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    His first time was with an adult naturist

    Carol is pretty well off. She was born in a developped country, where she lived a normal life,
    had the chance to get a good education (she did) and started a decent career. She is also
    beautiful. She has long, blonde hair, green eyes and a gorgeous body with boobs of a
    satisfactory size. Her only problem is that she's a narcoleptic sleep walker. She's around 35.
    Anyway, this summer, she went for a tour around Europe. She's currently somewhere in the
    eastern part of the continent, the part with the countries that used to suffer from communistic
    dictatorships till recently; as a result, those countries are underdevelopped, not only in financial
    terms but also when it comes to how people think. People there, especially in rural areas, are
    pretty conservative and puritanistic.
    Paul was unlucky enough to be born at such a place. In his village, everyone views anything
    sexual as a demon. How is he supposed to get laid under such conditions? True, he's only
    around 15, but he's sure that, if he lived elsewhere, he'd have lost his V card by now. Little
    does he know about the unexpected gift Lady Luck is about to toss him to make up for his
    general bad luck in life up to now. For the time being, he's just sitting at a river bank outside
    of his village, thinking of his everyday teenage hormones.
    Meanwhile, in a cottage she has rented in a field nearby, Carol is sleeping nude. She rises from
    bed and starts sleep walking. She arrives at a random spot of the field and falls down, resuming
    her sleep.
    When she wakes up and realizes she's outside of her house and fully nude, she freaks out. Gosh,
    how is she supposed to seek help like that? Hiding behind bushes and looking for anything that
    might help her, she starts slowly moving around. Eventually, she spots Paul.
    -'Sigh, one more time, i have to settle with jacking off' the boy thinks.
    -'Well, at least he's not an adult. I have to take that chance' Carol thinks.
    -'Hey, you' she whispers.
    Paul turns around and his eyes bulge when he sees a nude, blonde woman coming out of the
    -'May i sit?' she shyly asks.
    -'Huh? Sure' Paul answers, thinking he's dreaming.
    As soon as she sits next to him and starts explaining to him what happened to her, Paul feels
    his crotch inflating. For the first time in his life he's next to a nude woman.
    -'So, will you help me?' Carol concludes.
    Paul stands up and beckons to her to follow. They walk towards the village. Hiding behind walls
    and checking out areas, they eventually manage to reach Paul's house without anyone
    noticing. Good thing it's midday and most adults are working in the fields at such an hour.
    They climb the stairs and enter Paul's room. The boy looks at the nude woman examining the
    surroundings. The way she tiptoes around makes him even hornier.
    -'So, what else do you want me to do?' the boy asks.
    -'Find me some clothes, so that i can move around and find my way back to my house' she
    That moment, Paul has a brilliant idea:
    -'I'll do it, if...'
    Carol feels scared, suspecting what they boy will ask.
    -'...you have sex with me' he concludes.
    Naturally, her first reaction is angry. However, Paul is determined to exploit that opportunity.
    Who knows when he'll have the next chance to get laid? Besides, the advantage is his under
    those conditions. In the end, Carol realizes she has no choice. Satisfying that teen jerk's whim
    is preferable to being seen nude by adult strangers.
    -'Okay' she sighs, to the boy's delight. 'On three conditions. First, you'll give me clothes right
    afterward, or else i'll go ballistic. Secondly, you'll never tell anyone about it. Third, you will
    use a condom. I'm serious, if you don't find a condom, no sex for you. Deal?'
    The smiling boy nods and exits the room, locking the door behind for good measure.
    He goes to the village's shop. He realizes buying condoms will be more awkward than he thought.
    -'What do you want to do with the rubbers, Paul?' the shop owner asks.
    Paul gulps. This is a village, everybody knows everybody. He has to give a good excuse.
    -'Errr... just play with them. You know, make baloons and stuff' he answers.
    -'Don't tell me you want to screw Lynn' the suspicious shopkeeper glares at him (Lynn is a girl the
    same age as Paul and daughter of the village's priest)
    -'No no, i swear, i only want to see how those devices work' a panicked Paul starts.
    -'Get the hell out of here before i inform your parents about that' the shopkeeper roars, making
    Paul run away.
    -'Curse this conservative shitty village' Paul thinks. 'What am i supposed to do now?'
    Well, he has no other choice but try to further blackmail Carol. He returns to his room.
    -'Sorry, they won't sell condoms to underaged people' he informs his guest.
    -'Spare me your bull' Carol yells, not believing him. 'I made it clear to you that no condom means
    no sex...'
    -'Listen' Paul interrupts her. 'I swear i'm speaking the truth. Please, have sex with me, just once.
    Unless you want to walk around naked. Trust me, in this conservative society, this won't do you
    any good, they'll consider you a slut and...'
    -'SHUT UP' Carol sighs, not believing an underaged boy can have his way with her.
    She walks around the room, pondering it. That boy is most likely a virgin, he most likely does not
    have any STDs. And she can always get a morning after pill as soon as she goes back to some
    bigger city.
    -'Fine' she sighs.
    She lies on the bed, with her legs open. Paul rubs his eyes. He starts undressing hastily and
    clumsily. He hops on bed and starts the exploration of her amazing body.
    He holds her beautiful foot and kisses it. Then, he caresses and kisses her amazing leg. He
    loses himself in her belly, until he reaches the boobs, which he squeezes and sucks like there is
    no tomorrow. Carol has an indifferent expression.
    Paul holds her hands, gets a taste of her lovely neck and finally kisses her mouth, without her
    reacting. Finally, he shoves his penis in her vagina. She wraps her legs around him, not because
    she's into it, but because she wants to make it easier for him to finish that farce as soon as
    Paul starts his 'push ups' on her. When his cries become somewhat louder, Carol realizes he's
    about to cum. She momentarily winces, thinking of that boy's disgusting cum entering her
    vagina. Next moment, she feels the load of sperm being emptied in her.
    Paul stands up with a smile of delight.
    -'Now fetch the clothes' the indifferent Carol says while Paul is dressing.
    Paul nods, exits the room and locks the door. Meanwhile, the narcoleptic Carol falls asleep on
    the bed.
    When Paul returns, he is awed. He stays still for a while to admire that gorgeous nude fairy
    sleeping. What makes her even hotter in his eyes is the thought that his sperm cells, those
    tailed little thingies he produced, are swimming in this peacefully sleeping goddess at the
    moment. The thought that, for the next week, whatever she does, wherever she goes, she'll
    have that liquid part of him in her will give him good jack off material for later! He wishes he
    could pause time at this moment for years!
    Carol abruptly opens her eyes. She grabs the dress he was holding and dresses.
    -'Any shoes?' she asks
    -'Sorry, i couldn't find' the boy answers.
    Carol rolls her eyes and leaves, never to be seen again.

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    Good story...
    A Bit hard to follow...
    Might want to Watch paragraph and sentence structure and set up...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    hard to read needs work with grammer sentence struckture and needs paragraphs along with details



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