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    Sam - My Brother's A Perv As He Jerks Off Over Me

    Here is another Illustrated story I have made. Hope you all enjoy.

    It's a 'fantasy' story of a older sister who catches her younger brother watching her and strips off to give him a show before she gets him to jerk off for her in a POV style shot with you as the viewer watching her.

    Warning: It also features some slight humiliation.

    Here is the text of the story, or you can look at the pictures and read (recommended) to enjoy the story with some nice pictures of the model playing Sam.

    Sam had just returned home from a daily jog she runs every morning. She didn’t know I had not gone to school since I had been kicked out for fighting. I heard her come in the house, and I crept out to watch her. For years I had fantasised about her in my dreams at night. She was pretty and although not as thin as some girls she was voluptuous with a gorgeous curvaceous figure. She came in wearing a tight blue shirt and small white shorts with pink striped socks. She didn’t hear me watching her as she looked around it seemed for something to drink or eat in the cupboards.

    Sam seemed to be sweating from her run, as I stayed hidden best I could and watched as she began to strip off her top. Her bright green bra illuminated the room as my eyes stared at her soft skin. I tried to keep quiet but the sight of my older sister stripping off caught me a little by surprise. I made a slight noise and she turned around and saw me. “What the... What the fuck are you doing here? Why aren’t you at school?” she asked me. “I got kicked out.” I told her. “What. Does mom know? Your in so much trouble brother. She’s gonna kill you. What are you staring at?”

    “Are you staring at my tits? Oh my God. You sick perv. I’m your sister.” She told me as she grimaced her face in disgust. “What, your the one standing around in her bra. Your not covering up are you, so your own fault for standing there half naked.” I told her. “Yeah, but it doesn’t mean you have to stare at my body does it. Stop it will you. Geez, your my fucking brother. What, you never seen a naked girl before?” she said to me. “No.” I told her. “Fuck. You’ve never seen a naked girl? Are you serious. Your sixteen years old and never seen a pair of tits before for real? What a loser.”

    “There, now you can say you have seen your first pair of tits. What do you think?” she asked me as she removed her green bra and showed me her firm perky tits. I gulped at seeing them, they bounced slightly as she let them run free. “Wow, what a pair of tits you have.” is all I could tell my sister as I stared hard at her tits. Her nipples were getting hard in the cold air. I had dreamt of seeing them for years, but finally without asking she showed them to me. “So, you like my tits then I take it? You wanna touch them don’t you, no way brother. Your not touching me, you perv.”

    “I bet you wanna see more don’t you? I’ll take my shorts off for you but nothing else.” Sam told me as she took her shorts down and showed me her green panties. I could see the soft skin of her body as she pulled them down and showed me her body. “So, do you like my ass then little brother? I bet you wanna slap my ass don’t you? I bet you wanna get down on your knees and sniff my ass don’t you, your a little perv. I can’t believe my little brother is staring at me half naked.” Sam told me. “Well your the one who’s standing here undressing for me sis.” I told her.

    “So, getting a better view now then little brother? You like looking at your big sister don’t you standing here half naked. Wait, what’s that? OH MY GOD! Are you getting a hard on for me? Fuck. Is your cock getting hard looking at me. Wow. I can’tbelieve my little brother is getting his cock hard from staring at his big sisters tits and ass. Your a big perv aren’t you bro.” She told me softly laughing as she stared at the bulge in my trousers. I couldn’t hide that I was aroused by staring at her. “I know what will make it worse for you, I’ll take my panties off. That will teach you a lesson.”

    “Oh my God sis. You have a hairy pussy!” I told her as my eyes almost bulged out of my head staring at the beautiful hairy pussy of my own big sister. “I don’t like to shave my pussy. I like it all natural. What? You don’t like your big sister’s pussy natural like this?” She asked me. I gulped and stared more. “It’s hot.” I said to her. “I know you like it. I can see your cock moving around in your trousers. Take it out then? Go on. If I’m getting naked then you can take your cock out and show me little brother.” I unzipped my trousers and pulled my cock out. “Fuck. Is that all you have? It’s small!”

    “You have a great body sis.” I told her as I looked up and down her naked body as she stood in front of me naked. “Your a perv. That’s what you are little bro. I mean what kind of brother watches his sister as she undresses. Your a sick little perv. I bet you lie in bed on a night and jerk off thinking of me don’t you bro. I bet you do you sick little perv. Oh My God. Your dick’s getting harder. Fuck. Is that how big you can make it, your fucking sick. Look at it, it’s so small. Your never gonna please a girl with that small cock. Go on. Jerk if then. Come on, I ain’t getting naked for nothing.”

    “Come on. Jerk that cock for your big sister. Come on, I ain’t standing around here all day. Go on. Oh My God. You can’t even jerk your cock right can you.” She said to me as she stared at me as I wrapped my fingers around my small cock and tried to jerk it making it bigger for my own big sister. “I’m trying my best.” I told her. “Fuck. Your nothing more than a big perv aren’t you. Geez, you can’t even get your cock hard for a naked girl stood in front of you. Go on, jerk it for your big sister bro. Go on. Jerk it for me. Stroke that cock, make it bigger. Come on. Fucking hell, jerk it harder”

    “Here, I’ll get on my knees in front of you. There, is that better. Come on, jerk it. Jerk it harder and faster little brother. Geez your a perv aren’t you? Yes you are, jerking over your big sister kneeling down in front of you. Your nothing more than a big perv.” She told me, huminilating me as she looked at me stroking my cock for her, and yet it slightly was turning me on as she said these things to me. “Oh fuck sis. I love jerking off over you. I wanna cum over you sis.” I called out as I stroked my cock harder and faster in front of her cute young face. “WHAT. You wanna cum over me. Oh My God. You sick perv. I don’t even let my own boyfriend cum over me. Your a perv bro. Why would I let you shoot that cum all over my naked young tight body. You probably can’t even cum can you? I bet you can’t even shoot your cum out. Look at you, your jerking and stroking it harder and faster. Come on. Jerk if for your big sister. I’ll let you cum over my tits. You’d better not cum over my face or I’ll kill you, hear me?”

    “Come on then if you wanna cum over my tits. I’m warning you though. You’d better not cum over my face or I’ll kill you. I mean it. I’ll kill you if you shoot that creamy cum all over my face. It will take ages to get it out of my hair. Cum on then. Jerk it harder. Come on little brother. I don’t have all day. Jerk it harder, faster. Ewww. Is that it. Oh My God. Is that all you have little bro. Look at it. It’s all sticky and yucky. I’m not cleaning that up. You’ve made such a mess all over the floor. You couldn’t even cum over my tits could you, your a little perv. My little brother is a perv. I’m gonna tell all your friends that you jerk off thinking of me.” She told me as I panicked. “No please.” I asked her. “Hahaha, your a perv bro. Get away from me you big perv brother.”
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    “A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities.” - William Arthur Ward

    "Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all - the apathy of human beings." - Helen Keller

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    very nice story

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    Another good addition
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    Like the story. Love the exptrssions on her face, they match the story.

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    thanks for the story

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    what a bush

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    good story no thumbnail

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    thank you



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