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    The innocent wife Part 1

    This is a story of how my innocent wife, became a sex object to two old men, and it all started by me her husband. I have been married to my beautiful brunette wife for twenty years. My wife is 52 years old, attends church every Sunday, a very devoted Christian woman. My story all started by me wanting to see my wife fucked by another man. The problem was I knew my Christian wife would never go along with it, my wife was a very loyal woman.

    My wife and I, always have had a great sex life together. Many times when we had sex, I would take naked photos of her in different poses. I told my wife that I would delete them, and not keep them around. This never happened and I now had a large collection of her naked in many poses. My urge to see my wife fucked by another man only grew as time went on. I started posting her naked photos on wife sharing sites. Many men responded wanting to fuck her, but I knew she would never agree to this.

    One day I was chatting to a old man names Bill, he told me he was 74 years old and he just had to fuck my wife at any cost, he became infatuated over her. I told Bill that my wife was a Christian woman and I knew she would never do this. Bill told me that he lived in Orlando Florida, and it just happened that my wife and I were going to Orlando Florida on our vacation in two weeks. Bill ask me to call him when we arrived in Orlando, and see if maybe, he could meet my wife. I told Bill that I would call him when we settled in.

    Two weeks passed and my wife and I arrived in Orlando, and as luck would have it we could not find a hotel room in to with a vacancy. We drove to the outskirts of town and found a cheap motel to stay in. The next day I called Bill and asked him if he still wanted to meet my wife, and he said hell yes he was just going nuts thinking of her. I reminded Bill to keep our meeting to ourselves and I didn't want my wife to know what we were up to. I told Bill there was a bar up the road from our motel and if he knew where it was, he said he did. I told Bill my wife and I would be at this bar at around 7:00 p.m. I asked my wife that evening that we were going out for drinks and to dress nice. That evening my wife and I got to the bar and found a table, and we started our fun night of drinking. Bill text me and said my wife was more beautiful than he thought and that he was sitting two tables from us. I told Bill to take it easy and give my wife a few minutes for her to down a few more drinks, and I ask him to join us. Well the night wore on and my wife was now feeling the affects of her drinking. I motioned for Bill to come on over and he did. Bill ask us could he join us, and my wife said yes. This was the first time that I have ever seen Bill, he was a creepy looking old man, thin rough face, pockmarked face, grey hair, thick lens glasses, and yellow teeth.

    My wife being a Christian woman didn't mind because they are taught to not judge people. As the night wore on Bill started talking more crude and dirty talk with my wife, and I knew drunk or not my wife wasn't going to listen to this much longer. My wife ask me that she thought it was time for us to leave, which we did. When my wife and I got back to our room, Bill text me, he said he just had to fuck my wife at any cost. I told Bill that I had another idea for my wife and him. I told Bill where our motel room was, and what room was ours. I told Bill our room was on the back side of the building and there was nothing but woods behind us. I asked Bill if he would like to peep in our windows while we had sex. I asked Bill if he jerked off while watching us in a condom, I would see to it that it was used inside my wife's hairy pussy. Bill said hell yes, and told I told Bill to be at our back window around midnight and I would leave our curtains open just enough for him to peep in our room.

    Midnight arrived and my wife and I went to our bedroom for sex, my wife was in a loving mood from our night out. We both took our clothes off. Me and my wife were standing near the window, kissing and I was feeling her up telling her how much I loved her, she not knowing this old perverted man was just inches out side our widow looking at her naked. We got on the bed and my wife sucked my dick and it didn't take long for me to shoot my load knowing Bill was watching us. I then got on top of my wife in the bed in a 69 position, aiming her hairy pussy towards the window. I spread my wife's hairy pussy wide open exposing her pink gapping pussy hole. I started licking her with my tongue, fingered her pussy good. I took a big black dildo and used in in her, running it in and out of her hairy pussy. I then motioned to Bill that I was ready for his load. I told my wife that I needed to piss, and got up from on top of her and went into the bathroom. I opened the bathroom window and Bill handed me the cum filled condom, which I folded in the palm of my hand and I wet back to my bed. I got back on top of my wife in a 69 position and proceeded to lick my wife's pussy. I took the cum filled condom and slid it all the way onto the black dildo. I could now see the tip was filled with a thick warm load of semen. I bit a small hole in the tip of the condom and pushed the now leaking dildo deep in my wife's hairy pussy. My wife was now very hot working her hips up and down telling me to push the dildo deeper in her, not knowing she was helping to release this old perverts sperm deep in her pussy, she did this until she screamed with her orgasm. I pulled the black dildo out of my wife and the tip was now empty. I opened my wife's pussy lips wide and you could see the load of sperm deep inside her.

    That night I was thinking of this old perverted mans nasty sperm load in my wife's pussy and her not knowing about what Bill and I had done to her, it was such a turn on. The next day Bill text me and told me that he needed to see me alone at his trailer up the road from us. I told Bill my wife was out shopping and that I would be right over. Bill gave me his trailers address and I drove over. It was located in a run down trailer park, the real meaning of trailer trash. I knocked on the door and Bill told me to come in. I asked Bill did he enjoy the show and he said that it was great, but that wasn't good enough for him. Bill turned on his computer and showed me a video he had taken of my wife and what we did last night to her. Bill now sort of angry told me that he was now going to fuck my wife whether I liked it or not, because he was going to expose this video to our church members and our friends unless he had his way with my wife.

    I got up and took the S.D. card out of his computer and I told Bill to screw himself. Bill started laughing and told me to sit the fuck down, and that a friend had another copy and he wanted my wife or else. Bill told me to get the fuck out of his trailer, and that I had 24 hours to bring my wife back to him or he would leak this video of what we did to my wife to our church members. I left and drove back to our room scared to death of how I was going to handle this problem.

    The end of part 1
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    Interesting story... Looking Forward to next chapter... Thanks for the Share...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!



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