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Thread: BFF's

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    Part two. Find Part 1 here.

    Hope you enjoy! Leave comments, let me know!



    Jenny and Lauren's friendship was stronger than ever and the two teenage girls were just as inseparable as they had ever been. No one really thought anything of the attention they paid to each other, to the rest of the world it seemed like life as usual, but to Jenny and Lauren, they had entered into whole new realm of what being friends actually meant.

    Neither of them thought twice or had any regrets about their lesbian encounter a few weeks before. They were both super excited it had happened and although they had talked about it, neither shared their true feelings about the experience or just how much they had enjoyed it with the other. They had goofed off a little, a hand brush here, a quick kiss there, but hadn't yet repeated anything as intense as the first time, even though they both desperately wanted to.

    It was spring and the weather was warming up and as was customary at this time of year, woman's clothing became lighter and smaller. As two teenage girls who were caught up in discovering their sexuality, Jenny and Lauren were no exception. Since both girls parents worked full time, they were usually on their own after school for a couple hours until they got hom, and it wasn't out of the ordinary for the girls to hang out together at either of their homes as they worked on their homework. Now however, the girls had more ‘entertaining’ things to do with this time.

    It had been a gorgeous week, finally on Friday, Lauren had worn her Mom down enough to let her wear a dress to school. After being begged all week, she finally said yes. The dress she picked was a perfectly presentable one and met all the dress codes of her school. Lauren loved it because it made her feel beautiful and like a woman. She had no intentions at all when she picked it out, her friend Jenny did when they met up to walk to school…

    “Wow! Look at you!” Jenny said when she saw Lauren. Lauren smiled back and rolled her eyes.

    As she got near, Jenny grabbed Lauren's arm and pulled her close, whispering in her ear. “I hope you're not wearing anything underneath.”

    Lauren looked over at her with a stunned look on her face.

    Jenny saw her reaction and continued. “Well, looks like you're going to make it a little harder on me after school. No worries, I'm up to the task.”

    With that, Jenny let go of Lauren's arm and started walking towards school, not looking over her shoulder. Lauren stood there for a few moments, frozen in place as a million thoughts raced through her head. Her wits came back about her and she ran forward and caught up to her friend. Jenny just gave her a glance and continued. They walked the rest of the way to school in silence.

    Lauren's mind was racing all day. She was barely able to concentrate in her classes. She and Jenny had fooled around a little, a quick kiss or playful grope, but hadn't had an intense sex session like their first time together was. Lauren caught herself several times letting her mind wonder as she day dreamed about what Jenny had meant.

    Today was one of those days where she didn't see her friend at all, except for lunch. A couple days a week they shared classes, but today wasn't one of them. At lunch, Jenny didn't seem to be acting any differently than normal. Lauren was watching her, looking for any sign, but Jenny was good and showed none.

    As the school day ended, Lauren waited for her friend outside like she did most days and eventually Jenny came bounding out of the building. She smiled when she saw her friend.

    “Hey there!” She exclaimed, a smile on her face. “You ready?”

    Lauren just looked at her not quite ready for that question, because as soon as she heard it, her mind went dirty.

    Jenny saw the look on her friends face and knew what she was thinking. Her smile changed to a seductive, evil grin and Lauren watched her eyes quickly give her the up down. There was no question in Lauren's mind about what was going to happen when they got to Jenny’s house. Lauren felt herself suddenly get a little wet in anticipation.

    The girls walked back to Jenny's house, completely avoiding what they both knew was going to happen next and talking as they usually did, about school, gossip and anything else completely unrelated to sex.

    They got to Jenny's house and she got her keys out and unlocked the door. Lauren wasn't paying too close attention and followed her friend into her house as she usually did. Jenny let her walk past her then closed the door behind her and the girls walked upstairs to Jenny's room. Jenny closed the bedroom door behind them. Lauren had her back to Jenny and suddenly felt herself pushed down onto the bed. She rolled over and Jenny jumped up on top of her and straddle her. With a big grin on her face she slowly raised Lauren's hands over her head and pinned them there.

    Lauren was shocked at first, but calmed down as she looked up at Jenny. She saw the look of lust and desire in her eyes, the same look she had seen at the sleepover.

    “I like your dress.” Jenny said.

    Lauren smiled in response. Jenny released Lauren's hands. Lauren kept them above her head as Jenny slowly traced her way down Lauren's arms. She continued across Lauren's chest and slowly traced her way over Lauren's breasts, her hands tracing over their contour, pausing and lightly squeezing each one as they stood up on Lauren's chest.

    Lauren watched Jessica, but Jessica was looking down at her hands. Jessica's hands continued moving down Lauren's body. She ran them down Lauren's smooth legs and when she got to her ankls she started to trace them up again. Lauren was holding her head up and watching. Jenny slid her hands up the inside of Lauren's dress and Lauren lowered her head back down to the bed as she savored the feeling of her friends fingers on her smooth legs.

    When Jenny's hands got to Lauren's upper thighs, she started to climb on the bed and pushed Lauren's legs up in the process. Jenny climbed between them until she was up and even with Lauren's face. Lauren's legs were pushed up and spread open, her dress had fallen and was bunched up against her waist. The girls looked at each other, frozen as their hormones surged. Lauren's eyes were the first to break and glanced down at Jenny's lips. Jenny immediately leaned in and the girls locked in a passionate tongue filled kiss.

    The friends passionately made out. Lauren made a move at one point to bring her arms down and wrap them around Jenny's back, but as soon as she did Jenny pushed them back up to where they were.

    Jenny eventually broke the kiss and started kissing down Lauren's body, planting kissing along her neck down to the hem of her dress’s neckline. Lauren was caught up in the passion of the moment and let Jenny do whatever she wanted to her. Jenny skipped back down to Lauren's waist and before Lauren could react hooked her fingertips in the waistband of her panties and quickly pulled them off and tossed them aside. She spread Lauren's legs back apart and paused while the girls stared at each other. Lauren made no attempt to cover herself or stop Jenny. She wanted this, wanted her. Jenny saw the approval in Lauren's eyes and slowly lowered herself down and her tongue made contact with Lauren's wet pussy.

    Jenny heard Lauren moan out as she slid her tongue through the soft folds of her pussy. Jenny was as excited for this as Lauren was. She was excited to taste her friends juices again and to see her naked.

    Jenny's desires more than made up for her lack of experience and Lauren didn't know the difference or care. As far as she was concerned, Jenny was doing a great job at making her pussy and her body feel amazing.

    Jenny's hands hooked themselves under Lauren's propped up legs and reached up blindly until they found her breasts. She placed her hands on them and started to lightly squeeze them through Lauren's clothing.

    Lauren didn't know, but this was exactly the attention she had been seeking out and wanting all day. She closed her eyes and let her senses concentrate on the tongue probing at her pussy. Lauren started to squirm as she laid there. All the pleasure was concentrated between her legs. Her nipple were hard and sensitive and rubbed against her bra. She wanted to desperately play with her breasts as Jenny ate her out, but she knew she was supposed to keep her arms above her head.

    Finally it became too much for her and Lauren sat up. Her dress fell down, covering Jenny's head and Lauren placed one hand behind her to prop her up and the other on the back of Jenny's head and held it tight into her as she felt her orgasm start to build within her.

    Lauren held Jenny’s head there, under her dress and between her legs, subtly grinding her pussy into Jenny's face, trying desperately to get her tongue deeper into her. Jenny eventually just gave up trying to have control over the situation and stuck her tongue out and held it in one place and let Lauren do all the work and fuck herself on it.

    It didn't take too long before all the pleasure which had been building up in Lauren's body needed some release. Lauren started to moan and kept grinding as long as she was able. Soon her body started to shake and a second later Jenny got a mouthful of Lauren's sweet juices. Lauren held Jenny there as her orgasm subsided, then as she felt Lauren's grasp on the back of her head loosen, Jenny emerged out from under Lauren's dress with a smile on her face.

    “That was pretty hot being under there.” Jenny said with a big smile on her face as she stood up and climbed onto the bed next to Lauren. She leaned in close and whispered into Lauren's ear, “I love the way you taste.”

    Lauren giggled a little. “Wow, I didn't even know it, but that was exactly what I needed!”

    Jenny smiled.

    The girls looked at each other for a few minutes. Lauren knew it was her turn, she just couldn't decide what she wanted to do first. Eventually she casually reached out and placed her hand on Jenny's breast. Jenny's eyes followed and watched Lauren's hand softly squeeze her breast. She let out an involuntary soft moan. Lauren giggled a little and pulled her hand away. She reached down to the waist of Jenny's shirt and quickly and aggressively started to pull her shirt over her head. Jenny raised her arms up over her head to assist. Lauren tossed it to the side and Jenny leaned back, resting on her palms.

    Lauren's eyes drifted down to take in her friends body. Jenny watched as a smile came across her face and her hands reached out and lightly grabbed at them both. Jenny watched Lauren's hands as they lightly massaged her breasts. Jenny sat there for a few moments, then reached up to her back and unsnapped her bra.

    Lauren paused as the tension released, looked up at Jenny, smiled, then worked her hands underneath her bra from the bottom. Jenny felt goosebumps all over her body as Lauren's soft skin touched the soft skin of her breasts. The two girls just smiled at each other. As lauren slowly played with breasts, Jenny maneuvered and took her bra off, letting it fall to the side and exposing herself to her friend. Lauren didn't miss a second and as soon as they were exposed to her, she lowered herself down and took one of Jenny's nipples in her mouth.

    Lauren swirled her tongue around Jenny's hard nipple as she massaged the other breast. She heard a little sound of air being let out when she took it into her mouth and looked up at Jenny to see her reaction. Lauren saw Jenny looking down at her, a smile on her face. Lauren looked back down and put her attention back to her friends chest, kissing and sucking, first on one, than the other breast.

    Jenny watched Lauren for a little while, then felt her body start to react. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes, concentrating on the pleasure. Lauren saw her tilt her head back and smiled to herself, knowing she was doing a good job. It reassured her as well that Jenny liked what she was doing.

    Lauren started to kiss down Jenny's stomach, leaving a trail of light kisses in her wake. Jenny looked up and watched. Lauren got down to her waist band and paused, then brought her hands down and unclasped Jenny's shorts. Lauren proceeded to kiss the newly exposed skin then sat up.

    She looked at Jenny, but her hands went to her shorts and started pulling on them. Jenny got the idea, smiled and then lifted her butt off the bed and let Lauren pull them, and her panties off. Jenny was now completely nude, looking back up at her friend. Lauren stopped and Jenny watched as Lauren's eyes did a long and slow scan of her body. She felt so exposed, but also so sexy as she saw the look of seduction on her friends face.

    Lauren's eyes finally met Jenny's and Jenny smiled sweetly at her. Lauren reached behind her and fumbled around but finally found the clasp to her own bra and unhooked it. She reached into the sleeves of her dress and one at a time pulled her arms out of her bra straps. Then she reached down the front of her dress and pulled her bra out and tossed it aside. Jenny's head followed it across the room then looked back at her friend.

    Lauren smiled at Jenny, reached up and grabbed each of her breasts in her hands and massaged them a few times for Jenny's amusement. Still holding onto one, Lauren traced her other hand down to her waist and rubbed her pussy up and down a few times through her dress. Then with Jenny's eyes glued on her waist, she slowly pulled the dress up, exposing her pussy to her friend, rubbed it a few times, then dropped her dress back down. She lowered herself to her knees at the edge of the bed and pulled Jenny's naked body towards her.

    The girls stared at each other, Jenny looking up and over her budding breasts as Lauren looked at her with a look of seduction in her eye before she quickly dove down to between Jenny legs. Jenny let out a long loud moan as her friends tongue made contact with her wet pussy. It was part surprise and part involuntary from the pleasure from her hypersensitive body. Jenny's hands almost immediately grabbed her own breasts and squeezed them. The later was instinct as she learned how to please her own developing teenage body.

    Jenny massaged and squeezed her own breasts as Lauren happily sucked on her pussy. Lauren occasionally looked up and watched her friend who was completely engrossed in the moment and oblivious to the outside world. Jenny's pussy was extremely wet, each lick coated Lauren's tongue with her sweet juices and Lauren couldn't get enough of it. She concentrated on her friends pussy as she slowly ran her tongue through its wet folds. Lauren concentrated on the smooth skin of Jenny's inner lips as her tongue explored every area it could find.

    Jenny was moaning pretty good at this point, her body involuntarily thrashing uncontrollably underneath Lauren. Lauren, with her mouth locked around Jenny's pussy, looked up again to watch her friend. She liked the control she had over her and she loved the taste of her pussy.

    Ready to take it to the next level, Lauren slowly brought her hand up and moved it into position, then without warning slid her middle finger all the way into Jenny. Jenny's natural reaction would play in slow motion in Lauren's head for quite a while and be fuel for many of her own orgasms.

    Jenny's pussy was so wet it offered no resistance what-so-ever as Lauren's finger slid in all the way up her her palm. Jenny's back arched off the bed, both hands lightly resting on her breasts taking their natural curvature. Her lifting off the bed was accompanied by a long and loud moan, the nature of which would leave no one who happened to overhear it confused on what caused it. Lauren slid her finger all the way in and held it there. Jenny held herself off the bed for a few moments before her body relaxed and she lowered herself back down.

    As she calmed down, Lauren began moving her finger around inside of her friends pussy. Jenny was so turned on and wet, it offered virtually no resistance. Jenny was moaning and bucking around as Lauren finger fucked her friend. Lauren pulled her finger almost all the way out, then would push it all the way back in. Each time this solicited a moan from her friend.

    Lauren was really enjoying this. It was super hot feeling around inside of her friend. Since their first time together where she had touched another woman for the first time, Lauren had begun playing with herself more, exploring her own pussy and learning what she did and didn't like. She was using this newly acquired expertise to her advantage as she pleasured her friend. From the involuntary reactions it was obvious Jenny was enjoying it.

    Feeling the inside of her friend and watching her young, firm, teenage body spasm and react to her fingers was a big turn on for her. She felt her own juices running down the inside of her leg. As she continued her assault on Jenny, she move her other hand down between her own legs and started to finger her own pussy. As she suspected, she was dripping wet, and after coating her finger with her own juices, Lauren slipped a finger inside herself.

    She moaned out as she felt the familiar feeling of her warm pussy walls surround her finger. Jenny heard the moan and opened her eyes to see what was going on, but with Lauren sitting on the floor she wasn't able to.

    Jenny smiled and Lauren watched as her eyes rolled back into her head and her hands increased their grasp on her breasts as the pleasure inside her became too much for her to concentrate on anything but. Lauren was determined to please them both as best she could. She synced her fingers so they were doing the same thing. She wanted to experience what Jenny was experiencing.

    Soon, Jenny's moans of sexual pleasure became louder and more frequent, as did her body's reactions to Lauren's assault. Listening to and watching her friend approach her orgasm as she played with each pussy in synchronization was quickly bringing Lauren to her second of the afternoon.

    Despite her begging her to stop or slow down, Lauren kept going as she knew the requests from Jenny were pure instinct based and not what she actually wanted. She pleasure was simply becoming too much for her. Lauren ignored her requests as she kept it up.

    Lauren was surprised as Jenny's orgasm caused her to squirt, her juices soaking Lauren's arm and the bed. Lauren was just a few seconds behind her as her own orgasm moved through her body. Jenny continued to spasm uncontrollably as her body continued to experience her first squirting orgasm. Finally she started to recover and settled down.

    Lauren slowly removed her fingers from both of their pussies and laid back, breathing heavily as she watched her friend. Jenny collapsed backwards and laid there breathing heavily for a few minutes as she recovered and gathered up her energy. Finally she leaned up and looked at Lauren who was still sitting on the floor.

    “Holy shit!” She said a smile on her face and still breathing heavily. Lauren smiled back.

    “I don't think I've ever cum that hard!” She said, “seriously, that was the most intense orgasm I've ever had! I mean, you made me squirt! Look at that!” She said motioning to the obvious wet spot on the bed. Lauren stood up to see then looked back at her with a big smile on her face. “I mean, the bed is soaked! Where did you learn to do that?!”

    Lauren laughed a little. “I don't know! I've never seen anyone squirt before!” She said trying to defend herself. “I'm glad you liked it though.” She said with a wink.

    “Liked it?!” Jenny exclaimed, “Are you kidding!? If I wasn't completely spent, I would want more. Seriously, where did you learn to play with pussy like that?”

    Lauren shrugged, “No where, I swear! I’ve been playing with myself a lot more since our last time together, I guess I just learned what I like and did the same to you.”

    “God damn.” Jenny said, “you can do that to me anytime.”

    “I'd like that.” Lauren said smiling.

    Lauren climbed onto the bed and laid next to her friend. The girls laid there and rested for a while. Jenny was too spent and her skin too sensitive for any more physical contact at the moment. Finally she looked up at the clock.

    “Shit!” She said jumping up. “My parents will be home any minute!”

    The girls rushed to get dressed again. They rushed downstairs and spread their book bags open on the kitchen table and hadn't been doing their homework for more than a few minutes when Jenny's mom walked in the door.

    “Hi mom!” Jenny exclaimed

    “Hi sweetie.” Jenny's mom answered. “Hi Lauren, good to see you!” Lauren smiled back. “Well look at you two, aren't you two good girls, doing your homework after school…”

    Jenny looked up at Lauren, a smirk on her face. Lauren have her a half smile back and looked back down at her homework.

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    Damn That was Good... "BG" you are doing Great... Hot little continuation and It looks Like these Girls are In for the Long Ball... Waiting to see what cums Next... Thanks for the Update...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Super hot new series! Really enjoying reading about Jenny and Lauren...and I can't wait to read more about these two. :)

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    God, that was great..



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