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Forum ?????

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What's going on with the Forum. PC says it can't load it. It didn't get hacked again did it?
My captioned pictures are backing up on my drive.

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  1. hitthewall's Avatar
    i assume it is. i have the same message.
  2. kaidman's Avatar
    nah its just the main area it may be for fixes to the site
  3. phantom99b's Avatar
    here is a link that will get you into that section
  4. davesmistress's Avatar
    Just a minor was possible to move around from the activity stream...but all looks ok again.
  5. lexicarlon's Avatar
    kinda annoying
  6. lexicarlon's Avatar
    hey kaid since i cant get to your page happy new year tell jess and daves miss and everyone for me sry i havent been on been working a lot plan to get on more since its slowing down
  7. kaidman's Avatar
    ok will do
  8. lexicarlon's Avatar
    thx alot