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Casa de Chaos

The CHL in Casa de Chaos...

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This is gonna be a micro-journal of Saturday May 26...
Georgina's finished her 'walnut-hockey slapshot' practice for the day (I hope), and managed to get me in the side of the head, twice.
Little monster. :-) LoL
I got curious so I dug out the tape measure and worked out the distance from nut bowl on the diningroom table to the livingroom wall she uses as a backstop...
The tape measure went 'slinky' so I was left with a semi-accurate guesstimate of about 30 Feet.
Try working on something with walnuts whizzing past your head like gunfire and artillery rounds!!
It's a Cat-thing, obviously...whatever, easy enough to collect them, and it saves me having to walk to the diningroom. :-)
No, I don't care they've been on the floor--one eats the inside, not the shell.
CHL = Cat Hockey League.

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