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Thread: Gary at work.

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    Gary at work.

    Back a few years ago I was working for a company that use to house us in trailers. Two to a trailer but you did not get to choose they just assigned people together. So after a few weeks everyone got to talking about there roommate and one guy said his roommate was a freak. He was always jerking off in the living room and watching porn. He said he talked to the guy but it just keep happening. This kind of got my attention. So a few more weeks go by and I hear more stories about this guy his name is Gary. He had brought his wife by with another girl and they were swinging with her over the weekend. One thing I also heard was Gary was hung like a horse.
    So one day I said you know I have not done anything like this since I was 17 and now I am 45 but I sure did think about this a lot. I wanted to see that big dick. Not only did I want to see that cock, I wanted to feel it and suck it. Now the question was how do I do this. I have to work around this guy everyday and what if he just laughed and told everyone i wanted to suck his dick.
    I finally got to go talk to Gary and asked what he was doing after work. I asked if he wanted to go get a drink he said sure. After work we hit a bar and had a few drinks and talked about all kinds of things. it got crowded and he asked if I wanted to go to his trailer and get out of the crowd. We left and arrived at his trailer and had another drink. He sat down and looked at me and asked what do you really want to talk about? I did not know what to do he was just looking at me. I finally said I heard you are pretty kinky and jerked off to videos all the time. Gary laughed and said yea this is true. I also said I heard your bunkmate and caught you a few times and you just keep doing your thing even after he came in. Gary chuckled and said yea I don’t really care if he sees me. He looked at me and asked if I jerk off? I said sure. He also asked if I like Porn. What guy does not like porn i said. He got up and stuck a DVD in the tv and turned it on. The screen came to life and it had two women doing a guy in a big bed. They were all over this guy big tittle blonde trying to suck his cock off his body. For a minute I was lost in the movie when Gary spoke. He scared me to death when he asked if I was going to jerk off. I almost jumped out my skin and then tried to answer without sounding scared. Oh yea I guess man i was getting into that show. Gary said me too and he stood and started to undo his jeans. I quickly got up and started to remove my jeans also. Down came my under ware and now I was nude from the wast down and sat back on the sofa. I was scared to look over at Gary but out of the corner of my eye i called see his hand going up and down. Finally after a few minutes I looked over and holy shit they were right Gary has a big cock. Garys hand was going up and down on that monster. The screen on the TV changed and now it was four people on the TV 2 guys and 2 girls. Gary was just watching the TV or so I thought. He was sliding his fist up and down when he once again spoke. You want to come feel this cock I see you watching it. I guess I was watching him more than the TV and he caught me. I did not know what to do or say. I did start to answer but nothing was coming out. Gary said come on I know you want to jurk it off right. Well yes I did but why could I just not say it. Gary removed his hand and just smiled at me. Ok that was all I needed I rose from the sofa and moved over to his sofa. I sat next to him and just looked at it. Gary again asked if I wanted to jerk it off. I just looked into his eyes not able to answer. He said go ahead play with it. I moved my hand and touched that big monster I wrapped my hand around it and if was smooth. He asked if I liked it. I nodded yes and he asked if I was going to move my hand up and down. I did slowly and then a little faster. I was loving this and I think he was also. I must have jerked on that cock for 15 minutes. It was so wet I could not believe he had not cum yet. Gary spoke again and asked are you just going to jerk it off or are you going to suck it too? Oh god he knew I was hooked and he knew what I wanted to do. I slowly put that big head in my mouth. I had to open my mouth so wide to get it in. I realized I was jerking my own cock at the same time. I let my cock go and brought both hands up to his cock and slowly slid my mouth down on his monster cock. In no time it was in the back of my throat I could go no further. I came up and went back down on the third time Gary let out a moan that I am sure the guys in the other trailers could hear. Up and down up and down his moans got louder and louder. After a few minutes of this on the way down he grabbed my head and held it as he blast his cum down my throat. I grabbed a hold of his balls and just held on. he was just screaming as he came and finally he let go and I pulled out. I could feel his warm cum in my belly and I could taste it in my mouth.
    he fell back into the sofa and looked down at me. He said you are good at that how long you been sucking cock? I told him i had only done it once back when I was 17. He laughed and then asked if I was going to keep sucking this big cock. I looked at him and smiled yes I am going to keep sucking it and over the next few weeks I don’t think I missed very many days.

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    interesting too Bad the girls were not there as well... Thanks for the share...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Nice hot story



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