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The Grass (Breasts) is/are always Greener (Bigger)

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An [B][I]interesting[/I][/B], if old, article about varied perceptions and such...

Kate Beckinsale, one of my and hubby's favorite actresses;
"rues the lack of having a good bust line and admits that she's envious of women who are amply endowed, like Queen Latifah.
The actress admits that she too would like to be "Someone with gigantic real breasts, like Queen Latifah."

Beckinsale also revealed that even though she would love to have big breasts, having big natural assets just don't run in her family.
"I'm so fascinated by breasts because my mother didn't have them either. If I had them, I'd run up and down a flight of stairs!" People magazine quoted her, as saying.

The 'Underworld' star also admitted that as a teen she had despaired about her "freakishly long feet", but now likes them because her hubby, director Len Wiseman, thinks they are beautiful.
"I remember being 13 and sobbing in a shoe store because I had these freakishly long feet. Now my husband thinks I've got the most attractive feet ever! They just arrived too soon," she said.
The British actress also admitted she feels 'sorry' for kids who have only two parents, especially as her daughter Lily is thriving with having three parents - herself, Wiseman and her ex hubby Michael Sheen.

"From the beginning, all three of us put Lily first, and then it was kind of easy. ... I give enormous credit to Michael and Len for they way they've handled things. As I result, I have an amazing child with three great parents. I feel slightly sorry for kids who've only got two!" she said.

Beckinsale married Wiseman in 2004, after splitting from Sheen, who was also an actor in Underworld."

All I have to say is that if she really wants a good size increase, well, she can do it the way I and many other women have done it.
Husband and I am pretty certain she'd have no problems in finding willing help from ex and current husbands. ;)

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