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    Woodhaven School girls

    Part 1

    Tiffany Jones paused just before the door of her class. She was thrilled to land this teaching gig, being a substitute was a hit and miss proposition, and her savings and checking accounts were dangerously low on funds. She had sent a resume to the Woodhaven school board, hoping that something was available. She felt a thrill when they contacted her and asked her if she'd like to take over an all girls high school class, she jumped at the chance. The salary was well in excess of a standard teacher's salary, it looked like a long term deal, the other teacher had left due to what were termed, "creative differences", and she was told that some of the teaching methods were a bit unorthodox. She didn't care, she needed the money, and it was 7:30 AM on the Monday, and she went in to her classroom.

    She looked around, more or less the usual layout, student desks, blackboard, her desk, and wrote her name on the blackboard, she started to unpack her items, and make the teacher's desk her desk. She noticed that the her seat was not a hard wooden chair, in fact it was more like a recliner. She took a seat, enjoying the soft cushions, and yes, it actually did recline. This was going to be nice, being able to sit and not trying to find a way to be comfortable in a hard wooden chair.

    She was glad that she had the all girls school, teen males could be more than a handful. She knew that from the odd teaching sub her looks had drawn more than a few whispered comments from the males, they'd all be sizing her up, mentally undressing her and fantasizing about getting their cocks into her. They'd be fattening up their eyes, with her being 28, five foot seven, 130 pounds, shoulder length golden honey color hair, jade green eyes, and a nice smooth complexion. Firm, upright breasts, full grapefruit sized mounds, the nipples jutting up, her tummy was flat, her hips had a sexy curve, sleek, full legs, her rump had a graceful curve, perky and smooth. She could just imagine all the horny fantasies the male student's minds churned up.

    At 8 AM, when the first bell sounded, her students started to arrive. They were all in the 16-17 age range, and all of them were clad in a school uniform. They all took their assigned desks, and she glanced down at her register, to get an idea of what all the names were. When she looked up, she got one hell of a view.

    All of her class were standing, they had all lifted up their skirts, and each of them tugged down their panties, until their 25 nude pubic regions were all visible to her eyes. She stood in a state of shock, and gasped, "What... what...what are you doing?"

    The tall redhead at the front of the second row answered calmly, "It's first class, and we have to show you how well we keep ourselves neat and well groomed."

    Tiffany was realizing how unorthodox this could be, as she said shakily, "As you can see, I'm new here, could you tell me what I'm supposed to do?"

    The tall redhead glanced at the blackboard, smiled and said, "Sure Ms. Jones. I'm Paige Rycroft, what you do is go up and down each aisle, and take a look at our pubic region grooming. One of the rules for students of this school is to have good lower hygiene."

    Well, when in Rome, crossed Tiffany's mind, and she walked up and down each aisle. Although she felt shock, she couldn't deny that the sight was starting a tingle going deep inside her. She saw a myriad of pubes. Some were totally waxed bare and smooth, others, like Paige, were trimmed down to a neat, tidy bush, one had a trimmed heart design, one had a trimmed diamond design, a couple of landing strips, it was quite a display.

    When she got back to the front of the class, all her students smiled, and as she gaped at them in shock, they all stripped off their uniforms, until she was faced with 25 totally naked students. The bodies on display were like a smorgasbord of young, nubile teen bodies, and she stood rooted, until Paige Rycroft said softly, "Ok, Ms. Jones, now you have to get naked."

    She was in a daze, this couldn't be real.

    "Class, take a break, I'll be right back."

    As Tiffany rushed out the door, Paige smiled and said to her classmates, "Looks like we have a new teacher who is not expecting this level of unorthodox teaching methods. I hope she stays, not like the last teacher who bolted before class even really got started. Ms. Jones looks really hot and yummy, I really want to give her our special welcome."

    Tiffany fairly sprinted to the office, and barging into Principal Hunter's office, she demanded, "What the hell is going on? Inspecting naked pubes, having my students totally naked in class, and I am supposed to be naked, too? What kind of school is this?"

    The principal looked surprised, and he said calmly, "It's all laid out in your orientation manual, didn't you read it?"

    "Manual, what manual, I never got a manual!"

    "Ah, no wonder you are shocked. Ms. Jones, we have a different philosophy of teaching here. Our belief is that a teaching environment flourishes when teacher and students can be totally open and honest with each other, we believe that nudity fosters that openness and honesty, therefore, you have seen what our system entails. There may be other things that you encounter, the students will want to give you their traditional Welcome to Woodhaven. Just go with it, and you will do fine. Now, if you are no longer interested in the job, I can understand, and you can be released from working for us right away, with no hard feelings."

    Tiffany thought for a few seconds, but she really didn't have an option. No other prospects were even in sight. She needed the money, a car repair and a new home heating and air conditioning system for her house were badly needed, and she was out of options.

    Her voice a bit steadier and calmer, she replied, "Mr. Hunter, I would like to stay, and now, if you will excuse me, I think I should get back to my class."

    "Excellent, Ms. Jones, glad to have you aboard."

    She strode back down the hallway, wondering what the Welcome entailed. I guess I'll find out soon enough, she thought, she took a deep breath as she opened the door and walked back into class, and saw all eyes watching her. She stood at the head of the class, and before her courage faded, she quickly slid out of her dress. Now clad in just a lacy white bra, and matching lacy white panties, she knew by her student's similar total nudity, that they had to go. She slipped off her bra, and quickly pushed down her panties. Stepping out of them, she scooped them up, and slipped them into one of her desk drawers. She faced the class, and saw all her students taking in all her nudity. She felt a pulse of lust, the hungry, teen lust look in their eyes, focused on her neatly trimmed blonde bush, was making her warm.

    She did her best to ignore the strange, erotic feeling of being nude in front of a classroom of nude students, and said, "Class, take out the Frontiers of Science textbook, and turn to page 50."

    As she got into the rhythm of teaching, Tiffany's disquieting feelings about being nude in front of her class started to fade. After all, every student was nude, so, it wasn't like she was the only one naked.

    By the end of the day, she was more at ease, and the final bell rang. She looked up, and saw her students, still naked, stand up, step forward and gather around her. She saw hungry looks, and having so many nubile teen bodies around her made her pussy tingle.

    Paige said softly, "Now, we will give you our Welcome to Woodhaven greeting."

    Tiffany was in a daze, now she was going to find out. Go with it, her mind said, you need the money, as she was led over to her desk.

    "Now, you just lie back on your desk Ms. Jones, and let us welcome you."

    Unable to stop herself, she did so, and she saw Paige gently spreading her legs, and stepping in between. She saw two other students, Holly Carter, and Brenda Larsen, approach her side.

    In unison, Paige, Holly, and Brenda cooed, "Welcome to Woodhaven, Ms. Jones."

    Tiffany watched, wide eyed, as three hot teen mouths lowered towards her together, and she felt Brenda slipping her mouth around her left nipple, while Holly latched onto her right, while Paige started to lick delicately at the lips of her pussy.

    Oh god, that felt so good, Tiffany felt sizzling pleasure surging through her body, she could not stop a loud moan of pleasure as her nipples were nursed at. She felt Paige's soft fingers gently spread her labial lips apart, and she moaned again as Paige's hot, wet tongue danced teasingly between her lips, licking eagerly at her wet, gleaming pussy tunnel. She felt her juices start up, and a moan of pleasure from Paige vibrated against her flesh, as Paige tasted the juices staring to flow. It had been months since Tiffany had anything other than masturbation, and her body responded eagerly, ignoring the strangeness, just greedy for the surging pleasure.

    Paige really knew what she was doing, her tongue plunging deep into the soupy wetness, scooping up a flow of juices, then bringing her tongue back to spread her wetness all over the outside of her opening, and flicking at her tingling clit, then plunging back in again, while her nipples were sucked, licked and gently nibbled on, just the way she adored.

    Tiffany purred, "Oh my god, so good, so fucking good, keep licking me Paige, keep sucking my nipples Brenda and Holly, made me cum!"

    Paige heard and smiled as she continued to lick their newest teacher. Ummmm, Tiffany's juices were delicious, tart and crisp, almost like biting into a ripe pear. She felt her teacher's hands come down and cradle her head, stroking at her hair, and she went at her creaming pussy with renewed vigor, while Brenda and Holly sucked eagerly, licking and nipping gently, feeling Tiffany's nipples sticking up hard, more moans issuing from Tiffany as they worked over her straining body.

    One of the other girls, 17 year old Dana Willbanks, lowered her face down to Tiffany's, and cooed, "Time for you to cum Ms. Jones, cum, cum real hard, do it!"

    Dana plastered her mouth against Tiffany's, her lips opening Tiffany's quickly yielding lips, and her tongue plunging into Tiffany's mouth. Tiffany's tongue instantly responded, getting french kissed while being driven to orgasm gave her the last little push. She felt the tingles quickly turning to ripples, clenching at Paige's tongue, and her body froze, then she started to buck her hips up towards Paige. She shrieked into Dana's mouth, and she felt the rush of juices pouring out, as she was enveloped by a massive orgasm. It had been so long since she had enjoyed such a rush, and she felt waves of pleasure washing over her, as her body was stimulated by the four hot mouths, making her pussy spasm with rolls of orgasm, hot pleasure licking at sucking at her until the last little quiver had raced through her pussy.

    The door opened, and two of her students, Holly Parkinson and Leanne Tudor who had slipped away, returned, leading Principal Hunter into the classroom.

    Paige looked up from between the spread of Tiffany's thighs, and cooed, "She's ready for you."

    He was quickly stripped by Holly and Leanne, Tiffany looked over, her body still having little flashes of heat from her orgasmic explosion. She felt Paige's fingers pulling her pussy lips apart, to reveal her dripping wet pink folds to the principal's hungry gaze.

    She watched as Paige locked her lips around his cock, and his growl of pleasure as she sucked him in, swallowing all of his 9 inches, bobbing her head back and forth a few times.

    Paige pulled off, and cooed, "Mmmmm, so hard, so ready, look at how hot, wet and ready her tight little fuck hole is."

    Principal Hunter grinned, and took position as Paige moved away, he looked into Tiffany's eyes, nudged his cock against her, and said, "Welcome to Woodhaven, Ms. Jones."

    He snapped his hips forward, and Tiffany squealed with pleasure as she was beautifully stuffed, his cock surging into her until she felt his balls smack against her ass.

    He paused for a second, and Tiffany growled, "Fuck me, fuck me hard, ram my cunt, and cream my tight hole!"

    He smiled in return, and gripping her ass cheeks, he set the fucking rhythm, lifting her hips up to the plunges of his bone hard cock. Oh yeah, he was glad Ms. Jones had decided to remain, she was very sexy, hot and fuckable, he grunted with pleasure as he drove in balls deep. His cock was steel hard, stretching her pink hole to take it all, testing the depths of her liquid fuck hole with great relish.

    Tiffany grunted, "Oh yeah, fuck me harder, harder, I love it, drown my cunt with hot cream!"

    She saw Paige, her face inches away, her mouth and chin soaked with Tiffany's juices, and her mouth came down, fastened against Tiffany's lips, and her tongue surged out. Tiffany got a big taste of her very own pussy juices, the feel of that red headed teen temptress' tongue dueling madly with her made her body light up, and she felt the tingles starting up, quickly racing into her folds, oh fuck, orgasm hit her almost immediately, she shrieked into Paige's mouth and she felt her pussy clamp down hard on Principal Hunter's cock, her body shaking as the spasms of a huge orgasm surged into her pussy. Dimly, she heard the principal grunt out "Oh yeah, fuck, cumming FUCK!" and the explosion as her cervix was coated with waves of hot cum, her pussy sucking eagerly at his pulsing prick, hungry for every drop.

    Tiffany saw Principal Hunter pull his cock out, and Holly Carter eagerly licked at his cock, then swallowed him down, giving his cock a hot mouth washing. Then Tiffany purred with pleasure as Brenda Larsen went down on her, mouth slipping around her lower lips, a hot tongue sliding up, scooping eagerly at the just deposited cum, then a hot sucking action as Brenda eagerly brought more of the hot spunk within reach, as she went about cleaning their newest teacher.

    As Tiffany was licked to one more orgasm by Brenda's tongue she marveled at what a welcoming policy they had.

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    Excellent start. Hope to see more.

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    now that's a Hot story... I hope there is More to CUM ... thanks for the Share...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Part 2

    Tiffany was getting dressed, she was still in a post coital daze from her welcome. Paige had redressed, she looked just like a proper schoolgirl clad in her uniform. Paige came back to the desk, and smiled at Tiffany.

    "Ms. Jones, let me write out a day-by-day summary for what is expected to occur. I think it will help class move along much more smoothly. And, we never like to use the last name, it's so stiff and formal. What's your first name?"

    "Tiffany, or Tiff if you like."

    "Tiffany, ummm, nice, I like it."

    Tiffany sat down in her recliner, as Paige wrote out the summary. Tiffany's body was still feeling pleasant tingles, she'd needed more than masturbation, and had she ever gotten what she needed.

    Paige brought over the sheet, and said, "Here you go Tiffany, just follow this, and we'll all have a great class. See you tomorrow Tiff."

    With a smile and a wave of her hand, Paige was gone. Tiffany read the sheet, than read it again. Oh indeed, class was going to become very interesting. She tucked the sheet away in her desk, tidied up, and left, thinking about tomorrow, and the dawning realization that she was looking forward to it.

    On her way home, she stopped off and did a bit of shopping, for special school supplies she would need for her teaching duties.

    The next morning, Tiffany was back in class at 7:30, getting set for Day 2. Just before the first bell rang, Tiffany stripped naked, knowing what was expected of her. As her students arrived, she got approving looks from her students, they took their assigned desks, and soon, they were just as nude as she was. She knew what was expected, and as she walked slowly down the rows, she employed one of the points Paige had put down. She reached out, and softly cupped the bare pussies, enjoying the soft coos of pleasure as she gently closed her hand around the warm labial region, giving them a gentle caress and warm smiles as she did so.

    When her inspection was done, she went back to the head of the class. First period today was for reading and studying, and she had noted what was expected of her, and she was looking forward to it. She took her recliner, and brought her heels up, planting them firmly on the seat part of her recliner, and spread her thighs wide, feeling her pussy lips spread open just a bit, the display visible through the open front of her desk.

    Deanna Wilson, a 17 year old with blue eyes, honey blonde hair, perky boobs and stiff nipples, came up to the front of the desk. It was pleasure the teacher time, when her students were able to come and lick her during the reading/study period. She smiled at Tiffany, and dropped down, crawling through the front of the desk, and positioning her mouth inches away from Tiffany's quickly creaming pussy.

    "Ummm, you smell delicious Tiffany, I'm going to make you cum all over my face!"

    Tiffany watched through lust glazed eyes as Deanna lowered her mouth, then the sizzle of pleasure as she felt soft gentle kisses and licks along her creamy lips, god, that felt so good. She felt fingers gently spreading her open, and watched as Deanna moved in, and let out a growl of pleasure as she felt a hot, agile tongue slip expertly between her lips, and start to swab at the creamy slick walls, Tiffany felt sizzling pleasure surging through her body.

    It was obvious that Deanna was no pussy licking novice, just like Paige, her tongue was agile, practiced, she really knew her way around a girl's spread thighs. Tiffany's moans and soft cries of pleasure filled the room. She looked up, saw the eager gazes of her students watching. The idea that she was being watched like a sizzling little bitch in heat really ramped up her lust.

    Cradling Deanna's head against her pussy, Tiffany purred, "Ummm oh yes baby, you lick my cunt so well!"

    Deanna was charged up by her teacher's encouragement, she went at Tiffany's wet pink hole eagerly, the hot, wet tongue plunging deep into the soupy wetness, scooping up a flow of juices, then bringing her tongue back to spread her wetness all over the outside of her opening, and flicking at her tingling clit. Tiffany looked down, saw the blonde head of hair bobbing between her thighs, eagerly feasting on her creaming juices. The sight was wildly erotic, and her moans became louder as she was being brought towards the brink of orgasm, closer and closer.

    Tiffany growled, "Oh my god, so good, so fucking good, keep licking me Deanna, you're so good, make me cum!"

    Deanna smiled as she heard their newest teacher ready to explode. She felt Tiffany's hands cradling her head, stroking her blonde hair, and she went at Tiffany hungrily, licking wildly at the gleaming flesh and twitching clit, pumping two fingers in and out, bringing her right to the very edge.

    Tiffany heard Paige chanting, "Cum Tiffany, cum real hard, cum all over Deanna's sexy face!" and as Deanna's lips closed around her throbbing clit, sucking hard at her orgasm trigger, she tumbled, raw shrieks of pleasure bolted out of her mouth as ripples of orgasm gripped the plunging fingers in her soupy wetness, bringing a rich rush of juices. Deanna felt the juices flowing out, she pulled her fingers out and pressed tight against Tiffany's pouring center, eager to get her face covered with the teacher's hot cum.

    Tiffany was riding that glorious wave, enveloped by her massive orgasm, the pleasure as a mad rush of sensation, her pussy spasming over and over with orgasm, Deanna kept licking at her until the last final spasm of orgasm was spent.

    When Deanna stood up, her face was soaked, she grinned and said, "Thank you Tiffany, your juices taste so good, and your really gave me a great facial!"

    She turned to the class, displaying how wet her face was, and approving sounds filled the room as everyone saw how juicy their new teacher was.

    Tiffany saw another student step forward, Amber Daniels, she had huge tits with very puffy nipples, a curvy, hourglass figure, and a smile of sheer lust.

    "Umm, I love licking the teacher time," Amber cooed.

    Tiffany growled with lust, as another cute teen face was between her legs, eagerly licking the lips, stuffing her tongue in as far as she could, then sucking on the juices Tiffany was churning out. It took just a few minutes before Tiffany was grunting and moaning, feeling the building of a second orgasm, when she felt two fingers drive up inside her, then turn around and corkscrew against her G spot. Paige's voice was again urging her to cum real hard and she immediately did so, her pussy exploded, squirting wildly against Amber's sexy face, giving her a full on facial of hot teacher cum.

    Before the period was over, Bethany Bell, Roberta Lincoln and Eve Anderson had joined in the fun, five of her students had licked her to toe curling orgasms, a mad rush of horny teen girls had made her cum like a train, squirting her juices like a fountain, damn, these Woodhaven school girls sure knew what the hell they were doing.

    After classes were over for the day, she asked Paige to stay behind for a few minutes. This was the time known as ''one on one", where teacher and student could get together after class, for whatever came to mind.

    "Paige, I noticed how expertly I have been licked, do you and the girls practice with each other?"

    "Oh indeed we do Tiffany. We get together at least once a week, and get into an all out orgy. Being a part of a 25 girl daisy chain is so good, god, it makes me wet just thinking about it. We have to keep our pussy licking skills sharp, so our teachers can get the best licking of their lives."

    Tiffany knew that after classes, during the one on one, she was allowed whatever latitude she wished, and she ordered, "Paige, get your sexy ass up to the front, lean over my desk and spread your legs!"

    Paige eagerly did so, her eyes gleaming with lust drive hunger, and she was in a perfect position. Tiffany picked up the "school supply" she had bought yesterday, and stepped into the harness of her pink 9 inch dildo. This harness had a 6 inch dildo that curved inwards, and a stubby black butt plug for the wearer's pleasure. She pulled it up her legs, trembling with anticipation, she'd never had anything except a tongue around her ass, but she was eager to try it out. She applied some lube to the plug, her pussy was throbbing and wet, and she angled the dildo, and ohhhh that felt so good, as she felt it slide easily into her churning heat.

    Paige purred, "Let me help you Tiff. Grab your cheeks and pull those sexy moons apart. "

    She raised up, went behind Tiffany. Tiffany grabbed her ass, pulling her cheeks apart so her tight puckered asshole could be plugged. She felt Paige's soft hands stroking her cheeks, the butt plug being guided on its path, then the nudge of it against her tight pucker.

    Paige cooed, "Ready for it Tiff?''

    Tiffany nodded, and Paige pushed on the back of the harness. Tiff felt the resistance, then the lubed up plug started to slide forward, ummm, oh god, it felt so different, she let out a low moan, and the stretch of the flare parting her asshole was an exercise in eroticism.

    Paige purred huskily, "Open your ass to it, let it slide."

    Tiffany growled, "God, it feels incredible!" as she felt the flare slip in, then the rush of the stem sliding in, and it was buried to the base, her ass locking around the stem.

    Paige buckled the harness in back, and returned to her position, leaning over Tiffany's desk, legs spread wide, looking back with a sexy 'come-hither' look.

    Tiffany felt the dildo and the butt plug rub against each other through the membrane separating them, holy fuck that felt so damn good. She saw Paige bent over her desk, ass cocked up, her pink opening, wet and gleaming, framed by the neatly trimmed muff of red pubic hair, and she recalled another point. Lick the student, make her explode, then fuck her hard to another explosive orgasm. Accordingly, she was quickly on her knees, and smelled the essence of Paige in heat, bringing a needy rush of lust.

    Paige purred, "Ummm, I love after school one on one, teach me Tiff, teach me how well you can lick my pussy."

    Tiff, being a novice to licking a hot pussy, hoped she wouldn't be too much of an amateur, as started to kiss along the pink, slick lips, bringing mmmmms of pleasure from Paige. Encouraged, her tongue came out, and she started delicate licks along the pink seam, she had a little taste of the juices, and she wanted more. She brought her fingers up, gently parting Paige's lips, and slid her tongue inside as deep as possible, letting her tongue wriggle around the smooth tunnel of Paige's fuck-hole.

    "Mmmm, oh yes, feels so good, keep licking me Tiff, I adore being eaten."

    Tiffany felt a huge rush of fresh juices cover her tongue, she got a full on taste of Paige's musky sap. The spicy, musky taste made her hunger for more. Tiffany pulled Paige's pussy against her face, and she ate her student ravenously, her tongue dipping deep into Paige's fiery center, licking her as her intoxicating juices churned, flooding Tiffany's mouth. The juices were overflowing, Tiffany felt a rush as she remembered what a former boyfriend had done to her, and she wanted to do it to Paige. She scooped up the juices with her tongue, and brought her head up, and spread the juices all over Paige's asshole, making her pretty pink butthole glisten, and letting her tongue lick eagerly at the tight, twitchy rim.

    Paige let out a loud moan, and grunted, "Oh fuck, fuck that feels so fucking good!"

    She let her tongue probe that tight pucker, feeling a slight give, and she slid her forefinger into the gushing heat, swirling it around, getting the finger slicked up. Tiffany had her backpack next to her, and she reached in and brought out another school supply that she had bought.

    Paige felt a push, then oh holy fuck, she felt a plug breeching her asshole, the big flare stretched her open, then with a final push, she grunted as it drove in to the base, her ass locking around it.

    Tiffany had a feeling that this item, though not on her list, would be well received. It was a newly designed plug, made of stainless steel, with a base that had a jeweled insert. The blue sapphire color glittered as Tiffany looked at it with approval, lowering down to the rush of pussy juices. Paige's clit was fiery red, bulging and throbbing, Tiff locked her mouth around Paige's clit, sucking and licking wildly, eager to make her explode.

    "Fuck me, suck my clit, holy fuck, yes, FUUUCCCKKK!"

    Paige's voice rose up to a shriek, and her pussy exploded, pushing a huge wash of juices all over Tiffany's face as she rode her crest.

    Tiffany was on fire, she stood up, took a picture of the plug with her smartphone. She wanted the moment immortalized. Every one of her students would get that filling stretch between the cheeks, and she would email the picture to them, with the jeweled plug in place, for their own enjoyment. And for that matter, for her own enjoyment to see when she masturbated.

    She quickly nudged the head of her dildo against Paige, and drove in with a fierce thrust.

    Paige let out a loud squeal as she was impaled, she felt herself being stuffed full to the brim. She let out a loud cry of pleasure as the dildo was buried to the hilt in her wide-stretched snatch. The sensation of being spread open made her lust burn hotter.

    "Ooohhh God... Oh, my God!!" Paige moaned, as Tiffany grabbed her hips and began to fuck her rapidly. Tiffany was feeling rushes of hot sizzles through her body, the pumping of her hips made her attachments work on her. The rubbing of her dildo and butt plug against each other as she power shafted her lust crazed student was beyond anything she'd felt, fuck it was amazing.

    Paige was in another world, the feeling of her dildo fuck rubbing against the flare of her butt plug was beyond compare. Holy fuck, she'd never felt anything so totally erotic, god it felt amazing. Her eyes were wide, staring ahead without really seeing, as her teacher gave her the best dildo fuck she'd ever had. The sensations were nothing short of spectacular, Tiffany's dildo plunging wetly between her open thighs, her body keeping the butt plug jammed up her ass, and Paige began to wriggle her hips backward, eager for each sizzling plunge.

    Tiffany had become lust crazed, furiously, she smacked her pelvis against Paige's supple ass cheeks, driven on by Paige's loud cries of pleasure, oh fuck, she was reaching her peak, damn, oh fuck, she was gonna explode.

    Tiffany cried out, "Gonna cum, gonna cum so hard, FFUUCCCKKK!"

    Orgasm rammed into her like a speeding truck, her pumping buttocks beginning to contract convulsively, squeezing at her butt plug, adding to the explosion between her thighs. She stared at Paige's body, looking down to where they were bonded by the dildo, the arousing sight made a second orgasm grab her, a third right behind it, dimly, she heard Paige's howl of orgasm join in, her body shaking, teen girl cum being squeezed out by the plunging of her dildo. The room was filled with cries of orgasmic pleasure as teacher and student rode the crest of a very enjoyable one on one session.

    After a while, Tiffany led the way, with all the juicy mess, they were soon in the locker room, under a spray of water. They soaped each other's body tenderly, sated for know, just enjoying the touch of soft hands on bodies. The dried each other off, and Paige's eyes had a bright shine for Tiffany.

    Tiffany saw Paige step up to her, gently pull her head forward, and she parted her lips in anticipation. She saw Paige lick her lips, the press of soft, warm, wet lips against hers. Tiffany moaned, deep in her throat, and they descended into a vortex of tongue filled swirls of passion, each of them kissing back with as much ardor as they could.

    Tiffany felt Paige's hand cup her sex, and she quickly slid her hand down, caressing Paige's mound, fingers began to move, as they stroked each other. They broke the kiss, staring into each others eyes as their fingers began a frantic dance between each other's thighs, Tiffany stared to gasp as Paige started to rub at her straining clit, while Paige was moaning as Tiffany teased her orgasm trigger.

    Paige grunted, "Let's cum baby, let's cum together!"

    Tiffany felt the wave, her hips started to buck and thrust, she let out a wordless cry of pleasure, and she heard Paige growl "Cumming, oh fuck YES!", and her cry of pleasure joined in as they climaxed together, bodies shaking and writhing together in orgasmic ecstasy.

    When they were dressed, Paige stroked Tiffany's cheek and cooed, "Umm, I love our teacher Tiffany. See you tomorrow Tiff."
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    Hot chapter 2. Any other teachers involved? How about Moms?

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    Thanks for the Great Update "Groom"... I'm looking forward to the Next Chapter To See Who Cums Next...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Part 3

    Kevin heard Tiffany's growl of pleasure, and it spurred him on. He'd started dating Tiffany a few weeks ago, and tonight, after she'd gotten home from school, he'd gotten a booty call.

    "Kevin, my tight little pussy is so wet and horny, come over here lover, I'll be waiting in bed, naked and with my legs spread, I'm so horny, come and fuck me baby!"

    When he got to her apartment, Tiffany, as promised was waiting for him in bed, naked, her legs spread. He saw the shine of needy lust on her face.

    Tiffany purred, "Umm, my lover man with his big cock, my tight little pussy is so hot, so juicy, bring that stiff cock over here, and bury him, NOW!"

    Between the spread of her thighs, Kevin eagerly took the plunge, his 8 inches spreading her open. Tiffany let out a drawn out moan of pleasure as her walls took in his length, she squealed as he buried it, his balls smacking against her ass.

    "Fuck, oh fuck, fuck me baby, make me cum!"

    He felt her legs wrap around his ass, tilting her hips up, and Kevin started the fucking rhythm, his cock driving in and out, shafting her with long, deep plunges, relishing the tight grip around his cock, she was so juicy, he wondered idley why she was so excited, but with his prick plunging in and out, he was in no mood to follow that thought.

    Tiffany was back in the classroom, her mind was reliving her after school session with Paige. It had happened just a few hours ago, when she'd gotten home, her mind ran it back like a film clip, and it had powered her lust back up. Masturbation wouldn't have been able to quench the blazing fire between her thighs, she needed Kevin's 8 inch prick plowing her, ummm, oh yeah, just like he was doing right now.

    Her mind remembered it, lingering on the delicious details as Kevin laid the wood to her. Strapping on the harness, getting her ass plugged for the first time, Paige's teen pussy, ready for fucking. Licking that hot teen cunt, Paige was so delicious, and it had been so much fun to lick her sweet teen asshole, then stuff her with that big butt plug, then fucking her, enjoying the sounds of pleasure from her student as teacher taught her how to get well fucked after school. As she rode closer to orgasm, Tiffany wondered what that felt like, being butt plugged and fucked at the same time. She was trying to imagine it, her mind flipped the scene, put her in the position of being butt plugged and fucked, Paige the student giving her the teacher the stuffing pleasure, her orgasm rushed at her, her pussy tightened down, the ridges of her pulsing pussy eagerly massaging Kevin's cock. Her creaming cunt brought on her orgasm, making her shriek, dimly, she heard Kevin grunt "OH YEAH!" and the rush of hot cum blooming deep inside, drenching her cervix with a rush of whitewash.

    After a short rest, he was eagerly brought back up with a hot suck job, they went at it again, where she imagined who would be next for teacher's after school fun. She had Deanna Wilson, that 17 year old teen temptress, blue eyes, honey blonde hair, perky boobs and stiff nipples, that had been the first one to pleasure the teacher during first period, spread out on her desk. She imagined her dildo being driven in, Deanna cry of pleasure as teacher gave her the hard thrust, and started to power fuck her eager student. Kevin's lust filled thrusts matched her mind's vision of how she'd fuck Deanna, urging her to cum, cum hard for teacher, and that took her flying over, letting out loud squeals of pleasure, matching Kevin's growl as he deposited another load into her hungry, grasping pink hole.

    Drifting in the afterglow, Tiffany could feel the lust being banked down, thank god, she'd never have gotten any sleep with that needy heat sizzling her pussy.

    When the alarm clock went off, Kevin was waking with her, his cock with a morning hard-on, and Tiffany got to take full advantage, riding him like a cowgirl, her boobs bouncing in time to her hips pumping. Her mind wouldn't let it go, she wanted Paige to be wielding a strap-on, she'd be riding that hard just like she was riding Kevin's prick, the whole class of naked teens would be around them, watching and enjoying the sight of teacher as a lust driven beast, holy fuck, oh yes, and with a howl of orgasm she tumbled. She reached down, grabbed Kevin's balls and squeezed them gently, he bucked up hard, she heard his grunts of orgasm, and his morning load was deposited deep inside her creamy heat.

    When she arrived at her classroom, she no longer even thought or hesitated about it, she stripped off her clothes and enjoyed the feeling of nudity. It had become just part of her school routines, and it was a routine she was finding enjoyable.

    When her students arrived, she saw Paige give her that lust filled smile, she enjoyed that gaze. When her students were naked, she went down the aisles, giving each student a big smile, cupping their labial regions and a swirling caress of her fingers.

    "Nice neat, tidy bush Lisa....So smooth, so bare, so nice Krystal....Love that sexy heart shape Mollie..."

    That got her warmed up, feeling the heated pussies of her students. Back at her desk, she read over the day's classes, oh, first period class looked like a lot of fun.

    "Today, first period, we start with the sexual instruction class, the positions of sexual intercourse."

    Principal Hunter arrived, ready for his part. This was a class he loved helping out with, he was glad Ms. Jones had decided to remain, she was very sexy, hot and fuckable, and the remembered pleasure as he fucked her on her day of welcoming, made him more than eager to demonstrate sexual positions with her.

    Tiffany covered the distance, and cooed, "Let me help you out, lover."

    As she helped strip him, she said to the class, "Help your lover out girls, let him know that you are just as hot and eager for him to bury his cock as he is."

    His cock rose up, and Tiffany continued, "Always give him a hot wet mouth, warm up his cock with some hot tongue action."

    Slipping her lips around the head of his cock, she circled his cockhead with her tongue, listening to his grunt of pleasure, then she pushed down, and eagerly swallowed his cock in one gulp, his balls touched her chin, and his cock head nestled in her throat. She pulled back, and gave him a hot, wet suck job, enjoying the feel of his stiff shaft filling her mouth.

    After a minute, she pulled back and stood facing the class. She could see the lust driven sheen on her class of revved up teens, and in a voice throaty with lust, she growled, "Now that you have your man's cock all hard and ready, let him take you, first position, face to face, or missionary as it was commonly referred to."

    Tiffany stretched out on the top of her desk, legs spread wide, her lust filled smile welcoming the Principal. She slipped her fingers down, spreading open her pussy lips, revealing her dripping wet pink folds to the Principal's hungry gaze.

    Principal Hunter grinned, and took position, nudged his cock against her, and drove his hips forward. Tiffany squealed with pleasure as she was beautifully stuffed, his cock surging into her until she felt his balls smack against her ass.

    He paused for a second, Tiffany brought her legs up around his waist, and Tiffany growled to her class, "Let him bury it in one go. Wrap your legs around his waist, so her can go as deep as possible. Then, tell him how good it feels, how much you want it!" Turning to Principal Hunter, she grunted, "Oh yeah, lover, fuck me, fuck me hard, ram my cunt, and cream my tight hole!"

    Principal Hunter smiled, and gripping her ass cheeks, he set the fucking rhythm, lifting her hips up to the plunges of his bone hard cock as Tiffany levered herself up, eager for every bit of his prick to stuff her.

    Tiffany grunted, "Oh yeah, fuck me harder, harder, I love it, drown my cunt with hot cream!"

    Pricipal Hunter was glad to do so, Tiffany was very hot, sexy and so fuckable, he grunted with pleasure as her power fucked her, Tiffany's squeals, cries and groans of pleasure joined in the rising cadence of lust as he buried it to the balls on every thrust. He totally relished the grip of her walls, stretching apart her pink hole to take all he had, testing the liquid depths of her firey fuck hole with great enjoyment.

    She turned her head, an expression of sheer bliss on her face, and saw her class, every one of her students were masturbating, cries and moans of pleasure filling the room as nimble fingers were pumping juicy wet holes, the smell of teen lust and the wet squelch of plunging fingers filled the air.

    Tiffany knew she was on the verge, orgasm was imminent, and she gasped out to her class, "When you're ready to explode, just let it go, just, just, oh fuck, fuck, Cum in MEEE!"

    Just before Tiffany's orgasm hit her, she saw Paige, body shaking, let out a shriek as she hit climax, the sight of Paige in the lust driven grip gave Tiffany the last little push, and she shrieked as her pussy started to spasm and milk hungrily. She felt the tightening up around the Principal's cock, she was surrounded by multiple cries of orgasm as Paige's climax had started to set off the other girls. Dimly, she heard the Principal grunt out "Oh yeah, fuck, cumming FUCK!" and the explosion as her cervix was coated with waves of hot cum, her pussy sucking eagerly at his pulsing prick, hungry for every drop.

    When he pulled out, Tiffany was in a glow of pleasure, and she cooed, "Krystal Collins, come up and clean us off."

    Krystal eagerly scrambled forward, she had just sailed through a gut wrenching orgasm, and she was eager to get in on the hot action. She licked all over the Principal's cock, then she swallowed him down, slurping all over prick, giving his cock a hot mouth washing. Then she turned her attention to Tiffany's parted thighs, a huge white glut of cum lined her pink labial lips, and she was hungry for it.

    Tiffany purred with pleasure as Krystal happily went down on her, her pussy lips were sealed to Krystal's mouth, and she could feel her tongue digging in, a huge glut of cum gushed out, and she heard muffled sounds of pleasure as Krystal eagerly tasted the rush, letting it slide down her throat.

    Seeing Krystal's head of auburn curls between her thighs, Tiffany let herself sink into the pleasure, as Krystal showed her skill at oral sex. Tiffany remembered how Paige had told her that they had a weekly all out orgy, a 25 girl daisy chain, Tiffany wondered if they would make room for her, and make it 26? She saw through lust glazed eyes that her class were masturbating again, watching Tiffany in the grip of hot lust, being licked to climax by Krystal, had got her students stroking their steamy teen fuck-holes a second time, and feeling the grunts and moans against her pussy as Krystal eagerly feasted on her steamy snatch, it was obvious that Krystal was also rubbing herself off.

    Tiffany locked eyes on Paige, Paige returned the locked eyes, her pink tongue slipped out as she licked at her lips, then she blew Tiffany a kiss.

    Krystal was very good, licking out every bit of spunk, cleaning the teacher, then attaching herself to Tiffany's clit, bringing her to a noisy, gushing release.

    As Tiffany squealed and grunted her way through climax, her student's cries of orgasmic release joined in as her students climaxed with her again. She felt Krystal's loud cries of orgasm against her pussy.

    When Krystal lifted her head, her face was covered in juices, she smiled at Tiffany and said, "Thank you teacher, it felt so good to have your pussy cumming all over my face!''

    As Tiffany sailed down from her orgasmic plane, she was already off to a fantastic start to the day. She still had the ''please the teacher'' period ahead, she smiled as she wondered who would be licking her cunt today. The look that Paige favored her with made it pretty obvious that her head would be one of the ones between Tiffany's thighs.

    As for who she wanted after school, Tiffany had decided that Krystal would be the one to stay behind after class, for the ''one on one" time. She was eager to get her hands all over her, lick her, then plug her ass and ram her to a screaming orgasm.
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