poised just inside her womb, she felt his balls swing down, smacking against her nakedly bald pussy.

    Chad growled with pleasure as he reveled in the grip, burying his lance to the hilt on every thrust. She may not have been a virgin, but the tightness of her teen fuck hole was just as enjoyable as her sister's virgin snatch. Her pussy was stretched wide around his cock, he could feel his balls, working up a new load of hot cum, swing down on every thrust, smacking flat against her bare pussy.

    As they fucked in the grip of red hot lust, neither was aware that the bedroom door opened a bit, and a shocked face was looking in, right at the proceedings.
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    Part 04

    Natalie stared, shocked at what she saw going on. She had wandered out of her room, to go and check that the doors were locked, and that no windows were open. She thought that she had made sure the house was securely locked up, but she must have missed something. Gliding down the hall, she saw a light on in her sister's room, and what sounded like a conversation in a low voice. She gently opened the door a crack, and peeked in, and her mind almost couldn't believe what she was seeing. Her sister Rose, gripping the bars of her headboard, gagged with the same gag that had silenced her, was being brutally fucked from behind by her rapist! It wasn't enough that she had taken her virginity, now he was claiming her sister's cherry!

    It took less than a minute for Natalie to figure out that Rose was not being raped. She was gripping the headboard, not tied to it. The muffled grunts and growls she was making sounded like pleasure filled sounds. Rose was pumping her hips back wantonly to meet his lust filled thrusts. The position of the bed gave Natalie a clear view right between the spread of their thighs, as the rapist thrust his glistening tool in and out, the tight grip of Rose's pussy was spread open again and again by his plunging rod.


    Rose was getting the hot fucking that fired her up the most, her gagged moans sounding, she was being split open over and over, she could feel Chad's big balls, she imagined them bloated, filled with hot sperm to splatter her womb with. Chad was driving into her with jackhammer regularity, she wanted it hard and fast, and Chad was doing exactly what she wanted. The feel of his big throbbing cock driving wetly up between her spread open fuck-hole, she could feel the building of orgasm, she hungrily, eagerly drove her hips backward to meet the charge of Chad's swollen cock taking her. Whimpering and moaning into the gag, Rose rotated her buttocks around and around his plunging rod in lust driven need. She wanted her cunt to give his cock the best milking and sucking a pussy could deliver, flexing her pussy muscles around his shaft, grinding her greedily clinging pink hole back over the length of his throbbing prick.


    Natalie stared at the writhing of their bodies, and she felt the lust start to percolate. Almost without thinking, her hands roamed her body, cupping her big boobs, and giving gentle tweaks to her stiffened, achy nipples. She felt the rush of sizzling sensation zap right between her thighs, her juices started to churn, and her hands found their way down between her thighs. Natalie's center was becoming very hot and wet as she watched her sister getting fucked hard, stifling her moans of pleasure as she felt her pussy light up with pleasure. She almost couldn't believe it, being raped, then watching her sister Rose take on the same cock with eagerness and sexual want. And here she was, turned on like crazy, masturbating wildly to what she was seeing. Her lust was too much in control for her to think about it in terms other then it was so damn hot to watch, and too exciting not to masturbate to. Her hands trailed teasingly through her neatly trimmed blonde bush. She slid two fingers up her pussy, and started to pump in and out, eager to finger fuck herself in time to her sister getting dicked just a few feet away from her, she could feel the wet mess of her rapist's cum surround her pumping fingers, ummm, god, that felt so good. As her hands stroked herself to a frenzy, she got the idea that Rose was not the virginal little sister she had thought she was. The way she was responding to the cock fucking her was too eager, too hungry for a virgin. Her mind grabbed it, who had taken Rose's cherry? This guy? Somebody else? Her mind started to flash like a beacon as she felt the approach of orgasm. She put the questions aside for now, and concentrated on her approaching climax.


    As Natalie started to approach her peak, Rose could feel the rise of orgasm, oh fuck she was gonna cum so hard. Her howl of pleasure was well muffled by the gag, she felt orgasm crash over her, her eager pussy stretched wide around Chad's big shaft, wrenching and spasming wildly, her cunt juices gushing around his big prick. He continued stuffing her to the balls on every thrust, ramming her like a pile driver, working up a juicy load to splatter her teen fuck hole with. Rose felt another wave of orgasm wash over her, then another, and she was popping them off, one by one, holy shit, it felt like she could go crazy from the non-stop pleasure slams of orgasm. She felt Chad's cock buck, and swell to even greater hardness, fuck, it felt like his cock had become a steel hard pipe as he reamed out her fiery fuck-hole.

    "Oh fuck yeah, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna flood your burning cunt baby, OH YEAH!", he howled.

    Hearing him call her cunt what it was, a horny cunt, shoved Rose into one more orgasm, her muscles spasming and milking greedily at his stiff, steel hard shaft, just as she felt his cock start pulsing. His cock exploded, jerking and pulsing, tossing off wildly, gushing thick streams of spunk as he fired his load straight into her womb, her fuck hole was on fire with her orgasmic rushes as his juices squirted up deep inside her. She loved the feel of that hot bloom, as he poured what felt like a fountain of cum into her very depths, her pussy greedily sucking out every drop.


    Watching them, Natalie felt her pussy start to spasm crazily, she bit down on the squeals of pleasure she wanted to let go, as she felt her orgasm light up her body. God, oh fucking god that felt so good, the wave went on and on. The knowledge that her pussy had been stuffed and similarly hosed down by that big cock crossed her mind. It had been disgusting at the time, but now, she wasn't so sure that she would find it as bad, if she was warmed up. The idea that she could cum, just like her hot boxed little sister, started to sound good. She was no longer a virgin, so why save herself for marriage, now that her cherry was gone? Their movements slowed down, the guy pulling out, and ungagging Rose. She watched, yes Rose had been into it, as she saw her suck in that big cock, nursing on it, her hot mouth gliding up and down that big rod, eager to lick his cock clean. Natalie pulled her dripping wet fingers out, they were coated with the cum that had so recently been deposited. Without a pause, she opened her mouth and took her fingers in. The musky taste of cum teased her tongue, she liked it, and she licked her fingers clean. She scooped out more, and quickly swallowed that down. She stepped back a pace as Rose released him, and snuggled next to the guy.


    Chad said, "Baby, you were fucking fantastic, who was the lucky guy that claimed your cherry?"

    Rose said, "My daddy's business partner, Mr. Fields, did the honors. He told me that he is married, him and his wife had enjoyed a healthy sex life until two years ago, when she had gone nutty religious, deemed sex sinful and immoral, and cut him off from any sexual activity. He had to resort to stoking out the loads, until just after I turned 15. I know my developing body turned him on, and I sent him a email filled with very explicit pictures of what my body looked like without the clothes in the way, and invited him to come over and see up close, and in person. He did, we had the house to ourselves, and he claimed my cherry right here on my bed. His wife must be really nutty, he may be 40, but he is not an old, broken down 40. When he pierced my cherry, it made me flinch a bit, it was a bit painful, but I wanted him to deflower me completely, I urged him on, and the pain had a pleasure filled aspect as he buried his cock. When he started to fuck me, I quickly got into the rhythm. The first few thrusts were a bit abrasive, but after the first few thrusts, it got much better. When he made me cum, I had never felt anything like it, cumming with a big, hard dick buried deep inside is so much better than masturbation. The way he roared, and exploded. squirting a huge pent up load deep inside me, I'd say he enjoyed it as much as I did!"


    Natalie was stunned, Mr. Fields was fucking Rose? Holy shit, their daddy's business partner had deflowered daddy's youngest daughter. She listened some more, and heard explicit details about her 15 year old sister's sex life....Rose's first time with anal sex.....Her and her lover fucking in his big Cadillac....how she'd pop into the office, and give Mr. Fields a hot wet blowjob....the times she was supposedly at her girlfriend's house for the weekend, and she was actually at Mr. Fields' beachside house, getting gloriously fucked all weekend. Natalie had noticed that Rose had been "at her girlfriend's house" on many weekends, and now she knew the real reason.

    It came to her, I damn well did lock up, Rose must have let the guy in, and set him out to fuck her. She crept away quietly, and back in her bedroom, she slid under the covers, her mind was a whirl. She set me up to be raped, the bitch. Did Rose hate her that much? True, she'd boss her sister around....and act uppity, being the oldest...and she'd brag about her precious virginity...and she made Rose into almost a servant. When she pondered the way she had treated her little sister, she understood what had motivated Rose to get even. She still wondered who the hell that guy was, she could not recall seeing him anywhere.

    She thought about Rose's glowing descriptions of Mr. Fields' sexual proficiency, and it started an idea going. If he was as virile as Rose described him...now that she was no longer a virgin, why not get a man who can make love to her, and make her cum? Her pussy was warming up again. She did not have a dildo, but the handle of her hairbrush would be an excellent substitute. The handle had a slight curve to it, and ridges for the hand to get a good grip, and was 7 inches long. She had used it to tease along her vaginal lips when she masturbated. As much as she wanted to ram it in, her virginity had still been intact. No need to worry about ripping open her virginity now, that job's already been taken care of. Natalie got to her knees, squatted on her bed, taking hold of the brush behind the bristles, she nudged the handle against herself. She pushed slowly and she let out a purr as she felt her walls part, ummm, that felt so good, and she slowly slid it in, until all 7 inches were buried into her hot, wet center. She pulled it back then slowly pushed it back in, oh fuck, the ridges of her hairbrush were rubbing against her lips, then riding along her inner walls on every thrust, the sensation was amazing. She felt her juices run, bathing the handle, that was even better.

    Her mind conjured up a fantasy, she was squatting over Mr. Fields, driving her pussy down on his cock, imagining the look of pleasure and lust on his face as his business partner's 18 year old daughter eagerly sampled his sexual proficiency. Umm, so good, the hairbrush handle became his cock riding that stiff, hard prick, and she imagined his cock surging between her walls, stuffing her to the balls on in plunge. Her juices lubed her up nicely, it was a smooth, pleasure filled ride as imagined riding his cock, she started to fuck herself faster, mmmmm, god, she was moaning deep in her throat on each plunge, her clit was rock hard, demanding attention. She pulled her brush out, rammed three fingers deep, and pumped in a few times. Pulling them out, she rammed the handle back in, and her dripping wet fingers grasped at her clit, stroking at it, oh fuck, she was gonna explode.

    Deep in a fantasy, she moaned, "Oh yes, fuck me Mr. Fields, fuck my tight little cunt, cum in me, cum in me NOW!"

    Her mind imagined the explosion, the feel of his cock exploding and squirting wildly, filling her quivering pussy with a rush of hot wetness, and she was gasping, moaning, grunting, pumping the handle wildly as she reached orgasm, shivering in blissful fulfillment as the climax shook her body. She rode that wave of pleasure until it started to ebb, then she slid down, pulling the handle out of her creamy center. She cupped her hand around her sex, closing her legs around it and rolling onto her side. She loved this position, it felt so good to cup her pussy right after masturbation.

    Natalie let out a long, exhausted breath and stayed balled up like that for several minutes, delirious and dreamy with contentment. Her orgasm had really shook her in bliss, it was the most powerful cum she had ever had, ever since her first time, when she was 14.

    She realized that she had been filled with a rush of sperm, and she made a mental note to get that morning after pill, right away. She figured that Rose was on the pill, since her and Mr. Fields had been going at it hot and heavy for 6 months, ever since Rose had turned 15. She also made a mental note that her fantasy of fucking Mr. Fields, she wanted to make that a reality, and she would get herself on the pill. With that, the dark curtain of sleep started to drop over her, and she had a smile on her face as she let it take her.
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    good stuff--very hot! Rated 5 stars

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    Great story hopefully more

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    Part 05

    Natalie breathed a sigh of relief, once she had taken her morning after pill. She did NOT want to become a teen Mommy, and later that day, she was at Planned Parenthood, to get on the Pill. She was determined to get Mr. Fields to fuck her, if he could do little sister, she wanted him to get a taste of big sister, also.

    As luck would have it, summer vacation was just starting, and Rose was going away to summer camp for a month. Natalie smiled, Mr. Fields would not have to go without, now that she was ready to step in, and take little sister's place.

    She made a point of going to daddy's office 3 days in a row. She wore a very short skirt, and a push up bra to put her big dairies on display. She made sure that Mr. Fields got to stare at her body lots of times, as she 'accidentally' happened to be in his line of sight many times. She could see him drinking in the view, and she imagined the hot, horny bulge of his cock. Oh yeah, she wanted to get him primed up.

    Thursday night, she did what her sister had done. She took several very explicit selfies, and composed an email to go with it. She smiled as she hit Send, this should get his attention.


    Relaxing in his den, Mr. Fields went online and found an email waiting for him, her opened it up, and as he went through the pictures, his cock became rock hard. Hot damn, it was Natalie, his business partner's other daughter, the older one. Fuck, 18 years old and smoking hot. Damn, her milk jugs were really a sight, big, round and firm, stiff big nipples that he'd love to suck on. Her hips were nice and curvy, her pubic region a neatly trimmed bush of blonde hair, and her ass, oh yeah, round glorious globes, damn she was hot.

    The attached email read, "Dear Mr. Fields, Now that Rose is away at summer camp, I want you to come over, so I can take care of the hard, horny bulge that we have created. You tried out little sister, now it's time for big sister to get her turn. I'm all virgin tight, ready to get opened, I'm on the pill, and I want your load to christen my tight little pussy, Please say you'll be here, say 1 PM tomorrow? Looking forward to seeing you.
    Horny and eager, Natalie"

    He sent back a quick reply, hell and wild horses wouldn't keep him away. Oh yeah, two virgins, and he would get the honor of deflowering Natalie tomorrow.


    Natalie smiled as she saw his eager reply. She had stretched the truth a bit, she wasn't a virgin, but just once, she figured that she'd be plenty tight enough, she could tighten her muscles down on his cock, and make some sounds that sounded like he was breaking her open. He'll love it, and she wanted him to get a super ride. Time for him to sample her charms, why should little sister have all the fun?

    The next day, it was Natalie's turn, as she gave Mr. Fields a private strip show in her bedroom. Mr. Fields quickly doffed his clothes, and Natalie felt the surges of lust as she saw that stiff cock, 8 inches of rock hard cock, ready for her. He was inches away, she took a step closer, felt his erection poking gently against her belly. Natalie felt soft warm hands cupping her ass cheeks, giving them a gentle squeeze, then sliding his fingers around, cupping her sex and bringing a purr of pleasure from her as his fingers slipped up and down her opening, his fingers being coated with her juices.

    Mr. Fields grunted, "Oh yes baby, you are absolutely drenched." He pulled his dripping wet fingers to his mouth and sucked hungrily on them, licking them clean, then he said, "The next taste of your juices, I want them straight from your hot, steamy cunt. I am going to kiss your sexy body all over, then I'm going to eat your pussy until you cum."

    Mr. Fields started to kiss his way down Natalie's body, setting off little shocks of pleasure as Natalie's body felt the kisses on her sensitive skin. It felt like she was one giant erogenous zone, as her skin sizzled with zings of pleasure from every kiss, every lick. Her face was now in front of Natalie's big, luscious melons, they were so perfect, round and full, topped with two big, stiff, so suckable nipples, looking almost like big, pink cherries topping them off. Mr. Fields quickly got her mouth around the left nipple, suckling eagerly, and nibbling gently at the stiff, swollen nipple.

    Natalie growled with pleasure, she'd never had her tits sucked and nibbled on, and she felt a rush of lust running straight from her stiff nipples to her pussy. Holy fuck, that was beyond wonderful. Her cries and coos of pleasure filled her bedroom. He took his time before moving to her right nipple, eager to lick and suck those stiff pink beauties, closing his lips around it, his tongue swiping at it, then suckling and nibbling contentedly, umm, he loved sucking those hard, pink nipples. After taking his time doting om Natalie's right nipple, Mr. Fields moved on.

    Natalie could feel her throbbing nipples, hard as granite, and the rush of cool air as it swept over her spit slick nipples. God, she'd never imagined how responsive her nipples would be, the stimulation was making her pussy churn like crazy.

    Natalie felt his mouth against her skin, kissing down lower, planting kisses all over, then the feel of Mr. Fields' tongue sliding into her navel, licking, then tattooing a line of kisses down, down, the kisses trailing through the neatly trimmed muff. Natalie watched with lust glazed eyes as Mr. Fields positioned herself between the spread of her thighs. Natalie could feel soft, gentle kisses being placed all around her opening, making her moan, she sank into the pleasure, she was definitely a virgin to getting her pussy licked, then she let out a squeal of pleasure as she felt her lips being gently parted, and the liquid fire of Mr. Fields' tongue sliding up and down her lips, making her pussy churn crazily, then another squeal as his mouth pressed against her, and she felt the pleasure of a long, agile tongue spearing in between the gush of her juice filled walls. Natalie felt his skill, he was an expert pussy licker, and she felt her orgasm rising up quickly. With him sucking at her clit, Natalie let out a wail of pleasure as she felt her body shaking, a long wave of pleasure washing over her, as her pussy dissolved in a wash of hot juices.

    He rose up, and Natalie saw his 8 inches, fully extended, and eager for her. She had felt a kinky need arising from her rape, and she pointed over to the dresser, and cooed, "Get my satin bathrobe tie, then tie me to the headboard, then fuck me!"

    Mr. Fields was happy to do so. Natalie reached up, grasping the bars of her headboard, and she felt her left wrist tied to one of the bars, the robe was threaded through the bars over to her other wrist, which was also tied securely to another headboard bar. Being tied up really started her lust running, she mewled with impatient need, wanting that 8 inch log to stuff her.

    Mr. Fields felt like he'd hit a sexual jackpot, a 15 year old, and now, her 18 year old sister, the kinky desires of Natalie made his lust roar. He wondered if Rose was up for being tied and fucked. Both virgins and both eager to let him pluck their tight cherries. For a moment, he wondered if he was dreaming, then he smiled. If this was a dream, don't let me wake up! He nudged against the wet, slippery labial lips.

    Natalie growled, "Let me have it lover!"

    As Mr. Fields slowly pushed in, Natalie tightened up her muscles, simulating the slow parting of tight virginal walls. With another push, she relaxed, and let out what sounded like a pained cry as she pretended that Mr. Fields had just shredded her cherry. He paused, and she grunted, "Don't stop, keep going, deflower me all the way!"

    That egged him on, and she felt the pleasing fullness slide in, he was wider that her rapist, and the stretch made her pussy walls tingle. With a final thrust, Mr. Fields buried his cock, his balls smacking against her ass, she let out a cry of pleasure as he was buried deep.

    "Ummm, feels so good, fuck me Mr. Fields, I want your cum, christen my no longer virgin pussy with a hot, rich load of cream."

    Mr. Fields was happy to comply, and Natalie purred with pleasure as he started out slow, letting her get adjusted to the stretch. Her juices had lubed her up nicely, it was a very smooth, pleasure filled ride, oh yes, this is what was missing from her first fuck. She pulled on her tied wrists, feeling no give, it only excited her further, being held in place, and helpless to stop Mr. Fields from pouring his load into her, even if she had wanted to stop him.

    She purred huskily, "Faster lover, fuck me faster, oh god it feels fantastic."

    The feel of Natalie's oh so tight pussy around his cock, Mr. Fields he picked up the pace, and he pumped his cock hungrily into her, quickening his pace when it looked to his eyes that she had gotten over the pain of her virginity being taken.

    Natalie was sailing through a sea of sensations that were nothing short of the best she'd ever felt. The hard filling of his cock was keeping her tight walls apart, the gliding smoothness of his 8 inches giving her the best ride ever as he thrust into her over and over again. The pleasure was beyond measure, she was making non-stop little noises of passion, she was so wet, she could hear the wet squelch of her juices as he pumped his cock to her.

    “Mr. Fields... Mr. Fields… Mr. Fields… Oh, god it's too good, I love it! Oh... fuck me... keep fucking me hard and deep, I love it!"

    Mr. Fields grunted, oh yeah, she was just as tight as her hot boxed sister Rose. He could feel the gush of juices surrounding his cock, the teen tightness wrapped so tightly around his rampant hardness, Natalie's cries and sounds of pleasure egged him on to go harder into her. Her big, luscious jugs were now bouncing up and down furiously as he power-fucked her, doing his best to make what he assumed was her first time the best time, something she would remember all her life. Her sounds and cries of pleasure cries filled the room and mingled with his own lust grunts and moans of pleasure. He lowered his head, sucking her breasts, nipping at her luscious swollen nipples and her neck and taking her mouth.

    Natalie felt tingles of lust all over as he kissed her deep, hot plunging tongue matching his hot plunging cock, as his cock jerked and swelled up tightly.

    Natalie felt the hard stiffness growing bigger, breeching her cervix, she was gloriously stuffed and she cried out "You know how to fuck, yes, yes, oh yes, lover, fill my tight little pussy with hot sperm! Oh yes, gonna cum, gonna cum so hard, CREAM MEEEE!"

    She shrieked out as she felt the rush of orgasm slam into her, oh god, she was cumming, cumming so hard, she was squealing over and over, god, it was crazily good.

    Mr. Fields felt her body spasm against him and her pussy convulse, clenching and unclenching around his swollen cock as her orgasm rushed into her. His cock was steel hard, at full extension, wedging open her cervix, he couldn’t hold it any longer and he came, squirting wildly deep inside her. They were surrounded by their own cries of orgasmic completion as his cock continued to pump his juices into her, filling up her womb, Natalie's pussy quivering and spasming, eager to suck out every drop, as he filled her with his thick load of cum. Mr. Fields slowly, deeply thrust into her until he was finished, Natalie's superb teen tightness milking his cock, giving her every drop.

    Natalie smiled in the afterglow, she was going to step into little sister's shoes, and really take great care of Mr. Fields and his sexual appetite.
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    Another great story, groom. Really enjoying reading this one.

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    Part 06

    It had only been 3 days at summer camp, and Rose's body was a heated mass of lust. She had come to not only expect, but crave the hot fucking that Mr. Fields was giving her, and it felt like withdrawal. The only visiting time was every second Saturday, and with her parents sure to show up, Mr. Fields would not be able to show up, and fuck her silly.

    Her accommodation was shared with three other 15 year olds, Penny, the tallest one at 5'11", Lynn, at 5'7", and Melinda, the same height as her at 5'4" That first night, her roommates casually stripped naked, Penny was a natural blonde, Lynn displayed her natural red hair, and Melinda was a natural russet color. She wasn't shocked, she'd stripped for gym class and showers around her schoolmates, she wasn't shy, and she peeled off her clothes.

    Penny may have been tall, but her boobs were nice and perky, she looked to be as big as Rose's 34C's herself. Lynn was going to have a big set of dairies, she already looked like a 36D, and Melinda looked to be a little bit smaller than herself, Rose guessed her to be about a 32D. She noticed that her roommates were checking each other out, so she let her eyes wander, Penny's nest of blonde pubic hair was neatly trimmed and shaped into a heart, Lynn was almost totally bare, just a small landing strip above her pussy, and Melinda's bush of russet was sparse and trimmed just a little. Rose's neatly trimmed blonde bush got approving looks, and it just made her even hornier. Damn, she needed a hard cock, and seeing the sexy shapes of her roommates was making her body almost tremble with lust.

    The beds were arranged in a large rectangle shape, Penny took the bed diagonally opposite from Rose, and she climbed into her bed nude, she evidently liked to sleep in the raw.

    Lynn took the bed that was next to hers, she slipped on a long jersey style nightshirt, then slid under the covers.

    Melinda was in the bed next to Penny, she put on a T shirt and panties, and climbed into her bed.

    Rose knew she'd have to masturbate, god, she wouldn't sleep a wink if she didn't get some relief, and accordingly, she slipped on a baby doll style top, and no panties. She didn't want to fumble getting panties out of the way, she just wanted her fingers to get down there, and get busy.

    She lay in the darkness, after some time had passed, she hoped that her roommates were asleep, she couldn't wait any longer. Her hands went down, sliding through her pubic hair, and she purred as she felt the wet heat, she was hot and slick with her juices, waiting for her. She immediately slid two fingers of her left hand in, trying to stifle her moan of pleasure, oh god, she needed it. She heard the faint squishing as she pumped her fingers in and out.

    As she lay in bed, legs spread wide, trying to be as quiet as possible, she heard an answering squish from 3 feet away, the bed next to her. She froze, and Lynn's voice cooed over softly, "Keep going, I'm so horny, and I want you to cum with me."

    As Rose started to join back in, Penny's voice called over quietly, "Is this a private party, or can anyone join in?"

    Rose purred, "Oh please, join us!"

    Melinda's voice floated out of the darkness, "I've been waiting for this, ummmmm," then a long moan as her fingers slid under her panties, and over her tight pussy lips.

    Freed from all restraints, Rose wiggled out of her baby doll, now totally naked, she used her favorite method to coax those wonderful waves to engulf her. Her fingers, now wet with her juices, were brought up to her breasts and spread all over her tingling nipples, making her moan deeply as she gently tweaked her hard, throbbing nipples. She kept kneading her nipples as she slid her right hand down, her middle and ring finger gently caressed her hard, enlarged clitoris with the hood covering. After every 5 or 6 stokes over her clit, those two fingers would drive up inside her, pumping herself several times, then bringing out the moisture, and spreading it all over her labial region.

    As the nimble fingers of her roommates started to plunge into hot, wet teen centers, Rose realized that all of them had been hot and bothered. It had been a simple matter of one of them being bold enough to start out, then the other 3 could join in without any kind of shame. She wondered about their styles of masturbation. She hoped that they would be bold enough to show each other, before the month was up.

    She heard soft moans and cries of pleasure, Penny must have been in a fantasy, as she growled, "Oh yeah Ricky, fuck me hard and fast, I want you to cum all over my pussy!"

    Emboldened, Rose grunted, "Ummm, oh yeah, ride my tight little pussy Mr. Fields, flood me with your cum!"

    Next to her, she heard Lynn coo, "Umm, oh lick me baby, make me cum!"

    Melinda purred, "Oh yeah Lisa, pump me with your hard dildo, make me cum baby!"

    Their cabin became a symphony of lust, gasps and cries of pleasure joined in with the hot wet squelch of fingers pumping into hot wet fuck-holes, the lust was feeding off each other's heat, and she heard Lynn gasp, "Oh fuck yeah, make me cum, yes, oh fuck, fuck, ummmm"... then trailing off into moans of pleasure as Lynn crested, her body shaking the bed.

    Rose growled, "Yes, oh fuck, your cum is filling my pussy, it feels so good, cream me!" then she was letting out squeals of pleasure as her pussy felt the rushing wave, and she gratefully let it sweep over her, she could feel her pussy walls spasming around her fingers.

    Penny let out a wordless howl of pleasure, and right next to her, Melinda grunted, "Oh yeah, pump me with your strap-on baby, fuck me so hard, gonna cum, oh god, YES!", her voice rising to a shout as both girls crested to their climaxes.

    Rose felt her body getting back to normal as her orgasm waned. Her breathing, which had been gasping and grunting, was now back to a more regular cadence. She wondered if any of her roommates had any second thoughts about what they had just done.

    From the darkness came Penny's voice, "Whew, that felt amazing! I needed that so much, I hope we can do that again, real soon!"

    With Lynn and Melinda adding their approval of what they had shared, and their hope for more, Rose felt a rush of lust. Not only had everyone liked it, everyone wanted to do it again. After exchanging goodnights with her roommates, Rose turned on her side, her body wonderfully sated. Now she could sleep. Maybe summer camp was going to be more fun than she thought.


    Once the ice had been broken, it took only two nights, before Penny suggested that they lie on top of the beds in the dark while they masturbated. Her roomies thought it was a great idea, and once in the dark, uncovered, they started up. Gasps, moans, and grunts quickly filled the cabin, and the wet, squishy sound of juicy teen fuck-holes being plundered by plunging fingers was louder, now that they were not covered with the blankets. Rose could hear the sounds of pleasure from her roomies, she was adding in her own sounds, she was moaning, panting and wriggling around on her bed, the squishy sounds of nimble fingers frigging their sopping cunts really pumped up the heated lust. Rose looked around at her roomies, the cabin was dark, they were only dim shapes, but she could see in the dimness, the dim outlines of hands buried between legs, all four of them were masturbating furiously, eager to drive themselves up and over the brink.

    Rose felt the rush, and she cried out, "Oh fuck, cumming, yes, fuck, FUUUCCCKKK!"

    She felt the glorious explosion, her pussy exploding with a rush of juices, and she shrieked as she tumbled, Penny's voice cried out, "Fuck, yes, yes YEEESSS!", as she went over, shrieks of orgasmic completion issued from Melinda and Lynn, as they joined in the symphony of orgasmic joy.

    Two night later, just before bed, Penny said softly, "How about if we share a story about our sex lives, every night? I'd love to start out, and tell you about mine. "

    At the eager nods from the roomies, she grinned and said, "When I turned 15, my brother Rick asked me if he'd like to watch him and his buddies in a circle jerk. I was shocked, but also turned on, as he said how all his buds thought I was real hot, and how much they'd like to have me watch them. When he led me into the downstairs rumpus room, my heart was beating hard, and his buddies had no problem getting naked in front of me, and I saw 6 rock hard pricks standing hard and tall."

    "I had been wondering if I would do what I did next, I decided it as I cooed, 'Well, I don't want to be the only person wearing clothes in the room', and as his friends gaped at me, I stripped naked. I felt prickles of lust as I let them drink their fill, then turned my back to them, enjoying the approving sounds they made over my naked charms and assets."

    "They sat around in a circle, and each other gripped the cock next to them on the right, and started to pump. God, I'd never seen anything so hot, and I went around in a circle, so everyone could get a good look at me. I could feel my pussy start to churn, watching them pull and stroke those stiff, hard cocks was getting to me. Grunts and moans started to fill the room, as they all stroked towards climax. My pussy was on fire, and I growled, 'And I won't be the only one not to cum", and I started to play with my pussy, god, I felt so wanton and nasty, and so HOT! My fingers were making wet squishy sounds as i finger fucked myself, faster and faster, fuck it felt so good."

    "My brother's eyes were locked on me, and he started to grunt, he growled out, "I'm cumming, oh fuck YEAH!" and he arched his hips up, and I watched with breathless delight as his cock erupted, did he ever go off! Four streams shot completely clear of his cock, then a river of cum poured out, sliding down his shaft, and covering the hand that was pumping him. That started it going, as one by one, cocks started erupting, grunts of orgasm filling the room. My pussy blew apart, I was squirting, I could hear my juices splattering the floor, my wail of climax joining in as I watched rock hard cocks pulsing wildly, thick streams of hot cream flying out, splattering every which way."

    Penny paused, and plunged on, "It was also my brother who took my virginity, with my eager participation. After watching their circle jerks, I became hungry for Rick's cock, he was 17, and watching his cock shooting off really got me going. I imagined those hot gushes of cum splattering my pussy, and once my womb was protected by the birth control pill, it didn't take much before we were in my bedroom, and I stripped naked in front of him, eager to tease his cock up to a full, stiff erection. When he was rock hard, I got him to lie down, so I could ride him, and control the penetration, since I was a virgin. When I nudged against him, I was shaking, and I wanted to be broken open right away. Accordingly, I thrust down hard, and I felt a momentary resistance, I let out a pained cry as I felt a stretching, what felt like a burning sensation, then the loosening as his cock sheared through my virgin barrier. Oh god, it kinda hurt, but I didn't want to stop, I kept on pushing down hard, gasping and letting out little grunts as I wanted him all the way in. One last push down, one last pained cry and my deflowering was complete, as I felt him stuffed balls deep. I saw my bother's eyes widen as he felt my virgin pussy wrapped around his cock."

    "I paused, oh yeah, I was stuffed, I could feel my tight virgin pussy gripping at his cock. When I felt a slight give, I rose up a bit, and went down again. Mmmm, better, still a bit painful, but I could feel a pleasurable sensation joining it. It just kept getting better and better, I was getting a smooth glide up and own my brother's cock, and I experimented a bit. Instead of just humping madly, I started to move my hips differently, first forwards and backwards, then side to side, and finally in a circular fashion. It felt really awesome, feeling his cock gliding in at different angles as I mixed the movements, and alternated them, all the while slowly raising up on her knees and slowly sinking back down. I looked down, and I could see his shaft appear as I raised up, then being swallowed back up again and I sank back down. I ran my hands down my body, sliding through my pussy hair, then my fingers were running the length of his cock as it entered and exited my wet, horny hole."

    "When my brother reached up and started to play with my stiff nipples, oh god, it was driving me crazy. My nipples were really hard, they stuck out at least an inch from my bouncing boobs. With the other hand he reached down and began stroking my clit. I shuddered at the stimulation, and I felt the urgent need to cum, cum as hard as possible. I began riding him hard, hungry for the first load of hot cream to splatter my tight little pink hole, concentrating on a rapid in-and-out, eager to explode."

    "I felt the prickles of approaching orgasm, oh my god, I was going to explode with a hard cock ramming me. The knowledge that I was fucking my brother, real incest, I was going to let his cum fill me, put me at the boiling point."

    "I howled out, 'Fuck, gonna cum, gonna cum, spray me, cum in MEEE!' "

    "I felt my tight little pussy clamp down on him, and with a shriek of pleasure I orgasmed, god, I felt like I was gonna shake apart. I heard my bother growl, 'Oh god, I'm gonna blow!', he grunted and pumped hips up, let out a moan I've come to know so well, and his sperm filled balls exploded, squirting over and over, my tight little pussy was milking hard at him, all that hot, incestuous cum bring sucked up into my womb."

    Rose looked around the room, and Penny smiled as she turned off the lamp.

    "Shall we begin girls?"

    With that vision fresh in their minds, the cabin quickly filled with the sounds of hot, teen lust, growls and cries of pleasure, the wet squelch that turned Rose on even more, and loud howls and shrieks as they tumbled into orgasm, cumming like horny little bitches.
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    Part 07

    With Rose away at summer camp for the month, Natalie was eager to make sure that Mr. Fields didn't go without. She eagerly took Rose's place, she wanted everything that little sister got, and more. She wanted him to get her virginities that were still intact. Accordingly, she bought a set of shimmery, bikini style panties, the weaving was a fine mesh, that offered a see-thru vision of her cheeks, and the cleave of her ass.

    With Rose away, she had the house to herself every weekday, and when Mr. Fields came over, she cooed, "Mr. Fields, every one of my holes is a tight cherry. Now that one of them is gone, I want you take my other two, starting with this."

    She unzipped the short skirt she was wearing, and let it drop to the floor. Seeing his eyes locked on her, she smiled and turned her ass to his view, her heart thumping with excitement and nervousness.

    Mr. Fields felt his cock soar up, damn, that sexy see-thru vision of her ass was superb, ever since Rose had let him get the first ass fuck of his life, he was hooked, the tightness was out of this world. He was considerate as he peeled off Natalie's panties, she took to her bed on hands and knees, her ass cocked up for his ministrations. Natalie's ass was positioned so perfectly, and he started kissing and licking her ass cheeks, hearing her soft moans of desire. He pulled her ass cheeks apart gently, and his tongue started to lick at her asshole, licking at the tight pucker.

    Natalie gasped out, "Oh god, that feels so good, keep licking me lover, get me all wet and slippery for your cock!"

    She could feel the loving licks, as he ran his tongue over the rose shaped pucker of her sweet asshole, again and again. Bringing his hands up, his fingers joined in, licking and fingering her ass hole until she was whimpering with pleasure. He slid a drizzle of lube over the rim, gently fingering it in and lubed up his cock, he was iron hard, he loved to fuck a tight ass.

    Natalie felt the hard intrusion of his cock, it made her lust burn hotter, it was painful, but the pain seemed to amplify the pleasure. She was grunting as he slowly drove his well lubed cock in, until she let out a loud cry of mixed pain and pleasure as he buried his cock, his balls smacking against her ass.

    When he paused, Natalie gasped, "Don't stop, fuck me, fuck my ass, just be gentle to start with."

    Mr. Fields pulled back and slowly, deeply slid his cock back in, the first couple of thrusts were a bit abrasive, until Natalie felt her asshole give a bit, ummm, that was better. The lube helped to smooth it our further, as Natalie got more into it, she urged him on.

    "Fuck, oh fuck, so big, so hard, so good. Ream out my tight little ass-hole, fuck me harder, then spray your cream all over my tight walls, flood my back door!"

    Mr. Fields filled his vision with the sight of her gorgeous ass cheeks, as he started to fuck her faster, Mr. Fields was soon plunging in powerfully as he thrust his glistening tool in and out, the tight grip of her ass hole was spread open again and again by his plunging rod. Natalie's non-stop cries of pleasure spurred him on as she got her ass reamed. The sight of her sexy moons pumping back and forth as his cock drove in, splitting her open again and again, god, what a view. Natalie, overcome with lust, cupped her sex, her fingers finding the wet heat, masturbating furiously, her fingers pumping in and out of her pussy to the rhythm of the cock driving up her ass. As she started rubbing her throbbing clit, she could feel orgasm racing at her, she was gonna explode.

    "Do it lover, cum in me, I wanna feel you squirt, oh yes, cum with me, fuck, fuck, OHHH FFUUUCCKKK!"

    She felt a wrenching wave hit her, letting out a loud shriek as she tumbled, her pussy squirted and her ass clamped down hard on Mr. Fields' cock. He grunted, and exploded immediately, she felt a huge bloom of hot cream deep inside her ass, as he flooded her back door.


    They'd gone out in his big Cadillac, he'd taken her to a secluded glade. Before his wife went nutso religious, him and his wife had often gone out there, and gotten frisky. Now that Natalie was eager for his cock, both of them quickly got nude under the warm July sunshine, and Natalie got one of her favorite fantasies turned into reality. It was the one she'd masturbated to right after her rape. Mr. Fields lay back on the blanket, his cock pointing skyward, and Natalie eagerly swung into position, squatting over Mr. Fields, ready to impale herself.

    Mr. Fields filled his eyes with the sight of his business partner's older daughter, 18 and very horny, ready to mount him. Her luscious milk jugs were capped with stiff, rock hard nipples, he could see the glow of lust on her face, her eyes bright with sexual heat. He had a feeling he was going to get one hell of a ride.

    Nudging her opening against his cock, she paused, then with a low moan, she pushed down hard, letting out a loud gasp of pleasure, mixing with Mr. Fields' grunt, burying his cock into the grip of her tight pink hole. She purred as she felt her wet, clutching heat grip at the hard cock, she started to flex her inner muscles, wanting to milk him for every drop.

    Mr. Fields was enjoying the sexual lust, god, two daughters, and both of them hot and eager for his cock. The tightness of Natalie's 18 year old fuck-hole wrapped tightly around his cock, it was a massive boost to his lust to watch as Natalie got into the rhythm, her hips starting to pump up and down, as his business partner's 18 year old daughter eagerly sampled his sexual proficiency.

    Natalie was remembering her fantasy, how she had fucked herself wildly with her hairbrush handle while she imagined riding his cock. Ummm, the reality was so much better than the fantasy, riding that stiff, hard prick, his cock surging between the tight cling, stuffing herself to his balls on each downward plunge. Her juices lubed her up nicely, it was a smooth, pleasure filled ride as she rode, she started to fuck herself faster, mmmmm, felt so good, she was moaning deep in her throat on each plunge.

    Mr. Fields was watching her body, the joy playing across her face, and the tempo of her sexy milk jugs bouncing up and down in tempo with her hips. Her nipples were fiery red, swollen with sexual excitement, Mr. Fields reached up, gently pulling and tweaking her nipples, she let out a loud moan, then her fingers slid down over her belly, until the they found her clit, she started to rub circles over her hard little button, a look of absolute bliss on her face. He could feel his cum, almost at a full boil, he was gonna explode.

    Natalie could feel the building wave, ready to wash all over her, as she moaned, "Oh yes, fuck me Mr. Fields, fuck my tight little cunt, cum in me, cum in me NOW!"

    She let out a loud howl of pleasure as she tensed, going rigid, letting out gasps and grunts of pleasure, her orgasm rushed into her body, Natalie could feel her juices gush, pussy walls fluttering madly, tightening down and milking hard.

    Natalie's orgasm drove Mr. Fields over the edge, he grabbed her hips and thrust up hard, his prick swelled up, lodged against her cervix, nudging the bottom open. He heard her grunt, and he burst inside of her, his cock went off over and over, letting his hot seed coat her cervix, and letting the ripples suck it up into her womb, her pussy convulsed over and over, eagerly sucking him, draining him of every drop.

    Natalie was sailing that sea of pleasure, the feel of his cock exploding and squirting wildly, filling her quivering pussy with a rush of hot wetness, and she was crying out with pleasure, fuck, it felt so good. As the last spasm played across her pussy, she shivered in blissful fulfillment, and let out a long, satisfied sigh of pleasure. She lay forward, her body against Mr. Fields, enjoying the way his arms came around her, holding her close.


    One last virginity to go. Never having sucked a cock, she found an online tutorial, an actual cock-sucking. The guy saying what felt good, and his girlfriend demonstrating for the camera, exactly how to suck and lick that hard cock. Natalie smiled, she was eager to put what she'd learned to good use, and it was only 2 hours after that, she was stopping by to say Hi to her daddy at the office. After that, the real reason for her visit was made clear to Mr. Fields as she leaned into his office, and beckoned him to follow. She crept down to the conference room, looked left, right, then left and right again, and slipped in to the conference room unobserved.

    Mr. Fields did the similar routine, then he slipped in, and saw Natalie, she was already stark naked, and he quickly locked the door. She walked up to him, reached down and felt the hard rise of his cock.

    "Mmmm, so hard, so ready, I'm so ready too, I want you take my last little bit of virginity, I want to suck that hard, stiff cock, and get a rich flood of your hot cream filling my mouth. You will have christened all my holes, does that excite you lover?"

    She grinned as she felt his cock surging, in just a few moments, his pants and shorts were at his ankles, and Natalie grasped the hard stiff shaft, and moved her head in, just an inch away. Recalling the tutorial, she grasped his cock, and pulled down on the foreskin, watching as his cock head popped out, all shiny and pink. Her warm breath puffed over the head of his cock, she moved in, and let her tongue slide out. Natalie started to lick gently at the head of his cock, enjoying his moan of pleasure as her hot, wet tongue made that sizzling contact, over and over.

    When his cock head was wet with her saliva, she went on to the next point. She slipped her lips around the head of his cock, taking in just the head, then she let her tongue swirl around him, nursing at his swollen knob. His grunts told her she was on the right track and Natalie thrust her mouth forward, and swallowed that hard cock in one go, she felt a blaze of lust at the loud gasp, and the feel of his balls against her chin.

    Mr Fields felt her lips tight around his shaft, the hot, wet grip of her mouth surrounding him, her mouth was a sucking, milking vortex of pleasure, eager to take his load. he reached down, and started to stroke at her head, as she pulled back and again buried him balls deep in the warm, wet confines of her mouth. She may have been a novice, but she knew what she was doing, Mr. Fields felt his cock throbbing as he rode wetly in and out of his Natalie's wet, sucking lips.

    "Oh baby, god, so good, ummm, so good baby" he growled.

    Natalie's mouth continued to bob back and forth, she was making little noises of passion as she sucked him, and Mr Fields felt his cum ready to explode. When she cupped his balls, squeezing gently at them, that did it, he felt the sudden explosion of cum, letting out a loud grunt as he shot his load.

    Natalie smiled around her mouthful as his spurting cock painted the inside of her mouth, thick streams spewing a massive load between Natalie's tight crimson lips, her cum slick tongue swiping at his throbbing cock, being rewarded with more thick cream, until every last drop was drained. Natalie pulled back slowly, keeping her lips clasping tightly at him, until she let him go. The taste had electrified her, with a look and a smile up at Mr Fields, she let him see that she would be a swallower, not a spitter, her throat muscles working as she swallowed every drop.


    With her being 18, she was able to get away every weekend. She was at Mr. Field's beachside home every one of those weekends, with his stretch of beach being secluded, she would prance around naked on the beach, in the surf, then in his bedroom, she would get the fucking that her sexy body and her nudity had earned her. Whether it was doggy style, face to face, riding his surging prick, or on her knees in the classic subservient cock-sucker position, Natalie was always hot and eager, his foreplay would make her explode even before his cock was inside her. The weekends became a wonderland, she eagerly gave him every hot hole for his fucking pleasure, and the pleasure she got from his skill would make her explode, when she felt his hot cream spilling into her mouth, her pussy or her ass.
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    Part 08

    The next night, Penny, who had obviously taken the lead in getting group masturbation going, shimmied out of her clothes, her roommates quickly followed, and purred, "Would someone else care to share a hot bedtime story with us?"

    Rose was only to happy to share, and she told of Mr. Fields, how her blooming sexuality at 14 had turned him on so much, and how at 15, she had him pluck her cherry. He was so virile, saddled with a wife who'd gone nutty religious, and cut him off from any kind of sex. She didn't skimp on the details, and she loaded her story with lots of hot, explicit details, what it felt like when her cherry surrendered to his hard, insistent plunge...the feel of his cock pumping her tunnel...the smooth glide as she juiced up...the throbbing and pulsing of his cock, and the hot blooming as his cock burst deep inside her, the rush of his hot cream being pumped all over her cervix, the hungry milking ripples pulling it deep into her womb...the virgin bursting fuck she'd dreamed off.

    She told them of the times she'd supposedly pop into the office to say Hi to her daddy....then creep off to a conference room with Mr. Fields...stripping naked so he could watch her nudity as she took to her knees with a smile...sucking and milking, her cock a tight sliding ring of pleasure until he grunted, and ribbons of hot cum would paint her mouth, sliding down her throat to whitewash her tonsils....giving up her tight asshole virginity to him...how much it hurt at first, then as it got better and better, until he was sawing almost the entire length in and out...the hot wet rush as his prick exploded, painting her bowels with his load...the hot fucks in his nice big Cadillac, and the weekends at his beachside house, getting him to do her holes, as often as he could get it up.

    "And believe me, he is very virile, he gets it up every time I'm eager for another hot filling rush of his creamy spunk."

    Penny was breathing hard, she'd been tweaking her nipples. This was something new, the first time that any of the girls had done anything to pleasure themselves with the lights on. Rose felt the hot pulse between her legs, and she cooed, "How about if we leave the lights on, stay naked, and watch each other? I think it would be really hot!"

    The lust had permeated all of the girls, and it was a real eye opening view, as Rose kept her eyes moving, feeling a surge at the different styles of masturbation she saw.

    Penny liked to fondle her breasts, and toy with her stiff nipples. She slowly slid her hands down, caressing her body, resting her left hand on her lower stomach, gently rubbing back and forth. She dropped her right hand down and immediately inserted her index and middle fingers inside her pussy. She twisted these fingers inside herself so that her right thumb was in a position to commence a circular rotation against her clit. She also went slow at first, and gradually increased the speed of her fingers and thumb as she continued on. Once or twice she brought her right hand back up, rubbed some of her juices on her breasts, then slid them back down and inside herself again.

    Lynn's right hand at the top of her pussy, her two middle fingers gliding over the slippery hood of her clit again and again, over her enlarged pleasure button. Slow, then a bit faster...then pausing and sliding these same two fingers down to fuck herself, penetrating herself, eagerly. As she became more excited she finger-fucked herself with more enthusiasm.

    Melinda's fingers were tucked snugly inside herself, as her thumb worked over her clit. Her eyes were closed, and she was gently pumping her hips upwards, cooing softly. Rose watched, then glanced up at her face and realized she was staring intently at her fingers, as she wantonly pleasured herself. That brought a moan to her lips, being watched like that was a whole new angle of pleasure.

    Rose became aware of Penny, Lynn and Melinda gasping and softly moaning in response to their self pleasuring. Rose's moans increased, and the sound of hot squishes, as flying fingers frantically plunged in and out of hot, sopping pussies joined in. It really added fuel to the fire, Rose felt almost crazed with lust as she started to really stuff her fingers in, pumping with a frantic need to cum.

    Penny gasped, "I am really close, I can't hold off much longer!"

    Melinda panted, "I'm almost there, oh god!"

    Lynn moaned, "Yes, I want to cum so hard!"

    Rose joined in, "I am so ready, fuck it feels so good!"

    Penny purred "Okay, girls, let's go for it, take a deep breath, and let fly!"

    It took less than a minute, Penny went over the edge first. Rose watched as her furiously flying fingers brought on her orgasm. Her body froze for a moment and then she let loose. Her face went into contortions...her toes curled...she shuddered from the intensity of her climax, she groaned, "nnnnnnggggghhhhh", and her body started to shake and writhe on the bed as she tumbled into orgasm.

    Watching Penny's body tumble into orgasmic bliss set Rose and Lynn off at precisely the same instant. The first spasm gripped Rose's body, it literally lifted her body off the mattress...one long, wrenching spasm unlike any she had ever felt, the intensity of it tore a wordless animal cry from deep inside. She was gasping, moaning, grunting, finger fucking herself like a lust driven animal. Knowing that her roomies were watching her in the grip of the most body shaking, full bore orgasm she'd ever had drove her on, her eyes rolled back in her head as that first spasm was followed by more power filled spasms, shaking her to the core.

    The cries of orgasm of Melinda and Lynn had filled the air, Rose had been in such an orgasmic rush she had been unable to watch them cumming, she thought the last spasm had shaken her when a few more welled up, not as wrenching, these were like a wave of pleasure, as she slumped down, gasping for breath, her body wrung out, giddy. The orgasmic cries of Melinda and Lynn started to wane, as they reached their completions.

    When Rose opened her eyes, she saw Penny's eyes locked on her. She smiled at Penny, and received a lust filled grin in return. That grin seemed to promise that more fun was to come, and as bodies calmed down, and goodnight were exchanged, the lights were turned off, and Rose rolled over into her blankets, dreamy with contentment. Sleep was coming up fast, and just before it took her, she thought of Mr. Fields, and hoped that he wasn't suffering too much from her absence.


    At that very moment, in Mr. Fields' beachside home, he was laying back in bed, naked, his cock iron hard. He was waiting for Natalie to join him. He heard her padding down the thick hallway carpet, then she swung into the door way, grinning, oh fuck what a sight. Natalie was wearing a see-through white baby doll nightie, the dim light provided enough illumination for him to savor the sight, her hefty dairies pushed out the front, they were clearly delineated against the fabric, when his eyes wandered lower, he noticed that she was not wearing the matching panties. The nightie just barely covered her pussy and her ass cheeks, and the sparkle in her eyes, the flush of her face, showed that she was ready for action again.

    Mr. Fields had discovered his own personal fountain of youth, and it had nothing to do with a mythical water source. The flagrant sexuality of Rose, and now, Natalie, just kept bringing his cock up again and again. He had already fucked Natalie when they woke up that morning, riding her doggy style until her moans and howls of pleasure, combined with the tight spasms of her cunt milking at his cock, brought out the morning explosion of hot cum. In the afternoon, she been on her knees on the beach, sucking his cock until her let loose with a tonsil splattering rush of cum, and here he was, his cock ready for a third time, hard as an oversexed 17 year old. God, it was great.

    Natalie grinned as she saw her lover's obvious approval. With her sexuality now in a full bore rush, she wondered while the hell she'd waited so long. Stupid bullshit, the idea of keeping herself virginal for some future husband. Virginity was a fragile bubble, that vanished with the first prick. She smiled at that thought, her first fuck, being a cunt pounding rape was nothing she wanted to relive, but with a lover who knew what he was doing, and would make love to her or fuck her like a live sex doll, whatever she was in the mood for, just kept her sexuality rolling. Although she did not want an actual rape, a pretend rape hit her kink buttons. She had a couple of items in her hands, and as she climbed onto the bed, she showed him what she had.

    Mr. Fields saw the items, and he grinned, she wanted to be extra kinky. She had a red rubber ball gag, handcuffs, and a length of rope.

    "Tie me up lover, gag me, then fuck my brains out!"

    Mr. Fields loved this kinky side of Natalie, his wife had not cared to experiment in any way, even when they had a hot, enjoyable sex life. Having a teen temptress who wanted to explore her sexual facets, was A OK with him. He lifted her arms straight up above her head, cuffed her wrists together, looped the rope through the chain, and secured it at the top of the bed frame. With no hesitation she opened her mouth, and putting the ball gag into her mouth, he buckled it shut behind her head. Viewing the scene, Natalie tied up and gagged, ready for a hard solid fucking, made his cock ache.

    She left her baby doll nightie on, she knew he loved to fuck her when she was wearing hot lingerie. He grabbed her legs, pushing them up and out until her knees pressed against the fabric covering her tits. Her nightie was rucked up just above pussy. Getting between the spread, he draped her legs over his shoulders. Leading his cock on its cunt splitting path, he felt the soft curls of her neatly trimmed blonde bush against his cock-head, then the wet heat as the swollen head of his cock nudged against her wet vaginal lips. When he felt the warmth of her fiery wet pussy touch his dick, he knew how she wanted it when she was tied up, hard and fast.

    Feeling his animal side rising up, he drove in, growling as he felt Natalie's fiery wet pussy clutch and clamp his dick. He surged in with a fierce charge, spreading her walls apart, eager to bury his hard rod into the churning wet heat of Natalie's tight teen snatch.

    "MMMM...mmmm......gmmmmmm" were all the sounds Natalie could make with her mouth stuffed with a ball gag. She gave off more gagged, inarticulate sounds as he stuffed her. His cock was a swollen cunt buster, bigger and harder than ever, and she felt her lust explode as she was impaled. God, it was so fucking good as he filled her pink hole, she felt his balls smack against her ass, the head of his cock nudged hard against her cervix as he came down on her, smacking the breath from her body, all on that first animalistic, hard in-stroke.

    Natalie growled into her gag, her mind urging him on, 'Ohhhh, fuck, god, so good, fuck me hard and fast' as his cock had her stretched around his swollen length of hard eager dick. He pulled back and did exactly as her mind had silently urged. Her gagged sounds of pleasure were non-stop, as his throbbing dick was buried to the hilt on every in-thrust, his sperm bloated balls smacking against her ass, his cock head nudging tight against her cervix. She thought of the building rush of hot sperm filling up his throbbing balls, eager for that wet spray to splatter her deep inside. She pulled on her arms, feeling no give as her arms were tightly restrained, it just made her hotter, she loved this kind of rodeo.

    Mr. Fields readjusted her legs, they were now around his waist, Natalie locked her ankles together, and levered her hips up, her pelvis smacking against his on each thrust. She was getting it hard and fast, being power fucked back into the king size mattress. She felt the building of her orgasm, Natalie's pussy was making the wet squelchy sounds as her dripping center was being pounded to orgasm by Mr. Fields' rampant cock, oh yeah, it was going to feel so fucking good.

    Mr. Fields was also coming up on his orgasm, he was waiting for the telltale spasming ripples around his cock, before he would let himself go over.

    Natalie felt the tingles sweeping up, and there, oh fuck, yes, a long rippling spasm that shook her body, her muffled shrieks were well gagged grunts as she tumbled into orgasm, another spasm, then another, and another, they kept going, the spasms centered in her tight vaginal sanctum, the ultimate gripping, milking pull. pulling his cock in as deep as possible. Dimly, she heard her lover's sounds that she had come to know so well as he pierced her cervix, and his cock burst, a hot sperm filled rush inundated her womb, flooding her pill protected baby chamber with a flood of hot spunk. She adored the feel of his load spilling into her, coating her walls with hot creamy satisfaction as her pussy milked and sucked every drop out of him.

    Natalie smiled, god it felt fucking fantastic. She sailed into the afterglow, her lover's warm body on top of hers, enjoying the feel of his cock staying hard, keeping her walls split open for just a bit longer, until his erection started to wane, and he popped out of her, sliding off her body on her left side. She had a towel underneath her butt, after that first time in a bed, and a huge wet spot to contend with, there was no joy in a wet spot, and Mr. Fields always delivered a big, juicy load.

    She felt her wrists being freed, and the ball gag was plucked gently out of her mouth. She felt like she was on a sexual high, as she cuddled against her lover, drifting on the clouds of post coital contentment. She wondered how her sister Rose was contending without Mr. Fields to fuck her.
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    great start hope there is more to cumm for all of them and us to read about

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    Part 09

    The next day, at bed time, when Penny stripped naked, she purred, "Ok, let's try something a little bit more fun. We are all watching each other, so let's get closer."

    She led the nude forms of her roomies over to a large area rug.

    "This will be perfect!"

    Penny sat on the rug, and she said, "Rose, you sit facing me, Lynn and Melinda, you sit next to us, facing each other."

    When they were seated, Penny smiled, brought her knees together, then let them drop sideways. Rose felt the throb, Penny's beautiful sex was revealed, the lips parted slightly, so close, so hot, wet and pink. She copied what Penny had just done, and saw Penny's eyes glued to the spectacle of her hot core, naked and on display for Penny's viewing pleasure. She glanced at her other roomies, they had done the same thing, and Rose felt the thrill of lust as she saw all of them, displaying their beautiful hot pussies, just like she was.

    Penny grinned, and said "Who wants to tell us their hot sex story tonight?"

    Lynn volunteered, her story was a hot, lust filled recounting of her virgin busting ride.

    "I was at my Aunt and Uncle's farm for a long weekend, just after I turned 15. That first night, my Aunt and Uncle told me that they thought it was time for me to learn the real facts of life. They surrounded me, and started kissing me, over my face, my neck, and I could feel myself being gently stripped. My clothes formed a pile on the floor. Auntie Laura took to one knee, and gently rolled my panties down, now I was bare ass naked. I felt my Auntie's soft warm hand stroke at my sparse bush, I had just started to get pubic hair, and it was very thin, wispy bush. "

    " 'Ummm, so sexy, look at that sexy pussy, just starting to get hair. I'm going to love licking you sweetheart' my Auntie cooed. I could feel my pussy start to warm up as she went over to my Uncle George, and stripped him down. I was staring at his cock, 7 inches of rock hard cock, while my Aunt quickly got naked. Umm, such big tits, curvy hips, and a full, lush pelt of red hair."

    " 'On your knees baby, give my husband a sexy, wet blowjob.' "

    "That really got my lust rolling, I was going to give my first blowjob, and my Uncle George was going to be the lucky one to take my mouth virginity. I knelt down, and his cock was right at the perfect level, seven inches of rock hard cock, eager for my mouth. I could see my Auntie Laura on the sofa, she brought her legs up and spread them wide, her deep pink opening slick with juices."

    "Auntie Laura cooed, 'Oh yes Lynn, get those sweet pink lips of yours all slicked up, and let my husband slide his stiff cock between those tight, slick lips of yours, right into your sweet little mouth. Do you like to swallow the cum sweetheart? I'm sure George has got a big, juicy load, all set to fill your sweet mouth baby! While you suck his cock, I'm going to play with my horny pussy!' "

    "Being that it was my first time giving a blowjob, I recalled the hot details my friend Alex had regaled me with, during our last sleepover, when she told me me about how she sucked off her step-brother Geoff. Using the details as my guide, I slicked up my lips, pulling down on the foreskin until his big head popped out, all pink and shiny. I started to lick at the head, pretending I was licking a lollipop. I could hear a moan of pleasure, and I slid my eyes over to see her Auntie Laura's fingers stroking at the inner lips of her pussy, sliding her fingers up and down. I then slid my mouth just over the head of Uncle George's cock, and flickered my tongue around the head, his growl of pleasure urged me on."

    "Auntie Laura grunted, 'Yes, oh yes, suck him, swallow his cock, so fucking hot!' "

    "I pushed my head forward, I managed about 4 inches before I had to pull my head back, my Uncle was stroking my head, murmuring encouragement."

    " 'Oh yes baby, just suck as much as you can, don't try to take too much, oh yeah, your mouth is a hot, wet heaven of sucking, ummmm.' "

    "Eager to make my first blowjob something to remember, I started to bob my head back and forth, my mouth working its way down, but by bit, further on each in-stroke. I could hear my Auntie gasping and sighing, and the wet squelch as she played with her wet hole. I slid my eyes over, saw my Auntie ramming her pussy with an 8 inch dildo, fucking herself wildly while she polished her clit and watched her husband getting his cock sucked by me, their 15 year old niece."

    Rose heard soft coos of pleasure from her roomies, her sounds joined in as the tale unfolded. She saw Penny, eyes closed, cupping tits and toying with her nipples. Rose was tugging and tweaking at her tits , they were swollen and stiff, achy, and tweaking them felt so fucking good. She saw Melinda run her fingers in caressing circles over her belly, her face was full of bliss, and Lynn was stroking at her nipples, as she continued.

    "I felt a glow of triumph when I swallowed Uncle's cock right down to the balls, his entire 7 inches was stuffed in my mouth. I pulled back and plunged down again, wetly riding his pole, eager for the wet spray of sperm."

    "Uncle George grunted, 'Oh yeah baby, gonna cum, gonna fill your sweet mouth, yeah, yeah, YEAH!' "

    "Auntie Laura let out grunts as squeals of pleasure, her body shaking as she went over into orgasm, and I pulled my head back, I wanted to taste the first load of cum to christen my mouth. I felt a pulse traveling up the shaft of Uncle's cock, and with a growl, his cock erupted. I felt the first 2 hot blasts hit the roof of my mouth, then more streams gushed, spewing all over my tongue. My mouth was full, and I felt him pull his cock out, just as my Auntie Laura knelt next to me, and swallow him down, in one easy motion, sucking him eagerly, wanting to get a share of his load. I heard Auntie sucking and slurping all over my Uncle's dick, as I savored the taste filling my mouth. It was thick, creamy, unlike anything I had ever tasted, and when I swallowed it all, I was grinning like the Cheshire cat. I felt hands gently grasp each side of my head, it was turned, and Auntie Laura's face was there, she moved in, and she was pressing her lips tightly against mine. Her mouth teased my lips apart, her tongue came out, and I opened fully to her. Our tongues were all slick and slippery with my Uncle's cum, my pussy was dripping with lust."

    "My Auntie purred, 'Squat over my face, I want your body looking towards my feet, and let your Auntie give you the cunt licking of a lifetime!"

    "I felt a surge of lust, cunt licking, oh fuck, not pussy, but cunt. My CUNT was going to get licked, my Auntie was going to lick my CUNT, and make me cum like crazy. Hearing my pussy referred to as a cunt just about drove me insane. I squatted, and I felt my Auntie's hands grasp my hips, and pull me down. I saw her face, alive with lust, then the pure, unequaled bliss of soft, wet lips making contact with my cunt, a soft wet tongue licking at me, sliding along my cunt lips, oh god, I could feel it roar to life like a wildfire, and the wet swipe of my Auntie's tongue against my clit sent me plunging, I could feel my pussy clenching, and my juices pouring out, oh fuck, it felt too good, I let out a howl of sheer sexual pleasure, as I bathed my Auntie's face with my orgasmic rush. My Auntie didn't let up, and I wanted to return the pleasure. I realized that all I had to do was lean forwards, and I'd be in a 69, my friend had told me how good it felt, and I wanted to do it. I stretched out, lowering my face, and smelled the hot, spicy scent from that red bush, ummm, I could see her cunt lips, all swollen and parted, I parted Auntie's thighs, and put my face right against her, my tongue reaching out, tasting her, licking at the juices, feeling a heady rush from the erotic boost I felt."

    "Auntie Laura paused just long enough to purr, 'Oh yes baby, lick my cunt, while I lick yours, let's make each other cum!' "

    "Auntie Laura quickly reapplied her mouth, and I felt the pleasure of my cunt getting licked at the same time that I was licking my Auntie's sweet cunt. Ummm, the hot musky taste, I love it, I moaned into the soupy pink folds I was licking as my own pink folds were being so delightfully licked and doted on."

    "I felt my body cresting again, being hit with a second orgasm, a third rushed in right after, then as a fourth one slammed into me, my juices running like a river, I could hear Auntie Laura's shriek of climax join my howls of orgasm as Auntie's cunt spasmed and clenched, her sweet juices flooding out for my eager mouth. As I felt my orgasm start to wane, I felt the lips of my cunt being parted."

    "Auntie Laura purred, 'My sweet husband, our sweet little niece is still a virgin. Would you like to end your virginity, sweet niece?' "

    "I was ready for anything and I growled, 'Yes, oh yes, fuck my cunt,' feeling an erotic charge at making such a graphic request.

    "I felt my lips being held open, and the knob of my Uncle George's cock rubbing up and down my slit, getting his cock head all lubed up. He was poised, and I felt his cock slip into my entrance. It felt different, not hurting, but I wanted more."

    "He came up against my cherry, and he said gently, 'Baby, I'll have to push hard, you may feel some pain, are you ready?' "

    "I was more that ready, if it hurt, fuck it, and I grunted, 'yes, yes, fuck away my cherry, pluck it now!' "

    "He bore down, it held for an instant, then I felt a burning sting as my virgin barrier surrendered, I let out a choked cry, and grunted, 'Don't stop, take it all!' and I felt his cock pushing in, my tight virgin walls parting, getting their first fuck, until he was buried. Being so wet from my orgasms made my virgin breaking a smooth glide, I grunted as his balls smacked against my pussy as I was stuffed. I felt my Auntie's fingers trailing though my pubic hair, then her soft fingers running around my stretched lips, caressing me and her husband's cock. Oh I can remember it so well, the feeling of being filled with a hard cock, the slight twinges. but the pleasure that was starting to tingle me right there."

    "My lust was starting to roar, and I panted, 'Ohhh, god..I love it...feels so good, fuck my cunt, fuck me!' "

    "My Auntie's voice growled "You heard our sweet niece, ride her sweet teen cunt, and give her virgin snatch its first rush of hot cum!"

    "He pulled back slightly, then buried it again, ummm, that felt better, it took only a few thrusts before my tight little pussy stretched out, accommodating his most welcome cock, and it felt so fucking good. Our mingled grunts of pleasure filled the room, as he drove into me, over and over, I felt my Auntie's fingers join in the fun, rubbing my hard, throbbing clit, and I came three times, each time was a long, rolling wave. My pussy was tighter than ever, milking wildly at my Uncle's surging cock, until he grunted, and buried himself, and I felt a hot wet rush fill me, as his cock painted the walls of my cunt with its first load. When he pulled out, I felt the sizzling pleasure of my Auntie pulling my cunt back against her mouth, and her tongue speared in. As she sucked and licked, eager to get his cum, Uncle George brought his cock to my mouth, and I sucked and licked his cock clean, while my Auntie licked and sucked my cunt clean."

    The room was silent for a few moments, until Penny cooed, "Holy fuck, that was hot. I don't know how much longer I could have held out. But before we start, let's really display our pussies, really show each other, first. I'll start."

    Penny's pussy was clearly visible to Rose's eyes, and Lynn and Melinda turned their heads to look. Penny reached down, and with smile, she used her fingers to spread herself open. Her lips were swollen with sexual excitement, Rose could see the dewy wetness lining her labia, and the wetness of her inner pinkness. Penny's clit was stiff and hard, enlarged to the size of a grape, poking out prominently from under her clit hood. Penny's eyes danced with lust, as she displayed herself openly.

    She looked right at Rose, and purred, "You're next!"

    Rose reached down, and as three sets of eyes locked on her, she opened her pussy to their eyes. Holy fuck that was erotic, her mind chanting, 'they're looking at my CUNT,' over and over. From having looked at her own cunt using a hand mirror, she knew what they would see, her labia lips were thickened and a little longer than Penny's. Her large pea size clitoris was standing up, having risen for her labia as she exposed herself to her roomies. Rose could feel the wetness inside, the burning itch of needing to cum tickling away deep inside her walls. She enjoyed seeing the lust stamped on their faces, as they drank their fill.

    Melinda was next, she needed a little coaxing before she spread herself, her pussy lips were tight and barely noticeable, the color of pink bubblegum, and her clit was no bigger than a tiny pea.

    Self-consciously, she whispered, "I look like a little girl down there, compared to you, Penny, and you too Rose."

    "You look just perfect, Melinda, I like it," Penny replied.

    Rose joined in, "There's nothing wrong with you Melinda, it looks very hot and sexy."

    When Lynn remarked that she loved the look of her pussy, also, Melinda started to revel in displaying herself.

    Lynn grinned, and said "My turn!"

    Lynn eagerly spread herself open, she had labial lips that were puffed up, a dark rose color, her clit had risen up, about the same size as Penny's and they were all feeing wanton, wicked sensations shooting through them, it was so naughty, but so damn hot.

    Penny cooed, "Ok girls, let's do it! But let's make it slow, drag it out a bit, it'll make us cum so hard!"

    Rose was getting an up close look at Penny, as she started her fingers going. This was erotic beyond belief, as she drank in the vision, Penny fondling her breasts, tweaking her nipples into stiff, exited nubs. The way Penny slowly slid her hands down, caressing her body, resting her left hand on her lower stomach, gently rubbing back and forth. The way her right hand snaked down, index and middle fingers sliding into her creamy, wet heat. Twisting them like a corkscrew, her thumb popping up, and starting to circle her clit. Her fingers were quickly drenched, and she brought them up, and spread her juices all over her stiff nipples, letting out little moans of pleasure as she did so, then her fingers were slid back in, to repeat the process.

    Rose brought her right hand down to her soaking pussy. She commenced her own session, dropping both her hands, sliding over the wet heat of her swollen labia. Rose gently rolled and tugged at them with her thumbs and index fingers on either hand. She let out coos of pleasure, then she dipped her right hand down, gathered the copious juices, and spread it around her pussy. She was so wet, so slippery. Her clit was aching for attention. Rose brought her right index and middle fingers together, placed them on the outside of her right labia and began to gently stroke her engorged clitoris underneath. It was rock hard, god it felt harder and more erect than at any time in her life.

    Rose kept her eyes wide open, she saw the lust in Penny's eyes, as Penny drank her fill of Rose wantonly pleasuring herself, spread open, no shame, just sheer carnal bliss. After giving each other lust filled smiles, Rose wanted to see what her other roomies were doing. She slid her eyes over, Lynn's right hand at the top of her pussy, her two middle fingers gliding over the slippery hood of her clit again and again, over her enlarged pleasure button. Slow, then a bit faster...then pausing and sliding these same two fingers down to fuck herself, penetrating herself, eagerly. As she became more excited she finger-fucked herself with more enthusiasm.

    Rose then looked at Melinda, Melinda's fingers were tucked snugly inside herself, as her thumb worked over her tiny clit. Her eyes were open and she was gently pumping her hips upwards, cooing softly.

    They were all into their pleasures, all seeking the ultimate. Rose could see them, eyes wide open, alternately watching her, then locking their eyes on each other's pleasure centers. Their movements started to pick up speed, gasps, moans and assorted sounds of pleasure rose up, the squishing sounds of plunging fingers in very wet juicy pussies joined in, Rose felt throbs of pleasure from those sounds.

    They were several minutes into their mutual session. All of them had started slow, then a little faster, then slow, again, and then faster. Rose was trying to pace herself, she could have cum dam quick, and it was a struggle, delaying her gratification as long as she could, in order to have their our mutual orgasm as Penny had asked. Rose glanced around, and saw that they had all matched, slowing down together and then speeding up together at the same pace, all in their own unique way.

    Penny gasped, "I am really close, I can't hold off much longer." Her roomies agreed, and Penny grunted, "Let's get real close once more, stop, and then go for it. When her roomies agreed, Penny said softly, "Okay, here goes."

    They started up again. In less than a minute Penny stopped dead, a few seconds later, Rose froze, she was right on the edge, almost not in time. She saw Melinda and Lynn, their hands coming to a dead stop, Rose knew that all of them were now on the edge.

    Penny gasped, "Okay, girls, let's go for it, take a deep breath, and GO."

    Lynn exploded in seconds, Rose stared at the scene, as she shrieked out "Oh god, oh god, oh god!" Lynn had her two fuck fingers buried deep inside, as her rotating thumb brought her first spasm on, she humped her hips up. Moaning and crying out as she continued to cum, over and over, she rolled her thumb once again across her clit, another spasm, another pause...each rotation of her thumb bringing on the next spasm.

    Rose went flying over, her hips humped up, she felt the explosion of that first spasm, it was the most intense, she ever felt, she screamed from the intensity, more spasms followed, making her moan, gasp and shudder as her climax took control of her body.

    Rose forced her eyes to stay open, the sight of Penny's fingers taking her over, the joy on her face, her toes curled, and her wordless cry of pleasure as she tumbled into orgasmic bliss, brought another spasm of pleasure racing through Rose's quivering cunt.

    Melinda's loud cry as she peaked, fingers of one hand furiously fucking her pussy, while the other fingers almost savagely worked over her clit, brought on another spasm, Rose was almost breathless, all of them in the throes of orgasmic pleasure, holy fuck, Rose had never felt anything like this in her life.

    After a few minutes of silence, Penny said softly, "Mmmmm, that was great. I think it's time for bed, girls."

    After goodnights were exchanged, Rose was in her bed, ummm, her body was singing with contentment. She wondered if her sister had ever had a mutual session with a girlfriend or two, probably not. Natalie was too damn straight laced. Hmmm, well, maybe, little sis could teach big sis a thing or two. She smiled as sleep took her.
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    Super hot story groomleader. Can't wait to keep reading about Rose and Natalie.

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    Super hot! Keep it coming!

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    Part 10

    Mr. Fields was feeling better than he had for a long time. Not only did he have Rose, and then Natalie for his sexual desires, he had kicked that bitch of a wife out. He had been wondering about Linda's swing to nutty religious. A private investigator had tailed her, and had gotten the goods on her. The bitch had fallen under the spell of some self claimed holy man, the so called Reverend Jamieson Sunshine Zignauer. And of course, this capering fraud had used his influence to his best advantage, she was whoring around, spreading her legs for that charlatan, letting him fuck her while he got nothing.

    It hadn't taken long to get the dirt on her, the way Linda would meet him late at night, in the Belmont motel, a cheap, seedy place, acting like a lust starved slut. The recording made by the PI was damning, and the sensitive omni-directional microphone had recorded all the sounds, they'd been too hot to get behind closed doors on this occasion before rutting like animals, and her whoredom was in full detail.

    The bare bulb above the motel room door had lit up the scene very well, Linda had been dressed like a tart, black mini-skirt, red blouse that was unbuttoned almost to her navel, it was obvious that she wore no bra and Mr. Fields was betting that she had no panties on under that mini skirt. Her fucking Reverend had pushed her back against the motel room door, plastered his mouth against hers, reached a hand in, grabbing one of his wife's tits, and started to tweak and pull on her nipple. His other hand reached down, shoved Linda's miniskirt up to her waist. The camera showed her pussy naked and ready for him.

    "Finger me lover, make my cunt all hot, horny and wet for your big cock!"

    Linda's explicit demand as she wriggled against him egged her lover on, he had shoved his hand under her skirt. When he had found the mark, she had started to make low growls of pleasure.

    "Finger fuck me lover, fuck my tight little cunt, make my horny cunt need it!!"

    Linda had growled that sentence, then she had spread her legs wide, letting out loud gasps. The Reverend had started to ram his fingers in, out, in, out, she had been in the grip of red hot lust, primed up, the way she had moaned, gasped, panted, and wiggled against him. One hand had been buried between her thighs while his other hand had fumbled with his belt, his jeans and shorts dropped, cock hard and eager.

    "Fuck me now lover, fuck me here, right here, ram my horny cunt!"

    Her lover had grabbed her ass cheeks, her legs had come up around his waist, tilting her cunt towards his cock, and she let out a loud grunt as her lover slipped his dick into his wife's eager fuckhole. He had squashed her back against the door as he slammed in. The bastard grunted as he stuffed her, Mr. Fields was watching his slut wife getting her needy fuck-hole impaled.

    Linda's loud growl of lust, "Fuck me, oh yeah lover man, fuck me, FUCK ME!"

    Doing it in the open, like they were sex crazed, couldn't even wait to get behind closed doors. Damn the whore, his jealously was green eyed, but it was getting him charged up, his cock was responding to the pure erotic power of what he was seeing, and hearing. His Linda, his wife was letting some fake holy man fuck her married cunt. Watching Linda gasping, moaning, grunting, rutting like a lust driven animal, the sight of her going at it, a full bore, sex hungry animal that she no longer shared with him, made his cock steel hard.

    "Do it, cum for me, fill my cunt with your holy seed, Yes, GRAWWWWW!"

    Linda's voice rose up to that cry he knew so well, her nails raked across her lover's back, her teeth biting down on his shoulder, cumming hard. Her lover grunted in response, ramming his cock in and out, rutting hard into the hot hungry cunt.

    It took only a few more moments before he grunted, "Oh yes, bless you!" as he growled, thrust deep, buried to the hilt, body trembling as he shot his load deep up his wife's cunt, his hot load blooming into Linda's married tunnel.

    They opened the door, his wife giggling like a horny teen on her first date, and with a slam of the door, they were inside. His PI crept up, placed the microphone against the window. It was a very sensitive listening device, it could hear clearly through the windows, and sure enough, he could clearly hear her grunts and growls start up, a rising cadence of lust, as his wife was rutting like an overheated little slut in the town's cheap, seedy motel. He heard that tell tale cry of orgasm two more times before the room went silent.

    Mr. Fields had seen the evidence just a few days ago, he had boxed up all his wife's possessions, and put them on the porch. He phoned her, told her what a slut she was for sleeping with her wacko preacher man, and told her to collect her things, and get out of his sight. Her lover man had come around, picked up her things, and left her keys in the letter box. Just to be on the safe side, in case she had made a copy, he had the locks re-keyed, to keep her and her holy fucker out.

    Today, his mind had rerun what he saw, just like a film clip, fuck, his mind wouldn't let go. It kept his cock hard all day, who needs Viagra, not him. He figured the best way to get it out of his mind was to recreate it, substitute Natalie for Linda, and he would be her lover. The idea of taking her to a cheap, seedy motel, and fucking her every which way but loose, oh yeah, that sounded real good. It would be like an exorcism, or should he say sexorcism, and he had a good hearty laugh at that.


    Natalie was eager to spend the weekend with her lover, with it being Friday. When her cellphone sounded, she looked at the caller ID, and saw his name. Hoping he wasn't calling to cancel, she connected, and breathed a sigh of relief as he told her that he was not canceling, he had a fantasy in mind, and how would she like to put it into action. Natalie was game for almost anything, and she eagerly agreed.

    When Mr. Fields picked her up, he took her to buy the outfit he had in mind. It was same kind of black mini-skirt and red blouse that his wife had flaunted her body in. Late that Friday night, he drove to the seedy Belmont motel that his wife used, and registered as a Mr. John Smith. The night clerk grinned, he knew how many people were there just for fucking anonymously, but, hey, so long as they paid up front, it was all good with him.

    Natalie was feeling prickles of lust, the way her blouse was unbuttoned all the way to her belly button, at his direction, she was not wearing panties, and the bareness of her pussy, so close to being uncovered, made her teenage hormones surge. The fact that they were at this seedy motel, which had the nickname No Tell Motel, she knew that she was going to get well and truly fucked.

    They were walking up to the door, just as they reached it, he grabbed her and spun her around. She saw the hungry lust in his eyes, his lips plastered against hers, and she felt his hand reach into her blouse, and grab one of her braless tits. He tugged and pulled on her nipple, and it rose up hard and eager. His hand switched over, bringing her other nipple up to a hard, excited state.

    Natalie was startled, doing it out here in the open, where any car pulling in could see them. Fast building lust quickly topped it, and she started to wriggle against his body, she could feel the solid stiffness of her cock, oh yeah, the taboo nature of fucking in public had taken hold. Natalie spread her stance further apart, so he could have easy access to her pussy.

    Natalie cooed, "Oh yeah lover man, ummm, I want your cock baby!"

    Mr. Fields was seeing through a red haze of lust, it was erotic beyond belief. He shoved his hand under her skirt, found her fuck-hole hot and dripping, her pussy naked and ready for him. He slipped three fingers in, enjoying her growl of pleasure as he started to pump his fingers in and out, stretching her tight little cunt.

    Natalie felt the grip of red hot lust, moaning and grunting, pushing her horny cunt at his fingers as they plunged in, over and over. She wanted his cock, she needed to get stuffed, her pussy was aching for it.

    "Fuck me lover man, I need your cock, fuck me now, right here!"

    Mr. Fields shoved Natalie's skirt up to her waist, enjoying the view of her smooth, well waxed pussy naked and ready for him. He reached down, undid his belt, and shoved his pants and shorts down, letting his rock hard dick surge out. He grabbed Natalie's ass cheeks, holding her up as her legs wrapped around his waist. Notching his cock head against the furnace like heat, with a grunt of lust, his rock hard dick slipped easily into her well lubed snatch.

    Natalie grunted as he pressed her back against the door, impaling her completely as he buried his cock in one hard thrust. She could see the wild excitement on Mr. Fields' face, she realized what she looked like, pinned to the door and ready for hot fucking, and she felt her lust bolt up.

    Natalie growled, "Fuck me hard, I need to feel my pussy being spread apart and fucked hard and deep by your big prick. Fuck me like a sex crazed slut, ram my slick burning cunt with your big cock, I want every drop of your hot spunk splattering my cunt!"

    Mr. Fields was almost crazy with lust, doing it out here was erotic beyond belief. They were really going at it, he power fucked his way into her body, balls deep on every thrust. Their gasps, grunts and moans of pleasure mingled as he rutted hard into the hot velvet grip.


    The night clerk glanced out of the window overlooking the parking lot, hot damn, the two bodies were fucking up a storm. Right out in the open, jeez, he'd see that same thing a week ago, a couple who were too horny to get inside, and he'd watched, and jerked off to the sight. With it happening again, he picked up the binoculars he'd brought, just in case he got lucky and it happened again. He focused in on her, oh fuck, she looked like a real sweet piece, her blouse was gapped way open, and he could see her big tits bounce on every hard thrust her lover stuffed her with. This was too good to miss, his cock was rock hard, and he started to stroke it in time with the guy ramming his prick to his hot date.


    Mr. Fields' mind briefly brought up the vision of Linda, getting fucked by her so called holy man, then he threw that out of his mind, opened his eyes and concentrated on Natalie. The joy and delight in their fucking filled her face, and he concentrated on his teen lover, as she grunted and wriggled against him, eager for every inch. He could feel a hot load gathering, he knew he was almost there.

    Natalie was in heaven, god, Mr. Fields was boning her with a vengeance. She idly wondered about his fantasy that he was living out, fuck it must be a hot one. The way he slammed his steel hard cock in and out, in and out of her fiery fuckhole, he was giving her a real power fuck. She felt him slide a finger up and down the crack of her ass, and he started to gently probe the rose shaped pucker. That sent her rushing towards orgasm.

    Natalie grunted, "I can feel your big cock throbbing, let it go lover, I wanna feel you squirt, I want you to flood my cunt. Don't stop, don't stop, don't, don’t, don't, yes, yes, yes, OH YES!!"

    Natalie's voice rose to a shriek, and she was cumming hard. Mr. Fields felt the milking grip tighten up, grunting, ramming and rutting hard into her hot pink folds, and he growled like an animal as he felt the explosion. He buried his cock one last time, eager to flood her womb, the wild quivering of her pussy made his body tremble as he shot his load, the hot spray of spunk splattering deep in Natalie's womb as her pussy milked hard at him, eager for every drop to flood her.


    In the motel office, the night clerk imagined he was between those hot thighs, his balls were ready to explode, two more hard thrusts into his fist brought on the rush as ribbons of sperm shot out, splattering all over the floor, as he unloaded 8 hot blasts of cum. He sagged back, god, that had been the biggest load he'd ever shot off. He wondered if everyone around here was as sex crazed as the two couples he'd seen. He grinned, he was hoping so, it would be an excellent fringe benefit for working the night shift.


    Once inside the room, Natalie was ready for more, being in the No Tell motel, and fucking like a shameless whore was really a thrill. She was quickly on her knees, sucking eagerly at Mr. Field's cock, wanting to bring him back up to a hard, ready state.

    Mr. Fields looked down, saw Natalie dressed like a fuck doll, her head of blonde hair bobbing back and forth as her mouth rode his prick. She had really become a first class cocksucker, giving him a wild, hot, spine tingling blowjob.

    When Natalie released his cock, she took to the bed on hands and knees, flipped up her mini-skirt, and purred, "Now, fuck my ass lover!"

    Mr. Fields watched as she reached back, grabbed her cheeks and pulled them apart. In the dim light he could see the tight pink pucker of her ass hole. ready for fucking. He spit twice on it, ran his tongue up and down, enjoying the quiver of her tight ass rim as he tongued her back door, sliding his fingers around the rim, her moans of anticipation sounding. He nudged against her and pushed hard, prying open the tight rosette.

    Natalie shrieked as he drove in, but it turned her on, and she growled, "Don't stop, power it in, bury it, and fuck me!"

    Mr. Fields grabbed her hips and humped forward hard, his cock forcing the tight ass walls apart in a rushing plunge, and with another shriek from Natalie, his cock was buried, his balls smacking against her bare pussy. Holy fuck, the hot tightness of her ass was amazing. There was nothing like having a hot ass teen to fuck.

    Natalie felt her lust roar, and she babbled, "Oh yeah baby, your cock feels so hard and so big in my tight ass, fuck me baby, ram me, fuck my ass off!"

    Fired up, Mr. Fields happily boned her back door, his prick sizzling from the extra tight clamp. He was surrounded by her grunts and growls, a rising cadence of lust, as her fucked her incredible teen tightness of her ass. He could feel the rim of her asshole stretched tightly around his rampaging cock, she was pumping back against him, eager to get ass fucked as deep as he could go. He powered in and out, his cock needed to recharge after pumping his load into Natalie's sweet cunt, she was going to get a long, hard ass fuck. Mr. Fields really gave it to her, reaming her out with long, hard, right to the balls thrusts.

    Natalie loved his staying power, the way he could fuck her long and hard after that first orgasm, and she took advantage of it. She was wantonly pushing her hips back to meet his lustful strokes, as Mr. Fields' rock hard dick drove up her Hershey highway. She was moaning as she corkscrewed her buttocks around and around the hard driving shaft, grinding her tight teen ass hole over the hard dick reaming her. Her hands were quickly between her thighs, hot rushes of lust rippling through her dripping fuck-hole had turned her pussy into a soaking center of heat, and she started to masturbate, pumping her fingers in and out in time to the cock fucking her ass, god, it felt so great.

    Mr. Fields could hear the wet squelch as Natalie started to pump three fingers in and out, masturbating furiously to the fucking rhythm. She came fast, crying out as her orgasm tightened her asshole even further, holy fuck what a grip. He was still building a load, and Natalie started to sail from one orgasm to the next. The room was a symphony of orgasmic cries, and the smell of her hot teen fuckhole filled the room.

    Mr. Fields felt the stirring in his balls as Natalie's orgasms kept her asshole milking at him, Natalie had come over and over, wailing and howling with pleasure and with one more shriek of orgasmic pleasure from her, his roar of pleasure joined in. The rhythmic pulsations of her ass hole took him over, his body stiffening up as he burst deep inside, spurting a huge gush of cum, painting her bowels.

    Natalie felt the rock hardness, the throbbing pulses as he let go, the hot burst deep inside her, she smiled as he hosed down her throbbing ass hole, while her howls and cries of delight sounded as he deposited his load.

    They tumbled down in a heap, Natalie grinned, what a way to start the weekend! She wondered what her hot boxed little sister would think if she could see her now. She grinned again, maybe she would drive up there, and shove it in her face how well she was taking care of Mr. Fields' large sexual appetite. Twist the knife, as it were.
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    Part 11

    Rose was masturbating furiously, she'd awoken during the night, and her insistently horny cunt needed some relief. She was rubbing away, feeling the building orgasm starting to gather, when she felt a body suddenly settle onto her bed next to her. Her hand froze, her eyes popped open, and she saw Penny's face, her eyes were bright, and she had a lustful smile.

    "I see you woke up, and needed to cum again. Settle back baby, let me stroke you to another cum, like they say, two cums are better than one!"

    Rose had never even done any of the childhood games of doctor, or you show me yours with any boy, let alone a girl, but considering that they had masturbated wantonly, in full view of each other, Rose complied. She spread her legs, letting out soft purrs of pleasure. She felt the soft warm fingers cup her breasts, toying with her nipples, making them stiffen up, then Penny gently tweaked at them, sending pulses of pleasure straight to her pussy, which was racing back up to the hot, wet center. A hand trailed down her body, swirling over her belly, then moving downward. She purred as she felt that hand sliding over her bare, hairless mons, cupping her sex.

    Penny's voice cooed, "Umm, such a pretty pussy, you have such a pretty pussy Rose."

    She felt two fingers sliding up her wet tunnel, gently finger banging her, Rose did her best to stifle her moan of pleasure, as she was expertly fingered. Penny was lying next to her, and Rose's eyes, which had drifted shut with the pleasure, popped open again as she felt a soft pair of lips settle over her left nipple, and a soft, wet tongue gently stroking and licking, Rose groaned, and pulled Penny's head against her nipple, feeling crazy rushes of pleasure. Rose could feel her body responding, shuddering, shaking, pushing her breast up against that hot, wet mouth, as Penny sucked hard on her nipple, her hand deep between Rose's legs, her tongue dancing over the stiffness of her erect nipple.

    "After you cum baby, I'm going to lick your cunt, and make you cum all over my face! Now, cum baby, cum for me, cum real hard, cum all over my hand!"

    Holy fuck, that idea threw her into orgasm, oh god, she was cumming, cumming so hard, fucckkk...and she suddenly awoke, her hand buried deep in her snatch, her cunt pulsing with the orgasm she had just stroked herself to. She felt the wave take her, stifling her moans of pleasure as she rode that blissful wave.

    When her orgasm had ebbed, she looked around, she could hear the soft snores of her roomies, and she glanced at the bedside clock, the lighted dial read 3:15 AM. She relaxed, she'd been having a hell of a dream. The fact that Penny had figured prominently was not lost on her. Penny had taken the lead, and was leading them onwards. The idea of letting another girl masturbate her, and possibly lick her tight little pussy, made her body tremble, so naughty and hot.

    She thought of Mr. Fields, imagining him fucking her for hours, from the shore of the beach, to the kitchen, living room, the upstairs hallway and finally in the master bedroom. The hot rush of his cum splattering deep inside her was going to feel so good. When she got home, she wanted to make up for lost time. She'd mount up like a slutty cowgirl, and ride his dick until the sun came up.


    As Rose was drifting, her sister was being pounded back into the mattress of Mr. Fields' bed. Natalie was being ridden hard, as Mr. Fields plunged his bone hard cock into the tightness of her buttery slick depths over and over. Natalie loved his stamina, this was the fourth time today. She'd sucked him awake, and let him explode his juicy morning load into her hot, hungry mouth. After lunch, she'd been draped over a park bench, growling with pleasure as Mr. Fields used her cunt like his own personal fuck toy, ramming her from behind until he blasted a creamy load into her churning heat. After just a few hours, she'd been crying out with pleasure in the bedroom, as she got her tight ass pried open, god, the pleasure of his slick hard rod spreading her extra tight hole open, she'd masturbated furiously to his plunges, growling with pleasure as the pulsing of her ass walls at orgasm hungrily milked Mr. Fields. Just before her blew, he pulled out, and Natalie felt the jetting of his cock splattering her just fucked opening with a thick blast of hot cum, more thick trails creaming her ass cheeks, as he milked out his cream upon her body. And now, his cock going for a fourth time, he was insatiable. Just as insatiable as me, Natalie thought, her cries and moans of pleasure filling the bedroom, legs wrapped around his waist, levering her cunt up against her plunges, hungry for one more load. Natalie could feel it, the building rush, ready to explode.

    "Yes, yes, do it lover, pump your full balls deep inside my hungry, horny cunt, fuck, yes, I'm cumming, oh fuck, shoot it, squirt it, OH MY GOD!"

    Natalie's voice rose to shriek as she came hard, legs locked around his waist, her body shuddering wildly.

    The tight, gripping hug of her cunt stretched wide around Mr. Fields' shaft, the look of Natalie's angelic face in the throes of ecstasy, her cries of orgasmic release, and the tight, milking spams of her inner depths around his cock all combined, he grunted, growled, and his cock erupted, pumping a fresh volley into Natalie's eager fuckhole, the tight milking spasms greedily milking and sucking every drop out of his pulsing prick.

    Ummm, that was the best way to end the day, and Natalie snuggled against her lover, drifting pleasantly. She wanted to see her sister, and give her lots of hot juicy details, Natalie grinned, it would be fun to twist the knife, as it were.

    The next day, Natalie was on her way. Mr. Fields had given her a good morning ride, she smiled as she felt the trickle of cum deep inside, he'd really given her a womb filling rush of hot spunk. Natalie had really undergone a transformation. The stuck up, snobbish, gold plated virgin was gone. Her cunt, which she had once considered saintly and hoarded for a future husband, god, she found it hard to understand why she'd believed in such shit. Rose had been sexually active since at least 15, Natalie was annoyed that when she had been 15, she could have been a 15 year old teen slut, if she hadn't been so full of romantic, fairytale shit. That was gone, her slut side was in full control, and she grinned as she thought of the things she had in her backpack, especially for her baby sister. She had an idea that Rose would like it.

    She pulled her car into the camp parking lot, and asked at the front desk if she could see her sister Rose. When Rose walked into the main building, she was surprised, she had no idea that Natalie would make a drop in visit. Natalie suggested that they take a little drive, so they could talk in private. After getting the OK from the front desk, they walked out to Natalie's car and hopped in.

    As they drove along, Rose was taking quick looks at the side of her sister's face. She was intrigued, curious as all hell, and a little bit anxious. Where were they going, what was this all about? Rose had tried to ask her, but Natalie had told her that once they got to where they were going, all would be made clear.

    Natalie took a side road that rose up into the foothills, and Rose felt distinctly uneasy. They were well away from civilization, and she was starting to get scared.

    Natalie knew where she was going. Mr. Fields owned a cabin in the woods, and she'd spent a weekend there being drilled by her lover. It was the perfect spot for what Natalie had in mind, remote, and private, and she had a key that he had given her.

    Natalie turned down a dirt lane, and Rose saw the big cabin. It was no rustic hole in the wall, this was quite majestic, made of solid logs, looked like it could withstand any cold winter or blazing hot summer. Natalie parked just in front, and reached into the back seat for her back pack.

    "Rose, come with me."

    Rose heard the 'I'm in command' tone of her voice, and since she was miles away, out in the wilderness, she really had no choice but to comply.

    Once inside, Rose was impressed, definitely not rustic, a full kitchen with gleaming new appliances, a large vaulted celling living room with a large, flat screen TV, DVD Player, CD player, a wood stove fireplace, back deck, and Wi-Fi. Upstairs, a master bedroom with a king size bed, two smaller bedrooms each with a double bed. A balcony deck was outside the sliding glass door of the master bedroom, and Rose saw a large hot tub.

    Natalie smiled as she showed this to Rose, the memory of being naked in the hot, bubbling water, looking up at the clear night sky, seeing the haze of the Milky Way galaxy as Mr. Fields worked over her trembling eager body, such a wonderful remembrance. When they hopped out, and climbed into bed, she'd been gloriously fucked, such a great memory.

    When they went back towards the upstairs hallway, Natalie was right behind Rose, and Rose was plunged into darkness, as a hood was thrown over her head. Natalie wrestled Rose on to the bed, she used her size differential and her stronger arms to good use, and she soon had her sister's arms cuffed above her head, then tied to the head board.

    She pulled the hood off Rose's head, Rose stared up at her with wide eyes.

    Natalie sat down on the bed, next to her sister, and said, "There, now we can talk. Rose, I know you set me up to get raped."

    Rose babbled, "How did you know?" before realizing that she'd just confirmed what Natalie had said.

    Natalie grinned, and said, "After my rapist had left my room, I was scared, thinking that I had left a door unlocked or a window open. I went to check what was unlocked, when I saw you, and my rapist, fucking up a storm in your bedroom. That was quite the scene I saw, I believe you said 'Now, fuck me doggy style, I love it. I'm gonna be loud, gag me with the same gag that shut Natalie up!' "

    As Natalie related all the wanton, lust hungry actions that she has witnessed, Rose felt her face get red as a beet. Knowing that her sister had seen her as a wanton, cock hungry slut, god, that was humiliating.

    Natalie said, "You don't need to worry about Mr. Fields not getting anything, as I have been his cock hungry slut, in your absence. God, he really is a tiger in bed. After my virginity was taken, I decided that since I was no longer a virgin, I should jump back into the saddle, as it were, and find myself a lover who would be kind, patient, and show me what a sex life should be. And oh, you were right, Mr. Fields is one hell of a lover. He's taken my cock sucking virginity, my ass hole virginity, and it was pleasure to let him pluck those cherries."

    As Natalie related hot, explicit, sex drenched details of their various encounters, Rose felt her pussy heat up, until she was a mass of hungry lust.

    Natalie saw the bubbling lust, and she purred, "Ummm, are you hot and horny baby sister?"

    Natalie scrunched her body tight against Rose's side, and cooed, "Let me take care of that."

    Rose felt her sister's hand running lightly, just above the waistband of her shorts, she flinched a bit, but as Natalie's hand grew more caressing, Rose moaned, deep and low in her throat, as her pussy responded with more lust fueled juices. She felt Natalie's hand unbuttoning her shorts, caressing her pussy through the dampness of her soaked panty crotch.

    Natalie paused to pull Rose's shorts and panties off, and she saw her little sister's pussy, bare, smooth and hair free, and she felt her own lust climb up.

    Rose was conflicted, the idea of incest, from her older sister, seemed wrong in one way, but when she felt Natalie's hand cupping her sex, pressing gently against her seam, it felt so right. Rose moaned louder, it felt so good, and she decided to give herself up, and let big sister have her way with her.

    Natalie saw Rose's body relax, sinking into the pleasure, and she purred, "Ummm, so wet, you are absolutely drenched, my sweet sister. Let big sister take care of you."

    Rose let out a loud moan as two fingers slid up and down her creamy lips, poising then pushing in, driving up as far as they could go, giving Rose the feel of being stuffed that she craved. The fingers drew back, spreading her juices all over her pussy, letting her fingers tease at the rock hard button of her clit. Rose's moans spurred her on.

    "Oh yes Natalie, fuck it feels so good, keep fingering me, make me cum!"

    Natalie stopped and pulled her fingers out. Natalie stood up, watching as Rose mewled in horny frustration, her body writhing impatiently on the bed.

    "Oh please Natalie, make me cum, don't leave me hanging!"

    Natalie growled, "Considering that you let some guy into the house to rip away my cherry, I feel I would not be remiss to leave you tied up all day, not even able to finger yourself off! But, I am not going to be a mean sister anymore. You'll see, I'll be back in just a couple of minutes."

    Natalie grabbed her back pack, and went into the ensuite bathroom. She quickly stripped naked, and she reached in for her hottest buy. It was called a double delight dildo, oh god, her pussy started to throb with her own horny needs. Two curved and rippled purple shafts, each 7 inches long, topped off with a realistic cock head at the top, curved upwards from the base that had two straps through it. She was going to wear the harness part, and fuck her baby sister until she saw stars. And as a bonus, while she was thrusting it to Rose, she would enjoy the feel of her own juicy cunt getting stuffed as her dildo would thrust up into her.

    She stepped into the harness, and drew it up her legs. She angled her dildo, and let out a low moan of pleasure as she felt the rippled purple shaft push up, and she reached down to give it a shove, oh fuck, the entire 7 inches of rippled pleasure was now buried up her pussy, holy fuck. Ummm it felt so great now, she was eager to feel how it was when she started to ram Rose's tight teen cunt. Natalie made sure the straps were buckled securely around her waist and her thighs, and she looked in the mirror. Natalie smiled, a purple, rippled cock was standing up from her pubic region, it looked like she had just grown a purple cock!

    She strode back into the bedroom, enjoying the look of shock on Rose's face.

    "Since you have had to do without Mr. Fields' cock for so long, I picked this out just to fuck you. I'm going to stuff that tight little cunt, and ram you until you cum like the wanton, cock hungry bitch that I know you are."

    Rose was stunned, seeing her formerly so prim and proper sister, with a 7 inch purple cock ready to fuck her, was almost beyond belief. She wasn't so sure that she wanted a part of this rodeo, but with her hands tied up to the bedpost, she couldn't do much about it. Natalie got between her legs, grabbed behind her knees and shoved her legs up until they were pressing against her tits. Natalie had complete control of her now, as Rose felt her hips tilted up, her pussy open and wet, a hungry pink pocket. She felt the dildo head nudged gently against her, her soft pink hole waiting to be filled. Rose felt herself swept along, her cunt was throbbing, eagerly awaiting a good stuffing, she needed to get her horny cunt rammed.

    Natalie smiled as she saw the eagerness on her sister's face, and Natalie drove her hips forward, impaling her sister's juicy fuckhole, sending an answering thrust of the other 7 inches stuffed up her own cunt. Natalie and Rose both let out growls of sheer pleasure as their horny teen cunts came together, joined by the double dildo. Natalie reached up, freeing Rose's arms from bondage, and pulled Rose into a sitting position, legs intertwined like a pair of scissors. Their hips pressed tightly together, two hot and juicy cunts bound together by the hard curving shafts deep in each others heated folds. Natalie and Rose clung to each other in their heated embrace, breasts pressed tightly against each other, as Natalie and Rose were joined cunt to cunt. Natalie started to fuck her sister, hips driving forward, stuffing the dildos deep inside each other. After a few moments, getting the hang of it, Natalie purred with pleasure as her sister drove her hips forward as Natalie pulled back, oh yeah, that felt even better. Moans and cries of pleasure filled the bedroom as both sisters were now in a rhythm, each one fucking the other hungrily, god it felt so good. Natalie felt a rush of heady feelings, fucking her little sister was a mad rush of powerful lust. Grinding their hips back and forth, they started humping at each other in a frenzy of sexual lust. The dildo heads were angled perfectly, and Natalie could feel her G spot getting polished, while her clit stood up, rock hard, erect, throbbing and twitching with desire, brushing heatedly against the plunging dildo. Judging by Rose's loud cries and grunts, she imagined her sister was feeling the same wave of sensations.

    Natalie could feel the massive wave coming at her, she felt the tightening up, and she cried out, "Oh fuck, I'm gonna fucking explode, fuck, fuck, OHHH GAAAWWWD!!"

    Natalie's voice rose up to a full on shriek, as she felt her cunt virtually blow apart. She heard Rose's scream of pleasure joining in, Natalie felt a long, wrenching spasm gripping her pussy, she felt the squeezing urge like she was going to pee. She tightened and squeezed as another spasm rocked her quivering walls, and her cunt blew apart, her eyes rolled back in her head, as her pussy exploded with juices, she was squirting like crazy. She felt squirting gushes splattering against her, and a scream of sexual pleasure as Rose's pussy joined in. Natalie was trying to catch her breath, her pussy continued to spasm violently, they were pouring juices like waterfalls, squirting all over each other's pussy, soaking the bed quilt and each other.

    Rose was in the grip of her most violent orgasm ever, she felt like some dam had burst as she poured out wave after wave of girl cum. Seeing her sister Natalie in the grip of the same carnal lust, feeling her girl cum joining in just kept the spasms going. Rose's body was shaking in a grip that felt like she was gonna fly apart, she was gasping for air as she clung to her sister, crying out wordless sounds of pleasure, until their orgasms finally started to ebb, and they flopped down in a wet, sweaty tangled heap, still joined by the dildo bonding their juicy centers together.
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    Thanks for the add--great story!!

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    Part 12

    Rose could feel the dampness of their recently squirting orgasms plastered against her skin, and a giant wet spot on the quilt, right against her ass. She marveled at how violent her orgasm had been, squirting like a high powered water gun. God, that dildo, still buried deep inside her, had really hit the right spot. She had wondered if their was such a thing as a G Spot, or whether it was pseudo-scientific bullshit. Now, she knew, holy fuck did she know.

    Natalie looked at her sister, saw the bliss across her face, and smiled. God it had been so much fun, fucking her little sister. God, they'd really unloaded, the wet spot was not comfortable, and she pulled back, the dildo sliding out of Rose, and she pulled her dildo part out. She missed the stuffing, god it had been so good, Mr. Fields was going to get a hot, very horny Natalie when she got back. Natalie knew a good way to wash the girl cum off. The hot tub was filled and the jets were ready to be turned on.

    Rose watched as Natalie went onto the deck, and she heard the sound of the jets being activated. Natalie came back inside, and with a smile, pulled Rose off the bed.

    "Let's jump in the hot tub, and wash off our cum. Grab one end of the quilt, I'll get the other end, and we can set the quilt out on the deck railing."

    They carried it out, draping it over, and their nude forms turned towards the tub. Natalie purred as she slipped in, ummm, she loved the heated, bubbling water. Rose squealed when she felt the heat, she'd never been in such hot water before, but she sank her body in, until it was just over her shoulders. They relaxed for a few minutes, now that the crazy rush of fuck lust had dissipated, Rose was a bit nervous, unsure of what to do. They'd crossed a line that there was no going back, incest. It didn't seem to be such a terrible concept, now that she had done it, but she was still nervous.

    Natalie saw the conflicted emotions, and knew what her sister was feeling. The best thing to do was put her mind at ease. She waded through the water, pulled her to her feet, and twining her fingers through Rose's hair, she very gently pulled her head back, so her sister could look up into her face, they were nose to nose.

    Rose felt the nervousness retreat, the look in her sister's eyes was clear as crystal. Natalie wanted to kiss her, kiss her like a lover would kiss her. Rose placed her hands on her sister's hips, and pulled Natalie's body against hers. Being 6 inches shorter than her sister, Rose's face was turned upwards, and as she did so, she felt Natalie's lips, warm and wet, pressing against hers. Ummm, that felt nice, and she felt Natalie's open mouth, her tongue sliding out, playing with Rose's closed lips. Rose felt a surge of heat, and she opened her mouth to Natalie's, letting her tongue come out to play. Oh fuck, that felt so good, she felt her pussy starting that creamy rush again.

    Natalie felt the lust, kissing her sister was really making her lust rocket. Ummm, her pussy became very aroused, and Natalie knew a good way to take care of that.

    Natalie pulled her head back, and cooed, "Rose, are you hot and horny again?"

    "Yes, oh yes, I'm such a slut, I can't stop the fuck lust!"

    Natalie grinned, and said, "Hot tubs are great to get off with. Watch me!"

    Natalie went over to the other side of the tub. She found the spot, the one with a jet aimed so perfectly, splayed her legs apart, and pushed her entrance close to that well placed jet. Natalie let her head loll back, and moaned with sheer pleasure as the rushing water sprayed against her pussy, she teased herself, holding herself close enough for the water to rush over the outside of her pussy. She cupped her tits, playing with her nipples, she loved caressing her big boobs, it sent such hot rushes of lust surging through her.

    Rose was watching, holy fuck that looked hot. Her sister was getting a hot rush of pleasure right before her eyes, Natalie letting out cries and purrs of pleasure.

    Natalie could feel the pleasure mounting quickly, oh god, it was so good, so fast, but there was no way to slow it down. She lowered herself down, letting the jet hit with more pressure, she reached down and parted her lips, letting the water jet against her clit, and that took her over, squealing and crying out in pleasure as she tumbled headlong into orgasm, the rushing jet hammering her clit, she let her pussy spasm crazily, until she became too sensitive, and she pulled herself away from the jet.

    Natalie turned to her sister and cooed, "Your turn baby. Come over here."

    Rose worked on positioning herself, she felt her sister's arms come around her, holding her in position.

    "The first time is the most explosive, I don't want you taking a fall."

    Rose saw her sister's boobs, the left tit was inches from her mouth, such full, luscious jugs, Mr. Fields must love to play with those fun bags. The idea of sucking that big nipple, ummm, started a fire going deep down. As Rose got positioned, the jet found its mark, and Rose shrieked with pleasure as she felt that well aimed jet started pummeling her pussy. The rushing water was spraying all over her bare pubes, and Rose reached up, grabbed Natalie's left boob, pulled it a bit closer, and she latched her lips around her big sister's nipple, hearing Natalie's purr of pleasure, the tit quickly becoming hard and stiff to her laving tongue.

    "Oh yeah baby, suck my tit, I love it."

    Rose could feel the rising of pleasure, she felt her own sister's fingers reach down, spreading her pussy lips apart, the rushing jet was now hitting her directly, her clit was twitching crazily, being hammered with that powerful jet, and Rose screamed as her pussy exploded in a mad rush of sensations, tumbling into orgasm as her pussy squirmed and quivered crazily, she quickly latched her mouth back around Natalie's left tit, and sucked hard.

    Natalie loved the tit sucking, and she lifted Rose away from the jet, letting her find her footing, then she cooed, "Suck my other tit baby, I love having my tits sucked."

    Eager to please her big sister, Rose immediately slid her mouth around Natalie's right nipple, and she licked, sucked, and gently nibbled on that stiff, hard tit, ummmm, she loved sucking tit. Her remembered dream of Penny playing with her pussy made Rose eager to finger another girl's pussy, and her hand snaked down, slowly caressing her tummy, sliding down slowly, teasingly.

    Natalie purred with pleasure, oh yeah, Rose's hand felt so good, sliding down, down, over her neatly trimmed muff, and then...ahhhhhh, right there, Natalie moaned loudly, as Rose's fingers found their mark. Rose did to Natalie's pussy what she did to her own. She loved sliding her fingers in and out, picking up a rhythm, and Natalie's breathing became choppy, letting off gasps of pleasure, as her tits were sucked and her pussy was expertly finger fucked.

    Natalie felt her pussy starting that telltale tingling, and when Rose swirled her fingers around and around her throbbing clit, that took her.

    Natalie grunted, "Oh yes baby, gonna cum, umm gonna cum, so, so, fuck, fuck, FUCK!"

    She shouted out as she tumbled, her pussy squirming and writing crazily, pulling her sister tight against her, riding that wave of masturbational release.

    Rose felt a swell of pride, she had brought her sister off, and a wave of sisterly love, making her big sister feel so good. The heat from the hot tub was starting to get a little too much to bear, and they hopped out, toweled each other off, and got back into bed. They lay close together, side by side, a new, more loving bond had just been created, and they tenderly stroked each other, not trying to get another bout of hot love going, just letting each other know how close they had now become.

    Natalie said softly, "When I went to summer camp, more than a few times, I'd wake up during the night, getting used to sleeping in a new environment always made me sleep lightly. I'd hear a bed shaking, soft little gasps, a wet squishy sound, then pants and soft cries as one of my roommates, Tina, stroked herself off. I'd wait until she was back asleep, then I'd have to do the same, it was too exciting to hear her getting off, and not doing the same. It made me wonder if any of my other two roomies, Heidi and Bridget, were listening to me, than stroking off after me."

    Rose was happy to spill the hot details of what was going on with her and her roomies, and how they were now stroking off in full view of each other, just inches apart.

    "I hope we do a full on circle jerk, I want to feel my roommates stroking my pussy, just like I want to stroke them."

    Natalie said, "What if your roomies wanted to take it further, like for instance, if they wanted to lick your pussy? Would you be up for that?''

    Rose cooed, "Oh yes, I would be so up for that! Just the idea of Penny between my thighs, licking at me, god, such a turn on!"

    Natalie purred, "Would you like to have big sister initiate you into getting your sweet little pussy licked by another girl?"

    Rose cooed, "Only if we can do a 69, I want to lick your pussy too!"

    "Such a fine idea!"

    They formed that well known number, Natalie on top, and she felt her pulse pound as she gazed down at her sister's bare, hairless pussy, god that looked so hot, the idea that she was going to lick her 15 year old sister's pussy made her mouth water.

    Rose gazed up at her sister's blonde, neatly kept bush, such a turn on to see her big sister's sexy mound, and she could smell the hot scent, juices ready for her taste.

    Rose pulled her sister's hips downward, and as her lips made contact, she felt Natalie's lips press against her. Tongues came out to work, and they almost shyly, softly probed each other vagina with the tip of the tongue. Rose could feel Natalie's tongue stroking gently at the folds of her pussy. She thought, 69, I'm doing a 69 with my very own sister, fired up, her tongue started sliding along Natalie's luscious pink inner lips.

    Natalie tasted her sister's juices, the hot, sweet sap was amazing, and emboldened by Rose's coos of pleasure, she eagerly went after Rose's pussy. Shyness disappeared, and hungry lust replaced it. Once Natalie got a taste of Rose's hot sap, she couldn't stop. Natalie pulled her little sister's pussy against her face, and she ate her out ravenously, her tongue dipping deep into Rose's fiery center, licking her eagerly as her sweet juice flowed out, flooding Natalie's mouth.

    Rose felt the surging pleasure, and she was just as eager to give as well as she got. Rose plastered her hot mouth against Natalie's steaming core, pulling her big sister's dripping pussy against her mouth, licking, sucking, tasting the hot spicy musk of Natalie's pussy. The taboo, naughty nature of committing incest, and the growing pleasure of their oral loving was building, their shared arousal feeding off each other, making them hotter and hotter.

    As Natalie wrapped her tongue around Rose's clit, Rose moaned loudly, she knew she was ready to blow, and she copied her sister, wrapping her tongue around Natalie's clit, oh fuck, that was it, and both sisters exploded, their loud cries of orgasmic release bouncing off the walls, as their bodies shuddered and writhed together in orgasmic ecstasy.

    They flopped down together in a tangle of arms, legs and bodies, and lay quietly, both of them enjoying the intimate nature of their closeness.

    Rose said softly, "When I get home, what about Mr. Fields?"

    Natalie replied, "Great news on that front. He found out his nutso wife is cheating on him with the leader of that whacko religious cult she joined. So she's out of the picture. And, he's very virile, I mean, in one day, he took my pussy twice, my ass and my mouth. Four times, I think we can share him, don't you think? And get him into threesomes, can you imagine how hard he'll be if he watches up in a 69?"

    Rose replied, "That sounds great. You take good care of his prick, until I come home, and we'll display some real sisterly love for his viewing pleasure. Ummm, the idea of watching him fuck my sister, watching his stiff prick pumping your pink hole until he floods you with a big load of cream, sounds so exciting."

    Natalie cooed, "The same excitement I will feel, when I watch him plunge his swollen prick into you baby, fucking you to a noisy, juicy orgasm."

    Both sisters could feel the surge of lust returning, and without any words needing to be said, they were back in another 69. This time, they were able to slow it down, revel in the tastes, the sensations, the exquisite sexual pleasure.

    Natalie licked lovingly at her sister's pink folds, swollen up with sexual excitement. She used two fingers to gently probe the wet heat between Rose's legs, enjoying her moans of pleasure.

    Rose copied what Natalie was doing, licking her sister's hot, wet seam, feeling her opening sizzle in response as Natalie doted on her pink trail, ummmm that felt so good, Natalie's purrs of pleasure joined her moans as the sisters moved in unison, like a single organism bound together by pleasure.

    Natalie pulled her fingers out and used them to gently strum at Rose's hard clit, she could feel her sister's body starting to shake, she pulled her fingers free, locked her lips around Rose clit, and sucked hard.

    The sudden blast of sensation made Rose shriek as she immediately tumbled into orgasm, her fingers were tugging at Natalie's clit, and Natalie followed her sister with a high keening wail, bodies shaking and writhing together in shared climactic ecstasy.

    Natalie and Rose would have loved to stay there overnight, and make sweet hot love like honeymooners. But, mindful of the rule that Rose had to be back at camp no later than 6 PM, it was 4:30 PM, and the sisters reluctantly got up and set about getting back to the real world. At 5:30 PM, they pulled up at the main cabin.

    Natalie purred, "If your roomies want to go beyond fingering, now you know how to lick them, you really made me go off when your sweet mouth was at my pussy!"

    Rose glowed at the compliment, and she said softly, "If we do, I hope they can lick my tight little pussy as well as you, my sweet big sister. You made me cum so good."
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    Great story Groomleader! look forward to more.

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    Part 13

    Rose joined her roommates for dinner, and Penny was looking at her, seeing that post coital glow, unaware of how it came about. Rose looked back at Penny, smiled, licked her lips and blew her a kiss. She was feeling revved up, god, having hot, afternoon sex with her older sister was the most wicked, exciting, and hottest thing she'd ever done in her life. Natalie had brought her passions to a full spectrum, Rose was not ever going to be satisfied with just having sex with guys, she wanted to have sex with lots of girls too. She was hungrily eyeing all her roommates, oh yeah, nice tight 15 year olds, just like her, she had a feeling that she would be between their thighs very soon. Penny had been leading them there, and she welcomed the idea of diving between sleek, sexy thighs, and licking her roommates to toe curling orgasms.

    When it was bedtime, Penny took another step, and said, "How about if we have a female version of a circle jerk? I'd like to do what the boys did in their circle jerk, how about if we stroked each other's pussy, instead of our own?"

    Rose, Melinda and Lynn were eager for that, and they had to think about the positioning. They didn't have hard pricks standing up, easy to grab like guys do, and after trying out various combinations that did not work, Penny hit on the perfect idea.

    Penny proposed that the best way was to lay on their sides, arranging themselves in a daisy chain fashion. They could close the chain circle without straining their bodies, and with their heads between each others legs, they could not only feel, but see and smell the wet, heated excitement.

    Penny again taking the lead, said, "Ok Rose, you sit next to me, on my right, and I'm gonna play with your sexy pussy. Lynn, you sit next to Rose on the left, and Rose will do you. Melinda, take the spot between Lynn and me, you stroke my pussy while Lynn plays with your sexy hole."

    There were four naked, very horny 15 year olds ready to try it out. Rose felt a rush of lust as Penny, giving her a wicked grin, slid between her thighs, holy fuck, Penny's face was inches away from her pussy, and Rose was between Lynn's thighs, while Lynn was getting into position between Melinda's thighs, Melinda was ready to finger Penny's wet heat.

    Rose, knowing that Penny had a full on view of her coral pink lips, the hooded canopy of her clit starting to slide back, her clit rising with excitement, was making her pussy wet and very hot. With her head between Lynn's thighs, Rose was inches away from Lynn's almost totally bare, smooth pussy, just that small landing strip of natural red curls just above her opening. Lynn's tight, sexy lips were all slicked up, parted just slightly, giving Rose a look at the deep pink inner folds, the lust driven scent and the view was making Rose almost dizzy with desire.

    They were now all arranged in a circle of lust, four horny teens, who just needed to stroke and masturbate each other, ready to pleasure each other so wantonly, made Rose feel like a horny slut who just wanted to get off, and get her roommates off.

    "Okay girls," Penny cooed, "Let's do each other. And, let's make it last, no quick finishes, let's really immerse ourselves in feeling, caressing, and loving each other."

    Rose slid her fingers over the tight, juicy rim of Lynn's pussy, listening to her soft gasp of pleasure, gasps of pleasure from Melinda, Penny and Rose herself joined in as eager fingers started working over tight, eager, slick pussy lips.

    Penny's fingers were sliding over Rose's lips, teasing, tickling, bringing her up, she could feel her clit finish its rise, standing up, hard, erect and eager. Penny steered away from her orgasm trigger, she wanted it to last, and she slid her fingers just inside Rose's opening, her juices gushing, coating Penny's fingers.

    Lynn was just as soaking wet as Rose was, and with her fingers dripping wet, Rose wanted to taste her. She brought her fingers up, sucked them in, and licked every drop off, her body and her pussy electrified by the warm, musky taste. She quickly slipped her fingers back down, sliding just inside Lynn's lips, eager for more of her rich cream.

    Penny was gasping and moaning, as Melinda's fingers were working over her throbbing pussy. The way her fingers danced over her gleaming flesh was nothing short of amazing.

    Lynn was stroking at Melinda's heated center, Melinda was grunting and sighing with pleasure as Lynn slid her fingers in and out of Melinda's heated pink tunnel. Since all of them were non virgins, their hymens a thing of the past, Rose stuffed two fingers up Lynn's pussy, enjoying her growl of pleasure as Rose started to finger fuck the wet, squelchy heat, while she purred with pleasure as she felt Penny slide three fingers up inside her, oh yeah, just like that, so good.

    Rose was looking forward to getting home, so Mr. Fields could again fuck her on a regular basis, she missed having something long, thick and ready to flood her with cum driving between her thighs. The fact that she would be sharing him with Natalie, two teen sisters getting fucked by Daddy's business partner, so naughty, so HOT. She felt Penny's slide her fingers out, her fingers soaked, eager to taste Rose's juices.

    "Umm, you are so wet, so juicy, so delicious Rose, I love tasting your juices."

    Penny quickly drove her fingers back in, and the cabin was a mass of lust. The scent of heated teen pussies filled the air, that heated, primal smell of passion, as four very horny teens worked over throbbing pussies. They stroked and finger fucked each other to a frenzy, until all of them were on the verge, hot and horny cunts throbbing madly.

    In a voice choked with passion, Penny barked, "Do it, stroke the clits, let's all cum!"

    Rose felt Penny clamp her soaking wet fingers around her clit, pulling and tweaking at it, while Rose let her slippery fingers flick Lynn's clit, in a few seconds, Rose felt the rush, her scream of climax filled the air, Lynn joined in, squealing and grunting, going over the edge with her. Their pussies were gushing wildly as they rode the climactic wave.

    Penny howled, "Yes, yes, oh fuck YES!"

    Melinda shrieked, and Penny was crying out, grunting and howling with pleasure as they hit the pleasure peak, and tumbled into climax.

    Rose was riding her wave, seeing all of them in such an intimate way, a close up view of tight teen pussies, bodies shaking and jerking in the grip of orgasm, was wild. The room was filled with the smell of horny teen pussy and girly sweat. Even as Rose rode down from her orgasmic high, she was certain that they would soon be licking each other's pussy. Now that Natalie had taught her the art of oral loving, and remembering the way her big sister had so lovingly doted on her pussy, oh yeah, she was eager to apply those talents to her roomies.

    Melinda murmured "Whew, damn that was so hot, I felt like my head was gonna blow off! I hope it was as good for all of you, as it was for me!" she teased, giggling.

    That broke the post coital ice, and they giggled along with her. Rose was ready for the next step, although it would be a slightly different step.


    It was early afternoon, and the girls were putting on their bathing suits, to take a dip in the lake. Melinda and Lynn were out the door in short order, heading for the pier. Rose had just donned her bikini, she turned and saw Penny, inches away. She felt Penny pull her into a close embrace, their lips just a fraction of an inch away. Rose parted her lips, hungry for the promise of a hot, sizzling melding of her mouth to Penny's, she saw Penny's tongue slip out, and leading the way, she felt the gentle slide of Penny's tongue around her lips, slipping inside, her lips cleaving to Rose's, the press of warm wet lips against hers. Rose moaned as her tongue rose up to play, and the tongue filled swirls of passion made her pussy flutter, their mouths clung hungrily together. When they reluctantly came up for air, both faces were flushed, eyes wide, breathing harder.

    "Tonight, I want us to go for it. Would you like me to lick your sweet pussy baby?" Penny cooed.

    Rose purred, "Yes, oh yes, I want to lick yours too! Remember yesterday, when my sister picked me up? She took me to our lover's cabin, and taught me how to eat pussy! It was such a rush, committing, hot, sex filled incest! Now that I know how hot it is, I want to lick lots of hot, juicy pussies! Melinda and Lynn look so tasty, I can't wait to put my hot mouth on all of you!"

    Penny cooed, "Oh yeah, that's hot! I noticed last night at dinner, how you had a post sex glow about you. It made me wonder some pretty hot stuff with you and your sister, I only saw her for a minute or so, but damn she looks hot!"

    Rose purred, "Tonight, it's going to be fantastic! Now, let's join our roomies before they wonder what's taking us so long!"

    They were very soon out on the swimming pier. All four of the girls were excellent swimmers, and they loved the lake, warmed by the high summer sun. They dived off the end of the pier, and did laps back and forth effortlessly, out beyond the girls who just splashed around in the shallows.

    The climbed out after several laps, and looked down the pier.

    Penny said, "Look who's here, Counselor Bessie."

    The girls turned to look, and they saw her. Anne Bessie, the camp's head counselor, was letting her eyes roam around, and Penny added, "I'd bet a hundred dollars that she's as gay as the day is long. Look at the way she's staring at all the teen bodies, god, must be a feast for her eyes."

    Anne was 45, but a well put together, youthful looking 45. She had a nice hourglass shape, flaring hips, bigger breasts with prominent nipples, that always seemed to be erect and poking against her T Shirt. She had short blonde hair, blue eyes, and a sweet, almost angelic face, and as Penny has assumed, she was exclusively a lesbian, and her weakness was mid teen girls.

    Ever since she was 35, when her neighbor's 16 year old daughter Jaime had coaxed her into her bed, and went down on her with a pussy licking ardor that stole the breath from her body and brought howls of sheer orgasmic pleasure from her, she was hooked.

    Anne loved working at the camp, ummm, the hot, nubile shapes of the sexy campers really got her motor going. At first, she would just masturbate wildly every night, imagining all the things she'd like to do. But after a couple of nights of solitary stroking, masturbation couldn't calm the fires enough, and as the girls watched, they saw her take a big chance. She walked up next to Ashley Parker, a 16 year old redheaded teen sexpot. Anne had noticed Ashley giving her the eye, grinning in a way that gave her the feeling that Ashley would be receptive. She was more than receptive, the four girls watched as Ashley and Counselor Bessie slipped quietly away. The girls saw the direction they were heading was towards the staff cabins, and they wanted to see what was going to happen. Trailing behind at a safe distance, they watched Counselor Bessie escort Ashley into her cabin. When the door closed, they quickly scurried up to the windows, to enjoy the show.

    Anne stripped naked, she could feel her pussy twanging, eager for the hot, wet tongue to lick it. Ashley, and the four girls watching saw the Counselor's tattoo, just above her pubic hairline, was a multicolored star. Ashley quickly doffed her bikini, showing off her redheaded bush, and then displaying her ink to Anne. On her left ass cheek, she had a very sexy image of the Little Mermaid, this was no Disney creation, long red flowing hair, a hungry, sex fueled expression, no bra top, just a carefully placed hand cupping a breast. The girls got a good look at that creation, it didn't take long before Ashley was on her knees, Counselor Bessie standing over Ashley, running her tongue all over Anne's neatly trimmed blonde bush, then parting her labial lips with her fingers, and driving her tongue into Anne's hot, wet heat.

    Ashley loved to be between a girl's thighs, and she didn't confine herself to just girls her own age. Anne wasn't the first older lady she'd licked out. Her best friend's Moms all got regular servicing from Ashley's talented tongue. With 6 hot, sexy pussies, and husbands who didn't know the first thing about licking pussy, Ashley had all the hot, wet pussies she could want, and her pussy licking skills had been honed to a fine edge. With her amazing talent and her unbridled enthusiasm for licking hot, eager cunts, she had the Moms coming to her on a very regular basis, and Ashley did not disappoint.

    Anne's head lolled back and her breathing deepened, god, this little teen sexpot really knew what she was doing. She reached down, stroking at the head of red hair, heard a purr from Ashley as she really got into a hot cunt licking rhythm.

    "Umm, oh yes Ashley keep licking my cunt, make me cum!"

    That really got Ashley going, she would not stop until she'd brought her lovers off at least once, she loved the sexy feel of hot girl cum on her face.

    All 4 girls were staring at the scene, fuck, this was hot.

    Rose whispered, "Holy shit, look at her go, looks like she really knows her way around a hot, eager pussy!"

    Penny whispered back, "Yeah, she's a sexpot alright, looks like the Counselor is getting licked just right."

    Lynn cooed, "Ummm, I'd like to be in her place, looks real hot."

    Melinda whispered, "Oh yeah Ashley, keep licking that hot pussy, make her cum all over your face!"

    Rose could feel her pussy warming up, after getting and giving such hot oral loving to her sister, Rose was up for more pussy licking. The hot, tongue filled swirls with Penny so recently had just added more fuel to her fire. Just like Lynn, she wanted to be there, on her knees, licking Counselor Bessie's wet, juicy pussy. As if of one mind, four hands slipped under bikini bottoms, and 4 hot, aroused pussies were stroked and played with. It didn't take long, the girls were really aroused, and watching Anne grunt, growl and cry out with orgasm, pulling Ashley's face tight against her pussy as she dumped a load of girl cum all over Ashley's cute face, shoved the roommates into their climaxes.

    They saw that Counselor Bessie was just as eager to give back, and they watched Ashley's body, pinned to the bed by the Counselor's talented tongue, licking her to a frenzy. Just before she could climax, Anne reached under the bed, and took out her 9 inch dildo and harness.

    Anne growled, "Gonna fuck you baby, gonna really ram your sexy teen cunt!"

    Ashley eagerly spread her legs, she was no virgin, and a couple of the Moms she serviced liked to mount her with their own strap-on dildos. She loved the feeling of getting reamed, seeing the sexy Mom's faces full of lust, humping at her eager, willing pink hole, being split open with hard, driving dildos, made her cum like crazy. Suburbia really hid a lot of crazy, sexy shit behind the well kept lawns and houses.

    The heat returned to the roommates, and fingers were quickly back down at sopping wet pussies, as they watched Counselor Bessie getting between the spread, pushing Ashley's knees up against her nipples, her face a visage of hungry lust. She nudged against Ashley's creamy center, then Anne humped forward hard, surging deep. The dildo surged in, Ashley felt the dildo parting her, stretching her walls apart, powering up into the fiery, hot vortex of Ashley's eager teen fuck hole. Ashley grunted, part pain, part pleasure as the solid dildo head thumped against the fluttering neck of her cervix, and the breath was smacked out of her body as Anne brought her body down hard, burying the 9 inches to the hilt, reveling in the feel of Ashley's hot, soft teen body beneath her.

    Anne growled, "Tell me, you hot little teen temptress, tell me how good it feels!"

    Ashley grunted, "Oh fuck, it feels so fucking good, I love it!"

    Anne growled, "Ask me, beg me to fuck you!"

    Ashley howled, "Fuck, please, I'm on fire, I'm begging you, fuck me hard, make me cum!"

    Anne grinned, she loved it when she made them beg, and she commenced a hard, rapid in and out, power-fucking this hot little number. Anne started to grunt, the harness had a hard knob like protrusion that was positioned just right, it was rubbing insistently against the top of her pussy entrance, she could feel her clit getting nudged, oh fuck, that felt so good. Fired up, she really started to lay that dildo to Ashley, riding her hard, Ashley was moaning and gasping with pleasure, wrapping her legs around Anne's waist and humping her hips up to take as much of Anne's dildo as she could, her squeals, cries and groans of pleasure filled the bedroom.

    Anne was grunting and moaning, she could feel the rise of orgasm, oh yeah, such a hot fuck, slamming Ashley's pink hole, turning this sexpot into a mass of writhing lust, pumping her tight teen pussy and she felt the rush.

    Anne grunted, "Oh fuck yeah, gonna cum, cum with me Ashley. cum all over my cock, Fuck YESSSSS!"

    That took Ashley, as she howled, "Fuck, yes fuck, cum, cum, CUMMING!!"

    Just outside the window, Penny, Melinda, Lynn and Rose hit their peaks, fingers flying, pussies pouring out orgasmic juices, shaking and shuddering through climax, as Anne and Ashley's voices rose up to twin shrieks of pleasure, bodies rubbing and writhing together in orgasmic completion.

    As they slipped away from the window, 4 girls were starting to think about what they had seen.
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    Thanks for the add to this great story!

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    Part 14

    When they got back to the cabin, Penny said, "Was it just me, or would we all like to lick the Counselor's pussy?"

    All the roomies nodded, and Rose said, "Well, we can see she's up for giving and receiving. I couldn't stop thinking about being on my knees, licking her pink hole as she directed me to make her cum. And Ashley's a real carpet muncher, I'd like for us to get a piece of her cunt licking talent, too. I bet she'd love it, four hot pussies for her to satisfy."

    Rose and Penny exchanged a glance, there it was, out in the open, the next big step that Penny had been steering them towards. Rose decided to make the first move into this new territory. She went over, locked the cabin door and drew the curtains, then she glided up to Penny, her face hungry, her eyes glowing with desire.

    "Rather than waiting and looking for Ashley, how about we show how well we can lick each other's pussy? My sister taught me how to eat pussy yesterday, and I want to practice my pussy licking on your sweet pussy, baby."

    Penny, her mouth dry, purred, "Oh yes, do it, I want to feel what it's like to get licked out."

    Rose took to her knees, sliding down Penny's bikini bottoms as Penny undid her bra top, and tossed it away. Rose's face was inches away from Penny's tight pussy, her nest of blonde pubic hair neatly trimmed and shaped into a heart design. She was trembling, she was going to give Penny her first pussy licking, the idea of licking a second hot pussy, after her sister's was so exciting.

    Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Lynn and Melinda in a hot clinch, kissing heatedly, fumbling at each other's bikinis. When they were naked, Melinda purred, "Now, I'm going to lick you sweet pussy baby. My 18 year old cousin Lisa sat on my face, and made me eat her out until she came all over my face! Then she licked my tight little cunt, then rode me with a 9 inch strap-on dildo, busting open my cherry on the night of my 15th birthday. Fuck, I came so hard, I thought I was going to explode!"

    Lynn cooed "Oh yes Melinda, lick my tight little pussy!"

    Rose scooted forward just a bit, ahh, perfect, Penny's fingers slid down, gently parting her lips, and Rose stared at the glimmering pink walls, dewy wet and eager for her tongue. The scent of her aroused pussy was amazing, and Rose let her tongue slide out, and started to run her tongue lightly up that sexy pink trail.

    Penny moaned, deep in her throat, oh god that felt good. She smiled, this was indeed what she had been working up to. She had almost had her first girl on girl pussy licking a week before camp started, with her best friend Claire Fordham. Although Penny had been more than ready herself, Claire had been hesitant, it took some talking to coax Claire into it. Claire was very shy, it took a bit before they were both naked, and as Penny cooed to Claire to lie back, and she'd do her first, Claire's mother had come home, and called up the stairs. That had broke the spell, and they dressed quickly, then scurried downstairs. Ummmm, oh yeah, Rose's tongue was licking so delightfully at her, Penny was looking forward to learning how to eat pussy, and do it right. Claire was going to get her pussy licked the right way, when she got home. Getting Claire into a situation where they wouldn't be rudely interrupted, Penny had a few places in mind. Claire would get the pussy licking of a lifetime, and Claire would be taught how to eat Penny's hot, juicy pussy, that would be a lot of hot fun. Penny let out a louder moan, as she felt Rose's tongue spear up into the hot, soupy wetness, oh god, the feel of her hot tongue wriggling around her pink folds was incredible.

    Right next to them, Melinda had her face plastered against Lynn's dripping pussy, her moans and cries of pleasure joining in with Penny's sounds of pleasure. Melinda smiled, ever since her cousin Lisa had taught her how to lick a hot pussy, she'd become eager for more pussy to lick. The first time, it was amazing, she remembered the bolts of lust that ran through when her cousin had told her that she was going to lick her cunt, and she'd love it. Her body writhing, pinned to the bed and shrieking with pleasure as Lisa's mouth made her clit explode, oh yes, she adored it. After that first time, she was hooked, she wanted to do it again real soon. Her cousin was more than happy to oblige, and they were getting together 2 or 3 times a week, and spending several weekends together for sleepovers, going down on each other, licking each other to a shuddering cum, then Lisa would strap on her dildo, and shaft Melinda, she had to put a towel over her mouth during the sleepovers, she was a noisy one, shrieking into the towel with her second cum.

    Penny could feel Rose's tongue tickling at her clit, making it throb, then her mouth wrapped around it, as Rose stuffed two fingers up her creaming center, and started to finger fuck her as her mouth made her clit twitch, sucking and licking her orgasm button, oh damn, she was feeling that wave picking up speed, she was gonna explode.

    Raggedly, Penny cried out, "Oh my God, I'm cumming, yes, oh fuck I'm cumming, lick me, make me cum, make MEEEEE!!"

    Rose kept her face right there, and felt the thick rush of juices pour out, her fingers plunging through the gushing wetness as Penny's voice rose to a shriek, and she came all over Rose's face, her pussy spasming wildly, over and over, clamping and unclamping on the fingers pumping in and out, making Penny's orgasm ride on and on, putting her in a wonderland of orgasmic release. Rose loved the facial, and the thought of Penny being a lover, that was very exciting. She knew that her new lover was just as eager for her pussy.

    Right next to them Lynn was grunting, moaning and squealing with pleasure as Melinda's talent for pussy licking stood her in good stead, dumping her load of hot pussy juice all over Melinda's eager face. Damn, Melinda really knew how to lick, and Lynn looked over with lust glazed eyes, watching Penny in the throes of orgasm, with Rose licking her eagerly, just kept the wave going.

    As the orgasms ebbed, Rose and Melinda stood up, and seeing the hot lust, they knew they were next. Just before Penny and Lynn could take position, there was a sharp knock of the door. All four roomies jumped, and quickly pulled on their bikinis. Rose went over, unlocked the door and was greeted by the sight of Counselor Anne Bessie, standing in the doorway.

    Rose saw the way the Counselor's eyes took in all of her body with a hungry gaze, before she became focused and professional again.

    "Ok girls, it's the time to brief you on the safety drill. If anything happens, and we need to evacuate the camp, we have to practice how to safely evacuate. I have a laptop and a video of the procedure, so let's get comfortable, and you can watch it. Tomorrow, we will have a practice drill, to see how to do it, if an emergency occurs."

    Rose could see the Counselor's eyes checking our Penny, Melinda and Lynn, filling her eyes with the sexy shapes. Rose shared a look with Penny, this was not unexpected. They had a feeling that Anne had been eyeing them for the last few days, she probably picked up on the air of sexual heat between the four of them, she had sensed it, and now, emboldened by Ashley's eager lick job of the afternoon, she was hungry for more.

    "What are you girls doing, still wearing bikinis, were you up to some naughtiness?"

    Penny shot back, "How about the naughtiness you got into, the hot pussy licking you got from Ashley? She was really hot to trot, her redheaded bush really suits her fiery sexuality. Nice multicolored star tattoo you got, and the sexy little mermaid tattoo Ashley had was really something, would you say so, Counselor?"

    The girls watched as her face turned white, holy shit, they had seen what went on, oh this could go real bad.

    Rose took up, "We've had a full tutorial on evacuation in case of emergency, so what are you doing here, Counselor?"

    Anne, totally flummoxed, said, "Well, ummm, err," before trailing off. She had planned to try and coax, or if needed, force the hot little numbers into licking her cunt, but that was totally destroyed, as her career could be.

    Lynn said, "I think she was planning to force us to lick her pussy. Just like Ashley. Counselor, did you force Ashley, or was she into it?"

    Anne managed, "Ashley is the definition of a teen sexpot. God, she virtually ate me alive, and she told me afterwards that she's addicted to eating pussy, her girlfriend's Moms all get their pussies licked, as often as they want, and she demonstrated on me, just how skilled she is, damn, she's great."

    Penny walked over, Rose, Melinda and Lynn joined her, surrounding Anne. They could see her eyes dilate, getting flushed, her breathing starting to pick up.

    Penny cooed, "You don't have to force us Counselor. What's you first name Counselor?"

    Anne was startled when she felt hands grasp her shorts, pulling them down, fingers sliding inside her red panties, sliding teasingly through her neat blonde tuft, brushing gently at her mound, then her panties were pulled down to join her shorts at her ankles. Hands pulled off her T shirt, her red bra was taken off and tossed aside. She felt the prickles of need picking up, as all 4 teens smiled and stripped off their bikinis. She was surrounded by 4 very horny 15 year old girls, and she was in mid teen heaven.

    Anne managed to croak, "Anne, my first name is Anne."

    Penny purred, "You don't have to force us at all, Anne sweetie."

    Penny took to her knees, and Anne spread her legs a bit more, allowing Penny access to her heated center. Anne was breathtaking, big, hefty boobs, natural blonde hair, blue eyes, a trim waist, flaring hips, her pubic region a neatly trimmed bush, and Penny felt a jolt, this was going to be her first licking job that she gave out.

    Anne cooed, "Oh yeah baby, lick my tight cunt, make me cum!"

    That spurred Penny onwards, it was wildly erotic seeing Anne's beautiful sex that close and she was more turned on than she had ever been in her life. Knowing that she was going to lick her first pussy was really making her body sizzle with lust. She could see the part of Anne's heated center, the smell of hot, needy lust made her almost dizzy, she could see the hot, juicy offering before her, spread open and ready. Penny ran a finger along Anne's pink trail, hearing her soft moan as her tongue quickly followed, sliding along Anne's luscious pink inner lips.

    Anne felt a hot mouth attaching to each tit, as Melinda and Rose started to suckle at her boobs, her tits were rock hard cogs, that were eagerly licked and sucked at. She opened her eyes, saw Lynn's face coming towards her, the hot wet press of her lips, and Anne moaned as her lips parted, tongues coming out to play, tongue filled swirls of passion joining in.

    When Penny speared her tongue in, and got a full on taste of Anne's juices, she couldn't stop. She pushed her face tight against Anne's pussy, and ate her out ravenously. She enjoyed driving her tongue in as deep as possible, wriggling around her pink folds was incredible, then bringing it out to flip against her clit. It may have been her first time, but she remembered so well how Rose had just ate her out so exquisitely, and she brought the recall of her tonguing into play.

    Anne started to grunt and rotate her hips, her body was on fire, tits being so delightfully licked and sucked on, while a hot teen vixen was kissing her so deeply and her hot wet cunt was being eaten out so nicely.

    Penny wanted her face creamed with a rush of juices, and she did what Rose had done to her. Penny's tongue was tickling at Anne's clit making it throb, then she wrapped her mouth around it, stuffing two fingers up in Anne's wet, needy heat, and started pumping, finger fucking her as her mouth made Anne's clit twitch, as Penny eagerly worked over her, hungry for the wet, juicy facial.

    Anne could feel the throbbing tingling of her building orgasm, this little teen slut sure knew how to eat snatch, she broke the kiss with Lynn long enough to cry out, "Oh yes, right there, fuck, gonna cum, gonna fucking cum so hard, take my juices you little teen slut, fuck, FUCK, FUCK!"

    Penny could feel her fingers clamped by the grip of Anne's spasming pussy, as she shrieked out and squirted, catching Penny full in the face. Penny was fired up, keeping her face tight against Anne's pussy, feeling her face get drenched by Anne's gushing pussy, licking at her, feeling the contractions of Anne's inner muscles, enjoying the power of making her cum so hard, until the last spasm had shuddered through her body.

    Penny rose up, and Melinda wanted a go, before she could take position, Anne's smart phone went off. They jumped a bit at the unexpected intrusion, and Anne quickly bent down, rummaging through her shorts to answer the call.

    "Hello?...Yes Ms. Henderson. I can attend to that, now?....No, not a problem, I'll be right over, bye."

    She closed the connection, and said, "Well, I have to attend to a matter that has come up with one of the girls. Otherwise, I'd have you all lined up, ready to lick me, Penny, you were spectacular."

    Penny grinned, and said, "I think I can speak for all of us, how about if we come by your cabin at lights out, and we will fulfill that request?"

    At the eager nods and smiles from her roomies, she knew it was a done deal, and Anne was grinning from ear to ear as she went off to counsel one of the girls.
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    LOVED the new additions! You're doing a geat job keeping the story fresh and HOT. Can't wait to see what trouble these sexpots get into next!

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    Thank you so much breastgirl.
    I really appreciate the feedback, letting me know how much you like it, and letting me know I'm on the right track.

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    Part 15

    Ashley was relaxing in her cabin, she was reveling in the fact that she now had the cabin all to herself. The 3 roommates had left just the other day, no loss there. On her way to camp, she had been looking forward to maybe finding a roomie or two who would like to get their sweet pussies licked out. Unfortunately, the 3 she had been stuck with were uptight, religious prudes. When she met them, saw the bibles, heard the prayers, and them talking about heaven and hell and the wantonness of the world, full of sexual sin and depravity, she knew that she was not going to get anything from this bunch. She avoided them as much as possible, giving short, clipped answers if they asked her a question. When they had asked her about her religious views, eager to get her into their mind numbed state, she had told them that it was none of their damn business. She wanted no part of any religion, even pretend praying with these bible thumpers made her feel ill. After that, they basically left her alone, and as far as she was concerned, all those sad jesus yellers could kiss her ass. Considering their outlook on anything of a sexual nature, no masturbation inside, lest any of them hear it, and called her a slut. She went outside scouting around, and had found a spot just outside of the collection of cabins, where she would go to relieve the burning itchiness of her lust, and she would masturbate furiously, stifling the cries and howls of orgasm as she worked out her lust. Now that those losers were gone, she could stroke her pussy to her heart's content. Masturbation was to her just a temporary fix, like Chinese food. She couldn't wait to get home, and have her very horny girlfriends and their very horny Moms to service.

    When Counselor Bessie had come on to her, her pussy has quickly become a seething, lust driven beast that had jumped to the forefront. Having nothing but masturbation to rely on, she had been more than ready. While she had been licking the sweet cunt of her Counselor, enjoying the compliments on her pussy licking proficiency, she remembered how her pussy licking skills had become so sharp. She spread her legs, and started to stroke gently at her pussy, wanting to drag out her orgasm, as she remembered.

    It had been the day after her 15th birthday, when her 17 year old sister Caroline and her boyfriend Allen, took her out for ice cream. On the way back home, she started to feel woozy, wondering why she felt so funny. When they got home, Caroline looked into her eyes, and nodded with a satisfied smile.

    Ashley had heard her sister say, "Ok Allen, looks like the valium I slipped into her ice cream is working, let's get her upstairs."

    Turning back to her, Caroline cooed. "Ok Ashley, now it's time for your special presents."

    She was woozy and offered no resistance as they took her upstairs, and stripped her naked. Being nude in front of her sister and boyfriend had felt strange at first, but when her sister stripped, and Allen got naked, she didn't feel so self-concious anymore. The sight of her sister's nudity, nice big boobs, curvy hips, a bare, smoothly waxed pussy, the sight of Caroline's pussy, hair-free, made a tingle develop between her legs. Ashley's red muff had just started to develop, it was a sparse patch, and seeing her big sister having denuded her pussy completely was making her pussy warm.

    Ashley was moved into position on her knees, ass up, head down, and her sister slid her pussy under Ashley's face, and purred, "Ok sister dear, time for you to learn how to lick a cunt, practice on my hot, wet cunt."

    The scent of an aroused, horny 17 year old pussy cut through the wooziness, and made her mind focus. As naughty as it seemed, it also made her own pussy purr in response, so taboo, yet so hot, she ran her nose along the pink trail, sniffing at the hot, wet eagerness, then she lowered her tongue, and slid it along. She got a taste of her sister's juices as they bubbled up, the taste was really hot, and she wanted more. Caroline's growl sounded as Ashley buried her tongue in, getting a mouth full of her sister's essence, and it was tastier than anything. She spread her sister's lips apart, and lapped hungrily at the gleaming pink pocket, her sister's sounds of pleasure urging her on.

    Ashley was stroking a bit more forcefully, ummm, she started to make soft coos of pleasure. She continued on her pleasure filled memory.

    Caroline had purred, "Ummm, oh yes keep licking me baby! Allen, give Ashley your present now."

    Through the mental fog of her valium calmed mind, Ashley felt her legs being spread apart, a body got behind her, and with a start she felt Allen's cock rubbing against her clit. Ashley whimpered a bit into Caroline's pussy, it felt good, and Allen grunted as he moved his hips up and down, rubbing his hard cock against Ashley's virgin tight lips. Ashley realized through the fog that she was about to lose her virginity. The thought did not dissuade her, it made her more excited. Allen poised at her entrance then pushed, slowly, slowly, his head was now inside of her pussy. Ashley felt her virgin walls stretching beyond her comfort zone, pushing though the fuzz of her Valium. She wanted to tell Allen to stop, she let out a pained cry, about to tell him to stop, it was going to be too painful, but she felt Caroline's hands grab her head, holding her against her pussy.

    "Just concentrate on making my hot cunt cum, while Allen takes care of your virgin tightness baby."

    Caroline had used her big sister in command voice, as Ashley did as her sister commanded, and Allen pushed into her even further, Ashley took a deep breath, feeling his cock pressing against her maidenhead and shutting her eyes. As her sister's sounds of pleasure surrounded her, and she licked furiously at the creamy juices, she felt the pressure, then the sudden loosening as his cock broke through. Allen grabbed her hips and gave a hard thrust to complete Ashley's deflowering, surging past her torn hymen, penetrating her completely, stretching open her tight virgin walls deep. Ashley let out a pained cry as his 8 inches cock was buried, his balls smacked against her pussy, moaning into her sister's soupy wetness as she had her cherry plucked. Ashley heard Allen's growl of pleasure as her pussy wrapped tightly around his prick.

    Caroline cooed, "Ummm, oh yes, now you're a woman baby."

    Ashley's hands grabbed at her sister's hips, holding on tight as Allen pulled back and buried it again. Ashley whimpered into her sister's gushing heat, and as Allen started a rhythm, she started to adjust. The first few thrusts had been abrasive, but she felt her juices start to coat his prick in her hot essence, the pain starting to fade as the fucking rhythm became easier, and a rush of pleasure displacing it.

    As she remembered the slide of Allen's cock in and out, she thrust 3 fingers in, and started to pump, stuffing her fingers as deep as she could. Her head lolled back, her breathing deepened as she ran her mental images.

    She had been getting hotter and hotter, servicing her sister's horny pussy, while her own pussy was taking her boyfriend's prick was insanely hot. Allen started to go faster, thrusting into her over and over again. The pleasure was all she felt now, as her pussy was juicing wildly, giving Allen's cock a smooth, all pleasure glide.

    “Oh yes, my baby sister, keep licking me, suck my clit, make me cum! Allen, really fuck my sister hard, I want you to explode, and flood Ashley's sweet pussy with a hot, juicy load, so I can suck it all out of her!"

    Ashley could feel the tight walls of her no longer virgin pussy tightly gripping at Allen's cock, milking and sucking hungrily, ready for her first load. She locked her mouth around Caroline's clit, sucking hard and swiping her tongue all over her swollen pink button. Her sister was letting out gasps and pants of pleasure. She could feel Allen's cock pumping hungrily into her, she was going to get her virgin pussy christened with its first load, she could feel her tight walls milking eagerly, her moans and grunts of pleasure were nuffled by having her mouth pressed against her sister's gushing pink hole. In her mind's eye she saw it, getting fucked and giving head, such carnal lust, and she felt it running up to her, oh god, she was gonna explode.

    Caroline grunted, "Yeah, give it to her Allen, shoot it, squirt every drop, fuck, oh fuck, gonna cum!"

    That pushed Ashley over the edge, she howled into her sister's soupy wetness, and her pussy clamped down hard, becoming the ultimate in gripping tightness. She felt the tightening up of her pussy walls as her orgasm grabbed her in real life, gripping he fingers, She had felt his cock, steel hard, bury itself deep, and his cock burst, she felt a hot rush of cum pouring into her, splattering her cervix, the wild quivering of her pussy sucking at the flow, filling up her womb, and she heard Caroline let out loud squeals of pleasure, pushing a rush of juices against her face as she tumbled into climax, all three bodies shaking and shuddering in orgasmic bliss.

    When Allen withdrew, her sister had made good on her promise, and she was pinned to the bed, Caroline's mouth was plastered against her pussy, her tongue spearing in, licking out great globs of cum. Fuck, that had felt so amazing as Caroline feasted on the combined juices with great relish.

    Caroline paused for a moment, and raised her head up to look her in the eye. Ashley could see the juices of their combined fuck all over Caroline's lips, as her tongue darted out to lick up the tasty essences.

    Her sister had cooed, "Time for you to cum again, baby."

    Ashley started to stroke again, as she remembered how Caroline's tongue had started to make such delightful passes all over her soaking mound, making her pussy into a wet soaking mass of lust, taking Ashley back up quickly, when her mouth settled on her clit, and two fingers powered up her pussy, pumping forcefully. Ashley shrieked and squealed with pleasure, tumbling into another orgasm, as she had on that delightful night, pumping out a rush of sweet juices for her sister to enjoy, riding that wave of bliss.

    Ashley sprawled back, floating in that blissful state, ummm, so good. Her sister was eager for more, her sister now had her own place, and they spent a couple of nights together each week, making sweet, passionate love to each other. Caroline had unlocked the need inside her, and Ashley had gone after her two best friends, and after an all night sex session with them, they were hooked. One of them, Becca Newsome, happened to tell her Mom Wendy Newsome about it, and after Ashley had demonstrated her oral talents on Wendy's hot, blonde haired pussy, she suddenly found herself in demand by 5 other ladies. It was just what a horny, 16 year old sexpot, with a lesbian streak a mile wide, needed.

    Ashley had noticed a group that liked to hang out together, they looked like they were roomies, and she could see the sexually satisfied glow. She was intrigued, could they be servicing each other? Would they like to have her lick their sweet pussies?

    It was almost dinner time, and she got herself together, and headed off to the communal cafeteria. She purposely choose an empty table, keeping the other 5 spaces clear, and waited, hoping they would see her.

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    Part 16

    Anne Bessie was counseling the girl, Shelly Berman, a 15 year old who was having an emotional upset about being apart from her family, and living in a cabin with three girls she had never met before. Even as she listened and sought to offer comfort and reassurance, a part of her mind was firmly fixed on the four very hot teens she had gotten into. Mmmm, Penny, Lynn, Melinda and Rose were hot, horny, and eager to lick her pussy to toe curling climaxes. Penny had shown how good she was, even as a beginner, the little vixen brought on a true squirting cum, she had made her dump a load of hot pussy juice all over her cute teen face. If the others needed more practice, she would make them lick her until they got it right, although she had an idea that they all would know what they were doing. And of course, after the giving, they would be receiving, she wanted to get her face between their thighs, and pin them to the mattress, making them squeal and howl with very wet, juicy orgasms. Then her strap on would get a ride, and she would give them all a hot dildo fuck. She could feel her inner pussy tickling, the moistness, the eager anticipation. Oh yes, tonight was going to be very hot.


    Dinner time was a few minutes away, and the roomies got dressed and headed out for the communal cafeteria center. All four of them could feel the warm thoughts about what they were going to do to Anne, and what she might do to them. They joined the cafeteria lineup, and saw Ashley, that redheaded teen sexpot, sitting alone at a 6 person table, looking over at them, her eyes seemed to have a glimmer, and Penny took it as an invitation.

    Penny said softly, "It looks like Ashley would like us to join her, if that look in her eyes is any indication. Let's see if she's up for more than just talking, and we could have her service us, and vice versa, before we get together with Counselor Anne. Sound good?"

    At the smiling nods of her roomies, they picked up their trays, and headed towards her. As they neared, they saw her eyes get hopeful, then she gave them a radiant smile as they paused by her.

    Rose said, "Hey Ashley, would you like us to join you?"

    Ashley replied, "Oh please do!"

    Rose say next to her on the left, Penny sat to her right, and Lynn and Melinda sat directly opposite.

    Ashley giggled, "Dinner's pretty good tonight, they must have just killed the horse!"

    As they ate, Rose saw Ashley's eyes, moving back and forth, like she was fattening her eyes up. Umm, oh yeah, this was what she had in mind. Rose decided to just take the bull by the horns.

    As they finished eating, Rose leaned in, placed her hand on Ashley's left thigh, running her fingers lightly up and down, and cooed, "Ashley, we want you to come to our cabin, right now, and lick our cunts, until we cum all over your face. You eager for that baby?"

    Ashley looked into Rose's eyes, Rose could see the eager, hungry need, as she purred, "Yes, yes, I want it now."

    Rose said, "In that case, let's not waste time."

    In their cabin, with the door securely locked, Ashley eagerly stripped, displaying her red bush, and turning to let everyone see that sexy Ariel tattoo.

    Ashley purred, "Get naked, and give me hot pussy to eat, Rose, get your panties off, and bring that sexy pussy over here."

    Ashley took to her knees as Rose struggled out of the last of her clothes, and went over. Splaying her feet apart, she brought her pussy to Ashley's face, mere inches away. Rose saw Ashely's eyes widen, and her nose lightly touched Rose's pussy lips, as she sniffed all along her pink trail. It was just like an animal sniffing another animal, primal and hot, and she purred with the growing need churning up deep.

    Ashley growled, "Ummm, oh yeah, you smell delicious Rose. Do you want your tight little pussy eaten baby?"

    Rose panted, "Oh yes, lick my pussy, I'm so hot, lick me!"

    Rose felt Ashley's breath on her belly, as Ashley moved her head up slightly, and started lightly kissing her way from her navel down through the smooth shaven pubic area, licking her like a kitten. Rose purred as she felt Ashley gently kissing at the folds of her pussy, spread open and swollen fat with sexual lust. She saw her roommates, all stripped naked, watching with lust filled eyes, eagerly awaiting their turn.

    Rose felt her lips being gently parted, and the wet tip of Ashley's tongue rimming the lips. She could feel her juices bubbling up, and she cooed as she felt Ashley's tongue eagerly lapping at the flow. Ashley let out a matching purr of pleasure, then Rose felt the tip of her tongue softly probing her opening.

    Rose panted, "Fuck, oh fuck, shove that tongue in, stuff me with it, and lick my juices!"

    Ashley loved it when they begged for it, she speared her tongue in, stuffing it in as far as she could reach, wriggling around her tight little pussy. Rose let out a loud moan, as Ashley started to work on her. Ashley's tongue was amazing, it was driving into her with the eagerness of a rock hard prick, tongue fucking her with a force that made Rose growl in pleasure. Rose gripped Ashley's head, holding her tight between her thighs as she humped her dripping cunt against Ashley's eager face.

    "Ooooh, yeah baby, fuck you sure can lick cunt, keep going baby, make me cum!"

    Ashley growled into the soupy wetness, she loved it when she was complimented on her licking prowess, hearing Rose made her red hot. She brought her mouth up, surrounding Rose's swollen, bulging clit, causing Rose to gasp and writhe against her mouth. Two fingers were powered up her gushing pussy, finger fucking her as Rose's legs started to tremble, Ashley knew she was on the verge, and she heard Rose's shriek, her cunt spewing a rich gush of teen girl cum, filling Ashley's mouth as she happily lapped at the flow, staying right with her, licking that hot, wet center until the last spasm had shuddered through Rose's body.

    Rose moved back, her legs wobbly, she sat down on the bed, and watched as Ashley purred, "Who's next, I'm a cunt licking slut, I want all of you are to cum all over my face! Penny, you're next, get your sexy cunt over here, right now!"

    Rose felt the surge, she wanted to lick Ashley's tight little red-headed box, and she came over, and purred, "Spread your legs baby, I'm gonna lick your tight little pussy while you lick Penny's sweet hole!"

    Ashley eagerly spread her knees apart as she felt Rose's head slide under her. Rose looked up, saw a nest of red pubic hair, the scent of Ashley in heat was amazing, it made her head spin, and she could see how juicy Ashley was, her pubic hair glistened with the juices she had poured out.

    "Eat me baby, eat my pussy, lick me!"

    Ashley's request was instantly obeyed, as she felt Rose's tongue licking at her lips, then parting the seam and diving in to her wet, pink velvet. Ashley moaned, and turned her attention to Penny's pretty pussy. Penny's nest of blonde pubic hair was neatly trimmed and shaped into a heart, ummm, very appropriate, she was going to love licking at her cunt, and she wasted no time, lapping at the lips then wriggling her tongue inside, enjoying Penny's gasps of pleasure as she stuffed her tongue in, wriggling all around her walls, bringing a purr of pleasure from her. Penny's juices were delicious, and she went at her with the full force of her pussy licking ardor, her own pussy simmering, pushing out juices for Rose's lapping tongue, ummm, she was in heaven, licking and being licked. Rose knew how to lick her simmering box, oh yeah, these 4 teens were a great find.

    Penny's head was lolled back, her hands stroking at Ashley's head, holy shit, she really was a sexpot, Penny was getting another fantastic lick job. She felt Ashley's muffled moans and cries of pleasure as Rose licked her at the same time, making the heat of all three girls blaze higher. Seeing the hot tableau before her, Penny's gasps and growls of pleasure turned into squeals, then she felt two fingers stuff her tunnel, while Ashley went after her twitching clit, she felt the rush of orgasm coming at her.

    "Making me cum, oh fuck, CUMMING!"

    Penny felt her pussy dissolve in a wash of hot juices, her squeals and cries of pleasure filling the cabin, giving Ashley another wet facial, as she eagerly took the rush, lapping at Penny's pulsing heat until the last spasm. Ashley felt Rose ram two fingers into her dripping pussy, stuffing them in as far as she could go, finger fucking her, and gave her the last push she needed.

    "Yes, Rose, gonna cum so hard, FUUCCKKK!"

    Ashley's voice rose to a shout, ummm, Rose knew how to lick cunt, and she gave Rose her own facial, a rush of juices to cover her face, as Ashley squirmed and moaned atop Rose, riding a blissful wave of orgasm.

    Penny liked the idea that Rose had come up with, and when Melinda took her spot, and was gasping, crying out and grunting from Ashley's talented tongue, Ashley was getting her own hot lick job from Penny, who had slid under Ashley, and was giving her a hot pussy licking. The room was a symphony of squeals, cries, purrs and howls of orgasm, as Ashley showed all four roommates, how good she was, making Melinda cum all over her face, then just as eagerly, she had Lynn dousing her face with a rich orgasmic rush, while her own pussy was rocked with orgasmic rushes as she got four incredible lick jobs from the four very horny roommates.

    Breathless, and drifting in the post orgasmic glow, Ashley told them about her time at camp.

    "I was hoping that I'd get at least one sexually liberated roomie, to keep the lust from burning me up. What did I get, three uptight religious prudes. When I met them, saw the bibles, heard the prayers, and them talking about heaven and hell and the wantonness of the world, full of sexual sin and depravity, oh fuck, I knew I was not going to get any of them to have some fun. They even had the nerve to ask me about my religious views, eager to get me into their mind numbed state, no doubt. I bluntly told them it was none of their damn business. I want no part of any religion, nothing but a crutch for weak minded fools. Even pretend praying with these bible thumpers would make me wanta puke. The little bitches were always around, so they could no doubt prevent me from the sin of masturbation. I had to wait until the bitches were asleep, then I'd slip outside, I found a spot, nice and private, just outside of the collection of cabins. I was so hot, I'd masturbate wildly, stifling my cries and howls of orgasm as I worked out her lust. I amused myself by picturing them in that scene from 'The Exorcist' where the girl rams a cross into her pussy and masturbates furiously , while the devil bellows in her voice, 'You little fucking sow, let Jesus fuck you, FUCK YOU!' Maybe that's what all 3 of them needed!"

    "The bitches finished their stay and left yesterday. Now I have the cabin all to myself, so I can stroke my horny cunt to my heart's content. For me, masturbation is just a temporary fix, like Chinese food. I am so looking forward to getting home, and servicing all the hot willing pussy waiting for me."

    Ashley smiled, and regaled them all with her stories about how much of a cunt licking vixen she was.

    "My sister and her boyfriend took me out for ice cream the day after I turned 15, She slipped some drug into my serving, and when we got back home, I got their special birthday presents. My sister introduced me to pussy licking, as I was put on hands and knees, and ordered to lick her cunt."

    Hearing this Rose felt a rush of heat, just like her sister Natalie had done to her.

    "Then Allen got behind me, and his hard prick took care of my virginity, bursting my cherry apart with a hot plunge. It stung for a bit, but as he rode me, I started to get real juicy, and it started to feel really good."

    Rose could relate to that, having Mr. Fields pop her tight little 15 year old virgin cherry cunt had been fucking wonderful. And having her sister Natalie fuck her with that awesome dildo just the other day, had been fucking awesome.

    "My sister Caroline grunted, 'Yeah, give it to her Allen, shoot it, squirt every drop, fuck, oh fuck, gonna cum!' That took me flying over, I howled into the soupy wetness of my sister's cunt, and my pussy clamped eagerly at Allen's plunging dick as I tumbled, Allen buried his prick one last time as he sprayed my tight walls with its first load of cum, and Caroline let out loud squeals of pleasure, pushing a rush of juices against my face as she tumbled into climax. I came like a bitch in heat, from a tight little virgin to a sex hungry slut, that was cumming so hard, I though I was going to pass out. Then my awesome sister went down on me, giving my pussy its first licking, sucking out her boyfriend's juicy cum, then concentrating on bringing me to climax again, and I did, fuck, it felt so awesome."

    Rose got an idea, once we spring it on Mr. Fields, and he unloads his cum into one of us, the other will get to suck it all out. Fuck, that sounded so hot, she could visualize the scene, and her pussy started to get wet and achy.

    "My sister was eager for more, she now has her own place, and we spend a couple of nights together each week, making sweet, passionate love to each other. My sister really unlocked the need that my virginity was trying to deny, and I decided to see what I could do with my 2 best friends. After individual all night sex sessions, they were hooked. Now I was getting hot, wet pussy every day, and it got even better. One of my friends, the first one who got an all nighter, Becca Newsome, happened to tell her Mom Wendy Newsome about it."

    "I'll never forget when Wendy called me over, she was nervous, maybe thinking that her daughter was pulling a prank on her, when she said, "Ashley, umm, my daughter said that you, well, that you like..well, she said..' I grinned, I knew what she was after. I walked over to her, we were inches away, and I reached down, cupped her sex through her shorts, and cooed, 'I do, very much, would you like to have your sweet pussy licked?' She nodded, led me to the bedroom, and I took great pleasure in stripping her down. Her Mom is quite a hot number, about 35-40 years old, light blonde hair, a cute face, nice big boobs, and a curvy waist with a neatly trimmed tuft of blond pubic hair. She lay back, and watched me with wide eyes as I stripped before her eyes, I saw her face flush as she took in my natural red bush. I quickly took position, nuzzling against her pussy, then gently licking at her lips, tasting her juices rising up.

    " 'Oh yes you little teen sexpot, god that feels so good, lick me baby, I love to be eaten.' "

    "I was happy to do so, her juices were delicious, and I eagerly demonstrated my oral talents on Wendy's hot, blonde haired pussy, bringing her to a very noisy, shaking, juice filled orgasm. After she came, it was my turn."

    I cooed, 'Now, I'm going to sit on your pretty face and you are going to lick me until I cum all over your sweet face.' I straddled her face and saw her staring up at my pink hole, I reached down and parted my lips with my fingers, I could feel my pussy, all wet and hot, feeling the rush of lust as I saw Wendy staring right at my churning, hungry pussy. "

    "I cooed, 'go ahead and eat me sweetie, my pussy is all hot and juicy just for you.' "

    "I lowered down. I was almost shaking with excitement, then I felt the pleasure as she thrust her tongue up into me, sucking up my churning juices as I cradled head against my cunt. The erotic taste of my juices fired her up, she licked at me with a sex fueled hunger, and I gave her precise instructions on how best to please me. She followed my instructions, and oh god, she was good, making me coo and purr with pleasure as she hit the right places.

    "I purred, 'Yes, oh yes, there, right there! Keep licking me baby, make me cum all over your pretty face!' "

    "Even though she was a first time pussy licker, Wendy was really pretty good, then she began flicking her tongue over my tingling clit. This really got me going and I squealed with pleasure. I could feel my cunt dripping all over as I continued to grind my pussy against her face. She was making little sounds of pleasure as she went after me, and I could feel it, I began to grunt, rotating my hips, then I could feel the rush, and I began to buck wildly on her".

    "I cried out, 'Oh fuck yeah, lick me sweetie, keep licking, make me cum, yeah, yeah, oh fuck I'm cumming fuck YES!!' "

    "My body was shaking, and I let out a loud cry of pleasure as I exploded, enjoying the feel of my pussy gushing out a rich load of my girl cum, giving Wendy her first girl cum facial. We spent several hours together that first time, and I gave her the first girl on girl 69 of her life. She was a fast learner, and now, she is a very skilled pussy licker. As an added bonus, she told her friends about it, and now I'm also in demand by 5 other horny, very sexy Moms who just don't get the kind of oral loving at home. All of them love to give back as good as they got, they have all become very skilled in the art of pussy licking. Two of them have big strap-ons, that they ram my cunt with, god, I love being licked to orgasm, them fucked hard to another orgasm. Just what a horny, 16 year old sexpot, with a lesbian streak a mile wide, adores."

    Rose could feel her pussy, she was practically dripping with juices, looking around, she saw her roommates were in a similar hot and bothered state.

    Ashley cooed, "It looks like everyone is hot and bothered, let's do a daisy chain."

    Rose found herself lying on her side, her head inches from the hot, pink hole of Lynn's pussy, it gleamed, pink and pearly and wet with Lynn's juices. Rose happily pressed her mouth against Lynn's dripping seam, she felt Melinda's head between her legs, and she purred as her dripping pussy was covered with a hot, wet mouth, and a very agile tongue. More coos and soft cries of pleasure blended in, as Penny was eagerly lapping away at Melinda's steamy heat, while Ashley was going after Penny's wet snatch, and Lynn was licking and sucking at Ashley's pink trail, completing the chain. The scent of lust fueled pussies filled the air, a heated, primal smell of passion, as five very horny teen girls were joined in a hot daisy chain of lust, throbbing pussies being licked and caressed towards orgasm.

    Rose growled with the pleasure, eagerly lapping at Lynn's gushing seam, oh yeah, she was sweet, juicy and incredibly tasty, while Melinda was lapping away at her Rose's creamy pussy, god, it was so hot, Rose felt like she'd died and gone to sex heaven. They all moved together in unison, sleek teen bodies giving and receiving the pleasure of oral loving. The pleasure of licking while being licked was so good, and Rose felt herself racing for that orgasm. One by one, shrieks, howls and cries of orgasm filled the air, as wet, pink openings were licked to climax, bodies shaking, Rose's howl of climax joined in, as Melinda skillfully licked her to a riveting climax, Lynn went over, gushing her juices all over Rose's face, and grunts and cries of more pleasure joined in as Melinda, Penny and Ashley were cumming along with them, a writhing, twisting mass of teen girls cumming like crazy.
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    Groomleader, this story gets better and better. Eagerly look forward to where you go from here.



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