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    Talking Taxes Schmaxes..Anonymous Contest Runner up

    Taxes schmaxes

    Every year when spring arrived, our office buzzed with activity
    related to people preparing and anxiously awaiting the results of
    their annual tax returns. Some owed while others found a surplus,
    but throughout each year, the dullery and mundane tasks were offset
    by the social connections and conversations to be had with people
    we'd see only once a year. As the years progressed, the office of
    fifteen withered to four. The bright spot of my days were when I
    was able to chat with Lyn and gaze through her spectacles into her
    alluring, brown eyes. Her voice sounded like music, clear and
    concise, and she always exuded a cheery intelligent demeanor. Her
    five-foot-nothing Filipino frame was considerably shorter than my
    average european-american height, but she always wore heels that
    seemed to beckon my attention to her well defined runner's calves.

    Now in our mid-40s, Lyn was much more diligent with keeping in shape
    than I was. Years earlier, she'd gone through a traumatic divorce
    and found running as an outlet to heal, as well as a good reason for
    prepping herself to get back on the market. She also has two teen
    boys and a pre-teen daughter that keep her busy on a daily basis.
    In short, she's an exquisite woman with the body and personality to

    A couple years after her divorce, Lyn got bad news from a doctor
    about her knees and running. She made some changes to her routine
    and equipment, but nothing seemed to make a difference in the damage
    she was doing to her knees. About the same time, she had a bad ankle
    sprain that sidelined her activity for about a month. I could see
    the disappointment in her face and actions. She was disparate from
    her normal, cheery self. I had to do something, so I chatted with
    her every chance I got, until a week later when we were alone in
    the office together. She locked the front door and invited me into
    her room, where she divulged everything that had been happening
    since her ex-husband started cheating on her. I sat across her desk,
    not really feeling I had anything relevant to say, but I could tell
    she needed to talk more than listen. The details aren't important,
    but some of it was very personal and stoked very strong emotions
    from this rock-solid woman I only thought I knew.

    Our lunch hour passed, and Lyn apologized for taking up all the
    time we had. I assured her it was fine, and anytime she wanted to
    talk with me was time worth spending, even if it was beyond the
    office walls.

    Lyn struggled for another month or so, until she started dating
    again. I admit, I was jealous, but had absolutely no right to be.
    I was happy for her, but apprehensive of the sort she seemed to
    find. They were mostly trolls of men, boorish and overbearing,
    completely overconfident in their machismo so every word and acion
    came across as fake and desparate. I cringed every day she said
    she had a date, but felt hopeful the next day when she divulged
    how quickly it ended. Lyn was too smart to fall for their wiles.

    Just when things seemed to be turning around, we lost our senior
    partner in the office, and when he went, so did his assistant and
    wife. Lyn and I pondered whether to go our separate ways, but
    decided to stick around for a year and try to manage the office
    on our own. She was a tireless workhorse, but the hours take a
    toll on physical and mental health after a year. I had scaled
    back my hours to help turn a profit, but the more I didn't work,
    the less we made. I confronted Lyn, and she agreed I needed to be
    in the office more, not only for business, but for her as well.

    That year was our best. We were seemless and synchronized both in
    work and life. But again, the workload was very heavy. We were
    spending most of our daylight hours entrenched in our office. My
    personal relationship had taken a serious hit with all the extra
    hours and late nights, to the point where any extra hour I had was
    spent sleeping or eating. By the end of March it was over, and I
    was at my breaking point emotionally.

    Lyn knew how I was and invited me out for drinks. Neither of us
    are heavy drinkers, so the experience was lackluster by Welsh
    standards, but it gave us a chance to decompress and chat about
    everything we didn't talk about on a daily basis. The more we
    talked, the more we realized we were in the same place at the same
    time. Good or bad, I went for a kiss and she didn't pull back.
    Her lips were soft and retained the hints of salty sweetness from
    her drink. As I backed away, she looked at my lips while approvingly
    licking hers. She was transfixed by my soft, pliable lips. I could
    tell gears were turning behind those deep brown eyes I kept getting
    lost in. The night was getting long, as we chatted our way to last
    call and still nursed our initial refills.

    We walked to Lyn's car, and she kissed me as I held the door for
    her. As I was walking to my own car, I noticed she wasn't leaving.
    When I turned around, she quickly looked away and moved to get the
    car rolling. After that, I tossed and turned all night. Thoughts
    and hormones were making me restless. My body wanted every square
    inch of hers, and it felt urgent. My body felt energized, so much
    so that I stayed up all night in anticipation of returning to the

    Coffee wasn't necessary, as life had me on a precipice. I arrived
    at the office early in anticipation of Lyn's arrival, but she never
    showed. I'd forgotten that she had a meeting with a client offsite
    all day. The anticipation was agonizing. Work didn't matter much
    at the moment, so I went home to squelch my mind. It didn't work,
    and neither did a cold shower.

    When I arrived the next morning, Lyn was already in her room,
    slaving away on a hefty return. She didn't even look up when she
    heard me walk in. All I got was a hearty good morning and a warning
    that the coffee maker wasn't working. I couldn't take it anymore,
    so I rushed into her office, rolled her chair away from the desk
    and asked what she wanted from me. She looked at me bewildered. It
    looked like she didn't even remember what happened. Then she
    squinted at me and said, "Okay then. You really want to do it?
    Then let's really do it."

    Lyn shot up out of her chair, pushed me back against the wall and
    ran out to lock the front door. On her way back, a trail of shoes
    and clothing lined her path. I took the cue to strip and feverishly
    fumbled with my shirt buttons and belt. When she got back to her door,
    I notice for the first time how much shorter she actually was. She
    reached behind her head and pulled off a scrunchy to let her auburn
    locks flow down over her bare shoulders.

    My body was riddled with adrenaline and goosebumps. Lyn was trim and
    fit, far more than I was. As I stripped off all but my boxers, she
    said something about not going back if we do this, but it honestly
    was the farthest thing from my mind when she started disrobing. I
    think I made some kind of primal, gutteral noise as I moved toward
    her, because she looked surprised. I picked her up as her legs wrapped
    around my waist, then unhooked her bra with a snap of my fingers.
    She looked at me and said, "Well, that's impressive!" and mashed
    her pelvis into my boxer-clad boner. The last thing she had on was
    a lacy, blue thong that left little to imagine. I moved toward her
    desk and brushed nearly everything to the floor, then sat her fleshy
    bottom on the edge and looked intently in her eyes for a starting

    Lyn took the lead by tugging my boxers down, which sprang my cock
    from it's cage. Her mouth gaped, and she gasped when she finally
    saw my size, and mind you, I'm not much above average. She said,
    "Wow, I never expected THAT!" It was then I realized she was talking
    about my two scrotum piercings. She asked a few questions, but nothing
    that really changed the mood. Then she cupped my balls in one hand
    while toying with the loops and licking my shaft. As she wrapped her
    other hand around the base of my shaft and squeezed, I felt the
    swell and pressure of blood pooling in my cock. Her warm, pliant lips
    enveloped the head of my extra-hardened member. As she took me into
    her mouth, her tongue wiggled under my shaft and nearly popped my
    cork, but she was experienced and released the strangle-hold she
    had on my cock just before. She was totally in the driver's seat.

    The sight of Lyn's head bobbing up and down on my manhood was a
    sight I never wanted to forget, so I took my phone and snapped a
    few pictures. To my delight, she even posed while I took them,
    pausing briefly and looking up at me to get a good, clear memento
    of the action. She coaxed me to take a few extra, then reached for
    her own phone and gasped the word video to me. It was out of her
    reach, so I pulled her a couple steps to the side and pawed for her
    phone. As I fumbled with the lock screen, she grasped my wrist and
    poked at the screen with a slobbery wet finger. A few seconds later,
    she became a porn star, at least in my eyes, licking up and down
    my shaft and peering into the tiny camera lens or my eyes. I wasn't
    sure which... maybe both.

    Her head suddenly lunged toward me and she engulfed my full length
    until her tongue was licking my piercings. The sensation was enough
    to make me cum, but then she withdrew her hand from her crotch to
    show me how wet she was and quickly slid it between my thighs so
    she could jam a pre-lubed finger up my rectum. Her finger beckoned
    her tongue and it was more than I could take. My hands slapped down
    on her bare shoulders, she pushed in hard against my crotch and I
    erupted, painting the contents of my pierced sack all over the walls
    of her throat. She gagged once, but recovered quickly and looked up
    into the camera while holding a thumb up and backing away to show the
    contents left behind on her tongue.

    Lyn was absolutely adorable, acting like this was normal behavior for
    both of us, but I knew better. I asked where she learned such things,
    but she remained silent. I stopped the video and asked for a copy. She
    responded, "Maybe after we finished, if I you're good enough to earn it.
    I immediately took that as a challenge. She rounded her desk and
    retrieved some chocolate eggs from her candy bowl, unwrapped them and
    popped one in my mouth before hugging me. Her skin was smooth and taut.
    My hands were more than happy caressing her back and grasping her ass
    cheeks. Suddenly, Lyn reached under my butt and tried jamming a Cadbury
    egg in my asshole. I looked at her and said, "What are you doing?" She
    said she was hiding eggs to find later, at which point it was already
    inside me. Then she pushed in a few of the smaller ones and smacked
    my ass cheek hard.

    "Bend over and spread 'em, cupcake. The easter bunny's coming to town,
    and he's pissed that you stole his eggs." I complied, and Lyn shoved
    her finger in my ass again to stir the melting chocolate, then slid
    it in her mouth to lick it clean. She smacked my ass again, this time
    leaving behind some chocolate residue, then knelt behind me and flicked
    her tongue over my asshole. Lyn drew circles around my hole before
    pressing in for chocolate thunder from down under. All I could do was
    moan and ooze the sweet goop into her hungry mouth.

    After she'd lapped up all she could, Lyn stood up and said, "I didn't
    really think that through very well. Now I'm a chocolatey mess and have
    nothing to clean up with." I reached for her bottled water, poured some
    of it on my shirt and offered it to her. She smiled and wiped her face
    with it while I prepped her desk for reciprocation. I positioned a chair
    at the end of her desk, picked her up and sat her in front of it, then
    told her to lay back on my coat. She happily obliged as I sat down and
    marveled at her tantalizing pussy.

    A patch of short grass just beyond the landing strip pointed to the
    destination of my lips. I leaned in and kissed her thighs while caressing
    her legs before sliding my hands up her torso to fondle her breasts.
    Lyn's legs draped over my shoulders and onto my back as I leaned in and
    tenderly kissed her sensitive skin. My lips meandered their way into
    her slit and oozed in securely around her clit. She sighed and moaned as
    my fingers gently rolled her firm nipples, and my tongue flicked her
    button. Each time I sucked on her clit, her thighs would press against
    my ears. Then I slid my tongue up and down her slit and probed whichever
    opening presented access.

    Lyn spoke in a soft, breathy tone that it had been a long time since she
    felt anyone's lips there, and it felt so good, she didn't need to coach
    me at all. I switched my pace by her breathing and muscle responses. It
    was very easy for me to read her body's responses, and I was enjoying
    being able to toy with her to draw out the anticipation. We obviously
    paired well, and it showed.

    She suddenly got very quiet, to the point of barely breathing. I could
    tell Lyn was nearing release and picked up the pace just before she
    started moaning very loudly. Her hand reached behind my head as her feet
    pushed against my shoulders. Lyn's knees spread wide as her hand mashed
    my face into her pussy and she squirted into my mouth. It surprised me
    and I choked, but kept lapping at her knob as she cried out. Her whole
    body shuddered and quaked, then her legs clamped around my head as she
    ordered me to fuck her.

    I slapped her ass so she'd release my head, then pulled her toward me
    and rubbed my dripping shaft into her slit. She continued moaning loudly
    as I dipped my cock head inside her vag. With each thrust, I pushed a
    little bit further in until she was begging for the whole thing. With
    that, I rammed in hard and felt her cervix press against my tip. She
    gasped and winced at this new sensation. I wondered if I should pause,
    but she leaned up and wrapped her arms around my neck.

    I picked Lyn up and swapped positions, so she was sitting on my lap on
    the desk. Her legs were wrapped around me as I lifted her ass and
    dropped her back down onto my fleshy piston. Her nails dug into my back
    and she playfully nipped at my neck and shoulder as her firm nipples
    poked into my chest. Then, she pushed me backward onto the desk while
    positioning to straddle my hips.

    Lyn had a wild look behind her eyes. Her look was inquisitive, as she
    positioned my penis back and forth between two options. I took her cue
    and nodded in approval to continue with the first option. She playfully
    positioned my cock at option two and pushed firmly, then said, "Aw,
    it's closed today. Maybe it'll be open tomorrow," and moved me back to
    option one. She slowly sank down onto my shaft. Even after three kids,
    her pussy gripped me like a mold... a perfect fit. She pounded me with
    every thrust and relished giving me goosebumps. We moaned and grunted
    for a few minutes until she leaned down for a kiss. With that, she had
    an orgasm and coated my crotch with our love juices. I was fine with
    ending it there and cuddling with her on top of me, but she wanted to
    watch me spooge. I scooted back on the desk so she could sit between my
    legs and play. She rubbed and licked until every drop I had left was
    expelled, either in her mouth, on her hands or on me. I pointed to my
    shirt, but she was eager to lick every bit off my skin.

    Afterward, Lyn straddled me again and leaned down to rest on my chest.
    My heart was still pounding, as she enjoyed flicking and blowing across
    my nipple to make it hard. The rest was fairly boring, as it entailed
    a mass cleanup of the mess we made, including all the files strewn
    about the floor, but thankfully, that was only the beginning.
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