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    meeting her sugar daddy

    A friend has a sugar daddy she visits, he looks after her with gifts and short trips away, he is married so it's not easy for them to go away or be together without suspicion from his wife. They met about 2 yrs ago on holidays in Bali, he was getting a massage in the same shop she was, their was just a curtain between them and their was just a thin mattress they laid on and when he heard where she was from, he mentioned that he was from the same area, they exchanged some small talk, and after a short time she pulled the curtain back a little so she could see his face. She asked if that was ok because she wanted to look at him while they spoke, he had no problem with it, he told her he was on holidays with his wife and she was off shopping, and he liked massages so everytime he gets a chance he gets a massage, my friend told him she was here with her parents and brother and they had gone back to the zoo again, and she didn't want to go, she'd rather go for a swim, and on the way back decided to get a massage also. They were laying reasonable close to the curtains and when they spoke she would move the curtain across a little to have a look at his body, he was in his 30's, late 30's she thinks, and had a nice face and a nice figure from what she could see, as the massage girls had a sheet over her as they massaged and a lap towel on him. The massage lady asked if they wanted the curtain pulled right back so they can chat better, they said ok, she just had her panties on and the sheet was pulled up covering her, he was naked except for the towel over his waist, when the girl had finished with his back, she told him to turn over, she held the towel to the side so as not to expose anything, and as she laid it back down she got a glimpse of his cock, just a glimpse, but enough to make her a little excited, we she had to turn over, she turned as she was still talking to him and the sheet flapped open a little exposing her breasts quickly, she could see that he liked the quick flash, they chatted a bit more as they watched each other have their bodies massaged, they spoke about how they always felt so relaxed after a massage,etc, she watched as the massage girls hands ran up his legs to his crotch, lifting his leg and massaging down on it, while trying to keep him covered, she got a couple of extra looks, nothing major, but enough to make her happy, she tried to have the sheet slip down a bit to show him but the massage girl always made sure it didn't go to far down, lol. when they where finished the massage girls closed the curtains and she got dressed, he finished about the same time, she sat for a little while had some water before leaving so she could get a better look at him, and made sure they walked out at the same time. He asked her if she is going to come back here again and when as he enjoyed the talk, she told him tomorrow after lunch she can, so he said fine see you then and walked away, she said she was excited about seeing him again and wanted to make a good impression and hoped he didn't see her as just a kid, as she was 17 yrs old and didn't want him to see her as such
    more to come.

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    I find it easier to too the story like it happened to me, instead of saying what she said and did, less confusing.
    So I was really excited about going back for my massage today, I showered and tried on different clothes to wear, I wanted to look sexy and hot, but not too much, so I decided on a Low Cut Short Striped Wrap Dress, it was cool and light but also sexy. I walked to the massage shop early and waited nearby outside a shop having a coke, and about 10 mins later he came walking down the street, my heart started thumping in my chest, I got up and walked across the road pretending to have just bumped into him. I walked up next to him and smiled and said, “ fancy meeting you here”, we laughed and he commented on my dress, and we went inside the massage shop, the massage girls came up to greet us, and we said we wanted an oil massage, and can we get one next to each other so we can chat. They said yes, room upstairs, so we walked up and took us into a room it had 2 massage tables and no curtain in between us, we were told to put our things in a basket under the table, get undressed and they would be back soon, and walked out, we looked at each other and had a little laugh, he said “they must have misunderstood what we wanted”, I said, “yeah, just a bit”, and we laughed.
    He said that when they come back he will tell them we want a separate area, he hesitated for a moment and looked at me like he wanted me to confirm it, he then said, “That is if you want too”. I wasn’t sure what to say, I wanted to, but I felt shy about it at the same time, “he then said, I’ll tell them, no problem”, I then burst out and said “No, it’s ok”. We turned our backs to each other got undressed and grabbed a towel and laid down on the table covering ourselves. He told me that at any time I felt to uncomfortable, tell him and he would finish up. The 2 ladies came back in, they both were in there early twenties, lovely olive skin and pretty, they walked up and told us to lie on our belly, we did, they pulled the towel down to our bums and started to massage us, they asked where we were from and how long we are staying here and where we are staying, when we told them different hotels and length of times, they looked at us funny and asked why we don’t stay same place, lol, he told them we are just new friends, meet ere first time, oohh, she said, and looked at me and said to him, “ lucky man”.
    I watched as she ran her hands down over his body and I wondered what that would be like to do, touching him and been so close, he looked at me, smiled and I wondered if he was thinking the same thing, we did a bit of small talk and laughed about different things, then they said to turn over, when I turned they put the towel covering my breasts and hips, he had his hips covered only, I looked at his body and the bulge under the towel, and wondered if that was because of me. The girls started on our legs and massaged right up into our crotch, lifting our knees up and pushing down into the crotch area, when they did that I had a good view of his crutch, I tried not to let him see me staring, as she massaged down his leg, I watched her hands come so close to his cock, and I’m sure her hands were rubbing on his balls, he chatted to me, looking at me, as if he was trying not to get excited, when she did the same to me with the knees bent up, I knew he could see my crutch, and her fingers came so close to my crutch, it felt good. After that, she pulled the towel down exposing my breast, put more oil on her hands and started massaging my breasts, I looked across and he was looking at me, he just gave a little smile and we chatted more, this felt so erotic, I was excited and relaxed at the same time, when she finished around my breasts she put the towel back across me, and massaged further down onto my tummy.
    I tried not to stare to much, just looked at his face when we talked, but when the girl started massaging his belly and hips, she giggled and said “ you like massage very much”, I looked at her and noticed that he had an erection and it’s head was sticking out the top of the towel covering him, he was embarrassed, he went red, I laughed, and asked does that happen all the time, he smiled and said “not usually, must be you here causing it”, we laughed a bit more. When the massage was over, the ladies said if we wanted to have a quick shower that would be ok and pointed to a room next door, and they left, he said that he will have a shower, he needed a cold shower after this, and laughed, I said I’d like to shower also, so we wrapped the towels around us and walk to the shower together. Inside was a toilet and a shower base with a hand held shower nozzle, not what we expected, I told him to go first and I’ll wait, he said not to worry, we just spent about an hour next to each other naked getting a massage, he said come in, it wont take long, so I stood there with my towel wrapped around me watching him wash himself down, he had his back turn to me, I guess modesty was important to him, lol, he then asked if I could grab that washer and just wash down his back to get the oil off, so I walk up and gently washed his back, I washed across his shoulders and then down his back, and over his bum, taking my time enjoying every minute of it.
    He said thanks and told me I’d better hop in before it gets to late, I was still standing close to his back when he turned around, we stood there for a moment so close, I could feel his cock pressing against me, I looked him in the eyes, dropped my towel and brushed past him and stood in the shower, as he went to hand me the shower nozzle, I asked if he could do my back while he was there, “ sure”, he said, he took the washer and slowly and gently down my neck and across my shoulders, down my back and even gave my arse a gentle squeeze as he wash me, I opened my legs a bit and asked if he could do my legs, which he did, rubbing his hands down on my outer thigh, and back up in my inner thigh, I felt weak at the knees, having his hands run up inside my legs, up to my bum, he moved his hands up and down twice, before saying there you are, all done. I turned around to face him, he was crouching down and his face was right in front of my shaved pussy, I put my hand on his head and ran my fingers through his hair, and I said, “ Don’t stop now”, he pressed his face into my pussy, I could feel his tongue licking me, gentle first and then stronger, parting my lips, his hands were squeezing my bum, and he then slowly stood up, kissing my belly and breasts as he stood up, my nipples were so hard and when he kissed my neck, I thought I was going to cum then, I could feel his cock as it pressed against me, I reach down and took hold of it and started to wank him, all of this felt so good. He then put his hands under my bum lifting me up and rested me against the wall, as he parted my legs and the incredible feeling of him entering me, made me moan and so loud, we kissed as he thrust his cock inside me, harder and faster as he went, I didn’t want him to stop, it was so good, and after a while, he pulled out and I watched the cum shoot out of him against my belly, the warmth of it felt strange, we kissed a bit more, then a knock on the door and a voice asked if we had finished shower yet, he called out yes, we laughed and quickly cleaned our selves up and got dressed, we didn’t say much till we got outside, and he said he had to go a different way then me, I said ok, he looked at me and said he enjoyed it a lot and he hoped that we can meet up again soon, I said I hope so also, he took my number and gave me a little kiss on the cheek and we walked away, I was still tingling from the encounter, and I didn’t want it to be the last.

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    interesting start... thanks for the share...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!



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