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    Jim and Katie: First Encounter

    I met Katie at the dorm Christmas party my junior year she wasn't from my dorm but came at the invitation of a friend who lived in my dorm. The party was a themed on the old Rudolf special. Katie had come dressed as an elf. She made such a totally amazing elf! The costume was a perfect fit for her on her tiny frame. The things I noted most were how the shiny tights showed off her legs, the belt showed off her waist and hips; and of course the fall of long auburn hair across the front of her shoulder and covering her right breast. She was sitting on one of the wide window sills when I first saw her. Simply put she was the most beautiful and shining thing in the room.
    I tried to play it casual for a while and didn't immediately approach her. However eventually I had no choice and gave into my desire to say hello. I of course thought of all the cheesy lines I could spout off dressed as Yukon Cornelius. Did she want to be a dentist, and junk like that, however I tossed all that right of the window. I was going to be obvious enough that I was found her attractive, I didn't want to blow it with stupidity.
    "Ok" I started sitting down next to Katie "I have to know among this sea of bad elf costumes, how did you manage to nail the elf look so exactly?"

    "Practice" Katie said "I made the costume, and actually itís the third time I have, well really the second on my own, Mom helped with the first one. I've been sewing with her since I was little"

    "That's amazing, I have to say you've got it down."

    "Thanks, yours actually isn't bad either"

    "Well doesn't take much, his outfit isn't much but the right cold weather clothes. I'm Jim by the way."

    "Katie, and no I don't want to be a dentist, I want to be an actress actually"

    "and you've gotten that line how many times tonight?"

    "about a million, but I'm thinking I might not have minded it so much from you"

    "Uh, thanks, your cup is empty can I fill it up?"

    "Sure, Cranberry juice, you ah, wouldn't happen to know how some vodka could find its way in as well."

    "I think I can arrange for that to happen, come on" I said taking her hand and leading her with a gentle pull toward the drink table.

    After half filling the cup I brought her to my room and topped the cup with vodka.

    "Cool...thanks!" Katie said turning walking over to my bed and sitting down. I can't say I minded the view of her walking away. The short overhang of the elf jacket only served to show off her round tight bottom. There was also mistaking the lines of the panties underneath the tights.

    "So tell me...whatever..." Katie said

    We ended up talking for quite a while! Eventually she excused herself a moment, but said not to go anywhere. I used the break to also take care of some business. I was already back in the room, freshening drinks when she returned. She closed the door as she entered.

    "I thought a little more privacy might be nice" Katie said

    "Going to tell me some secrets you don't want anyone else to know?"

    "yeah something like that" she said...I guessed at the meaning, but didn't have to guess at the look. I kissed her which lead to a long bit of making out and petting on the bed. After some more time I started to unbutton her elf coat and peeled it away revealing the shiny black satin bra underneath. I started for the tights, I wanted to know if there was a pair of shiny black panties to match the bra. She pushed my hand away and made a not yet gesture. However she then went to work on my belt, opened my waist button and zipper. She pulled off my pants in one smooth move leaving me in my shiny satin boxers.

    "nice!" she said cupping my package over the boxers "unfortunately nice as they are, they gotta go"...I wasn't going to argue, the boxers came off as quickly as the pants.

    Katie then played with my cock for several minutes, handling it, licking the tip and the shaft, massaging my balls a bit. Then in one quick move I was in her mouth and down her throat. She worked me slowly in and out from root to tip and back again several times. I was feeling so good. I wanted more of her though. I reached to her back and unclipped her bra. It fell away now dangling from her elbows so I could see her breasts. They were perfect, she was small so each one wasn't much larger than maybe a lemon. They came to a puffy point and large reddish brown nipples that were amazing to look at. I reach down and cupped the left one, Katie made a throaty sigh as my cock popped out of her mouth. I pinched the nipple gently and let it slide through my fingers.
    "do I need a condom" I asked
    "I'm clean if you are" Katie said
    "birth control?" I asked
    "no worries, but let's save that" she said as she took me back in her mouth. I came pretty quickly and hard. She swallowed all of my load.
    We went back to making out, with the added fun of me playing with and sucking on her breasts. She continued to play with my cock and balls until I was getting hard again. I made a reach for Katie's waist band again. She stopped my hands.
    "wait..." she said

    "it's ok if you don't want to...no pressure really..."

    "oh I want to...alot...but..."

    "but, you're...ah...not all girl?"

    "you know..."

    "um...yeah...little while ago my arm went by and...yeah I could tell"

    "your ok with...ah...that"

    "sure...why not? whatever...you are really fine not gonna let that stop us, if you aren't"

    "eight years of hormones...since I was 14...will do that for ya...you've ah..done..."

    "yeah, I have done and had done to..."

    Katie kissed me hard and deep. She didn't resist as I began to pull down the tights now. As the tights came off I was happy to see that yes indeed a tiny shiny black satin bikini panty was revealed. There wasn't a large bulge in them...if she wasn't excited she'd probably go unnoticed at a beach in fact.

    I cupped her in my hand squeezing a little feeling the small package respond.

    "how do you...?"

    "I don't get very hard, but I can get off from head" Katie said

    "head it is then" I said, pulling the panties down and revealing a small now semi-stiff cock.
    I pulled Katie's clit into my mouth and began sucking. She began panting softly with each in and out of my mouth. She got stiffer and longer as I continued.

    She was a quick cummer and in only a minute I felt her cum. The taste of her cum was amazing, salty and sweet like kettle corn. I was once again very hard and turned on.

    We continued trading off getting each other off for several more go arounds until we collapsed exhausted under the covers and slept the rest of the night. We dated and fucked for two more years after that as well.

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    most interesting and Great little story... Thanks for the Share
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    good story.

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    I knew what category this story was in, yet honestly went over my head til the revelation exactly what was going on. :) Have to say it was quite an enjoyable read, and sweet, too.



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