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Thread: Sissy

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    Chapter 1: Sissy and her Momma

    Sissy groaned softly as the call of nature gradually pulled her from a blissful sleep. She rolled away from Momma and rose groggily from the bed they shared. With a low moan of her own, Momma turned over and snuggled deeper under the covers. Sissy stumbled across the one-room flat and entered the bathroom. The white tiled floor was cold beneath her bare feet. Blinking in the morning light, she caught her reflecton in the mirror over the sink as she stopped in front of the toilet. Brushing back her wild mane of sleep-tousled black hair, she yawned hugely and lifted her plain white nightdress above her waist, then paused as she looked down with a frown.

    Her shame-stick stared right back up at her with its one slitted eye.

    An irritated sigh escaped through her nose as she pursed her plump pink lips in consternation. This was happening more and more. She tried to bend the thing down, but it was too stiff. It bobbed back up, slapping against her white belly when she let it go. The bloated purple head now seemed to be grinning, mocking her. The danglies in their ugly crinkled sack below were drawn up into a tight ball beneath the base. She waited impatiently, but the thing did not begin to droop as it usually did. Finally, she wet a cloth with cold water and wrapped it around the uncooperative organ. It sent a shiver through her but the swelling did not drop one little bit. She whimpered at the discomfort in her bladder.

    "What's the matter, Sis?" Momma startled her, entering the room behind her.

    Sissy turned around and displayed her problem. "My thing won't let me go pee," she whined.

    "First of all, sit down like a proper little lady," Momma ordered with a scolding slap to Sissy's bare bottom. She scowled down at the protuberance poking up from Sissy's lap. "Nasty little shame-stick! Did you try a cold compress?"

    "Yes, Momma. It didn't work..."

    "Well, push it down between your legs," Momma instructed brusquely. "That's right, now lean forward...farther, until you can point it down. There you go. Now go pee. Hurry up, Momma's gotta go too."

    Sissy sat spread-legged, awkwardly pushing the thing down with one hand and the other on the floor to keep herself from toppling off the toilet. She stared at the worn and chipped red polish on Momma's impatiently tapping toes as she tried desperately to get her pee to flow through the swollen instrument of her shame. Finally a trickle, then a slow but steady stream eased her discomfort. Finished, she wiped the tip with tissue and rose to let Momma take her place.

    "Take off your nightdress and brush your hair," Momma directed.

    "Yes, Momma," Sissy replied and pulled the gown off over her head. She picked up the hairbrush and began trying to brush the tangles out of her nearly waist-length black hair as she listened to Momma tinkle. The thing continued to stand up, looking at her. She saw Momma frowning at it. "I'm sorry, Momma," she muttered, shame-faced. "Do you think it will ever go down? How am I going to hide it when it's like this?"

    "Come here, baby girl. Bring your cream."

    Sissy retrieved her jar of special cream from the medicine cabinet and went to Momma, sitting on her lap when Momma motioned her down. Momma reached over and pulled a rubber glove from a box on the shelf to the side. She pulled the tight glove onto her hand, snapping the latex into place, then dipped her fingers into the cream from the jar that Sissy opened and held out for her. Flipping Sissy's hair back over her shoulder, she began to apply the cream to Sissy's chest.

    "Your lady-bumps are growing nicely, dear," Momma cooed, gently massaging the hormone cream into each pliant, half-grapefruit sized breast.

    Sissy smiled happily. She loved her lady-bumps, and it felt really good when Momma applied her cream, especially on the tips. The 2 inch wide dusky pink circles would crinkle up to half their normal size and the little buds in the center would grow stiff and red, like they were now.

    "Are lady-bumps called titties, Momma?"

    "Where did you hear that?" Momma asked sharply.

    Sissy faltered at her mother's tone. "Those men working n the street yesterday. I heard one of them say to a woman walking by, 'show us your titties baby' and he went like this.." She cupped her hands under her chest and made a juggling motion.

    "Men!" Momma spat distastefully. "Yes, that's one of the things men will call our lady-bumps, but it is vulgar and a lady does not say such things! You hear me?" She emphasized her admonishment with a painful pinch to one of Sissy's erect buds.

    Sissy flinched. "Yes, Momma!" she blurted. The pinch hurt, but somehow it made her shame-stick throb even harder. It was becoming quite uncomfortable. "Momma, what about that--what if it doesn't go away?" she pointed down there plaintively.

    Momma glanced at it and sighed. "You're 16 now. I guess we have to face the fact that the cream can't hold puberty off forever."

    "What's puberty, Momma?"

    "It's when your body changes, from a girl to a woman. It's why you have this hair growing down here and in your armpits. It's why your shame-stick is staying erect all the time."

    "You mean it's going to stay this way?" Sissy asked with alarm. Tears began to well up in her eyes. How would she ever hide her shame?

    "No no, baby girl," Momma soothed. "Momma will make it go away. Don't you worry. It's distasteful, but there is a way to make the swelling go down. Now, wipe your eyes, give me a little more of that cream and Momma will make it all better."

    Sniffing back her tears, Sissy held the jar out for Momma, then set it aside. She shivered as Momma slathered the cool cream on the ugly purple head of her shame-stick. Then Momma wrapped her gloved hand around the tumescent organ and began to stroke it up and down.

    Sissy nearly swooned.

    She felt the blood rush to her face. It felt so...good. As Momma's tightly-gripping fist worked the slippery cream into it, the upthrust shaft jerked and twitched as if it had a mind of its own. The swollen knob bulged even bigger, angrier. Every muscle in her young body grew tense. She couldn't even breathe as it felt like a spring somewhere down below, beneath the danglies, was being wound tighter and tighter.

    "Momma!" she gasped.

    Then suddenly that tightly wound spring exploded! Her entire body convulsed, the danglies contracted, the shame-stick pulsed and thick white goo shot out. With each contraction of the hidden spring, another spurt of the stuff, shooting up onto her lady-lumps, her belly, Momma's hand. Momma kept stroking until the contractions subsided, the goo stopped coming out, the spring was sprung. Suddenly overcome with weakness, Sissy collapsed, holding on around Momma's neck to keep from falling.

    "Shh, shh, baby girl, it's all over now," Momma rocked her gently, still holding the twitching shame-stick in her hand as it did, indeed, slowly relax to its normal limp state.

    Sissy found herself gently weeping, her face buried in Momma's billowy red hair. As her breathing returned to normal, she sat back up and looked at the mess that had come out of her.

    "What is that stuff, Momma?" she sniffled.

    Momma released her and began gingerly peeling the messy glove from her hand. "That is the evil-seed," she replied with a look of distaste at the dripping white goo. "It builds up inside your shame-stick. Momma will have to milk it for you when it gets too full. Now, jump in the shower, get cleaned up. After breakfast we'll do your home-schooling, then, if you are a good girl, Momma take you for a special treat."

    Letting the thought of evil seeds growing inside her fade to a vaguely troubling afterthought, she jumped up excitedly. The milking of her shame-stick had left her feeling exhilarated. "What kind of treat, Momma?"

    Momma smiled indulgently. "How does a girls' day at the spa sound? Mani-pedi's?"

    "Really, Momma?" Sissy literally quivered with excitement. They rarely went anywhere other than shopping for food or the library.

    "If you're a good girl," Momma repeated, then with another scowl at the evil-seed covering Sissy's front, she pointed to the tub. "Shower."

    Sissy dutifully stepped into the tub and turned on the water. After adjusting the temperature, she gave Momma, still sitting on the toilet watching her, a happy smile before she pulled the curtain and engaged the shower. She watched the goo rinse off her chest and belly, then grabbed the soap and began washing. Too excited, she started to pop her head out and ask Momma a question about the promised treat. She was stopped short, however, when she saw something through a tiny gap in the curtain. Catching her breath, she leaned closer and peeked through the gap.

    Momma was still sitting where she had been, but she had her legs thrown wide open and was rubbing herself. Down there. Sissy's heart thudded heavily. Somehow she knew she was witnessing something she was not meant to see. Momma's eyes were closed, her mouth was open. She had a pained expression as she moved her hand rapidly between her legs.

    Sissy and Momma shared a bathroom. They shared a bedroom. They shared a bed! Sissy had seen Momma naked hundreds of times. She knew Momma was different down there. She had no shame-stick, no danglies--that was Sissy's shame to bear. But other than curly dark hair, she had never seen what Momma did have--a flower! A blossom, with dark pink petals, opened up like a butterfly's wings!

    Momma's blossom was none to delicate, however, judging by the way she was rubbing it--hard and fast. Momma's other hand reached up to squeeze her lady-bumps. She always wore pretty nightdresses that you could see right through. The one she had on now was pink and covered with frills at the top and bottom, but it did nothing to hide in-between. Sissy could see her huge lady-bumps, hanging heavily as she squeezed them. The buds thick and long as she pinched them roughly. She reached to her own soap-slippery chest to mimic Momma's behavior, squeezing her bumps and stifling a gasp as she pinched and twisted her own buds.

    Then Momma's groping hand came across a glob of Sissy's evil-seed that had landed on her nightdress. She opened her eyes and scooped it up with her finger. She brought it to her nose and sniffed it, her eyes rolling back as she stuck it in her mouth and sucked on it as if it were mana from heaven. Sissy wished she hadn't rinsed all the seed off so she could taste it herself! Then Momma stuck two fingers into her blossom!

    There was a hole there! And Momma's fingers plunged in and out as fast as the jackhammer the men in the street had used yesterday! Her feet came off the floor, knees rising and spreading even wider as she gasped and jacked even harder.

    Sissy suddenly realized that she had been unconsciously soaping herself between the legs, and her shame-stick had risen to stare at her, apparently once again full of the evil-seed. With her pulse racing and her breathing shallow and rapid, she wrapped her hand around it and began stroking it like Momma had. It felt good in her hand--long, hard, slick with soap. And her hand felt good on it. Almost as good as Momma's had felt. Shame momentarily forgotten, she pinched harder on her crimson buds and pumped her fist as fast as she could, watching Momma through the gap.

    Momma's face was screwed up into a grimace of passion, red and sweaty with clenched teeth. She suddenly pulled her fingers out of her blossom, wet and glistening, and rubbed it frenziedly at the top. Her free hand covered her mouth, stifling a gasping exclamation. Sissy could see the blossom contracting on itself as Momma's entire body convulsed. It suddenly dawned on Sissy--Momma's spring had sprung!

    The shock of realization, plus her own furiously pumping hand, caused her own spring to go off also. The evil-seed erupted, squirting out to be lost in the spray of the shower. Her knees nearly buckled. Thank goodness for the non-slip mat in the bottom of the tub as she fell back weakly against the wall, squeezing out the last of the evil from her shame-stick.

    The last glob of white goo she squeezed into the palm of her left hand. As her breathing caught up and her hammering heart settled, she brought it to her nose and sniffed, then licked it clean. Curious odor, slightly salty tasting--she was still contemplating it when Momma's voice nearly stopped her heart altogether.

    "Hurry up in there! I'm going to fix breakfast."

    "Yes, Momma!" she exclaimed and hurriedly reached for the soap.

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    Wow, that was different.. but good! I liked it!

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    Chapter 2: Sissy and the Spa

    Sissy was gloriously happy! Sitting in the spa next to Momma in their thin spa robes, their feet soaking while a couple of Korean girls did their nails--heavenly! They were finally here, several days after Momma had promised her they'd come if she was a good girl. She'd tried to be good, she really had, but every day Momma had pointed out something she had done wrong, and the treat was denied her. She had almost given up on ever getting to come, but this morning Momma had helped her dress, braided her black hair into two long pigtails, and brought her to the spa without telling her.

    When she had finally realized their destination, she had literally jumped with delight, hugging and kissing Momma until Momma had scolded her and told her to act like a proper lady. Still, she could not stop smiling--it had been ages since Momma had brought her to be pampered.

    After the girls finished their manicures and painted their nails--bright red for Momma and pretty pink for her--they took their feet out of the baths to be massaged and pedicured. Momma passed the time flipping through a magazine, but there were no magazines there that she deemed suitable for a young lady. Sissy didn't mind. She was content just watching all the activity going on around her while luxuriating in the special treatment from the bustling young girls who chattered amongst themselves in their own language.

    When the wonderfully relaxing pedicures were done and their toenails were painted to match fingernails, they slipped on the flimsy flip-flops the girls provided to allow their polish to dry, then Sissy followed Momma into another waiting room. Momma spoke to the lady at the counter then took a seat and resumed her magazine reading.

    "What are we doing now, Momma?" Sissy whispered.

    "I'm getting a massage. You are going to get all that nasty hair waxed off your body. Make you into my sweet little girl again..."

    Sissy was at a loss for words. She did not know exactly what that meant. Before she could ask, one of the tiny Korean girls came out.

    "Wax job?" she asked in heavily accented English.

    "Right here," Momma answered, pointing at Sissy. "I want you to clean up those eyebrows, and get rid of every hair below that, all the way to her toes."

    "Okee," the girl smiled. "You come."

    Sissy looked unsurely at Momma, who casually waved her away and turned back to her magazine. So she found herself following the girl down a hallway and into a small room with a padded table in the center. The girl closed the door behind them, then retrieved a clean sheet from a cabinet and spread it over the table.

    "You take off robe," she instructed. "Lie down."

    Sissy felt intimidated by the girl, although she was a full head taller and the girl could not be much older than Sissy's 16 years. As the girl turned on some soothing music and busied herself getting ready, Sissy slipped out of her robe and hung it on a hook. In her bra and panties, she awkwardly climbed onto the table and lay on her back. The girl moved a rolling table next to Sissy and smiled down at her.

    "Firs' time wax?" she asked.

    Sissy nodded nervously.

    "Don' worry, not my firs' time," she giggled at her own joke. She went right to work, spreading warm wax below Sissy's eyebrow. As she stuck a strip of paper to it and ripped the hair away, she continued chattering. "You ver' pretty face. I make prettier."

    Sissy gasped at the sudden sting, but it wasn't too bad. She smiled weakly at the compliment, and actually started to relax as the girl finished working on her brows.

    "You have li'l bit mustache," the girl said and slathered on the wax. Rip! That stung a little worse, but still not too bad. She lifted Sissy's arm and tutted. "Hair in armpi'--no good!" This hurt quite a bit when she ripped it out and Sissy squirmed on the table. "Okee, okee," the girl soothed, but ripped the hair out of the other armpit just as forcefully. Sissy whimpered, wincing at the sting. Then she moved to Sissy's forearms, methodically ripping out every hair. Before she was finished, Sissy could not stop a few tears from rolling down her cheeks.

    "Is okee, we take break from wax," the girl handed Sissy a tissue. Then she rubbed some soothing lotion on all the waxed areas. That felt really good. "Okee, you take bra off now."

    "M-my bra?" Sissy stammered. "W-why?"

    "Some lady grow hair around nip," she explained while pulling Sissy up and unhooking her bra. She slipped the straps off Sissy's shoulders and tossed the bra away. She leaned in close, lifting each breast to give it a thorough examination. "You go' nice boob!" she grinned up at a blushing Sissy. "Couple hair, tho'. Don' worry, no wax--tweeze!" She picked up the tweezers off her table and proceeded to pluck a few tiny hairs.

    Goosebumps flushed across Sissy's body. Her buds stiffened into two crimson gumdrops under the girl's tiny fingers. She couldn't be sure, but it seemed the girl spent much more time manipulating her lady-bumps (or boobs, as she had called them) than was necessary to pluck a few hairs. Sissy was thankful her shame-stick was tucked securely back between her legs, as she could feel it trying to swell.

    "Okee, we wax leg now," the girl announced.

    Sissy felt a rush of excited fear. Somehow, the girl's handling of her lady-bumps had made her feel all funny in her tummy, and now she was actually anticipating the warm wax and following stinging pain. She lay back down and looked down her body as the girl proceeded. She noticed that her buds were staying erect, standing up from the mounds on her chest like twin red fingertips pointing to the sky. The hot wax felt good. The painful rip felt better. Her shame-stick was becoming quite uncomfortable.

    She closed her eyes and tried to think of something else. Her buds were still tingling. That made her think of Momma rubbing the special cream on them. That made her think of Momma rubbing and sticking her fingers in her pink blossom. That made her think of milking the evil-seed out of her shame-stick, the exploding of the spring, the shooting white goo. She was so lost in the breathless memories and the stinging pain, she took no notice when the girl pulled off her white cotton panties.

    The panties came off. Her legs spread of their own volition. Her hidden shame-stick sprang free, becoming fully erect almost instantaneously. So engrossed in her own mind was she, only when the girl gasped in shock did Sissy realize what was happening. With a sharp cry of dismay, she sat up and tried to hide her shame with her hands.

    The Korean girl looked up at her, mouth hanging open in shock. "You boy!" she exclaimed. "We no do boy here!"

    Tears of humiliation rolled down Sissy's cheeks. Her shame-stick poked up, foiling any attempt to cover up. It didn't register what the girl was saying, only that her secret shame had been revealed. What would Momma say? "I'm sorry!" she whined. She gave up trying to hide the jutting shame-stick, covering her face with her hands as she bawled, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

    The girl came up to pat Sissy on the back comfortingly. "Shh, shh. You no' cry. Is okee. Is okee." She pulled Sissy's hands down and looked her in the eyes. "Is okee," she repeated earnestly. She moved to lock the door, then came back, smiling conspiratorially with a finger to her lips. "Shh. You no' tell, I no' tell!" She handed Sissy more tissues. "You no' cry. I finish wax. Lie back."

    Still feeling mortified with shame, Sissy nonetheless did as she was told, drying her tears and sniffly nose as she laid back on the table. She stared at the acoustic tiles on the ceiling as the girl pushed her thighs apart and began applying the hot wax, barely even flinching now as the hairs were ripped out. Then the girl's hand touched her thing. She held her breath as the girl pushed her erect shame-stick this way and that, ripping every hair out of the entire region. She awkwardly pulled her knees up to her chest so the girl could get the hair beneath her danglies and around her sensitive backside.

    Then came the soothing lotion, the massaging of the tingling flesh. First her shins and calves, then her thighs, then between her legs, her danglies, her thing. The gentle hand lingered there, slowly stroking the hard shaft. Sissy looked down and found the girl's soft brown eyes staring at her.

    "You go' nice cock," the girl said.

    Cock. Sissy stared breathlessly down at the tiny hand wrapped around her shame-stick. It throbbed with each rapid heartbeat. The girl was still slowly stroking. Her olive complexion was flushed. She bit her plump lower lip, looking at Sissy's thing for a long time before meeting her eyes again.

    "You wan' make fuck with me?" she uttered throatily.

    Sissy found herself nodding yes. She didn't know what that meant, but the butterflies in her tummy and the ache from her painfully hard cock would have made her say yes to anything at this particular moment.

    The girl let go and stepped back, unzipping her smock, then let it slip to the floor. Her tiny lady-bumps needed no bra, high and firm, tipped by small brown buds that were every bit as hard as Sissy's. She lowered her pink panties, exposing her hairless little girlish cleft. She climbed onto the table between Sissy's legs, took hold of the rigid cock once again, then smiled at Sissy before opening her mouth and lowering it over the bulging purple head.

    Sissy gasped as the girl's hot mouth closed over her rampant organ. Half of the thing was engulfed. She watched the girl's cheeks hollow as she sucked lustily, her wet lips sliding back up to the head, then down and up, again and again. Sissy had never felt anything so wondrous in her entire life. She felt the spring down below tightening fast, rapidly approaching the big explosion that would release the evil-seed.

    Just before that could happen, however, the girl pulled her mouth off Sissy's raging cock, gasping for breath herself. She slithered right up on top of Sissy and put her hot mouth to hers. Sissy had only ever kissed Momma, often on the lips, but it had never been like this! The girl's lips, soft and slick with saliva, closed over Sissy's. Sissy's lips naturally parted as the girl's pointed tongue stabbed into her mouth, finding her own and coaxing it into a hot, wet dance of writhing lust. The girl's small hands went to Sissy's boobs, squeezing and fondling as Sissy wrapped her own arms around the girl, feeling the undulating muscles in her back and the sweet swell of her tiny buttocks.

    The girl's right hand quested downwards, sliding between their sweating bellies to find Sissy's hard cock. Sissy moaned as the hand once again took hold, then she felt the bloated head press against something hot and wet. The girl let go of the shaft at the same time as she pushed her body downwards. Sissy's back arched, mouth gasping in ecstasy, the kiss forgotten as she was lost in the exquisite feeling of hot, tight, slippery wetness sliding down her sensitive cock.

    The girl sat up. Sissy looked down her body, to where they were connected, and suddenly realized--her thing, her shame-stick, her hard cock--was inside the girl's blossom. As she was watching, the girl raised herself up until only the head was still inside, leaving the shaft glistening with wetness, then slowly lowering until the entire thing was buried once again. Sissy looked up at her, eyes wide with wonder.

    "We make fuck," she grinned.

    "Fuck," Sissy whispered.

    "Yes, fuck--you cock, me pussy--fuck!"

    She emphasized her point by putting her hands on Sissy's chest, squeezing two handfuls, and beginning to bounce up and down, riding Sissy's stiff cock like a supermarket pony machine. Sissy moaned uncontrollably, grabbing hold of the girl's hips and instinctively thrusting upward every time the girl came down. Their bodies smacked together in a rapid rhythmic beat, their grunts and gasps rising in volume to fill the tiny room. The hidden spring down under Sissy's tightly crinkled danglies wound itself up again, tighter and tighter as the slick velvet sheathe stroked her enraptured cock. Then the girl leaned down, pushing Sissy's boobs together, and began to enthusiastically suck, lick, and bite her stiff buds while continuing to pump her pelvis at a frenzied pace.

    That was too much. "UUNNNHHH!"

    Sissy's back arched, lifting her butt high off the table. The hidden spring, compressed as tightly as it could possibly go, suddenly blew with an explosive release. Again and again it convulsed, pumping out the evil-seed into the soft milking vise that was the girl's blossom, her pussy.

    The girl held on tightly, riding Sissy's bucking body until she collapsed beneath her. She raised up and looked into Sissy's green eyes.

    "You cum too soon! I no' finish!"

    Sissy looked back at her, dazed. "Cum?" she croaked

    "You cum! I no' cum! You finish me!"

    She crawled up, letting Sissy's spent cock fall out of her to plop wetly onto her freshly waxed belly. She straddled Sissy's face, grabbed hold of her long black braids, and planted her pussy on Sissy's mouth.

    "You lick! Lick pussy! Make me cum!"

    Sissy just caught a glimpse of the parted brown petals of the girl's pussy, dripping with the gooey white evil-seed. Then it was on her mouth and the girl was commanding her to lick. So she licked.

    Sticking out her tongue, she experimentally swabbed the dainty brown petals, tasting the evil-seed. The girl moaned and threw her head back, pulling Sissy's mouth to her hard. Sissy pointed her tongue and speared it up into the clenching hole. The girl thrashed ecstatically, urging Sissy to lick faster. Lapping and spearing and stroking with her tongue, Sissy's mind was a befuddled swirl as she tried to oblige. The evil-seed leaked out of the hole, coating her cheeks and chin, her lips and her tongue. She gradually became aware that the girl responded most ardently when Sissy's tongue swabbed the stiff little nub at the top where the petals came together, so she concentrated her efforts there, and soon the girl cried out.

    "Me cum! Me cum! Me cummmmm...!" She ground her pussy into Sissy's mouth, pulling hard on her braided hair.

    Finally the girl pushed herself back, sliding down Sissy's body to lie atop her. She kissed Sissy hard on the mouth before breaking away, breathing hard as she licked the juices off Sissy's face. They lay together for a long time, holding each other, sweating boobs and bellies and genitals pressed together as they tongue-kissed, sharing the taste of their combined juices.

    Eventually, the girl rolled off the table, going to a sink to wet a towel. Grinning back at Sissy, she wiped her face and chest, then between her legs. As Sissy slid off the table, the girl passed her the towel and began to get dressed. Sissy's cock was already starting to rise again, so she quickly wiped it off and tucked it back between her legs, pulling on her white panties to hold it in place.

    When they were both dressed once again and faced each other before opening the door, the girl grabbed Sissy's braids and pulled her down for a quick kiss on the mouth.

    "Nex' time you need wax job, ask for me," she said with a grin.

    "Um, what's your name?" Sissy asked shyly.

    The girl held a hand to her mouth to hide an embarrassed giggle. "Name Su-Ji. 'Merican call Suzi. What you name?"

    "Sissy," she answered with a blush.

    "Sissy. You ask for Suzi, we make fuck again."

    Yes please please please! Sissy thought as she returned to the waiting room to find Momma waiting impatiently. It wasn't until she was walking back home with Momma that it dawned on her what Suzi had said when she saw Sissy's shame-stick.

    'You boy!'

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    Great addition jjonah! Thanks for updating this story!

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    Great story!!! Look forward to more.

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    Chapter 3: Sissy and the Boy

    Sissy was sitting at the table working on the math problems Momma had assigned her when she was startled by a knock at the window. When she heard it again, she rose to check it out and saw the latino boy from upstairs out on the fire escape. He was peering in through the glass while occasionally glancing up nervously. When he saw her, he urgently waved her over.

    Sissy's heart fluttered. He obviously wanted her to let him in, but Momma strictly forbade her to open the door to anyone when she was not home. But technically, this was not the door, and he looked desperate, holding his hands together pleadingly. She slipped the latch and pulled up the sash, and the boy quickly slithered through.

    He jumped up, shut and locked the window, then grabbed her by the hand. "Come on, we gotta hide!" he exclaimed. He pulled her toward the bathroom, really the only place to hide in the one-room flat other than the closet or under the bed.

    Sissy breathlessly allowed herself to be led. His hand in hers felt warm and charged with electricity. She was curiously let down when he released her to shut the door. Then he turned to face her in the tiny room, grinning triumphantly. She felt her knees go weak--he was so handsome! His perfect white teeth seemed to glow against his nut brown skin, his curly black hair almost long enough to hide the mischievous twinkle in a pair of sleepy eyes so dark they were practically black. He was dressed in a pair of baggy basketball shorts and a tank top that showed of his muscular arms. Sissy herself was also dressed in tight white shorts and a green tank top, her long legs ending in bare feet and her soft white skin a stark contrast to his rich brown hue. Her long black hair was in a ponytail which was pulled over her shoulder and hung down her front, almost to her waist.

    They stood staring at each other for a long while, him grinning cockily, her blushing.

    "What are we hiding from?" she finally managed to spit out.

    "Fucking cops," he sneered, the spell finally broken. He rolled his eyes toward the ceiling. "They up there looking for me..."

    "Why? What did you do?" Sissy gasped.

    "I didn't do nothin'!" he retorted angrily, causing her to flinch, then his voice softened. "Thanks for letting me in, baby girl." He reached out to touch her arm, sending another electric shock through her.

    "I-I'm not supposed to let anyone in when Momma's not home..." she blurted to cover her nervousness.

    Especially not him! Once he had ridden up the elevator with Momma and her. As they all stared up at the numbers counting up, his hand had brushed Sissy's. And lingered there, softly stroking her little finger. When they had gotten off the lift, she had glanced back to see him grinning the same cocky grin that he wore now. Momma had noticed and called him a 'little hoodlum', warning Sissy to stay away from him.

    And now here he was, standing not a foot away from her, touching her again...

    Staring into her eyes, he stepped closer.

    Sissy stepped back.

    He stepped forward again. and Sissy stepped back again, her butt coming up against the vanity. She could go no further. She lowered her eyes demurely when he stepped forward again, coming so close she could literally feel the heat of his body.

    "Thank you for saving me," he spoke softly. He put a finger under her chin and lifted her face. He was still smiling. "You got beautiful green eyes..." Then he leaned in and kissed her.

    Sissy felt like she was melting. His lips were so soft, and warm, and even more electric than his fingers. She closed her eyes, unable to resist him as his tongue entered her mouth. Her hands went to his shoulders, feeling the hard muscles as he pulled her closer, the kiss growing more heated. She heard a soft mewling sound, and was surprised to realize that it was coming from herself. She felt his hands on her buttocks, cupping and squeezing, then one came around and found her breast.

    She whimpered as he groped her chest, both hands now squeezing and kneading her firm half-grapefruit sized boobs. She sucked on his tongue breathlessly, allowing herself to be felt up until one of his hands dropped and his fingers slid under the waistband of her shorts, delving into her underpants. She broke the kiss, gasping for air, and grabbed his wrist before he could go deeper and discover her shameful secret.

    She looked into his lust-filled eyes. In a near panic, she blurted the first thing that came to mind: "Do you want to see my titties?"

    She did not know why she said that, except she remembered the workmen calling out to the lady in the street, 'come on, baby, show us your titties!' Whatever, at least it did the trick as the boy nodded eagerly and took a step back, thankfully pulling his hand out of her panties. Unable to think through her own passionate haze, she reached for the hem of her shirt and started to lift it, then paused.

    "What's your name?" she asked.

    He laughed heartily, causing her to blush anew, but she remembered how she had done everything with Suzi at the spa before ever learning her name. She didn't know how she knew, but the term 'slut' came to her mind. Must have been something Momma had said sometime. Anyway, she knew what she was doing was wrong enough, Momma would skin her alive if she found out, but it was even more wrong not knowing his name.

    "My name is Manny," he grinned.

    "Manny," she repeated, smiling shyly back at him. "I'm Sissy."

    "I know your name," Manny proclaimed. "I been watching you for a while! Never seen you without your moms, though." He waved that all away as irrelevant, however, and stared boldly at her chest. "Now, show me them titties, girl!"

    Sissy giggled nervously, took a deep breath, then whipped her shirt off over her head. She dropped the shirt and reached up behind her back, snagging the tight bra and unhooking it. Looking at Manny's excited face, she shrugged out of the straps and let it fall, then flipped her long ponytail back behind her to reveal her high, proud lady-bumps. Her white skin was flush with goosebumps, her erect nubs as hard as rubies and just as red. A shiver ran through her as Manny stared hungrily at them, then a sudden squeal of excitement escaped her as he lunged forward, grabbing two handfuls and attacking them with his mouth.

    Sissy threw her head back, gasping with ecstasy as he worked on her boobs. She ran her fingers through his unruly hair as he squeezed the firm globes, alternately sucking, licking, and biting her sensitive nipples till they were tingling with excitement and sending electric thrills throughout her body. After a good long while, he came up again and kissed her deeply on the mouth. He pressed his body against her and she felt something poking her in the hip. She didn't have time to focus on it, however, because once again his hand tried to go down her pants.

    She tried to push him off, grabbing his wrist in both hands. "Manny, wait! Manny, please wait!" She finally managed to get his attention.

    "H-huh?" he looked at her with lust-dulled senses.

    "Manny, I can't make fuck with you!"

    "What? You can't make... You mean you can't fuck? What, are you like on the rag or something?"

    Sissy had no idea what that meant, but if it was an excuse he'd believe... She found herself nodding, tears springing to her eyes.

    "God damn, girl!" Manny pulled his hand out of her pants and wiped his sweaty brow exaggeratedly. He looked down between them at where his tented shorts pressed against her. "God damn," he repeated with a grin, "you got me goin'!" He put his hands back on her titties, more gently this time, and leaned in for another kiss. "How 'bout a blowjob then, baby?" he sweet-talked between tender kisses.

    "Blowjob?" Sissy repeated dumbly.

    "Yeah, baby girl, a blowjob," Manny murmured, then pulled back and looked at her with surprise. "Blowjob? You know, like suck my dick?"

    Sissy blinked at him. She felt so dumb. Manny guided her hand to the front of his shorts. There was indeed something hard in there.

    "How 'bout it baby?" he pleaded between more soft kisses. "You want to suck my dick?"

    Sissy nodded, still unsure. Manny stepped back eagerly, grinning happily at her again. He yanked his own shirt off, revealing a tightly muscled brown chest and washboard abs. Then he pushed his shorts down and his thing bobbed free. Sissy gasped in shock.

    "You ever seen a dick, baby? Ever touched one?"

    Yes, I have...

    She had, indeed. Dick. Cock. Shame-stick. Except this one was brown with a pink head. She allowed Manny to guide her hand to it. Wrapping her fingers around it, she stroked it slowly, looking back up at Manny with wide eyes as she heard Suzi's voice inside her head: You boy!

    Then Manny's strong hands were on her shoulders, urging her down to her knees and she found herself face to face with it. Blowjob. Suck my dick... Before she really knew it, the thing was in her mouth. Trying to remember what Suzi had done, she closed her lips over it and sucked, moving her head back and forth. She quickly learned to keep her teeth off the sensitive organ as she looked up at Manny to see if she was doing it right. Judging by the rapturous look on his face, she was doing just fine. She wrapped her hand back around the rigid shaft and stroked it in time with her bobbing mouth.

    Manny was moaning ecstatically. He grabbed her ponytail and pushed his hard cock more urgently into her mouth. She gagged as it hit her throat, but that only seemed to excite him further and cause him to thrust even harder, until his heavy danglies were slapping against her chin on every stroke. Then he groaned loudly, thrust hard and held it there. She felt the shaft pulse with her lips and tongue, and the evil-seed shot out into her mouth.

    Pulse after pulse, the jerking cock spewed out its contents, filling her mouth with the slippery, gooey-white salty nectar. She swallowed it down, continuing to suck until every last drop was drained from the twitching head and Manny finally pulled away. He quickly pulled up his shorts and grabbed his shirt from the floor.

    "I better go make sure those cops are gone," he muttered. He patted Sissy on the head when she looked up at him from her knees. "Sorry, I'm not gonna kiss you while you got cum in your mouth. That was great, though. We'll do it again next time your moms goes out. Put a plant out on the fire escape or something. Later, baby girl."

    Then she was alone. She climbed shakily to her feet and turned to the mirror. Her face was flushed, her lips puffy and shining. There was a wet trail down her chin where some of Manny's seed--cum--had dribbled down and dripped onto her boob. Looking in the mirror, she scooped up the errant globule with her finger, noting how red her boobs were from the rough handling they had gotten, her nipples still as hard as rocks.

    She popped her finger into her mouth and sucked off the cum, remembering the feel of the pulsing cock in her mouth. Cock. Boys have cocks. But she herself had a cock. You boy! But she was a girl. With a shame-stick. A cock.

    Her head swooned. She stuck her hand down her pants, where Manny's had been. She felt the smooth, hairless skin. Just a bit farther and he would have touched it. She reached deeper and felt it--swollen and begging for release. She could not stand it any longer! She hurriedly pushed her shorts and panties down to her ankles as she sat down on the toilet. She spread her knees and moaned softly as the confined member sprang free, instantly fully erect.

    She spat in her palm and rubbed it on the throbbing organ, moaning again. Closing her eyes, she wrapped her hand around it and began stroking as she pictured Manny's brown cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She could still taste his cum. Could still see the look on his face as she sucked him. She beat her cock furiously. She was going to cum!

    "Oh, Manny!" she gasped, squeezing her spurting cock hard as the cum erupted to spray up onto her quivering titties and belly. "Manny!"


    Startled out of her revery, Sissy opened her eyes to see Manny standing in the doorway, shock written on his beautiful face.

    "You're a fuckin' dude!" he exclaimed.

    "Manny, no!" she rose from the seat even as her cock was still spewing cum. But Manny was already fleeing. She tried to follow, calling plaintively after him. The shorts and panties around her ankles tripped her up and she fell flat on the floor, cummy tits and belly sliding wetly across the cold tiles as she saw Manny disappear through the open window.

    "I'm a girl!" she cried, disconsolately dropping her head onto her arm as the tears began to flow.

    You boy!

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    Another excellent chapter, jjonah, a Great series!

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    Most Interesting Series ... Thanks for Posting... Keep up the Good Updates...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Great series of stories, I look forwards to reading more.

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    Chapter 4: Sissy and the Awakening

    Sissy moaned with pleasure, but a sharp look from Momma caused her to cut it short.

    Thankfully, Momma resumed stroking Sissy's throbbing shame-stick. Momma didn't like it when Sissy made noises like that during her milkings. She said she did NOT do this for Sissy's pleasure, only because it was a biological need. Only when her shame-stick got an erection that just would not go away. Lately, though, that seemed to be nearly every day, usually first thing in the morning.

    Tonight was the exception to the norm, however. Sissy didn't even have an erection when Momma had called her into the bathroom and ordered her to undress. As Sissy had dutifully begun to remove her clothes, Momma had retrieved Sissy's special cream from the medicine cabinet and donned her rubber gloves, muttering something about Sissy needing a good night's rest. She sat on the toilet, pulled naked Sissy over and started slathering cream on her limply hanging shame-stick, bringng it to full erection in no time.

    So now Sissy stood over her mother, straddling her knees, looking down as Momma's gloved hand steadily stroked the jutting organ. Sissy's shame-stick. Her cock.

    Momma didn't know that Sissy knew it was a cock. A boy part. Momma also didn't know that in addition to the near-daily stroke sessions she was giving it--milking the evil-seed she called it--Sissy was also milking it every chance she got. Usually in the shower. Momma wouldn't let Sissy shut the bathroom door when she used the toilet, but at shower time, hidden behind the curtain, she could soap up and stroke it till she shot her cum out into the spray and down the drain. The only other times she got were the rare instances when Momma would go out without her, leaving her alone in the apartment.

    Sissy kept hoping to see Manny again. Every time Momma left, Sissy would open the window and set a flower pot out on the fire escape, hoping that he would come climbing through. Then she'd go to the bathroom and furiously beat off, pretending she was giving him a blowjob again, remembering the feel of his hard cock in her mouth, the taste of his cum, the look on his face as he shot it into her mouth... But it had been several weeks and she had not seen him at all.

    Thinking of Manny now, she inadvertantly let out another low moan. With her free hand, Momma reached around and delivered a stinging slap to Sissy's bare white ass.

    "Sorry, Momma," Sissy quickly snapped back to reality. She smiled weakly down at her mother's scowling face and tried to distract her with small talk. "Momma, can we go back to the salon soon? I need to get waxed again--see? All my hair is growing back again."

    Indeed, her groin area was sprouting quite a carpet of glossy black hair, not to mention her legs and underarms. Momma glanced down at the shadowy growth. "I suppose I can make an appointment for next week... IF you're a good girl," she cut off Sissy's excited smile. "Sit down, I'm tired of reaching up for you. Now concentrate on what we're doing here. I haven't got all damn night!" she added impatiently.

    "Yes, Momma."

    A thrill ran through Sissy, despite her mother using a curse word, which she never did unless Sissy was being especially trying. She sat on Momma's lap, facing her as she returned to stroking Sissy's jutting cock. The prospect of seeing Suzi again, of feeling her hot slippery blossom--her pussy--sliding up and down Sissy's hard cock just like Momma's hand was doing right now, had her brimming with excitement. She felt the hidden spring winding up fast. She didn't know what to do with her hands so she put them behind her on Momma's knees and leaned back, causing her grapefruit-sized lady-bumps, her titties, to thrust out proudly. Her buds were rock hard, standing out like little red rockets ready to blast off.

    Momma's impatience helped matters along as she rapidly pumped her fist on the twitching, drooling cock. Sissy held her breath so as not to cry out as the spring reached critical and released, shooting the gooey white evil-seed out into the waiting tissue Momma held at the ready. She bit her lip, stifling a squeal, her hips giving a few involuntary lurches as Momma milked out her cum. Another thing Momma didn't know--Sissy knew what cum was.

    Sissy's whole body relaxed as Momma wiped her softening shame-stick clean. She stood on weak legs as Momma shooed her away and rose from the toilet, peeling off the soiled glove.

    "Brush your teeth and get your nightgown on," Momma commanded brusquely.

    Moving to the sink, Sissy slowly began to brush her teeth, feeling the wonderful lassitude that followed a good milking. Momma returned the jar of cream to the medicine cabinet and took out her bottle of sleeping pills. Sissy watched her place two pills on the counter.

    "Hurry up! Then take these--I want you getting a good night's sleep."

    "Yes, Momma," Sissy mumbled around her toothbrush. She wanted to ask why: why did she need a good night's sleep, why did she have to go to bed so early, why did Momma milk her when she didn't even have an erection? She knew better than to ask, however, so she turned her attention to the mirror as Momma left the room. She would be a good girl...

    As she briskly brushed her teeth, she noticed in the mirror how her boobs swayed with her movements. They were really getting full and round, just starting to hang, firm yet pliant, soft and jiggly when she didn't have her bra on. Her nipples were still red and erect, as thick as her pinkie finger, standing out a half inch from the dusky pink circles of her aureoles. She loved the way they looked. And felt.

    Finished brushing, she put away her toothbrush and rinsed her mouth. Still distracted by her own titties in the mirror, she reached for the pills but knocked them into the sink. With a sharp intake of breath, she scrambled to catch them but they rolled right down the drain. Oh no! Her heart sank. As she stood staring in dread at the mocking hole in the sink, Momma came back in, naked herself.

    "What's the matter?" Momma asked sharply. "Did you take your pills?"

    Panic grabbed at Sissy's throat. She stared wide-eyed at her mother's stern face. If she admitted to wasting Momma's pills--especially with the mood Momma seemed to be in tonight--she'd never get to go to the spa next week.

    "Well?" Momma demanded.

    "Yes, Momma," Sissy whispered meekly.

    "Let me see. Open your mouth." Momma peered into Sissy open mouth, then said, "Good girl! Now, go get your gown on and get into bed. I expect you to be asleep by the time I get out of the shower."

    Sissy hurried naked from the bathroom, her heart thudding rapidly. She got her nightgown out of her drawer and pulled it over her head, quickly slipping into bed. She listened to the running shower for ten long minutes, then feigned sleep when it shut off. She heard Momma's wet feet pad into the room and pause near the bed, then move on to the kitchen area. She heard ice tinkle in a glass, then a cabinet opening and closing. Curious, she peeked out of one eye and saw Momma, wrapped in a towel, pouring brown liquor into a tall glass. She took a big gulp, poured a little more, then carried her drink back into the bathroom.

    The bathroom light was the only illumination. Sissy watched from the darkness as Momma dropped her towel and checked herself out in the mirror, lifting her heavy boobs and turning to check out her rear. She blow-dried and curled her dyed red hair, fashioning it into a voluminous helmet of a coif then sprayed it into place with vast amounts of hair spray, all the while watching herself in the mirror, swaying as if dancing to some tune only she could hear. She took frequent pulls from the liquor.

    Sissy felt butterflies in her tummy and a strange stirring in her loins, some kind of forbidden, voyeuristic thrill as she watched. Momma was a good three inches shorter than Sissy, but much rounder, curvier, with huge boobs, wide hips and a slightly plump, soft white belly. Her fleshy round buttocks bounced and jiggled while her pendulous titties swayed heavily with her movements. Sissy squeezed her growing cock through her thin gown.

    Finished with her hair, Momma danced her way to the kitchen to refill her glass, then moved to the dresser and retrieved several items before returning to the bathroom. Sissy watched as she wriggled her way into a tiny pair of lacy red panties that barely covered her dark hair in front and was nothing but a string in back that was swallowed up by her substantial butt cheeks. Sissy had never seen Momma wear those before. Her cock grew even harder.

    Then Momma sat on the toilet to pull on red fishnet pantyhose, encased her giant boobs in a pretty red bra, moved back to the mirror and began to make up her face. She applied thick black mascara, smoky eye shadow, rouged her cheeks and painted her lips ruby red. Sissy was shocked--she had never seen Momma look like this! If it was any other woman, Momma herself would have said she looked like a whore!

    All the while, Momma kept sipping from her drink. As she finished with her makeup, she sprayed perfume onto each wrist and rubbed them together, then sprayed more on her neck and chest, then giggled and gave a spritz between her legs. Finally, she drained the glass a second time, then carried it to the kitchen. Instead of refilling again, however, she put the glass in the sink and came back to open the closet. She pulled out a skimpy black dress covered in sparkly sequins and shimmied into it. Sissy had never seen her wear this, either. It hugged her curves tightly, plunging way down in front to show a ton of cleavage, and even a goodly amount of lacy red bra. Meanwhile, the hem of the tight skirt barely came below her bottom. She then stepped into a pair of very high heels, wobbled a bit before she found her balance, then began putting on seemingly every piece of jewelry she owned--long dangling silver earrings, giant silver hoop earrings, several necklaces of varying lengths, at least half a dozen rings and more bracelets than Sissy could count.

    It was a good thing it was dark, or Sissy's wide-eyed surprise would have given her away. She did not recognize the sexy woman before her. She did manage to close her eyes, however, when the stranger came over toward the bed. She felt a hand brush her hair back, then a soft kiss on her brow. Sissy could literally feel the heat coming off of her mother, and the smell of liquor and perfume was overwhelming.

    "Sleep tight, baby girl," she fairly growled in an unfamiliar, husky voice. "Momma's going hunting!"

    Hunting? Sissy's mind reeled. Hunting for what?

    Then receding clicks of her high heels, the sound of the door, and she was gone, out into the night.

    Sissy lay there trembling, although she couldn't say why. She had a hard time believing what she had just witnessed, but the lingering smell of Momma's perfume attested to its truth. That and the rock-hardness of her straining cock. She kicked off the covers and hiked up her nightgown, turning onto her back to let it free. She lay there, fingering its hardness, caressing it gently. Not to milk it again, she just felt better touching it as she processed the queer feelings inside after having seen her mother in a whole new light. A long while later, she pulled up the covers and drifted off to sleep.

    The sound of the door opening and Momma giggling woke her. A light was snapped on in the front part of the one-room flat. Sissy squinted groggily, wondering what time it was. It felt like she had slept a very long time, but it was obviously still nighttime. It remained fairly dark back where she was, and she blinked her bleary eyes toward the door.

    Momma was fumbling with her keys, trying to get them out of the lock while whispering to someone still out in the hallway. Finally succeeding, she held the door open and ushered in two men. Sissy was suddenly shocked completely awake. She had never seen a man in the apartment, other than the super or the occasional repairman or deliveryman.

    "Stay in here. My daughter is sleeping," Momma's voice sounded funny, the words slurred as if she had something in her mouth.

    "Daughter?" the first man queried. He was short and chubby, dressed in a cheap suit and tie with a bad combover barely covering his bald head.

    "My baby girl is asleep back there," Momma slurred. "Now let's have that drink..." She stumbled to the kitchen and brought three tumblers back to the table.

    "Maybe this isn't such a good idea," the bald man said nervously.

    "Don't worry, I dosed her real good. Ain't nothing gonna wake her up." Momma patted his cheek condescendingly

    "Still..." He was sweating and pulled at his collar anxiously as her peered into the darkness.

    Meanwhile the second man pulled a bottle of liquor out of a paper bag he was carrying, cracked the seal and twisted off the top. He poured all three glasses nearly full, passing one to Momma and shoving another at the bald man.

    "Jesus, relax, Vern! She said the girl won't wake up! Now quit being a pussy and have a goddamn drink!"

    "Yeah, Vern, don't be a pussy!" Momma giggled as she took a big gulp from her glass. "If you would have sprung for a hotel we wouldn't have to be here."

    "I spent all my money buying your drinks," Vern complained. "If you woulda just let me buy a bottle earlier we coulda gone to a hotel. Now I don't even have cab fare home!"

    "Fuck it! We're here now!" the other guy barked a wheezy laugh and drained half his glass. He was skinny and grey--tousled dirty looking grey hair, pallid, sickly grey skin with a bright red alcoholic nose, red-rimmed watery grey eyes, several days growth of scraggly grey whiskers. Even his faded denim jeans and dirty white t-shirt looked grey. He looked like a homeless person. He reminded Sissy of pictures she had seen of a coyote.

    Vern frowned at him and sipped his drink sullenly. Momma and the coyote grinned at each other and drained their glasses. Momma set hers on the table.

    "Why don't you boys get comfy and pour me another--I gotta visit the little girl's room," Momma slurred and wobbled unsteadily off to the bathroom.

    After she was gone, the grey man grinned and pulled his shirt off over his head. He tossed it aside and kicked off his shoes as he began fumbling with his belt.

    "What are you doing?" Vern hissed with a frown.

    "You heard her, man--get comfortable! Don't you know what that means to a whore like this? It means get your clothes off, she's ready to fuck!"

    Sissy watched in horror as the man kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants. His scrawny body was all bone and gristle. Dressed only in his socks and droopy underpants, he was pouring more whiskey when the bathroom door opened. Uh oh, thought Sissy, Momma's going to be furious!

    But when Momma came out, she wasn't wearing her dress, or even her pantyhose! Clad only in her red bra and tiny red g-string, she smiled wide and drunkenly danced her way back to the men. Giving Vern a smug grin, grey man put down the bottle and turned to her as she came right up against him. He raised his arms and rubbed his skinny body against her as she ground her crotch against his bony thigh. He kissed her on the lips, hard, obviously thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth.

    After a long, deep make-out in which Momma's hands came around to grasp his skinny butt and pull his grinding pelvis into hers and his hands pawed at her big titties, Momma broke away, laughing thoatily as she slid past him to pick up her glass. Grey pushed up against her back, pressing the now tented front of his shorts into the crack of her butt as he unhooked her bra. Momma slipped its straps off her shoulders and let it fall. Her pendulous boobs fell free. Vern stared at them, goggle-eyed, hesitant and sweating. She smiled wickedly and took a long drink, watching him over the rim of her glass.

    "Come on, Verny, get comfortable," she said in a husky slur as she put down her glass. She reached out to grab him by the tie and pull him close. She planted her mouth on his as she pushed his suit jacket off his shoulders and ran her fingers through his thin hair.

    Vern finally came to life, letting the jacket fall, kissing Momma back enthusiastically. He fumbled with the buttons of his shirt and shucked it, too, forgetting his tie in his haste. Then the grey man grabbed a handful of Momma's big red hairdo and pulled her roughly away, spinning her around and pushing her to her knees.

    Sissy watched wide-eyed as Momma gasped at the harsh treatment, but the wild look in her eyes as she looked up at the man and laughed devilishly as she licked her painted lips seemed to indicate she did not mind so much. She reached for his underpants and yanked them down. A long skinny red cock bobbed before her. She practically snarled as she engulfed it with her mouth. The grinning grey man chortled triumphantly as he grabbed two handfuls of her hair and began pumping his skinny cock in and out of Momma's lustily slurping mouth.

    "Oh yeah!" he gloated. "Suck that dick, bitch! Suck that fuckin' dick like the dirty little whore you are!"

    Surely that would make Momma mad, but she only moaned and sucked harder, faster.

    Sissy could not believe her eyes. Momma always spoke of men with such contempt, saying they only ever wanted one thing--s-e-x... And now here she was, on her knees giving a sloppy blowjob to some random drunken guy. An ugly, dirty, homeless looking man at whom she would have turned her nose up in disgust had she met him on the street. Suddenly it struck Sissy: is this what Momma had done every time she made Sissy take sleeping pills over the years?

    Sissy suddenly realized something else, also. Her own cock (dick?) was as stiff as iron.

    Meanwhile, Vern had dropped his slacks and now stood in his boxer shorts and undershirt, black socks on his feet and tie still hanging incongruously down his front. He looked on with a slack jaw, his thin combover standing straight up in the air. He fished in his fly and pulled out a short fat cock with a bloated purple plum of a head on it and began stroking it as he watched Momma suck the other man.

    "You want some o' this shit, Vern?" the grey man asked after several minutes.

    At Vern's mute nod, he pulled his spit-slick red cock out of Momma's mouth. She continued bobbing her head a few times, her slobbering mouth still open and searching before she realized it was gone. She looked up in surprise. Grinning grey man pulled her to her feet and pushed her panties down. He then hooked a kitchen chair out from under the table with his stockinged foot and pushed Momma down into it.

    "Suck ol' Vern's dick there for awhile, sweetheart," he chuckled as he sank to his own knees. "I'm gonna eat me some goddamn pussy!" With that, he pushed Momma's knees wide and buried his face between her thighs.

    Momma gasped, throwing her head back and lifting both legs to give him better access. The wooden chair creaked dangerously but nobody seemed to notice. She clutched her boobs in both hands, squeezing roughly as she planted her heels on the grey man's back and spread herself as wide as possible.

    "Oh, God, yes!" she hissed through her gritted teeth. "Lick that fucking pussy! Lick it good, you son of a bitch!"

    She only then seemed to remember Vern as she saw him standing by with his cock in his hand. With a hungry stare at the erect organ, she called him to her with a crooked finger. Vern dutifully waddled forward. Momma grabbed him by the shorts and pulled him into place, turning her head to the side so she could get her mouth on his fat cock. She immediately began sucking and bobbing her head.

    Sissy was stifling hot. She was finding it hard to breathe watching the lewd spectacle. She eased the covers off, careful not to make the bed squeak, bunching them into a pile in front of her. She lifted the hem of her nightgown, letting the air in to reach her nether regions. If she was not so engrossed by the pornographic tableau in front of her, it might have cooled her off, but just about then Momma came up for some air of her own.

    "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum!" she announced. Holding a fat cock in one hand and a giant titty in the other, her hips bucked against grey man's face. Then her spring must have sprung because she turned very red in her grimacing face and whined out a wailing moan, grabbing for the pussy licker's head with both hands as her body convulsed.

    After Momma collapsed back into the chair, grey man came up wiping his wet whiskers with his hand. He was grinning proudly, winking at Vern as he sidled up to her opposite side and wagged his half-hard cock in her face.

    "Get me hard again, sweetheart," he chortled. "I'm ready to fuck!"

    "Hey, it's my turn," Vern protested drunkenly, stepping in closer.

    The two men stared at each other, looking like two canines sizing each other up: the coyote versus the bulldog. For her part, Momma merely grabbed both cocks, pulling them closer and started sucking, looking for all the world as if she was attempting to get both in her mouth at the same time. Her legs remained wantonly open, affording her daughter an unobstructed view at the wet red blossom in between.

    After a long moment in which the only sound was Momma's noisy slurping and Sissy's thundering heartbeat, grey man finally suggested, "Rock, paper, scissors?"

    Vern hesitated, then gave a curt nod. Sissy had no idea what that meant, but both men pounded their fist three times into their open palm above Momma's oblivious head, then the grey man raised his arms and hooted in triumph.

    "God damn, this is my lucky night!"

    Vern snorted in disgust and turned away, going to the table and pouring more liquor into his glass.

    "Aw, come on, buddy, don't be sore! Tell you what--we'll spit roast the bitch. How 'bout it, sweetheart, you wanna suck on Vern's dick some more while I fuck you doggy style?" he cajoled.

    Momma pulled his cock out of her mouth and looked up at him. "Woof woof," she deadpanned. Grey man grinned and pulled her off the chair.

    "Get down on all fours, you little whore," he commanded. "That's it, get that ass up in the air for me... Oh yeah... Gonna fuck you... Oh Jesus, that fuckin' pussy is wet! Hot and wet! Come on, Vern, I ain't a'waitin' on ya!"

    He grabbed Momma by her ample hips and began thrusting into her from behind. His pelvis slapped against her rapidly, causing her big white ass to jiggle wildly, her hanging titties to swing like two hammocks in a hurricane. His skinny red cock drilled into her to her obvious delight. She was grunting like a pig wallowing in its favorite mudhole, her head flopping loosely.

    Vern eyed the action resentfully, sipping his drink, before he apparently decided a mouth was better than nothing. He moved in front of Momma and struggled to get down on his knees without falling over. To help him out, the grinning grey man grabbed a handful of Momma's once-fancy hairdo and yanked her head back. Vern grunted and shoved his fat purple cock into her open, gasping mouth. There ensued a good fifteen minutes of Momma getting fucked relentlessly from behind while she sucked and grunted and squealed and whined--at one point coming off the cock to exclaim that she was cumming, only to have her words cut short by an indifferent Vern shoving it right back into her mouth.

    Finally, the coyote howled out his release, shooting his evil-seed deep inside Momma's blossom. He slapped her hard on the bottom and pulled his sloppy thing out of her to drip onto the floor as he climbed wearily to his feet. Momma hissed in pain, turning to glare at the grinning goon.

    "She's all yours, buddy," the callous bastard wheezed, patting Vern on the shoulder as he moved to the table and poured himself a drink. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the john. Somethin' about bustin' a nut always makes me hafta take a shit!"

    Momma scowled after him as he closed himself in the bathroom. She grabbed Vern's tie and heaved herself to her feet, leaning on his shoulder through a wave of dizziness, then retrieved her own glass and took a big swallow.

    "Your friend is certainly no gentleman," she sniffed disapprovingly.

    "He ain't no friend of mine!" Vern sounded offended.

    "What do you mean?" Momma frowned.

    "I don't even know that guy's name--I never saw him before. I thought he was with you! You mean he wasn't?" Vern gaped at her incredulously. "Then why the hell was I buying his drinks all night?"

    Momma looked at him, looked at the bathroom door, then back to Vern again. She reached between her legs to wipe away a bit of spunk dripping down her leg.

    "You got off easy," she muttered, staring at her wet palm. She bent down, retrieved the other man's t-shirt to wipe her hand and between her legs, then tossed it aside and drained her glass. She wobbled over to the couch, plopped down onto her back unceremoniously, pulled a pillow under her head and spread her legs wide. Her pussy gaped, red and wet.

    "Get them underpants off and fuck me."

    Vern, still on his knees and staring dumbly, climbed to his feet like a punch-drunk fighter rallying for the last round. He waddled over to the couch, fumbled to release his hard cock from the fly of his boxers, then pushed them down and crawled on top of Momma. Momma reached beneath his hanging belly and guided his fat-boy home. Vern immediately began humping for all he was worth.

    Sissy lay there watching Vern's flabby white butt pumping, his black-stockinged feet scrabbling at the arm of the couch for purchase, Momma's feet flopping in the air above him. What with the creaking of the straining couch, Vern's wheezy panting, and Momma's animalistic grunts and mewling cries encouraging the huffing man to greater efforts, Sissy barely noted several minutes later when the bathroom door opened again and a yawning, stretching coyote-man stumbled out.

    He stood there naked, swaying drunkenly, watching the fornicating couple while he idly scratched at the wiry grey hairs in his crotch. When he turned his head her way, Sissy quickly closed her eyes and feigned sleep again. He probably couldn't see her in the dark, but she was scared to get caught anyway. Then her breath caught in her throat as she heard his shuffling steps come towards the bed.

    She held her breath, heart hammering in fear now. She sensed him standing over her. She could literally feel his eyes on her in the darkness. Then a heavy weight sat down beside her on the mattress. A hand touched her hair lightly, slowly moving downwards, over her shoulder, onto her breast. She was paralyzed with fear, hearing the man's heavy breathing quicken as he squeezed her pliant titty and rubbed her stiffly standing bud. Then his other hand touched her hip.

    She was lying mostly on her side, facing the open apartment with the man sitting on the bed behind her. The hand on her hip slid down the swell of her buttock, cupping and squeezing before moving on down. He touched her bare thigh below the hem of her nightgown, raising gooseflesh with his cold fingers. Terrified, all Sissy could think was, why, oh why didn't I leave the covers on?

    One hand continued playing with her lady-bumps while the other, as if it was its own independent entity, slid up her shivering leg, under her gown. Somewhere in the background, Momma was cursing about cumming, and Vern was right behind her with a strangled gargle, but all Sissy could hear was her own thundering pulse as her bare bottom was fondled. Then the hand, as cold as a corpse, moved over her hip, coming to her front side.

    Time moved in slow motion. If Sissy had been able to breathe, she surely would have screamed. With agonizing slowness, the questing hand crept closer, ever closer to her shame. Despite her fear, or perhaps because of it, her rampant cock was as hard as granite, if granite had a life of its own and pulsed with the rushing beat of her heart.

    Then the cold fingertips touched it. They froze, as if confused, then explored further, up the shaft to the bulging head. The man's breath faltered in surprise. He wrapped his hand around it and squeezed, testing the reality of what he should not be feeling. He let out a phlegmy chuckle.

    "Hey! What are you doing back there?" Momma's harsh voice.

    The hands were snatched away, the man jumping up suddenly, rocking the mattress. Sissy nearly fainted with relief.

    "What the fuck are you doing?" Momma demanded again, her angry drunken voice coming nearer.

    "Nuthin', just thought I heard sumthin', so I came to check on your...daughter." Sissy could practically hear the sly grin on the man's coyote face.

    "Why do you have a fuckin' hardon then?" Momma accused.

    "That's for you, sweetheart," he replied in a syrupy sweet voice.

    "Bullshit it's for me! Men!" Momma spat, making the word a curse. "Think you can wave your thing (another curse) and any woman will lay down and spread her legs!!"

    "Hey I didn't hear you complaining," the man laughed cockily. "C'mon, baby, why don't you take another ride? You know you're hot for the dick."

    "Filthy animal," Momma cursed.

    There was the sound of movement, the drawer on Momma's bedside table opening, a heavy scrape, a sharp intake of breath from the grey man. Sissy didn't have to open her eyes to know what Momma had grabbed. The sound of the hammer being cocked on Momma's .357 Magnum confirmed what Sissy already knew.

    "How hot for your dick am I now, motherfucker?" Momma slurred.

    "Whoa now, lady! Take it easy!"

    The man didn't sound near as cocky now. Sissy had to suppress a smile.

    "I ought to do women everywhere a favor and blow that fuckin' little worm off right now..."

    "Please, darlin', I'm sorry!"

    "You're damn right you're sorry--a sorry assed MAN! Coming in here and taking advantage of a single lady!" Momma shot back. "And then I catch you trying to molest my innocent baby girl!"

    "I didn't do nuthin'--I swear! Besides, the kid's not even a...Vern, help!"

    The sound of the front door and running feet said Vern was not going to be of any help.

    "The kid's not even a what?" Momma asked in a soft, dangerous tone.

    "Nuthin', lady, nuthin'," he hastily replied. "Please just let me go!"

    "You men," Momma spat contemptuously. "You only want one thing. Admit it--you only came up here to get your rocks off!"

    "I'm sorry, lady, I'm sorry!" The man's formerly arrogant tone was now a sniveling whimper.

    "Get the fuck out of here, before I forget that I am a lady," Momma said with disgust.

    The sound of the humbled man's hastily retreating footsteps followed by Momma's heavy tread going away from her prompted Sissy to finally breathe a sigh of relief and open her eyes. The man was practically running, grabbing up his clothing and heading for the door. Momma, buck naked, was following with the giant gun held out at arm's length in both hands, pointing right at him. When he was gone, she triple-locked the door and came back with the heavy gun hanging at her side. Muttering under her breath too softly for Sissy to hear, Momma poured what was left of the liquor into her glass, then carried it with her as she came back to place the gun back into its drawer.

    Sissy closed her eyes as Momma drew near, only opening them again when she heard her enter the bathroom. Momma went straight to the medicine cabinet and reached for her sleeping pills. She shook a couple out into her palm, then threw them into her mouth and downed them with the last of her drink. Even after everything she had seen and heard tonight, this shocked Sissy. It said right on the pill bottle not to mix with alcohol. She listened as Momma sat down to pee, then pretended sleep again as Momma came to the bed and flopped down on her back, naked, atop the covers and everything. Half a minute later she was snoring.

    Sissy lay there listening to Momma's snores for a long while before her shivers went away. Shivers of fear or excitement or just the sheer shock of everything she had seen and heard tonight, who knew, but when they finally stopped she was burning up again and drenched with sweat. She shifted restlessly, unable to clear her mind. Unable to stand it any longer, she bolted upright and peeled off her sticky nightgown, tossing it off the bed as she fell back.

    Her cock was still rock hard.

    She could go to the bathroom and take care of it. Heck, she could probably do it right here in bed and Momma would never know. But she didn't want to do it herself. It didn't seem to be enough, somehow, after all she had witnessed tonight. She literally ached for Manny. Or for Suzi. Or even for the cold touch of the coyote. Someone--anyone--to relieve the pressure built up inside her. Perhaps if she could wake Momma up, beg to help...

    "Momma?" she whispered. Then a little louder, "Momma?" She reached out and touched Momma's arm, giving it a shake. "Momma?"

    Momma snored on.

    "Momma?" she called loudly, pleading, shaking her vigorously.


    She choked back a sob. Her hand trailed down to Momma's hand lying on the bed. A thought occured to her. She scooted up, rolled onto her side, put her cock in Momma's hand. She wrapped her hand around Momma's, closing the limp fingers around it, then began pumping. It felt good, but not good enough. She started thrusting her hips, trying to get a little more heat going. The head of her cock butted into Momma's bare hip with each thrust. That felt very good, just coming into contact with the soft, smooth skin.

    As she increased the pace of her thrusts, she reached out with her free hand to balance herself and accidentally grabbed Momma's big breast. With a soft moan, she began kneading the pliant flesh as Momma snored on obliviously. She thrust her cock more urgently, feeling up the big titties with their thick buds that grew stiff under her fingers. Unable to resist, she bent down to suck on the erect nipple. As she licked and sucked, growing ever hotter, her hand drifted down Momma's soft belly.

    Suddenly, she found herself petting Momma's thick pubic hair, swirling her fingertips in the curly thatch. She reached lower, between Momma's parted thighs. The hair here was matted and crusted with dried fluids. Then she felt the soft flappy petals of Momma's blossom. She moaned low in her throat as she found the hot, sloppy-wet seam in between. Her finger slid in easily, engulfed in hot, slippery softness.

    Forgetting about her own cock for the moment, she raised up and moved her face down to Momma's crotch. As her finger explored the mysterious depths, she rubbed her nose in the wiry bush, breathing in the hot, musky aroma, a heady mix of perfume, sweat, pee, cum and the pussy itself. Before she even knew what she was doing she had rolled over and pushed Momma's legs farther apart, nestling between the soft warm thighs as her face nuzzled the intoxicating bushy pubes.

    Then she found herself climbing up Momma's body, her lips exploring the soft flesh of her belly, between the gently rising and falling mounds of pillowy titty-meat, the curve of the exposed throat, the soft cheek. Her own hanging titties flowed over momma's curves, her aching buds so stiff they must be plowing furrows through the soft skin. Her jutting cock rubbed deliciously on the soft bedclothes until it bumped against soft, wet meat. Breathing heavily, Sissy raised up to look down upon her mother's slack features, barely visible in the darkness.

    "Whore," she whispered, not an accusation but a revelation.

    Momma had always called women who let men have sex with them dirty. Whore. Slut. But now she had seen Momma make fucks with two men she didn't even know. Momma was a whore. Sissy was a whore. She shifted her hips and the head of her cock found the hole in Momma's blossom like it belonged there, wedging itself between the parted petals.

    "Whore...fuck whore," she breathed as she slowly pushed her hard cock in. Momma's blossom--her pussy--yielded easily.

    As inch after inch of her aching cock entered Momma's hot wet sheath, Sissy's body melted. Her straining muscles gave in, stiff joints collapsed, her entire body wilting into a quivering pile of goo molded atop Momma's curvy form. All save the twitching, burning cock, that is, which remained painfully hard as it bottomed out deep in Momma's guts.

    Sissy whimpered uncontrollably, her face buried in Momma's breasts. She gasped for air, mewling and moaning, unable to control her body which began to undulate and writhe of its own accord, trying to move the fully encased cock. Her hips began to rock. Slowly, muscle by muscle, she began thrusting, moving it in and out in ever-increasing strokes. Soon she was driving it home like the piston on a steam engine, sweat streaming off her, panting like a bellows as her pelvis slap-slap-slapped against Momma's wet flesh. Making fuck. Fucking Momma. Whore.

    It seemed to take a very long time. Perhaps because she had been so long denied, or perhaps it was just the sheer surreality of fucking her own freshly-sexed, passed out mother. At any rate, she finally gained enough control to raise herself on stiff arms, gaining some breathing room as she jackhammered her screaming cock into Momma's sloppy-wet pussy. She watched Momma's limp form being rocked by the fast, powerful strokes, her big breasts rolling crazily on her chest even as Sissy's own sweaty hanging titties slapped together wildly with her movements. Finally, she felt the hidden spring begin to tighten. She redoubled her efforts, fucking Momma even faster, harder.

    Momma was muttering in her sleep, her mouth moving, but whatever she was saying was lost in the screeching of the bedsprings and the smacking of flesh on wet flesh. Sissy was too winded to listen, and too close to care. Her entire body was growing as tense as the spring down below, every muscle standing out under her gleaming white skin. Suddenly a shriek escaped unbidden from her throat as the spring let loose in a tremendous release. Her entire body convulsed, spasm after spasm emanating from her erupting cock, her white hot cum filling Momma's pussy along with the cum of the two strangers.

    Sissy collapsed, just managing to roll herself off Momma, her still twitching cock pulled unceremoniously from the sloppy mess of Momma's pussy with a wet squelching sound. She fell onto her back beside Momma on the bed, gasping for air with her heart thundering like she'd just run a four minute mile. Somewhere in the back of her brain she wondered if Momma was awake, or even aware, but she was too spent to even care at the moment. At any rate, Momma wasn't moving, and Sissy was exhausted beyond measure.

    She fell asleep there, naked on her back, just like Momma beside her.


    She smiled as she drifted away.

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    Another great chapter jjonah, keep them cumming!!

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    Wow... Thats Hot... Thanks for the Update ... i can't wait till the Next Chapter Hits...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Such a hot story! Hope to see the next installment soon :)

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    Chapter 5: Sissy and the Return

    Sissy was home alone, daydreaming on the couch when a knock came at the window. She sat up quickly, her heart skipping a beat. It was him! It was Manny, face pressed close to the glass with his cupped hands shielding the light.

    In a moment of sheer panic, she bolted off the couch and fled into the bathroom. With her ear pressed to the door, she heard him knocking again. Had he seen her? Probably. He would know she was home anyway. She was always home.

    She looked down at herself, stomach dropping at the state she was in, dressed in nothing but a pair of baggy old shorts and a ratty t-shirt. She hadn't bothered getting properly dressed as Momma had left before Sissy even got out of bed, and was supposed to be gone til nighttime. She hadn't even put on a bra or underwear. How could she face Manny, without even a pair of panties to contain her shame?

    She desperately wanted to see him, even though she hated him. It had been months and months, without a word or even a glimpse through the window at him. Ever since that day, when he had seen her shame--You're a fuckin' dude... He had disappeared.

    But now he was back. Another knock at the window.

    She ran to the mirror, looking at herself in despair. With shaking hands, she snatched up Momma's mascara and quickly did her lashes. She ran the hairbrush through her long black hair, then put on some frosted pink lipstick. It would have to do. She couldn't do a thing about her clothes, as they were out there...

    When she came out of the bathroom, her heart dropped--he was gone! She dashed to the window, tears threatening to come, then her breath caught. There he was, sitting on the steps of the fire escape. He saw her and grinned that cocky grin, jumping up, motioning for her to open the window. After a brief hesitation, she unlocked the sash and stepped back.

    He whipped open the window and crawled through, turning to close and lock it again. Then he was facing her.

    "Hey, baby girl."

    Sissy couldn't breathe. Her heart was beating heavily as she stared at him wide-eyed. He looked different. His shaggy hair was gone, replaced by a tight buzz cut. He was dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt. He looked older somehow, bigger. But he still had the same grin, the same beautiful black eyes. He stepped closer. Sissy couldn't move. He grabbed her, kissed her on the lips. She nearly swooned, but his strong arms held her up. He grinned down at her.

    "You miss me?" he whispered.

    Sissy put both hands against his muscular chest and pushed him away. Now the tears did come, tears of longing and hurt. Tears of rejection.

    "I guess you did," he answered his own question, still grinning. He stepped forward again, but this time Sissy backed away. His grin faded. "I wasn't on fuckin' vacation, you know."

    "Where?" Sissy finally found her voice.

    He looked surprised. "I was in jail, yo! Didn't you know? Fuckin' cops caught me, that same day--same day we..." He nodded his head toward the bathroom, causing Sissy to blush. "I been in juvie ever since."


    "Yeah, you know, jail for kids? They had to let me go, though--overcrowding--I just got out today. Came straight here. Where your Moms at?"

    "Gone for the day..." Sissy whispered. Her mind was reeling. He hadn't rejected her...

    "I thought about you a lot while I was inside." He came toward her. She didn't move. He stepped close, wiped a tear off her cheek. "You lookin' fine, baby girl," he whispered.

    Sissy blushed, lowering her gaze. She was acutely aware of her shabby appearance, not to mention that her shame was hanging free under her baggy shorts. Manny put a finger under her chin, lifted her face. He kissed her again. This time she kissed him back, opening her mouth to his tongue, wrapping her arms around him as he pulled her close.

    His hands roamed over her body as the kiss grew more heated. One hand dropped to her buttocks, squeezing, while the other found her left breast and fondled it through the thin material of her t-shirt. She felt her nipple grow stiff under his touch. It wasn't the only thing growing stiff...

    She broke the kiss and held onto Manny, breathing hard. She was trembling all over. Manny lifted her shirt and she allowed him to pull it over her head. He tossed it away and reached for her shorts. As he pushed them down, she quickly bent over and tucked her rapidly growing shame-stick between her legs, clamping her thighs together before standing back upright to face him. Her heart was hammering in her chest.

    "You ain't got to hide from me, baby girl," he said. "I know what you got down there."

    He waited. She looked at the floor. She felt like she might cry again, but finally relaxed her legs and let her shame show. Her cock, which had been starting to rise, had shrunk again with her fear and apprehension. It hung limply with its danglies. She was afraid to meet Manny's eyes as she stood totally exposed before him. Then he stepped close and lifted her face again. He was smiling. The tears which had been threatening now burst free, but they were tears of relief, tears of hope.

    Manny pulled off his own t-shirt and embraced her again. He covered her mouth with his, kissing her hard and deep. She melted against him, reveling in the feel of his smooth skin, his hard muscles, his soft lips. His arms held her close, one hand running through her thick black hair to hold her head as he kissed her, the other squeezing her ass and pulling it in to grind his leg. She felt her cock stirring again, pushing against the denim of his jeans. Then he turned, still kissing, walking her backwards until her legs hit the bed and she sat.

    She looked at the bulge in his pants, right before her face. Her fingers trembled as she reached for it, stroking it before unbuttoning his jeans and lowering his zipper. She pulled his pants down, then his underwear. His brown cock sprang free, instantly erect. She gasped, touching it reverently, all ten fingertips caressing the curved shaft, feeling the flared pink head. She always thought her own cock was ugly, but staring at Manny's hard cock, she thought it was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen. She remembered the way it felt in her mouth, all those months ago. She wanted it in her mouth again.

    She looked up at Manny and saw desire on his handsome face. He put his thumb in her mouth. She sucked on it, looking into his dark eyes. He pushed her mouth open and brought his cock to her lips. She whimpered as it entered her mouth, inch after inch. Closing her lips over it, she began sucking, still looking at him. His hands went to her head, holding it steady as he slowly moved his cock in and out of her slurping mouth. It hit the back of her throat and she gagged, but kept her lips sealed, kept sucking as she stared up into his eyes even though her own eyes welled up, from the gagging or tears of sheer joy.

    He grinned. He liked it.

    She loved him.

    "I met a girl like you when I was inside," he said.

    Sissy faltered. She let his cock slip out of her mouth. "L-like me?"

    He nodded, "You know," he pointed down at her own hard cock, which was pointing back up at him. "A girl with, like, a dick and stuff."

    Sissy was stunned. There were others like her? She barely noticed when Manny pushed his cock back into her mouth. She automatically resumed sucking, but her mind raced.

    "She taught me how to...How I can fuck a girl like you..."

    Now she was totally astonished, forgetting even to suck. She stared up at him in wonder, his cock still in her mouth. Manny had fucked a girl like her in jail? She had made fuck with Suzi at the spa three times now. She had even fucked Momma when she was passed out. But they had blossoms--pussies. Sissy didn't have a pussy, she only had her cock--her shame...

    "Can I fuck you, baby girl?"

    She hesitated, taking hold of the shaft of his cock as she backed off it. "Say my name," she whispered hoarsely.

    "Sissy," he said, grinning his grin. "Can I fuck you, Sissy?"

    She had no idea how he would fuck her, but she wanted it, more than anything--she wanted him. She nodded.

    He dropped to his knees in front of her. He held his hand out, palm up. "Spit."

    Confused, Sissy leaned forward and slowly spat into his cupped hand. He grinned and wiped it onto the head of his hard cock, then held it out again.

    "Again," he said, and after she spat again, he pushed her in the chest with his other hand, until she was lying on her back. "Pull your knees up," he instructed. "All the way to your chest."

    Sissy did as instructed, then gasped as he wiped the spit on her booty, right between the cheeks. Her eyes flew wide as she felt his slippery finger enter her tight little hole. He worked it in and out. It felt good...

    Then he took her ankles and put them on his shoulders. He grabbed her thighs and pulled her to him, sliding her butt to the edge of the bed. She felt his cock touch her booty. It pressed against the hole, slowly exerting more and more pressure. Suddenly she felt the sphincter open up and the head went inside. She gasped. It felt way too big. It hurt.

    Manny held it there, waiting for her to relax, then pushed some more. It still hurt, but felt good, too. He pulled back a little, then pushed more of his hard cock into her. He repeated that action a few more times, until his pelvis was pressed against her butt, his whole cock inside her booty. He stopped, looking down at her.

    "Hold out your hand," he instructed.

    She held her hand up to him. He took her by the wrist and leaned in to spit in her palm now. Then he guided her hand to her own hard cock. As she wrapped her hand around it, he moved her hand back and forth a few times.

    "You the girl," he explained. "You got to take care of your own dick."

    "You want me to milk it?" Sissy asked breathlessly.

    He grinned. "Yeah. You milk it while I fuck you."

    "Okay," she gasped as Manny was already beginning to move his hard cock in and out of her butt. It felt so good now! She stroked herself as she stared up at him.

    She was ecstatically happy. Not only was Manny not rejecting her because of her shame, he was encouraging her to touch it as he fucked her in her booty. She had never dreamed this was possible. She couldn't stop smiling as Manny grinned at her, hugging her legs to his chest, his hips slapping into her bottom. He reached down and squeezed her titties, playing with her erect buds.

    "Spit!" she held her palm up to him again, growing more and more excited. He chuckled and spat in her hand. She slathered it on her cock and stroked it some more, feeling her hidden spring tightening quickly as it was stimulated by Manny's thrusting cock. "C-can I...Can I cum?" she begged, still unsure if she was supposed to.

    "Cum, baby girl," Manny groaned. "Cum while I cum in your ass!"

    He was banging it into her very fast, rocking her violently on the bed. She saw his beautiful face contort into a blissful grimace as he groaned loudly, thrusting hard into her and grinding his hips. It suddenly got more slippery. She knew he was cumming, shooting his evil seed inside her. She stroked herself furiously and cried out as her own hot cum spewed out onto her belly and chest. Manny released her legs and pulled her up to kiss her feverishly, both of them panting hard.

    She wrapped her arms around him tightly. "I love you, Manny!" she whimpered desperately.

    He hugged her to his chest, kissing the top of her head. "You my girl now, Sissy. My girl."

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    Oh yeah, another great chapter!!



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