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mature wife fantasy

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I fantasize daily about my 50+ y/o conservative wife being slowly seduced and than taken while I either am forced to watch or at least listen to her moans of pleasure as she is ravaged by a well endowed man or men.

While she is quite conservative, she has gotten into toys over the last few years and I've started talking to her about how "he" is stretching her or asking her if "he" is stretching her pussy before she cums hard.

anyone wanting to chat can email me at my screen name at yahoo and promise to respond daily

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  1. bip909's Avatar
    I know how u feel as i also have fantasy of my wife
  2. fantasycuck4u's Avatar
    would love to chat with folks who have similar fantasies or who would like to undertake attempting to actually seduce my 50 y/o conservative wife. you can reach me at my screenname at yahoo and will gladly share fantasies with you
  3. OldHorny's Avatar
    Have to admit would love the challenge of seducing your Mrs while you either watch or listen, the biggest problem would be the time difference for me. If you don't already have that special someone and you want it just online I dont have yahoo only msn and skype I'm afraid give me a shout
    I've been told I have a deep sexy voice and as can be seen by my poetry I have quite a romantic style.
    Trying costs nothing but can give many rewards
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  4. craftsmann's Avatar
    my wifes the opposite she likes to cum while fantasizing about me sucking cock
  5. testicle3455's Avatar
    I've always the fantasy of watching my wife being fucked by other men. My wife seducing men and making them screw her in every way.
  6. aceinthhol's Avatar
    u wife is very lucky to have a husband that wants to raise her level of experience, my wife is also modiest, but she loves it when she can show my friends her goods and she loves the attention she gets when she sunbathes topless, the guys next door can see our pool from one of there windows. So i asked her why she like doing that and she said she wanted some attention from someone other than me after 17yrs but only for a little fun. I got to tell ya, its very kool to see her face light up when she gets to show off her awsome body to my friends. They love it to!!
  7. Hello456's Avatar
    ace. what exactly doesshe show, ?? and o action developes?