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Thread: Fun in Majorca

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    Fun in Majorca

    It was a few years back. I went on holiday with my wife, he Mum and Dad, younger sister and her sisters boyfriend.

    After about 3 days we found out that there was a free boat that went ti the local resturant and we would use it to go for breakfast but one morning, I had had a few too many sangrias the night before and chose to stay behind.

    After about half an hour I got up and took a shower. It was a communal shower shared between our bedroom and the one used by my wifes parents. I was just standing there letting the water run over my aching head when I happened to look towards the door, just t notice a shadow reflected under the door on the sheny tiles. I assumed it must have been the maid and thought no more of it.

    However, when I left the shower, I went down stairs to find the mother in law, Lin was there.

    "Oh hi" I said "How come you are here"

    "I didnt fancy breakfas" she said

    I sat with her and chatted as I worked out if she was looking through the key hole, or just passing by the shower room.

    So, I few days later Lyn announced she was not going for breakfast, I said I would stay and keep her company and everyone else left.

    It took abut 2 hours from the boat leaving to returning. As everyone left, I announced I was going to take a shower. I went upstairs and set my phone on video in the hall way among some clothing and I took my shower. I lept an eye on the door and sure enough, the shadow appeared. I made sure my cock was good and hard and thet IF Lyn was watching, she would get a nice look at me.

    As I finished the shower, the shadow moved away. I dried and went to my bedroom, picking up my phone on the way. I sat on the bed and played back the video. And there it was, clear as day, Lyn coming out from her bedroom to look at me through the key hole. I had her.

    I went downstairs to find her by the pool. She was in her late 50s but still looked good amd slim in her two peace swim suit. I went and sat beside her and removed my shorts and tee short to show I was wearing speedos. I usually only wear these under my shorts. Then I spoke to her.

    "I love you bikini" I said "But I would much rather see you wthout it"

    "I beg your pardon" she replied

    "I want to see you nude" I said "In fact, I would like to remove that for you" I said, nodding towards her

    "I cant belie......"

    I cut her off before she could finish her sentance.

    "Sush" I said "Just look at this"

    I gave her my phone with the vdeo playing. I knelt just behind her as she watched

    "Oh my god" she said "I am so sorry"

    "Dont be" I said "I am flattered that you would want to see me. Do you want to touch as well?"

    I stood and removed my speedos. My growing cock popped out and she gasped.

    "Hold it" I said

    "No, I cant" she said "What would Ali say"

    "Well what would she say if she found out about you spying on me in the shower?" I asked

    I took hold of her had and place it on my now, rock hard cock. It was my turn to gasp as she wrapped her fingers around me.

    "Suck it" I said

    "Are you sure about this" she asked

    "Oh yes" I said "They will be gone for a couple of hours. Lets have some fun, nobody need know"

    She leaned forwards and gently took my cock in her mouth. I ushed towards her, easing my cock deep inside her mouth. She took me all the way to the back of her throat, she barely even gagged. You dirty fucking bitch I thought.

    "I want you fucking naked" I told her

    I stoop up and pulled her up to stand with me.

    "Turn around" I told her

    She turned and I unfastend her top. I let it fall to the floor and put my arms arounde her. Pushing my erection against her and groping her pert tits with my hands. She lent back against me with her head looking up, I kissed her neck as I felt her hands searching for my cock.

    "Lets go indoors" she said. I take it you are going to fuck me?"

    "If thats want you want, I am going to have too" I said You are my mum in law after all"

    she lead me inside to the lounge and she sat on the sofe. I oulled at her bikini bottoms and removed them

    I went to go down on her but she pulled at my head, lifting me towards her face.

    I kissed her as she guided my cock inside her

    "Oh, thats good, fuck my like a slut" she said

    I duly did as I was told, fucking her as hard as I could as she arched her back.

    It was not long before I was gagging to cum

    "Dont cum yet" she said "Thrust in me as deep and as hard as possible"

    I did just that, puching in her as deep as possible but I could not hold it any more

    "I have to cum" I said

    "Yes, yes yes, fucking cummmmmmmm"

    What happened really shock me, she screamed and I literally felt her juices flood down my legs as I came insode her. I could feel her nails dig into my hips.

    I oulled out of her and watched as my cum dripped out of her. She just lay there with her legs open as I kissed her on her cunt tasting our mixed juices.

    "Fuck, that was amazing" I said.

    "We can do this every morning" Lyn told me "I want your cock every day"

    "Its yours" I told her

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    thanks for the new addition
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    Great Little story … I hope there is More to Cum... Thanks for the Share...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Quite good



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