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    Timothy Keeps Trying


    Tim gripped the leather wrapped steering wheel so hard his knuckles were white. He was fuming mad. Humiliated at his own 18th birthday party. He slapped the wheel with both hands and squeezed even tighter, picturing his hands around his step-sister's pretty little neck.

    His first party as an adult, and things had been going great. He was doing pretty good at chatting up a couple of babes from his school who had never given him so much as a look before. To tell the truth, he sensed that they were more impressed with the estate than they were with him, but hey, if Dad's money got him laid, so be it!

    He was literally bursting to lose his virginity...

    Anyway, here he was making inroads with these two hot bitches, thinking he might even eventually convince them to sneak off to his room with him, when Chloe, his bitch step-sister, drunk off her ass, actually came up from behind and pantsed him!

    "Show 'em your tiny little wiener, Timmy!" she screeched as she managed to yank both his trousers and his boxers all the way to his ankles.

    He had promptly stumbled, tripped up by the pants and fell flat on his back, knocking the wind out of him. His little guy, reacting to the sudden dangerous exposure like it would if attacked by a wild animal, immediately shrank to the size of a peanut as his balls sought the safety of retreating up into his body cavity. By the time he could suck in a painful lung-full of air and scramble to cover himself, the whole room had gotten a good look at--and an entirely wrong impression of the actual size of--his junk.

    He had pulled up his pants and run away from the shrieks of laughter, none louder nor more shrill than from that cunt Chloe. Despite being an "adult" now, like a little kid he had run straight to Linda, his step-mom, Chloe's mother. Far from justice, however, all he'd received from her drunk ass was a snort of laughter.

    "Oh, it was a joke, Timmy--don't be such a little bitch!"

    He had fled the house, out into the night. His rage had only warded off the chill night air for so long, however, and he'd ended up here--his happy place--in the garage, behind the wheel of Dad's 2017 Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS convertible with its Agate Grey Metallic paint and Alcantara / Rhodium Silver interior. Of the half-dozen cars in the climate controlled garage, this one was by far Tim's favorite. He'd had hopes of Dad presenting him with the keys for his birthday, as he was now technically an adult, and he knew Dad had his eye on the new 911 GT2 RS with its 690 horsepower and a top speed of 211 miles per hour.

    But, of course, Dad was not here. Dad was away on business, as he was about ninety percent of the time nowadays.

    So, Tim was sitting in his happy place, entirely not happy despite getting the comforting hug from the supple leather of the Porsche's snug racing seats, when his peace and quiet was suddenly interrupted by the garage's side door being flung open to crash loudly against a metal shelving unit. Tim immediately slid down in the seat, hiding himself.

    "Ssshh," a feminine voice admonished, followed by a masculine grunt and the sound of the door being closed a little less raucously. "The beer fridge is over here..." Tim heard, recognizing his step-mother's voice, followed by a low grunt from her companion. Clicking high heels and clumping heavy boots echoed through the silent garage as the pair crossed the floor.

    When he heard the refrigerator open, he eased himself up just enough to see over the dashboard. He knew the high-backed seat would hide his silhouette, and the minimal brightness of the garage's night lights would hardly reveal his presence. The others were clearly lighted, however, being out in the open and standing before the light of the open fridge.

    It was indeed Linda, and with her was Bodie, her daughter's slab of beef boyfriend.

    "How many?" he grunted, which was about as many syllables as Tim had ever heard him string together at one time.

    "Better get about half a dozen," Linda replied. Bodie stared at her unsurely. "Six? Six six-packs," she clarified in the overly-enunciated language one uses when conversing with the profoundly stupid.

    Tim rolled his eyes, stifling a snort of disdain as Bodie grunted again and turned to the fully stocked refrigerator. He began pulling out sixers and lining them up on the floor. Tim made a mental bet with himself as to whether the hulking beast could count that high. Before it came to that, however, Linda interrupted his labors.

    "Forget the fucking beer for a minute," she blurted in an exasperated tone. "Fucking kiss me, goddammit!"

    What the fuck?? Tim felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up as Bodie turned and suddenly Linda was all over him, kissing him feverishly and pulling at his clothes. Mouth hanging open, Tim stared in shock as she yanked at the big oaf's belt while his ham-hock hands pulled the top of her dress down and began groping her big bra-less tits. Almost independent of his conscious thought, Tim's hand dug his cell out of his pocket and raised it to begin recording. He zoomed in as Linda pulled the Hulk's dick out of his pants and dropped to her knees.

    Bodie was huge--probably six-foot-three with muscles stacked on top of his muscles--a football player at the city university where Chloe was a cheerleader, but his dick didn't seem all that impressive as Tim watched his step-mother inhale it like a starving calf would attach itself to a teat. She moaned with relish as she slurped and bobbed on the rigid bone so enthusiastically the big guy had to brace himself to keep his feet. He grabbed her head, but she slapped his hands away.

    "Don't mess my hair," she came off the dick long enough to scold.

    "Oh," the dummy said by way of apology.

    Tim would have laughed had he not been so breathless at the sight of his snobbish step-mom on her knees sucking cock like a back alley hooker. Oh, this was fucking sweet! What better way to get revenge on that cunt Chloe than to stick this video under her turned up little nose! Her beloved mother and her beefcake boyfriend--she was gonna shit a brick! Bodie might stomp the shit out of him, but it would be worth it!

    Through sucking cock, Linda climbed back up King Kong's body and pulled his head down again to kiss him on the mouth. How does your dick taste, asshole? Tim grinned, watching as Linda turned her back to him and flipped up her skirt, bending over and arching her back to present her ass. Slutty bitch wasn't even wearing panties!

    "Fuck me!" she moaned, grinding her bare ass into his protruding boner. "Stick that fucking cock in me! Hurry up! Put it in! God my pussy needs COCK!"

    She screamed the last word as Brodie squatted slightly and stuck it in. He grabbed her by the hips and immediately began humping like crazy, slapping his pelvis into her rounded butt. He fucked silently. Linda did not.

    The sight of her, standing there bent over in her high heels, ass out and titties swinging as she urgently called for the big ape to fuck her harder, had Tim feeling prickly heat all over his body. This woman, although certainly not close and never very motherly toward him, had been the only mom he'd known since he was like nine years old. The sight of her on her knees sucking dick had been shocking yet amusing to him, but watching her get smashed and hearing her filthy diatribe was having an entirely different effect. He felt breathless and shaky, and suddenly realized his dick was threatening to burst his zipper.

    The pressure was too uncomfortable. Tim had to set the phone down for a moment to let his dick out. As he carefully unzipped and worked the straining organ out of his boxers, he could still hear her--Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh god you always fuck my cunt so good! Yes, fuck me! He sighed with relief when his aching bone popped free. He held it with his left hand as he raised the cell to catch the action once again.

    "I'm gonna fuckin' cum! I'm gonna fuckin' cum! Yes, fuck my cunt hard, I'm gonna fuckin' cum!" she was crying. Then, with a theatrical wail that would've done any porn set proud, she apparently did indeed, cum.

    Now that she had gotten hers, she must have sensed that her hulking lover was getting close, also. She looked back over her shoulder at him.

    "Don't you cum in me," she warned.

    He grunted in response. "Tits?"

    "No!" she screeched, still being pounded. "You can't cum in me or on me--I have to go back to the party--Don't get my dress messy!"

    With a growl that could have been frustration, or passion, or both, the humping gorilla pulled out and turned straight toward Tim's hiding place, jerking like mad to shoot his spunk halfway across the floor.

    Tim ducked down again, although there was little chance of him being spotted. He heard the clicking of Linda's heels and peeked again in time to see her retrieve a roll of paper towels from a workbench. She tore a couple off and then tossed the roll to Bodie. "Clean up your mess," she commanded, her voice back to its usual bossy tone even as she squatted in a none-to-ladylike manner to wipe between her legs. "He keeps this place spotless." She tossed the soiled paper towels in the trash, pulled her top up and adjusted her titties, then strode briskly toward the door. "Bring the beer when you've finished," she added brusquely, then she was gone.

    Tim grinned as he watched the trained ape clean his 'mess' as he grumbled under his breath. He kept the recording going just to catch the indignity of the big butthole down on his hands and knees wiping up jizz. That oughtta be one more poison arrow into the gut of that cunt Chloe. Oh, Tim was gonna enjoy taking the bitch down a few pegs!

    Bodie finished cleaning, then, in somewhat of an upset, beat the odds by proving that he could indeed count as high as six when he retrieved that many six-packs for the party, although it was another comedic spectacle watching him figure out how to carry them all at once.

    Once he was finally gone, Tim contemplated how best to utilize the video for Chloe's humiliation. He could send it to her now--surely she would cause quite a scene by confronting Bodie in the middle of the party. Nah, she would probably love the attention. Besides, he wanted to see her face when she realized. He could wait until after she and Bodie had sex tonight, as he knew they did every night by hearing them through the wall between his room and Chloe's.

    As he schemed, he realized he had been squeezing his aching boner this whole time. He pushed play and watched the entire vid again. His dick was so hard it was just begging for a release, but Tim would never soil the immaculate interior of his beloved GTS by busting a nut in here. The video made his typically high level of horniness explode through the roof, however, and he began to wonder if there was any way to parlay the video into getting laid...

    No way. Not from Chloe, anyway. He would be lucky if she didn't come after him with the nearest blunt object to hand.

    But what about Linda...?

    His heart skipped two beats and he felt goose bumps all over his body.

    On his phone he went to PornHub and typed in step-mother + blackmail. There were tons of videos on there of dudes blackmailing their step-mothers into sex. He watched a few to see how the guys did it, getting more and more excited. His dick was literally throbbing and drooling precum. He had to get out of the car before he had an accident, so he climbed out and let his boner lead him across the garage, past the spot of the lurid spectacle he'd witnessed and over to the roll of paper towels on the shelf.

    He tore off a couple of sheets, intending to wipe away the dribbles, but as soon as he touched the head of his dick it gave a lurch and his knees nearly buckled. He wrapped the paper towel around it and squeezed hard. That's all it took. He let out a groan and jizzed.

    "Holy shit," he muttered after his dick stopped spewing.

    He had never been so worked up in his ever-horny life. He wiped it off but it stayed hard as fuck, so he forced it back behind his zipper. He went to the fridge and got himself a beer, sucking it down while he contemplated his next move. By the time he finished, he had a plan. He grinned while looking down at the bulge in his trousers.

    "Don't worry, buddy," he said, giving his desperate friend a comforting squeeze. "You are getting laid tonight!"

    * * * * *

    A couple of hours later, after all the guests had gone, Linda came into her room. She closed the door then came on in but stopped in her tracks with a little startled yelp at the unexpected intruder lounging in her bed.

    "What the fu--?" she gasped, clutching her hand to her chest before recognizing the uninvited guest. "Timmy! What the hell are you doing in my room?" Then her tone grew more cross. "What are you doing in my bed?"

    "It's my 18th birthday. I thought you might want to give me a little present," Tim replied with an insolent grin. He had been lying here psyching himself up to a supreme level of confidence--he held all the cards, and could not wait to lay them on the table.

    "What? Present?" Linda shook her head in confusion, swaying just a bit drunkenly. She squinted her eyes and peered more closely at him. "Are you...naked? Timmy, what the fuck is going on? Get out of my room!"

    Tim shrugged and threw back the covers, revealing himself to indeed be totally naked. His dick wasn't hard yet, but it was chubbed up a little with his confidence, so at least he was giving a better showing than he had at the party as he climbed out of bed. The memory of his humiliation brought a flash of anger to his actions.

    "Sure, I'll get out," he said, then gritted his teeth and added, "but first you'd better take a look at this!" He held his phone up in front of her eyes, ignoring her exaggeratedly shocked expression at having a naked man in her presence.

    Slowly her eyes focused on the screen, however, and she saw herself on her knees, sucking Bodie's dick. The alcohol induced flush to her face turned pale as her eyes widened with shock. She looked over to Tim's arrogant sneer with a look of horror.

    "Where did you get that?" she gasped, then made a move to grab the phone.

    Tim snatched it out of her reach. "Oh, it gets better," he chuckled and fast-forwarded a bit. When he showed her again, she was bent over getting railed from behind, loudly calling for her daughter's boyfriend by name to fuck her harder. "Still want me to get out?"

    She made another futile grab at the phone, then grew angry. "What do you want?"

    "I told you, I want a birthday present," he answered mildly. "You can start by getting naked."

    "What?" she screeched indignantly. "I'm not getting naked for you!"

    He shrugged. "Fine. I've got this video all queued up to send to my dad and your daughter..." He grinned into her glaring face. "Oh come on! Don't act so prim and proper--I know you used to get naked for five hundred guys a night!" He laughed out loud as her face flushed a deep crimson.

    Prim and proper--that was a laugh. No matter how many airs she put on these days, she was less than a decade removed from being the piece of trailer trash stripper that Tim's dad hooked up with on a drunken weekend in Vegas that stuck to him like a used condom to the bottom of your shoe. It used to be a running joke, how he had Pretty Woman'd her (referencing some movie about a rich guy turning a hooker into a lady?), but Linda forbade that talk anymore, now that she was a sophisticate.

    Tim smiled arrogantly as he stepped up close to her. "You can either do what I say--everything I say," he emphasized as he leaned in close to her face, pausing for a moment while staring into her emerald green eyes before backing off, "or I can send your little performance here to Dad and Chloe." He reached up and pointedly flipped one of the thin straps of her dress off her shoulder.

    She stood woodenly, staring at him wide-eyed, as if seeing him in a whole new light. He smirked and slowly began to circle her stationary form.

    "I know Dad made you sign a pre-nup," he murmured from behind, close to her ear. "I'm betting you don't get shit if he divorces you." He slid the strap off her other shoulder, letting his fingertip softly trace the curve down her arm. He smiled in satisfaction as he felt a tremor run through her body.

    "And Chloe," he continued. "What will she think of you fucking her boyfriend? Not exactly the forgiving type, is she?" He completed his circuit and stopped before her, once again staring into her eyes. "Hell, after sending it to them, I think I'll post it to every porn site on the web--let everyone know what a fucking slut you really are..." He grinned again. "You'll be famous!"

    "Timmy, I'm your moth--"

    "STOP CALLING ME TIMMY!" he roared into her face, causing her to flinch violently. "I'm not a little kid anymore, and you are not my mother! Lupita was more of a mother to me than you ever were, and you fired her when I was 14!"

    "A teenaged boy doesn't need a nanny anymore," she argued in a tone of voice that said they had been through this particular fight many, many times.

    "SHUT UP, YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Tim screamed again, feeling ever more powerful as she blanched before his rage. "From now on, you're going to call me Master Timothy! Now you've got about three seconds to get naked, or I'm sending this video! I ain't fuckin' around--Three! Two! One!"

    "Okay, okay, Jesus! Calm down, Ti...Master Timothy," Linda quickly corrected herself as she raised her hands in surrender.

    She reached up behind her back and unzipped her dress, causing it to come loose across her jutting boobs. She slowly lowered her arms and let the top fall as Tim looked on raptly. As he stared hungrily at her naked tits, she pushed the dress over her hips and let it fall to the floor. She was suddenly wearing nothing but her high heels and a sweet smile.

    "There. Is that what you wanted, Master Timothy?" she cooed in a syrupy sweet voice.

    Tim's eyes feasted on her naked flesh. It wasn't exactly new to him. He had spent a lot of time and effort during and after his puberty years sneaking peeks at her naked, something that was not all that hard to do. Perhaps it was because of her stripper past, but she was surprisingly careless with her nudity, whether it be sunbathing nude out by the pool, showering with the bathroom door ajar, or just walking around scantily clad and giving him casual down-blouse and upskirt views.

    But now she was standing naked right in front of him, naked for him, and he had to admit, she was fucking hot for an older broad. Definitely a MILF. At 37, she was tall and slender, but with just enough curves in her figure, like a former super model who had not let herself go as she aged. She was completely confident in her own body, and why wouldn't she be?

    Her auburn curls were still up in her party 'do', highlighting her long, slender neck. Her tits were full and round, but rode high and firm with her pointed, dusky rose colored nipples sloping upward. Her tummy was mostly flat, with just a touch of a soft swell down below her belly button which was pierced with a silver hoop sporting a dangling icy-blue gemstone. Her hips swelled outward nicely, framing her perfectly smooth, hairless pussy with its tight little coin-slot tucked between her supple thighs. Her legs were long and slender, exaggerated by the sexy black stiletto heels. Unbidden, she did a slow turn before him, showing every facet of her naked form, including her perfect, high, rounded ass, which somehow looked both tightly firm and squeezably plump at the same time.

    "Do you like what you see, Master Timothy? Oh, never mind, I can see that you do..."

    Tim followed her pointed gaze down to his own naked front, where his dick was now standing at attention, giving her sexy form a fully erect thumbs up. He looked back up to meet her emerald green eyes, looking back at him with amusement. For a moment, his fortitude threatened to slip before her coolly confident gaze, but then the phone in his hand reminded him, this was his show.

    "Good," he sniffed aloofly. "Now I want you to go into your dressing room and put on your sexiest lingerie. Hurry up, I'm giving you three minutes!"

    She gave a little pout, but dutifully turned and sashayed across the room.

    "And keep the heels on--I like those," he added, causing her to give him a smirk over her shoulder.

    Tim watched her swaying ass until she disappeared through the door to her giant closet/dressing room. He took a deep, steadying breath and let it out slowly as he took a seat on the bed.

    He couldn't believe how great it was going! His sexy-assed bitch of a step-mom was fully under his control. His hands were trembling slightly with excitement as he checked out the video on his phone for perhaps the hundredth time. Watching her on her knees, sucking dick so enthusiastically, and then bending over to take it from behind, had his dick literally throbbing with anticipation. He gave it a squeeze.

    Don't worry, Buddy, tonight you are finally going to get LAID!

    "Hurry up, God damn it!" he called impatiently.

    "Coming, Master," he heard from the next room, then the sound of her heels approaching.

    He held his breath in anticipation.

    Then she stepped out and he gasped, jaw dropping in awe.

    She had let her hair down, and it cascaded over her shoulders in voluminous, deep red ringlets. A tightly stretched red lacy bodice covered her torso, with a black bow tied between the magnificent tits exposed by its cupless bra. Red suspenders hung down, clipped to sheer black stockings topped by a lacy band around each firm thigh. The crotch split apart at the top of the mons, widening out to expose the naked pussy.

    Holding his dick in his hand, Tim stared, momentarily stunned into stupefied wonder by the incredibly provocative sight.

    "Is this sexy enough, Master Timothy?" she challenged in a husky susurration.

    "Yes," Tim croaked, bringing a smile to her face. He gulped and stood up, forcing a more confident tone. "Over here," he commanded, pointing to the floor near his feet.

    "Yes, Master Timothy," she breathed and drifted over like the ghost of wet dreams past, present, and future, not stopping until her body pressed against his.

    In her high heels, she was maybe two inches taller than his barefoot five-eleven. Her bare tits pressed against his upper chest, erect nipples so hot they felt like they might burn holes in his flesh. Her arms went around him, gripping his back and his bare buttocks as she molded herself to his form. Somehow, she had even managed to freshen her makeup, her deep green eyes now framed in thick, black shadow, and her full lips painted a bloody crimson. With a tiny whimper of desire, she brought her lips to his.

    Tim's heart was a trip-hammer of overwhelming lust as he returned her passionate kiss. Her hot tongue seemed to dance around his amid little mewling moans of need that could have been coming from either one of them, or both. He pulled her even closer, one hand still holding his phone and the other finding the pliant globe of her bare ass. When her hand snaked around to the front and grasped his steely dick, his knees nearly buckled. If he hadn't already cum once this evening, he surely would have squirted then and there.

    Lucky for him, though, he was just getting started.

    "Get on your knees," he commanded hoarsely.

    Her green eyes were wide, pupils dilated huge with lust, looking back at him with wonder as she slid slowly down his torso.

    "Suck it," he growled when she was on her knees and face-to-one-eyed-face with his tumescent dick. He was fully in control now--nothing could stop him from having her. "Suck that fuckin' dick!"

    With her hand still wrapped around the shaft, she pulled it down to plant soft kisses on the bulging head, then looked up at him as her pink tongue came out to give it a few experimental licks. He grinned with gritted teeth as those crimson lips parted and took him in. He couldn't help but groan with years worth of delayed gratification as he felt her hot, wet mouth slide down his sensitive organ.

    She kept eye contact as she sensuously sucked him, her painted lips gliding smoothly over the shaft and up over the bulging ridge of the purple head, then plunging back down to bottom out around the hairy base, nary a gag sounding as she took it expertly down her throat. No wonder Dad hadn't kicked her to the curb all those years ago. He idly wondered how many dicks she had taken down that throat before she had literally latched onto his Dad. Realizing Dad had very likely been in this very position gave him a funny tingle in his gut, but he pushed it aside as he felt himself getting close.

    Earlier cum or not, he was about to blow in her mouth, and, tempting as that was as he stared down at the lewd display, that was not his goal for tonight.

    He was here to fuck.

    He put his hand on her forehead and pushed her away, grinning arrogantly as she pouted up at him with strings of saliva still hanging between her red lips and his dick. She wiped them off in a pique, then started pinching her tongue to find a stray pube.

    "You should shave your junk," she said acidly as she flicked it away.

    "Shut up," Tim commanded. "Get on the bed."

    She rose up and brushed past him with a challenging look, letting her full tits graze his chest and arm as she reached for the bedclothes he had left partially thrown back when he vacated the bed. She pulled them all the way down then lay down herself where he had been. She looked up at him as he stood over her, then slowly spread her legs in invitation.

    Tim almost couldn't believe it as he watched her pussy open up, framed by the crotchless red lingerie. The delicate pink lips parted to show glistening folds in the mysterious wet interior while her swollen pink clitoris just peeked from its normally concealing hood. He suddenly felt dizzy and apart from reality as he climbed between her legs.

    He felt her silky stockings wrap around his hips as he lay upon her. He stared into her green eyes with wonder as she smiled and slid a hand down between their bellies to grasp his incredibly hard dick and guide it to her waiting hole.

    This was it! What he had been working towards seemingly his whole life. He whimpered like a lost pup as his dick slid smoothly into the hot, slippery grip of her welcoming vagina. He never knew anything could actually feel this good. He was in absolute heaven as he bottomed out, his entire throbbing bone buried inside her.

    Unwilling or unable to withdraw again at this moment, he looked down and saw her delectable tits spread out beneath him, the pink nipples poking up like delicious gumdrops, begging to be sucked. Not trusting himself to start fucking just yet, he pushed her boobs together and lowered his mouth to the erect nips. Staying as deep inside her as he possibly could, he squeezed the pliant tit flesh and licked and sucked sensuously.

    "Um, Master? Master Timothy? MASTER?" Linda tried to get his attention.

    "Huh?" he finally pulled his mouth of her tits and looked up at her.

    "I have to pee," she whispered in a furtive tone, almost as if they were in a crowded room and she didn't want anyone else to hear.

    "What?" Tim actually glanced around the empty room confusedly. "Now?"

    "I had a lot to drink at the party, and you never gave me a chance to go before..." she gestured vaguely at their current circumstances. "Now your big cock is inside me, my bladder is full--I have to go!" At his annoyed frown, she shrugged helplessly. "Well, do you want me to pee on your thing while you're fucking me?"

    "God dammit!" Tim hissed. "Okay, fine, but I'm gonna watch!"

    He reluctantly pulled out, shuddering as his dick vacated the hot wet confines he had worked so hard to get into. He climbed off the bed, holding his pussy-slick dick in his hand as he gestured impatiently for her to lead the way. She grimaced her apology as she slid off the bed and quick-stepped in her heels toward the en suite. He followed, watching her sexy ass wiggle with the red g-string on her outfit between her meaty cheeks and the straining suspenders stretched over the globes as they swung from side to side with her quick steps.

    Linda hurried straight to the toilet. "I guess I'll hover so you can watch?"

    Tim waved his permission, stopping in front as she moved to straddle the toilet. Stroking his still slippery dick, he leaned in for a good look as she squatted slightly and reached down with her left hand to spread her lips with forked fingers. He watched with fascination as a trickle started, quickly becoming a steady stream that she was able to aim into the center of the bowl.

    "Oh, Master Timothy?" Linda quipped.

    Something in her tone disturbed him as he glanced up to see a wicked smile on her face. Then he noticed her wiggling something in her right hand. Distracted by her still tinkling stream of piss, he slowly comprehended what it was--his phone!

    A moment of panic gripped him as he realized that his phone was indeed no longer in his hand. He had no recollection of having put it down, but he did vividly recall having both hands full of her magnificent titties. He gaped up at her in shock before making a grab for the phone. He was much too late, however, as she dropped it straight into the toilet bowl.

    He let out a whine of distress as he heard it splash, then the devious bitch plopped her ass straight down on the seat and clamped her thighs together, still peeing. He grabbed at her thighs, but the silky stockings foiled his grip. Before he could pry her legs apart she reached back and flushed the toilet. When her knees finally parted, he looked in to a completely empty bowl.

    The bitch flushed his phone! He looked up at her, mouth hanging open in total shock.

    "Where's your evidence now, motherfucker?" she snarled through teeth clenched in fury.

    Uh oh

    Before he could react, she slapped him so hard across the face he was bowled over backwards. He sprawled on his back, much like when Chloe had pantsed him at the party, the major glaring difference being that his dick was now hard as granite and seemingly going nowhere. And then she viciously kicked him, right square in the balls.

    Tim squeaked pathetically as all the air vacated his lungs. Every muscle contracted so violently he was yanked back up into a sitting position, grabbing at his injured fruit. There was a thundering in his ears and a blackness encroaching on his vision as he barely registered several more blows striking him about the head. Then she grabbed two handfuls of his hair and yanked his head back to scream into his face.


    She was yanking him about violently by the hair, and suddenly pulled his face right up into her crotch. It was still wet with pee and also leaking thick, slippery vaginal secretions as she rubbed it all around on his face, still haranguing him with furious epithets.

    "Perverted little bastard! Try to blackmail me!?! Make me suck your worthless little cock!?! Make me dress up for you!?! 'Keep the heels on' you said--you like heels? I'll show you fucking heels!"

    Even as she was grinding her pussy on him more and more urgently, she managed to step on his stubbornly still-hard dick, driving the stiletto heel painfully into the throbbing organ.

    "Unh! Unh! Pathetic little bitch! Unh! Fucking tiny cock! Unh! Bitch! Unh! Cum on your face! UNH! HOW YOU LIKE THAT BITCH!?! UNH! UNH! I'M FUCKING CUMMING--UNH-- ON YOUR FACE! UNH! UNH! UUUNNNNNHH!"

    Barely able to catch a breath around the sloppy pussy, poor nuts still screaming in pain, pointed heel stabbing into his dick, Tim shot his own cum out onto the floor even as his out-of-control step-mother jilled herself off all over his face.

    Before he even recovered, he was being dragged by the hair. Eyes matted shut with gooey pussy juice, terrible ache from his nethers, he managed to flip over and start crawling.

    "That's right, crawl, you fucking worm!" she hissed. "Pathetic little piece of shit! Bring your ass back into my room and I'll rip those little testicles off and wear 'em for earrings, you hear? Now get the fuck out!"

    Tim was ousted into the hallway with an undignified kick to the ass. He heard the bedroom door slam and lock as he curled up into a fetal position, cupping his hands protectively over his aching junk. He was beaten, humiliated, and defiled, and yet, foremost in his mind was the feeling of being balls deep in his step-mom's hot, wet pussy.

    A slow grin crept over his face.

    God damn, I was so fucking close!

    Original idea from the demented mind of shade333 and the perverted pen of jjonah
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    Great story jjonah! Really looking forward to chapter 2!



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