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    Small Town Lusts

    Part 01

    Officer Rink Morrison climbed into his police cruiser, and started it up. He listened with satisfaction to the powerful thrum of the motor coming to life. Living in the town of Jonesville, Illinois, population 10,000, did have its perks. The pay was good, small town crime was nothing major, an armed robbery would be big news. He was not interested in being a cop in some major metro area. He put the cruiser in gear, and drove out to the street, to start his patrol district. He was working the overnight shift this week, 11 PM to 7 AM, and he was hungry for some hot, no strings attached sex. Time to go cruising by the truck stop, where the hookers hung out. It was easy to get sex from the hookers, in exchange for not busting them. He liked to think of it as practicing good community relations. Since the truck stop was just inside the perimeter of his patrol district, it was set up just right.

    The large neon sign, that read "Big Al's Truck stop, Best gas, Best food, Best prices" lit up the night. Amy Weston watched as her last client, a smiling truck driver with a well milked cock, climbed out of the cab of her Peterbilt. Once she heard the cab door close, Amy tucked away her money in a small safe she had hidden beneath her bed.

    Her shit of a husband had run off with some 40 year old MILF, a month after Amy had married him. When he did not show up for any of the legal notices about dissolving the marriage, she had simply been awarded everything. Everything turned out to be 500 dollars, and his Peterbilt truck cab. He had paid it off when he became a full time trucker 4 years ago, so she now owned it free and clear. Being 22 years old, and with a high sex drive, she had figured out the best way to make a living was to become a hooker. She had no other skills, except the body that god had given her, and she sure got the looks from hungry guys. She had lived in some runty little village in rural Georgia, population 400 nosey parkers, she needed to get the fuck out of that red cracker shithole. She went to the DMV, applied for an upgraded license to legally drive her truck. Her husband had taught her how to drive it, and she has practiced on the back roads when they were first married, so she had gotten a feel for how to handle the big vehicle, and she easily passed her tests. Once she was legally able to drive it, she packed her stuff, and got the fuck outta there. It was just like a little apartment on wheels, a nice big queen sized sleeper bed in the back, a small stove, mini fridge, and she set out.

    She used the truck stops as her place for customers, having her own pad on wheels made her feel safer. Amy was very nervous of climbing into someone's truck, where they would control things, who knows what nutjob might be waiting, and what he could do. She had a can of mace hidden just below the pillows, within easy reach, just in case. So far she had not needed to use it, the clients so far were just interested in getting their rocks off. Business at Big Al's was always good, it was very profitable. And, no hassles with street hookers fighting for territory, or pimps trying to add her to his stable. With her 22 year old youthful body, she knew how good she looked, and parlayed her looks into her business. Unlike a lot of professionals, she really enjoyed getting fucked for money. She had a high sex drive, when she got a customer who was more than a 1 or 2 minute rabbit fuck, she almost always orgasmed, and her hot body, and enthusiasm earned her big dollars.

    Tonight Amy had started an hour ago, and she already had left four satisfied customers in her wake. She got redressed for business, black tube top, red short shorts, and sandals. Time to head back into the diner, get a cold Coke, and to put her merchandise back on display.

    Rink Morrison drove in slowly, the lot was full of big rigs, drivers were in for the food, and the females willing to service them, for the right price. He nosed the cruiser into the shadows at the far end of the lot, back behind the rigs, parked, got out and silently slipped through a space between two of them. He started scanning the lot for one of the working girls to put the squeeze on, and saw one. She was just coming out of the diner, wearing a black tube top and red short shorts, and was looking around at the rigs, looking for a paying customer. The high intensity sodium arc lamps lit up the lot as bright as day.

    He quickly walked over, until Amy was stopped by his presence right in front of her. He could feel his cock stiffening up, as he took in the package, a hot blonde hooker, she was a new one, he'd never seen her there before. Her body was smoking hot, she was about 5'9", maybe a bit taller, the golden blonde hair, jade green eyes, lots of bare smooth skin on display, orange sized boobs, hot curvy hips.

    Amy smiled at him, and drawled, "What can ah do y'all for officer?"

    Oh damn, that deep Georgia accent, just made him even hotter.

    "Well, Miss, the way you were heading over here, dressed the way you are, made it look like you were engaged in prostitution, and that's illegal."

    "Why officer, there are so many hard working men, and ah'm just trying to offer them a little companionship. It doesn't really seem to be that all a thang to be so worried about."

    She looked down, locking her gaze on the front of his uniform trousers, then she looked back up with a hungry gaze. Amy had already done four truckers, and they were the proverbial minute men, hop on for a 1 - 2 minute joy ride, then jump off. Her pussy was all warmed up, and she knew that if the next guy could last more than a quick fuck, she'd cum like crazy. She moved forward, and using her body to shield the view from the diner, reached down. She moaned, deep in her throat, as she felt his rock hard prick, straining against his trousers. She was no innocent, and she would be happy to service his cock.

    "Ummm, it all feels like y'all need a little companionship too. And y'all can call me Amy. How about if ah show y'all a real good time, and y'all can skip the arrest? Sound good, honey? See that rig over there? Ah own it, and the sleeper in the back is so big and comfortable. Let's go over there, and let little ole Amy show y'all how good ah can make y'all feel. What's your name, honey?"

    Rink told her, as he looked over, and saw the big cab of a Peterbilt, no trailer, just the tractor unit. Hmm, a nice mobile bed, great for customers, and a hell of a lot more comfortable than fucking her in the back of his cruiser. She led the way, and he enjoyed the view of her short shorts tightly hugging her sexy ass, displaying the sexy cleave between her cheeks moving in such a harmonious motion as she climbed up into the cab, and he quickly followed her in. She slid between the seats, and he saw the sleeper, had to be a least a queen size. She turned on a low wattage light, and she turned to him with a smile.

    Amy purred, "Let me strip mahself naked, watch me get mahself all ready for y'all, Rink honey."

    He watched, what a view, as she slipped off her tube top, and he saw the tightly puckered nipples, swollen up and dark red with excitement. It wasn't cold, could it be that she was really sexually excited? Amy turned her back to him, and looked over her shoulder with a smile as she wiggled out of her tight red short shorts.

    Rink felt the surge, oh yeah, he was a dedicated ass man, and her set of cheeks were one of the sexiest he'd ever had the pleasure to view. He drank his fill, then she climbed up onto the bed, patting the space next to her.

    "Come on in here Rink honey, there's lots of space, let Amy work her special skill on that hard, beautiful cock y'all have. Get yourself all naked, sugar, ah want skin to skin contact when y'all fuck mah hot little hole."

    Rink quickly stripped, enjoying the way her eyes glittered as she took in his cock, surging into view. He climbed in next to her, and she grasped his cock.

    "Now, y'all lie back Rink honey, and let mah hot mouth have a taste of your hot, sexy cock before y'all ram my hot little fuck hole."

    He stretched out, and was pleasantly surprised when she saw Amy's head move down, licking at his cock head, then the hot wet grip as she slid down his cock, without having his cock wrapped in a condom. He let out a loud groan, oh man, her hot little mouth was really working his prick over.

    Amy purred, oh yes, a big hard cock, her pussy was aching and throbbing, gushing with heated juices hungry for that big cock to fuck her hard. Her hot wet mouth rode his pole, making sure he was up to maximum hardness, then she released him.

    Looking into his eyes, she purred, "Rink honey, would y'all like to fuck me without a condom? Ah make sure all my customers wear one, but ah want to feel all your hot, steamy cum filling up my tight little cunt, that all makes me cum so good!" She lay back, spreading her thighs in invitation.

    Rink stared, the smoothly waxed, bare pussy, swollen with sexual desire, her inner flesh peeked out through the seam. In just a few moments, he was covering her body, notching his cock head against her steamy entrance, and smoothly drove his 8 inches in. Their combined growls of pleasure filled the cab, as he took the plunge. Oh fuck, her cunt was so hot and welcoming, his cock was wrapped up in a wet heaven of sensation, he could feel the hot grip as he plunged into her, until his balls smacked her ass. She locked her legs around his hips.

    Amy grunted, "Oh yeah, ah'm so horny baby, no one had made me cum today, ride me sugar, fuck me hard, make me cum all over your cock, flood mah fuck-hole with a big juicy load, Rink honey!"

    Rink felt the surge, the way she was reacting, as she started to hump her hips up to meet his thrusts, and the cries and grunts of pleasure, seemed real enough to him. He grabbed her ass cheeks, and started to power fuck her, his cock driving in to the depths of her hot, liquid fuck hole. Hearing the wet, juicy squelch of her cunt as he drove in and out of her spurred him on.

    "Oh yeah, oh yeah Rink honey, ummm, so good, y'all know how to fuck me good, keep fucking me sugar, fuck me hard, make me cum!" Amy grunted

    Rink was really into it, her growls of pleasure as he power-fucked her, and her urging him on to fuck her harder, god, her voice, syrupy and thick with that Georgia accent, kept his cock steel hard. He drove into her again and again, his staying power giving Amy a long hard ride. Rink grunted, god, she was wild, she fucked like a mink. Her gasps and cries of pleasure were non-stop, mingled with the wet, juicy squelch of her cunt as he power fucked that hot tightness.

    Amy was in heaven, a long hard fuck, and oh yeah, she could feel that wave, coming closer, closer, oh yeah, it was going to grab her.

    "Oh mah God, I'm cumming!", Amy squealed. "Yes, oh fuck ah'm cumming, fuck me, fuck me, shoot it, squirt it, yes, yes, yes! YES!!"

    Rink could feel Amy's body tighten around him, her pussy started rippling with orgasmic pulses, holy fuck, she really was cumming. That took him over, and he grunted and thrust deep one last time, burying his prick. His balls let go, and he could feel the hot spunk sizzling up his shaft. Rink let out a wild groan of pure pleasure, joining her cries of orgasmic delight as his cock erupted, pulsing and squirting wildly, his spurting cock jerking and throbbing and pumping a flood, gushing thick ropes of cum deep into Amy's delightful tightness. He deposited 8 thick ropes of spunk deep into her tight gripping cunt, splattering his load against her cervix, emptying his cock deep into her womb.

    Amy squirmed around wildly underneath him, pinned to the mattress by his prick, her body shuddering in a second orgasm, the feel of his hot flood hosing down her throbbing fuck-hole had made her cum a second time. Fuck it felt so good, her pussy quivering and spasming wildly, sucking and milking greedily at Rink's throbbing cock, draining his balls into her eager, hungry tightness.

    Sprawled beneath his body, as their orgasms ebbed, Amy purred, "Oh yeah Rink honey, y'all just come on over here, any time you want, and mah little old pussy will be glad to milk your hot, horny cock. Ummm, you made me cum so good sugar! Now when y'all pull out, let mah hot little mouth clean off your sexy cock!"

    When Rink pulled out, Amy quickly moved over, so she could swallow his cock, eager to taste the mingled juices, giving his cock a clean polishing that none of her Johns got. Umm, that felt nice, and Rink let her hot mouth clean him off.

    With her cooing that she wanted him regularly, not as a John but as a hot fuck buddy, he had made it over every night for the past week, and every night, she'd given him the hot ride that made her cum, over and over. She had shown how much she liked to suck cock, when she had deep throated his prick, gently squeezing his balls, and he had pumped a load into her mouth, which she gulped down eagerly. Not letting go of his prick, she had sucked him eagerly, keeping him rock hard. Amy lifted her head, smiled at him, then she had shown him what positions she liked best, as she swung into position over his body, her fuck-hole was furnace hot, sucking his cock and swallowing his load had made her lust rage.

    "Ummm, Rink honey, ah love to ride, let me ride y'all sugar."

    Amy nudged his cock against her, then she pumped her hips down, impaling her fiery center on his swollen cock, letting out a loud cry of pleasure as she was filled up. She rode him, needing to feel the throbbing of his hard cock exploding and squirting wildly inside her, filling her up with a load of hot spunk.

    The sight of Amy's sexy body, her orange sized tits bouncing up and down in time to the lunges of her riding his cock fired him up. Rink savored the feel of Amy's tight fuck-hole wrapped around his cock, letting his cock build up another load, oh yeah, this was perfect, he could enjoy Amy's hot ride.

    Amy's body started to quiver, god, sucking his cock had made her almost crazy, and she was crying out as orgasm grabbed her in 30 seconds flat. She could feel her inner muscles clamping at Rink's prick, oh yeah, hard as a rock, and working on building up a load.

    "Ohhh yeah, sugar, let mah tight fuck-hole milk your hard cock, Rink honey, build up another big load to fill mah hungry girl with! Cumming, oh yeah, fuck, so good!"

    She tossed her head back, and rode off into the first of several orgasms, god, so good, she started to pop them off, one right after the other. Amy's cries of orgasm filled her sleeper bedroom several times, as Rink cock was swallowed balls deep on every downward plunge of Amy's hips, his cock savoring the hot liquid depths of her fuck-hole, clamping and unclamping on his prick over and over, as she rode that giddy string of orgasms.

    Rink had never felt such exquisite tightness, her pussy was the ultimate gripping receptacle, fiery hot, moist and oh so tight, it sucked and milked greedily at his throbbing shaft, demanding every drop he had. As Amy shuddered in another climax above him, he groaned from pure pleasure as he reached his peak.

    "Oh yeah, gonna flood your hot pussy baby!"

    "Mmmm, yes, Rink honey, let it all go, give it to me sugar, cream mah fuck-hole, mmmmmmmmm!"

    Rink felt her hand cup his balls and squeeze gently, and with her pussy clamped tightly around his aching prick, spasming wildly, he exploded, his cock squirting wildly inside her hot tunnel. Their blissful cries of orgasm blended, as he pumped a fresh volley deep inside her spasming tightness. The look of pleasure on Amy's sexy face just drove him wild, and he loved pumping as much spunk into her quivering pussy as he could.

    Ummm, god, it was amazing how much better things looked when you had a hot, blonde 22 year old with a killer southern accent, with real cocksucker lips, a cum hungry mouth, and that hot box of pleasure, hungry for his cock.
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    Hot little story... thanks for the share... is it going to have an Up date...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Part 2

    Jenni Campbell and Faye Springer stood in the foyer of their house. It was almost midnight, and tonight was the night. Ever since one of their friends had said that they had done it, and urged them on to try it, they'd been working up the courage to do something so wild. Faye was going to get the first turn, and she smiled as she stripped naked, watching as her lover also stripped down, and Faye felt the surge of excitement as they were now both totally nude. She could see Jenni's eyes devouring the sight, the long golden hair, the generous grapefruit sized breasts, nipples stiff and perky with excitement, curvy hips, and the neatly trimmed nest of golden pubic curls, her body flushing as she felt the surge.

    Faye, as naked and horny as Jenni was, was doing her own share of gazing at her lover. Jenni's dark green eyes, those full lips that felt like heaven kissing her body all over, Jenni's nice smooth complexion. Faye's took in the firm, upright breasts, she loved her lover's orange sized mounds, her nipples were just as stiff and perky as her own. Jenni's tummy had a slight swell that Faye found incredibly erotic, her hips had a sexy curve, a neatly trimmed nest of russet colored pubic hair.

    Their nude forms came together in the foyer. Mouths pressed against each other urgently, hands stroking and fondling each other, little coos of pleasure sounding. After several minutes they came up for air, both of them had flushed faces, eyes gleaming with sexual hunger.

    Jenni purred, "Good hunting, hope you find a big one!"

    Faye grinned as she said, "Yeah, more for you then, baby!"

    She took her keys and her purse from the table by the front door. She peeked out, seeing no one that might be watching, then out the door, she hurried to the garage door, quickly closing it behind her. She opened the door of her Ford Mustang and slipped into the driver's seat. Feeling the smooth leather bucket seat against her naked backside, her heart was thudding, her body trembled with excitement, as she sat still for a minute or two, doing her best to dampen down the wild rush of excitement. She picked up the remote and opened the garage door, gently nosing the car onto the driveway. She watched as the door closed, making sure it thumped down into the grooved slot before putting the Mustang into gear, and driving away. She had a feeling that she knew where she could find what she was looking forward, and she drove off into the night.

    Officer Rink Morrison was parked just off the shoulder of Highway 71. He was bored, his first hour, not even one single traffic stop. Looked like everyone was on their best driving behavior tonight.

    He started to daydream, his cock was stiffening up, as he thought of Amy, that hot Georgia hooker who gave his cock a ride like he'd never had. He was not a customer, Amy had made that clear. He was her fuck-buddy, and when they came together in the back of her truck, it was as two hot and horny lovers, not a John/hooker arrangement. He never was asked to use a condom, Amy always wanted the hot flood of his cum to fill her, and her orgasms with him were always real.

    He had made it a point to visit Big Al's truck stop every night, and Amy had always welcomed him with that dazzling smile, wide open arms and wide open thighs. Ummm, oh yeah, he could just about feel her wet, eager mouth around his cock, then the furnace like heat of her cunt, swallowing him right to the balls.

    His cock was now rock hard, his balls filled with hot cum, eager to be ejaculated. Enough boring speed trap duty, he turned off the radar unit. It was time to take off, and make his nightly visit to Amy's hot, eager fuck-holes. Just before he put the cruiser into gear, a Mustang roared by, doing at least 70 in a 55 zone. He was momentarily startled, then quickly dropped the cruiser into drive. The powerful motor roared, and he raced after the Ford. He was relieved when he saw the car immediately slow down, just a quick traffic stop, then a hot fuck session with Amy in her sleeper.

    The Mustang rolled to a stop on the shoulder, and he slotted his car in behind the Mustang. Mindful of the deserted, dark stretch of highway he was on, he called in, no wants or warrants were outstanding, and the car was registered to a Ms. Faye Springer. He took his flashlight, and carefully approached the car, noticing that the driver had turned on the overhead light, and was keeping her arms and hands visible.

    Faye was feeling the throbs of wild excitement, ever since they had told her about what it was like, she had been eager as all hell to try it. She saw him approaching, she rolled down her window, then the flashlight beam shined in, and she heard him gasp, "Hot damn!"

    Rink was stunned, holy fuck, a hot, totally naked blonde, behind the wheel, his flashlight and the overhead dome light lit up the scene, and he couldn't tear his eves away. Long golden hair, the generous grapefruit sized breasts, nipples stiff and perky with excitement, curvy hips, and the neatly trimmed nest of golden pubic curls, Rink was gaping, his usual opening lines were silenced.

    Faye turned her head to the window, rolled it down and purred, "I'm sorry Officer, I wasn't paying attention to the speed, can I reach over into my purse, to get my license and registration?"

    Rink nodded, and she reached in, and drew them out, handing them to Rink. He quickly checked them out, yep, this was the Faye Springer who owned this car, everything checked out. He handed them back, his eyes still drinking in the sight. His cock was rock hard, his sexy daydream about Amy, and now this hot, totally naked blonde, displaying her charms for his eyes.

    Faye saw the hard bulge, and she smiled as Rink asked her, "If I may ask, Ms. Springer, why are you naked?''

    She cooed, "Well, it's such a warm night, and I love being naked, the leather seat feels so sexy against my naked backside. It makes me so horny, and with no boyfriend, I guess I'll have to go home, and masturbate. If I had a man here, right now, I'd suck his cock, then he'd get to fuck me like crazy, I love getting my mouth around a hard cock, sucking him up to a rock hard eagerness, then get fucked real hard, so get my tight pussy can be flooded with a hot rush of cum."

    She was right at mouth level with his hard bulge, and she cooed, "Ummm, such a nice hard bulge, officer, would you like the honor of taking care of my horny, eager holes?"

    That was all he needed to hear, he unzipped, and his cock sprang out, 8 inches of hard, eager meat. It was inches away from her lips, and she reached out, gently grasping his cock, and pulled him towards her waiting mouth.

    "Ummm, so hard, so eager, just what I need."

    Opening her lips, she clamped them around the head of his cock, then pushed down slowly, swallowing his cock bit by bit.

    Rink growled with pleasure, as his cock was slowly engulfed by the hot, wet eager mouth. He felt his cock head bump against the back of her throat, then Faye turned her head slightly, oh yeah, he felt himself slide down her throat. She kept him there for a few seconds, letting him enjoy the feeling of being deep throated, then she pulled back, and plunged down again. She felt his hands gently grasp her head, then he started to pump in and out, perfect, she adored being mouth fucked, and she let him call the shots as he started to hump in and out of her mouth. She could feel her juices starting to churn, her cunt was becoming a cauldron of smoldering lust.

    Oh fuck, she was very good at sucking cock, and he didn't want to waste a big load in her mouth. He pulled out, opened her car door, and escorted her nude body from her Mustang to the backseat of his cruiser.

    "How do you want me officer? Doggy style, cowgirl, or face to face?"

    "Doggy style baby, on your hands and knees!"

    Faye moaned, deep in her throat, she felt so wanton, so wicked, about to just fuck and then take her cum filled pussy home so her lover Jenni could suck it all out of her. She took to the back seat, spreading her legs wide, kneeling on it so her upper body was draped up over the seat back, her head perched on the real window ledge, looking back at his cruiser.

    Rink quickly climbed into the backseat, shoved his pants and underwear down, and his cock rose up, hard and eager. He took position behind her, his cock pressed against her wet, horny opening. Grasping her hips, he powered it in, with one hard thrust, Rink grunted as he felt his cock grabbed, gripped eagerly by the hot, wet tunnel as he buried himself, until his balls smacked against her pussy.

    Faye let out a squeal of pleasure, oh god, she was almost on fire with need, as she felt the tight walls being split open, as his cock powered in. She felt his cock bury itself, as his balls swung down and bounced off her pussy.

    "Ummm, oh fuck, so good, now, give me a good hard fuck, I want as much hot cum as your can pump into me", Faye growled. "Then, I'm going to go home, my lover is waiting for me, I'm going to sit on her face, so she can suck all your hot cream out of my horny cunt. So fill me up, officer, really cream my tight pink hole!"

    Rink heard what she said, and his balls really started to churn. The idea of creaming this sexy fox's cunt, so her female lover could suck it all out of her, made him eager to fill her up. God, what he'd give to watch them going at it, watching her lover suck out the creampie. He started to ram his cock, eager to fill up her needy heat.

    Faye grunted, oh yeah, so good, and she began to move wantonly backward to take in each of Rink's plunges. The feel of that prick driving wetly between her spread open thighs. oh fuck, yes. She started to rotate her ass around and around like a corkscrew, tightening up her pussy, grinding her greedily clinging cunt back over Rink's surging cock plunging into her.

    "Yes, oh fuck, feels so good, work up that big load, then splatter my cunt, so my lover can taste all your hot load!"

    Rink could feel the quivering of her walls, grabbing and milking hard against the head of his cock. He felt his cock jerk, swelling up with a massive urgency.

    Faye growled with pleasure as she felt her pussy stuffed to the limit, felt the rush filling his cock, and she reached between them, grabbed his nut sac, and started to squeeze gently.

    "Every drop, give me every drop baby, cum, oh fuck, cum with MEEEEE!"

    Faye's cry rose up to a shriek as she felt her tight walls grip him even tighter, and start the spaming pulses, Rink roared out, joining Faye's cries as he followed her, tumbling into orgasm. Rink grabbed her hips and buried his swollen prick as deep as possible. He felt the spunk streaking up his shaft, his cock surrounded in a hot volcano of sizzling juices, scrubbing madly at his prick, then he felt his cock burst deep inside her.

    His cock jerked over and over, thick, hot cream pouring out, her pussy milking at that rich essence, pulling it as deep as possible. Oh yeah, he was really full of cum, Faye growled with pleasure as he flooded her cunt with the liquid fire of his thick cum. Her lover was really going to be getting a rich serving of Rink's cum. She sailed through the pleasure, envisioning Jenni's face as she sat on her, looking down at her hungry face buried between her thighs, lapping up all that hot cum.


    As Rink's cock was pumping his hot cream into Faye's eager pussy, Amy was being boned by one of her customers. She was standing in the dark shadows between two of the big rigs, while her John, a tall Texas type, drove his eager, condom wrapped cock into her from behind. Her miniskirt was flipped up, her panties were down by her left ankle, and her top was open while he groped at her tits, grabbing her breasts as he fucked her. He wanted to do it outside, said public fucking gave him a rush, and judging by the sounds he was making, and the hard ramming he gave her, it did. She was bored, his slam fucking style gave her nothing to warm up to, she looked back over her shoulder, the darkness hiding her bored, disgusted look.

    "Yeah, fucking tight cunt, real tight boxed whore, fuck, take my load you slut, fuck, motherfucker, GRAAAAWWWW!"

    She felt his cock pulse as he deposited his load into the condom, waiting until he finally slumped back, and pulled his prick out.

    Putting on a throaty purr that she was not feeling with this one, she cooed, "Y'all done, honey?"

    He gave her a hearty smack on her ass, making her jump, and said, "Oh yeah, obviously, great tight cunt you got there! Well, I gotta get back on the road, it's a long way back to Dallas."

    As he went out between the rigs, she made her way over to her Peterbilt, and climbed in. She looked at her watch, and realized how much she was looking forward to Rink's nightly visit. His lovemaking kept her grounded, he didn't use her like some cheap whore to dump his load into, he really made her feel special. She wanted to make him feel special in return.

    Accordingly, she decided to stay in her rig, and wait for him only. It had been a very profitable last couple of days, her tall Texas customer had paid twice her usual rate, just to get the itch of his kink of public fucking scratched. She slipped out of her work clothes, and searching though her lingerie case, she came up with some very sexy, racy undies. Another thing the Johns would never see. These were only for the viewing pleasure of a lover. She felt a thrill as she thought of Rink as her lover. She donned a set of flame red, crotchless silk panties, thigh high red stockings held up with white, lacy garters, and a red demi bra that lifted her boobs up, putting her rapidly stiffening tits on display. She lay back in her sleeper, she could feel the slickening up of her pussy. Oh yeah she was warming up, knowing that Rink would soon be there.
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    I like this series.

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    Part 3

    Faye was back behind the wheel, heading for home. Her body was still aflame with lust, she could feel the hot trickles of Officer Rink's cream deep inside her, she did her best to keep it from pouring out, tightening up her entrance, she knew that Jenni would be naked, in bed, waiting for her.

    Inside the bedroom, Jenni, naked and awaiting Faye's return, reflected on their lives. They had met in high school, and had been in the regular world of dating boys their own age, but not finding the "right guy" to want anything more committed. When they graduated from high school, and went to college, the freedom became even better, and they often double dated. When they double dated, all four of them would end up on a queen sized mattress in the local motel, Faye and Jenni being fucked by their dates, side by side, until they had both been filled with a hot rush of cum. Then, once they were sucked back up to stiff, hard erections, they guys would switch, so that each of their dates guys could pump a load of hot cum into both girls. The guys loved it, two hot women who didn't mind sharing. Jenni and Faye were not jealous or possessive, in fact, when Jenni was being fucked, sure, it felt good, but she felt more lust from looking over at Faye, watching the joy and lust on her face, the movement of her sexy body as she humped up to the stiff cock that was plunging into her, the wet juicy sounds of her pussy, and the cries and squeals of pleasure she would make, the bliss of orgasm playing across Faye's face.

    When they graduated, parents wanting to be grandparents, societal pressures tried to force them into marriage. The usual happy horseshit of white picket fence suburbia sounded like hell, they liked fucking, but felt a deep dissatisfaction with the idea of being tied down to one guy, and being turned into some kind of baby making machine. The idea of being saddled with screaming brats, the stink of baby piss and baby shit having to be cleaned up, never getting a good night's sleep for years, both of them felt like death would be a viable alternative that that.

    They decided to live together, and shared a 2 bedroom house, and after a night out, and no suitable guys to get it on with, they came home, both of them a little drunk. They had just stripped naked, and instead of going to her bedroom Faye had tumbled into bed with Jenni. Their bodies just lightly touched together, and to Jenni it felt like a live electrical current had touched her. Before they sobered up, and would not have taken it further, Jenni took Faye into her arms, and brought their lips together. Faye was startled, but the kiss was hot, wet, and passionate. Jenni could feel Faye's lips softening, molding to her lips, warming up. Faye moaned, deep in her throat. She'd never been kissed so passionately, she could feel Jenni's tongue touching her lips. God, the idea of French Kissing her made her red hot, and her mouth opened to Jenni's soft, wet tongue, and that night had been a night of discovery.

    Jenni gave Faye a long, drawn out session of foreplay, eager to express the feelings that had been building up inside of her. Jenni could feel Faye's body quivering with anticipation as Jenni buried her face between the spread of Faye's thighs. Jenni felt almost dizzy with lust, the tease of Faye's juices made her pussy throb with lust. Jenni feverishly licked at Faye's dripping pussy, until she heard her new lover grunt, "69..I want to lick your pussy, 69 baby."

    Jenni felt a bolt of pleasure as they maneuvered themselves, and now fitted into a loving 69, they eagerly licked, kissed, sucked, and drove tongues and fingers into each other. The shared arousal of their bodies, like mirror images of each other, feeling their lover's breasts against their bellies, a hot, wet, loving tongue doing the same hot lick job that they were giving out, was the most erotic thing they'd ever done, and when they reached a riveting climax, both of them were shrieking and howling with pleasure, bursting apart in a wet heady rush of orgasm.

    They'd fallen asleep in each others arms, and when they woke the next morning, now fully sober, they started it going again, this time both of them eagerly gave the other hot, sizzling foreplay, and it was even better. Now that the lust had been unleashed, they stayed in bed all day, making love like honeymooners, and now with that deep love, they wanted to spice up their sex life a bit.

    Back in the 'double date, double fuck' days, they had never sucked out the load of their first date to fuck them, even though a couple of the guys hinted at how hot it would be, to get them back up again. Instead, the girls would suck their cocks, get them nicely fluffed, and they had no problem ramming their cocks into a juicy, cum filled pussy.

    Jenni felt her pussy sizzling, her whole body alive with lust, she was so ready to suck Faye's pussy clean.

    When Faye pulled up into the driveway, and her car nosed into the safety of the garage, she scurried towards the back door, being naked, and horny was not a condition she wanted the neighbors to see.

    She slipped into the door, closing and locking up and padded towards the bedroom. She opened the door, and Jenni was in bed, her eyes glowing.

    Faye pranced over, cooing, "Umm, I found a hard, horny cop, who made a traffic stop he won't forget. Ummm, my pink hole is so filled with cum, all for you baby!"

    Jenni turned from her side to face up, watching as her lover joined her in bed, as she raised up and swung her leg over Jenni face. Jenni felt a bolt of pleasure shoot through her as her lover's beautiful sex was only inches from her mouth. It was always wildly erotic seeing her best friend's beautiful pussy close and it ramped up her arousal to a fever pitch. She could smell the scent of mingled passion, Faye's lips were lined with the hot, white cum that had been so recently deposited, umm, her lover had brought home a rich, juicy creampie, and her pussy sizzled at what she was about to do.

    "Oh yes, lick me baby, suck it all out."

    Faye lowered her hips down until she was almost touching Jenni's mouth. Jenni opened wide, and let her tongue part the folds. Faye settled herself down, she felt Jenni's lips lock tightly against her labial lips. She flexed her inner muscles, and a rush of hot spunk poured out. filling Jenni's mouth. The hot, musky taste of their mingled juices taste made Jenni dizzy with lust, she was more turned on than she had ever been in her life. After that first taste, Jenni was like a woman possessed, she ate her lover's creamy offering ravenously, stuffing her tongue up the gushing pink hole as deep as possible, sucking and licking every drop that she could pull out of her. She started flicking her tongue against Faye's straining clit, intent on licking her to a wild orgasm.

    "Oh yeah baby, mmmm, now make me cum baby."

    Jenni eagerly wrapped her tongue around Faye's bulging clit, swiping at her, them pulling at the engorged stem over and over again. She eagerly awaited the flood of her lover's juices.

    Faye could feel the rush, and she let out squeals of pleasure as felt her pussy dissolve in a hot gush of juices, eager to give her lover a wet, juicy facial. She felt the wave carry her, until she slid off Jenni's mouth, letting the orgasm slowly fade.

    Jenni climbed off the bed, went over to the dresser and pulled out the 18 inch, purple, double headed dildo. Her pussy was seething with lust, and she needed to feel the hard stuffing of that dildo, riding it with Faye was always a total ride of pleasure.

    Faye grinned, and flipped over, on her hands and knees, ready to get filled. She purred with pleasure as she felt 8 inches being stuffed up her pussy, Jenni quickly took a similar position, ass to ass, her end of the stiff dildo ready for her. Jenni nudged the dildo against her creamy opening, pushing back until she felt it breech her opening, then thrusting back hard. Jenni's cry of pleasure as she was impaled joined Faye's squeal of joy, as the dildo was pushed further into her pussy. Ummmm, they both loved the feel of the stiff dildo bonding their cunts together. Both of them reached between their legs, grabbing each others hands, and they started to move. They bucked back and forth, feeling their asses smack together as they worked the dildo in and out.

    Wet squelches of two very juicy fuck-holes filled the room, along with the mingled cries, squeals and moans of pleasure as they rode, Faye was remembering the hard, grunting reaming that Officer Rink gave her, the big load that he had flooded her with. Oh yeah, she could feel the plunging dildo rubbing heatedly against her rock hard clit, ummm, so good.

    "Oh fuck, feels so good, gonna cum soon, are you gonna cum baby?"

    Jenni was surging, her cunt was feeling the same rushes of lust, and she grunted, "Oh yeah, let's fuck ourselves silly baby, and cum like crazy!"

    Their hips started to hump faster, their asses making a wet slapping sound as the sweaty cheeks started to smack together faster, both women were letting out continuous grunts, growls and squeals of pleasure, their breathing choppy, and Jenni felt herself perched on the verge.

    "Oh fuck, gonna cum, gonna cum so fucking hard, cum with me baby!"

    Jenni's cries gave Faye the final push over the edge, and she shrieked out as her gushing fuck-hole exploded, enjoying Jenni's loud cries of orgasmic joy as she crested with her, their throbbing pussies quivering and spasming wildly, squeezing hard on that pleasing dildo.

    Even as Faye rode her crest, she wished it was officer Rink's cock, the milking of that eager prick, and the rich flood of cum that filled her, had been fucking wonderful. She wanted to do it again. But before then, Jenni would be out on the prowl for a hard eager cock to fill her. She smiled, she would tell Jenni exactly where his speed trap had been, and hopefully, officer Rink would be there to fuck her sexy girlfriend, so she could get that tasty creampie.

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