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    The innocent Wife part 3

    My wife and I were now back home from our terrible vacation and were trying to get on with our lives. My wife was still copping with the fact that two old men had raped her, and it was all my fault for starting this mess in the first place by wanting to see her fucked by another man. Time had moved on and we thought that our nightmare with Bill was over, until one day, when I got a text from this dirty perverted old man.

    Bill said that he wanted my wife and I to turn our home computer on Skype and he wanted my wife to strip for him. My wife and I got on Skype and she said to Bill that as far as she was concerned she was through with him and she told him in no way was she going to give him the pleasure of doing a strip for him. Bill became mad and told my wife that he still had a video of him and his black friend raping her while we were on vacation in Florida, and he still would use it to blackmail us to our friends and our church members, if she didn't comply.

    My wife looked at me and said what should we do. I told her let the old bastard have his way, that at least it wasn't a rape again. My 52 year old innocent brunette wife was again being used by Bill a 76 year old, ugly perverted man, that just wouldn't leave my wife alone. My wife shaking her head and a look of disgust on her pretty face walked over to the camera and removed all of her clothes. ''Bill said yes that's nice church bitch, now turn around, bend over, and spread your ass open and let me see your holes, you miserable fucking whore'' As my wife did this, I heard another man, tell Bill, yes she will do, and to set it up.

    Bill told my wife to get dressed now, and that this is what he wanted us to do. Bill told us that he had a client that wanted to have his way with my innocent church type wife. Bill said that we must do exactly as he said or he would leak the rape video of my wife, and also this little show my wife just did for him to our friends and church members. Bill knew we lived in Maryland, and asked for our home address. My wife said no way was she going to give it to him, and she was not about to be raped again, by him or any of his friends. My wife turned the computer off and went crying into the other room. Bill text me again and said to me that my fucking whore wife had better be available tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. and again asked me for our home address. I told Bill that I would get back with him in a few minutes and went in the other room and told my wife it looks like we have no other choice.

    After talking it over with my wife, I text Bill our home address. Bill told me that he wanted me to tie my innocent church wife to our bed totally naked, face down and he wanted me to have her gagged, when his client came to visit us. Bill told me to turn my computer and cam on Skype at 6:50 tomorrow night because he wanted to see to it that my wife and I did what we were told, and that his client got his moneys worth out of my prim and proper church bitch wife.

    It was now 6:45 the next day and my wife crying and already naked, got on the bed, shaking not knowing what was about to happen to her. I told her that I was sorry and kissed her telling her that I loved her. My wife then turned over and I tied her face down, her arms and legs spread wide, and I then gaged her mouth like Bill had said he wanted her. I turned the cam and had Skype on my computer, when Bill said nice job, my church bitch looks good.

    It was now 7:00 pm and I heard my door bell ring, I went and opened the door, and a old men came in my house. The old man was about 75 years old and smelled awful, he was dressed in dirty pants with holes in them. The old man was very skinny, and had only a few yellow rotten teeth and had a grey long beard, that was nasty around his mouth. I could hardly understand him as he mumbled where in in the hell is my wife. The old man pulled out a knife and told me to take him to her. The old nasty man and I walked in our bedroom and he mumbled, what a pretty wife I had, as he looked at my innocent wife tied spread wide face down on our bed.

    Bill was on Skype and he told the old man to enjoy my wife anyway he wanted, and he told me to sit in a chair at the foot of our bed and not cause any trouble. The old man took his knife and put it to my face and told me to stand up and to remove my clothes and sit back down in the chair. He opened a cloth bag and took out some rope and tied me securely to my chair. He then walked over to my gaged and tied down wife and took off his dirty clothes. The old nasty man had many scares on his pale body, and he had about a 6" uncut cock, that looked as dirty as the rest of his smelly body. The old man said in a mumbling voice to my wife,'' Look here bitch you have been a bad girl and I am going to be like your daddy and spank your pretty ass good, you fucking whore'' The old man bent over on the floor and took his belt off his pants, he walked over to my tied down wife and said, ''I hope this hurts you good bitch'' and started to belt my wife's ass good and very hard, with the belt. I could see that this was turning the old man on, because the more he did this the more his old cock began to grow. My wife tied down was unable to move and was crying in pain with every strike of this old dirty mans belt.

    My innocent wife's ass had many red welts on it now, and she was now in pain and crying very hard. The old man walked over to me, and took his dick and mumbled to me, this is what I'm putting in your whores asshole tonight, and he pulled the fore skin back. The old mans cock was dirty and had cheese all over it from not keeping it clean, and he smelled very fowl. The old man took some Vaseline and he put it on his dirty cock, jerking himself hard. He got on the bed and parted my wife's ass cheeks and he mumbled ''MMM, look at this hairy pussy and tight asshole'' The old man bent down still rubbing his dirty uncut cock, and started licking my wife's asshole, with his dirty beard and toothless mouth biting away between my wife's legs. The old man's dirty cock was now very hard, he got on my wife's back, took her brunette hair and pulled it back very hard and placed his knife to her throat and said to her in a mumbling voice ''Now Daddy is going to rape your asshole you stinking bitch"

    The old man wasted no time in pushing his old uncut stinking dirty cock, balls deep in my wife's asshole. My wife crying from the welts from the beating and the trust of the old mans cock ramming her asshole. The old grabbed my wife by the hair and twisted the side of her face to him. He had his knife to her neck and started to kiss my wife on her lips, his dirty grey beard grinding her mouth and face. I could see his open mouth, with his yellow rotten teeth and tongue working its way around and in my wife's mouth. The old man was slobbering and licking my wife's pretty face as he humped her asshole good, mumbling you fucking whore. The old mans skinny pale white wrinkly ass was humping my wife very fast up and down when I noticed him grunt and I saw his old asshole winking and pulsating as he emptied his nut sack deep in my wife's asshole. The old man pulled his dirty cock out of my wife's asshole and a flood of white thick cum oozed out of her inflamed gapped asshole, down her hairy pussy crack.

    The old man said that he was through with my wife tonight and he would return tomorrow night at 7:00 to give my wife some more abuse. The old man took his knife to her throat and said do you understand me bitch, and my wife mumbled um,hum through her gag. The old man untied me from my chair and then left our house. Bill told us that we had better be ready when this old man returned to our house the next night, and he said for me that everything we did tonight with Skype and our cam was to be on at the same time tomorrow night. Bill said he wanted to see it for himself, that his client had a good time with my church bitch wife.
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