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    DAD and the HITCHHIKER part 4

    DAD and the HITCHHIKER part 4

    Spent, neither could move, nor did they wish too. Cyndi was at peace for the first time since her step dad left. She felt safe as she nuzzled against Mikeís body. Eventually Mike softened enough that his penis fell out. The cum oozed from her tiny orifice, pooling on Mikeís loins. They ended up on their sides. Mikeís arm draped over her. His right hand encapsulated her left breast. Unconsciously, she would wiggle her bottom against him. Not really as a seductive act but to verify he was still there and had not left her.

    Mike would occasionally stir. He would occasionally squeeze her nubile titty. Not for seductive measures though. His intentions, were to verify he wasnít dreaming. He had often had dreams of sexual encounters, only to be disappointed, when he awoke. To be left aroused and no way of relief. At that moment in time, he was content. His protective instincts were best displayed by how he held her. It was as if he were sheltering from all the worlds problems. Also, much like a momma dog protects her pup from human interaction. ďNo! Thatís mine! You canít touch. Mike woke first. Seeing her sexy body snuggled against him and feeling her diminutive tit barely filling his palm, aroused him slightly. Seeing her peaceful smile as she lay against him, motivated him to relish the moment and let the poor girl sleep. He dozed off again. At some point he knew, they had to leave. Reality would soon show its ugly head. Soon, they would part ways.

    Cyndi began to stir. She stretched her arms out and yawned. She rolled towards Mike. She watched him sleep. He was not completely asleep. He sensed her stares. As one eye opened, she eased her lips upon his and kissed him. Her tongue slowly parted his lips and slipped partially inside her mouth. As their tongues met and the entwined, Cyndi wiggled her youthful body uncontrollably as a sea of euphoric sensations flooded her body. Wave after wave of emotions were released. Her mind was overwhelmed by what her soul was feeling. Thought after thought and question after question raced through her mind. A battle was being waged between her head and her heart. Words like love, fear, and sex were their battle cries. The one word, both had in common was fear. Both the mind and the soul were afraid to lose this wonderful man. Oh she loved him and why not? He had made her feel things she had never felt. One of which was security. But, did he love her? How could he love her? She wasnít truly a woman yet. FUCK!!! She thought, he has a wife... and a daughter her age. It was if she had bitten into the forbidden fruit. Part of her was embarrassed and wanted to flee, to cover herself and hide. The other part wanted to take any love she could get. If that meant giving him as much pussy as he could handle, so be it. In real time these thoughts took maybe 5 seconds, to her it was an eternity.

    She passionately teased him with her tongue. She was now on him. Their lips locked. Her fears subsiding as he playfully caressed her tongue with his. Her hands rubbed his shoulders. The feel of his muscular upper body both turned her on and gave her a sense of security. The stirrings in her loins pointed out not only was she horny again, but her pussy walls were sore, as well as her tiny opening. Her mind was now in the moment.

    Mike too was battling a conscience. In the 13 years of being with his wife Susie, never had he once cheated. He had not even kissed another woman. He had masturbated regularly, but that is totally different from actually fucking someone, much less a 14 year old nympho. That in itself can have life altering repercussions. Thatís not divorce, thatís jail time.

    In an instant one hand was wrapped around his cock again. Stroking it back to life, she continued kissing him. She sheepishly moaned as he grew in her hand.

    Thoughts of divorce and jail, escaped his mind. His thoughts were now of how this adolescent was turning him on. Thoughts of himself being a deviant, added to his arousal. Mike was battling his own set of demons. He too could not face the thought of losing this beautiful girl. She was like this ďFountain of YouthĒ, for him. Susie and he, had rarely had sex for the last 6 months. The sex the did have was very ďvanillaĒ. It was almost robotic. He never crossed the line though, he never cheated. Well, until yesterday, that is. Ahh, but this girl, she filled him with energy. She relaxed him. She made him feel alive again. His cock was definitely alive. It was alive and it was engorged with blood again. Overwhelmed with guilt, Mike broke away from the passionate kiss.

    Whatís wrong? Cyndi whimpered. Did I do something wrong. No sweetie, I did. I shouldnít have... Mike started. Cyndi interrupted, wait one second mister! Donít grow a fucking conscience on me now! Youíre only 14, Mike interjected. So fucking what! She rebutted. Itís just a number, she added. Didnít matter last night, when you were fucking me senseless, she angrily continued. It didnít matter when you were eating my pussy into convulsive frenzy. It didnít matter when my mouth was wrapped around your cock, or jerking you off. You particularly liked sucking puffy under developed titties. In fact, I bet thatís why you were so fucking hard inside my tight stretched pussy. Thatís why when you went off in me, your hot cum stung as it was hitting my battered cervix. I bet you were harder last night than you have ever been. She was now standing on the bed hovering over him. Pulling her lips apart, this 14 year old pussy is the reason you feel like youíre 17 again. The reason you kept getting it up, even in your sleep. The reason you were murmuring yes Cyndi, do that more Cyndi, as you slumbered. I have been amidst a battle myself. I have concluded the reason I feel safe and secure for the first time in like ever is because of you. Not because of your penis, although, it is a magnificent penis, she cracked a small smile. No, itís you. Itís because of your kindness, I trust. I think you bring out the good things about me. I know I turn you on, but I donít judge you because you are turned on by a 14 year old horny girl. I judge you by your gentleness and kindness. Society has these rules. Well, fuck society! Those same preachers, shoving those rules down our throats on Sunday were shoving their cocks down my throat on Wednesday. Mister, what we have is beautiful. Please understand I admire and respect you. I would never say a word to anyone in authority about what we have done. Youíre not gonna see me running to the cops, telling stories about how you ruined my life. NO FUCKING WAY! You make feel loved. Even now, this conscience thing, youíre worried about me. Fuck the hypocrite preachers! Fuck the asshole cops! Again fuck society!Most of all though, FUCK ME! Tongue fuck me that is. She smothered his face with her open pussy. He submitted to that 14 year old pussy... again. Mike, she began, be gentle, my pussy is sore from the pounding you gave it yesterday. Maybe you could rub and lick out a couple orgasms. I reeeeeaally need to cum. My slit is on fire. I think it may be torn a bit

    Mike was more than willing to accommodate her plight. His cock had some raw spots as well. He wasnít sure if he was even up for another round like yesterday. He gnawed on her pussy imitating a dog chewing on a bone, by growling. She giggled because it tickled her pussy and it was rather funny to her. Soon she bucking uncontrollably as she held Mikeís head. Grinding against his mouth, as she came, not once but twice in less than 3 minutes. Mike milked her orgasm, squeezing every drop of juice out, then licking her saturated box. When Mike lifted his head way. Cyndi covered her mouth and laughed. Her juices glistened all over his face. She spouted, looks like I gave you a facial. Mike was quick to respond, laughing. Yeah? Well pussy juice is a good moisturizer. Keeps a man looking young. They both laughed. It was pushing checkout time and they really needed to hit the road. It would be a very interesting drive, as neither wanted to part ways.

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    Great addition! Looking forward to more!

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    keep them cumm more and more



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