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    Alans story of his first boy/boy experience.

    This is the story of a boy who after many years is still a friend of mine – A real ‘friend with benefits’. He told me the story not long after we met and had sex together. We were talking about our younger days and sex experiences. I have told the story as he told it to me – from his perspective.


    I was 14 and fascinated with masturbation. I had my first experience being masturbated by a senior at school. He was gay and really wanted me to have gay sex with him. I couldn't do what he asked as he wanted to fuck my bum. Since then I have pulled myself off regularly every day between two and five times. I just love the feeling of stropping my cock and having those wonderful, wonderful ejaculations when my cum spurts out and I feel like I am the king of the world. I often do it in the outdoors while I am in the nude and get on top of a rock or somewhere exposed and do it and fantasise that there are a lot of people watching and cheering me on. It is a wonderful feeling being naked in the outdoors and wanking myself.

    This particular day I was jacking myself off in one of my favourite spots near a stream where there is long grass and I can roll about in the grass naked getting this wonderful feeling all over my body. I have done it here a lot as the grass feels nice on my balls while I sit and pull my cock. Unbeknown to me, on this day, there was another guy watching me. He had followed me for the last 3 days.

    He had watched me masturbate myself and kept himself well hidden and as I learned had masturbated himself while he watched me. All this came out after he and I became very good friends as on this day he walked into the clearing completely naked masturbating and completely exposing himself to me, sort of letting me know he was friendly.
    He stopped and stayed about 20 metres from me and stood there jacking himself. I stopped wanking and we both watched each other not sure of what the reaction of the other person would be.

    I wasn't sure whether I should run or what. His appearance was a complete shock to me.

    He kept wanking himself and after about half a minute which seemed like an hour, he said Hi, My name is Jack, and I have been waiting for you each day for the past week to come and do this. I think the two of us have the same ideas, we like to be nude and in the fresh air and masturbate.

    I felt a little easier and said what is it you want?

    He said I would just like to come down here with you and join you while we both do it. I said where are your clothes and he said just back there. I have a spot where I can watch you and you can't see me, I think we can be real good friends if you would like that.

    He was about a year older than me from the look of him and his cock was bigger and longer than mine. I said if you want to then we could I suppose.

    He then walked up to me and put his hand out and said I'm Jack what's your name?

    I said Alan and we shook hands.

    He said Hi Alan and then he asked me how long had I been masturbating and when I did start. He told me about himself as we talked about it.

    I had gone soft and I began to play with myself to get my cock hard again and as I did he started to do it to himself again. By now we were both hard again and we just wanked ourselves as we talked and it was quite pleasant.

    He asked about had I done it with anybody before.

    I said a gay boy at school did it for me once.

    He said he has had a couple of friends he has done it with but they didn't want to do it with him every day. They only did it themselves and wouldn’t do it to anybody else. Some days they didn't want to even talk to him, and pretty soon he realized they were not interested unless they were in the mood which was only occasionally and he was every day.

    He said he came down here a lot on his own and that's when he first saw me; Then he said two days ago I saw seen you up on that rock doing it. He said I looked like a naked spirit to him, and I really wanted to let you know I was there, particularly when you came and you shot your cum everywhere. He said after I left he actually climbed up on the rock just to see and look at my cum, he said it was wonderful just seeing it there knowing it had just come out of your cock. Then he said I got so worked up I did really worked myself into a frenzy masturbating, I was really emotional having seen your cum there and wanting to be with you. Then when I came I mixed our cum together thinking we are friends now, mixing of our cum together, for me I felt like a blood or cum brother with you, and I made up my mind I wanted to be with you and do it together and hoped you would too..

    I said gee I have never felt that way I like doing it but you are the first guy to do it with me apart from the guy who showed me how.

    He then asked me if he could feel me and by then I was getting a little excited and I said ok.

    He held my cock and got down in front of me and got right up close and fondled my balls and really examined my cock closely.

    He said you have the most beautiful cock I have ever seen, I love it. I like circumcised cocks better than when they arnt. Then he held my cock gently and began to stroke me and it was the most amazing feeling having somebody else do it for you.

    He said do you like that?

    I said do I ever! It feels magnificent.

    Then he said would you like me to work you right off.

    I said yes please, it feels beautiful.

    He then proceeded to masturbate me in the most wonderful way with his fingers, changing his grip, and stoking and pulling, then squeezing it in ways that were absolute pleasure. It didn't take me long before I said I am going to cum.

    He said can I do it till you? He had one hand on my cock and the other fondling my balls softly, I was in heaven.

    I didn't have to say a word I just lay back on the grass spread my legs out wide and let him. Within about a minute I shot my cum everywhere as he stroked me hard and fast and my hot cum exploded inside me and it spurted out harder and further than I had ever done before. It went up and splashed down on my stomach and legs and his hand, it went everywhere. He even had some on his face. I let out this long slow groan like I had never done before; I have never had an orgasm like that ever. It was heavenly.
    He stopped when I went soft and he said that was the most wonderful experience I have ever had, I have dreamed about doing that to a guy for so long and that was my first time ever doing it. I said I could not believe how good it was.

    Then he said just lay there for a moment I want to do something else I have dreamed about. I didnt realise he was licking my cum off his fingers.

    I looked down at him kneeling over me. He was on all fours his body looked beautiful to me, I had never thought about a guy like this before. His cock was half hard and hanging down and I could see a string of pre cum dripping out of the eye of it. The look on his face was amazing. Then he just put his face down and began to lick my cum off my body.

    After he had licked quite a lot off me he looked at me and said this is the most wonderful day of my life.

    I have never seen a guy look so happy and pleased with himself ever before. I had often wondered what cum tasted like but I had never been game enough to try it. I have just had my virgin experience of being able to masturbate a friend, and drink his cum. I am over the moon with excitement, did you enjoy it.

    I said I have never enjoyed anything like that in my life.
    I said can I do it to you now.

    He said that would make my day complete. Nobody has ever touched my cock so you will be the first guy to feel it and do it to me. I cannot believe that this is happening to me.

    I said neither can I its fantastic. I am the happiest guy around, I was a bit scared when you appeared but now I wish you had days ago.

    He lay back on his elbows and his cock was now hard and standing up ready and waiting for me to take control of it. I put my hand around it and he let out this soft moan of ultimate pleasure, like I had when I came. Then I gripped him firmly and began to stroke the skin up and down and the feeling was unbelievable. He was much thicker than mine and longer too.

    I said yours feels better than mine its bigger, and I can get a real grip on it.
    He said yours is perfect I would be happy to have yours for ever.
    Then I began to stroke it regularly and after a while I said would you like me to do it some other way.

    He said try it with a couple of fingers for a while then he said make a ring of your thumb and finger and do it like that and make it feel like a bum hole. I said what does that feel like?

    He said I don't know but I want to find out one day.

    I don't know why but that started my cock running with pre cum and just dripping out of me. I really felt excited and the sexual feeling inside me was amazing. My cock got hard straight away and I could feel this wonderful feeling going though me as I continued to stroke his cock and look at the way the skin rose to the top and covered his cock head and then ran down and be tight so you could see where the foreskin had been removed as mine had been done as well. I wasn't really conversant with uncircumcised cocks then. Then I realized I wasn't playing with his balls and I had liked him doing that to me so I held them in my hand. The sac was all soft and his balls were really hanging down and they felt wonderful in my hand.

    He groaned again and said I never want this to end, I cannot believe it feels this good.

    I said I felt the same way when he did it to me. I continued to look at my hand work and fondle his balls.

    It wasn't much longer and he said I am going to cum, do you want me to finish myself or will you.

    I said I will, I can't do enough for you after what you did to me.

    He started to tell me a bit harder and a bit faster and grip me tighter.

    Once I had everything perfect I could see in his body that he was about to cum. As he came he lifted his bum up and his whole body was in a spasm and his cum began to fly out the end and as he cried out with the pleasure of the release of his orgasm.

    The sensation was amazing for me and I don't know why I did it, but I put my mouth over the top of his cock and sucked away the last remaining spurts of his cum. I had never tasted cum before and wasn't quite ready for the taste. I felt a bit like spitting it out but he had swallowed mine after he licked it off me so I though I should do the same. Once I got the first couple of swallows down I realized it wasn't as bad as I had imagined, it was a bit salty or a bit like vinegar I wasn't quite sure which but it was an unusual taste. I was still sucking when he got up on his arms again and looked down at me with his cock in my mouth.

    He said I know I shouldn't say this but I love you. I said I know how you feel I felt the same way when you were doing it to me, I felt the strangest feeling and I wanted you and I to be together for ever. Now I know why guys are Gay. after I sucked all the cum out of his cock, I licked my hand clean too. while his cum wasnt the best thing I had tasted I was so excited I did enjoy the sensation. I liked it warm better than cold.

    After that we both lay together for ages holding each other hands. We talked about the feelings we had when we were masturbating each other and how he loved me sucking his cum out. We must have talked for about 20 minutes about nothing else but masturbating.

    After a while he said would you like me to do it to you again.

    I said time after time after time if I could take it that long.

    He said how about you stand up, and I did then he got on his knees in front of me and said I want to show you how it feels to have your cock in my mouth. I could not believe how wonderful it felt when you did it, I think I might have cum twice when you did it.

    Then he put my cock in his mouth and that had my knees almost collapse. I don't know what it is like to fuck a girl but it couldn't be as good as that.
    Between us we talked about the sensation and how each of us felt, not only having it done to us but doing it to the other one as well.

    He said this time I want you to cum in my mouth, you beat me to it this time but I really want to experience that's sensation. I have drunk my own a couple of times so I know what it tastes like but I want it right from your wonderful cock. I stood there holding his head as he stroked his lips along my shaft and rubbed the top of my cock with his tongue. It felt wonderful, nothing I had done before equalled this. Just talking to me and the feeling of his lips stroking up and down on my cock was just too much- my balls tightened and then....... woooosh...... I came. I made it spurt after spurt as he sucked it out and swallowed my hot cum. It felt absolutely wonderful.

    It didn't take long for his to suck it out of me and when I came and filled his mouth and I could feel his tongue rubbing around the rim of the cock top, my knees went all weak and I thought I was going to fall over. As I pumped my cum into his mouth I don't know why but I held his head and that really felt great as well as his sucking on me. He swallowed each mouth full and I suppose I must have cum a lot because he was on me for quite a while and he must have swallowed three or four mouthfuls of my creamy warm cum.

    When I recovered, I started to feel mosquitoes biting and it was only then I realized it was almost dark. We had really let time get away. I said I will have to go, my parents will be wondering about me.

    He said I wish we could be together all night.

    I said maybe we will one day, I cant wait actually. I picked up my clothes and we walked to where he had his, and then we walked naked right up to the end of the track before we knew we might be seen and we both got dressed.

    I said can you be here tomorrow at about 4 and he said I will be waiting down at the glen, I will possibly have had two lots out by then, I cant wait for you to come down and we can do that all over again.

    He put his arm around me and pulled me to him in a hug I though he was going to kiss me, but he didnt. I dont think I would have liked him to do that. He fondled me though my jeans and I did the same to him. I was hard again by the time he stopped and so was I.

    He said it's a pity to waste this and if we hadn't been on a public street I think he would have gone down on me right there.

    That was the first of many days together over the next couple of months. The two of us spent as much time together as we could and we had so much fun just playing and sucking on each other.

    I still liked looking at girls tits and thinking about fucking a girl but for the time being I was having so much fun with him. The girls would come later.
    Then he met me about a year later. I was his first girl he had sex with. He is now as Bi sexual as I am and we have shared many a great threesome mmf and ffm.

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    Fantastic. I used to get naked and jerk off in the park all the time! What an amazing feeling.



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