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Adult Nursing & Cancer...

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Tonight's been busy--as some of you know we have John staying with us, and his health is failing badly.
Tonight was a horror story for the poor man, coughing up blood and pieces of lung tissue--not good, and no way to stop it, so we had to just ride it out.
The coughing fits finally subsided, it's occured before so I know how it all 'works', and John's finally managed to get to sleep...after being awake for three days straight from pain, discomfort, etc..
John lives on Ensure and the breastmilk I store in the fridge. When hubby's away, nothing else to do with it, but for John it's been a valuable nutritional asset.
Tonight though, and with hubby's full blessing and encouragement, I Nursed John, as a way of trying to ease things for him, and hoping the 'connection' would get past the fact that Human contact/touch is painful for him--as seems to be the normal for folks in as bad a shape as he's in.
It seemed to go alright, and at a minimum I know he's got something in his system to sustain him--Ensure is great, but I am of the opinion that breastmilk is in many ways better, if only for the 'connection'.
So, thus is why I've been logged-in but only sporadically around.
Husband and I have discussed it, and if John's willing to accept, I'll Nurse him fully and regularly--it's not going to really 'fix' anything healthwise, realistically, but if it makes his remaining days better/more comfortable then it's well worth it...and he'll know without any doubt how much he means to us both.

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