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Not pissed with hubby, BUT....

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The Contractor better not be stupid enough to call here tomorrow.

We're in the middle of dinner, things are heating up, clumsy double-entendres and generally just being 'Us'...
...his cell goes off. He clicks 'ignore'.
Goes off again. Clicks 'ignore'.
Third time, and for a second I think he's gonna drop the poor Motorazr he's had since 2007 into his beer.
Shows mercy to messenger, and answers it rather than drowning it.
Late meeting; Behind schedule, the 'revised' schedule they whipped up in that meeting, so he needs to go in tomorrow. one to ride my pink waterslide tonight.
Of coutse, it's going full-on...and refuses to shut-down.
He's not happy as this violates how many weekends they can call him in, but one does what one has to.
They'd better stay out of his way tomorrow--he's really Not Happy with these jokers.
New rule around here; Friday night at 5PM, all phones get switched off aside from our Personal cellphones. NO business contacts have those numbers--this is an example of why.

So, how's your friday been??


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