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Thread: Boogie Van

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    Excellent addition to a great series! Thanks Groomleader!

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    Part 17

    I pulled up to Elaine's house, a neat split level bungalow, and wasted no time in getting inside. Once I did so, I quickly locked the door, and called out, "Hey baby, I'm here!"

    Elaine's voice called down from the upper floor, "Ummm, come and get me lover, I'm so fucking horny!"

    I followed the sound of her voice, and went into her bedroom. As promised, Elaine was on top of her bed, gloriously nude, thighs spread wide. I filled my eyes with the wonderful view, her 4'11'' height packed one hell of a hot body. Her perky 34B's were topped with stiff, eager nipples, a flat tummy, really nice swell of her hips, and where her neatly trimmed nest of pubic hair had been, she was now waxed bare and smooth, and I could see the dusky pink color of her pussy lips.

    Elaine purred, "I went to my salon yesterday, I wanted to be waxed totally bare and smooth for you lover."

    She still had that amazing resemblance to Lisa Ling, and I must admit, while we had been on our cross country trip, fucking up a storm, several times I had fantasized that I had Lisa Ling in my arms, driving my cock into Lisa Ling's Asian pussy, and pounding Lisa Ling's Oriental fuck-hole, the fact that she looked so much like Lisa Ling had always brought gouts of cum gushing, enjoying the sheer pleasure of my cock coating the insides of her Asian cunt.

    Her eyes glittered as she purred "Get naked lover, come over here and stuff my Oriental cunt, your very own Lisa Ling lookalike China doll needs another hard, driving fuck!"

    I stripped quickly, letting my cock out, and letting him point the way. Her legs were parted, and I slid between them. I took her hands, and pinned them above her head.

    "Oh yeah, gonna take me with a little force, good, that's what I want. My tight little Oriental cunt is yours, you own it, and it is only yours for fucking. Show me what my tight Asian pussy is good for, show me how much you like to fuck your Lisa Ling lookalike!"

    I smiled down at her as I nudged against her, and when I snapped my hips forward, my cock impaled her. Elaine let out a loud cry of pleasure, just before I crushed my lips against hers, my tongue shot out, prying open her lips, and my tongue and my cock powered into the warm wet orifices awaiting them. She was furnace hot, I could hear the juicy squelch as I powered into her eager Oriental fuck-hole, her warm wet muscles parted, until my balls smacked against her ass. I felt her legs come up around my waist. I pulled back then buried it again, working up the rhythm, and I started to fuck her Asian pussy hard, my balls bouncing on her ass on each thrust as I power shafted the tight grip.

    I felt her trying to pull her wrists down, she broke the kiss and gasped, "Don't let me free, keep me pinned, and show me my place, to service your cock, to get my Oriental cunt fucked hard, let me have it! FUCK ME!"

    Keeping her pinned down, giving her a force fuck scenario really made her into a wildcat. Elaine was gasping, moaning, grunting, humping her hips up at my thrusts like a lust driven animal, the sight of Elaine, looking so much what I imagined Lisa Ling looked like in the throes of lust fuled passion pinned on my cock, going at it, a full bore, in heat, sex hungry animal, made my cock steel hard. I continued ramming my cock in and out, rutting hard into Elaine's hot velvet grip.

    Elaine's head was thrashing back and forth, keening cries coming from her mouth, I felt her legs tighten around me, pulling me in as deep as possible then she screamed, "GOD YES FUCK ME, I'M GONNA CUM! CUM IN ME LOVER, FLOOD MY ORIENTAL FUCK-HOLE, YES, YES, YESSSS!!"

    Her voice rose to a shriek of pleasure, and I felt the pulsing grip of her pussy as waves of orgasm took her. I growled out "Oh yeah baby, cumming, fuck OH FUCK!"

    I felt my cock swell up tight, piercing her cervix with one more hard forward thrust, I held myself buried deep, enjoying Elaine's shriek as I was poised to flood her womb. The massaging muscles milked me eagerly, making my body tremble as I shot my load deep into my sexy China doll's cunt, Elaine purred with pleasure as she felt my hot load blooming in her tunnel.

    Our frenzied fucking drew to a close, I let go of her wrists, and she put her arms around me, holding me tight.

    "Mmmmm, that was so fantastic lover. I have been crazy with need, and taking me with some force, like I was a little Oriental cunt with no purpose but to get boned by your hard cock, that was a fantasy I masturbated to while you were working on giving Kat and Jenni a baby, and I felt like I was going to shake apart as I came. Having it become real life was even better. Were you imagining I was Lisa Ling while you fucked me? I won't be jealous, after all, Lisa is just a fantasy, while I have the pleasure of getting the real thing!"

    "Oh yeah baby, you look so much like her, and I've had a thing for her ever since I first saw her on TV."

    She snuggled in next to me, letting out a soft sound of contentment. Elaine had not said it in so many words, but it sounded like she had been in a rape fantasy. Like she was a little China doll being taken by force, her tight little Asian fuck-hole being violated by some white man's cock, and fucking her until he had dumped his load into her violated Oriental pussy. It had been a wild fucking, if she got off on it, that was fine by me, since I was imagining I was fucking Lisa Ling, our fantasies had really made my prick go off.

    Late that night, she came to bed in a powder blue silk nightshirt, with matching blue silk panties, and purred, "Make love to me Colin, make me feel so good."

    She lay down next to me, and I could sense her need. No frenzied rape like fuck, she wanted a long, languid session of lovemaking. I took my time, sliding her nightshirt and panties off gently, giving her all the foreplay she needed, using my tongue to bring her off twice before I even entered her. I rose up. my cock swollen with need.

    Elaine purred, "Mmmm, oh yes Colin, come make love to me lover, make me warm."

    I nudged against her, then slid slowly in, savoring Elaine's coos of pleasure as I took her, enjoying the feel of extending it out, until I was snugged in deep.

    Elaine purred, "Mmmm, love me lover, make me feel so good."

    This time, no frenzied fucking, no hot fantasy about Lisa Ling, I kept my eyes open, focusing on Elaine's beautiful face, as I pumped into her slow and steady, drawing out our lovemaking.

    "Oh yes Colin lover, feels so good. Kiss me lover, kiss me."

    Our lips came together in tongue filled swirls of passion, we were moaning into each others mouths, she felt so good, her tight tunnel taking me in, giving my cock a loving grip. Spreading open her sweet Asian pussy was a joy, and I could feel my balls filling up, getting set.

    "Ummm, so good, oh yes, keep going lover, gonna cum, yes, I love it, MMMMMMMM."

    She was wrapped around me, her body trembling, the gripping cling of her sweet Oriental pussy massaging my cock with orgasmic ripples, and I let go, letting out a grunt as my cock went off, spilling my load into her gripping, tight eagerness.

    When she had milked me for every drop, I rolled off her, and she snuggled in next to me, letting out soft coos of pleasure as we drifted.

    We spent most of the next three days in bed, fucking and sucking each other, over and over. She liked it hard and fast, living out a being forced fantasy, then soft, sweet and loving, the dichotomy of her lustful needs was a real turn on. Whether I was power-shafting her sweet Oriental cunt, or lovingly riding deep within her Asian fuck-hole, every time was extreme pleasure, bringing juicy volleys gushing from my prick to fill her hungry, eager pussy.

    On the morning I was set to leave, she held me tight, and cooed, "Whenever you can make it back to Seattle, I'll be here sweetheart."

    Our parting was harder than before, I felt like I was developing very deep feelings for Elaine, and it was all I could do not to blurt out, "I love you." I needed time to think and reflect on the feelings I had developed for Elaine. That proposed idea I had of taking a drive to the desert southwest sounded better than ever, I could enjoy the serenity of New Mexico, the land of enchantment, and reflect deeply on what I was feeling.

    At a rest stop on I-5, I got a call on my smart phone, and I smiled as I saw who it was.

    "Hey Colin, how are you?"

    "I'm fine Brooke, how are you?"

    "We are all great here, are you on the road by any chance?"

    "As a matter of fact, yes, I'm at the Gee Creek Rest Area on I-5 at Ridgeland, Washington."

    Brooke exclaimed, "What a coincidence, we are on I-5 right now, we just passed Castle Rock so we are very close. Would you like to get together again? My Mom says Hi, and she's eager to get a piece of you also."

    Never one to pass up such an opportunity, I said, "Oh yeah baby, you and your Mom are so hot and fuckable, I'm ready for you and your Mom anytime!"

    Brooke squealed with excitement, and cooed, "Stay right there baby, my Mom and I will be there in very short order! Once we get there, we want you in our motorhome! Dad couldn't come with us this trip, he was tied up with too much work that his boss said had to be done or else. So Mom has been so extra horny without him. And I have been so horny for your cock to fuck me again! We are going to take you for one heck of a ride, when we get there!"

    Her voice dropped to a sultry purr, "Which one of us do you want to fuck first, lover? Me, your horny teenage sex doll?"

    I remembered when she had her tits pressed against the window of the motorhome when I first saw her, a real nice set, her cute face, emerald green eyes and long blonde hair, then fucking her doggy style in the rest room of the North Carolina rest area where we both stopped for a break.

    "Or my Mom, with her hot body, and her hungry sex drive, her big hefty milk jugs, her hourglass figure with her sexy, curvy hips. Remember when we went over to the steakhouse, and you followed us? Did you like the rear view of our sexy asses?"

    I did indeed, jeez, her Mom's wide, sexy hips, what a curve, while Brooke's sexy hips sashayed from side to side, swinging her hips to give me a show. Ummm, both of them were real cock raising material, just remembering it brought my cock up, hard and eager.

    "Then later that night, you fucked my ass so good, god it felt so hot to feel your juicy load hosing down my tight little asshole so deep."

    "And, I watched Mom leave the motorhome after I got back and she was awake, and when she came back, her face had that glow, what I call, 'I just got fucked and it was so fucking great' look."

    With her reminding me of the hot fucking, she giggled and cooed, "Is your cock rock hard, lover? Hang on Colin, we're getting closer by the minute, and we will take care of that hard, eager cock!"

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    Awesome--can't wait for more!

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    Part 18

    I hung around inside the van, I had a raging hard-on that I didn't want to display to the people at the rest stop. Thinking about sexy Brooke and her Hot Mom kept me up.

    My phone went off, and Brooke's voice said, "Colin, we just passed the 'Rest Area 2 miles' sign, we'll be there in a minute. Could you drive over to the truck parking area? Mom's still a bit new to driving such a big vehicle, so we want a big space, and we'll park right with you when we get there."

    It was only a minute or two later that I saw that motorhome entering the area, then driving over to where I was. They parked right behind me, and I stepped out to greet them. When they exited, the sight of them kept me rock hard. Just as hot and fuckable as they were 6 months ago, Brooke's Mom Maggie oh yeah, big hefty milk jugs, that hourglass figure with wicked, curvy hips, clad only in a small pair of tan shorts and a white halter top that displayed lots of her bare, lightly tanned skin, and Brooke, clad in red shorts and a green halter top, displaying her sexy teen body to me, her 34D's proudly pushing out her halter top, her midriff exposed, her tummy flat, her red shorts had a sexy curve, and sleek, full legs. She was developing that sexy hourglass figure that her Mom was blessed with, good genes crossed my mind. Seeing my tent pitch, Brooke gave an eager grin.

    They smiled at each other, then turned to let me see the flip side. On yeah, tight shorts wrapped around glorious globes, Maggie having a generous, Kim Khardashian set of sexy moons, while Brooke had a little smaller, perky set of ass cheeks, smooth and round, snugged in the seat of her shorts.

    They both came up to me, and two hands were stroking at the outline of my cock, Brooke cooed, "Ummm, so hard and ready, Mom, let's get him inside and ride him."

    I eagerly followed their bodies, and once inside the motorhome, they drew the privacy curtains, and shimmied out of their clothes. With their naked charms and assets on full display, they quickly stripped me, and led me back towards the bedroom.

    Maggie cooed, "We drew cards to see who would get you first, and I was the lucky high card. Brooke would like to watch, after I get my fill, I'm going to suck you back up, so she can get her fill. Sound good, lover?"

    I growled, "Oh yeah, sounds real good.''

    Maggie's voice, throaty with passion, purred, "Lay back Colin, I want to ride like a cowgirl."

    I stretched out, I could see her lust filled smile as I filled my eyes. The green eyes, the long mane of russet colored hair, her succulent melons were enormous, capped with huge stiff nipples, my eyes traveled down, taking in the hourglass figure, looking towards where we would soon be joined. I could see her fluff of russet colored pubic hair, and the awesome sight of those wide, sexy hips straddling me. Getting reacquainted with her wonderfully sexy MILF body was real grade A eye candy.

    Maggie nudged against me, and cooed, "I am going to love getting my tight cunt being stretched open by your big hard cock again, I will definitely get my satisfaction. Take a good look lover, am I the kind of sizzling hot married Mom you're going to love to fuck?"

    I growled, "Oh yeah baby, your big tits and those sexy hips just drive me wild!"

    I saw Maggie smile, then she started to push her hips down. Oh yeah, her hot, wet ring of pleasure started to engulf my prick, sliding down slowly. Our matching moans of pleasure joined, I grunted as Maggie purred "Oh my God" as with one final downward thrust I felt the grip of her very hot, very aroused cunt plunge down, taking me balls deep.

    I felt her cunt flex, giving my cock a squeeze, oh that felt good, she purred, "Just like last time lover, I adore the feeling of my tight cunt being stretched open by your big, hard cock!"

    She lowered her upper body down, sticking those awesome tits in my face, and purred, "I love having my nipples sucked, suck my tits lover, it makes my cunt throb with pleasure!"

    I happily took her left tit in, sucking and licking, feeling her nipple swell up in my mouth, fat and hard, enjoying her soft cries of pleasure as I sucked, licked and gently nipped her swollen nipples, switching back and forth, making them rock hard and reddened.

    Maggie lifted back up, purring, "Ummm, you did that just right lover, my tits are tingling with pleasure, my married cunt is a throbbing beast, ready to explode, now, I'm going to ride you, let my married cunt have a full load, enjoy the ride!"

    I looked over, saw Brooke softly playing with herself, her eyes locked on the sight of her Mom and I fucking right before her eyes.

    Maggie started to ride me, pumping her hips up and down hard, her hot velvet depths sliding up and down on my steely shaft, over and over. Her cunt was dripping wet, watching her riding me, and seeing her gorgeous breasts bouncing up and down in time to her hard thrusts down on my stiff cock, was a great sight. The wet juicy squelch of her pussy pumping down on me filled the bedroom, she was really ramped up, and she let me know.

    "Oh fuck, yes, gonna cum, so deep, so hard, gonna cum so good, good, GOOOOODDDDD!"

    I felt her cunt grip me, pulsing wildly as she exploded in orgasm. It was great to see the bliss of our coupling playing across her face, hearing her cries of orgasmic delight, and watching her beautiful body shuddering from the orgasm tearing through her. I was still building up, as she sailed into her post orgasm plane, she noticed my still stiff condition, still buried deep between her thighs.

    "Ummn, oh yes, you are still so hard, so big, lover. I want the load of cum that your balls are working on, I love the feeling of another man's cum creaming my pussy!"

    She lifted up just slightly, keeping the head of my cock inside me, and turned around, facing away from me.

    "Now, I want a reverse cowgirl ride, oh yeah, this is going to feel so nice."

    Maggie quickly drove her hips back down, taking me in. The heat and her juices surrounded me once more, and she set the pace. Her hips started to pump wantonly up and down as she got into her rhythm.

    Maggie grunted, "How do you like it, do you like the way my married cunt is still so hot, so tight, so ready for another man's load?"

    "Oh yeah, your married cunt is so tight, feels so good to fuck you baby!"

    "Yeah, I love it, fuck, oh god, fuck, a big hard cock to stretch me apart, so good!" Maggie growled.

    My cock was plunging wetly upwards between her labial lips, testing the liquid depths of her pussy, as she rotated her ass around and around, corkscrewing herself down on my cock, eager to feel my cock rubbing over every fold, every part of her pink tunnel. Watching her ass going up and down as she rode me was a real visual treat. In this position I could feel the pronounced ridges of her inner pussy rubbing over my prick, oh fuck, that got my balls churning.

    Maggie cooed, "I want your load baby, I want your stiff hard cock exploding and squirting deep inside me. I love the feeling of another man's cock taking its pleasure inside me!"

    I felt her hand wrap around my balls, and she started to tug gently downwards.

    Maggie purred, "Umm, your balls are so full, I want every drop. The hot rush as my married womb gets filled with another man's hot, fresh cream, I love getting my married pussy creamed with a sexy cock. Your sexy cock Colin, give me all you got lover, oh fuck, yes, gonna explode, cum with me lover, cream my married cunt, GRAAAAWWW!"

    Maggie's shriek filled the van as she tumbled once more into orgasm, the ridges of her pussy started to ripple, milking hard at me, her cunt clinging to me, gripping tight. I could feel my cock jerk, swelling up, and with a squeal from Maggie, I was at the entrance to her womb, ready to explode.

    "Yes, yes, let it go lover, flood my married womb, cum inside me lover, I'm gonna cum again, oh fuck, so good!"

    I felt the spunk streaking up my shaft, and my cock let go, painting the inside of Maggie's womb as I erupted. A loud cry of pleasure joined in as she orgasmed a third time, keeping me going, her delightful tightness gripping and milking, sucking every drop out of my cock, as we shook and shuddered together in shared orgasmic pleasure.

    When Maggie lifted up, she climbed off the bed, and purred, "Brookie, now that you are 17, you are old enough to taste a cum filled pussy. Get over here my darling daughter, on your knees and lick your first pussy, taste our mixed cum, clean my messy pussy real good."

    The idea that Brooke was about to lick her first pussy, and it would be her Mom's spunk filled snatch, oh fuck that was hot.

    Brooke scurried over, and knelt as Maggie moved above her daughter, splaying her legs apart.

    Maggie cooed, "Colin filled me up so good, open your mouth Brookie baby, my pussy is dripping, I want you to catch the drips, then plaster your sweet face against my cum filled creampie, and suck that sweet load out of me. Just like my mother taught me how to lick pussy, when I was 17."

    What a great lesson to hand down from mother to daughter. I watched, mesmerized as Brooke tilted her head up, opened wide, and I saw the first few strings of cum dripping into her open mouth. Brooke's body shook, and she eagerly moved her head up towards her Mom's cream filled heat.

    "That's it Brookie baby, just like that, now, plaster your lips tight, slide your tongue in, ummm, and here it comes, baby."

    I could well imagine Maggie flexing her inner pussy muscles, and saw Brooke's cheeks bulge as the first rush of cum filled her mouth. She quickly swallowed, I saw her throat muscles moving as she swallowed two more times, I had really cremed Maggie's married cunt. Maggie was purring and moaning as she filled her sexy daughter's mouth.

    "Oh yeah sweetheart, now, lick me, lick my clit, make me cum Brookie" Maggie cooed.

    Brooke moved her head around, licking and probing, eager to learn what moved her Mom the most. Maggie was cupping her breasts, I got up, moved over and lowering my head, latched onto her left nipple, and took it between my lips.

    Maggie growled, "Oh yeah, lick my tits Colin, I love it!"

    I switched over, eager to make both her nipples throb with pleasure. Maggie was grunting and sighing, she pulled her daughter's head against her.

    "Oh yes baby, there, lick me right there, just like that, yes, yes, oh fuck, gonna cum, gonna cum all over your sweet face, fuck, fuck, FUCK!"

    Maggie's voice rose up to a shriek of pleasure, and her cum gushed out, plastering Brooke's face as she tumbled, squealing in pleasure as she caught her orgasmic wave. Brooke looked like she was enjoying it very much, smiling up into the pouring juices as she licked Maggie right to the last spasm.

    Maggie opened her eyes and cooed, "Oh yes my sweet Brookie, that felt so good. A few more sessions, and you'll be an expert." She looked over at me, saw my cock quickly reviving, and growled, "Now, it's time for my dear daughter to get the satisfaction she deserves. I'm gonna suck you back up to a stiff hard-on, and Brooke can get a nice long ride."

    Maggie quickly wrapped her mouth around my cock head, her tongue swirling around, then she plunged her mouth down the full length, eager to make me ready for Brooke. I saw Brooke smile at me, then she placed herself in a doggy style position, reaching between her legs and spreading her pussy lips open.

    "Right there Colin, I want to be taken from behind, then rammed like a little slut! Get him all hard Mom, so he can fuck my ass off!"

    The sensation of Maggie sucking me quickly brought me back up to maximum extension.

    Pulling her mouth off my cock, she cooed, "Umm, all nice and hard, he's ready for you sweet daughter."

    Maggie slipped two fingers into Brooke's pussy, making her coo with pleasure. She swirled them around, then two dripping wet fingers were spreading Brooke's juices all over my cock head.

    Maggie purred, "And Brookie is all hot and ready for you Colin."

    Maggie lay next to us, eyes bright as I got between the spread of Brooke's thighs.

    "Give it to me, Colin", Brooke growled, "Let me have it!"

    I was happy to comply as I nudged against her, and in one push, buried every inch of my cock. She squealed with pleasure as I bottomed put, my balls smacking against her pussy.

    "Oh yeah, fuck me good, ream out my horny cunt! I want to feel your stiff cock get rock hard, then explode your hot load deep inside me, splatter my cervix!" Brooke grunted.

    I gripped her hips tightly, and started to ride her, power fucking her tight teen cunt, over and over again. She was grunting with pleasure as I gave her throbbing cunt a power reaming. Sounds of pleasure started to come from Maggie, she was masturbating wantonly as she watched her daughter getting fucked. Brooke was making wordless sounds of passion and pleasure as she climbed towards orgasm.

    "Umm, I love it, getting fucked by the hard cock that just fucked my Mom, so good, so, oh fuck, yes, yes, YES!"

    Brooke let out a loud grunt, and I felt her pussy clamp down on me, spasming crazily. Maggie let out a shriek as she stroked herself to climax, I was building up a load, and I continued to ram Brooke's, her growls of pleasure urging me on. Brooke quickly crested, and she started on a string of orgasms, and I felt Maggie right behind me.

    "I want Brooke to get a good filing, this should help."

    I felt my ass cheeks being parted, and I grunted as Maggie slipped a finger inside, probing my ass. Her finger was well lubed up with the juices of her climax, and she pushed in, turning her finger around, she found my prostate, and started to massage it. That brought my climax rushing up.

    Brooke cried out, "Oh yes, cum in me, cum in me now, FUCK!"

    Another orgasm rippled through her, and I slammed as deep as possible, my prick erupting, Maggie's finger making sure that Brooke's spasming pink tunnel milked every drop out of me.

    When I pulled out, Maggie looked down at her daughter's just fucked pussy, licked her lips and purred, "Like daughter, like mother."

    She quickly went down on her daughter's pussy, ummm, the lesbian incest scene would be remembered by me for a long time. The positioning was perfect, I was able to place my mouth against Maggie's box, and I eagerly licked at her sweet snatch while she licked at Brooke's pussy, Brooke's cry of orgasm being matched by Maggie's as both ladies orgasmed one more time.

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    Good and Hot--Keep 'em cumming!

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    Blog Entries
    What a Great Update on Colins Exploits...Looking forward to the Next session and with Whom... Thanks again for a Great story "Groom"
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Part 19

    As we floated in the afterglow, Brooke snuggled up to Maggie, and cooed, "That tasted great Mom, I hope you meant it when you said you wanted me to lick your sweet pussy more."

    "Oh I did, your dad will go wild when we introduce him to having you next to us, watching while we are fucking, then sucking his load right out of my pussy." Maggie looked over and me and asked, "So where are you headed to now Colin?"

    "I'm off to the desert southwest, New Mexico sounds good, got a few things that I need to think about, and the serenity of the desert seems like a good place to ponder."

    Maggie said, "Brooke and I are on our way to my niece's wedding in Fresno. So, since we are both going south, would you like to come with us as far as Fresno, and share our nice big motorhome? You can be in our bed every night, I'm so horny without my husband, and I need you to fuck the horniness out of me."

    Brooke giggled and said, "Me too, my hormones are making me crazy!"

    I smiled and said, "Sounds great, I'll be happy to be your escort to Fresno."

    Maggie smiled back at me and purred, "Excellent, my pussy is already purring again with anticipation."

    Brooke joined in, "And my kitty is ready as ever. Next time, you get to fuck me first, Mom and I decided to switch off who gets you first for each time. Share and share alike."

    We got dressed, and I said that I would follow them, and let them take the lead, so I could match the speed, and keep a view, make sure that nothing was happening with the rear that they would not be able to see.

    Brooke said, "I'm hungry, let's look out for a place to eat, and Colin, you can follow us in."

    A few miles down the road, and we were seated at a Denny's just off Interstate 5. After we placed our order, Brooke said softly, "Penny for your thoughts Colin."

    I decided to tell them, and I related the happenings on my first trip, then led into my second journey, how I had rescued an Oriental damsel in distress, provided stud service to a lesbian couple, and after spending three days with Elaine, how I felt I could be having much deeper feelings for her, possibly falling in love.

    After I finished, Brooke said softly, "Wow, that's really something to ponder."

    I replied, "Yeah, I got the van fixed up to its former glory, hit the road and it became my mobile bachelor pad on wheels. Every day, a new bed partner, or partners, as in the case of Janice and Paula, and you Brooke, and your Mom Maggie, it was just what I wanted, lots of hot sex with no commitments. But now, I'm thinking about Elaine, and how much I'd like to be with her for the long term, possibly marriage."

    Maggie replied, "If you think she's the one, examine your feelings closely. Weigh everything, then make your move. If you decide to propose, you will propose to her in person, I trust? None of that or email or Skype shortcut?"

    I smile and said, "Oh yes, I'm of the old school, in person, down on one knee, and pop the question."

    Brooke joined in, "I'll bet she'll say yes, I think she'll know what a catch you are."

    Maggie said softly, "Colin, you know how much we adore your lovemaking, do you feel okay about making love to us, while you have such strong feelings for Elaine? if you don't feel right, we'll understand if you want to escort us, but not get physical with us."

    I could see Brooke's face, I could tell she didn't want that to happen, and neither did I.

    I replied, "No, it's not like we are married, or living together now. She was okay with me providing stud service for Jenni and Kat. And, you Brooke, and you Maggie, are just too damn sexy to keep my hands off of you."

    Brooke smiled, and whispered, "Good, it feels so good to have you deep inside me, creaming my tight little teen pussy, making me feel like a very horny, eager, living teen sex doll."

    Maggie leaned in, and cooed, "And I adore the way your hard cock takes its pleasure in my married pussy, spraying me down with another man's spunk. Think of me as your sex hungry, living MILF sex doll."

    I smiled, oh yes, they were definitely that, looked like my drive most of the way was going to be another hot ride, more lust on America's highways.

    After lunch, we were back on the road, Interstate 5 south was busy around Portland, but once we left the suburbs and exurbs behind us, it was a lot less crowded, and we made good time.

    When the motorhome needed to gas up, I followed them into an Exxon station. Once we had topped up, we pulled off to the parking area, and looked over what was ahead.

    Maggie said, "Around Klamath Falls, there's a KOA location. We've been on the road for quite a few hours now, and I'd like to get off the road, and relax."

    I replied, "Sounds good, let's see if there are spaces available."

    After a few minutes on the smartphone, I told them, "Okay, we are reserved, we have two sites right next to each other, and I requested a quiet section of the park. It's good to be traveling in the off season, so the park isn't cowded. I hate being jammed in like a row of townhouses."

    Brooke grinned, and said, "Goody, now when Colin fucks me, I can be as noisy as I want!"

    Maggie cooed, "And I will be very noisy, I want you to remove my anal virginity. If my daughter can be a non-anal virgin, it's time for me to take that step. Ummm, Colin, you are going to get the only hole my husband hasn't taken."

    The idea that I was going to take her anal cherry, oh yeah, that sounded sizzling.

    Back on the road, and we made good time to Klamath Falls. Our location was perfect, the only other rigs were well away from our section.

    Once the motorhome was parked, I connected the water, sewer and electric, and it was all set.

    Inside the motorhome, I said, "Now that the motorhome is all set up, let's take my van, and go out for dinner. Since I will be staying here for the night, there's no reason to hook up the van, and we are not limited to whatever is within walking distance."

    Brooke smiled and took out her smartphone.

    "Let's see what restaurants they have."

    We were soon seated at a steakhouse, and after we ordered, Brooke and Maggie went to the Ladies Room. When they came back, they were grinning. We were seated at a square shape table, Brooke on my left and Maggie on my right, and I felt my hands being taken, and lowered below the level of the table. I felt each hand getting a silky ball of fabric placed in each palm. I looked down, saw a silky fire engine red bikini style from Maggie, and a black thong from Brooke. I looked up into their grinning faces.

    Maggie cooed, "Brooke and I are now totally naked under our dresses, so while we eat, you can think about what you'd like for dessert."

    I replied, "I already know, dessert in private is what I want."

    After dinner, we quickly returned to our camp ground, and Maggie and Brooke stripped naked before they left my van, and went over to the motorhome with a sexy wiggling walk.

    Maggie purred, "Right this way Colin, we have a dessert that's hot and tasty, juicy and all warmed up for you."

    In the bedroom, Brooke lay back, and purred, "My turn first!" Stroking softly at her mound, she cooed, "Right there Colin, I want to be rammed like a little slut!"

    Maggie slipped two fingers into Brooke's pussy, making her coo with pleasure. She swirled them around, then two dripping wet fingers were spreading Brooke's juices all over my cock head.

    Maggie purred, "Brookie is all hot and ready for you Colin."

    Maggie lay next to us, eyes bright as I got between the spread of Brooke's thighs.

    "Give it to me, Colin", Brooke growled, "Let me have it!"

    I was happy to comply as I nudged against her, and in one push, buried every inch of my cock. She squealed with pleasure as I bottomed out, my balls smacking against her ass.

    "Oh yeah, fuck me good, ream out my horny cunt! I want to feel your stiff cock get rock hard, then explode your hot load deep inside me, splatter my cervix!" Brooke grunted.

    She brought her legs up around my waist as I started to ride her, power fucking her tight teen cunt, over and over again. She was grunting with pleasure as I gave her throbbing cunt a power reaming. Sounds of pleasure started to come from Maggie, she was masturbating wantonly as she watched her daughter getting fucked. Brooke was making wordless sounds of passion and pleasure as she climbed towards orgasm.

    "Umm, I love it, getting fucked by your rock hard cock, so good, so, oh fuck, yes, yes, YES!"

    Brooke let out a loud grunt, and I felt her pussy clamp down on me, spasming crazily. Maggie let out a shriek as she stroked herself to climax, I was building up a load, and I continued to ram Brooke's pink hole, her growls of pleasure urging me on. I was only a few seconds behind her, I felt one of Maggie's hands cup my balls, and squeezing gently, urged my balls to explode. That brought my climax rushing up.

    Brooke cried out, "Oh yes, cum in me, cum in me now, fuck, cumming again, FUCK!"

    Another orgasm rippled through her, and I slammed as deep as possible, my prick erupting, Brooke's spasming fuck-hole milked every drop out of me.

    When I pulled out, Maggie looked down at her daughter's just fucked pussy, Maggie was between her thighs in a few moments, and Brooke's cries of pleasure started to rise again, as Maggie licked wildly, sucking and slurping, letting out pussy muffled sounds of pleasure, as she cleaned her daughter's well creamed pussy. Maggie was not done until her oral skills brought Brooke to another noisy gushing release, shrieks of orgasmic joy filled the motorhome.

    Brooke looked over at me, and with a grin cooed, "Now, let my hot mouth suck you back up, then you can fuck my Mom's tight ass! I'm gonna get on my knees, I love classic cock sucking, the subservient position, and the arrogant cock waiting for me!"

    Brooke was quickly on her knees, urging me on, and I placed my cock against her lips. She quickly sucked in the head, swirling her tongue around, then her mouth slid down, with a practiced, easy motion, she swallowed me right to the balls. Looks like Brooke had sucked more than a few cocks, as she got into the rhythm, ummm, very good, tight lips, swirling tongue, just the right amount of sucking. With her hot mouth working me over, I felt myself rising up again.

    I saw Maggie taking to the bed, her ass cocked up. I interrupted Brooke's blowjob, I wanted to lick Maggie's sexy ass while Brooke was working over my cock. Once we were adjusted, Brooke slid down my pole again, while I pulled Maggie's cheeks apart. I saw the tight little pucker, looking like a bull's eye for my mouth. I was quickly licking at the tight pucker, Maggie's moans of pleasure were sounding as I laved all over her tight ass rim, pushing my tongue in, probing gently. I brought a finger into play, and gently pushed in, listening to her grunts, hoping she was gaining some pleasure from it.

    Brooke had sucked me back up to full, and she pulled free, and purred, "Your cock is so ready, let my sweet Momma have it!"

    I took position, and watched as Brooke grabbed her Mom's cheeks, pulling them apart so her Mom could get her first ass fuck. She laid a strip of lube right along Maggie's tight rim, then slipped her fingers along, and slid them in, spreading the lube, moans and coos of pleasure issuing from Maggie's lips. Brooke's hands returned to Maggie's cheeks, and spread them apart for me.

    Brooke cooed huskily, "Right in there Colin, take my Momma's ass virginity."

    I nudged against the pucker, and pushed, until the head popped in.

    "Nnngggh, nnngggh nnngggh."

    I froze and whispered "Maggie, are you okay? Do you want me to stop?"

    Maggie's voice was bit shaky, as she grunted, "Oh god, so big, so hard. Give me a bit of time to adjust, don't stop, but wait for me to loosen up, then go real slow."

    I held myself steady, the tightness was going to be incredible, but I was not going to let myself get too excited, and turn Maggie's first time into an anal rape. Maggie started to squirm her rear after a minute, and cooed, "Give me more, take it slow, so slow please."

    I pushed in very slowly, her hands were gripping the bed sheets tightly, listening to her gasps and moans, hoping like hell she wasn't taking it through all pain. I continued the very slow opening, i could feel her tight anal sphincter alternating in contracting and relaxing around my cock. After several slow, grunting minutes, my cock was almost completely entombed up Maggie's Hershey highway. Maggie pushed back, taking in the last little bit, letting out a loud grunt at the feel of being fully filled.

    Maggie gasped, "Fuck, oh my fucking god, fuck, it's so big, my ass is pretty achy, but I think it will be worth it. Hold still Colin, let me adjust some more."

    I did as she asked, giving Maggie all the time she needed to adjust to the virgin breaking stretch. A minute or two later, she let out a soft sigh, and she started to squirm her ass cheeks again.

    Maggie softly cooed, "Ok Colin, take me slowly, I want my virginity breaking completed with a hot load christening me."

    I started to pump in and out slowly, taking her as gently as I could. Her sounds were more like sounds of pleasure, as I pulled out further to then sink back in. The tightness was incredible.

    Maggie cooed, "Ummm, it's starting to feel good."

    Brooke had her hand at her Mom's pussy, playing with her, Maggie's definite sounds of pleasure filled the motorhome as my cock took notice of the grip, starting my balls churning. I was sliding almost the full length into her when I felt my cock hit the peak.

    "Fuck, oh fuck yeah, gonna fill your tight ass baby, oh fuck YEAH!"

    With a loud growl of pleasure, I grabbed Maggie's hips, pulling her back tight against me as I bucked forward as I spent myself in a shuddering orgasm. As I was unloading, I heard Maggie cry out, "Cumming oh fuck YES!" then a shriek as Brooke's nimble fingers brought her soaring over the peak, and the extra tight clench worked over me for every drop I could deliver.

    We flopped down, I was light headed, what a workout.

    Maggie cooed, "Thank you Colin, you made it so good. I loved the feel of my tight asshole getting christened with the hot bloom. And thank you my sweet Brookie, for stroking me off so nicely."

    Brooke smiled, and purred, "It was an absolute pleasure!"

    Maggie said softly, "When we get back home, my husband it going to have some great fun. I wanted to try anal, but he seemed less that eager, and I didn't want to push it. Next time, I'm going to push it, so he can push it right where it should be!"

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    Enjoyed this addition--Thanks Groom!

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    Part 20

    It was mid-afternoon, and I had just crossed the state line from Arizona into New Mexico. As I drove along, I thought about the last couple of days.

    I had said goodbye to Brooke and Maggie yesterday morning after we had gotten to Fresno, they had kept my cock well milked on our trip down the west coast. Having two hot sexy ladies was really double the fun.

    Yesterday, after getting into Lake Havasu city, double the fun struck again. At the RV site next to mine, twin sisters Abby and Brittany, both 18, blonde haired, long legged beauties, stopped by and introduced themselves. It didn't take long before they were introducing themselves into my bed, and for the rest of the night I was like a sex toy for them, they took me as often as I could get it up. Fuck, I loved it.

    Like all the ladies I had bedded, they thought it was really sexy that I wanted a set of panties from each of them as a souvenir, and two Calvin Klein thongs, one red, the other beige, was now added to my collection.

    When dinner time approached, I realized how hungry I was, and on the outskirts of Albuquerque, I stopped by "Al's Place" a roadside diner. It was exactly like one of those old time diners from the 50's, a jukebox in every booth, stools at the counter, with lots of 50's memorabilia. Movie posters, old 50's license plates, they even had an old Sinclair gas pump and a full sized 1959 Edsel Ranger in one of the inside corners. I liked the retro vibe, and with the sign saying Seat Yourself, I was happy to do so, taking a table that looked out on the desert scenery.

    When my waitress appeared, she was dressed in a clingy, pink uniform like you'd see in a 50's diner. She smiled at me and cooed, "See something you like?"

    I replied, "Oh yeah, I sure do," as I let my eyes take in the full view. She was a waifish little dirty blonde maybe all of 5 feet tall and 99 pounds.

    "I can see what your eyes like, but for now, what looks good on the menu? The Salisbury steak dinner is real good, the beef was shipped in fresh today, comes with fresh corn, real mashed potatoes and Al makes the best gravy in all of New Mexico."

    "Yeah that sounds good, I'd like a large Coke also," I looked at her name tag, and added, "Noni, that's quite a different name, I like it."

    As she jotted down the order, she remarked, "My full name is Wynona, but I really dislike that name, so I just go by my nickname.''

    When she went back towards the counter, I could see her wiggle those slim hips, the nice tight little ass outlined by her clingy uniform. She came back with the Coke, and we got to talking. A couple of other tables were occupied, and she would periodically leave to service their tables, but most of the time she was around my table, and she was getting flirty.

    "So what brings you to New Mexico?"

    "Well, I have my Boogie Van on a road trip, and I've never been to the desert southwest, so I figured Why not?"

    She looked out the window, then back at me, "Is that your van, that one right there?"

    "That's the one, she's a beauty."

    She looked me in the eye, and purred, "I'd love to go for a ride in a van like that."

    When she came back with my dinner, she said, "Yep, I'd love that kind of ride," her eyes twinkling.

    She was really flirty, and I wondered just how far it would go.

    Dinner was really tasty, and when she stopped by for the empty plate, she said, "My shift is over in 10 minutes. How about if you follow my car, and I'll lead you to the neatest KOA. Then maybe I can take that ride I want."

    I said, "That sounds real good Noni."

    I made sure to tip her generously, and she cooed, "Now, go outside and wait for me. Al's not a fan of seeing me leave with a customer, so I'll get my car, it's parked around the back. It's a blue Toyota Corolla, so you'll know it's my car. See you soon."

    She walked away with that hip wiggle I found so enticing, and she gave me a lusty smile.

    I went outside and climbed behind the wheel of my van. Fifteen minutes later, and there it was, a 1970's era Corolla, a real retro set of wheels. I saw her behind the wheel, she smiled, and gave me a follow me beckoning. I quickly did so, and I followed her down the darkening landscape.

    I saw the lighted KOA sign appear, and she motioned me to go on through the check in lane, while she went through the other lane, as if she was already checked in. I saw her park just beyond, waiting for me. I requested a quiet part of the park. When I drove on through, I led the way, and her Toyota swung in behind me. Let's see, lot 117, ahh there it is, and I swung in. I watched her Toyota slot in behind me, and when our engines were turned off, the silence of the desert nighttime was amazing. It was perfect, we had the section all to ourselves.

    I was about to get outside and connect the electrical, water and sewer hookups, when I heard a tapping on the door. I got up, and Noni stepped inside, she was wearing a Tie dyed T shirt and a pair of cutoffs. She grabbed me and pulled me towards the bedroom.

    "Do you have a candle, I love to fuck by candlelight! Cock, so horny, I need your cock NOW!"

    I lit up a candle, she yanked her clothes off, and I filled my eyes with the sight of her tight cute behind. She had an all over tan, no tan lines of any kind were in sight. She turned to face me, her eyes gleaming, her little tits, looked like a 32A, were topped with very stiff cherry sized nipples. She had a very full bush, the same dirty blonde as the hair on her head. Wow, I hadn't seen that furry a muff since I'd gone through some 1970's Playboy mags that my Uncle had given me.

    "Oh yeah lover, come over here, lay down, I wanna take that ride, now!"

    I lay back, and watched her cut body straddle me, nudging against my cock head.

    "Oh yeah, this is gonna be the kind of ride I love."

    She thrust down, hard, and in one go, my cock was swallowed up by her pussy. She was furnace hot, slick with her juices, and she rammed down, letting out a full throated growl of pleasure.

    She paused, perched naked and horny on my cock, and purred, "Ever since you entered the diner, I was determined to get your cock into my tight little snatch. I was creaming like a sexy hungry teenager. Ummm, so big, I love getting my tight little pussy stretched out."

    She lifted up then drove down again, she was nice and snug, gripping my cock with an almost virgin like cling as she pumped up and down. I grunted on each plunge. The wavering candlelight cast a mellow golden as I enjoyed the sight of her body, head thrown back, mouth open in pleasure. She started to ride me faster, really fucking herself furiously. I felt like a sex toy as Noni really rode me hard, her squeals, cries and groans of pleasure filled the bedroom, slamming her pink hole with my prick, and she was just a mass of writhing lust.

    "Oh fuck, gonna do it, gonna cum so hard, fuck, yes, YEESSS!"

    I felt her cunt tighten up even more, then pulsing around my prick as she tumbled into orgasm, she reached down behind her gasping, "cum with me, flood my snatch!" as she grabbed my balls, squeezing them as shook in orgasm, that took me over immediately, I growled, "Oh fuck, cumming, yeah fuck FUCK!"

    My prick went off, blasting a hot creamy payload, inundating her cervix as I rode my orgasm, our sounds of climax mingling.

    Our orgasms ebbed, and she lay forward upon her, her head tucked under my chin.

    We lay in silence for a while, she cooed, "Do you like to sit by a fire?"

    I said, "Yeah, I love it."

    "How about if you get a fire going, and we can sit outside?"

    "Sounds perfect. I'll get the all the hookups, so we can have light, water and sewer service."

    I jumped up, put on shorts and a T shirt and my sneakers and went outside. The desert twilight had turned to night, the darkness of the landscape seemed to stretch on forever.

    A pile of ready to burn wood was piled up next to the fire pit, some kind person had been nice enough to get it ready for the next occupants. I made a mental note to do that before I checked out. It took only a minute before we had a good blaze going, and I quickly hooked up the electrical, water and sewer connections, and put out the lawn chairs by the fire.

    The door opened, and Noni stepped out, totally nude. She wasn't in the least bit worried about being outside nude, by the all over tan she had, I had a feeling that she lived a nudist lifestyle.

    "Do you have some wine Colin? I'm going to get something out of my car."

    I went inside, found a bottle of Cranswick Estate merlot. and poured out two glasses, admiring the dark ruby color.

    I went outside, and there was Noni, sitting by the fire with a guitar, and a small backpack. She opened the backpack, pulled out a cigarette case, and placing one to her lips, she lit up and took a deep drag. The unmistakable odor of burning weed filled the air, aha, a little wacky tobaccy.

    She took the glass, grinned at me and said, "Colin, I don't want to be nude all alone."

    I quickly shed my clothes, and tossed then in the van. She smiled, and cooed "Come sit next to me, let's get high."

    After the first joint, she started to play her guitar, she was actually very good, and she filled the silence with songs that were popular back in the 60's starting out with that famous song about the summer of love in "San Francisco." Oh yeah, she was a hippie chick, she played several songs that she had written herself, and some of the old favorites that were popular during the summer of love, right up to Woodstock.

    She loved her pot, 3 joints were shared between us. She looked over at me, we were both so high, and she growled, "I love getting high, it makes me so fucking horny!"

    She came over and she was kneeling before me, giving me a hot suck job. Her expert oral talents brought me back up to full extension.

    She looked up at me, her eyes hungry, and purred, "Let's get back inside the van, I wanna get fucked and I want this load building up deep inside my tight little snatch!"

    Back inside, she jumped on the bed, and growled, "Ram me, fuck me hard!"

    More than eager to oblige, I mounted Noni and in one bold thrust, buried myself balls deep in her well lubricated tunnel. She growled and squealed as I bottomed out, and I let out a growl as the fiery, eager tightness wrapped around my prick. So nice and tight, fired up, I started to ride her, driving into her gripping heat over and over.

    Noni purred, "Umm, so big, so hard, go deep, fuck me lover, make me cum again!"

    I started to fuck her faster, my balls smacked against her ass on every plunge. Her legs wrapped around my thighs, she started to toss her head from side to side, letting our cries and moans of pleasure. She urged me on and I started to power-fuck her, testing the liquid depths of Noni's gripping pink fuck-hole, driving into her with everything I had, I could feel the orgasm building, I was on the verge.

    Noni cried out wildly as she climaxed, her body shuddering beneath me, I felt her fingernails raking my back, her mouth attached to my shoulder, giving me a love bite. That brought on the explosion, and my cock burst, spilling my seed into her with a loud growl of satisfaction, splattering my sperm along her tight pink walls, her fiery fuck-hole eagerly milking my cock for every drop.
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    Fantastic! Thanks Groom for bringing back happy memories.
    I had Noni for only a night, but I have loved her my whole life.
    Really enjoyed this story, but especially this chapter!

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    Part 21

    I flopped back, pleasantly drained, Noni cuddling close to me, sharing the post orgasmic afterglow.

    "Colin, you are such a fantastic lover, I could get used to this."

    I was feeling a deeper affection than just merely fucking. Noni was amazing, her free, uninhibited hippie personality, the way she moved her amazingly cute body when she rode my pole, the way she looked in the throes of passion, damn, I could fall in love with her, and I was wondering if she'd like to come with me.

    "How would you like to come with me to New York, and see what the Northeast is like?"

    "That sounds like fun, yeah, I'm gonna do it."

    Oh yes, great visions filled my head, Noni and I fucking and sucking our way across the country. I pleasantly drifted, until I felt her hand on my cock, and her amazing cute mouth quickly went down on me, sucking me back up to full glory.

    She pulled her mouth free, and purred, "Ummm, all ready again, lay back lover, let me take another of my favorite rides!"

    I was happy to do so, watching her by candlelight as she swung into position, I could feel my cock head rubbing against her tight pussy lips, as she teased me a bit. Noni rolled her hips back a little and I could feel the tip of my cock nudging against her opening.

    "Yes, oh yes, my favorite ride, hang on lover."

    Noni let out a low moan, pushing down, when I felt the warmth start to surround my prick, I pushed upwards, eager to bury it. She let out a gasp of pleasure, mixing with my grunt as was I once again wrapped in her tight, wet, clutching heat. Oh yes, such a nice tight pussy, enjoying her little moans and purrs as Noni started to hump up and down against my thrusts, her warm wet muscles milking my cock as I drove myself deeper.

    "Oh yes, my tight little snatch is getting so nicely stretched out. I love it, fuck it feels so good!"

    We move slowly, each thrust deeper and more intense than the one before it. Noni gasps urge me on, and I start to fuck her faster. I can feel the muscles of her pussy gripping my shaft like a velvet lined glove as she drives herself down on to me, my cock plunging between the tight, wet lips.

    I moved my hands up to her breasts, and pinch and gently tweak her stiff nipples, she grunts and starts to ride me faster. She dropped her hand down, and her fingers rub circles all over her hard little clit. She start to gasp, making little ah-ah-ah sounds, as her fingers stroke over her orgasm trigger. The gripping cling of her around my shaft makes my prick sizzle, the cum starting to boil. Again and again I thrust into her tight pussy until I thump against the back of her cervix, making her moan deeply.

    She whispers, "Oh fuck, yeah, fuck, gonna cum, flood me Colin, gonna cum all over your hard prick, I'm cumming, oh my god!"

    Her howl of pleasure sounds as she tensed suddenly, letting out gasps and grunts of pleasure, her body went rigid for just a second. Noni's orgasm rushed into her body, I felt her pussy convulse around my cock as she cums, the juices of her release gushing over my hardness.

    "Oh fuck yeah, gonna fill you Noni baby, gonna flood your hot cunt with my hot spunk, oh yeah, cumming baby, cumming, YEAH!"

    She whispered back, "Yes, oh yes, fill me, flood me now!"

    Her orgasm drove me over the edge, I reach down, grasp her hips and I thrust hard, burying my cock as deep as I can, my cock swells inside her tight pussy, the head of my cock pressed tightly against her cervix, splitting her open. She let out a grunt as my cock head forces its way into the entrance to her very womb, and I burst inside of her, my throbbing cock squirts wildly, and my hot seed pumped directly into her womb. Her pussy pulses several times, her tight grip milking my cock for every drop, her body shivering in a multiple climax. I pull her close to me, Noni lays her head down on the pillow and gives a soft satisfied sigh.

    "Ummm, so relaxed, let's sleep Colin, then in the morning, we can make our plans."

    That sounded real good, and I drifted off with her.

    I opened my eyes, it was 9 AM, and I reached over for Noni, but she was not there. I got up, figuring that she was in the bathroom, or just outside. She was nowhere in the van, and when I looked outside, I felt a sinking feeling. Her Toyota Corolla was gone. l tired to calm my disquiet, maybe she had an early shift at the diner. I quickly made tracks, and was soon back where it had all started.

    When I was seated, my waitress was a long legged blonde named Nancy, she was nice, she was pretty, but she was not Noni. I ate a rushed breakfast, and could think of nothing else except staking out the diner. Maybe she needed to wrap things up here, do a couple of shifts, then hook back up with me. I was able to park far enough away from the diner that I could not be seen, and waited for the shift change. When that happened, I decided I'd better head back to my spot at KOA, I had decided to stay at least another night, just in case she came back to the spot for me.

    I waited until the same time this evening, that I had been there last evening. When I was seated, the long legged blonde Nancy was still there, greeting me with a smile..

    "Hey sweetie, it's nice to see you again, really like our food, do you? Al's made a fried chicken dinner that you're gonna love, how about that sweetie?"

    I forced a smile I didn't quite feel, and said, "Sounds good Nancy."

    She jotted it down, and said "One chicken dinner, coming right up!"

    I took a closer look, and liked what I saw. Nancy filled out her uniform very nicely, she was really put together all right, a solid body, not fat but big. She must have been 5'11'' tall, just a inch shorter than me. Her hips filled out her lower part, nice and wide, her chest pushed out the top part. She was really put together all right, looked liked she had a nice set of 38Ds. As she walked back towards the counter, she was giving her ass some extra sexy swing, and it had my attention, such a fine rump, I'd love to see that up close. Her long blonde hair was tied up in a pony tail, and it swayed with the rhythm of her hips. At the counter, she turned, her eyes flashing blue fire, giving me a big smile, she knew I'd been watching.

    Damn, it was hard to keep my mind on Noni, with Nancy showing me what she had.

    When she brought my dinner, we were alone in the diner. As I tucked into the fried chicken, she took a seat at the table and said, "Ahh, it feels good to get off my feet. We were mobbed at lunchtime, a couple of tour buses stopped in, plus the usual tourists by car, and we were really jumping. Too bad Noni wasn't here to help out."

    I asked, "Noni, is that the one that served me last night when I was here?"

    "I thought you looked familiar, last night, I was just going off shift when Noni went to your table, Yeah, that's her. No way to get a hold of her to come in for an extra shift. She lives off the grid, back out in the desert somewhere, with some guy who's a survivalist type, he's been in a couple of times, and I get the feeling that this is not a guy that I'd want to get on the wrong side of. She comes in, sets up a few shifts per week, other than that, we barely see her around, driving that old blue Toyota. I get the feeling she's kinda flighty, like a modern day hippie, says a lot of things she doesn't mean, I think she smokes a lot of pot, right after the shift, she'll be firing up a joint."

    That answered a question, her all over tan, she probably went around naked all the time, wherever out in the desert she lived. I'd seen at our camp sight last night that she was a pothead. Flighty, yeah, just like her enthusiasm about going with me was part of her flightiness. I had the feeling I probably wasn't the first lone male customer she'd enjoyed a ride with, and I wouldn't be the last.

    I was startled when Nancy said, "She fucked you last night, didn't she?"

    I couldn't speak, so Nancy continued, "Yeah, that's her. She keeps talking about how much she loves her boyfriend, but he's not exactly a ball of fire in the sack. So, she told me how she gets lone male customers to give her a night of hot sex, then she splits. Would I be correct in assuming she did that with you?''

    I nodded, and said, "She was talking about going home with me to New York, I was feeling pretty deep feelings for her."

    Nancy said gently, "I'm sorry she led you on Colin, but it was just talk. Once she'd gotten her fill of sex, she's gone like the wind. She's not up for anything other than hot, no strings sex."

    Well, that finally broke the spell. Noni had led me around by the balls, and then taken off.

    Nancy said softly, "Colin, the best way to get over the pain of being used is to get right back on the horse, as it were. Would you like to get together with me, after my shift?"

    Her eyes were glowing with blue heat, and my cock naturally shoved aside my wounded pride, and took over.

    "That sounds real good Nancy."

    She gave me a smile, and said, "Where are you staying?"

    "I have a boogie van, I'm at the KOA, lot number 117."

    "A boogie van, yeah, I can see how that caught Noni's attention. Okay Colin, I'll be off in an hour, I know where the KOA is, how about if I drive over after my shift, and help you feel better? I promise I will be there."

    "Okay Nancy, I'll see you then."

    A couple had just come in, and she handed them the menu, and I again watched the sexy swing of her full hips, giving the very sexy shimmy for my eyes, as I got up and went to pay the tab.

    At the cash register, I made sure to tip her very generously. She had unbuttoned the top three buttons of her uniform just as I was walking up to the counter, leaning forward as I paid the bill, letting me get a good look at her very enticing cleavage. She gave me an eager smile, and said, "A little preview of what awaits you Colin, I'll see you soon."

    Back at my KOA space, I quickly had the services hooked up, and got a fire going in the pit. Nancy was real sexy eye candy, her full body really hit the right notes. Made me think of Maggie and Janice, two full bodied ladies from my earlier journeys, the remembered pleasures of their voluptuous bodies, cumming all over my cock, oh yeah, I was very much looking forward to my night with Nancy.

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