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    We accidentally took Ambien and then became a couple!

    She's a fairly beautiful girl. She has spanish skin, black, middle length hair and
    brown eyes. When she was a college student, she shared my dorm room with
    me. Even though we were boy and girl, we were just besties.
    During that period, she got into a relationship with an asshole that hurt her
    really badly. We came up with a plan to get back at him. First, she made her
    ex believe that she held no grudges against him so that he would not see her
    revenge coming. Then, we made a cake and loaded it with tons of Ambien. Her
    plan was to give it to her ex as a 'no grudges' gift. Tee hee hee, that would
    ruin his life for days!
    We put the cake in the refridgerator, intending to store it there until the time
    was right to give it to the asshole. Next to it, there was another cake, which
    was for me and my roommate.
    We thought we had made sure to remember which was the drugged cake and
    which was the plain cake. How idiotic could we be to confuse them with each
    Anyway, one midday, my roommate and I were hanging out on her bed. At
    some point, we were like:
    -'Let's go to the kitchen to fetch a snack'.
    I guess you predicted what happened, right? We fetched the drugged cake
    by mistake and we both ate a whole lot of it! Soon, the Ambien in our bodies
    started taking effect. Despite our sleepy state, we remained perceptive for
    long enough to realize what had happened. We were like: 'FUCK FUCK FUCK!'
    (no pun intended!)
    Anyway, seeing there was no way we could resist the effects, we fell asleep
    in each other's arms. After that, I can recall a series of dreams mixed with
    pleasant sensations and orgasms.
    In one dream, I was swimming naked underwater with a blonde ex of mine (we
    could breath underwater in the dream!) until we started making out and progressing
    from there. In another dream, I had sex with a cartoon character (Elena of
    Avalor). In a third dream, I relived the day I lost my virginity to a chubby, nigga
    hooker at a brothel. In another dream, I could see the bed and my roommate,
    but in a blurry, dream state image, and I'm pretty sure we were passionately
    thrusting at each other! To make a long story short, I don't remember how
    many times I cummed during that sleep, but they were at least five!
    We woke up late in the morning of the next day, having slept for about 20
    hours! We were nude, our genitalia were sore like hell and there were wet
    patches on the bed. We googled it and found out that Ambien can have such
    side effects. It was then when I realized that, during all the aforementioned
    dreams, I was having sex with my besty! She admitted that she recalled
    plenty of erotic dreams and orgasms as well. Man, after so much sex, I was
    sure it would be days till I jacked off again.
    How were things between us for the following days? Well, awkward is a weak
    word to describe it. One day, when we were watching tv, without talking at
    each other (we barely talked anymore after that incident), we suddenly looked
    at each other. We kept looking at each other, silent, for a while. Then... we
    bursted into laughter. For no reason!
    In the end, our lips united in passion. The awkwardness was magically lost in
    a moment! Since that day, we are the most lovely and romantic couple ever!
    She no longer cared about revenge, she did not give the remaining cake to
    her ex, she just forgot about that asshole.



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