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    I can't believe all that happened in one day

    I'm beautiful, with long, wavy, blonde hair and green eyes. I have an illustrious career. I was
    always attractive to males. Yet, it can happen to any woman, even to a Mary Sue. Even a
    good girl like me can fall for an asshole. You know how it goes, girls. Even though you know
    he's an asshole, something that you can't define keeps you attracted to him. Even though
    you know it's a damaging relationship, you just can't walk away. It has happened to all of us,
    i guess. Right, girls?
    In my case, it was a married asshole. He kept promising me he would eventually divorce, but
    he never did. Even though, past a point, my logic could tell he would never do it, but heart
    refused to believe it. To see him easier, i managed to become friends with his wife (yeah, i'm
    not proud of that). That innocent female blindly trusted me. Even that day we went to the
    nudists' beach, all three together, she didn't feel the slightest jealousy.
    That beach is where our story begins. It was a cloudy day, so not many people were on the
    beach. By afternoon, only the three of us had remained. His wife felt sleepy, after all that
    swimming and sunbathing (sun had temporarily come out at some point during midday).
    -''Honey, wanna come with us to explore the beach?'' he asked her.
    He knew his wife, he knew she would say no, yet he asked her so that he would seem even
    trustworthy in her eyes.
    -''Nah, i'm sleepy'' she yawned. ''You guys go and have fun''.
    She lied face down. How innocent, i repeat. She trusted me so much as a friend that she had
    no problem if i went for a naked walk with her husband in a deserted nudists' beach. The
    husband took a opaque plastic food container out of his possessions.
    -''I'll take this sandwitch with me, just in case i get hungry later''.
    -''Whatever'' his wife indifferently agreed.
    The two of us walked away. He led me to a cavern which was not so easy to discover;
    thankfully, he knew that beach well. In that cavern, the ground had no sand, it was just
    stone. Not the ideal place for our naked bodies to lie, but we were so horny that we shrugged
    it off. He opened the container, which, as it turned out, had no sandwitch inside. Instead, it
    had a condom. I giggled.
    Since we were already naked, we did not need to waste time undressing. We enjoyed naked
    foreplay right away. He was kissing the bridges of my feet, my legs, my belly. I was kissing and
    caressing his hairy chest. He was squeezing my boobs, offering me pleasure. We were making out
    with our bodies tangled. Finally, i wrapped my legs around him. We had mind blowing sex.
    No matter how much of an asshole he was, no matter how constantly we would fight because
    he would not divorce his wife, the sex was always mind blowing (darn, why are jerks the ones
    that give you the best sex?). I tried not to scream a lot during orgasm, so that the wife wouldn't
    After sex, we stayed there for a while, lying on our backs. I was staring at the cavern's ceiling,
    with a smile on my face, while i was making ''mmm'' sounds and stroking the stone floor with my
    soles, not having recovered from the amazing orgasm yet. The guy laughed, stood up and walked
    towards the exit. He had barely got out when he got back in, with his eyes bulged in terror.
    -''What's the matter?'' i asked, raising my upper body from the stone floor.
    -''My wife is coming'' he declared.
    -''WHAat?'' i started loudly, but lower the volume the next fraction of a second, when my reason
    made me realize that screaming would make the matters worse.
    Okay, don't panic, it's not beyond hope. The cavern was pretty far and the wife was walking in a
    relaxed pace. It would take her one or two minutes to get here. But we still had to hurry. My guy
    looked around, searching for the container to put the used condom and its wrapper back in.
    We both freaked out when we realized something terrible. When he had put on the condom earlier,
    he had accidentally thrown the container into a seemingly botomless gap in the cavern's ground!
    And, just our luck, a stalactite had fallen on the gap a few seconds later (were we so caught up
    in sex that we didn't even heard the sound of the fall?)
    Can you realize what that meant? We were both naked, we were wearing no swimsuits to hide the
    ''evidence'' in. There was no sand in the cavern to bury our stuff either! There was not a single rock
    to hide it behind. In desperation, we started trying to move the stalactite from the gap, so that we
    could throw the condom and the wrapper inside. It wouldn't budge, it seems it had stuck somewhere!
    Meanwhile, the clock was ticking. The wife was approaching. Every second was valuable. If she got
    here and saw the used condom and the open wrapper... aww, i don't want to imagine what she would
    do. i had got to know her pretty well and i knew that, aside being innocent, she could also become
    ballistic if she got angry.
    Nowadays, i know we could have tried telling her that we had found that condom there, that it was
    not ours. However, we were both to paniced at that moment to think of that. Besides, i don't think
    she'd have believed it anyway, she's not THAT stupid. Alas, there was only one way to get out of that
    mess (the figurative mess, not the literal mess in the condom!) and escape the wife's wrath. The
    husband is the one that dared saying it out loud:
    -''Someone has to swallow the evidence''.
    I gave him an angry look. Then, revealing how much poor excuse of a man he was, he pleaded me:
    -''Please, honey, i have stomach problems. You have to do it''.
    I still can't believe he convinced me!
    -''Honey'' the wife's voice was heard.
    She was almost there! Every fraction of a second was valuable. I no longer had time to even at least
    empty the condom of its content! I took a deep breath and swallowed the full of semen rubber, along
    with its wrapper!
    Just in time! Next moment, the wife had entered the cave.
    -''What are you guys doing here?'' she asked with a naive laugh.
    The husband started laughing along, as if everything was alright. They joked for a while, until they
    spontaneously kissed.
    -''Er hem'' i interrupted them. ''You guys want me to leave you alone?''
    Actually, that was a sarcastic comment of annoyance. But the wife took it literally and answered:
    -''Yes, dear, if you please''.
    As i walked away, i constantly turned around and saw them lying on the floor and progressing into
    a full sex session. I couldn't believe that asshole was having sex with his wife as if nothing had
    happened! He didn't even care that i had had to go through all that for his sake. I had swallowed
    a used condom to save his marriage!
    By the time i had returned where our things were, i was in tears. I felt so cheap. But that experience
    also opened my eyes. What had i been thinking all that time, dating such a bastard? I guess that,
    after all, having at least one relationship of this kind is something every woman has to live in her way
    to maturity.
    I took my things and walked to another part of the beach. I sat on my towel and started gazing at
    sea. For the first time after a long time, i felt finally free.
    -''May i join you?'' a male voice was heard.
    I raised my head and saw a really charming guy with a wonderful smile. I sighed. Sure i had got over
    that jerk, but doesn't mean my anger had gone away just like that.
    -''You might want to leave. I had an awful day and i'm mad right now'' i snorted.
    -''Wanna share?'' he giggled.
    I sighed again. I guessed talking to someone would do me good. In the worst case, he'd consider me
    a slut and leave, good riddance. To my surprise, after i told him the whole story, he laughed heartily!
    He didn't think little of me! I laughed as well. That man soothed me.
    We spent the rest of the afternoon giggling, chatting and playing in the sea like little kids. We got to
    know each other really well. After a few hours, it felt like we had known each other for years. By the
    time night had fallen, he got serious and said:
    -''I'd love it to invite you to my house, even this evening. But i don't want you to think i consider you
    a slut or to think that i'm an ass...''
    -''Chill'' i caressed him comfortingly. ''I know you don't consider me a slut and i'd never think you're an
    We exchanged smiles. We went to his house and had sex that same night. It wasn't like the sex i had
    had a few hours earlier. It was amazing in a different way. Actually, it wasn't sex, it was love making!
    Nowadays, i'm married to that man and we have two beautiful children.
    I no longer hold grudges to the married asshole, i don't want revenge or anything like that, i have no
    time for such bullshit. I'm totally focused on my new life with my wonderful guy.

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    Interesting ... thanks for the share...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!



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