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Thread: Boogie Van

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    Boogie Van

    Part 01

    Behind the wheel of my 1977 Dodge Tradesman 200 Maxi Van, I hit the road. It felt good to leave the crush of the Greater New York metro behind me, as I headed south. Now that my van's camperisation was complete, I wanted to see what it was like.

    I had bought the van at an estate sale, and the age of the van kept the bidding low. I liked the dark maroon color, I saw some good potential, and for a modest price, it was mine. I liked the idea of owning one of the well known boogie vans, a "shaggin' wagon" if ever there was one. I contacted one of my Uncles, who was well known for his skill at restoring older vehicles, and told him what I wanted. Uncle Joe grinned, and told me not to worry, he would take care of it personally.

    He checked out the engine, and told me that the 52,000 miles on the odometer was the first run through, the engine needed no more work than just a tune-up, and some minor adjustments. The inside needed more work, someone had tried to camperise it, and apparently had given up halfway through the attempt. I'd seen tents that were more welcoming than this amateurish mess.

    "Not to worry Colin, once I have this baby done, it'll be perfect. I love the boogie van era, I had my first fuck in the back of my 76 Ford boogie van, my first girlfriend and I loved to test the shocks after every date, and I have a lot of great memories of how well my Ford van paid off for me."

    When he called me down to his garage, and I got the tour of his restoration, oh man, as he had promised, it was perfect. Right behind the front Captain's chairs was a dinette area, with a fridge and a three burner stove. A double sink and counter was on the opposite side. The inside had been carpeted in a new dark blue, the hallway led down between a large closet on the left and a bathroom, complete with a shower, on the right. In the master bedroom, the cheap cot had been tossed out, and a nice big double bed had been installed. And it was no foam rubber mattress, this was a brand new pillow-top.

    "When you are out on the road, why not have the comforts of home? This new pillow-top will be perfect for sleeping...and for entertaining willing ladies. That old cot that was in here was crap."

    Being family really paid off, he just charged me for the parts, telling me that it was a labor of love to restore my van to its boogie van glory. I took him and his wife Bridget out for the best steak dinner I could find.

    After driving for 6 hours, I had reached Richmond, Virginia, and I saw an RV camp just ahead. Felt like a good time to call it a day, and I pulled in, paid the fee, and got a nice spot, surrounded by big trees, with a large lake just beyond the tree line. I parked, and climbing out of my van, I stretched, working out the muscles that had not had much to do.

    "Well, hello there."

    I jumped, not expecting to have someone suddenly behind me, and spun around. I looked, and then stared. A very attractive lady, with a nice smile, and lively brown eyes, was facing me. She was a well-built five foot eight inch brunette, with shoulder length curls, large, full breasts, my eyes went lower, she was voluptuous, not fat but with a solid, well formed body, a waistline that nipped in, and full, flaring hips, she had a classic hourglass figure. I realized that my eyes were locked on exactly where her pussy would be, before I yanked my eyes back up. If she had noticed me staring, she didn't seem to mind, her eyes twinkled, and she had a small smile on her lips. I noticed her eyes dart to my crotch, before she pulled her eyes back up to mine.

    "We noticed you pull in, and we'd like to invite your over for dinner. I'm Janice Raymond, come meet my husband Paul, and our daughter Paula."

    Following Janice, I noticed that wonderful heart shaped ass, snugged in the seat of her shorts, her rump had graceful curves, perky and smooth, an assman's delight. Their motorhome was just behind the strand of trees that separated our sites. Paul was about 6 feet tall, broad shoulders, brawny and fit. Paula was built along the same lines as her Mom. She was about an inch shorter than her Mom, she had big, luscious jugs just like her Mom, a slim waist and wide hips, her ass cheeks were firm and smooth. Her brunette hair was the same color as her Mom, she wore her hair long and thick, tied back in a pony tail. Her eyes went over my body, giving me the once over, than she looked closer at my crotch, and I saw her lick her lips.

    Paul was starting a barbeque, and another T Bone steak was brought out, and 4 steaks were quickly sizzling on the grill. I went back to my van for a minute, and returned with a bottle of Pinot Noir. Paula was 19, as I found out, but her Mom and Dad were cool with her having a glass of wine.

    With baked potatoes, corn on the cob, toasted garlic bread and rich, juicy T Bone steaks, it was a feast. There was a fire-pit, and Paul got a fire going as dusk descended. We sat around in the glow of the fire, and we talked about where we were from. I learned that they lived just outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Paul was 43, and was a bank manager, while Janice was 40, and taught 9th grade math. Paula was 19, and was working as a receptionist for an insurance agency.

    Oh man, if I had had a 9th grade teacher as sexy as Janice when I was in school, I would have paid a lot more attention. I told them about living in Queens, New York, and how I was looking to move outside of the city. The big city shine had dimmed away, and at age 25, I wanted some space.

    Janice said, "Well, Scranton is a nice place to live, we like it, less that 80,000 people live in the city. Maybe you'd like to relocate to Pennsylvania?"

    Paula joined in, "Oh yes, please consider Scranton, we'd love to have you there!"

    l noticed smiles from both Janice and Paula that had a definite lust edge to them. They also seemed to be moving their bodies to display them to their best advantage, and my cock responded. When Paul went to the motorhome to get a flashlight, both women stared at my crotch, licking their lips and giving me a hungry, "I want that" look.

    When we said goodnight, I headed back to my van. Ten minutes after I went to bed, I was not surprised to her a knocking on my door. I turned on the bedside lamp, it cast a soft glow as I got up, and headed for the door. I opened it, and there stood Paula. She was wearing just a set of red satin bikini style panties, her large luscious breasts stood up, high and proud, topped with stiff, turgid nipples. She saw my cock making a tent pitch in my jockey shorts.

    She gigged, "Does that mean come in?"

    She grinned, climbed in, and reached into my shorts, letting out a low growl as she felt my 9 inches surge up to full erection. She practically tore off her panties, and the sight of her sexy shape, now fully, nakedly displayed, the one that turns me on so much, was laid bare to my eyes.

    She purred, "Oh yeah, so big, so hard, I hope I'm the cause of that, I need a good hard fucking, with a big, hard cock. I've been fucking college boys, but they don't know how to do it right! I want a real MAN'S prick to show me how it should be done!"

    She stroked the outline of my cock all the way back to the bedroom. She quickly lay back, spreading her thighs wide, displaying, her bare, smooth well waxed pussy, urging me on.

    "Go for it, lover! Get your mouth down there, and eat my pussy! Lick my cunt until I cum all over your face!"

    I was quick to do as she asked, and soon my tongue was sweeping all over her smoothly bare pubic triangle, licking up all the hot excitement her pussy was churning with.

    "Yes, oh fuck, yeah, I love being eaten! Right there, yes, unnh, right there, lick my cunt right there, lick me, make me cum!"

    Shoving two fingers up her cleft, I surrounded her straining clit with my mouth, and she came with a force, pushing her gushing entrance tight against my mouth as I licked her to a shuddering climax. I rose up, my cock hard and eager.

    Paula gasped, "I want you to slide your stiff prick up my burning cunt, and fuck me hard over and over! I want to feel your cock throbbing as it explodes inside of me, as you flood my cunt with a huge load of spunk, I want your load up my burning cunt! I know your balls have a big load, and I want every drop!"

    Getting into position, I notched my cock against her, and slammed the entire 9 inches deep up her. She squealed with pleasure as her tight cunt walls were split open, matching my grunt of pleasure from the feel of her tight cunt stretched wide and tight around my erection.

    "Oh yes, that feels so good! Now put my legs over your shoulders, and fuck my cunt hard, fuck me now! Ram that big beauty up my horny little cunt, and fuck me until I can't see straight! Fuck me, and shoot your hot spunk up my burning fuck-hole, fuck my ass off!" Paula gasped.

    I quickly complied, hoisting her legs over my shoulders. I slid a pillow under Paula's ass and thrust deep into her. The slick heat of her tight teen pussy squeezed and milked my throbbing cock. I clamped my hands tightly around the beautiful cheeks of her ass, lifting her hips in rhythm to the plunges of my steel hard cock into her churning cunt as I power fucked her, it was making my cock throb wildly.

    "Oh yeah, give it to me", Paula gasped, "Let me have it! I Fuck me, fuck my burning cunt! I love being teased and fucked by your big, hard cock! Let me have it, slam my pussy! Fuck me, fuck my horny cunt, fuck my brains out!"

    Her sexy voice, and what she was saying, was driving me crazy, I slammed my steel hard cock in and out, in and out of her burning lust pit. Each in thrust she took my hard cock right up to the balls. She had a look of rapture on her face, she looked delirious with pleasure, as I power fucked her fiery tightness, plunging balls deep into her again and again. I could feel my nut sac tighten up, as my balls moved into firing position, and the spunk started to sizzle. Paula brought her legs around my waist, and pulled me in as deep as possible. I felt my cock head nudging tightly against her cervix, bringing a long moan from her. She was panting and gasping, tossing her head from side to side as she writhed beneath me. I stretched out a finger, and ran it up and down the tight pucker of her ass. I could feel the tight rose shaped pucker of her ass hole twitching wildly, making her squeal.

    "Yes, keep fucking me! I'm so close, I need to cum, and I'm so close! I can feel your big cock throbbing, let it go, I want you to flood my pussy! Keep fucking me hard, your cock is driving me crazy! I wanna feel you squirt! I want every drop you got! Fill my womb, I'm soo, I'm soo, Oh God, I'm almost there! Don't stop, don't stop, don't, don’t, don't, yes, yes, yes, OH YES!!!"

    Just as she went over the edge, I shoved my finger up her tight asshole as far as I could. Her voice rose to a scream as she exploded, her pussy clamping tightly around my cock, spasming wildly. The tight hug of her inner sheath took me over the edge. I could feel the spunk surging up my shaft, and I rammed as deep as possible, opening a path to her womb, and I groaned with pure pleasure as my cock exploded, my sperm blasting out, squirting wildly, splattering her womb. We gasped and moaned as our bodies shook from the force of our climaxes, her pussy milking greedily at my cock, eager to suck out every drop as I emptied my balls deep inside her burning cunt. I flopped down, wonderfully spent, and she rolled against me.

    We heard Janice's voice said, "You little bitch, you beat me to it!"
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    Part 2

    I looked over, and saw Janice's wonderfully ripe figure in the doorway, she was wearing just a set of black, string bikini style panties, and I saw her hand inside her panties, gently caressing herself.

    "We both had the same idea, and of course, my little slut of a daughter beat me to it!"

    Janice smiled as she said it, and Paula cooed, "Well, I'm sure we can make that big cock rise again, with the right incentive!"

    She spread her legs wide towards her Mom, and Janice seemed transfixed by the sight of her daughter's pussy, displaying the creampie I had just flooded her with.

    "My pussy is full of a hot creampie, how would you like to clean my messy pussy? You know you want to Mom, I heard you telling Dad a couple of weeks ago, how exciting it was to suck his cum out of your girlfriend's hot cunt, when he had blasted his load into her. Was it fun to have a three-way. Mom? Did Nancy love having her pussy licked clean? Do it to me Mom, so Colin can watch. Let's make him all hard again, so he can fuck you!"

    That seemed to settle the issue, as Janice shimmied out of her panties, they dropped to the floor, and she stepped out of them. I enjoyed the view of her neatly trimmed nest of brunette pubic curls, as she settled herself between Paula's thighs. She ran her nose up and down her daughter's pussy, letting out coos of pleasure.

    "Oh yeah, smells so hot, I'm gonna eat you alive, daughter of mine!"

    Paula's pussy was indeed flooded with cum, ready to overflow. Janice quickly licked up the cum that was welling up, rimming her lips, then she spread Paula's lips open. I saw Janice lick her lips as she speared her tongue deep into Paula's soft, wet folds, lapping hungrily at the mixed juices. Janice let out a loud moan as the mixed taste of my cum and Paula's juices flooded all over her taste buds. She pressed her lips against her daughter's labia, not wanting to miss a drop from Paula's cum filled pussy.

    "Ummm, oh yes, such a talent for cunt licking, lick me Mom, clean my messy cunt!"

    Janice was moaning with pleasure as she hungrily sucked and licked at the juices, slurping and swallowing as she sucked the mixed fluids of passion from Paula's pussy.

    Watching this display of mother-daughter lesbian action had made my dick soar up like a crane, god, what a wild, lust filled sight.

    Paula started to moan and pant as she got wetter and wetter, as her Mom licked every drop of my cum from her cunt. Now that Paula's pussy was churning with her own juices, Janice attacked her clit, and thrust two fingers into Paula's pink hole, creating wet squelches as she furiously finger fucked her daughter. Paula was moaning, gasping, humping her hips up at her Mom's eager mouth, until she shrieked, a gush of juices washing her Mom's face, as she came with a force, pushing her gushing pussy tight against Janice's mouth, riding the crest, until she flopped down.

    Janice looked at me, her face a mask of hungry lust, and she growled, "My turn! Lay back Colin, I want to ride you like a cowgirl!"

    I quickly did as she asked, and as Janice swung into position above me, I felt Paula's hand grip my cock, holding me up for her Mom.

    "Umm, oh yes, Colin is just as hard and ready for you Mom, as he was for me. Do it, mount up and ride!"

    I felt the head of my cock now lodged against her pussy. With a low moan, Janice pushed down, impaling herself on my cock as she pushed down hard, burying my cock in one hard downward thrust. The heat and the virgin tight grip were fantastic, drawing a loud grunt from me as her loud gasp of pleasure joined in. The clutching heat was something else, as she paused, perched on my cock.

    She growled throatily, "Do you like how tight my cunt is Colin? I had that procedure just a few months ago, to tighten everything up, and now, with the tight grip, sex is once again the huge pleasure it was when I was Paula's age. Tell me how good it feels, talk dirty to me Colin!"

    I growled, "Oh yeah baby, fuck, your hot cunt is so wet and so tight, you're gonna suck every drop out of my hard prick!"

    Janice purred, "Oh yes, that's what I want, every drop. My husband is waiting for me, in bed, with a raging hard-on. When I get into bed, I'm gonna tell him how good it felt to fuck you, how full of your hot cream I am, and it will drive him wild! He's going to ram my fuck-hole like a tiger, he loves to fuck my pussy when I have a thick load of another man's cum filling me up! Fill me up, fill up my married cunt, cream my horny married pussy, and give my husband the thick rich load he wants to drive his iron hard cock into!"

    We started out, as she'd lift up a bit, then drive her hips down hard. She moaned as she felt my cock head press tight against her cervix. Her gasps and my growls of pleasure urged us on, and she started to ride my cock faster. I could feel the muscles of her pussy gripping my shaft as she plunged up and down. I looked down to see my cook appearing, shiny wet with her juices, then being swallowed up again as my cock was buried between her tight lips, again and again. My gaze took everything in, my cock building back up, the sight of those wide, sexy hips straddling me, the sight of her big, luscious melons bouncing up and down, her grunts, coos and moans of pleasure, mixing with the wet, juicy squelch of her fuck hole, was making my balls churn up a fresh load. I could feel the head of my cock beech her cervix, making her moan deeply as I was fully extended.

    She gasped, "Oh fuck, yeah, fuck, gonna cum, oh fuck, cream me Colin, fill my married cunt with another man's sperm, cream my married womb, I'm cumming, OH MY GOD!"

    Her voice rose up to a shriek of pleasure, as she tumbled into orgasm, I could feel her pussy clenching, convulsing around my cock as she orgasmed, the juices of her release gushing over my hardness.

    I grunted, "Oh fuck yeah, gonna fill you Janice baby, gonna flood your hot cunt with my hot spunk, oh yeah, cumming baby, cumming, YEAH!"

    She cooed back, "Yes, oh yes, fill me, flood me now! Oh yes, gonna cum again, so good, flood me NOWWWWW!"

    Her second orgasm drove me over the edge, gripping her hips, I pulled her tightly against me as I bucked up last time, my cock head poised at the entrance to her womb. With a groan of pleasure, I felt the burst as my cock erupted, my throbbing cock squirted wildly, my hot seed pumped directly into her womb. She shuddered and shook several times, her tight grip milking my cock for every drop, her body shivering in pleasure as she rode the second wave of orgasm.

    We stayed joined for a minute, so her pussy could milk me, I felt her talented muscles working over my cock, to get every drop.

    She lifted up, and purred, "Ummm, that was so good, Colin, you are a great fuck! Now, I'm gonna go back, and let my husband fuck my freshly creamed pussy! And just to make it even more fun, I'm going to go back totally naked!"

    She picked up her black, string bikini panties, and put them in my hand.

    "For you Colin, a little memento of our hot fuck! Are you getting back on the road tomorrow?"

    I replied, "Yes, I'm going to be back on the road."

    Janice cooed, "We are leaving tomorrow morning, don't leave until I come and say goodbye!"

    I walked her to the door, and enjoyed the moonlight sight of her bare backside, the sexy naked rump moving in such a pleasing rhythm, as she crossed towards her motorhome. I went back to the bedroom, and Paula was smiling.

    "Mom and Dad will be fucking up a storm, and I won't get any sleep until they are done, so, let me suck you up, and you can fuck me again!"

    Paula was quickly on her knees, grinning at me, and urging me forward. I stood in front of her, my semi-hard cock inches from her lips.

    "Ummm, all wet and shiny, covered with my Mom's juices, and your cum, get you all nice and clean!"

    She slid her tongue out, opening her mouth, and she swallowed me down, balls deep. She brought her lips together, and with her full lips gripping tightly, drew back, letting her mouth slide up my cock, her tongue swirling around my shaft, eager to clean up every trace of her Mom riding my cock. I could hear her mmmm of pleasure around my cock, as she worked on me. My cock took notice, and I felt myself reversing course, working back up to a full, stiff erection.

    When she released me, I was once again ready, and she cooed, "Oh yes, all hard and ready for me. Now, take me from behind, I love getting it doggy style!"

    On her hands and knees, Paula reached between her legs, parting her lips, letting me see the hot, pink inner entrance. I quickly took position, and nudged against her.

    Paula gasped, "Ummm, sucking cock makes me crazy. Ram me Colin, just fuck me like a slut, ram my cunt, and cream me!"

    I grabbed Paula's hips, and pushed hard. Oh fuck, her 19 year old tightness was furnace hot, dripping with her juices, as I felt her walls part, clutching at me tightly, as I rammed in, balls deep. She growled with pleasure as I bottomed out in the hot, liquid depths of her tight pussy.

    I grunted, "Oh yeah, umm, such a nice tight pussy, I'm going to love filling you again!"

    Paula purred, "Yes, oh yes, now drive your prick in, over and over, give me a long hard fuck, fill my hot, tight hole, I love it!"

    Fired up, I pulled back out until just the head of my cock was in, then drove back in with another hard thrust, grunting as I felt the hot, slick tightness gripping at my cock again. Paula's pony tail was draped down her back, it was just above the swell of her ass cheeks. I put a hand around it, and pulled back. Paula threw back her head and arched her back as felt me tugging on her pony tail.

    "Oh fuck, I love it, when a man pulls on my hair as he's fucking me doggy style!"

    Paula was moaning and making sounds of pleasure as we built up a ryhthm. I could feel her muscles eagerly massaging the entire length of my cock as I powered in and out, Paula was eagerly pumping her hips back as I rammed into her over and over, hungry for every last inch of my cock to be buried in the tight, wet clutch. Paula threw back her head and arched her back, letting out moans of pleasure as I built up a rhythm. I could feel her muscles eagerly massaging the entire length of my cock, as I powered in and out, Paula was eagerly pumping her hips back as I rammed into her over and over, hungry for every last inch of my cock to be buried in the tight, wet clutch.

    With the need to cum banked down, I was going to enjoy the ride for as long as I could. Oh man, the feel of her tight pussy walls gripping at my shaft, her moans and cries of pleasure, the obvious enjoyment of good hard fucking, was superb.

    Paula took full advantage of the long, hard fuck, after her first orgasm, she started cumming again and again, she went from orgasm after orgasm, the massaging clenching around my cock milking eagerly at me, urging me on to blow my load. I kept driving into her, finally feeling the stirring in my balls.

    I grunted, "Oh yeah, I'm so close, gonna cum baby, gonna cum!"

    Paula purred, "Oh yes, let me have it, cream MEEEE!"

    Her voice rose up to a shriek, as I once again pierced her cervix, she reached between our legs, and started to play with my nut sac. I felt the eruption, as my balls let fly. Burning tingles of lust shot through my prick, as Paula's squeals of orgasm announced her peak, and my grunts and growls mixed with her cries of pleasure as my cock burst deep inside her, a fresh load of hot sperm being delivered directly into her womb.

    We tumbled down to the bed, spent, I'd just been so well milked, and Paula flopped into my arms, gasping. We rode the afterglow, and I wondered how much Janice and Paul were enjoying themselves. As if in answer to my mental wondering, I heard shrieks of pleasure coming from their motorhome, as Janice crested to another climax.

    Paula giggled, "I guess that answers my question of how long before they were done. It sure sounded like my Mom and my Dad enjoyed the big load you gave Mom!"

    I walked her back towards the door, and she smiled, as she picked up her panties. She placed them in my hand.

    "Just like my Mom, I'm going to walk back to bed stark naked, and I want you to have my panties as a souvenir of the hot fuck and suck we enjoyed. And, I hope this will remind you of what awaits you in Scranton, and encourage you to relocate."

    She wrapped her arms around my neck, pressing her nudity tight against mine, and our lips came together, in a hot, passion filled swirl of tongues, she moaned deep in her throat, and it took several minutes before we finally stopped, both of us breathing harder, her face was flushed, eyes dilated.

    "Ummm, Colin, you are such a great kisser. Tomorrow, I'm going to come over with my Mom, so we both can give you a proper goodbye!"

    With a grin, she left my van, and I enjoyed the sight of her graceful, sexy naked backside as she covered the distance to her motorhome. I took the panties, sniffed at them, and felt the stirring, their panties were smeared with the lust juices of two very hot, sexy women. I tucked them away, and took to bed, after being fucked so well, I was out like a light.
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    Part 03

    I opened my eyes, my digital clock showing it was 7 AM. I got up, and looked out the window. The Raymond's motorhome was still there, I went into the bathroom, and gave myself a sponge bath. I didn't want to be in the showers, when Janice and Paula came over to say goodbye.

    I dried off, and as I left the bathroom, I heard a gentle tapping on my door. I looked out, and saw the smiles of Janice and Paula. I opened the door, and saw the grins as they took in the fact that I was still naked. They were wearing terrycloth robes, and they opened them, let the robes slide off their shoulders, and I let my eyes take in the sight of both mother and daughter totally nude. My eyes kept switching back and forth, like a kid in a candy store.

    "So sexy, damn, so hot."

    Janice cooed, "Umm Colin, you make us feel so sexy, so desirable. We are going to be hitting the road soon, and as a goodbye, we thought we'd give you a double blowjob."

    They were both quickly on their knees, and I enjoyed the sight of Paula's mouth moving in, her lips parted and her tongue came out, hot wet licks all over the head of my cock. Looking up at me, she gave me lusty grin, then she wrapped her lips around me, and thrust her mouth down in one smooth go. I gasped from the sensation, as Paula swallowed me down to the balls. I could feel the flutter of her throat around my cock as I snaked past the back of her mouth.

    I heard Janice coo, "And while you're doing that sweet daughter, I'm going to give Colin's balls a nice tongue bath."

    I almost jumped as I felt a hot, wet sensation, Janice had maneuvered her body under me, and her mouth slipped over my balls. The sensation was electric as I felt both my balls sliding inside her hot, eager mouth. I could feel Janice's mouth close around the top of my ball sack. I felt her mouth gently sucking at me, her tongue licking my ball sack, stirring them around.

    "Oh fuck, that is fucking sensational, holy fuck!"

    The sensation of Paula expertly deep throating my cock, was a hot wet grip that rode up and down my pole, her teen mouth sucking and slurping eagerly at my cock, oh she knew how to suck. Having Janice's hot, wet mouth working over my balls just doubled the pleasure, as she sucked and licked at my sack.

    When Janice let my balls slip for her hot, sucking mouth, she cooed to Paula, "My turn sweet daughter, I get his hard pole, and you get his balls."

    I felt cool air as my cock was released, then I growled as Janice's hot wet mouth took a ride on my pole. She eagerly took me in, just like Paula, at the same time as Paula's hot wet mouth closed around my balls. The tight grip of Janice's mouth slid down my length, and I was balls deep in the hot, sucking sensation. Paula's tongue gently caressed my balls, sucking gently at my sack, as Janice let my cock snake down her throat, the flutter of her throat muscles as she made swallowing motions, was fantastic. I let my head loll back, enjoying every wet, licking, sucking moment.

    I watched as Janice waved Paula back in, and as Janice lifted clear, Paula's mouth slid down, without missing a beat, as Janice once again wrapped her mouth around my balls. The feel of hot wet mouths was making my balls twitch, and I could feel them refilling, eager to spew a new load. I wound my fingers through Paula's hair, and let her take me at her own pace. The feel of her hot, lusty mouth, and the sight of her head bobbing back and forth made the cum start to stir.

    Janice lifted her mouth from my balls, and cooed, "I think Colin is ready to explode, let's make sure we both get a share of his cum!"

    They brought their lips tightly together around my cock, a hot, tongue swirling sensation. Their tongues swiped and caressed my cock, I felt Janice's hand cup my balls, and start to squeeze gently, urging me to orgasm.

    My balls were twitching wildly, I cum feel the cum churning, then my cock jerked, swelling up. Janice and Paula's tongues were lashing at my prick, and I felt the surge as the cum streaked up my shaft. With a wild groan of pure pleasure, my cock erupted, a geyser of hot spunk jetting out, painting their mouths. They kept me in until I was milked for every drop, then they released me, and swallowed my morning load.

    They stood up, smiling, and Janice said, "Ummm, better than orange juice to start the day! Thank you Colin, I'm going to go back to our motorhome, and suck off my husband's cock. I'm gonna tell him all about how we sucked you off, how I let another man's cum fill my married mouth, how I can still feel traces of the thick gooey coating of your load in my mouth, and how his load is going to be next! He'll love it, last night, when I brought my married, well creamed cunt to bed, and told him all about how I rode your cock, and let another man's cum fill my married cunt, he fucked me until I couldn't see straight."

    She picked up her robe, and took out a piece of paper. Handing it to me, she said, "Here is our address and our phone number in Scranton. We'd love to see you again soon. We hope you will seriously consider moving to Scranton, but you have our address and phone number, and no excuse to at least come and visit us, since we are only about two and a half hours away. Drive carefully Colin, and let us know when you get home safely."

    She pulled my head to hers, and gave me a tongue twirling, drawn out kiss. Paula had picked up her robe, and put it back on, and when Janice broke the kiss, Paula stepped in, smiling, and took over, more tongue filled swirls of passion, as she kissed me goodbye.

    When she pulled back, she said softly, "What my Mom said about you moving to Scranton, goes double for me! Until we see you again Colin, farewell."

    I was in a bit of a daze as I dressed quickly, securing everything for movement, and broke camp. I started up, and on the access road, turned right, towards the exit. It took me right by the front of their motorhome, and Paul, Janice and Paula were lined up, waving and smiling. I smiled and waved back, until I turned the corner at the exit, and drove towards the interstate. I saw a Cracker Barrel restaurant, realized how hungry I was, and drove into the parking lot, I was famished, and devoured a large breakfast.

    Back on the road, I set course, and drove along, mulling over what had happened. The idea of moving to Scranton was really starting to gain traction. I had enough finances for now, with the 700,000 dollars after taxes inheritance my Uncle had left me when he passed away. With no need to be worried about finances, I was able to do things that I could not before, and writing was one of them. I had done a few stories for magazines, and I had received requests for more. With the internet, I could write just as easily from Scranton, as I could from Brooklyn. The cost of living was probably much more favorable, the money I could make from writing would easily carry me along, without having to drain my inheritance.

    I smiled, but of course, the biggest reasons, Janice and Paula. Tight fuck-holes, true cocksucker lips, a mother and daughter who were so damn fuckable, and a husband who wanted his wife to get a pussy full of cream from me, so he could then ram his cock into her cream filled cunt. Hey, if that was his kink, I'd be happy to be a part of that. I was more than happy to ram Janice's hot fuck-hole, and blow that load of cum right into her womb.

    I headed just a little north, than southeast. It didn't take long before I was in the Blue Ridge mountains. I'd always wanted to see them, and they were a great sight. I was struck by this beauty of nature that had been not that far away from the hustle and bustle of the New York metro region.

    Just ahead of me, I saw a Chevy Impala on a roadside layby, hood up, and it looked like someone standing at the front of the car. I always follow the unwritten rule to help out a stranded motorist, and I slowed, coming to a stop behind the car. As I got out, I saw a woman coming around from the front. She smiled as she saw me stopping to offer aid.

    "Thank god, a white knight who can help me out. I don't know anything about cars, could you help me out?"

    I detected a definite Tennessee accent, I smiled back and said, "I'll give it a try. What was it doing, before you stopped?

    "It wasn't doing anything, I just stopped in the layby to take some pictures, and now, it won't start."

    "Does it turn over at all?"

    "It won't even do that, I turn the key, it clicks, but nothing more."

    "Well, could be a bad battery. Let me hook up some jumper cables, and see if that gets it going. If not, it could be a bad starter."

    I drove my van around to the front, and hooked up our batteries. When she turned the key, the Impala made that clicking sound, and that was all. Oh yeah, it was a bad starter.

    "Bad news, I'm afraid, you've got a bad starter."

    "Oh no! Can we get to a service station? It is a hard thing to fix?"

    "No, replacing a starter is not a big deal, but it will have to be towed in, and go into the service bay. Replacing a starter is not something that can be done on the road. Let's see where the nearest service station is", I said, as I pulled out my smartphone.

    As I had spelled out what was wrong, I couldn't help it, my eyes had been checking her out. Strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, a friendly smile, and a very fair complexion, she made me think of Nicole Kidman. Her blouse was well filled out, firm, upright breasts. Nice, grapefruit sized mounds, I saw her nipples jutting up, poking through her top. I smiled inwardly, must be the water in this part of the US, turning out nice, big melons. Her tummy was flat, she was wearing a blue, wrap around skirt, and her hips had that sexy curve, sleek, full legs, oh yeah, she was nicely put together. I guessed her to be about 40, and a youthful 40 at that.

    I connected to the net, and luck was with us.

    "Ah, there is a full service garage, tow truck available, let's see, 5 miles down the way. Would you like to get a lift there in my van, and we'll send the tow truck back for your car?"

    "I'd like that very much. By the way, my name is Ellen Conrad."

    "A pleasure to meet you Ellen, I'm Colin Henderson."

    I escorted her to the van, opened the door and helped her up, as she had to step up a bit. I was able to enjoy the view, how her rump had a graceful curve, perky and smooth. I closed her door, hurried around to my side, and hopped in. We exchanged a bit of small talk until we got to the garage. They were only too happy to send back a tow truck, and soon her car was in a service bay.

    The mechanic told us that it was indeed a bad starter, it would be no problem to replace. Although they did not have any starters for a Chevy in stock, they could overnight a starter and install it first thing in the morning. She got her suitcase out of the trunk, and we stashed it in the van

    We went back out to my van, and she said, "I'm hungry, and it's close enough to dinner time, let's go to that restaurant we passed by a mile back, what was it called, 'The Country Inn', and have dinner. It's on me, for your coming to my rescue."

    Soon, we were seated at a table, sipping some wine while we ordered.

    "I'm glad you came to my rescue, so many people don't want to get involved. When you get to be 55, you just wish that people were as helpful as they were back when I was a kid."

    I asked, startled, "You're 55 years old?" At her smiling nod, I went on, "Where's the fountain of youth you'd been hiding? You don't look any older than 40!"

    "Well, thank you for the compliment. My mother and my grandmother were both young looking for their ages, and I guess I inherited that young looking gene."

    We ate, talked, and when we left the restaurant, she said, "Okay, time to find me a motel, hope they won't be too pricey around here."

    On impulse, I said, "How would you like to stay in my van overnight?"

    She looked at me, her expression neutral, and I quickly added, "You can take the bedroom, it's a nice big pillowtop mattress, and I'll sleep on the dinette, it folds down into a second bed."

    She smiled, and said, "That sounds wonderful, thank you Colin."

    There was an RV park just a few miles away, and we checked in, set up camp, and soon we had a campfire going. We exchanged life stories around the fire, she was a 5th grade English teacher, hoping to retire by 60, and I told her about how I was a writer, working on making a name for myself. The time flew by, and I was surprised by how late it was getting.

    We went inside, and I showed her the sliding door to the bedroom. She got her soap and toothpaste, and went into the bathroom. I picked up my soap and toothpaste, and went over to the campground's mens room, so she could have her privacy.

    When I got back, I tapped on the bedroom door, and said softly, "Goodnight Ellen."

    She called back, "Goodnight Colin."

    I went to the dinette, set it up in its bed configuration, and made myself comfortable. My mind ran back, from checking out Ellen, I could see she had a pleasing shape, and the idea of being with a mature lady made my cock twitch. With me being 25, and her being 55, the idea was really making my cock harden. It wasn't going to be easy getting to sleep, wait for a little while, then stroke out a quick one.

    A half-hour later, I decided that Ellen was probably asleep. I was just about to reach for the panties that Janice and Paula had given me, so I could sniff their hot horny scents while I stroked, when the door to the bedroom slid open. I looked over, saw Ellen coming out, she had the low wattage bedroom lamp on, and it back lit her. She was wearing a nylon nightie, a normal, not a super sexy thing, but the back lighting outlined her figure through the nightie in a perfect silhouette, damn, she was shapely.

    She stopped next to me, and said, "Having trouble sleeping?"

    I said, "Yeah, just a little too wide awake."

    Ellen said, "Yes, me too. I think I would sleep better, if you came to bed with me. And I want what two people in bed like to do, other than sleep. You've been so thoughtful, so nice, assuring me that I could stay here, and you wouldn't take advantage. I want you with me, I want you to make love to me, then sleep with me after the loving. I haven't had a man in such a long time. Too choosy I guess, but I'm not going to let just anyone use me like a sex doll, for their own gratification. Being with you, from the time we met, I felt sure that you would be kind and thoughtful in making love, making sure that I enjoyed it as much as you. Come to bed with me."

    She turned back towards the door, and I quickly followed, shedding my pajama bottoms along the way. She shrugged her shoulders, sliding the spaghetti straps down her arms, and her nightie fell away, she stepped out from the crumpled ball of nylon, and climbed on the bed.

    I quickly joined her, she took a look at my cock, then looked again. Her hand reached down to feel it, and I saw her face.

    "Oh my god...it's so big...so hard."

    "Like back Ellen, I want to do this right."
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    Nice -- I had one of those vans 20 years ago!
    Keep 'em coming

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    Part 04

    The dim lighting was perfect, and I let my eyes roam all over her nude shape. Her nipples were puckered up tight, standing up stiff, topping her grapefruit sized melons. I let my eyes trail downwards, taking in the flat plane of her belly, the sexy curving swell of her hips, and oh yes, she was a natural strawberry blonde, she had a lush pelt, trimmed just to a uniform level, oh man, I was going to enjoy getting my face into that hot bush.

    I looked up, she was gazing at me, eyes wide, face flushed, and she cooed, "Oh, it just feels like your eyes made love to me."

    I said softly, "Now, I'll let my body do the same."

    I lowered my face to hers, and our lips pressed together, I could feel the warmth, then she opened her mouth to mine, moaning low in her throat as our tongues came together in hot lazy tongue filled swirls of passion. When I broke the kiss, I started to travel downwards, her little coos of pleasure urging me on.

    When I fastened my lips around her stiff left nipple, she purred, "Oh I love that, suck my tits, kiss them, lick them, so good!"

    Eager to do so, her nipple became even stiffer as I licked, sucked and kissed it, I nibbled gently at it, bringing a low moan of pleasure. I switched over to her right nipple, eager to not neglect either.

    With my mouth working over her right nipple, she cooed, "Oh my baby, suck it, feels so good."

    When I lifted my head away, her nipples were stiff, reddened, and wet with saliva. I trailed my way downwards, over her belly, through her navel, and lower still. I trailed my mouth through her strawberry blonde bush, her scent was fiery, musky, and I wanted to taste that essence. I wanted to tease her a bit, as I kissed around her bush, then gently parting her legs, I could see the pink opening, swollen with arousal, and I gently kissed at the folds. I licked up and down the rim of her pussy lips, enjoying the hot, musky taste.

    Ellen gasped, "Oh my god, I feel like I'm on fire, stop teasing me Colin!"

    I let the tip of my tongue softly probe her pink opening, then I drove my tongue in as deep as possible, enjoying Ellen's long, drawn out ahhhhhhh of pleasure as I stuffed my tongue up as far as I could reach. A rich gush of juices welled up, giving me more to taste as buried my face between her thighs. I dined on Ellen's pussy ravenously, driving my tongue deep, tasting the juices, then I started flicking my tongue against her clit, which had risen up, stiff and straining for my tongue.

    Ellen moaned, "Oh yes, keep going, keep licking my pussy, make me cum Colin!"

    In less than a minute, Ellen started to pant and gasp. I kept my face between her thighs, wrapping my mouth around her clit, and letting my tongue go crazy on her clit. I felt her body tense up, like a coiled spring.

    Raggedly, she cried out, "I'm cumming, oh my GOD!!"

    I could feel her body begin to spasm as she grabbed my head, and pulled me tight against her pussy. She let out a shriek of pleasure as her orgasm bloomed full force, her pussy pumping out juices like a river, her body shaking and trembling as she rode the crest. I licked her gently as she drifted down, then I rose up, my cock was steel hard.

    Her eyes locked on my cock, her voice a husky growl of passion, she urged, "Oh yes Colin, cover my body, make love to me!"

    Eager to do so, I mounted her, enjoying her cries of pleasure as I penetrated, sliding slow and deep into her, until with a grunt from both of us, I nudged hard against her cervix, my balls smacking gently against her ass.

    "Oh yes, unnnghhh, so deep, so hard, it's been so long since I've had a man. Make love to me Colin, make me warm sweetheart."

    Her voice urged me on, and I started to pump in and out, slowly, deeply, not a fast frenzied fuck, but a fuck of two lovers. She wrapped her body around me, cooing and moaning with pleasure, as I took her eager pussy. Ummm, she may have been 55, but her body and her pussy were not old or worn out, I felt her pussy walls wrapped snugly around me, juices washing over my cock as I drove into her, again and again. Oh yeah, she was starting to pant, moaning louder. I felt my cock swelling up with urgency, nudging my way into her womb.

    "Oh god, yes, oh feels so good, oh yes, yes cum in MEEEEE!"

    Ellen threw her head back, as she thrust her hips up, eager for the deepest penetration she could get. The powerful contractions of her orgasm grabbed her, making her body buck underneath me. I could feel her slick inner walls clamp around me, gripping and milking at me.

    "Oh yeah, baby, cumming, gonna flood you!"

    I felt the bursting as my cock let go, shooting stream after stream of spunk straight into her womb, enjoying the tight quivering waves of her hot tunnel milking hard at me, eager to drain me of every drop.

    When I pulled out, she cooed, "Ohhh, that was so nice. I needed that so much." As I slid down next to her. she continued, "My first husband was such a lusty, virile man, we were married at 22, and he showed me what a hot, satisfying sex life should be. Even after 25 years, we were still going at it 4, 5 times a week. With his skill and tenderness, I never needed to plead the old headache excuse, to try and shirk my duties as his wife. And with my husband, it was no duty, it was a pleasure. When he died, just after our 26th wedding anniversary, it was a hell of a blow."

    Ellen paused, then continued, "After 6 years, I met one of the guys I knew back in high school. His wife had passed away 5 years before, and we dated, I felt some attraction, and he asked me to marry him. My second husband was such a weirdo. Instead of wanting to take me with regular, enjoyable sexual intercourse, he had other ideas. On our wedding night, he came to bed, climbed aboard my chest, and his cock was hovering not far from my face. He started to stroke it, letting out grunts and growls as he stroked himself up. I thought maybe it was just his strange style of foreplay. His cock was not a big one, not a big beauty like yours, Colin. He paused, and said, 'Now my bride, I'm going to christen you.' He started to pump faster, and he aimed it, I could see what was going to happen as I closed my eyes just in time, and huge squirts of cum splattered my face. He kept stroking and pumping and grunting as he painted my face with every drop. He slid off me, rolled over, and went to sleep. After a month of being 'christened', but not taken in the way married people should, I had the marriage annulled. His refusal to consummate the marriage was the clincher. Since he refused to have any sexual intercourse with me, it was an easy matter to have it annulled. And I was not fat, or ugly, I kept myself clean, well groomed, whatever problem he had, was of his own making. He didn't seem too concerned either, he just packed up and left. That was 2 years ago, and good riddance, I say."

    I replied, "Jeez, what a nut case. If he couldn't make love to a woman as hot, sexy and desirable as you Ellen, he really was a sack."

    I could see the glow from her eyes, as she purred, "Oh Colin, you do wonders for my ego. Stay with me you sweet man, all night, I miss having a warm, sexy man to wake up to, could you spoon me, sweet Colin?"

    I said softly, "Ellen, it will be my pleasure."

    She rolled on to her side and purred as I slid in behind her, wrapping my arm over her side, and gently pulling her close to me. Soon after I heard her breathing change over to the slow, steady cadence of sleep, I joined her.

    I felt sleep tatter, as I rose to wakefulness. I felt Ellen's body next to mine, and I looked over her shoulder, it was 9 AM. Ummm, the feel of her soft, warm nude body against me, got my lust going. She was till sleeping, I was going to give her my special wake up call.

    I slid out from under her, slid a pillow in where I had been, and gently rolled her onto it. It perched her ass and hips up, perfect. I gently parted her legs, and slid in, my mouth leading the way. Letting my tongue go, I burrowed into her pussy from behind, licking her, hearing her breath start to become less regular. She rose up to wakefulness, and I felt a gush of juices and a long, purr of pleasure as she felt what I was doing.

    "Ummm, oh that feels so good, I love being licked."

    Ellen spread her legs further apart, and her pussy lips were red and swollen with sexual excitement. I went after her churning heat with a force, eager to bring her off. He breathing was coming in sharp gasps, and I felt the hard bump of her clit, eager to join the fun. I started to tongue lash at her clit, and she started to grunt and moan louder.

    "Oh my god, I love being eaten, oh you sweet man, gonna, oh yes, gonna do it, cumming, oh yes, yes, DAMMMMMMMMMM!"

    Her voice rose up, she screamed and thrashed about, her pussy pushing a rush of juices against my face as her body convulsed in ecstasy. As he orgasm rode through her, and started to ebb, I pulled back, and she went to hands and knees. Looking over her shoulder with a lusty smile, she saw my cock, a rock hard morning erection, needing her.

    "That was so nice, and your hard cock looks so sexy, so hard, I want that sexy, hard cock, I want you to bury yourself from behind, and make hot morning love to me Colin."

    I quickly took position, and felt Ellen's hand grasp my cock, and rub the head against her labial lips, getting my cock head slicked up with the juices of her first orgasm. She positioned my cock, nudging against her seam, and she urged me on.

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck me Colin, ram my horny cunt! Impale my aching cunt, I want my slick, burning fuck-hole stuffed totally, I need to feel my pussy being spread apart and fucked hard and deep by your big prick!"

    I penetrated, both of using grunting and moaning with pleasure as I penetrated her, sliding, in, deeper. I gripped her hips and pulled her back against me, with a loud moan of pleasure from Ellen, my cock head nudged tight against her cervix as my balls smacked against her pussy.

    "Oh yeah, that's what I want. Drive that hard throbbing fuck pole in, ream me out and pump and squirt every drop of your hot spunk up my pussy! My burning cunt is going to milk your big prick of every drop you can pump into me!"

    Her pussy was hot as an oven, juicy wet, snug and tight as I stoked in and out. Every in thrust, my balls bounced off her pussy, she urged me on to stuff her to the max on every thrust. Unlike our night-time lovemaking, she was telling me what to do in very unladylike terms, and seeing the shine of lust in her eyes, it was obvious that she was enjoying it, so I decided to add some vocalizations of my own.

    I growled, "You like the way my hard cock is fucking your sweet pussy, baby?"

    Ellen growled, "Oh my god, yes, I love it, I love being fucked like a slut, tell me what a horny slut I am!"

    "Tha's what you are baby, you're my horny slut, and I'm gonna flood you like a horny slut!"

    "Oh yes, that's exactly what I want! Keep fucking me baby, just like an overheated slut, oh my god, so deep, so filled, ride me Colin, make me cum! I want to feel your cock, rock hard and exploding your hot load deep inside me! I want to feel the hot wet splatter against my cervix, fill up my womb with all the cum you can pump into me!"

    "Your pussy is squeezing me like wild, and it's gonna suck everything right out of me!"

    Ellen purred, "Yes, shoot it all into me!"

    Ellen was wantonly pumping her hips back at me, her grasping pussy clinging tight to me in increasing vigor as she drove her hips backward. She was moaning continuously, as she rotated her ass around and around in sexual lust as I plunged wetly between her labial lips, her greedily clinging cunt eagerly milking at me. I felt my balls reach the boiling point, and the tight grip as Ellen tumbled.

    "Fuck, I'm cumming, fuck me, cream me, cum in MEEEEE!"

    I could feel the milking grip tighten up and hungrily suck at me cock. With a loud grunt, I stuffed myself deep, breeching her cervix, poised to flood her womb as Ellen went over her peak, letting out squeals of pleasure. The gripping tightness of her cunt walls at orgasm took me with her, I grunted and growled as I felt my cock erupt, I felt the hot, wet suction as I inundated her womb, she was like a velvet lined glove hungrily sucking every last drop out of me.

    As I last drops were deposited, I pulled back slowly, then slid out, and flopped down next to her. She cuddled in against me, and purred with satisfaction.

    "Mmmm, mutual orgasms are the best. I love having a man who can last enough for his lover to get satisfaction. I also love having a man who isn't afraid to hear my horny side let loose. My first husband and I always kept hot, nasty talk going, it makes fucking so much better."

    I replied, "Ellen, when a woman as sexy as you lets go, it drives me crazy."

    My smart phone sounded, and the garage where Ellen's car was, was on the line. I handed the phone over to her, and when the call ended, she looked at me and said, "My car will be ready to roll at 11 AM. How about some breakfast? If I remember correctly, there was a Perkins restaurant right next to the service station. My treat, since you saved me a night in a lonely motel room, having to stroke my horny pussy to get some sleep. Ummm, getting the real deal makes masturbation as sexy as a handshake."

    We got up, and I watched as Ellen pulled on a bra and a very sexy set of panties. She saw me looking, and smiled.

    "I may be a granny, but I will NOT wear granny panties!" she giggled. "These were advertised as soft, sexy lace low-rise bikini panties. You like how they look?"

    Boogie van picture.jpg

    "Oh yeah, very much so, damn those are sexy!"

    She pulled on lime green shorts and a white T shirt, smiled at me as I finished dressing, and said, "Let's go!"

    Over breakfast, we talked some more, got to know each other better, I was not looking forward to having her drive out of my life.

    At the station, her Impala was ready to go, and she said to me, "Park at the end of the lot, I want to come over for a little while after I drive my car out of the service bay."

    A few minutes after doing so, she climbed into my van, stripped off her T shirt, dropped her shorts to the floor, clad in just those sexy panties, she strutted around, cocking her ass so sexily at me, damn, that made my cock soar up. Ellen noticed it too, and she was quickly on her knees.

    "Umm, just the reaction I was hoping for. When I first got married, I learned how to not only suck my husband's cock, but to give him the kind of hot, wet, steamy blowjobs that most men wish they could get. I love to get a hot mouthful, I want your cock to explode, and paint my tonsils white. I love to suck cock, and even though this may sound bad, I got lots of practice last summer. My 17 year old nephew, such a giant walking hormone, no girlfriends, and the idea of all that hot cream going to waste was just not right. I arranged for him to come over and 'work' around the house, odd jobs, mowing grass, cleaning up the yard, was the cover story for his parents. He worked out nicely, after his first time hesitancy I stripped naked in the living room, and told him I was going to suck his cock. he thought it was joke, I had to coax him to drop his pants, and when I took in his hard 8 inches, he knew it was no joke. He came damn fast, but, being 17, I kept on sucking him back up, and this time, he lasted a good long time, and I got myself off, stroking my pussy, teasing myself on the brink, until I felt his cock start to buck and pulse, then I'd take myself over as I felt the hot, wet blasts splatter my mouth. He was over every day, and every day, he'd paint my tonsils."

    She pulled down on my foreskin, and pursing her lips, she took me in, she managed 7 inches before she pulled back, then plunged down again. I could feel the hot, wet vortex surround my prick as I plunged wetly between her crimson lips. Oh yeah, her cock sucking skills were excellent, her mouth was a hot, tight, sliding ring of pleasure, she had my balls refilling quickly. She was making sounds of pleasure around my cock, and I saw her hand in her panties, stroking her pussy in time to the plunges. I formed a mental picture of Ellen naked, on her knees and sucking off her nephew's cock, while she stroked herself in time to her nephew's hot, creamy explosion. What a lucky young man, getting a hot, eager Auntie to suck his cock every day.

    She released my cock for a second, and growled, "Fuck my mouth just like you fucked my cunt, cream all over my tongue, hose down my throat, whitewash my tonsils!"

    As she sucked me back in, I gently grabbed her head and pushed slowly. I felt my head against the back of her throat, then she turned her head just a bit, and oh fuck yeah, I could feel my cock slide deeper, down her throat, and my balls touched her chin as I went all the way. She was making swallowing motions around my cock, the constriction of her throat around my cock head made my toes tingle. I pulled back, and went in again, Ellen hungrily deep throating me, her muffled moans of pleasure vibrating against me, making her blowjob the hot, wet, steamy ride of pleasure.

    "Oh yeah baby, just about there!"

    My balls were churning, and as I pulled back, I could feel them let go.

    "Oh yeah, gonna cum, gonna fill your mouth baby!"

    I felt Ellen's moans around my cock reach a peak, then she crested to her climax, her mouth tightened down on me as she started to shake through her orgasm, and I drove in one last time, and started to unload. The first gush hosed straight down her throat, I pulled back, and let more hot spurts gush, creaming her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She kept sucking me until I had deposited every drop.

    When I pulled my cock out, she looked up, smiled, then I saw the swallowing motions as she let my cum slide down her throat.

    "Mmmm, so nice, I love getting my tonsils whitewashed!"

    When she stood up, she slid her panties off, and gave them to me.

    "A memento of our time together, and, perhaps, you would consider coming to visit me where I live in the near future, and returning them in person. I will certainly make it well worth your while. I live just outside of Knoxville, that's not too far from where you live."

    We exchanged addresses and phone numbers, then I walked her to her car, and she grabbed me, and our lips came together in a hot swirl of tongues. When we came up for air, both our faces were flushed, and her eyes were gleaming.

    "A small preview of the coming attractions, when we next get together. Take care Colin, you are great in bed, and I want more of you, in the very near future."
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    Part 05

    I watched as Ellen's Impala drove out of sight, then I got back on the road. The trip was proving to be quite eventful, and highly satisfying, as I got back onto the highway, and set a general direction south.

    Towards late afternoon, I had crossed into North Carolina, and I noticed one of those big motorhomes coming up next to me in the passing lane. When it drew level, I glanced over as it passed me by. As the last window at the back came up level, I saw a pair of tits pressed against the glass, oh yeah, the roundness and fullness made my cock take notice, a real nice set. The owner of those great tits gave me a long, lingering view, then she lowered her face down to the window, grinning at me. I saw a cute face, emerald green eyes and long blonde hair.

    Yeah, a nice set, but she looked awfully young. Probably wouldn't amount to anything, no doubt she was with a family, in a motorhome that big.

    It merged back into the right lane, and started to widen the distance between us. Five miles down the road, a Rest Area exit appeared, and I saw the rear turn signal activate. I wanted to get out, stretch my legs and maybe get something to drink, the sign said 'vending machines.'

    The driver of the motorhome swung into the area furthest away from the restrooms, and slotted it into one of the oversize parking lanes. I pulled up nearby.

    I hopped out, ah good, a soda machine beckoned, and I had an ice cold 7 Up in short order, ah that felt good as I took a good long swig. I walked around a bit, stretching out the kinks, and as I wandered back towards my van, I saw the young lady who had given me such a wonderful view hop out of the motorhome, with a slightly disgusted expression. She looked around, and when she saw me, she gave me a smile, and beckoned me over. She looked to be no more that her middle teens, even if she was hot for some action, going after jailbait was NOT a good idea.

    Jailbait or not, she were very hot. I sized her up, she was about five foot seven, about 130 pounds or so, golden honey color hair that went to the middle of her back, she was wearing an orange bikini top, and a pair of white shorts. Those firm, upright breasts that I had gotten a good look at nicely filled out her top. They looked like a 34, round and full, and two nice perky nipples poked out against the fabric. The bare expanse of her midriff was exposed, her tummy was flat, her white shorts had a sexy curve, and sleek, full legs.

    She said, "Hey handsome, glad you could stop, did you enjoy the view? I'm Brooke, what's your name?"

    I told her, and Brooke said, "Being on the road is boring, we've come all the way from Connecticut, and my parents have to stop, I hate stopping, because I always have to get out.''

    I asked, "Why is that?"

    "Because my parents want to fuck, so they kick me out, so they have privacy to fuck, and I have to cool my heels while they enjoy hot, sexy afternoon fun. This is the second time today, jeez, they've been married 20 years, and they still fuck like newlyweds."

    At my startled expression, she opened the door, and said, "Take a listen."

    I heard grunts and moans, then a male voice growled, "Oh yeah baby, get down there, suck my cock, get me all hard, so I can fuck your sweet pussy", then a loud grunt as apparently, Brooke's Mom did exactly that.

    I softly closed the door, she looked at me, gave me a smile, and said, "If they can enjoy some hot sexy fun, why shouldn't I? Are you up for that?"

    I was startled, I replied, "How old are you?"

    She giggled, "Old enough to be legal, and young enough to want my tight pussy fucked hard as often as possible. I love the feel of an eager cock driving into me, stretching me open, then fucking me hard and deep, until I get my tight pussy flooded with a sizzling load of hot cum. I want to get fucked!"

    Reaching into her purse, she pulled out her driver's license. She was 16, and I relaxed, yes, she was old enough.

    "I want to feel real naughty, let's go into the woman's room, and I want you to fuck me in one of the stalls!"

    Oh man, she sounded like a real wild one, but I figured what the fuck. If anyone came in, they didn't know us. And judging from the lack of traffic at this time, we may be able to have it all to ourselves.

    She grabbed my hand, and I quickly followed. At the door to the women's room, she paused, gave me a wicked grin, and in we went. The room was empty, with a long row of toilet cubicles. She led me to the one furthest from the door, and in we went.

    Turning to me, she grabbed my head, and our lips mashed together. Her tongue shot out, and our kisses became a hot, tongue filled rush of passion. I reached behind her, and undid the bow of her bikini top. I slid my hand inside the cups, and she started to moan into my mouth as I tugged and gently tweaked her nipples, enjoying the way they stiffened up to my fingers.

    I felt her hand reach inside my shorts, and grope at my quickly growing cock, she gasped into my mouth as she felt it get bigger and bigger.

    She stepped back a pace, and slid her bikini top off, enjoying the way my eyes locked on those sexy mounds of tit flesh.

    "You like my 34D tits baby?", she cooed huskily. "Kiss them, lick them, suck them, and bite then, not too hard, mark my tits!"

    I happy to do exactly that, enjoying her coos of pleasure. Under my oral ministrations, her nipples became throbbing, reddened, elongated bumps of pleasure, my cock was aching for it.

    She pulled back, eyes wide, she purred, "Your cock is huge! I want it, I want every inch, I want to be stuffed like a Christmas turkey! Stuff my cunt, fuck my ass off, and squirt every drop into me, I'm so horny, hose my cunt down, and put out that fire!"

    She shoved down her shorts and panties, and turned her back to me, bending forward to a 45 degree angle. I had a splendid view of her sexy rump, the graceful curves, so perky and smooth. She spread her legs wide, reached down, and opened her tight lips for me.

    "Right there Colin, skewer me baby, ram my horny cunt!"

    More than happy to do so, I stepped up, nudging my cock head against her bubbly entrance. I pushed hard, grabbing her hips to pull her back tight against me, Brooke let out squeals of pure pleasure as I went in, she was soaked, furnace hot, nice and tight and with her rising shriek, I buried myself, my balls bouncing against her pussy as I stretched open that tight teen cunt.

    "Fuck, oh fuck, fuck, so stuffed, I love it. Fuck me baby, ride my tight cunt, then spray it down!"

    I grabbed her hips, and got a rhythm going, enjoying the growls and moans of pleasure, as she started to hump her hips back at me.

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck, feels so fucking good. Let me have it, make me cum all over your cock!"

    With her fiery cunt milking tightly at me, it didn't take long before my balls started to churn.

    Brooke cried out, "Keep fucking me baby, oh yeah, gonna cum, cum with me Colin, cum in me, flood me, oh god, right, right, right THEEERRREEEE!"

    Her voice went up to a shriek, and my cock felt the wild gripping ripples grab at me. I pulled her back hard against me one last time and buried my cock, right at the entrance to her womb, and I growled with pleasure as I felt my cock let go, jerking and throbbing, spewing several ropes of cum straight into this tight little vixen's womb, her cunt hungrily milking me for every drop. I kept my cock buried deep, as we recovered ourselves.

    Brooke cooed, "Ummm, still so hard, it would be a waste to not take advantage."

    She pulled free, then turned to bring her mouth level with my cock. Just as she pursed her lips around my cock, and slid down, the restroom door opened, and a voice called out, "Brooke dear, are you in here?"

    She quickly pulled free and called back, "Yeah Mom, I'll be out soon."

    As the door closed, and it was evident that her Mom had not entered, Brooke giggled, "Almost caught in the act!"

    We hurriedly got dressed, and Brooke said, "Are you going our way? I'd love to check out that boogie van of yours, bet it's got a nice big bed!"

    I said, "How did you happen to know that term?"

    "Well, when we went past, I remember thinking that your van was a lot like my Mom and Dad owned. Back when they were horny teens, he saved up enough money for a 1976 Ford boogie van, and considering how much they still fuck, I imagine they made that van boogie many nights, with the old horizontal bop!"

    She giggled again, then continued, "My parents will be looking for a campground trailer park for the night pretty soon. You can follow us, and find a spot fairly close to us. After dinner, it won't take long before they'll be back in bed, fucking up a storm. I'm gonna get out once they start, they won't notice that I'm not back for a while, they are out like a light right after orgasm. I'll come over, and in your van, I'll show you what I wanted to do before my Mom interrupted. Give me your cell number, and I can talk to you when we are back on the road, let you know when we will turn off for the night."

    With an invitation like that, there was no way I could pass that up. She gave me a big smile at my acceptance and we went to the door. She peeked out, then motioned me to follow her out. The door was facing away from their motorhome, and we stepped a few paces away from the door. She grabbed me, and our mouths came together, in a tongue filled swirl of lust, that quickly brought me back up. I felt her hand reach down, feeling my straining cock.

    She broke the kiss, and purred, "A little something, to keep your nice, big cock interested for tonight."

    She started back towards the motorhome, I enjoyed the harmonious movement of her sexy rump, as I was able to casually saunter back to the van, as if I was just leaving the men's room. I saw her at the motorhome door, she looked back at me, grinned and blew me a kiss. Once she was aboard, the motorhome made its way to the entrance ramp. I let a couple of cars get in front of me, so I could follow, and not be too obvious that I was following, just in case her Dad noticed my van behind them, and got suspicious.
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    Part 06

    After following them for 10 minutes, I got a call from Brooke.

    She growled sexily, "Hey Colin, do you know what I am doing? Since I have my own private bedroom, I'm laying in my bed, totally naked, my thighs spread wide, enjoying the feel of your hot cum tricking deep inside my pussy. I'm sticking my fingers in, getting them all slick, coated with your cum, then bringing them to my mouth..."

    I heard her making slurping noises over the phone, then cooing with pleasure.

    "Then licking my fingers clean, just like that. You hot cum tastes so good. Is you cock hard and horny baby?"

    "Oh yeah Brooke, you got me rock hard and eager!"

    "Ummm, just what I wanted to hear. I will take good care of that hot, horny bulge tonight. I'm going to clean my pussy some more, you really flooded my tight little fuck hole! I'm still so horny, after I'm clean, I'm going to play with my pussy! Would you like to listen to me masturbating, ramming my fingers in, stroking my clit, until I explode?"

    "Oh yeah, just let me find a place to stop, before you go at it. I'm going to be far too horny to keep my mind on driving!"

    Seeing the exit ramp for a rest area up ahead, I took in, and quickly parked. I opened my pants to let my cock grow.

    "Ok Brooke, I'm off the road, go for it baby! Do you want me to stroke off with you?"

    Her voice husky, Brooke cooed, "No, just listen to me getting my horny fuck-hole off, and save that load for me. I want to personally take care of the hard, horny bulge, and milk that load from your sexy cock, tonight!"

    "Ummm, oh yeah, I love to pleasure my whole body. I'm running my fingertips all over, grazing my belly with a sensuous caressing. My nipples are so hard, standing up so stiff hard and erect, the tits are so deep red, pleading for some attention. I'm bringing my hands up, cupping my boobs so my fingers can stroke and tweak them. Ohhhh, yes, I haven't forgotten you my baby nourishers, god it feels so good to gently tug and tweak my hard, aching nipples, I can feel it zapping deep inside my pussy."

    "I wish I was at home, my Mom and Dad have a big mirror right over their bed, and when they aren't home, I get frisky on that big bed. Ummm, being able to watch my mirror reflection playing with my tight little holes, then feeling and watching myself cumming is so crazy hot!"

    "Now, I keep one hand caressing my boobs...ummm, I love stroking and tweaking my throbbing tits....ohhh yeah, makes my pussy so wet. My other hand is roaming around, caressing my thighs, my hips, my belly...ummm I love feeling myself up while I stroke my tight little pussy. Oh god, I'm so wet, my pussy is aching to cum, I can smell myself, fuck, that makes me so turned on! Now, let's take it up to white hot."

    I could hear her making slurping noises, then she purred, "Now, I'm stroking the tight little pucker of my almost virgin asshole. OHHHH, god, I love it...fingering the rim, feeling the twitching...now, let's slide in....OHHH Yes, right up there...Oh fuck, I love to finger bang my asshole...oh yeah, I can feel it building up, my hips are starting to thrust up and down, gonna do it, gonna cum, oh fuck, YES!"

    She started to make stifled cries of pleasure, and I imagined her body consumed by the waves of orgasm gripping her body and making her quiver and shake wonderfully and uncontrollably. My cock was rock hard, and I fought not to grab it and pump it, as she let out softer gasps of pleasure, as she slid slowly down from her peak.

    Her voice husky with passion, she cooed, "Ummmm, that felt so good. Tonight, I am going to take that load that you are saving up for me Colin. I'll be back to tell you when we are turning off for the night, talk to you then lover."

    I waited a few minutes to let my erection abate, then zipping myself back up, I was back on the road. Ten minutes later, she called me back.

    "Hey lover, we are turning off for the night, we are at the Spartanburg/Gaffney KOA. You should see it pretty soon, I'll give you a call when we get settled, let you know what site we are at, so you can get up close to our motorhome. And tonight, I'm going to get up close to you, lover!"

    A few minutes later, I got the information. Site 117, lots of shade, and most of the sites in that section were open. When I turned in, I pretended to remember being there when I was younger, and mentioned that my parents always chose 117. With 117 occupied, I was offered 119, which was directly next to them, which I happily accepted. I drove in, carefully maneuvered my van into the site, and shut down the engine. With this section having full hookups, I quickly connected the electrical, water and sewer lines, perfect. I glanced over at Brooke's site, saw her Mom and Dad, her Mom was a hot number. Big hefty milk jugs, an hourglass figure with wicked, curvy hips, she wasn't averse to showing off lots of bare, smooth flesh, that small pair of white shorts and her blue halter top left lots of her lightly tanned skin bare for my viewing pleasure. No wonder her Dad couldn't keep his hands off her, I'd be fucking her as often as he was, if she were married to me. I didn't see Brooke, then I realized she was in the vehicle, as my cell phone rang.

    "Hey sexy, we are just about to take a walk up to the front of the park, there's a steakhouse just across the highway from there. How about you follow us, and enjoy a nice steak dinner?"

    "Sounds good baby, I'll follow you, not too close."

    A few moments later, Brooke stepped out of the motorhome, and joined her parents. She was wearing a pair of red shorts, and a white halter top, just like her Mom, she was showing off plenty of soft, lighly tanned skin. I left my van, and let them get several steps along the way before I followed, matching their speed, ready to look around at the trees if anyone looked behind them.

    I could see where Brooke got her sexy body from. Oh yeah, two fabulous rumps, perky and smooth, Brooke's mom had the wide, sexy hips, oh fuck, what a curve, moving in a harmonious rhythm, while Brooke's hips sashayed from side to side, she knew I was watching, and she wanted to give me a show. Ummm, both of them were real cock raising material, a smoking hot MILF, and her equally smoking hot daughter. Man, I wouldn't mind having at go at her Mom too, what a duo they would be.

    At the steakhouse, Brooke gave me some glances, I could see I was in for a hot night. She gave me a very wicked smile, as she went to the Ladies room. On her way back, she went right by my table, and discretely dropped something into my lap, without anyone noticing. I looked down, and saw that she had removed her panties, and they were now in my lap. I unfolded them, holding them out of sight below the table top, checking out the bikini bottoms she had slipped to me. Black string, with red stripes around the edges. I looked up, saw her looking towards me, giving me a lust filled smile.

    After dinner, when I returned to my van, I took a sniff of her panties. The smell of her arousal filled my nose. I lay in bed with a raging hard on, waiting for the knock. When I heard it, I was out of bed, at the door, and opened it to a very aroused Brooke. I could hear grunts and squeals of passion from the motorhome, it was rocking slightly back and forth.

    "Right on schedule, third time today, and still as frisky as they were back when, my horny parents are fucking each others brains out, and now, I'm going to give you what I was going to this afternoon. Did you like my little delivery, give you something to keep your interest focused."

    She climbed in, and unlaced her halter, letting it drop off her shoulders as she shoved her shorts down. She grinned as she said, "As you can seem I don't have any panties on, because you have them. Follow me Colin."

    On the bed, she cooed, "Now, I want you in my mouth, let me suck you for a bit, then, I want you to take my ass! As you heard, I love to finger bang my ass when I'm playing with my horny pussy, and I've taken my boyfriend's cock up there once. I kinda liked it after he was well lubed up, but we've only done it once, so I'm almost virgin there. I want you to ream me out there baby, I want to feel the hot wet rush of your cock bursting deep inside me, paint my bowels with all that hot cum you got saved up for me!"

    I ducked into the bathroom, got the KY gel that I had stored there just for such a scene, and returned, holding up the tube. She grinned as she placed herself in a sitting position on the edge of the bed, she beckoned me on, my cock was at the perfect level with her mouth. She licked her lips, making them shiny and pink, then she slipped her lips around the head of my cock, and started to run her tongue all over the head. My groan of pleasure urged her on, and I felt her mouth start to slide down, a hot, gripping wet cling that molded tightly to my cock. She took in 7 inches before she pulled back, and started to bob her head back and forth, she started to toy with my balls as she worked her mouth up and down, sucking and slurping at my shaft, making my cock as wet as possible.

    She pulled her head free, took to her hands and knees, and cocked her ass up. I cupped her cheeks and pulled them apart, seeing the tight, rose shaped pucker, and I eagerly dove in, licking at the tight pucker, drawing a squeal of pleasure from Brooke.

    "Oh yes, feels so good, I was hoping you'd want to lick my hot tight hole, I love it! Lick me, then finger me, get my tight little asshole all ready for that big swollen cock!"

    I eagerly complied, fuck, licking her asshole, and hearing her sounds of pleasure made my cock so hard, it was painful. I pulled my head back, squirted a glob of lube right against her pucker, and used my fingers to slide it around, then I slid a finger in, spreading the lube. Brooke moaned, low and deep as I spread in a second glob, getting her ready.

    I spread the lube up and down my cock, then nudged my cockhead against the rose shaped pucker, and pushed, slowly, slowly, suddenly the head popped in. Brooke let out a sharp gasp.

    "Unnh, unhh, unhh" she moaned, "Hold up just a minute lover, I'm going to need time to adjust" she whispered.

    "Take all the time you need baby, it's not a race, your pleasure is what's important. I'll only go on at your request."

    I could see the side of her face, she smiled as my words told her she would not be forced. I brought my hands up, and ran them up and down her back, stroking her awesome body, eager to help her relax in every way. After a few minutes, she urged me on.

    "Ok Lover, a bit more, slowly please."

    I pushed, slowly, slowly, I was now halfway in, Brooke was making grunts, as I reached 5, then 6 inches.

    "Another stop, please."

    I froze, waiting for her ass to adjust, fuck, the sensation of her tight almost virgin ass around my cock was something else. Never had I been in such a tight hole.

    Brooke took less time, and she took a deep breath, and told me what to do.

    "Now, bury it, let me have the rest" she gasped, her hands gripping the sheets tightly.

    I grasped her hips, and with a push forward, I was in, right to the balls, Brooke let out a small yelp, and I again stopped.

    "Oh my god, my ass is so stuffed. It's kinda painful, but it's not that painful. Glad I'm not at total asshole virgin. Now, just a little bit more time" she cooed.

    After a minute, I could feel a slight give, and Brooke whispered huskily, "Umm, umm, oh yeah, it's starting to feel good, give me a slow, loving ride Colin, take it some more."

    I pulled back an inch, and pressed forward slowly, getting a slow, gentle rhythm going. Brooke's sounds were changing over to little gasps and what sounded like cries of passion.

    "Umm, yes, oh yes, now that I'm loosened up, it feels better," she cooed, "Keep going sweetheart, it's starting to feel real good!"

    Encouraged, I started to pull out a bit further, 2 inches then 3, burying it deep, speeding up just a little bit. Brooke was starting to make moans and louder cries of passion, as she urged me on.

    Brooke growled, "Now, smack my ass, I want to get my ass spanked while you fuck me!"

    On the outstroke, I aimed for those sexy moons, and my hand connected with the right cheek. She grunted, and I switched over, and gave her left cheek a good whack.

    Brooke growled, "Oh fuck, yes, I love it, more, I want more, give my ass a good spanking!"

    Encouraged, I kept whacking her ass, alternating left and right cheeks, as she grunted and urged me on, my cock throbbed from watching the red handprints against the creamy whiteness of her smooth ass cheeks. I gave each cheek 5 hearty whacks, and with her urging me on, I gave her 5 more whacks.

    After 10 smacks of each cheek, she purred, "Now grab my hips baby, hold me tight and really ream out my asshole, fuck, it feels so fucking good!"

    Jeez, what we were doing was mind-boggling, I was happy to do so. I could feel the heat of her freshly spanked cheeks against my groin as I kept reaming her, the tight vice like grip of her ass was clutching at my cock, working me up to another load. I heard the hot, juicy squelch of her pussy, her hand was cupped tight against her sex, masturbating furiously. I reached around, and gently removed her hand.

    "Let me do that for you baby" I whispered.

    I cupped one hand around her mound, her pink, hard clit straining for my fingers, her juices coated my fingers, and I grasped her hand clit, and stroked it up and down, her grunts and cries of pleasure increased, and I could feel a massive load gather. I felt her hand reach back, cupping my balls, giving me gentle squeezes. I could feel her clit twitching wildly between my fingers, then Brooke hit her peak.

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh my fucking god, cumming, oh my god cumming, fill my ass sweetheart fill me, fuck, fuck FUUUUCCCCCKKK!"

    She let out a scream, her ass clamped even tighter around my cock, her orgasm making her asshole clench and unclench, and that took me over. I pulled her tight against me, drove in to the balls, and my cock erupted. My growls of orgasm joined her sounds, as my cock jerked over and over, throbbing wildly and pumping a flood of cum, painting her dark cavern white with my load, both of us shuddering through body wracking orgasms. When I had unloaded the last gush, I pulled out and flopped down, Brooke joined me and her eyes were close to mine, her smile told me all I needed to know.

    "Perfect, so perfect", she whispered, "god, that was just what I needed." She saw her panties hanging on the bedpost, grinned and said, "Would you like to keep my panties as a souvenir?"

    I replied, "Oh yeah baby, you were fucking fantastic, I'd love to keep them."

    Brooke cooed, "Mmmm, that is so sexy, they are yours then Colin. My parents are probably going to get back on the road early, so I have your number baby. I hope we can meet again sometime, you're are a super lover Colin."
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    great story

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    Part 07

    After walking Brooke to the door, and exchanging passion filled smooches, I went to bed, and after such a workout, I was out like a light. My dreams were hot and passion filled, hands stroking my cock back up, then a warm mouth sucking and licking at me. A body swung into position, and I felt a hot, wet ring of pleasure start to engulf my prick, sliding down slowly. My dream broke apart, as I rose up to wakefulness, I heard a soft voice purr, "Oh my God" as with one final downward thrust I felt the grip of a very hot, very aroused cunt plunge down, taking me balls deep.

    I opened my eyes, now fully awake, in the dim light from the hallway, Brooke's Mom was perched on top of my prick. I'd recognize those big, succulent dairies, and those awesome hips anywhere.

    She smiled, as she purred, "Hello Colin, I hope you don't mind me introducing myself this way! I'm Maggie, Brooke's Mom."

    I grinned, as I replied, "Not at all! It's nice to meet you Maggie."

    She cooed, "And wonderful to feel your big hard cock. When Brooke came back, I was still awake, and wondering what she'd been doing. It didn't take her long to spill all the hot juicy details, she gave you such a glowing review I decided I needed to sample your big cock myself. My husband is fast asleep, we have an open marriage, so both of us get to fuck other willing men and women, we both have very high sex drives. We have only two conditions, first, that we don't fall in love with our fuck dates, and second, always come home after we've gotten hot, steamy satisfaction."

    I felt her cunt flex, giving my cock a squeeze, oh that felt good, she purred, "My daughter was not exaggerating, I adore the feeling of my tight cunt being stretched open by a big, hard cock, I will definitely get my satisfaction. Take a good look lover, am I the kind of sizzling hot married Mom you're going to love to fuck?"

    I could see her grin as I took in the whole package. Her green eyes were filled with sexual heat, a long mane of russet colored hair, those melons were enormous, capped with huge stiff nipples, filled my vision. My eyes traveled down, taking in her curvy hourglass figure, looking towards where we were joined. I could see a fluff of russet colored pubic hair, and the awesome sight of those wide, sexy hips straddling me.

    I growled, "Oh yeah baby, your big tits and those sexy hips just drive me wild!"

    She lowered her upper body down, sticking those awesome tits in my face, and purred, "I love having my nipples sucked, suck my tits lover!"

    I happily took her left tit in, sucking and licking, feeling her nipple swell up in my mouth, fat and hard, enjoying her soft cries of pleasure as I sucked, licked and gently nipped her swollen nipples, switching back and forth, making them rock hard and reddened.

    Maggie lifted back up, purring, "Ummm, you did that just right lover, my tits are throbbing with pleasure, my cunt is ready to explode, now, I'm going to ride you, enjoy the ride!"

    She started to ride me, pumping her hips up and down hard, her hot velvet depths sliding up and down on my steely shaft, over and over. Her cunt was dripping wet, watching her riding me, and seeing her gorgeous breasts bouncing up and down in time to her hard thrusts down on my stiff cock, was a great sight. The wet juicy squelch of her pussy pumping down on me filled the bedroom, she was really ramped up, and she let me now.

    "Oh fuck, yes, gonna cum, so deep, so hard, gonna cum so good, good, GOOOOODDDDD!"

    I felt her cunt grip me, pulsing wildly as she exploded in orgasm. It was great to see the joy and delight of our coupling playing across her face, hearing her cries of orgasmic delight, and watching her beautiful body shuddering from the orgasm tearing through her. I was still building up, an as she sailed into her post orgasm plane, she noticed.

    "Ummn, oh yes, you are still so hard, so big, lover. Brookie must have given your cock a very good workout! Good, more fucking for me! I want the load of cum that your balls are working on!"

    She took to hands and knees, looking back over her shoulder with a come fuck-me-look.

    "I love getting it from behind, so primal, so animalistic, take me lover, ram my pussy!"

    Quickly taking position, I nudged against her, and in one smooth thrust, I buried myself. Grasping her hips, I could feel Maggie's sexy body responding, her hips starting to move wantonly backward to meet the surges of my prick. I could feel another hot gush of her juices coating my cock, as she got into the rhythm.

    "Oh yeah, your cunt is so tight, feels so good to fuck you baby!"

    "Yeah, I love it, fuck, oh god, fuck, a big hard cock to stretch me apart, so good!" Maggie growled.

    My cock was plunging wetly between her labial lips, testing the liquid depths of her pussy, as she rotated her ass around and around, corkscrewing herself back on my cock, eager to feel my cock rubbing over every fold, every part of her pink tunnel.

    "Oh god, gonna blow, gonna cum again, GAAAAAAAAA!"

    Maggie's shriek filled the van as she tumbled once more into orgasm, her cunt clinging to me, gripping tight. I was getting closer, and one more ride would do it.

    I pulled out, and said, ''Lay back baby, let me fuck you once more. My balls are just about ready to blow!"

    Maggie's face was alight with lust, spreading her thighs for me, as she purred, "Ummm, I was hoping you would. My pleasure will not be complete until I get that nice hard cock exploding and squirting deep inside me, I want my married womb filled with another man's hot, fresh cream, I love getting my pussy creamed with a new, hard cock. Do it lover, stuff my cunt, and fuck me hard, I want your load! And kiss me, I love deep tongue filled kisses while I'm being fucked!"

    The sight of her spread out, that tuft of russet pubic hair parted, and I saw the labial lips slightly parted, the glimmer of her pink inner pussy waiting. I quickly mounted her, enjoying Maggie's squeal of pleasure as I plunged in balls deep, nudging tight against her cervix.

    "Oh yeah, I love it, getting you in so deep. Now, fuck me, and kiss me lover!"

    Our lips came together, tongue filled swirls of passion, as I felt her legs wrap around my waist, urging me on as I rode her missionary style. The feel of riding deep inside her buttery velvet depths made my balls start to churn, and I started to power fuck Maggie's fiery cleft. I could feel my cock jerk, swelling up, and with a squeal from Maggie, I was at the entrance to her womb, ready to explode.

    "Yes, yes, let it go lover, flood me, another man's cum creaming me, do it!"

    I felt the spunk streaking up my shaft, and my cock let go, painting the inside of Maggie's womb. A loud cry of pleasure joined in as she orgamed a third time, her delightful tightness gripping and milking, sucking every drop out of my cock, as we shook and shuddered together in shared orgasmic pleasure.

    I flopped down next to her, what a workout. She turned on her side, smiling at me.

    "Ummm, that was so perfect Colin. I love the big hard cocks of guys in their 20's. Don't get me wrong, my husband and I are both 41, and he still has no problem getting it up. But it's the excitement, the somewhat forbidden nature of getting another man's cock inside me, and another man's cum filling my pussy, that makes it so good. As far as I am concerned, having an open marriage has made our marriage stronger. How many married people sneak around on the sly, fucking other lovers in secret, until they are discovered, and another marriage ends up on the scrap heap?"

    That made me think of Janice and her husband Paul, they seemed to keep their marriage fresh, by Janice having the freedom to have other lovers, than telling all the hot juicy details to her husband, while they were fucking.

    "With an open marriage, no sneaking around, just the two conditions I mentioned earlier, and we stay together. I loved getting a good hard fucking from you lover, but I am nowhere close to falling in love with you, the same way that I have never felt like falling in love with my previous lovers. That is reserved for my husband, he is the one that I love with all my heart. Next time we are getting it on, I'm going to tell him all about the good, solid fucking you gave me, it'll turn him into a tiger, and he'll ravage me in the best possible way."

    With a smile, she cooed, "Brooke told me how you got her panties as a sovenier, would you like mine?"

    I said, "Oh yeah, I'd love it!"

    Maggie purred, "Let me model it for you first."

    She stood next to the bed, grinned at me, then slowly stepped into her panties, and drew them up. They were a set of gray Calvin Klein tanga style. She smiled as she let me feast on the front, her pubic region just hidden behind the panel, the she turned her back to me, and looked over her shoulder.

    She cooed, "Do you like what you see lover?"

    My mouth dry, I managed, "Oh yeah baby, I like very much!"

    Oh yes did I ever. The tanga style bottom covered just half her cheeks, leaving an expanse of uncovered backside for my eyes to drink their fill. My dick rose up again, jeez, the visual Viagra just brought me back up again.

    When Maggie turned back, she saw my condition, and she was quick to offer me relief.

    "Oh yes, so nice and hard again. I always say, never leave a cock hard, always do what I can until you are relaxed, in every way. Let me take care of that hard, eager cock!"

    She shimmied out of her panties, and smiled as she put them on the bedpost with Brooke's panties.

    "There you go lover, just like a trophy, both mother and daughter's panties on your bedpost. Now, let's take care of you."

    Maggie mounted back up, letting me enjoy the sight of her riding my cock, those big succulent melons bouncing up and down. She moved with expert strokes, her cunt was squeezing and releasing me rhythmically. Her pelvis moved backward and forward, then side to side, then in a circular fashion, so my cock would again touch every bit of her pink tunnel. Maggie mixed the movements, and alternated them, all the while slowly raising up on her knees and slowly sinking back down.

    Maggie crested quickly, her grunts and cries of orgasm filled the room, as her pussy rippled with milking waves. I was just getting started on building up a load, and Maggie was happy to take advantage of that. She rode me hard, sliding her fiery tightness up and down on me again and again. She tossed her head back, her movements picking up speed. It inflamed her lust even more. She orgasmed again, then with increasing speed, she crested again, then started to orgasm over and over. The room was a symphony of Maggie's squeals, cries and grunts of pleasure as she cried out for me to keep fucking her, sailing from one orgasm to the next. The non-stop scrubbing of her quivering walls brought me closer and closer, and I could feel my cock ready to explode.

    I grunted "Oh God, I'm going to blow!"

    I felt a hand reach down, wrap around my balls and squeeze and massage them. That took me roaring over as I yanked her down hard and drove up as hard as I could, one more orgasm shaking her body as my cock let go, squirting a fresh load of thick, hot cream upwards into her cunt, her pussy milking me, inundating her cervix with one more load.

    Exhausted for the moment, Maggie slid down, sliding off my prick, onto her side. Her face was aglow with the "just got fucked perfectly" look.

    As my cock finally started to wane, she purred, "That's what I like to see, a well satisfied cock, knowing that I took care of that. Ummm, you really are a tiger, lover. I want your cell phone number, we travel a lot, and when you are where we are, I want another go at that hard cock you got sweetheart. You really earned my panties, and from Brooke's eager description, you really earned hers too, lover."

    We got up, and she grinned at the bedpost display.

    "Nice, both mother and daughter panties, great souvenirs."

    After hot tongue filled kissing at the door, she smiled as she slipped on her robe, and made her way back to the motorhome. I went back to bed, wondering at the lust that was racing along American highways, before I plunged back into a deep sleep.
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    Part 08

    Once I was in Mississippi, my friend Mike, who had lived there for a few years, had told me about the bush parties that the local residents like to set up.

    "Oh yeah, the best party is over on Magnolia Lane, it's just two miles west outside the city limits of Starkville. It's not just the location that makes it a 'bush' party. With Mississippi State University in Starkville, there's always a great supply of hot looking Southern bitches, wearing very little, and I can tell you from personal experience, they are very fuckable. Just have a good Southern accent, and you'll have a great time."

    Mindful of being in the deep south, I had been practicing a southern drawl behind the wheel, when I got there, I felt that I sounded just like I was born and raised there. After getting a spot at the Starkville KOA campground, I drove my van over to the area, and 3 miles down Magnolia Lane, I saw a big open space, part of it being used as a parking lot, and the other half being where the party was set up. I drove my van in, and parked it in a darkened area of the lot, hoping my New York license plate would not be noticed. I joined the party, and no one gave me anymore than a welcome to the party. My Southern accent passed muster, and I checked out the women. Oh yeah, there were a lot of blonde haired, blue eyed women, most of them running around in bikinis that were patterned with the battle flag of the confederate army.

    One of them really caught my eye. Short blonde hair, blue eyed, fair skin, the almost stereotypical image of Southern womanhood. She was solid, not fat, but voluptuous, I estimated her height at about 5'7". weight around 150 pounds, and a "solid as a brick shithouse" body, looked to be around 38D - 30 - 39. She was one of the ones wearing a bikini that was patterned with the confederate battle flag. I grinned, that bikini top was just two small triangles of fabric, with strings that tied up behind the neck and around the back. The top was doing its best to hold up those huge dairies, while the bikini bottoms tied up at the sides, leaving just a tiny scrap of fabric covering her pussy area, while a similarly patterned and abbreviated piece of fabric, that just barely covered the backside made a nice cleave between the cheeks of her ass. I could see a tattoo just above her barely covered pubic region, no surprise, it was a confederate battle flag. I noticed she also had a tramp stamp, this one was the CSA Stars and Bars flag.

    I wondered if this was one of the hot fucks that my friend Mike had mentioned. I was just about to make my way over, when she saw me, and made a beeline for me. I admired the sexy shimmy of her body in motion, oh yeah, I wanted to strip that awesome body down, free those melons, and suck and nibble on her tits as I rammed my cock into her cunt, fucking her crazily until I blew a load of Yankee spunk into her precious Southern fuck-hole.

    "Hey sugar, I ain't never seen y'all before, what's your name, where y'all from?"

    Using my best Southern voice, I drawled, "Ah'm David Grimshaw, ah'm from Mobile, Alabama, and ah was told that y'all throw the best parties."

    Giving me a beaming smile, she cooed, "You are so right! My name is Vanessa Beauregard, ah'm 20 years old, and mah great great great granpappy was Colonel Richard Beauregard, who fought the good fight against the Yankee enemy."

    Once she said that, her talk was all about the injustices done to the South.

    "Mark mah words, the South is gonna rise again...goddam Yankee carpetbaggers who swarmed us like locusts after the war, taking over our land, eager to pillage our homes, our plantations, and ravage all the delicate Southern belles, brutally stripping them of their womanhood....disgusting Northerners, with their tiny pricks, who couldn't measure up to big, hard Southern men....Never let a Yankee cross mah threshold."

    Most of the people were just there just to eat some barbeque, drink and have a good time, and I saw more than a few roll their eyes at this diatribe, it sounded like she had this garbage like a stuck record, and would ramble on like this all the time.

    So Yankees don't measure up, is that so? I had 9 inches that would be happy to stuff this mouthy bitch, and I smiled. Get her all warmed up, strip her down, fuck every hole she offers up, then reveal the truth. She'll hate it, finding out she was well and truly fucked by a Northern Liberal Yankee. I bided my time, she was happy to put away a few shots, and it didn't take long before she was all over me, running her hands over my crotch, and feeling the hard eager bulge.

    I noticed that despite the fuckability of her body, all the guys had avoided her. I wondered about it, in passing, but my cock was too hard, my lust to ram this Southern bitch too high, to wonder about that.

    "Oh yeah, a good, hard Southern cock, let's find someplace more private, and have some fun."

    I said, "Well, mah van's just over in the parking lot, how about if we hop in? Got ah nice big bed, all private, and ready."

    She said, "Let's go sugar!"

    As we walked towards the parking area, I noticed several males turn their heads, and give me knowing looks.

    At my van, we climbed into the back, and she quickly had her hand groping at my crotch, feeling up my surging cock. I reached down to stroke at her bikini covered pussy, her moan urged me on. When I went to slip my hand into her bikini bottoms, she pushed my hand away, pulled her hand back, and sat up straight, giving me an indignant look.

    "I think y'all are trying to take too many liberties. What kind of a girl do y'all think ah am? Ah'm saving my precious virginity for a future husband, ah'm not gonna just give it away!"

    Now I knew what the looks were for, why the other guys avoided her. A real cock tease, eager to give anyone who didn't know her a bad case of lover's nuts. Looks like this prick teaser's antics were well known, I wondered how many other guys she'd given a set of aching blue balls, and a rock hard, unsatisfied cock to. I could see the glimmer of triumph in her eyes, and the smirk, oh yeah, her mind was savoring the idea that another sucker would be left with a roaring case of aching balls. No way, this was one that was not going to leave me with a set of unsatisfied blue balls.

    I grabbed her, and shoved her down. She was not prepared for it, thinking that I'd meekly let her go, and she could put another notch in her cock tease belt. She was face down, keeping my weight on her to hold her down, I clamped a hand over her mouth, and pinched her nose shut. She struggled wildly, but I kept it up until her struggles ceased, and she passed out. I quickly released her, and I could hear her breathing resume.

    I took great pleasure in stripping off her bikini, just a few tugs on the strings holding it together. Now I got a good, up close look at her body, man, was a build. She was 5 feet, 8 inches tall, and oh yes, she was really solid. Those amazing 38D boobs jutted up, round and firm, topped with large, pink nipples the color of bubblegum. Her belly had a slight swell, fuck, that looked hot, nipping into her 30 inch waistline, then flaring out into those awesome 39 inch hips. Between the swell of her hot hips, her pubic triangle was neatly trimmed, hair as blonde as the hair on her head, carpets and drapes match, she had long, sexy, solid legs, and rolling her over, I saw the awesome heart shaped ass. The only things she had on any longer were her two tattoos. Oh yeah, this little southern tease was definitely cock raising material, my cock was aching, ready to give her the fucking she had built me up to.

    I took some belts, and a length of rope, and set about securing her. I placed her on the bed, on her back, legs spread up and apart. I positioned her so that her hips would just be on the very edge of the bed. Using one length of rope, I made a loop at one end, and placed it around her left wrist. Pulling her arms up straight over her head, I ran the length through the center slat on the headboard, then brought it down. Measuring the amount of give, I cut the rope, and looped it around her right wrist.

    I grinned as I looked at the bikini I was holding, oh yeah, this'll make a great trophy, another Confederate defeat. With that in mind, I had another idea. I had a T shirt with a slogan on it that I thought would be very appropriate, and I pulled it on, so she'd see that when I woke her up.

    Now that she was secured, I quickly started the van up, drove slowly out of the parking area, and going to high-beams, lit up the road back towards the highway. After 10 minutes on the highway, I saw the lighted KOA sign, and wheeled in. I drove to assigned plot, and got out and looked around. The sites next to mine were open and unoccupied, perfect. I climbed back into the van, time to wake Vanessa up, so we could have some fun.

    I took a wash cloth, wet it down, then lightly stroked at her face. Her eyelids fluttered, they opened, saw me, glared, then as she rose to fully awake, she tried to lower her arms, and gave a confused look above her head, seeing her arms restrained straight upwards. She looked down, saw her naked body, and blushed as she realized I'd stripped her, put her naked body on full display for my eyes.

    "You bastard, what do y'all think you are! Ah demand y'all let me go right now!"

    Dropping the accent, I shot back, "Sorry baby, but I wasn't going to let a little tease like you get away. Handing out blue balls, naughty girl!"

    I grabbed her behind her knees, pushed them up and back, and I smacked her cheeks twice, leading red handprints on her ass.

    "OUCH, that hurt you bastard! Enough of the foolishness, if y'all let me go, ah'll make it well worth your while."

    "Too late for that baby, you had your chance, but you had to be a cock tease. I will make it well worth my while. By the way, look at my T shirt."

    She looked, her eyes widened, my T shirt read "I'm a Northern Liberal Yankee, and proud of it."

    She croaked, "You...you..."

    I cut in, "That's right baby, the pure New York accent you are now hearing is really the way I talk. I put on a real good imitation of a good ole Southern boy, didn't I? So, since we are all alone, your days of not having any Northerners cross your threshold is about to come to an end."

    I stripped in her line of sight, and I could see the stare, as she saw my 9 inches, rock hard and ready for action.

    "You dirty Yankee, y'all are just as disgusting as y'all were after the civil war!"

    "Well, just for that, I'm going to record this momentous occasion, and maybe I'll post it on the internet, for others to enjoy. Hmmm, what title would be good? Maybe, 'Yankee tames Vanessa, a Southern cock teasing Bitch', or 'Vanessa, the hot Blonde Bitch, she sure made my South rise!' or 'Vanessa, the blonde Southern bitch gets satisfaction from Big Yankee Cock.' What do you think about those titles, Vanessa? I'm kind of partial to the second one, you sure have made my South rise!"

    The look on her face as I set up the camera to catch all the action was perfect. Then she started again with her diatribe.

    "Bastard Yankee, just y'all wait until ah get free, everyone at the party is gonna hunt y'all down, and kill your worthless Northern ass. Once ah'll tell them about how y'all violated me, and stole mah precious Southern womanhood from me, y'all will be the sorriest Yankee ever! Dirty rapist, all you can do is rape women, never had a regular sexual episode in your whole damn life!"

    Precious Southern womanhood, jeez, what a line. She was running off like a reject from Gone With The Wind.

    I reached into the bedside table, and withdrew my souvenirs.

    "Never had a regular sexual episode, well, these are from five hot ladies who would beg to differ with you."

    I took each set, one by one, grabbed her head to hold it still, and stuck the crotch tight against her nose, so she would smell the essences of Janice, Paula, Ellen, Brooke, and Brooke's Mom Maggie, I could see sheer revulsion on her face, as she was forced to smell the scent of sexual juices.

    Once I had made her sniff all the panties, I could see her winding up for more garbage. I was tired of this crap, and out of her line of sight, I reached into one of the drawers. I pulled out a roll of duct tape, tore off a strip, and I came back up while she was still yammering.

    "Bastard Yankee, you'll be so mmmpppffff!"

    That broken record was cut off as I slapped the tape over her lips.

    "I've heard enough of that shit, now your cunt is going to get the fucking it was designed for!"

    She tried to twist her hips away as I climbed on top. I grabbed her legs, and pressed her knees up against her tits. I lowered down, using my weight to keep her in position, this cock teaser was going what she had created. This position tilted her hips up and opened her precious box perfectly, and I nudged against her lips, and pushed. I managed an inch before I came up against an obstruction. I grinned at her. Hot damn, she wasn't lying, a tight little virgin.

    "God damn, you are a virgin! No need to worry baby, you got an excellent cherry buster on the job!"

    I pulled back slightly, and drove in, hard. I felt her body stiffen as her cherry held for a second, then her gagged shriek of pain announced the surrender as my cock tore through, bursting open her 'precious Southern womanhood'. I kept most of my weight on her body, keeping her legs pressed tightly against her tits as I drove in past the shredded remnants of her hymen. Vanessa tried to writhe out from under me, in so doing, her hips pumped up, her eyes were wide as she realized she'd just helped me push even futher into her. I reveled in the sensation of violating this prick teasing bitch, my Northern Yankee cock parting her 'delicate Southern womanhood', opening her virgin walls for her first fuck. Vanessa's muffled grunts and growls sounded as I gave one last hard upward thrust to complete her deflowering. I felt my cock press tightly against her cervix as I bottomed out, my balls smacked against her ass as I stuffed her. This was my first deflowering of a virgin, the tight hug of Vanessa's virgin pussy around my cock was out of this world, her pink hole was the ultimate in cock taking pleasure. The knowledge that I would be the first one to christen her tight virgin cunt with its first load of hot cum made my cock throb.

    "Oh fuck yeah, nice tight cunt you got there Vanessa, virgin tight, so perfect, thanks for keeping it tight and virgin for me baby. You'll never forget your first fuck baby, here's what you get for being a prick tease Vanessa."

    I pulled back and rammed upwards again as I started to hump at her stiffened, resisting body, splitting her tight, newly fucked walls apart, over and over, getting into a rhythm, fucking her hard. I could hear Vanessa's grunts of displeasure, I was banging against the tight neck of her cervix on every in stroke, the hard, implacable length forcing her tight virgin walls apart, over and over. Oh god, the knowledge that I was giving Vanessa's tight little virgin cunt its first fuck, was heady stuff indeed. Holy fuck, the tight cling of fucking her precious virgin box for the first time was like nothing else, her grunts of discomfort as I drilled her just made me hotter. Her wriggling of discomfort did nothing more than tighten up her virgin cunt further, the milking pull clamped even tighter at my cock, god, I was gonna blow my load pretty damn fast. I just let my cock ram the tightness of her pink hole. I looked down at Vanessa's face. The smirky sneer that she gave me when she tried to hand me a set of blue balls was gone, replaced by a defeated look. I grinned, I had bested this ball busting bitch, claimed her virginity and was ready to flood her, once again, the Union comes out the winner. I could feel the cum swirling, ready to explode.

    "Yes, yes you prick teasing little bitch, I'm gonna flood your fertile womb, gonna sperm your eggs baby!"

    My steel hard cock jerked, swelling up, a loud muffled grunt from Vanessa at the feel of my cock forcing apart her cervix, and I was ready to flood her womb.

    "Oh fuck, yeah, take it, this is what you deserve, what all prick teasing bitches deserve, fuck, yeah, yeah, OH FUCK, YEAH!!"

    I drove forward hard, one last thrust, and my cock erupted. It felt like a hose suddenly on full blast, as rope after rope gushed crazily, painting her womb with hot sperm. I went to short, pumping thrusts, letting the tight grip of her freshly de-viginized pussy milk my prick. I kept going until my cock was fully milked, then collapsed on her with a satisfied growl.

    "Oh yeah, what a hot fuck you are. Your womb is now flooded with my hot, fertile sperm, was it good for you too, baby?"

    She let out some muffled reply, and I smiled. She wriggled around as much as she could, thinking that I was going to let her go. I felt the wriggling radiate around her pussy, and my cock took notice. I heard muffled grunts as she felt my cock harden up again, ready for another ride. But, I felt she needed another hole opened up, if she wasn't saving her pussy by taking it up the ass.

    "Well, as much as I enjoyed fucking your tight pussy, I think we need to open another hot hole. Now, your mouth is full of sharp teeth, and I would have a death wish to put my cock in your mouth."

    I grabbed her ass cheeks, and pulled them apart seeing the dark pink pucker of her tight asshole.

    Coming back up, and facing her, I said, "But your tight little asshole looks all virgin, is it?"

    Her eyes wide, she nodded, and I said, "Well, it's your lucky day, two cherries busted in one night!"

    Making inarticulate sounds of protest, shaking her head in the "no" gesture didn't deter me. This time, I wanted to hear her as I fucked away her cherry asshole. I pulled the tape off as gently as I could, and she immediately started to try and dissuade me.

    "Oh please, don't y'all rape my ass! Let me suck your cock, ah promise ah won't bite y'all. Ah give blowjobs to certain guys that ah take a special shine to, and mah blowjobs are the best y'all will ever have. Just don't fuck mah ass."

    "But you tried to shut me down baby. I could see the prick teaser smirk, thinking you'd just shot down another horny clown with a pair of aching balls."

    Instead of another diatribe, she said, "Are y'all gonna let me go after?"

    I said, "After you get your ass fucked, you will be free to go."

    In a low voice, she said, "If y'all are gonna do it, then do it. But at least use something to lube me all up, it's gonna be awfully tight back there."

    "Anything to please a lady's request."

    She glared at me as I gave a grin at my remark. I ducked out of the bedroom, and got the tube of KY gel from the bathroom, and brought it back. I remembered using it to lube up Brooke's super tight asshole. I had put that KY in the little bathroom cabinet before I left on this road trip, just in case. Knowing that I was going to use it more than once, I'd really hit the jackpot. The idea of stuffing Vanessa's tight asshole made my cock harder than ever.

    The look on her face looked like a look of resignation. Hmmm, was she really resigned to it, or was she trying to lure me with a false sense of security. I checked to make sure her wrists were still securely bound, then I pulled her hips down until they were just off the edge of the bed. I pushed her legs back, parting her cheeks, and squeezed a large dollop of KY right along the rim. I slid my finger up and down, spreading out the lube, then pressing my finger against the tight pucker, I slid my digit in, she gave a yelp as spread it around inside her tight walls.

    I released her legs, stepped back and let her see that I was greasing up my prick, even though she was a cock tease, I was not going to fuck her ass dry. I grabbed her feet as I moved back in, pushed her legs back up against her tits, then getting into position, I was able to grab her legs and drape her knees over my shoulders. Grabbing her cheeks, I pulled them apart so her ass could get well fucked. I could see that dark pink rosette, glistening with lube, and I notched myself against that inviting bulls-eye.

    "Well Vanessa, so much for never letting a Yankee cross your threshold. I can claim 2 out of 3, not bad!"

    I pushed, prying open that tight asshole. Vanessa shrieked as the tight rosette of her asshole was forced open, and I kept pushing, her howls and shrieks filling the van, as I buried myself, until my balls smacked against her backside.


    "Yeah, I know, isn't it great? The only thing rising in the South are the cocks you tease."

    I pulled back slightly and drove in again, reaming out this teaser's asshole. It was perfect, since I'd dumped my first load in her cunt, her ass was going to be a well worn bunghole before I hosed down her bowels. Her tight ass wasn't going to be so tight after I'd drilled her ass. I enjoyed the squeals, grunts and other sounds of discomfort, as I reamed the incredibly tight grip. After the first minute, I actually felt her asshole loosen up just slightly, and the grunts and growls she was making no longer sounded too displeased. Maybe she was not an anal virgin, after all.

    "Vanessa, I think you lied. You're not an anal virgin, are you?" She glared at me, and I drove it in hard, and growled, "So tell me, how many guys have you let in your back door, how many rides have you given out up your Hershey highway?"

    "Bastard Yankee, only a couple. And none of the horny clowns that y'all saw at the party, those yahoos are only good for teasing the shit out of. Ah love to know that their balls will be aching with the cum that they all didn't get to dump into me. Ah was saving my Southern womanhood for mah future husband."

    "So who has been lucky enough to take your ass?"

    "Mah Uncle Dave, and mah Uncle Chuck, they cornered me in the barn last year at a family reunion, and they all agreed to let me save mah virginity, if I gave them all mah backside."

    I drove in, holding myself balls deep, and said, "Please, tell me more."

    "Yankee pervert. Mah Uncle Chuck was the lucky one to take that cherry, while mah Uncle Chuck got himself all greased up, ah had to get on mah hands and knees on a hay bale, and once he greased up mah ass, he took great pleasure in powering in, bursting my back side virginity. I screamed loud, fuck that hurt. Once he had all 7 inches stuffed in, he slowed it down, and I worked hard on relaxing my ass, it took some doing, but the greasing up helped, it didn't last more than a minute, before ah felt his cum shooting deep inside me. Once he blew his balls, mah Uncle Dave took over, and he pried me open, it didn't hurt as much as it had the first time, and he lasted longer, and it started to feel less and less discomforting, before he blew his nut into me."

    "You're a hot ass fuck, baby, and your ass is going to be a well worn backdoor by the time I blow my load."

    I started to ream her ass again, and Vanessa seemed to be moving just slightly in time with me.

    "Yankee ass hole rapist...ooooh....so disgusting...mmmm....dirty fucker....ohhhh....Ah hate you....."

    I grinned, I had a feeling that she had found out she liked it, and was starting to get into the rhythm. I took great pleasure in drilling her ass, and it took only a few minutes before she was pushing her hips towards me as I drove forward, as she rotated her buttocks around and around on my cock.

    I growled, "Oh yeah, you found out you liked it, didn't you? Bet Chuck and Dave got to ram your ass several more times, didn't they, tell me you hot ass bitch!"

    "Mmmmm, oh yeah...dirty Yankee...ooh yeah, filthy fucker....oooh yeah, they reamed me out many times, when they found out I liked it, every time it seemed so bad, so nasty, dirty, dirty, nnnggghhhh, but fuck, ah loved it, getting mah asshole fucked, so perverted, but ah love it, FUCK ME, FUCK MAH ASS, CREAM MAH ASSHOLE!"

    Like an inner damn had broken open, the pleasure had overwhelmed her, and I power fucked her ass, accompanied by her screams, howls and shrieks of pleasure, I was ready to explode. I slid my hand between our bodies, and started to tweak her stiff, rock hard clit.


    Her voice climbed up to a scream of pleasure as she climaxed, and I felt the extra tight grip of her asshole clamping at my cock, and with a growl of pleasure, I went over, bursting deep inside, spurting a huge gush of cum to paint her bowels.

    "Oh Vanessa, you really are a hot ass fuck baby."

    As she came down for her orgasm, Vanessa seemed to be more settled, so I cautiously released her arms, but kept my distance. She didn't even demand her bikini, or at least something to cover herself with.

    She meekly asked, "I suppose y'all are going to take me back to Magnolia Lane, and kick me out without mah bikini?"

    I grinned, and said, "You suppose right! I of course, am going to keep your bikini, as a battle trophy. Another confederate flag falls."

    "When ah get back to the party, almost every guy there has been teased by me. Ah'll be walking into a gang bang. Ah just cain't walk into the party, all bare ass naked, they'll rape me all night."

    I hadn't thought about that. Bursting into the party, stark naked, having been de-virginized of her 'precious Southern womanhood', yeah. She would be gang banged all night. Seeing her bare ass naked, with just her tattoos on display, the guys would be on her like sharks when blood is in the water, I could just imagine what kind of a rodeo they get her into back at the party. She was a hot ass fuck at both ends, but I didn't feel right about letting her walk into that scene. It was too much like throwing a Christian to the lions in ancient Rome.

    Her voice softer, she said, "Since y'all got your fun, could y'all take me home? Ah promise ah won't give y'all any trouble. Before y'all take me home, how about y'all take me again? Since ah'm no longer a virgin, ah might as well get mahself adjusted to the feel of cocks taking mah womanhood. It was starting to feel better just before y'all flooded mah girl, so ah want to try it out, and see if it feels better. Y'all can tie me up if y'all like, so y'all know ah won't give y'all any trouble."

    Hmmm, that was a tempting offer. So tempting that she was soon on hands and knees, and at her request, her wrists tied to the bedposts. The sight of her ass cocked up, quickly brought me into position, and I nudged against her, and powered into her precious Southern womanhood again. She let out a grunt as I buried it, as I grabbed her hips, then pulled back, but this time, I started to fuck her slower.

    "Ummm, bad Yankee, but feels so fucking good!"

    I replied, "Oh yeah baby, we Northerners may not have the same culture, but we know how to make you feel so good."

    Vanessa cooed, "Ummm, oh yes you do, it's starting to feel really good. Getting a hard fuck from a Northern Yankee, my Southern virgin womanhood is but a memory, I don't care anymore, fuck me hard and fast, I want it, I want you to cum for me, cream my cunt again!"

    At her request, I started to fuck her faster, the grunts, growls and squeals of pleasure showed she was fully into it. She started to grind back against me, rotating her hips, as I drove in to the balls on every thrust, giving me a deep corkscrew ride, as I tested the liquid depths of her heated fuckhole. Vanessa's pussy walls massaged my cock and her juices splashed all over my plunging rod. She grunted as I started to nudge tight against her cervix on each in-stroke.

    I saw her pulling against the restraints, feeling no give, and it just made her hotter. I think she was in a fantasy of being tied up, helpless, while a Yankee raped her. I heard her mutter, "can't get away", "Yankee's cock raping me, gonna fill me", "spray mah eggs, make me have a Yankee rapist's baby", while I powered in and out of her.

    "Fuck, oh mah fucking gawd, mah Yankee rapist is gonna make me cum, cum so fucking hard, spray your Yankee cum all over my tight walls, shoot a flood of cum deep into mah womb, fuck, oh fuck, so GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDD!!"

    Her voice rose up to a shriek of pleasure as I felt her pussy clutching and unclutching on my prick. My cock jerked, swelling up tight, and a grunt from Vanessa as I was once more past her cervix.

    "Oh fuck yeah, tight little Southern bitch, tight cunt, take another load, fuck fuck, FUCK!"

    My growl joined Vanessa's shriek as I powered in, poised at the very entrance to her baby chamber, exploding, letting out a loud groan of satisfaction, dumping my white-hot load deep in her womb. The rush of hot sperm filling her pulled another shriek of pleasure, as Vanessa climaxed again, the rippling spasms of her second climax milked my twitching prick of every drop.

    Whatever had made Vanessa into a cold prick tease had been removed completely. She stayed with me the rest of the weekend. I figured I was safe enough when she wanted to suck my cock, and I'm glad I did. She was one of the best, hot, wet mouth, pouty true cocksucker lips, a hot, swirling tongue action that made me explode, and she hungrily gulped it all down. When I went down on her, I ate her until her toes curled with pleasure, and her shrieks as she exploded, squirting crazily, were well worth the earning. That had brought me back up, and I powered into her tight ass, her shrieks and howls filling the van as I drilled that tight ass, then quickly pulling out to ram into her cunt, a loud howl as I breeched her cervix once again, and I dumped another sizzling load of sperm into her womb. We sucked, fucked, and licked the weekend away. Her hot, tight holes were penetrated over and over, I did my best to loosen them up a bit. When I took her home Monday morning, after one last frenzied fuck, she grinned as she saw her confederate flag bikini on the bedpost, just like a trophy.

    "Just pull up behind that old garage, and ah can run in, buck naked. No one's home until later."

    She gave me her cell phone number, and cooed, "Any ole time y'all want to come down here again, and rape mah tight, hot holes, ah'll be all ready for y'all, mah hot Yankee fucker!''

    I enjoyed the sight of her naked backside, slipping down the sidewalk by the garage, before she went into her house. Heading back towards the highway, I felt like I'd been drained of every drop of cum I could produce. But, being 25, my resources built back up quickly, and I got a chance to see just how fast they could recharge.
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    Go Yankees!! Good stuff!

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    great series and stories... Hope they are going to continue ... Thanks for the Share...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Part 9

    I set out, heading for US 45 north, to head back in the general direction back home. A little under 3 hours later, I was passing through Jackson, Tennessee on I-40. The day was heating up fast, as I continued on towards Nashville. A few miles outside of Nashville, I noticed the A/C was not pumping out any more than a weak stream of tepid air, and it quickly got hot and sweaty, becoming stiflingly oppressive, and I was sweating it out.

    Up ahead I could see a large T/A truck stop sign, man, that was great placement. I could get my van serviced, I hoped it wasn't a fried A/C, that would be expensive. Now I could get it checked out, I was hoping it just needed more coolant. Taking the exit, I steered onto the access road, and parked. The mechanic checked it out, and confirmed the good news, all it needed was more coolant, and it did not take long to get the coolant topped up. The large sign out front advertised large, clean, roomy showers, free of charge for customers who bought a tankful of gas, or had repairs done. I grabbed my backpack, put in my toiletry kit, a fresh change of clothes and two big towels, and went in. At the front desk, a lady trucker just in front of me had registered for a shower, I added my name, and I turned, and saw her smile. She beckoned me over.

    "Hello sugar, this is a busy day, usually this is a good place to get a shower immediately. I'm Jenni from Dallas, what's your name sugar, what brings y'all out this way?"

    I noticed the distinct Texas twang to her voice, and I replied "Nice to meet you Jenni, I'm Colin from Brooklyn, I'm doing a solo road trip to christen my fully restored 77 Boogie Van, my A/C was running low, and they topped it up, and after sweating in my van, I need a shower."

    Jenni said, "It's nice to meet you Colin. This has the best showers in all of Tennessee, clean, roomy, and lots of hot water."

    I had been surreptitiously checking her out, she was nice. Shoulder length red hair and bright green eyes, full lips, a light spray of freckles across her face and upper chest, her T shirt showed full, generous breasts.

    Jenni said, "I'm making a run from Dallas to Knoxville, then another load from Knoxville to Pittsburgh, then from Pittsburgh clear across to Seattle. I'm hoping to get a load that will take me back to where I live, which is Dallas. How about if we go into the restaurant, and get a bite to eat? They'll call us when we are at the top of the list."

    That sounded good, and she turned to lead the way, and I got a look at the rest. Oh yeah, nice hips, a curvy flare, and her ass cheeks were full, firm and well rounded. The smooth curves, and the solid bodies, get me every time. We were seated, and over a plate of appetizers, we exchanged stories.

    "I've been driving a big rig for the last 5 years, ever since I was 25. After I graduated from high school, I tried some college courses, but I dropped out after the first year, they were boring, and I was not learning anything. So, I worked here and there, then I decided I'd better get a real steady job, I love to drive, I got my commercial license on the first try, and since then, I've never looked back. I like the freedom of the open road, no boss looking over my shoulder, or trying to get me alone after hours, and feel me up. Had a couple of those gigs, entry level, the boss feels like he has a license to grope my tits and ass. I told them what pigs they were, and quit on the spot. It'll be nice to get back home, I sure miss my wife."

    She looked up at my face, and said softly, "Hope I didn't shock you, about being in a same sex marriage."

    I replied, "Hell no, I always say you should be allowed to marry whoever you want. I just attended a same sex wedding a couple of months ago. The brides were beautiful, they make a lovely couple."

    She smiled, and continued, "I had a feeling that you might understand, being from the Northeast, especially New York, a lot more progressive than some of the other parts of this country. Yeah, where we live, we have to keep it a little bit quiet. Texas is filled with gun crazy, red cracker conservatives. Gotta be careful as to who you tell personal things to. My wife Kat is telling me would should move, Washington, Oregon or California, and I think that's a very good idea. Driving truck, I can basically move anywhere in the US. The Pacific Northwest perhaps, Seattle looks like a great place to live, been there on quite a few runs. Or the Bay area around San Francisco, maybe a nice little place on the coast of Oregon. Would you like to see a picture of my beautiful wife?"

    She passed over a picture, oh wow, she sure knew how to pick a hot wife. Long blonde hair, a beaming smile, sapphire blue eyes, and that body, even fully dressed, damn, she looked like a real hot lady.

    I said, "Wow Jenni, you sure know how to pick a beautiful wife, she a knockout!"

    I handed it back, and she said, "I was married to a guy, a regular marriage back when I was 20. He was a bum, and after 18 months, we got a divorce. I met Kat 4 years ago, when she moved into the apartment next to mine. I noticed what a beautiful lady she was, and it made me tingle deep down inside. I shook it off, I hadn't gotten any action for jeez, 4 years by that time. When I went to bed that night, my mind took over. I like to drape my hips over a pillow, and get my hand down there, and work on myself when I masturbate. As I got into the rhythm of my session, I imagined her right there, almost naked, wearing just a pajama top. She was sitting of the edge of the bed, whispering, 'Don't stop baby, keep going, I want to see you cum.' "

    "I fell thrills of pleasure as I imagined the scene, Kat pulled the blanket down to just below my hips, my naked ass upthrust, and she began to rub my body, hands roaming over my naked back. I began squeezing myself harder, pressing into my hand with my pelvis, slowly rocking against my bed. I started to make little noises of passion, as I imagined her pulling the blanket away fully, leaving my entire backside naked and exposed to her eyes."

    " 'Oh yeah baby, do it, ride your hand, make yourself cum baby.' ''

    "My session was really getting me hot, as I rocked harder, imagining Kat's hands drifting down to my naked ass cheeks, stroking and caressing them. I imagined her hands as they cupped my cheeks, she started to press down on me, developing a rhythmic pressure of her own. As I rocked she applied pressure, making my thrusts even more delicious. I was letting out moans and growls of passion, as I felt the wave starting to gather speed. Then she reached over to my hips and began holding me off the mattress."

    " 'Slow down a little' " she begged. " 'I want to enjoy this.' "

    "Her imagined urging made me feel even more desperate as I lifted my hips up, I was now thrusting against nothing. It was a delicious and frustrating pleasure as I delayed my orgasm."

    "Imagining her hands on both of my hips Kat suddenly straddled me, placing one knee on each side of my legs and as she did she gently lowered herself until her pelvis pressed against me. I could clearly imagine the feel of the outline of her vulva against my naked cheeks, the heat of her sex pressed against my naked flesh, hot and moist. She stripped off her pajama top, tossed it away, I then imagined the feel of her naked body lowering down, how her naked breasts felt, her stiff hard nipples digging into my back, as her nude body pressed tightly against my back. I was grunting and moaning, masturbating furiously, ready to explode. I imagined her grasping my hips tightly, molding her body against mine, then using her whole body to rub against me. That did it, and I exploded in orgasm, my body shaking and shuddering, crying out my passion into the pillow. It was the most powerful climax that I had ever experienced as I imagined Kat's nude body pressed against me a dozen times, imitating the undulations that I had been making as I tried to meet her thrusts with the arching of my back. Suddenly I imagined the moans, her body shaking and writhing against me, letting out soft cries of pleasure, a gush of her hot juices flowing out over my ass, running down the crease of my cheeks she exploded in climax, squeezing the entire length of her body against mine."

    She looked up, smiled and said, "Whew, that really got me going. I had discovered my bi-sexual side, and I decided to see what I could get going with Kat beyond a fantasy. As it turned out, she was just as hot for me as I was for her. Let me tell you about our first time together. It was a Thursday, early afternoon, we got daring, no one was around, so we stripped down to just our panties, and went swimming in her backyard pool. After laying out in the sun, and some sexually charged suggestions, we were in her bedroom. We were both on our knees, facing each other. Kat's breasts took my breath away, full, succulent mounds tipped with cherry red nipples, stiff and hard, pointing right at me."

    " 'Now, let's have some special girl on girl time,' Kat cooed. 'I want you Jenni, and I am sure you feel the same way. Do you feel that way?' "

    "I was too excited to make a coherent word, so I just nodded eagerly."

    "Kat smiled, and said gently, 'I'll take your panties off and then you pull mine down, okay?' "

    "That made my blood surge, to be naked, totally naked in front of each other, hot, horny and wanting to pleasure each other. I watched, spellbound, as Kat reached out and pulled my panties down to my knees. I leaned back and brought my legs up so Kat could slip them over my feet. I could feel my pussy, lightly covered with a neatly trimmed covering of red pubic hair, fully exposed to Kat, I saw her lick her lips she gazed down between my thighs, she couldn't take her eyes away from my red tuft. All I could think about was having Kat's fingers gliding between my pussy lips, then the bolt of pleasure I would feel if Kat followed in with her mouth on my creamy pink hole. This was my first time with another woman, I never even done anything with a girl before. Kat finally pulled her eyes away, and looked into my face, her face was flushed, pupils wide, and I could tell she was getting as hot as I was."

    "Kat's voice, husky with desire, cooed, 'Okay, your turn, get me naked!' "

    "I got back on my knees, reached out, my hands trembled as I hooked my fingers into the waistband, and slowly pulled Kat's panties down. Her skin was so soft and I could feel heat radiating from between Kat's legs. I was breathing in sharp little gasps, as Kat's beautiful sex was revealed. Her pussy was shaven clean, and I could see her pussy lips, swollen with desire and glistening with her juices. My eyes were wide, staring at her gorgeous pussy, I couldn't take my eyes off it. Knowing I was going to touch her there, and let Kat touch me between my legs made my heart pound. The idea was so hot, and after touching her, I knew that I wanted, no, needed to get my mouth down there, and lick Kat's smooth, bare mound. I trembled with desire as Kat leaned back and let me slip her panties over her feet."

    "I brought Kat's panties to my nose and breathed in. My nose was right were Kat's pussy lips had been nestled, and my whole body trembled with desire as I smelled the scent of Kat's juices, her arousal, peppery, musky and hot, permeated the panty crotch. It made me ache with desire, and I heard a soft purr from Kat as she watched me."

    "We sat closely, with our legs intertwined like a pair of scissors. I saw Kat's gorgeous face, so full of lust as she reached out and cupped my pussy. Kat was so gentle, not grabbing or groping at me. I started to let out soft coos of pleasure as I felt her fingers lightly gliding up and down my slick, swollen vaginal lips, tracing the folds. With a feather soft touch, she eased in between them. I felt her finger gently probing me, I felt my juices well up, coating her finger, and I moaned with sheer pleasure.

    '' 'Touch me, Jenni,' Kat whispered, her eyes wide, 'Touch me too.' "

    "I slipped my hand between Kat's legs, my fingertips found her just as wet as I was. I let my fingertips glide lightly up and down her soft, pink opening, tracing the contours of her slick lips, and as I slid a finger into her, Kat breathed deeply and she closed her eyes. Her breathing increased and her stomach sucked in and out. God, did it turn me on, knowing she liked it."

    " 'That feels so good,' " she whispered. 'Ummm, oh yeah, slip another finger in me baby.' ''

    "As I eagerly did so, I felt Kat slip a second finger into me, and she started to slowly, gently finger bang me. Kat's thumb started to rub my clit, it rose up fast, so hard, it was throbbing almost to the point of pain. My eyes were closed and I was slowly moving her hips to the rhythm of Kat's fingers sliding in and out of me. I felt Kat's warm breath on my face, opened my eyes, Kat had leaned forward, her mouth only inches from mine. She licked her lips, making them glisten, the pinkness so inviting. I knew I wanted to go beyond just masturbating, my vagina gripped Kat's fingers like it would never let go. At the same time, Kat's hot, slick juices covered my hand as I also explored the secret place between Kat's legs."

    "The tip of Kat's tongue lightly touched my lips and I was eager to return it, not a friendly kiss, but a woman's kiss, a lover's kiss. I felt dizzy with the chance to do something that had seemed so forbidden. I opened my mouth to Kat's mouth, and for a moment we shared the same breath. Then our lips met and Kat slid her tongue inside. Her mouth tasted so fresh, her tongue was delicious, sweeping and dancing through my mouth, making me hunger for more. My tongue quickly responded, and our mouths clung hungrily to each other, our tongues dancing and sweeping into each other's mouth. With her free hand, she gently cupped my breast and took my nipple between her fingers. I could feel my nipple, rock hard and erect under her stroking fingers. Kat gently maneuvered me onto my back. Her mouth moved down, and she started to run her tongue over my hard nipples, licking and gently sucking at them. The feelings shot through me, god that felt fantastic."

    "I whispered hoarsely to her, 'Oh yes my sweet Kat, so good, that feels so good!' "

    "Kat rose up, and she looked down at my face and our eyes met. I motioned for Kat come get on top of me as I brought my knees up and spread my legs in invitation. Like a dream, Kat seemed to float between my parted thighs as she eased down on me, our nipples kissing then our breasts pressing together. I wrapped my legs around Kat, and with my arms around her in a tight embrace, we devoured each other's mouths. My pussy was dripping, hungry for Kat, and as we moved our hips together, I felt my stiff, erect clit touch Kat's equally excited clit, a wave of raw sexual energy shot through me and we both cried out as we pressed our bodies tightly together, grinding our clits together."

    "Kat's hot breath was on my ear, whispering 'Jenni, Jenni baby, don't stop, Jenni, Jenni' over and over again, her words were as sweet as a love song."

    "I cupped her ass cheeks, gripping them as I held her tightly against my crotch. I was consumed by Kat's soft body on top of me, the heat of our arousal. The room was filled with the scent of our lust, her delicious cries of passion, my sounds of passion joined hers, and I could feel my orgasm gathering force. We clung tightly to each other, Kat was humping on top, while I bucked upwards, our hips humping and grinding together, rubbing our throbbing clits together. The heat of the room made us sweat, our bodies were covered with a fine glaze as we rubbed and slid against each other. My pussy was aching, my clit throbbing and burning with desire, as Kat's straining clit brushed heatedly against mine. We started to go faster, oh yeah, it was going to feel so good. Kat's body started to shake, and she started humping wildly at me."

    "I felt the rush, ready to take me, and I cried out, 'Fuck, oh my god, gonna cum, gonna cum so fucking HHAAARRRDD!' "

    "Kat grunted, 'Yes, oh yes, cum for me, cum with me baby, yes, fuck, OH MY GAWWWWWWWW!!' "

    "Our voices spiraled up to shared shrieks of pleasure, I felt my pussy wrench wildly, then the rush as orgasm came at me, as Kat growled, and I felt a rush of juices as her pussy let go. When her juices showered over my clit, I let go, our bodies shuddering and writhing together, pussies squirting, soaking the sheets with a flood of our juices, as an orgasm that felt like liquid fire seared through my straining body. After the first massive explosion of passion, our hips jerked in spastic little aftershocks as we continued to rub our throbbing clits together, sending bolts of pleasure racing through our bodies. I had never climaxed so intensely in my life, and I knew the moment it started to subside that I wanted to do it again."

    "After holding on to each other for what seemed like an eternity, Kat slowly rolled off me and lay on her back next to me, eyes closed, my heart still racing. Our bodies were covered with sweat, my crotch and the inside of my thighs were soaked with our juices. The air was heavy with the scent of our lovemaking and it filled my nostrils and made me light-headed. My eyes were closed as I drifted on soft, wispy clouds recalling every touch, taste, and smell of what had just happened. The wetness between my legs made my pussy tingle in the soft breeze of the air conditioning. After a while, Kat moved over and I felt her breath on my stomach. I opened my eyes to see Kat lightly kissing her way from my navel down through my pubic area, licking me like a kitten. Kat gently pushed my legs apart and kissed my folds, spread open and swollen with sexual excitement. Then Kat licked my inner thighs and all around my pussy. When Kat had finished cleaning up our juices, the tip of her tongue softly probed my vagina."

    "Kat paused, looked up at me, and cooed, 'Jenni baby, would you like to kiss my pussy while I kiss yours?' "

    "I growled, 'Oh god, yes, let me 69 you baby, I need to lick your sweet pink hole!"

    "Kat smiled at me, then she raised up, turned her body around and swung her leg over me, a bolt of pleasure shot through me as Kat's beautiful sex was only inches from my mouth. It was wildly erotic seeing her beautiful sex that close and it ramped up her arousal to a fever pitch. I watched, fascinated, as Kat's hot crimson love flesh hovered above me, I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life. The heat from between her legs warmed my face. I smelled the scent of Kat's arousal, hot and musky, and it made me dizzy with desire. The fact that her pussy opening was bare, freshly waxed and totally open to my eyes, everything was dewy wet, made my body tremble. I could feel Kat's tongue stroking just inside my labial lips and I couldn't wait to taste Kat. I ran a finger along Kat's pink trail, hearing her soft moan as my finger slid inside her hot tunnel again. My tongue quickly followed, sliding along Kat's luscious pink inner lips. Her purr of pleasure spurred me on, once I got a taste of Kat's musky sap, I couldn't stop. I pulled Kat's pussy against my face, and started to eat her ravenously, my tongue dipping deep into Kat's fiery center, licking her as her sweet juice flowed out, flooding my mouth."

    "Kat's hot mouth was just as busy with my molten pussy, her hot mouth at my steaming core felt amazing, it was driving me wild. Almost as if we were two halves of one being, we simultaneously buried our face in each other's molten hot pussy, licking, tasting the hot musky juices, our shared arousal feeding off each other, making us hotter and hotter. Our hot, panting breaths filled the room as we each licked the other towards climax. We held on tight, and when Kat wrapped her tongue around my bulging clit, pulling at the engorged stem over and over again, I started flicking my tongue against Kat's straining clit. The rush was incredible, and we both shrieked into each others pussy as we exploded in orgasm together, our cries of release bouncing off the walls, as our bodies shuddered and writhed together in orgasmic ecstasy."

    Jenni paused, and I could see the arousal on her face. My cock was rock hard, god, that was one of the hottest things I've ever heard.

    Before either of us could say anything, her number was called for a shower. I figured I'd be up next, which was good because as soon as I got my call, and was behind the shower room door, I'd be stroking it off, my balls were swollen with a load.

    Jenni said softly, "Instead of having you wait, why don't you come and share my shower with me. The stalls are more than big enough for 2, and it would be nice to have someone scrub my back, amongst other things. And I have Kat's understanding that if I need to have some hot, passionate sex on the road, she gives me that latitude to do so. Would you like to share my shower Colin?"
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    Nice change of pace--Hot stuff!

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    OH wow... that's a really Hot add... Thanks for the Update... Keep 'em cuming...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Part 10

    At my eager nod, Jenni smiled and said, "Let's not keep that hot water waiting, then."

    She led the way, and I filled my vision with the sight of her curvy hips, and those awesome ass cheeks, full, firm and well rounded. Just knowing that in a few moments, I would get to see that gorgeous backside without anything in the way, had my cock stirring fast. We stopped by the desk, to get my name taken off the list, the clerk grinned at me as he saw us together, knowing that we were going to be sharing a shower, and a whole lot more.

    In our private space, when Jenni stripped naked, and I could ogle her nudity, I eagerly did so. Shoulder length red hair and bright green eyes, full lips, a light spray of freckles across her face and upper chest, grapefruit sized full, generous breasts. Her red pubic hair was neatly trimmed, oh fuck, I'm a sucker for natural redheads, and I could feel my lust rocket.

    She grinned as she saw me filling my eyes, she turned, to display her naked backside, she looked over her shoulder, still with that cheeky grin, and purred, "Do you also like the flip side Colin?"

    Oh yeah, wide hips, the sexy curvy flare, ass cheeks full, firm and well rounded. The smooth curves, and the solid bodies, get me every time.

    I quickly stripped, the sight of her had my cock surging, and I growled, "Oh yeah baby, your body is so hot and sexy, I adore your curves."

    Jenni's eyes were on my cock, she smiled and she said, "I can see that my body has had quite the effect on you. Colin, I'm so wet, and I am so horny I can't see straight. I need a good hard dick to ream me out before we hit the shower, so I can calm down a bit."

    She led me into the shower part of the room, there was a counter top with two sinks, and a large mirror next to the shower stall, and she put her hands on the counter top so she was bent at a 45 degree angle. She placed her feet apart, and looked behind at me with hungry eyes as I led my cock up to her bubbling juices. The wet heat nudged against the head of my cock, and she moaned, deep in her throat just before I buried it.

    "Fuck me hard, fuck me fast, no gentleness, just ram me, and make me cum lover!"

    I gave each cheek a smack, she yelped as she felt the sting, then with a growl of lust, I powered my cock in. She let out a loud squeal of pleasure as I parted her nice, tight pussy, and with one hard thrust, my balls slapped against her pussy as buried it to the max. I started to ram Jenni, building up a fast, hard rhythm, power fucking her nice, tight walls, enjoying her sounds of pleasure as I rode her smooth pink hole, her juices were bathing my shaft, giving me a smooth, fully pleasure filled ride.

    I saw her watching the fucking in the mirror, her eyes were hazy with lust as she watched herself being taken.

    Jenni moaned , "Oh fuck, feels so good. My beautiful wife Kat likes to....ummm, yes, so good...strap on her 9 inch dildo, and power fuck me just like that....ahhhhh....I love being fucked real hard...oh yeah, keeping fucking me lover...when I am this horny, Kat gives me the fucking I need...but I still love to milk a stiff hard cock, and feel the rush of hot cum filling my womb....oh yeah, keep going lover, make me cum!"

    Happy to do so, my lust at a fever pitch, turned me into a fucking machine. My fingers gripped Jenni's hips tightly, pulling her hips back against me with each thrust, to accentuate the hard driving thrust as I continued to pound and jackhammer her cunt hard and fast.

    "Yes, yes, keep fucking me hard and fast! I want you to cum for me lover!"

    I felt her hand reach between my legs, and she started to toy with my balls. Her body started to shake, and she cried out, "Oh yes, gonna cum, cum with me Colin, cum deep, cream my womb, fuck MEEEEE!"

    I felt the clamping down, and the feel of Jenni's tight walls rippling up and down my shaft, milking my prick took me over. One last thrust, and I began shooting stream after stream into her womb, spraying her deep inside with hot rushes of spunk. My growls of pleasure mingled with her loud cries of orgasm as we went over into climax together. The tight hug rippled up and down my shaft, hungrily milking every drop out of me.

    Jenni purred, "Oh yes, just what I needed."

    When I pulled back, Jenni said "Shall we take that shower, now that I am calmed down enough?"

    She giggled, and I was happy to follow the graceful curve of that sexy rump, the lightly tanned moons perky and smooth. Being an assman, I drank my fill of her sexy naked backside.

    Under the shower spray, we soaped each other up, and I felt Jenni's fingers playing with my cock, which obligingly rose back up. I saw her smile as she felt my cock surging in her hands.

    Jenni purred, "I never left a hard cock unfulfilled, and I'm not about to start. Let's dry off lover, then we can go out to your van, I don't want to hog the shower. I want it again, that first time was good to burn off the lust, but now I want another hot ride, and the time to savor it."

    Accordingly, Jenni slipped on a summer dress and a pair of sandals, she grinned at my expression. Knowing she was naked under her dress, and was ready to just strip off once we were in the van, kept my lust perked up. I just pulled on a T shirt and cutoffs.

    "Now lover, move your van over to the blue Kenworth. It's the one with a small mural, just behind the driver's side door, with the picture of a sleepy kitty, and the word Kat underneath it. I had that artwork created for my lovely wife, to let her know that I'm thinking of her during the time I have to be on the road."

    "Ok baby, give me about 5 minutes, and the A/C will have it cooled down, my uncle made sure I had a high efficiency system, for days like today."

    I went out and fired up the Dodge, and cranked the A/C on high. I drove into the big rig area, and found her wheels easily. Her Kenworth was hauling a 48 foot trailer, I wondered what it would be like to be at the wheel of such a big rig.

    After 5 minutes, the inside of the van was nicely air conditioned, I grinned as I saw Jenni's sexy shape moving towards me. We were going to heat up the inside, once we got down to it.

    I opened the door for her, and she led the way, loosening up her dress, then letting it fall in a heap at her feet, and I again drank in the vision of sexy moons, as she wiggled her hips at me. She lay back, spreading her thighs, inviting me in.

    "Oh yeah, now take me like a lover, give me a gentle, loving fuck baby. Colin, would it offend you if I go deep into a fantasy?"

    "No baby, you can dream about whatever you want."

    "Umm, thank you lover, now, take me."

    I descended on her, her nipples were stiff, and I sucked eagerly on them, enjoying the way they grew even harder in my mouth.

    "Oh yes, Kat sweetheart, suck my tits, you know how much I love it."

    I smiled, I had a feeling she may want a fantasy of her sexy bride. From seeing that picture of her, god, did she pick a smoking hot wife. I wondered if Jenni would tell Kat about our encounter. Maybe she'd tell her while they were making love.

    "Fuck me my sweet wife, I can't wait any longer, and kiss me, you know I adore your kisses while you fuck me!"

    Between the spread of her thighs, I nudged against her, and drove it in. She let out a cry of pleasure as I buried it, the furnace heat and the pouring of her juices surrounded me, as my balls smacked against her ass.

    ''Now, kiss me lover, kiss me and fuck me!"

    Our lips came together in a tongue filled swirl of passion, and I started a slow, loving rhythm giving her a loving fuck, and I did some fantasizing of my own. Paula and her Mom Janice, Ellen, Brooke and her Mom Maggie, and the hot Southern Vanessa. Running over in my mind what it was like to fuck all of the eager pussies offered up to me, it had been a wild road trip.

    Jenni broke the kiss, and pulling my head against the side of her head, she cooed, "Now baby, keep making such wonderful make love to me my beautiful Kat, oh yes baby, make me cum.''

    We moved together, and I started to fuck her a bit faster, her cries of pleasure filling the van. I gave Jenni a long, hard, pleasure filled ride, savoring the heat and the juices surrounding my cock as i rode her sexy body. I imagined Jenni and her sexy wife Kat together, the idea of Kat, that long blonde hair, beaming smile, sapphire blue eyes, and imagining her body, naked, sporting a 9 inch strap-on dildo and riding Jenni's hot body, god, the mental vision made my balls start to churn, and I knew I was on the verge.

    Jenni cried out, "Yes, oh yeah, take me over baby, gonna cum, gonna cum all over your cock, yes, oh god, FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!"

    Her voice climbed to a shriek, and I felt the tight clinch, rippling with that milking pull, and I grunted and growled as my cock let loose, firing a fresh volley of cum into her, enjoying her sounds of orgasmic pleasure as she rode that wave.

    I slipped down next to her, and her eyes were luminous, as she gazed into mine.

    "Ummm, that was so beautiful, thank you Colin, for letting me fantasize. You are such a kind, and considerate lover, and I am going to let my sexy wife know just what a kind and wonderful lover you are. She'll turn into a tigress, and she'll make me eat her pussy until she cums all over my face, then she strap on her dildo and ram my redheaded pussy to a screaming orgasm, hearing about me getting a fucking on the road turns her into a wild bitch in heat. I love it!"

    Just before she left, she asked, "Would you like a little memento of our time? Maybe a set of panties?"

    "That's just what I was thinking about!"

    She grinned, and peeled off the panties she had just donned. They were a purple thong, and I savored the idea that her thong had been wedged up between the sexy cleave of her cheeks. She pressed them into my hand.

    "There you go lover, enjoy them, and think of me. I'll be thinking about you, here's my cellphone number. When you want to make another trip, I think my lovely wife Kat would be up a three way, I know I am."

    I watched her climb into her big rig, the diesel came to life with a roar. She looked out the window, blew me a kiss, and pulled carefully out of the lot, I watched the rig until she was out of sight.

    Just before I hit the road, I stopped at a store. When I came out, and got back in my van, I ran a length of rope over my bed, and with the clothespins I had just bought, my mementos were on display. Seeing all those hot panties, and thinking of the sexy pussies that they had been covering, yeah, what great times.

    It was time to set a general course back home. I dialed Ellen's number, enjoying the warm Tennessee twang, her sexy warm voice told me how much she was looking forward to seeing me again, and getting me into her bed. I smiled as I thought about Ellen's sexy shape, it would be wonderful to make hot love with her.

    My thoughts drifted a bit, and I thought of Paula and Janice, and their eagerness to have me move to Scranton, so I could sexually service that hot daughter and mother combo. I had a feeling that I was going to take that offer, with two hot ladies wanting hot sex when I was not traveling, and my van to travel the country when I wanted to, I was looking forward to making new roads, and exploring more of the sizzling lust that travels the highways.
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