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A Harem By Any Other Name....

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This is why I was machine-gunning hubby with questions about Harems in the Lifestyle...

Brianna is the younger sister of a friend of mine, and a real sweetie.
So, this 20-year-old 'bouncy-kitten' wants to learn about and become a Slave.
Corinne had a convo with Brianna's sister, and Brianna was in on it...

[B][FONT=Georgia] O, Hai! I can B summissive?[/FONT][/B] To put it in LoLCat.

Brianna. 5'6 (eyeball estimate) big green eyes, hair that's really dark honey-blond or a light brunette. Bodywise, she's an eye-catcher. Has an active girl's physique and build from soccer and skating. She is a quite attractive girl.
...'bouncy-kitten' really describes her and is her sister's nickname for her. She's energetic and vivacious, but not to the point where it's annoying. It's the kind that feels good to be around. You really can't help but smile when she's around. She's 'good people', perfectly nice and understands courtesy and respect for others.

So, she arrives at our doorstep this morning in a total cold-call and shocked the hell out of hubby and myself.
Courtesy of Laurie, her older sister and my friend, who told her that the safest way to explore would be with us.
Yes, I'll concede the logic--but a phonecall ahead would have been really nice!!
John thinks it's funnier than hell.

So, conversation, questions, answers...hubby hands her off to me to handle and such regarding questions, things she needs to know about how we live, House Rules, and such...
Brianna has [B][I]lousy [/I][/B]taste in men, always falling for the @$$holes who know how to tell her what she wants to hear and play off her compassionate nature. The latest one, about 2 weeks ago, finally 'got' her. Then, stopped calling her, not returning calls, etc..
She was a challenge, and when he got what he wanted, dropped her like a red hot piece of steel.
Anyways, she's heard what things are like here, and figured there was no harm in asking more about it. She and I know each other very well, of course, so I heard her out.
Brianna's never been shy about stating what she wants, or in pursuing it.
She's hoping to have a 'position' here.
She told me that, and I have to admit that my emotions went haywire--pretty sure there's a smoking cluster of brain cells that are a burnt-out wreck inside my skull.
So, a rather prolonged [B][I][FONT=Georgia]'WTF!!!???'[/FONT][/I][/B] moment....
Questions, answers, wash, rinse, repeat...

After a while, I called hubby in for his perspective as things were going way out of my league. His is the final decision, not mine.
REALLY intensive interview/Q&A session as you can imagine, I just kept my mouth shut and observed.

So, after all that, here's the deal for her:
1; She must see our Dr. and have a [B]full [/B]Physical and [B][I]all tests[/I][/B] done.
2; Sign a Contract which will list her as a 'Student Submissive' under tutelage, and this will be notarized and witnessed by our Lawyer. Husband is writing it up now.
3; She does not give up her day job, and while she won't be required to pay rent, we won't fully support her either, but she'll have full-range on the kitchen and such.
4; She will be expected to maintain her appointed responsibilities in keeping-house and in assisting me.
5; She must sign an additional Contract regarding Rules Of The House, which is part of the above, then she gets a set of keys.
6; There will be a 3 Calander month Probationary period for her.
7; IF and possibly when she completes the Probationary, and if all's gone well, she'll be invited to fully join our home.
8; IF she accepts, she'll be Collared and fully join the household as my 'Sister'.

Tonight and tomorrow, as Brianna has today and tomorrow off at the Casino where she works, she'll be our guest so she can see what life is like on the 'inside' of this world and was told she'd be tested and assessed at times during her stay.
That got her eyes wide, and of course she asked 'what kind' of testing, etc..
Husband simply repeated the question and offered her 'Yes' or 'No' as options. She gave it some thought, pretty much squirming inside her skin, and the nodded a Definite and emphatic 'Yes', and has agreed to being tested/assessed at times throughout the duration of her stay.

...and hubby immediately handcuffed her, in front, but nonetheless handcuffed.

Police Issue, the Real steel deal. :wink_2:
Gotta admit, the way her eyes went wide, and the reflexive resistance before she got herself back under control and the half-panicked/pleading look she gave me--got me wet.
No mistake though, her nipples nearly punched through her shirt and she's got a case of of the 'horny-wet squirmies'. Husband issued the safeword and safetune she's to memorize, then left.
She has her own Safeword now, '[I]Ottawa[/I]', and her Safetune is the same as mine; 'Flight Of The Valkyries', which I'll be drilling her on throughout her stay.
So, Brianna's going to be my 'apprentice', and hubby has gone back to working on whatever mysterious goings-on are happening downstairs regarding the new generator design they want to get ready for a test.
He leaves, and she gets this flush-faced smile, and starts giggling when I gave her a look regarding her present 'status' as she kept trying to adjust and re-adjust her skirt with her hands cuffed.
Girl-talk, Q&A, joint-surfing SSP and other places BDSM relevant...[B][I][U]QUESTIONS[/U][/I][/B], and a fair amount of giggling like a pair of big silly mice.

Dinner was fun, very casual, and Brianna learned what eating was like with handcuffs. :wink_2:
She's just lucky hubby made Ramen for dinner, so chopsticks made things a little easier for her.
I'll address hubby's Ramen another time, suffice to say we're NOT talking about packaged noodles and salt-broth...and while it's really not authentic Japanese, it's still very good and satisfying.

It's gonna be a [B][I][FONT=Georgia]Late [/FONT][/I][/B]night tonight...

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