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    Daughter and her friend's naked selfies.

    Part 1

    "Hey dad, I'm going over to Jenni's house, Jenni, Sharon and I are going to cram for that math test tomorrow, okay?"

    I looked up, smiling at my 18 year old daughter Denise, and said, "Okay sweetheart, don't be home late, school tomorrow."

    Denise smiled back, and replied, "I promise dad, no later than 10 PM. See you then."

    I sat back, it was just past 7 PM, and I went into the kitchen, filled up the dishwasher, and started it going. I felt like doing some reading, I had gotten a paperback copy of the James Michener novel "Space" and I looked forward to sinking my teeth into it. It was on the bookshelf in my bedroom, I went upstairs to get it. Passing by my daughter's room, she had left her door open, I glanced in, I could see she had left her computer on, and a window was still open. I told myself not to do it, but I couldn't resist the siren call of that portal into my teen daughter's life. I sat down in the chair, and expanded the window. Curious about her pictures file, I opened it, and skimmed through. Typical teen stuff, lots of selfies, pictures of cute furry animals, and then one of the pictures grabbed my attention. It was labeled as "Jenni, me and Sharon, cheek to cheek to cheek! LOL!!"

    story teens self shot01.jpg

    I just about fell over, right there, before me were the naked backsides of my daughter and her two best friends. The picture showed their backside nudity in a bathroom, their hair wrapped in towels, it looked like they'd just gotten out of the shower. My cock was stiffening up rapidly as I drank in the vision of my daughter and her best friends, backsides in all their naked glory. I imagined the idea of my daughter and her 2 sexy friends in the shower together, hands full of soapsouds, stroking and caressing each others bodies, my mind spinning with what they might have done. I clicked on the next picture, labeled "Me showing off my waxing job!"

    story Denise from behind.jpg

    Oh holy fuck, there she was, my daughter Denise on her bed, completely bare and smooth, not a trace of pubic hair left, displaying her tight holes for the camera. I drank in the vision of her tight cleft, and the tight little rosebud of her ass hole, not a strand of hair left anywhere. My cock had raced up, hard as a rock. I clicked on the next picture, labeled "Sharon, a present from her boyfriend on her 17th birthday!"

    story cum shot 44.jpg

    Oh fuck, seeing Sharon with a hot load of spunk freshly splattered on the pink panties she was wearing, had me envying the lucky cock that had dumped his load. It made my cock and balls ache.

    The last picture was labeled "Jenni showing off her special skill. LOL!!"

    story Both holes filled.jpg

    I saw Jenni on all fours, the camera giving me a close up look at her pussy and her ass hole, both of them filled with a dildo! My daughter's 18 year old girlfriend, could already accept both her asshole and pussy stuffed! My cock felt ready to explode. I copied the pictures, and sent them in an email attachment to my email address. I carefully removed any trace of the e-mail from the Sent folder, and returned her computer back to the way I had found it. I decided that I'd better get out of there, now, and carefully arranged the chair as it had been left. I left the window open, just in case she remembered that it had been left open.

    In my room, I opened up the e-mail, and filled my eyes with the sight of my daughter and her two hot girlfriends, as I grabbed my cock, I lasted five strokes before my cock erupted, launching thick ropes of cum, my mind sizzling with the lewd, blazingly hot images of my daughter and her best friends.

    I sat back, my ears ringing, fuck, it felt like I had been cumming my brains out. As I came back to the here and now, I thought, 'what if she was sending these out to guys?' I hadn't see any signs of anything with picture attachments having been sent from my daughter's computer, but that didn't mean they hadn't been forwarded. Sharon and Jenni no doubt had copies, they could have also sent them out, but I damn well hoped they hadn't.

    That left me in a quandary. I hoped she knew about the dangers of sending such sexually explicit pictures like that to any guy. How do I impress on her, without creeping her out? Teens DO NOT want to hear about any kind of sexual activity from their parents.

    Back downstairs, I decided that I would approach her friends, and find out from them, if they had been sent out to random teen guys. Even though I thought I was being the parent who needed to warn them, a part of me had a decidedly non-altruistic motive. I had seen how hot and fuckable their sexy teen bodies were, I wanted to see if they were as hot and eager as their pictures seemed to indicate. The idea of replacing one of the dildos that had been stuffed up Jenni's hot holes, really started my motor running again. The view of my daughter, showing off her naked backside, I wanted to take her, and fuck her while she was in that position. It shocked the hell out of me, but it just drove my lust higher. Then, there was that hot little Sharon, would she like me to peel off those pink panties, and deposit a hot load of cum deep inside her? My cock was rock hard again, and I stroked out another load, grunting and growling with pleasure as I imagined all the holes my spurting cock wanted to fill.

    I waited until the weekend, I decided I'd talk to Sharon first, and I stopped kidding myself. My motives were just for hot fucking of my daughter's girlfriends. And possibly, if my daughter was up for it, I'd bed my very own Denise. I kept recalling the display of her waxed all bare and smooth, and my cock would twitch, eager to slide into that smooth, soft welcoming seam.

    I called Sharon up on the Friday, and told her that I wanted to meet her, to discuss something very important, and to keep it to herself. She was intrigued, and I told her to meet me at the diner just wet of the city. Just across from the diner was the Columbia Motel, the locals jokingly called it the No Tell Motel. The construction lent itself to a place for hot secret fucking, it is shaped in a large block U shape, with the bottom of the U facing the road, and the office and car parking inside the U, hidden from the road. The local passion pit, and I hoped to be able to use it for that, before the day was done.

    Saturday at 1 PM, and right on time, Sharon entered the diner. She saw me, smiled and came over, taking a seat in the booth right across from me. Oh yeah, I could already envision those hot ass cheeks, wondering if she was wearing the same pink panties that her boyfriend had creamed. I did my best not to stare at her generous breasts, hidden under the jacket she was wearing. The curvy waist and her sexy hips focused my attention, when we were in the motel, and she was stripped naked for me, I was going to ride her like crazy.

    "Hey Mr. Remington, your phone call was very interesting, what's it all about?"

    I took out my smart phone, called up her picture, and told her, "I was hoping you could explain this to me, " as I handed the phone to her.

    One look at the picture, and her face became pale, a look of dread replacing the friendly smile. She looked up at me, her mouth open, but unable to say anything.

    "That's quite a birthday present you got from your boyfriend."

    She managed to say, "What...what," until I cut back in, ''what would you parents say if they saw this? I damn well hope this hasn't been sent to any of the kids at school, do you know what kind of shit you'd be in?"

    Sharon replied, "No, oh god no, we'd never send it out, it just seemed like something sexy to do, and only Denise, Jenni and I have the original copies on our home computers. Please don't tell my parents about this, they'll throw a shit fit."

    I replied, "Well, I think I can be persuaded to keep my mouth shut, for a price."

    I could see a smile playing around the corners of her mouth, as she said softly, "What price did you have in mind?"

    I looked out of the window, across the road, and said, "A room at the Columbia motel, you and me, stripped down, and I want to peel off your panties, and fuck you baby, until I deposit a hot load of cum deep inside you. Can I assume you are no longer a virgin?"

    Sharon nodded, and said, "Yeah, my boyfriend Jake creamed my undies on my 17th birthday. The next day he took my cherry, right across the street at the Columbia motel! Would you like to hear about it?"

    My eager nod made her giggle, and she continued, "It was a Sunday, and we got a room, we were the only ones there. Jake was really pumped up, before we even got in the room, he pressed me back against the door, slipping open the buttons on my blouse, and grabbed my tits, squeezing and fondling them. I was too overcome with lust to stop and get behind closed doors, as he shoved my skirt up to my waist. I had gone commando, I knew what we were there for, why bother with bra and panties? I felt his hand cupping my sex, the growl of approval as her found my pussy, naked, waxed smooth, and dripping with my juices, ready for him."

    "I spread my legs wide, god I felt like a cock hungry slut, the way I moaned, panted and wiggled against him, as he fumbled with his belt, jeans and shorts hastily pushed down. He grabbed my ass tightly, brought my feet off the ground, and urged me to wrap my legs around his waist. As I did so, I could feel his hands tightly holding me against the door by my ass cheeks. I could feel the tip of his cock budge against me. Oh fuck, this was it, I was going to lose my virginity."

    "All I could say was 'Oh yeah, Jake, fuck me with your nice big cock!' I didn't care if it hurt, I was in the grip of sheer hot fuck lust. I felt him as he slipped his cock into my gushing center, he pushed up with a hard thrust, and I let out a howl. It was painful as my cherry burst apart, but it felt so damn good as he pushed up hard, completing my deflowering as he was now buried to the hilt. He kept my body pressed against the door, pulled back halfway, and rammed in the full length again. I let out a growl, it was part pain, and part pleasure."

    " 'Fuck baby, you're so fucking tight, fuck it feels so good!'

    " 'Fuck me, oh yeah Jake, fuck me, FUCK ME!"

    "It had taken only three thrusts before it was all pleasure, the feeling of him fucking into my body, his cock sinking in the full length, was fantastic. My first fuck, and I was gasping, moaning, grunting, rutting like a lust driven animal, a full bore, teen slut in heat, a sex hungry animal. I felt the rise of orgasm, oh fuck, I was gonna cum, and I cried out, 'Yes, gonna cum, fuck MEE!' I felt my pussy clamp down, milking along Jake's length, cumming hard. Jake grunted in response, he thrust deep, holding himself buried to the hilt, his body trembling as he shot his load deep up my pussy, his hot load blooming into my tunnel."

    "When we disentangled ourselves, and got behind closed doors, it was easy to bring him back up. I'm glad that we were apart from other rooms as our grunts and growls quickly rose back up. The image I had of myself, supposed good girl, on her back, legs spread in our town's local passion pit, rutting like an overheated little slut, just drove me almost crazy with lust. Jeez, did we ever make that bed bounce, I came two more times before Jake grunted and flooded my once more with his hot seed."

    She paused, her breathing deeper, her face flushed, and she continued, "Now we fuck once or twice a week, and I really like fucking. I was able to get on the pill before we did it that first time, I adore the feeling of being fucked bareback. I love to feel the throbbing and pulsing of his rock hard prick exploding and squirting wildly in me, the hot wet splatter of his excited cock filling me up with a hot load of his spunk. If that's the price to buy your silence, it would be my pleasure to pay it. My sister always told me that older, more mature guys are really good at fucking. She should know, her boyfriend is 18 years older than she is. Mr. Remington, my pussy is nice and tight, its also very horny, and I'd love to let my pussy milk your hard cock, I'd love to feel your rock hard prick pulsing as you shoot your hot load deep inside my tight pussy."

    I smiled, and said, "Let's go and enjoy ourselves, then."

    We drove our cars across the road, and driving into the courtyard area, away from the road, I relaxed. It was perfect, there were only two other cars, spaced apart. I smiled, looks like they were spaced apart to let the occupants make all the noise of hot fucking, and not disturb the others. Sharon stayed behind in her car while I went in, and i returned with the key. We were placed in a room a distance away from the other two, oh yeah, they knew who they were playing to during the day.
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    Nice And Hot. Keep it going please

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    great story "Groom..."
    I looking forward to the rest of the story and seeing who and what cums Next...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Awesome story and great pics! Will there be more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaddyRay View Post
    Awesome story and great pics! Will there be more?
    Yes there will be. Putting part 2 together right now.



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