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    Japanese Sexual Fascination.

    Japanese Sexual Fascination.

    Copyright©2017 by Niteowluk2003. Registered 1.Apr.2017.

    Scenario… An old work colleague remembered my fascination with Japanese sex and contacted me out of the blue with something to my advantage.

    Introducing Charles Brown-Needing.

    I suppose the best place to start is at the beginning but which beginning, the one where I became a free agent after my divorce or the one where my interest in Japanese sexual thoughts and the sexual form of the Japanese woman began.

    I suppose the latter would be the best place to start but it is a shady area to say the least; for I was a coal miner! No that’s not strictly true, I was an underground Apprentice electrician when the fascination began and to be honest I was well under the age of eighteen so viewing any sort of pornography was both illegal and fascinating. I was sixteen and a half; near as damn it; when I was introduced to my first hard core pornography; a Dutch magazine had been left in the Electricians underground cabin; I suppose it was the custom for the mags to be left there for all those who had keys to gain entry to the cabin.

    For those who are interesting in such things the cabin was a hollowed out recess against a pit gallery wall and then steel panels fenced in the space and to make the unit fireproof it was double cemented and then lockers and work benches were put inside. The cabin was forty five feet long and I would say thirty feet deep into the side wall of the pit gallery. Here thirty Electricians shared the facilities for mending everything from broken underground telephones to repairs to the 10 inch diameter pit cables; as these cable ends had to be hot sealed with bitumen you can easily see why it had to be fireproof.

    I am diverting away from the story I wish to tell but at least you know the setting in which I found myself alone with this Dutch magazine. I could not tell you the name of the magazine as the front page had long since been torn off and probably used as toilet paper, who knows! Anyway the new first page showed a Japanese girl bound and gagged in what appeared to be tight ropes as her fleshy bits, what little there was; seemed to poke through the diamond shapes created by the rope. I was instantly drawn to her nipples, I mean I had seen girls’ nipples before but these were like thick punchy stops, I guess they were ideal for hanging weights from, (A few pictures I had seen often later in life.).

    Anyway over the next four or five pages the pictures and the story seemed to be telling that Japanese woman have really over sensitive nipples and even more sensitive clitorises. Although this is not part of this story the magazine also showed animal sex but that for another time. I did not believe the story I read that this Japanese girl tied up as she was managed to cum six times just by having her nipples pinched, pulled and prodded; but I suppose the idea stayed with me locked deep inside my subconscious brain.

    Seven years later when I was divorced and no longer a coal worker, I had become a Security guard and a Dutch company bought out my own company and for a while it looked like they were going to dismiss all us English security guards in favour of their own countrymen but instead the best performing 100 English security guards were given an extended holiday training program to be trained in Holland over a period of six months. I was lucky enough to be one of those 100, so whilst in Holland training in the free time I took to exploring the famous red light district of Amsterdam. In several sex shops I found various magazines featuring Japanese women bound in various poses but always their nipples seemed extra thick and chunky, quite incidentally I did find a couple of magazines in which Japanese women were being fucked by animals whilst still tied up and helpless.

    It was during my time in Holland that I met Charles Brown-Needing and eventually he spotted one or two of my magazines as I had a flourishing collection starting. He asked what I found so appealing about these magazines and when I answered one word he smiled, that word was Japanese. He asked me to join him on a night out the next time our free time coincided and I agreed although he would not tell me any more than he was sure I would like the place we would be going.

    On the night we met by Amsterdam central station, and first we had a little chat, Charles told me the rules I had to abide by in order to get the enjoyment he knew would be mine. It sounded ridiculous that I had to agree to not to divulge the address we were going to and even stranger I was not to tell anyone what we were going to see. Very mysterious but I was intrigued so I agreed. Next we entered the edges of the red light district of Amsterdam; soon we were winding our way through the tight narrow back streets and entered a passageway which led into a court yard. Charles looked around and then began to leave the courtyard when we heard what can only be described as loud knocking, turning to see where it came from; I have to confess for once in my life I felt truly scared; for there, behind her window stood a large Black woman. That was not what scared me but the object she was tapping the glass with did; it was a large Pink dildo and when I say large I mean large, at least fourteen inches long and easily six inches thick at its middle point. Her gesturing left nothing to the imagination for she implied she would shove the thing up one of our arses’. We both turned and ran back down the passage way.

    Eventually we found the street he was looking for and he pressed a button beside a door, from the third floor window a head popped out and with a wave of the hand the door in front of us sprang open and we trudged gingerly up the narrow steep stairway to the third floor. There a stout gentleman introduced himself as Hans, then showed us into a room. When we were settled the bedroom door opened and out stepped a Japanese looking gentleman who insisted we pay him the 50 guilders promised. Charles turned to me and said “as this is more for your pleasure than mine you should pay up now”. I shot him a look which clearly told him what I thought of his idea but I paid up anyway.

    Then the Japanese guy returned to the other room and when he came back he pulled a young Japanese girl along by the ropes that bound her upper body. He made her sit on the table in front of Charles and me and then he nodded and Charles whispered to me that we had just bought this Japanese girl for the next three hours and we could do whatever we wanted to do to her. I tentatively rose and stepped up before the girl; having seen so many pictures of Japanese girls thick nipples I was about to feel my first real stub of a nipple. Reaching out I took the nipple between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed, the girl hardly winced but she did let a little gasp escape her lips. Then I ran my finger over the hardened nipple just barely making contact with the end of the nipple again a little squeal escaped her lips. Now I reached between her legs and located her clitoris again lightly scratching its head with my finger nail caused even more little squeals.

    Charles had wasted no time in shedding his trousers and was now forcing his cock into the Japanese girls’ mouth; she seemed to be choking as he took his time before withdrawing. I now plunged my forefinger into her tight wet cunt and flicked her clitoris with my thumb. As if under their own command her stomach muscles seemed to twitch and her hips began jerking. Suddenly Charles pulled his cock out of her mouth just in time to spray her face and hair with his spunk. He then shook me by lapping up his spunk before sticking his spunk covered tongue into her mouth, almost religiously she sucked his tongue clean.

    I made the woman stand and approached her from behind; I leaned my head forward and began nibbling her earlobe, when suddenly it was as if she had a fit of the giggles. She just could not stand my slippery tongue playing with her delicate earlobe and pretty much the same reaction ensued when I began kissing her lightly on the left side of her neck. Charles wasted no time in kneeling in front of the woman and forcing his hand between her slender thighs. No sooner had his hand disappeared between her legs he looked up to me and said, “I don’t know what you are doing but it is having the right effect, this slut’s cunt is watering like a fountain!” Now I slowly began working my way down towards her left breast and still the giggles continued; once I was nibbling her smallish conical shaped breast she took a deep intake of breath.

    I think she realised where my mouth was moving to and to be honest I seemed to get the impression she wanted me to get there and yet she tried pulling away as if scared of the effect I may have upon her. Now my mouth captured her stubby nipple and with a selection of licks from my tongue and suction from my mouth; suddenly Charles cried out, “this slut is pissing all over my hand!” I knew it was the effects of my attention to her nipple for I had seen this several times on a couple of VHS tapes I had seen of Japanese women bound and teased like this.

    As I pulled my head away but drawing her nipple with me, sucking hard on it as I did so and with a tiny plop her nipple was free. I poked my head forward craning to see what Charles was doing and I thought I can’t bother him too much about her pissing for he now had his head clamped to her cunt. By the position of his top lip it was clear he had his mouth fully open so he was either sucking the piss from her or tonguing deep inside her cunt. Either way she was twitching like a 1,000 volts were passing through her. I waited patiently for Charles to finish what he was doing before telling him I wanted to fist her but with his cock up her arse. The Japanese Girl shook her head as if to say no but smiling as I leaned forward and kissed her forcing my tongue into her mouth she immediately began sucking on my tongue just like I imagined she would but not only that but I could imagine her doing that to my rock hard cock.

    Reluctantly I pulled my head away from hers and quickly undressed, struggling slightly with my stiff cock getting caught up in my pants. Suddenly Charles pulled his head away and smiling remarked that he would love to suck that cock especially straight after I had cum up this slut’s cunt. So I now realised that Charles was Bi sexual but that wasn’t going to stop me nor was it a major problem to me even though I had never experienced attention like that from another man. Charles now moved and laid down on his back on the floor; I pushed the Japanese girl towards him as she opened her legs to straddle Charles I stopped her and told her to turn round so she was facing the ceiling.

    I knew that Charles would take care of getting his cock up her arse and I only needed to concentrate on sliding my hand up her cunt. I was surprised Charles had not taken the precaution of a condom before sliding into her tight arse. I did take a tube of lubrication gel from the side table and opening it applied it liberally to my right hand. Now we were all set.

    Kneeling on the girls left side I slid my hand up her inner thigh and using my left hand I parted her delicate cunt lips. Immediately I was aware of her stiff little clitoris popping out from its hiding place and as I tickled the head of this she began squirming again. Now I slipped my index finger into her tight cunt and I was a little surprised not to be able to feel Charles’s cock as it ploughed a slow furrow into her anal ring. Now I increased my fingers to two making sure to expand her cunt entrance slowly. Just then in almost perfect English the girl said, “No please stop; you will stretch my cunt too much and I will not be able to earn my living anymore!” I laughed and said but surely you are aware of how wide your cunt stretch’s to give birth to a baby. Now three fingers eased easily in and out of her clutching cunt, five minutes later it was four fingers and I was sinking my right hand right up to the thumb joint. The effects on the girl was astounding; she was already jerking around on Charles cock as he must have took the lead from me earlier, as he was now nibbling her neck along the right side.

    Tucking my thumb into the palm of my hand I pressed forward and all of a sudden the resistance seemed to double; so I leaned down and gently blew hot breath over her erect clit and she strangled out a final plea for me not to defile her any further, but her eyes told me she was on the edge of an amazing orgasm and she wanted me to ignore her pleas and give her my full hand. I pushed hard now against the resistance and with a strangled gasp from this Japanese girl, my hand slipped into her tight hot cunt. I made a fist and began to pull out again, not intending to come all the way out, when the girl suddenly went floppy as she laid upon Charles and at the same time she squirted a mixture of cunt juice and piss in a steady arc soaking the carpet at her feet.

    A few more thrusts from my hand in unison with the thrusts of Charles cock, which by the way I could clearly feel now, had the girl suddenly scream out so loud that the bedroom door opened and the Japanese guy popped his head out the door. Seeing that we were not beating up on the girl, he quickly retired back inside the room. The Japanese girl’s reaction would best be described as the type of reaction you would expect to see by a person being electrocuted. Suddenly I felt Charles hard cock swell slightly as he coated her anal walls with his hot spunk resulting in yet another twitch and squirting arch of the same mixture of juices as earlier.

    Now I relaxed my hand and pulled it slowly from her tight clutching cunt and before Charles reacted I moved on top of her and plunged my cock in her still stretched cunt. Now I lay perfectly still and waited. I waited what must have been 15 minutes or more until her cunt now began clutching my cock and then I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could; I recognised the twitch in my ball sac as my impending eruption of spunk mounted. I quickly pulled my cock out of her hot hole and with just two strokes of my hand a thick torrent of spunk flew in an arc landing on her breasts and upper chest; as my eruption drained the arc of spunk grew less and left a spotted trail of spunk down towards the cunt that had given me so much pleasure. Charles managed to slide out from under the girl without disturbing the spunk on her upper chest.

    Seeing I was not making a move to clean her up he did, he hovered up my spunk off her skin like a vacuum cleaner would clear dirt from a carpet, then he turned to me and opened his mouth showing my all my spent spunk before making a big deal out of swallowing then as before he offered his slightly white coated tongue to the Japanese girl and she sucked it clean.

    I knew this would not be my last interaction with a Japanese girl as I was clearly hooked on their bodies and how they reacted to nipple play.

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    most interesting and Enjoyable...
    I hope there are More Chapters or stories to go with this story Line...
    Thanks for the share...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!



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