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Shrike; Who Are These Guys??? SHRIKE; The Ship.

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Shrike is about 6 people, a ship, and these folks have nowhere else to go and no one else to turn to but each other.
While it was heavily inspired by Firefly and Serenity, as well as some aspects of Star Wars, it departs from it's Prime Inspirations in many ways.
First and foremost; Shrike itself, the ship, wasn't bought, stolen, or won in a game/bet. It was built, from 2nd hand and generally discarded/surplus parts and components from mothball yards, wrecking yards, auctions, etc.. She was built by Sinjihnn Du'Maur, Doctor Alistair Smythe, and Sin's wife Selina.
Second; She's armed and one tough bitch. Sin designed and built her to handle extremes, relating to salvage fields of old battle sites and such, so the same thick-skinned hull that armors her against that also deals very effectively with incoming weapons fire. She also sees Tug/Towing duty--so her spaceframe has been massively reinforced--simply put, she's overbuilt and meant for long, hard work in the roughest of occupations in the worst parts of space.
Quite soon, she'll be getting an in-story refit, a major one regarding her 'wingtip' outboard engines...inspired by the vessel of the movie PROMETHEUS.


That side-swivel area and it's ability to alter it's engine geometry isn't the kind of thing that Sin would be able to pass on. More engines, more power in handling towing/tug related jobs, and additional landing gear which adds overall to safety and stability in many ways and lessens ground-force pressure. With the maneuvering thrusters mounted on two outboard engines per side, maneuverability is enhanced, and also allows better load-handling in towing/tug jobs.
Yes, I know how my Captain thinks, and he thinks like anyone else--if there's better, grab it.
I'm still working out what the refit is gonna end up like...
Shrike is easily as big as PROMETHEUS, and they're both at the 240 Metre range, so the pics in the new album give a good idea of Shrike's size.
So, when that monster rumbles in overhead in the stories, now you know what scale of 'trouble' potential hostiles are facing. ;-)
...and how big a Reiver 'Butcher Ship' is.
My Reivers have a much darker cast than in Firefly, and if anything, they're somewhat worse.

Shrike is also a ship of secrets, given where her various parts and such came from--some have history, that will catch up to the crew sooner or later.
Some aspects of that 'history' isn't exactly unfriendly....

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