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    The innocent Wife part 2

    Warning if you don't like RAPE, do not finish this story of part two.

    This is a continuation of a story, see part 1 first of how I took my innocent Christian wife, and turned it into a living hell for both of us.

    I drove back to our motel room thinking about how I was going take care of a problem of being blackmailed. I knew Bill had secretly taken a video of me injecting his sperm in my wife's pussy, and I knew that he knew our church because I remember one of our chats when we were friends telling him to much of my personal business. I now only had 24 hrs. to bring my innocent wife back to him, and let him fuck her or would leak this video of what we did to her to our church members and friends.

    My innocent wife got back from her shopping trip and told me look at all the nice things she had bought today smiling so sweet. My wife ask how my day went and I told her not so good, she ask oh, and why not. It was at this point I had no other option but to tell my wife what I and Bill had done to her. I ask my wife to have a seat that I needed to tell her something. She looked puzzled and sat down next to me. I told her do you remember Bill from the other night, my wife said oh no I hope he is alright. I said Bill is doing ok but I needed to tell her what Bill and I did to her. I started from the beginning and told her every detail to the end, and Bill had secretly videoed the whole thing. My wife got up crying and said how could you do such a thing to me, and stormed out the room. I got up and ran out after her, and she pushed me away. She told me to pack our things that she wanted to go home. I told her to come back in our motel room and calm down. My wife went back in the room and was packing when I told her that Bill had told me to bring her to him or he would leak this information to our church members, my wife said no way, was she going to have sex with a old perverted looking guy like him. I told my wife to at least lets go to Bill's trailer and see I she could sweet talk him out of his idea of wanting to have sex with her, and that maybe this would work.

    My wife told me to call Bill so she could talk to him on the phone, so I did. My wife took my phone and was now talking to Bill, when she suddenly got mad and ask him how could you do such a nasty thing to her. I could hear Bill now angrily telling my wife what a fucking slut wife she was, and told her if she was not at his trailer for him to fuck, at 5:00 this evening, that he was going to leak this video to our church and friends. My now crying wife handed me the phone. Bill told me to make my wife dress up in one of her church outfits for him, because he wanted her that way and hung up.

    The time was nearing, and my wife now knowing that we had no other option, got dressed in her nice dress, and we drove to Bill's old run down trailer. It was 4:45 when Bill came to the door. He told us to come on in and have a seat on his old torn couch. He looked at my wife and said I want you to watch the video I made of you taking my cum deep in your pussy. My wife now crying looked at the video and was in shock to no now that she had this old perverted looking mans semen in her body. When it was though playing he told her, if she didn't agree to his demands he would leak it to her friends. My wife shaking and crying said ok but please be gentle with her.

    Bill told me to get up off the couch and sit in a chair across from them, and to take my cloths off. Bill took my wife and told her to lift her dress up and open the top of it. My wife opened her now lifted skirt, and Bill took my wife's bra and unclasp it. My wife's small b-cup tits were now in Bills mouth, my wife squirming back and forth as Bill bit her hard nipples, while rubbing the crotch of her pantyhose covered pussy. Bill stood up and took his clothes off. Bill was now standing totally naked in front of my innocent wife. Bill was pale skinned, thin and looked even more perverted naked. My wife had her eyes shut, when Bill told her to look at him and smacked her hard in the face. My wife opened her eyes and was crying as Bill ordered her to suck his small uncut shriveled cock, and smacked her face again calling her a fucking whore.

    My wife in fear did so, taking Bill's dick in her open mouth. My wife was now sucking a old perverts dick, her head working back and forth in slow motions. Bill ordered her to lick his balls which my wife did with her tongue. Bill turned his old pale white ass around and bent to the floor and told my wife to lick his shit hole. My wife backed away and said no, Bill turned around and grabbed my wife by the throat and hair and said to her, You look at me bitch you do what the fuck I say, or I will hurt you bitch, now lick my asshole, my wife crying stuck her tongue deep in this old mans asshole. He made her do this for a few minutes and turned back around and shoved his now hard cock to her face, and told her she had better make him cum. My wife now was sucking Bills hard cock with skill when I saw and hear him shooting his load in my wife's mouth, so much that it started coming out of her mouth, Bill smacked her hard and told her to swallow it, and see my wife's throat contracting.

    Bill told me, your wife is a pretty good dick sucker, and he sat beside her recovering. My wife ask Bill if we could go now and he laughed and said the party is just getting started. Bill started kissing my wife running his tongue in her mouth my wife working her face away, tying to keep his mouth away from hers. I could see Bill's yellow teeth and tongue, saliva running down my wife's neck. Bill's cock now hard again, the pink head on his small dick was glistening. Bill told my wife to stand up and bend over in the couch. Bill tore the crotch out of the back of her pantyhose, and panties. Bill now had a full view of my wife's hairy pussy. He started to lick her pussy from behind. Bill stood up, and now pushed his pink headed dick into my wife, humping her hard. Bill's old white shriveled pale skinned ass was humping my wife good. Bill pulled out of my wife's hairy pussy, and took a tube of lube and rubbed it on his very hard little dick and pointed it at my wife's asshole. My wife screamed and said please don't, but it was to late because it was now in her asshole, a place she would never let me do. Bill used both of her holes for several minutes and I heard him grunt, and I noticed Bill's asshole wink as he pushed hard in my wife's asshole. My wife now bent over had this old perverts cum in her virgin asshole. Bill pulled out of my wife and I could see her violated pink inflamed asshole oozing cum.

    Bill ordered my wife to suck his dick clean now, my wife did as she was told trying to get this ordeal over as fast as she could. It was then That we heard a knock at the front door. Bill went to the door my wife tying to cover herself back up, when a big old bald headed black man came in and handed Bill a copy of the video we had made. Bill told the black man to sit next to my wife on the couch. The big old black man said to Bill, so this is the white whore you promised me, and Bill said yes take her sorry ass back to my bedroom and give that bitch some black cock. My wife and I told Bill enough was enough and to let us go. It was then the big old black man grabbed my wife by the hair and dragged her down the hall to the bedroom, Bill told me to follow them. He threw my now crying wife on the dirty bed. He got on top of her taking what was left of her dress and under clothes off of her.

    Bill grabbed my wife's arms and tied them to the bed rails while the black man tied my wife's legs wide open. My beautiful 52 year old pale skinned innocent wife was now tied spread wide exposed to these dirty old men. They both stood back and admired my wife's pale beautiful body, her small b-cup tits with hard nipples, and the dark hair on her hairy pussy. It was then that the big old black man started to remove his clothes. My wife shaking and crying straining trying to free herself. This old black man was now naked, he had the biggest cock that I had ever seen about 12 inches long, uncut and very thick. He was about 65 or 70 years old and very muscular looking, and Jet black from the Florida sun.

    The old black man stood over the bed and looked at my wife tied helplessly, and said I'm going to rape your white ass good, and jumped on top of my wife, force kissing her, biting her neck, and small tits, my wife lay under him pleading for him to stop. The old black man then took his big black uncut soft dick and told her to suck it. My wife opened her small mouth and took the uncut tip and started to tongue the tip, working the tip in and out of her mouth the best she could. Now his dick was growing to much for her to get any of it in her mouth, and was fully erect. The old black man took this hard dick and pushed it deep in my wife's hairy pussy. My wife was moaning in pain as this black beast destroyed my wife, fucking her hard and rough for several minutes, his big jet black balls slapping my wife's pink asshole, his jet black cock now shinny plunged in and out of her hairy pussy, like a big piston. It wasn't long and I heard this black man grunt and groan, and I noticed his old asshole winking several time as he unloaded in my wife. When he pulled his now soft uncut cock out of my wife, a huge load of thick white cum oozed out of her swollen and gapped pussy.
    Both men used and abused my wife's holes the rest of the night, and when morning came they untied my wife and both men told us to get our sorry asses out of his trailer, and to forget about reporting this to the police, because they had videoed this also and would share it with our church members if we caused them a problem.

    At this point my wife and I got the hell out of there, and drove back to our room. We cut our vacation short and drove home, wondering the rest of our lives if they would, or had already exposed these videos to or church members. Now on Sunday my wife sits in church wondering if she was being looked at by men that had seen her do such nasty sex acts.

    The End
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    Interesting Story... Thanks for the Share And Up Date...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!



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